Gregory Rodriguez supports illegal aliens taking rebuilding jobs from Americans

Los Angeles Times contributing editor Gregory Rodriguez offers "La Nueva Orleans" (latimes . com/news/opinion/commentary/la-op-latino25sep25,0,6499962.story). That discusses how illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries will help rebuild New Orleans. He says that they will then settle there, displacing the original population of blacks and whites.

Of course, if we were talking about whites displacing blacks and Hispanics that would be considered racist, but - of course! - "liberals" will be quick to explain that encouraging Hispanics to displace black and white Americans is not racist.

Rodriguez covers the points previously discussed here in Will Bush give Katrina rebuilding jobs... to illegal aliens?, Illegal aliens doing rebuilding jobs in Biloxi, and they want visas, Vicente Fox's offer to make money off Katrina spurned, this post about Senator Harry Reid, and others.

If you've been following along, the only new thing is this:

Former President Clinton recently hinted as much on NBC's "Meet the Press" when he said New Orleans will be resettled with a different population.

This scheme that our leaders have is obviously un-American; it's not good public policy and it's not the direction that we as a country should be heading in. Consider this little history lesson:

Charles Crocker, head of construction for Central Pacific railroad, recognized that the Civil War was creating a labor shortage. So he turned to Chinese immigrants to do the job.

It's so rare nowadays to find a defender of the Coolie system, but the Los Angeles Times is just lucky I guess.

Just so you know where he's coming from, here's the last paragraph:

Last week, the White House said it will push its plan to allow illegal immigrants already in the U.S. to become legal guest workers. Good. Hurricane Katrina exposed the nation's black-white divide. Post-Katrina reconstruction will soon spotlight the hypocrisy of refusing to grant legal status to those who will rebuild the Gulf Coast and New Orleans.

If we don't allow illegal aliens there, we won't have such a problem. But, if our leaders succeed with their anti-American goals, we will have problem after problem. First it will be driver's licenses, followed by local voting, followed by demands for citizenship, followed by dual citizens representing both Americans and illegal aliens, followed by Mexico suddenly discovering that New Orleans was once their territory, and on and on. It's much better for all concerned not to have to deal with more of this same junk.

He even says that New Orleans will end up like Los Angeles, and I'm absolutely positive that the people there would not want that.

Please take a few moments now to contact your representatives and urge them to make sure that rebuilding jobs go to Americans. And, if there's anyone out there who still subscribes to the LAT, please just stop.


This Greg dummy needs to shutup. For starters, immigrants from America's hayday were coming through LEGAL means. They didn't send their earnings back home in BILLIONS, they overwhelming pushed to assimilate, and they didn't have advocacy/race groups, anarchist/communist acitivists, immigration lawyers, and idiot politicians fighting on their behalf.

To compare someone who cuts in line & brakes federal law to legal immigrants from our past is just insulting. This guy gives hispanics like myself a bad name.

Hey, Rodriguez ( mexico Rod as he is known in the gangs) only supports the mexican government and is nothing but a mexican living here and doing his best to help in the dismantling of the usa.

Rodriguez is a mexican KKK Member and hates this country, he has one idea and only one idea, its called aztlan, he is the evil of bin laden and the evil of mexico all in one.

Yeah, but...

He's "a contributing editor to The Times and Irvine Senior fellow at the New America Foundation", and you're not.

I don't think he'd be quite so (apparently) enthusiastic about the 'resettlement', i.e. de-Americanization (note the "New" part in the "New America Foundation"), if the resettlers weren't going to be people he feels an ethnic kinship with.

As for the claimed "hollowness" of current immigration policy, I guess it is so because it doesn't allow every Hispanic who decides on it to enter the US de jure.

But I bet he keeps his front door locked.

I guess any Hispanic who can write fluidly and whose line matches its own open borders lunacy counts as an intellectual to la Times, and is invited to join in the editorial piling on.