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Because of immigration, Democrats think Texas, Georgia, and Arizona might turn blue (Peter Wallsten/LAT) - 11/10/08

Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times offers "Democrats set sights on Texas" (link):
Texas is one of several reliably red states that are now in Democrats' sights as party strategists begin to analyze a victorious 2008 campaign that they believe showed the contours of a new movement that could grow and prove long-lasting.

A major shift in the Latino vote took place in Florida and the Southwest, where

How to get the Khalidi tape (or at least make Obama look bad) - 10/30/08

Do you really want the Rashid Khalidi videotape that the Los Angeles Times refuses to release?

OK, then here's how to either get the videotape, or at least make Obama look bad: ask Obama to help get the tape released.

No, really: go to an Obama appearance and ask him this question:

When will you be calling on anyone who has a copy of the Khalidi videotape to make it publicly available? If you won't be issuing that call, why not?

Get his answer on video, and then upload that to Youtube.

Los Angeles Times: McCain camp accuses us of suppressing Obama/Khalidi tape - 10/28/08

An unnamed Los Angeles Times staff reporter offers "McCain campaign accuses L.A. Times of 'suppressing' Obama video" (link):
John McCain's presidential campaign Tuesday accused the Los Angeles Times of "intentionally suppressing" a videotape it obtained of a 2003 banquet where then-state Sen.

Peter Wallsten/LAT refuses to release Barack Obama/Rashid Khalidi videotape - 10/24/08

Back on April 10, 2008, Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times offered "Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Barack Obama" (link), about Barack Obama's friendship with Rashid Khalidi, an "internationally known scholar, critic of Israel and advocate for Palestinian rights". Per Wallsten:
the warm embrace Obama gave to Khalidi, and words like those at the professor's going-away party, have left some Palestinian American leaders believing that Obama is more receptive to their viewpoint than he is willing to say.
You know what's coming. In May, BHO was asked about this by unnamed Jewish voters in Miami and played the usual "he's not an advisor" trick he's played with Ayers and others (link).

But, as it turns out, apparently the event described by Wallsten turned a bit interesting and not only that he has a video of the event.

But, Wallsten won't release a tape that would be damaging to Barack Obama. Gateway Pundit spoke with him (link):
Wallston said that the article was written after he watched video taken at the Khalidi going away party. When I asked him about the video he said that as far as he was concerned he was through with the story.

I asked him if he was planning on releasing this video of Obama toasting the radical Khalidi at this Jew-bash. He told me he was not releasing the video. He also would not comment on his source for the video. Wallston also said he did not know if Khalidi's good friend Bill Ayers was at the event or not.
Write readers.rep *at* latimes.com and suggest they stop covering for Barack Obama and release the video tape.

UPDATE: In her own special way, back after the LAT article came out Debbie Schlussel said something I take to be that Wallsten basically based his article on something she'd written (link).

And, the Ayers' might have been at the dinner also, or they might have just contributed to a commemorative book compiled after the event; it isn't clear from the following:
In Chicago, the Khalidis founded the Arab American Action Network, and Mona Khalidi served as its president. A big farewell dinner was held in their honor by AAAN with a commemorative book filled with testimonials from their friends and political allies. These included the left wing anti-war group Not In My Name, the Electronic Intifada, and the ex-Weatherman domestic terrorists Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. (There were also testimonials from then-state Senator Barack Obama and the mayor of Chicago.)
UPDATE 2: As could have been expected, one of the minor "fact check" sites says Khalidi's group isn't controversial: politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/402 (those involved: Robert Farley, Shirl Kennedy, Amy Hollyfield). Their entire contention is based on interviews with Rep. Robert Wexler (co-chair of Obama's Florida campaign); the AAAN's executive director; the president of the Woods Fund; and, Louise Cainkar from Marquette University. She used to be with the Great Cities Institute, which was at... University of Illinois-Chicago. Whether she's linked to Ayers/Obama isn't known, but she's definitely part of their circle, as are the others. So, basically, Politifact bases its reports on one side of the debate.

