"Kinder, gentler deportation program might not work"

Under a new Bush administration program, we're flying deported illegal aliens back into the interior of Mexico rather than a border city. It's costing each of us at least $100 per alien.

The only problem is it looks like - in addition to education, health care, housing, and all the rest - we're subsidizing vacation pay for their employers:

"I will be going back in 15 days," said [a deportee]...

Seven of eight deportees interviewed within a half-hour period Monday said they would cross the border soon.

"I'll try again in a month," [said another deportee]...

"It remains to be seen what percentage of the thousands caught at the border each week will opt for a free ride home," said Wayne Cornelius, immigration expert at the University of California at San Diego. "But bus tickets are cheap in Mexico, and even from the southern part of the country it should cost only about $100 and take two or three days for the average migrant to get back to the border."

So, once again, here's what the Mexican government and those corporations that employ illegal aliens are taking us for:

  • Free healthcare
  • Free K-12 schooling
  • College educations cheaper than some U.S. citizens receive
  • Housing assistance
  • Free vacation travel
  • ...and much more...

Shouldn't those corporations that employ illegals be picking up those costs, rather than passing them on to the rest of us?

Shouldn't John "Corporate Responsibility" Kerry be calling these corporations to task, rather than proposing amnesties that will bring millions more illegal aliens here?