"Additional [Border Patrol] roundups planned"

From this:

U.S. Border Patrol sweeps to round up and deport undocumented immigrants will continue in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, officials said Saturday.

A newly formed unit at the Border Patrol's Temecula station has arrested 505 illegal immigrants in Southern California since June 4, including a total of 154 in Ontario and Corona. The rest were arrested in Temecula and San Diego County...

"I know they have future operations planned and they have received the support of Washington, D.C. for future operations,' said Richard Kite, senior patrol agent for the Border Patrol's San Diego sector...

Kite would not disclose when or where the sweeps will occur...

Sean Isham, a Border Patrol supervisor, said "an intelligence folder' has been approved for an upcoming operation.

"Whether it's based on citizen calls or agent experiences going out and surveilling a certain area, they compile that intelligence into a folder,' said Isham, who is based in San Diego. "That folder is sent to Washington for approval.'

Hmmm. Window dressing or for real? Will the Bush administration cave in to Racial Identity groups and the Mexican government again, or will they, er, stay the course? Stay tuned.

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