UPDATE 3: No tape is necessary, we have reported all there is to see! Move along now! An exchange with Jamie Gold, the Los Angeles Times' Reader's Representative, is here: littlegreenfootballs.com/article/31717_LA_Times_Responds_to_Readers-_Get_Lost
It sounds as if you don't find "mere reporting" to be enough, but The Times is not suppressing anything. Just the opposite — the L.A. Times brought the matter to light.
UPDATE 4: The McCain campaign wants the tape released.

And, there's more on the controversy surrounding Khalidi himself in the April 2005 articles here and here.

Endorsement: Barack Obama for President - 10/17/08

I'm sure you're as shocked as I am that I'm coming out in support of Barack Obama. However, after reviewing this blog's postings for the past couple of years, I've come to the sudden realization that I've been on the wrong track.

Now, I am officially on the right track. I am on the track for Obama!

I deeply regret all the lies I've told about Obama. Now, I pledge to only tell the truth. Barack is truly the best man for the job, and he truly has the best interests of the U.S. at heart. Under his astute leadership, the U.S. will truly prosper and live in peace with our global neighbors.

Mitch Weiss,Jeffrey Collins/AP intro new immigration article device: the Sympathetic Victim/Representative - 10/08/08

In the past there were PIIPPs. Now, a growing number of articles about immigration raids and the like are employing a device that I'll henceforth refer to as the use of SVRs: the "Sympathetic Victim/Representative". When an immigration raid occurs, instead of interviewing the local residents who saw their wages decline, hack reporters turn to one of the "victims" of the raid (i.e., an illegal alien) and allow him or her to say obviously illogical things completely unopposed.

1150+ arrested in SoCal immigration fugitive sweeps - 09/29/08

From this:
U.S. immigration authorities said Monday they arrested more than 1,150 people in California in a three-week sweep, the state's largest of its type since since 2003.

The sweep targeted immigration violators including those who have ignored deportation orders or returned to the U.S. illegally after being deported...


Nicole Gaouette/LAT: leftwing groups on the "lookout for immigration raids" - 09/14/08

Criminal enterprises that have fixed locations usually employ lookouts in the neighborhood where they operate who warn them of impending police raids and they frequently pay off local officials or cops. There's (perhaps) only one form of illegal activity for which the Los Angeles Times would consider that acceptable: illegal immigration, of course.

Miguel Bustillo,Richard Fausset/LAT confused about legal vs. illegal workers (Howard Industries raid) - 09/02/08

Last week, Howard Industries in Louisiana was raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement; as the raid was happening the legal workers at the plant reportedly cheered ICE, and the raid was initiated by a complaint from a union worker.

Needless to say, such cannot stand to those who support illegal immigration.

CDC: increased TB due to immigration; others: tropical diseases due to immigrants, others - 07/23/08

From the AP as printed in the Washington Post (link):

Tuberculosis cases continue to fall in the United States, but some immigrants have disturbingly high rates of the disease, according to a study released Tuesday that called for more aggressive action... TB rates were highest among residents from lower Africa and parts of Southeast Asia.

Obama gives interview to Access Hollywood; MSM pretends they do real reporting - 07/08/08

Barack Obama gave an interview to Access Hollywood over the weekend, which was shown on their show as well as the Today Show.

Lou Dobbs not running for governor of New Jersey "right now"; Frank Sharry starts fake site; Nicole Gaoutte/LAT promotes - 06/13/08

Lou Dobbs is rumored to be considering running for governor of New Jersey, but in a voice mail message to an NJ newspaper he denied it (link). Note, however, that he said he wasn't "considering anything right now", so that might change.

Illegal immigration marches: May 1, 2008 - 05/01/08

This year's marches for "immigrant rights" - i.e., to give rights to illegal aliens to which they aren't entitled - were much less attended and made much less of an impact than those in 2006.

Mexico-linked Peter Schey sues over immigration raid; Anna Gorman/LAT fails to note his links - 04/26/08

Immigration lawyer Peter Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law is suing the feds over a recent immigration raid in Van Nuys, California. He also has at least a few links to the Mexican government, yet Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times yet again fails to inform her readers of that fact in her report "L.A. civil rights attorney files claims over federal immigration raid" (link). Per her, he's just a "longtime Los Angeles civil rights attorney" who's "trying a new strategy to push federal immigration authorities to change the way they conduct workplace raids" when in fact there's probably a bit more that he wants.

