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Endorsement: Jim Hahn for Mayor of Los Angeles - 03/09/05

Barring a challenge by Bob Hertzberg, it looks like May's run-off election will be a repeat of that from four years ago, with Antonio Villaraigosa vs. the incumbent Jim Hahn.

I strongly endorse Jim Hahn and I urge you to support him.

If they went to Utah their heads would explode... - 12/24/04

It's only 80 miles from the headquarters of the L.A. Times to Murrieta deep in "red California."

But, to the L.A. Times, it's like going to Mars: "In GOP They Trust":

...This devout Mormon couple, whose Boy Scout son Christopher marched on Veterans Day with his uniformed pals from Troop 524, will not see a movie that is rated R. They lump Whoopi Goldberg in with Dan Rather, the Dixie Chicks with CNN.

"Safety's Not No. 1" - 12/15/04

Heather MacDonald:

Now that the Bernard Kerik nomination has crashed and burned, President Bush should ask the next candidate for Department of Homeland Security chief the most important question for the job: Will you enforce the law against border trespassers?

...Yet fear of offending the race and rights lobbies has trumped national security at DHS.

It's Conspiracy Theory Sunday - 12/12/04

From August 25, 1998's "Total Coverage: The CIA, Contras, and Drugs":

...top officials at the CIA knew the agency was working with Contra drug traffickers and didn't do anything about it. But the story, even with that shocking headline, quickly disappeared. None of the other major papers, news magazines, or TV networks reported the NEW YORK TIMES' findings.

How did it come to this?

"An Education in Expansion" - 11/23/04

The LAT has a 1726 word article about Los Angeles' answer to the Big Dig. From "An Education in Expansion" (link):
Using a combination of aggressive real estate negotiations, political gamesmanship and eminent domain, the Los Angeles Unified School District is scooping up hundreds of acres of land in a $14-billion campus building program that will result in enough new classroom seats to fill Dodger Stadium three times over.

"Rights Groups Take On Deportation Program" - 08/30/04

A new joint program from the U.S. and Mexico flies some deported illegal aliens back into central Mexico, rather than dropping them off at a border city. The L.A. Times reports that so-called "rights groups" are up in arms about this new program. To get the plane ride, the alien has to waive his rights to a hearing. And, no coincidence at all, no hearing means no immigration lawyer to pay. As previously discussed this is basically subsidized vacation pay for their employers, as many of those deported say they'll just try again. Note that the LAT itself reported that many of those on the maiden flight said they're try again.

If you're like me, your first thought on seeing this in the LAT would be to take a look at the so-called "rights groups":

"If there's no opposition, they always have the option of taking it to Texas and to California and expanding it inland," said Angela Sambrano, a representative for the Los Angeles Committee Against the Raids and for Rights of Immigrants. "We don't want them to get any idea that we would welcome an extension of [it]. That's why we want to stop it right now."

Sambrano recently joined delegations of other pro-immigration activists to deliver letters to Mexican consulates across the country - including seven in California - urging President Vicente Fox's administration to abandon support for the program. The protesters say that if their quest for dialogue fails, they may stage vigils and demonstrations.

So, who exactly is the LACATRAFROI? A google search reveals nothing. However, the google search for Angela Sambrano brings up this at its first hit:

The Militant reported that, "The Forum took note of the growing immigration from Latin American to the United States and a recent rise in the struggles for immigrant rights in that country. Angela Sambrano, representing CISPES, gave a special presentation at the Forum on the subject." CISPES favored the cause of the communist guerrillas in El Salvador.

That took less than a minute, and you'd think the LAT could have done likewise. Maybe they did, and just didn't report it.

Nevertheless, the "pro-immigration" groups in the article do raise a couple of good points hidden in their forest of bad ideas:

Immigrant rights groups in California say such tragedies underscore why U.S. and Mexican authorities should channel resources into combating the job shortage in Mexico, one of the prime reasons migrants cross the border.

"It's nothing more than a shell game," said Jennifer Allen, executive director of Border Action Network, a Tucson-based immigration advocacy group. "It's just shifting migrants from place to place."

If you'd like to suggest that the L.A. Times teaches its reporters how to use google, refers to "pro-immigration" groups as "pro-illegal-immigration" groups, and reports on the background of "liberal" groups with the same zeal with which they report on the background of centrist or rightwing groups, please send a polite email to Readers.Rep *at* latimes.com

Handouts? Go Beyond the Usual [Canards and Suspects] - 08/27/04

In one or two columns, Steve Lopez of the L.A. Times was starting to make some sense. See April's "Way Too Many People in Paradise".

