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Matt Welch's very first Los Angeles Times essay? - 03/06/06

Former contributor to the lunatic libertarian magazine Reason Matt Welch was recently hired by the L.A. Times to write the occasional editorial. Could "A silly sting" be his very first effort? If so, bravo!

Los Angeles Times supports illegal immigration, again and again - 02/26/06

Christopher Goffard of the LAT offers "Costa Mesa's Border Heat Puts a Chill in Its Latinos". First, of course, there's the title's assumption that all Latinos are either illegal aliens or supporters of same.

Rob Reiner denies wrongdoing - 02/24/06

Meathead is on the defensive: Hollywood director Rob Reiner denied any wrongdoing Thursday in response to recent scrutiny about the potential misuse of taxpayer funds for a June ballot initiative he is spearheading. Reiner, who heads the state's First 5 California Children and Families Commission he helped create, is now leading a campaign for a ballot initiative that would establish a state constitutional right to preschool for all 4-year-olds and raise income taxes for wealthier hou

"Guest" workers: Mehlman, Bush win; America, GOP lose - 01/21/06

The Los Angeles Times reports on the Republican National Committee supporting a "guest" worker scheme in Amid Rifts, GOP Backs Guest-Worker Plan by Peter Wallsten: ...Bush aides and senior Republican strategists say that taking a hard-line stance against illegal immigration risks alienating Latino voters, just as California's 1994 campaign for

Los Angeles Times goes to border, discovers immigration laws won't work - 12/26/05

For an unknown reason, Drudge is linking to the L.A. Times article "Some Border Patrol Agents Take a Chance on Love", which reports on a few BP agents who've dated illegal aliens and gotten into trouble for that practice. Obviously, the LAT only has a finite amount of resources, and it's a shame that they would choose to deploy them in this fashion when there are so many more important stories that could be covered.

"Liberalism" caused Los Angeles' massive underground economy - 12/14/05

The Milken Institute has released a study called the "Los Angeles Economy Project", which reports that nearly 680,000 workers in the region work in the underground, cash-only economy. And, nearly half of those are in Los Angeles alone. Needless to say, most of those involved are illegal aliens. And, this situation costs the cities, counties, and feds two billion dollars in lost revenues. "Liberalism" is directly responsible for this situation because of: 1. Onerous regulations forcing many companies to pursue a workaround. 2. Encouraging and allowing massive illegal immigration. Now...

Korean anchor babies and "birth tourism" - 12/09/05

In May 2002 the LAT reported on the phenomonon of "birth tourism": foreigners traveling to the U.S. specifically to have children. Those children would then automatically be declared U.S. citizens and could receive benefits and wouldn't be subjected to the home country's rules. And, once they reach 18, those citizens could then sponsor the whole family to come here as immigrants. Obviously it's a scam and an attempt by people around the world to take advantage of us, but, since many of those people are non-white, "liberals" reflexively jump to defend this scam. From "Korean moms want '...

Jon Vessey, crops rotting in the fields, and pro-illegal immigration propaganda - 12/05/05

Jon Vessey is a California grower who's been quoted in a few recent articles about how crops will rot in the fields unless growers get more cheap labor to pick it. (UPDATE: see crops rotting in the fields). On 11/21, the WaPo featured him in "Shortage of Immigrant Workers Alarms Growers in West" (link), and today the Los Angeles Times features him in "Picking a Battle Over Shortage of Farmworkers" (link). And, he was apparently also featured saying similar things in Copley News Service and USA Today. And, the CSM article (link) I discussed in "America's produce industry is facing a crisis"...

Celebrate blogging with the Los Angeles Times - 12/03/05

The LAT has promulgated "Blogging L.A.", and, no, it's not as bad as you would think: it's even worse. They give the shout out to several recommended sites: Finding the jewels among Los Angeles' thousands of blogs can take some doing. This is a highly selective list of some of the more interesting a

The Los Angeles Times scandal - 12/03/05

Apparently there's a (new) scandal brewing at the Los Angeles Times involving them allegedly helping to cover-up the murder of the Notorious B.I.G. (aka Biggie Smalls, real name Christopher Wallace). There are two parts to this scandal: first, the matter itself. Second, the fact that it's been ignored by the other MSM players.

Bob Sheer disfavored, sent to Novosibirsk - 11/11/05

The Los Angeles Times has dropped Bob Sheer, and three guesses to who's picked him up... No, not the LA Weekly... No, it's not People's Weekly World either... Yes, that's right, HuffPost. In related news, the numbers of political cartoonists at papers appears to be about equal to the number of pantomime ponies at banks as they've also fired cartoonist Michael Ramirez.

AVWatch: Villaraigosa rides on Ameriquest jet, pays 10% of cost - 11/10/05

"Mayor Reconquista", aka Antonio Villaraigosa, was recently given short notice that he could appear at Rosa Parks' funeral. Now, if he were an average citizen, about the only thing he could do is try to get a last-minute flight from LAX or BUR.