He claims that constitutional rights were violated because ICE agents locked down the building and didn't allow people to leave until they showed that they were citizens or legal immigrants:

"That group detention is completely unconstitutional... They have no individual probable cause, yet they come in like the Gestapo."

The article quotes two other immigration lawyers on the case: Carl Shusterman says it's a long shot, but John Ayala of the American Immigration Lawyers Association disagrees. And:

[A citizen who was detained] said immigration authorities could have handled the arrests in a more diplomatic and less theatrical way.

Unfortunately, there's the possibility that "drama" might have been the point. Micheal Chertoff of the DHS has hinted at conducting raids in order to inflame the left, and the whole raid might have been designed to generate outrage and lawsuits from the usual suspects, such as those mentioned above. If that's the case, Chertoff's goal would be to generate a backlash in order to get what Bush wants: a massive amnesty and a "guest" worker program. Note that ICE called the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) - a group that's allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government - shortly before the raid.

Needless to say, Gorman doesn't look into that possibility.

Please write readers.rep *at* latimes.com with your thoughts.

AVWatch: Antonio Villaraigosa complains to Michael Chertoff about ICE raids - 04/10/08

Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa - a former leader of the racial separatist group MEChA - has sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff asking him to back off on recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in the city. This is simply an attempt to a) grandstand to his base (Hispanics, whether citizens, legal immigrants, or illegal aliens as well as their employers), b) maintain said power base, and c) support said employers in their attempts to profit from illegal activity.

Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times has the scoop (link):

[He warned] that work-site raids on "non-exploitative" businesses could have "severe and lasting effects" on the local economy... "I am concerned that ICE enforcement actions are creating an impression that this region is somehow less hospitable to these critical businesses than other regions," Villaraigosa wrote in a March 27 letter to [Chertoff]... Villaraigosa said ICE has targeted "established, responsible employers" in industries that have a "significant reliance on workforces that include undocumented immigrants." ..."In these industries, including most areas of manufacturing, even the most scrupulous and responsible employers have no choice but to rely on workers whose documentation, while facially valid, may raise questions about their lawful presence," he wrote. He said ICE should spend its limited resources targeting employers who exploit wage and hour laws... "At a time when we are facing an economic downturn and gang violence at epidemic levels, the federal government should focus its resources on deporting criminal gang members rather than targeting legitimate businesses," said Matt Szabo, the mayor's spokesman.

And, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce President Gary L. Toebben sent his own letter to Chertoff saying that workplace raids are "devastating" to businesses that are trying to follow the law.

The LAT article quotes Ira Mehlman of FAIR, but also reaches out to Angelica Salas of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), a group that has allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government. As may be covered here later, that group was contacted by ICE before a raid in Van Nuys in February and then protested against it.

"Under the Same Moon": Mexican-government funded pro-illegal immigration propaganda film - 03/15/08

"Under the Same Moon" is a new, Mexican government-funded movie about illegal immigration from director Patricia Riggen. The distributors are Fox Searchlight Pictures and The Weinstein Company, and the production companies listed are Creando Films (website unknown) and Potomac Pictures (potomacpictures.com). And, per movies.yahoo . com/movie/1809697065/details, the "Financier" is Fidecine, which is the Mexican government agency designed to promote the Mexican film industry: www.comisionrtc.gob.mx/fidecine

Los Angeles Times opposes immigration enforcement, deportations; wants illegal aliens to remain in U.S. - 02/21/08

The dozens of immigration-related articles from the Los Angeles Times covered here over the years have made that clear, but the editorial "Too tough on illegal immigration" makes it explicit (link).

Barack Obama misleads, does sales job on illegal immigration (CNN Democratic "debate") - 01/31/08

At tonight's CNN/Politico/Los Angeles Times Democratic "debate" (link), per lightweight illegal immigration supporter Marc Cooper (link):

The candidates also cautiously sparred on the potentially explosive issue of immigration with Obama rejecting a moderator's question that assumed that African-Americans were suffering because of illegal immigration.