"Calif. Dems Block July 4th Tribute to Vietnam Hero" - 07/03/04

NewsMax has picked up the story covered in yesterday's post: "Calif. Dems Block July 4th Tribute to Vietnam Hero". It's based on John Campbell's report, with no new information. But, to recap:

Democrats usually turn livid over the slightest hint that their patriotism is being challenged.

The other lame 'Times' - 05/19/04

Ann Coulter discussing L.A. Times editor John Carroll's big speech:

The editor of the Los Angeles Times telling reporters how to behave ethically is a complete contradiction, like ... oh, I don't know ... giving Yasser Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize or something. You know, just patently silly.

This is the same L.A.

Michael Kinsley now working for the L.A. DogTrainer-Enquirer-Times - 04/28/04

Captain Kevin alerts us (washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2004_04/003800.php) to Michael Kinsley having been named editorial and opinion editor of the Los Angeles Times.

Some of the Captain's commentators aren't happy with it. You see, Kinsley is a mite too conservative for some. Geez, imagine what would happen if they'd named a real conservative. Oh, wait, that would never happen.

What part of "illegal alien" doesn't the L.A. Times understand? - 08/03/03

The Sunday L.A. Times has an editorial ("Maywood's Mean Money Machine" link) which purports to be about the attempts of a small L.A. suburb to increase revenues by impounding cars at a traffic checkpoint. However, it soon turns into a pro-illegal-immigration essay. The editorial's author, Frank del Olmo, promises Part Two of the editorial on Monday.

L.A. River renovation presentation 6/17 and 6/18 - 06/16/03

Via email, there will be a presentation concerning L.A. River renovation Tuesday and Wednesday:

The Harvard University Graduate School of Design Los Angeles River Studio presentation schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, June 17th 6:30-reception-7pm 9pm-presentations, Los Angeles River Center and Gardens, 570 West Avenue 26

Wednesday, June 18th-10am-11:30am Los Angeles River Center and Gardens, 570 West Avenue 26

Wednesday, June 18th, 12:30-2pm-Los Angeles County Department of Public Works building, conference room A, 900 S.

Robert Scheer: Both dumb and numb - 04/29/03

According to Scheer's latest "Are We Dumb or Just Numb?" (alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=15773):
The embarrassingly secular nature of the government was summarized in another Los Angeles Times story on the status of women: "For decades, Iraqi women dz

Glenn Spencer, taking the high ground? - 04/06/03

According to this:

Chris Simcox, founder of the Tombstone-based Civil Homeland Defense group, and Glenn Spencer, who leads the Sierra Vista-based American Border Patrol, have long disagreed over style and approach to deterring illegal entrants.

Spencer said his group aims to document and report illegal immigrants by using video cameras and other surveillance. In contrast, Simcox describes his group as a "militia," and he leads armed volunteers on patrols near the border.

A recent statement by Simcox has served to incite bickering between the two men. Simcox issued this warning as part of a "message to the world": "Do not attempt to cross the border illegally; you will be considered an enemy of the state; if aggressors attempt to forcefully enter our country they will be repelled with force if necessary!"

Spencer told the Arizona Daily Star that with statements like that, Simcox has attracted an "unsavory element." Such rhetoric threatens the credibility of the anti-illegal-immigration movement...

"The purpose is to put pressure on the government, to have governmental institutions that are there to enforce the law, not to go out and threaten people," he said.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, the Border Action Network has gathered 2000 signatures on a petition "asking Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard... to conduct an investigation of the militia groups and it they're breaking the law, they should be arrested and prosecuted."

You can read a horribly written but very informative article on the Border Action Network here. Think A.N.S.W.E.R. In this editorial, BAN's founder is quoted as saying "[illegal aliens] have civil rights and human rights that take precedence over defending the country."

See also the L.A. Times' hit piece on Simcox 'Patriots on the Borderline'. It reads less like a real newspaper article than an Indymedia reject, and it spawned a couple of letters to the Times. Note well the title of the letters page: "'Racist' Border Patrol Has Crossed the Line."

The hit piece's author is Dan Baum, author of a couple of books about the War on Drugs and Joseph Coors. There's an interview with him here, and at this page it says this:

"Bellesiles calls in a fascinating array of sources to bolster his argument," rhapsodized... author Dan Baum in the Chicago Tribune...

Simcox, Spencer, and friends might have problems, some large, but I don't think we're going to get the whole truth from such biased sources.