L.A. Times buries news about anti-Arnold forum - 11/05/05

The Los Angeles Times offers "Gov.'s Effort to Engage Voters Stalls", which, buried down in the sixth paragraph, has this: A forum Thursday in Los Angeles at times resembled an anti-Schwarzenegger campaign rally. Democratic activists made their way into the audience that questioned the governor, contributing to the angry tone.

Los Angeles Times endorses Proposition 75 - 10/18/05

In an official, editorial page endorsement, the LAT has thrown whatever weight it has left behind the same proposition that Arnold Schwarzenegger supports: "Their views, their dues": The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that union members cannot be forced to finance political activity, and Proposition 75 merely requires that public employee unions get written consent from their members before their dues and fees are used for political purposes.

Does USA Today support illegal aliens taking rebuilding jobs? - 10/17/05

USA Today offers a very strange column from Raul A. Reyes entitled Katrina's next expose: Immigration woes (link). Reyes is "an attorney in New York and a member of USA TODAY's board of contributors", and his article reads like a hasty, amalgamated summary of recent pro-illegal immigration essays from other professional Hispanics. It's almost like they're all reading from the same script.

Does the L.A. Times support displacing African-Americans from New Orleans? - 10/10/05

I'm left with that distinct impression after reading the scandalous article "Immigrants Rush to New Orleans as Contractors Fight for Workers" latimes . com/business/la-fi-migrants10oct10,0,6559357.story by Peter Pae). Perhaps the black community should ask that paper to clarify its stance, especially after publishing an editorial from Gregory Rodriguez which supported illegal aliens taking rebuilding jobs from Americans.

Los Angeles Times to get less "liberal" - 10/04/05

According the Nikke Finke of the LA Weakly, the Los Angeles Times' phone solicitors are reading the following from a script when they call: I want you to know that we're bringing in a lot more conservative voices and conservative columnists. This "frankly shocked" Finke, as one might imagine. This guy confirmed this when calling in to the LAT's subscription line and posing as a suck...

Crime, illegal immigration, and media bias - 10/04/05

There's a transcript of a discussing by Heather MacDonald and others here. From her talk: [... discussing the Washington Post editorial from August 10th "The Reality of Gangs"...] Even as the Post called for more social spending, it completely ignored the most salient feature of Mara Salvatrucha, which is the astoundingly high number of illegals within its ranks. The Justice Department estimates that more than 50 percent of all members of Mara Salvatrucha are illegal.

Uncle Walty to America: you're dumb - 10/03/05

America's beloved former CBS anchorman, Walter Cronkite, recently had strong words for us, his former charges.

"1965 Immigration Reform Cost Blacks Minority Primacy" - 09/30/05

This long article discusses the declining status of blacks as America's chief minority, focusing on Katrina and mentioning 'La Nueva Orleans' from Gregory Rodriguez of the Los Angeles Times. Note that Teddy Kennedy was responsible for that 1965 legislation.

Los Angeles Times on Matricula Consular cards - 09/27/05

Jennifer Delson and Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times cover the latest on Mexico's Matricula Consular cards (aka "IDs for illegals") in "Mexico's ID Makes Major Gains in U.S.". They report that other countries are getting into the act, including Colombia, Argentina, El Salvador and Honduras.

Pentagon inspector general under scrutiny... by the Los Angeles Times? - 09/26/05

The article "The Scrutinizer Finds Himself Under Scrutiny" from T. Christian Miller reports that some are raising questions about the activities of the recently resigned Pentagon inspector general, Joseph E. Schmitz. In light of posts such as "Watchdog [Clark Kent Erwin] details confrontations with Ridge", this certainly sounds interesting.

Gregory Rodriguez supports illegal aliens taking rebuilding jobs from Americans - 09/26/05

Los Angeles Times contributing editor Gregory Rodriguez offers "La Nueva Orleans" (latimes . com/news/opinion/commentary/la-op-latino25sep25,0,6499962.story). That discusses how illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries will help rebuild New Orleans. He says that they will then settle there, displacing the original population of blacks and whites.

Border watchers attacked; L.A. Times downplays incident, gloats - 09/19/05

From "Border watchers attacked during training session": A group called Gente Unita confronted volunteer border watchers in San Diego yesterday with obscenities, shoving and U.S.

Los Angeles Dog Trainer-Enquirer-Times fires Michael Kinsley - 09/13/05

The L.A. Times has forced out recently-demoted editorial page editor Michael Kinsley. He's issued the following voluntary confession: "...For whatever reason... [publisher Jeff Johnson] isn't merely uninterested in any future contribution I might make, but actively wants me gone. So I'm off, with some regret and some excitement, to the Washington Post, duties TBD but including the column.