Anna Gorman/LAT on Mexican adult schools operating at U.S. public schools - 01/11/08

If Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times were a real reporter she would look into all the circumstances of the Mexican government operating adult schools inside U.S. public schools. And, she'd look into what's being taught and whether it's being used as a way of encouraging Mexican partisanship. Of course, she's just a propagandist and not a real reporter, so this is what we get ("Mexican education comes to U.S./Adult immigrants can complete their basic education in Spanish at one of 13 centers across L.A.

ArnieCare: budget busting universal healthcare in California (illegal aliens, Fabian Nunez, Don Perata) - 12/18/07

arnold schwarzenegger fabian nunez andy stern Unlike, say, Grover Norquist, I'm not a reflexive opponent of some form of universal healthcare, at least on the face of it. But, as with other things there's frequently a hidden agenda, such as people pushing UHC who have wider goals.

Jennifer Delson/LAT gushes over departing Orange County Mexican consul (Haro; MC cards) - 12/13/07

Luis Miguel Ortiz Haro - Mexican consul for Orange County, CA - is being reassigned, apparently as part of the Mexican government's normal process of shifting their agents around. Jennifer Delson of the Los Angeles Times says bye-bye in her own special, pro-Mexico way (link).

Matt Stearns/McClatchy smears Ron Paul, joins list of NAFTA Superhighway deniers - 12/09/07

Matt Stearns of McClatchy Newspapers offers "Out of bounds! Paul pushes NAFTA highway myth" (link):

In an anti-NAFTA radio ad that's airing in Iowa, Paul denounces "powerful elites" who "want to completely erase our borders with Canada and Mexico. These special interests threaten us with a total loss of sovereignty. The NAFTA superhighway, a part of this scheme, has threatened to force thousands off their land. Some believe the highway's path will go right through Iowa.

Tim Rutten: CNN is "corrupt"; wrong about immigration (GOP debate) - 12/01/07

Tim Rutten of the Los Angeles Times offers "CNN: Corrupt News Network". He calls CNN "corrupt" for spending so much time on immigration matters, explicitly saying it was an attempt to boost Lou Dobbs' ratings.

When will the MSM pull the ball away from Mike Huckabee? - 11/21/07

The mainstream media has been working feverishly to promote Mike Huckabee, as have various low-level Democrats. Are those completely unrelated, or is the MSM taking their marching orders from the Democratic Party? And, is The Huckster being promoted because:

1. They're simply reporting on what's happening...
2. They just need something to write about...
3. They're trying to give "them" an acceptable candidate...
4. They support him due to, for instance, his support for illegal immigration...

Fabian Nunez: corporate donations to a charity funneled to his events - 11/02/07

For an unknown reason, the Los Angeles Times is trying to get rid of Fabian Nunez. While I welcome this, I can't help but wonder why. The latest is here (via this):

The ADL's definition of "hate" and "anti-immigrant" can't be trusted. (ALIPAC, others) - 10/31/07

The Anti-Defamation League - which apparently at one time did some good, but which is now a far-left Gramscian enforcer and defender of illegal activity - has released a new report entitled "Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream" [1]:

A closer look at the public record reveals that many ostensibly mainstream anti-illegal immigration organizations – including those who testified before Congress or frequently appeared on news programs – promote virulent anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant rhetoric. Some groups have fostered links with extremist groups.

They list several groups, but as will be shown, their definition of "hate" just can't be trusted. For example, consider this claim:

[Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee/ALIPAC president William Gheen] [2] also inflames anti-immigrant sentiment by falsely asserting that foreigners bring disease into the nation. During a June 2007 radio interview, he said, "We've got bedbugs back in all, almost all of our 58 [sic] states. We've got TB on the rise, we've got hepatitis, we've got HIV, we've got diseases like Chagas disease, which is a horrifying disease, but also, much like TB, is very, very difficult to treat at all, and it's coming in because of the, the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and, and the end result is Americans are suffering, Americans are dying."

The ADL's claim that foreigners don't bring diseases into the U.S. is obviously false. And, let's turn to this May 23, 1989 article:

The rising wave of immigration from Central and South America increases the likelihood that Chagas' disease may become more common in the United States, experts said, unless blood banks routinely reject donors born in Central or South America or test their blood.

