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John and Ken: KFI 640 AM

John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou are radio hosts on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles. They frequently oppose illegal immigration and have shown a willingness to tangle with national and local politicians over the issue.

Last modified Feb 16, 2012
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40 Questions Neel Kashkari Refuses to Answer - 06/21/14

[UPDATE: Kashkari smeared me on the radio for asking him these questions]

California GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari refuses to answer tough questions about his immigration policy.

Immigration questions for Neel Kashkari (California, governor) - 05/15/14

Former George W Bush administration official Neel Kashkari and clownish Tea Parties type Tim Donnelly are vying to be the Republican who'll lose to Jerry Brown in the

"Fullerton Tea Party" was not a "tea party", don't be fooled - 03/08/09

Yesterday, radio hosts John and Ken from KFI in Los Angeles held a "tea party" in Fullerton (Orange County) that was attended by somewhere between 8,000 and 15,000 people. Despite what you'll hear from the usual suspects, this wasn't one of the classic tea parties in the Ayn Rand/"taxation is theft"/"greed is good" sense. Instead, it was based on something that John and Ken had been pushing before the "tea parties" started and it was mostly a protest of local California issues relating to Arnold Schwarzenegger. They glommed on to the "tea party" idea and did feature some discussion about the stimulus plan, and now those behind the "tea parties" are trying to pretend it's indicative of some massive movement when it isn't.

Those misleading about this include (of course) Glenn Reynolds (, and Ed Morrissey of HotAir (

There's a running commentary on the event here and a news report here.

UPDATE: There's video from the rally here. And, Insty doubles-down at the first of his links above:

A reader emails: "I'm just wondering if 8-15 thousand at Fullerton is enough for doom sayers like Rick Moran and others to deign to join in."

Another reader (this one named) says:

John and Ken by the way are not Republican by any stretch of the imagination or even conservative. They are very much a “pox on both your houses.” The success of their rally makes me wonder why conservative talk show hosts are not pushing this more. If a local station can get 8 -15,000 people imagine what Hugh Hewitt or Sean Hannity could pull off, never mind Rush Limbaugh.

I doubt whether Rush or the rest would want to be associated with the loony libertarian subtext of these protests. If they held their own rallies, they wouldn't have that same subtext; i.e., they'd be as different from the Instapundit-style rallies as the J&K one was. If those hosts held their own rallies it would be more difficult for Insty to mislead about them, not that he probably wouldn't try.

UPDATE 2: There are more videos here, here, here, here, and here.

FCC complaint filed over "hate" on cable (National Hispanic Media Coalition) - 02/02/09

In a bid to silence opponents of illegal/massive immigration, the National Hispanic Media Coalition has filed a complaint with the FCC alleging that various cable TV hosts are spreading hate regarding immigration matters (link, via this). The NHMC stresses that they aren't advocating bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, they just want the FCC to look into the matter:

[They] want the FCC to collect data, seek public comment, explore what they say is the relationship between hate speech and hate crimes and "explore options" for combating it.

Indications are that their concerns will fall on sympathetic ears:

Acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps was not commenting on the petition, either, but he did indicate that he stood by comments he made to B&C back in 2007 about regulating hate speech, a conversation prompted by Don Imus' comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

Note that back in 2006, Antonio Villaraigosa "declared war" on KFI hosts John and Ken over their opposition to illegal activity, and did so at a NHMC function.

UPDATE: Apparently the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown University Law Center is also involved.

UPDATE 2: There's more on this here; they're still going after John & Ken.

UPDATE 3: The full text of the complaint is here.

Mitt Romney's giant, amorphous guest worker scheme? - 02/01/08

As pointed out a few times, it's difficult to find out exactly what Mitt Romney's immigration policy is. In the past, he's hinted at attrition, but as far as I know he's never come out explicitly for it and defined it in the depth that Fred Thompson did.

AVWatch: Antonio Villaraigosa panders at gala supporting fashion designer charged with rape (Anand Jon, McAuliffe) - 10/04/07

Anand Jon is a fashion designer who's been charged with 59 counts of sexual assault or rape involving women between 14 and 27 [1]. The number of charges was recently raised from 46 in June, and he's now in jail. His lawyer says it's all fabricated.

