Bush drones on in Yuma, promotes "comprehensive immigration reform"

bush yuma border drone

No fence pics yet. Developing...

UPDATE: ICBITN ("I Can't Believe I Took Notes"). As expected, this was Immigration Speech #5, with the 5-D variant. There is absolutely nothing in what he said that was either a) new, or b) answered his critics. It's as if the Mexican government pulled his string, and he spoke.

One of the co-conspirators in this scheme, in addition to those other political "representatives" who were there, is the press. If the press started asking him tough questions about his positions, they could reveal him for the anti-American charlatan he is. But, since they support his efforts, what questions they ask him will revolve around how quickly he can get the amnesty they both want.

UPDATE 2: This is the only picture of Bush with the fence I've been able to find so far. At this point, it seems like I was wrong: Bush didn't go there for a photo op with the fence. In fact, if he wanted pictures of himself with the fence he probably would have gotten a lot closer and I would already have found several of them. Perhaps he's expressing his opposition to the fence, or perhaps he doesn't want to see the Democrats use the photos to portray him as opposed to "immigration":

bush border fenceUPDATE 3: The White House transcript is here: whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2007/04/20070409-12.html

UPDATE 4: FenceFest! Pictures of Bush and the fence here, here, here, here, and here. Only in the first is the fence a key part of the shot, but none are closeups of Bush and the fence together.

"Securing the border is an important part of comprehensive immigration reform..."

Congress is going to take [it up]

[It's personal for me]

Jeff Flake and others were there, Bush "appreciates" him working on his bill

"I am proud to be... uh... Commander in Chief of all these [forces]"

Lists several of the downsides of illegal immigration, without noting that almost all of those downsides would remain when the magic wand was waved and all those millions of people were illegal aliens one day, and magically transformed into legal workers the next

"This problem has been growing for decades" While it has, it's greatly increased under Bush; even Karl Rove admits six million illegal aliens entered on Bush's watch.

"[failure to enforce the law lead to the belief that immigration laws] could be broken without consequences"

"If you don't man your borders and protect your borders, people are going to sneak in."

"When I was governor of Texas, I said 'family values don't stop at the Rio Grande'"

"[They're just] coming to put food on the table"

"[They're just] doing jobs Americans are not doing"

"People are coming to work, and many of them have no lawful way to come here"

[due to fake documents] "It was difficult for the government to enforce the laws at the worksite"

[promotes a "comprensive" bill]

"The first effort is to secure the border"

[Discusses ending 'catch and release'] ...That excuse was eliminated

"People coming here to do jobs Americans aren't doing..."

"Border Patrol can chases terrorists, criminals... not people doing work Americans aren't doing..."

"You can come and work in our country for jobs Americans aren't doing for a temporary period of time..."

[we need to enforce laws against hiring illegal aliens]

"We have got to issue a tamper-proof ID card for ["guests"]"

"should not be given amnesty"

"I oppose amnesty"

"I think most people in Congress oppose amnesty"

[amnesty leads to more illegal immigration, undercuts law]

[standard false choice] ...it is impractical to say that we can find every illegal alien and send them home

[supports assimilation]

...It's an emotional issue... people have got deep convictions... my hope is that we can have a civil and conclusive debate...


Bush Logic-"The only way to stop people breaking in, is to let them in"... .Hey that makes a lot of sense...if you are a total idiot....!!!

My head hurts!! I vowed if he uttered the phrase "jobs Americans are not doing" one more time I would bang my head against the wall..........Anyone have any tylenol?? And drywall patch? ....The man should be IMPEACHED.

Bush Loves Mexico city, the system is in the hands of our enemies what more do you need to know? by the way the drone you see in the pic's will someday be used to keep a eye on you and not the aliens. securing the borders a joke. comprehensive reform a joke its about making the USA A ONE RACE NATION, HISPANIC! Congress in one the side of money anyone's money! illegal aliens will be running the police the state government and the local government and will do the right thing for mexico city and bin laden, your head on a pole! laws mean nothing to the rat bush he hates your freedoms ask when bin laden is? yes why so many BP Guys are in prison for going after drug dealers? ask why so many Americans are in prison for fighting in iraq? look at your cities most are gang holdout's LOOK And fight back.

I'm looking forward to the Photoshop art showing a smiling Bush in the foreground with numerous illegals crawling over the fence behind him.

the idoits who installed the fence race the steel ribs horizontally (like a ladder) not vertically, the fence is worthless, if a 45 year woman can scale it un-aided.

dchamil bush would help the mexicans over the fence and have the BP Put in prison for looking at him.