The source? Why none other than the scare mongerers at the New York Times (link). Finding other sources discussing those various diseases and immigration is left as an exercise. And, of course, immigrants at Ellis Island were checked for diseases, and there are laws on the books regulating immigrants and visitors who have various types of diseases.

Now, it's about to get ironic. Returning to the ADL:

At an August 2007 rally in North Carolina, Gheen stated, "Illegal aliens in this country have set up ethnic cleansing zones, ethnic cleansing zones where if you walk past the wrong sign post, the invisible line, you’re under the threat of death."

Then, let's look at this January 20, 2007 article:

Prudhomme was murdered because he identified himself as black (he was in fact mixed-race) in a neighborhood occupied by one of the many Latino street gangs in Los Angeles County. Incredibly, even though these gangs are fundamentally criminal enterprises interested mainly in money, gang experts inside and outside the government say that they are now engaged in a campaign of "ethnic cleansing" -- racial terror that is directed solely at African Americans.

The source? Brentin Mock, from the Intelligence Report of the Southern Poverty Law Center [3] [4].

(The SPLC is, of course, another group that likes to throw the "hate" charge around; perhaps the ADL could call the SPLC a hate group, and the SPLC could respond by calling the ADL a hate group, and then the could both lock arms in battle and fall into the abyss.)

Even the Los Angeles Times has noted something similar (link):

Authorities said the gang specifically tried to eliminate rival African American gangs in South L.A. and the Florence-Firestone area in an effort to "cleanse" the neighborhood. In doing so, they mistakenly harassed and attacked innocent African American residents, according to the indictment.

As has the Guardian (link):

It is a city of violence as a new race war escalates between new Hispanic gangs and older black groups, each trying to ethnically cleanse the other.

If you see any reporters quoting the ADL on this issue, please send them this link.

11/06/07 UPDATE: Janet Murguia helps us discover yet another misleading statement from the ADL; see that link.

And, from the Los Angeles Times' "Latin American scourge turning up in U.S. immigrants/In L.A., nation's first clinic opens to treat deadly insect-borne Chagas disease" (link):

A Los Angeles County hospital has opened the first clinic in the country devoted to studying and treating Chagas disease, a deadly parasitic illness that has long been the leading cause of heart failure in Latin America and is now being seen in immigrant communities in the United States... ...By the end of October, 253 people in 30 states had tested positive for the antibody, according to data compiled by the American Association of Blood Banks. The prevalence nationwide is estimated to be about 1 in 30,000 donors, and about 1 in 7,000 in Los Angeles, said Dr. Susan Stramer, executive scientific officer for the American Red Cross... ...Most donors who tested positive since screening began this year emigrated from high-risk areas, sometimes years ago, or were the children of such immigrants, said the Red Cross' Stramer in an e-mail. But in nine cases still under investigation, Stramer said, infection may have been transmitted by insects in the United States...

[1] adl.org/PresRele/CvlRt_32/5154_32.htm
[2] I'm not a member because I'm not a joiner. I also don't think their occasional highlighting of illegal aliens and crime is the right way to fight the issue. However, I don't think they deserve the treatment the ADL gives them.
[3] alternet.org/story/46855/
[4] splcenter.org/intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=722 (same article as [2])

Richard Marosi/Ari Bloomekatz/LAT enable illegal immigration (San Diego fires) - 10/28/07

As a cost-saving move, let me suggest that the Los Angeles Times outsources their coverage to the Western Growers Association, the Mexican government, or the Democratic Party. That way, "reporters" Richard Marosi and Ari Bloomekatz can achieve their true calling of selling used tires, and there'd be little difference between the outsourced version and that which they provide in "Evacuations raise deportation fears" about illegal aliens and the San Diego wild fires (link).

In fact, their article is remarkably similar to the other instances of this new subgenre, such as that from Leslie Berestein of the SDUT or Amy Isackson of NPR/KPBS. They rely on two quote sources already seen in those previous articles (Remy Bermudez and Enrique Morones) and about the only difference is that they've managed to be even more "liberal" (i.e., in effect supporting serf labor):

Disasters can magnify the marginalized status of people here illegally... Immigrant rights groups and the American Civil Liberties Union, however, claim that authorities have created a climate of intimidation through neglect and such policies as asking for identification at some shelters... ...The mere presence of Border Patrol was enough to scare off some immigrants... ...The ACLU and immigrant rights groups claim illegal immigrants were subjected to racial profiling at Qualcomm and were abused by some volunteers who questioned their legal status...

