Douglas Mayor Ray Borane sells illegal immigration to L.A. Times

Ray Borane is the mayor of Douglas, AZ, which sits almost right on the border with Mexico. The town has 15,000 residents, 90% of whom are "Latino". From the LAT article "In a State of Emergency, City's Relaxed" (link):
But on the front lines in Douglas, senior government leaders, federal agents and many residents are hard-pressed to identify the emergency conditions. Borane said the city of 15,000 was in generally good shape and had learned to live with the annoyances that accompanied the flow over the border...

To be sure, illegal immigrants cause substantial damage in and around Douglas. They have trampled sensitive ecosystems in the nearby mountains, dumped many tons of litter in the countryside, vandalized ranchers' property and caused havoc with local healthcare systems.

But those burdens are part of a much larger relationship with Mexico. On balance, Borane said, immigration has been a benefit.

"The damage these illegals commit is minimal compared to what they contribute," said Borane, who is chairman of a group of U.S. mayors on the Mexican border. "This country can absorb these people. They are producers. Their children can become productive citizens."
The mayor's contributions have been noted. Borane is the recipient of Mexico's Ohtli Award for:
"efforts to improve U.S.-Mexican relations, contributing to their communities and promoting their Mexican heritage and culture."
Borane also formed the core of Marc Cooper's Minuteman Project hit piece (link).

There's much more about this fine "American" (search his name at americanpatrol).

Further, the LAT buys what the feds are selling:
U.S. Border Patrol agents don't agree with [Napolitano] that they are not increasing enforcement or with the mayor that immigration cannot be controlled.

Border Control Chief David V. Aguilar said his agency had made significant progress in stanching the flow of illegal immigrants in the Tucson sector, which includes Douglas...
The LAT goes on to report on problems the ranchers and other residents are having, and that most of the residents of Douglas are opposed to illegal immigration.