"[Idaho] County Commissioner Bills Mexican Government For Illegal Aliens"

From this:

Thousands of migrant farm workers are here legally but many are here illegally. It was that portion of the migrant labor population that Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez singled out for special attention today suggesting that the Mexican government should reimburse local taxpayers for their expenses. "My fellow American's, constituents, friends and neighbors expect their county commissioner to spend the taxes on services for American's not on illegal alien's healthcare, education or detention."

That is why Vasquez today showed off a $2 million bill he is sending to the Mexican consulate in Salt Lake City. Vasquez says Canyon county has tallied up $1.4 million in housing illegal aliens in the county jail, and $575,000 on welfare services for illegal aliens over the last two years. "The reality is we are securing the borders of Iraq but we are not securing the borders of the United States, that is the reality..."

As can be expected, a member of the Race Industry is on hand to provide a stock argument:

But officials with the Idaho Migrant Council say Vasquez is missing the point. They say without illegal aliens a lot of the crops here in this country would end up rotting in the ground, according to Dr. Albert Pacheco, the council's director. "They would, because no native born American wants to work for those wages to work for those conditions and I think historically if we look at it America it has been built and has prospered based on illegal immigration."

Pacheco also suggests that Vasquez' use of words like "fight" and illegal "invasion" is subtle hate speech. "I think he is trying to pander to the racism and the ignorance that still exists in this country."

In other words, shut up. As for the actual argument that Pacheco tried to present, the line about crops rotting in the fields has been trotted out before, and it's usually false. See 'The Mirage of Mexican Guest Workers' and 'In Florida Groves, Cheap Labor Means Machines'.

Note also that the Idaho Migrant Council is one of those groups supporting U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon's AgJobs amnesty.