They don't mention that asking for ID is designed to help prevent fraud; even the AP has noted that. Real reporting would involve asking the ACLU exactly how they intend to prevent fraud (and perhaps whether they really believe in "to each according to his needs" or whether they want more).

[San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders], [spokesman Fred Sainz] said, has always looked out for the needs of the migrant community and has tried to protect them from encounters with Minutemen and other groups that oppose illegal immigration... "The mayor has bent over backward to protect the migrant population," said Sainz.

Not being familiar with that mayor, I don't know whether that's because he's a "liberal" or because he's actually bending over backwards to protect their crooked employers, or both.

The article ends with a plea to be more "sensitive" to the feelings of those who aren't supposed to be here in the first place; the use of the term "immigrant" is meant to mislead:

Critics say local and federal officials should be more sensitive to how immigrants might perceive things. A checkpoint that might seem inconvenient but understandable to a citizen could represent potential deportation to an immigrant, they say.

Mel Martinez quits as RNC chairman; Peter Wallsten/LAT offers pro-illegal immigration spin - 10/21/07

As predicted and even sooner than was hoped, Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) has quit as the head of the RNC. Don't let the door hit you, etc.

Hispanic vote is a myth? - 10/18/07

We already knew that. Now comes Steven Malanga from City Journal, writing in the Los Angeles Times (link):
...The Latino vote for Bush was far from decisive, however, and it may be years before it plays a pivotal role in a national election. Latinos may represent about 14% of the U.S. population, but they constituted just 6% of the 2004 electorate -- 7.5 million voters out of 125 million.

Even California Nurses Association turns on Fabian Nunez (wife's conflict of interest) - 10/17/07

From this:
The California Nurses Association demanded Tuesday that Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez abstain from voting on health-care legislation because his wife works for a nonprofit agency bankrolled by the hospital industry.

"Californians can no longer trust that he will represent the public interest and not the financial interest of a large industry that has put his wife on their payroll," Zenei Cortez, spokeswoman for the association and for the

Down the Memory Hole with the Los Angeles Times (censors own blogger) - 10/14/07

From this:

On Thursday night, L.A. Times political blogger Andrew Malcolm wrote a post about John Edwards's denial of an extramarital affair. When some commenters complained that the story was unsupported tabloid trash, Malcolm replied in parenthetical remarks appended to the comments, saying that it was a legitimate topic because of Edwards's denial.

If I have the sequence of events right, the L.A. Times first deleted the whole post. Then, when Patterico inquired about it they put it back, minus three final paragraphs. They also deleted the parenthetical remarks from their own bloggers. Tidy, no muss no fuss!

Los Angeles Times editorial lies about California DREAM Act - 10/10/07

The Los Angeles Times offers an editorial called "Make the Dream reality/Legislation to help undocumented California college students benefits everyone" (link) about Gil Cedillo's "California DREAM Act".

National Latino Congreso: "No Human Being is Illegal", Nativo Lopez, Gil Cedillo, Kucinich, Cuban Five, Fairness Doctrine, and more! - 10/07/07

The 2nd annual "National Latino Congreso" - a meeting of hundreds of "Latino organizational leaders, elected officials, and activists at all levels" is currently underway in Los Angeles (latinocongreso.org). Yesterday, Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times offered a whitewashed report here. Let's take a look at the groups involved and some of the loony resolutions that were passed. Expect the MSM coverage to be in line with Gorman's report: it will completely cover for far-left racial demagogues and avoid mentioning the loony resolutions.

Their "conveners' include:

* League of United Latin American Citizens
* Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (indirect link to the Mexican government)
* National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC)
* National Day Laborer Organizing Network
* Southwest Voter Registration Education Project
* William C. Velasquez Institute

Their "co-conveners" include the California Nurses Association, Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana, and the Mexican American Political Association. Both the latter are associated with Nativo Lopez. They have 226 "endorsers", so discussing all of those would take a lot of time. But, one is the Communist Party USA, and most of the rest are far-left racial power groups.

