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Leigh Munsil
Washington, D.C.
Hi, I'm Leigh. Political Editor @TheBlaze. Former @POLITICO, @Cronkite_ASU grad and @statepress EIC. Scottsdale native. I don't even like rice.
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.@leighmunsil: if you were a real reporter, you'd find out what *exactly* Scott Walker proposes to do with the ~11 million illegal aliens.
.@leighmunsil: your blog post on Scott Walker now opposing "amnesty" is at best misleading because amnesty fans don't call it amnesty.
.@leighmunsil: hi Leigh, can you help @dylanbyers with this mind experiment: ? He lacks smarts/integrity to reply.
.@leighmunsil: compare the @seungminkim piece on Aaron Schock to Which of them holds pols accountable? #tcot #ows
.@leighmunsil: how come @MikeAllen won't face up to his journalistic failings: Can you help him improve? #Politico