Is "color is cool and white is washed out" racist? - 09/12/05

The Los Angeles Times offers us "Networks Have an Ear for Spanish" (latimes . com/news/printedition/la-me-latino11sep11,1,5644549,full.story). After several other disturbing quotes, it ends with this wonderful statement:

Douglas Mayor Ray Borane sells illegal immigration to L.A. Times - 08/30/05

Ray Borane is the mayor of Douglas, AZ, which sits almost right on the border with Mexico. The town has 15,000 residents, 90% of whom are "Latino". From the LAT article "In a State of Emergency, City's Relaxed" (link):

L.A. Times newsflash: the citizens are angry about illegal immigration - 08/01/05

The Los Angeles Times reports in "Anger Boils at Illegal Immigrants" about a meeting held Thursday of last week at Pico and LaCienega sponsored by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny. The confab was called "Blacks and Hispanics: Allies or Rivals?" The L.A. Times is now free to report that non-PC thoughts were thought, and non-PC statements were voiced. Oh, the horror! The audience of 80 was split between whites, blacks, and Latinos.

Marcela Sanchez: historical facts, analysis are extremist - 07/30/05

Marcela Sanchez apparently writes a weekly column for the Washington Post about Latin America. Unfortunately, she seems to be going for that small number of WaPo readers who aren't able to use search engines and who think that trying to learn a lesson from history is extremist.

Schwarzenegger redistricting measure proposition 77: off the ballot - 07/21/05

A Superior Court judge has ordered Arnold Schwarzenegger's redistricting measure (Proposition 77) to be removed from the ballot.

AP, BS, and "U.S. Anti-Immigration Movement Spreads" - 07/20/05

Duncan Mansfield of the AP offers us a roundup about the spread of offshoots of the Minuteman Project to several states around the nation. The original AP title of the piece appears to be "U.S.

Sources say: Larry Ellison out of L.A. - 07/11/05

The Los Angeles Times' Hot Properties column has done some investigative journalism and wants to know why Oracle CEO and billionaire Larry "Lawrence" Ellison is buying up a bunch of properties in Malibu (latimes . com/classified/realestate/hotprop/la-re-hotprop10jul10,0,6103310.story). In the past two years, Lawrence has spent $180 million for real estate in the beachside enclave, most of it for houses rather than commercial property. Note that Oracle is based in the Bay Area and that's where Ellison lives. The LAT also notes that Larry wants to bring an NFL franchise to our fair town.

AVWatch: The L.A. Times covers its bets - 07/02/05

The Los Angeles Times has a few reports on the inauguration of Antonio Villaraigosa, and they also offer "Much Unsaid in Villaraigosa's Inaugural Talk". Summary: in his speech, AV had a lot of big ideas, but few details were provided and he's going to have a very difficult task making them happen. The LAT has been a long-time supporter of the former member of a racial separatist group, including ignoring or covering up for his past.

AVWatch: How is he going to pay for all this stuff? - 07/01/05

The Los Angeles Times has a 7-screener entitled "Promises, Promises Could Cost L.A. Millions, Billions". $140 million to plant trees? To pay for all of his proposals, former MEChA member and current L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa might propose a half-cent sales tax hike next year. That's not going to sit too very well with some people...

AVWatch: An Antonio Villaraigosa roundup - 06/08/05

There's a roundup of the events and associations that the Los Angeles Times and all other MSM sources refuse to cover here. I'd suggest sending that link to public *at* nytimes.com and onlinenewshour *at* newshour.org and ask them to cover the issues that the LAT, Newsweek, and all the rest conveniently ignore.

ACLU: "Cowboys" enforcing immigration laws - 06/06/05

Welcome to the Los Angeles Times' little world. In that world, it's unusual to enforce our immigration laws. Needless to say, the ACLU lives there too. Unfortunately, our "homeland security president" and his underlings live in that very same world. From the LAT comes "Local Police, U.S.

Villaraigosa's magic race shield - 05/16/05

Los Angeles mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa gets some negative coverage from a surprising source in a surprising place. From Gregory Rodriguez' "Race Is His Magic Shield" (link):

Where'd Antonio go? - 05/15/05

I used to have an acquaintance whose signature phrase was, "I'll be right back." He'd come back hours or days later. He was also an occasional actor, and I think he'd be perfect for a new round of Antonio Villaraigosa campaign commercials. As a preview of what a Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa would be like, reporters wanted to question him about a negative (believe it or don't) article in the L.A. Times.

Jackie Goldberg's "socialist" leanings - 05/14/05

On either March 8 or 9 of 2004 the Los Angeles Times printed a story about California Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg (Democrat-Los Angeles) getting married to her long-time lesbian partner Sharon Stricker up in San Francisco (during Gavin Newsom's big moment). The L.A.