The sheer number and sheer idiocy of the resolutions that were approved makes them likewise too difficult to cover in detail, however, they include:

* "No Human Being is Illegal" by Raul Anorve of "Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur de California" (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=41). If it were made U.S. law we would have literally open borders since we couldn't conduct immigration raids anymore and illegal aliens would have "full civil rights". It contains several grammatical mistakes and ends with:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the that organizations represented by delegates of the 2007 National Latino Congreso urge the United States pass socially just legalization, including full labor and civil rights protections and family reunification; to place a moratorium on immigration raids, detentions and deportations, as well as their eventual abolition; and... [the NLC urges] the United States demilitarize the border, immigration control, and end immigration-police collaboration; to support initiatives and policies that ensure healthy and stable communities, including living wage jobs for all immigrants, working people and people of color... [the NLC urges] the United States redistribute funding and resources away from prison-building, policing and criminalization to social, health and education services, family reunification, ending the backlog in visas and applications for permanent residency and citizenship, and full civil and labor rights protections for all persons, regardless of their immigration or citizenship status.

Bear in mind: they approved that and all the other resolutions to be discussed.

* "Resolution to Urge the Bush Administration to Halt Immigration Raids" by Pablo Martinez of New Mexico LULAC (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=22). It's moderate by comparison to the last, but that's not saying much.

* "Resolution to Urge Congress to Repeal 287 (g) and Restructure Federal Funding to Target Drug Enforcement Operations and Place a Civilian Oversight Committee" by ibid (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=21).

* "Fair, Humane and Rational Immigration Reform" by Nativo Lopez of Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=45). As you might guess, it's a very bad idea, and includes him calling for enactment of the "Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform".

* "Resolution on the Five Cuban Political Prisoners" by Alicia Jrapko of the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=12). When I said far-left, I meant it.

* "Support for Puerto Rico Self Determination" by Pablo Martinez of LULAC (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=96).

* "Unconstitutional Towing and Driver's License Resolution" by Gil Cedillo (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=26). It uses that possibly inaccurate recitation of events as a vehicle to support driver's licenses for illegal aliens; I wonder why they didn't just come right out and support that explicitly.

* "Decreasing the National Hispanic Dropout Rate Supporting the DREAM Act" by Luis Avila of the Somos America Coalition (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=129).

* "Restore the Fairness Doctrine Act", ibid, (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=126).

* "RESOLUTION TO DEMAND THAT THE U.S. SUPREME COURT HEAR THE CASE OF THE U.S. CITIZEN CHILDREN OF UNDOCUMENTED PARENTS" from Mr. Emma Lozano [sic] supposedly of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=125). She may be a part of that group, or that might be a mistake; the URL is to somosunpueblo (with an extra 's'):

[The NLC demands] that the U.S Supreme Court hear the Class Action Suit of the 5 million U.S. Citizen Children to prevent the enforcement of the removal of their parents fro the United States without first giving the children a fair opportunity to obtain a remedy for their hardship and redress for the implicit violation of their civil rights.

* 'Formal Position and Statement Denouncing Vigilantism of the "Minutemen Project"' by Yuri Jimenez of Kucinich For President 2008 (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=62):

WHEREAS the Minutemen Project encourages and incites hatred, violence, racism and discrimination in border States... THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the organizations represented by delegates of the 2007 National Latino Congreso formally denounce the Minutemen Project, and further declare their position that the Project promotes violence, hatred, racism and discrimination which are not representative traits of the honorable and just American society that has a rich legacy of immigration and inclusiveness.

The other Kucinich resolution approved condemned Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's illegal immigration hotline (latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=56).

DHS revamping agriculture guest worker programs (crops rotting in fields, redefining "temporary") - 10/07/07

Nicole Gaouette of the Los Angeles Times offers "U.S. lets in more immigrants for farms" (link):
With a nationwide farmworker shortage threatening to leave unharvested fruits and vegetables rotting in fields, the Bush administration has begun quietly rewriting federal regulations to eliminate barriers that restrict how foreign laborers can legally be brought into the country.

...On all sides of the farm industry, the administration's behind-the-scenes initiative to revamp H-2A farmworker visas is fraught with anxiety. Advocates for immigrants fear the changes will come at the expense of worker protections because the administration has received and is reportedly acting on extensive input from farm lobbyists. And farmers in areas such as the San Joaquin Valley, which is experiencing a 20% labor shortfall, worry the administration's changes will not happen soon enough for the 2008 growing season.

"It's like a ticking time bomb that's going to go off," said Luawanna Hallstrom, chief operating officer of Harry Singh & Sons, a third-generation family farm in Oceanside that grows tomatoes. "I'm looking at my fellow farmers and saying, 'Oh my God, what's going on?' "
"Family farm" or politically-connected major albeit non-corporate grower? Perhaps if the LAT wanted to do some real reporting they might consider looking into her links.
Officials at the three federal agencies are scrutinizing the regulations to see whether they can adjust the farmworker program, an unwieldy system used by less than 2% of American farms to bring in foreign workers. They are considering a series of changes, including lengthening the time workers can stay, expanding the types of work they can do, simplifying how their applications are processed, and redefining terms such as "temporary."
Orwell would be proud.
The agencies are also working on possible changes to a separate visa program, H-2B, which brings in seasonal workers for resorts, clam-shucking operations and horse stables, among other businesses.
All of which are vital to our economy.
...The changes to the H-2A visa program comprise one of more than two dozen initiatives the administration announced in August. Most of the initiatives dealt with increased enforcement, the most prominent being a measure that would force employers to either fire workers for whom they've received "no match" notification (indicating their W-2 data don't match Social Security Administration records) or face punitive action from the Department of Homeland Security. When Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced the enforcement push, he also acknowledged the problems that agriculture reported.

...Industry lobbyists have sent the Bush administration a set of detailed suggestions for overhauling the H-2A program through administrative changes, which could take weeks to put in place, and through changes in the regulations, a process that takes months.

Some of the suggestions under consideration include changing the procedures farmers must use to try to hire U.S. citizens first. Currently farmers have to advertise the jobs, then submit applications to Labor and Homeland Security to bring in foreign workers. Growers would prefer to move to a system in which they pledged that they had done all they could to recruit U.S. workers, but no longer had to submit an application to Labor.

Other changes under consideration would simplify the detailed H-2A housing requirements, extend the definition of "temporary" beyond 10 months, and expand the definition of "agricultural" workers to include such industries as meatpacking and poultry processing.

Fabian Nunez' questionable expenditures (luxury foreign hotels, goods) - 10/05/07

California Assembly speaker and Hillary Clinton campaign co-chair Fabian Nunez must be on the outs with the Politburo, because the Los Angeles Times offers "Nunez travels the world like a high-roller" (link):
[...his spending] includes $47,412 on United, Lufthansa and Air France airlines this year; $8,745 at the exclusive Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain; $5,149 for a "meeting" at Cave L'Avant Garde, a wine seller in the Bordeaux region

ThinkProgress misrepresents Chertoff comment about environmental damage on border - 10/01/07

The Clinton-linked site ThinkProgress offers the post "Chertoff: Immigrants 'degrade the environment'" [1] about the following comment from DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff (link):

"Illegal migrants really degrade the environment. I've seen pictures of human waste, garbage, discarded bottles and other human artifact in pristine areas...

Kathleen Henehan/Media Matters promotes economic benefits of illegal immigration - 09/26/07

"K.H." of Media Matters for America - presumably Kathleen Henehan - discusses a recent Los Angeles Times guest editorial from Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies in a post entitled 'In LA Times op-ed, Krikorian cherry-picked "anecdotal evidence" on immigration crackdown' (mediamatters.org/items/200709260011).

Los Angeles Times cost-saving measures released - 09/06/07

The Los Angeles Times has released several cost-saving measures they'll be undergoing to deal with declining circulation:

* Patt Morrisson will auction past hats off on eBay (wait, it gets better).

* Their "Reader's Rep" will be replaced with an email address that no one reads.

* Selected stories about celebrities will be outsourced to those celebrities' publicists.

* Something about wikis replacing their current blogs or something.