NYT: Toothless yokels against Senate immigration grand compromise! - 06/11/07

new york times illegal immigration

Previously I discussed how Julia Preston of the New York Times had gone to Michigan and discovered that the Senate's immigration bill isn't playing too well in the heartland, with the heartland striking back.

Julia Preston/NYT discovers: natives are restless over immigration bill - 06/09/07

Julia Preston of the New York Times - last seen here promoting a misleading poll - goes to Michigan and comes back with "As Immigration Plan Folded, Grass Roots Roared". The main subject of the article is a housewife from the suburbs of Detroit. Speaking from her "neatly maintained home" she says:

For Mrs.

Talk radio hosts, listeners head to DC to oppose amnesty - 04/16/07

From this:
More than 30 talk radio hosts and hundreds of their listeners are scheduled to converge on the nation's capital next week to lobby against comprehensive immigration reform measures that would offer what critics views as "amnesty" to illegal immigrants.

The conservative Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and San Diego radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock are sponsoring a marathon of talk radio and Capitol Hill lobbying, dubbed "Hold Their

Sen. Bob Dutton pulls out of $500 newborns savings accounts bill - 03/02/07

Following an appearance on yesterday's John and Ken Show on KFI, Sen. Bob Dutton has dropped his name from Senate Bill 752. That would have given each newborn in California a $500 savings account:

"Over the last 48 hours, thousands of Californians have asked me what I was thinking so I thought I would take this opportunity to share my thoughts."


Call Bank of America about their illegal aliens credit card - 02/15/07

You've been deputized:

Bank of America wants all media inquiries about the credit cards for illegals program to be directed to Betsy Weinberger at 1-704-387-7376. This is your chance to be a John and Ken Assistant Producer for the day!

Bank of "America": credit cards for illegal aliens - 02/12/07

Bank of America is currently offering credit cards to residents of Los Angeles County who only have ITIN numbers and who don't have either a social security number or a credit history. That strongly implies that those credit recipients are illegal aliens. Later this year the bank hopes to expand the program nationwide.

For those who don't understand why this is horrifically bad, this bank is indirectly profiting from unlawful activity. And, they're explicitly going after that market. If you're one of those people who don't agree this is bad, imagine some form of illegal activity that you believe is bad for society. Then, imagine BofA going after that market.

And, the bank couldn't do this if they knew the government wasn't going to turn a blind eye to it. And, the bank no doubt donates to political candidates, and they will almost certainly only donate to politicians who will help the bank make more money.

Let's imagine that a few years from now BofA is making a handsome profit from this card. Then, some politician proposes forbidding banks from engaging in this practice. Do you think BofA is going to just let some politician cut off the money flow? Isn't it more likely that they're going to donate to those politicians who'll allow more illegal immigration and who'll support companies trying to profit from that indirect illegal activity? (A tangible example: when Tom Tancredo merely suggested taxing remittances, Western Union/First Data began publicly supporting - and funding - his Democratic opponent).

In summary, Bank of "America"'s actions rely on and will lead to political corruption. And, the bank would not do this if the Bush administration were not completely corrupt.

As for what you can do about this:
- Hopefully, BofA will eventually face both civil suits and criminal prosecutions for their scheme, and that might have a serious impact on their stock price. If you're a shareholder, express your concern. Even better, if you belong to a pension plan that invests in the bank, express your concern to the manager of the plan, and tell others to do the same.
- Watch for news reports and editorials concerning the card, and write letters to the ombudsman or editor, or leave comments.
- Contact your representatives and urge them to remove any loopholes that allow banks to engage in this activity or to investigate their activites.
- If you have any business with BofA, transfer it to some other bank; make sure they don't have a similar policy on ITIN numbers or Matricula Consular cards first.
- Stop supporting anyone linked to the Bush administration.

U.S. Treasurer wants Mexico to become even more reliant on remittances
Have Oklahoma banks admitted to aiding and abetting illegal immigration?
St. Peter Catholic Church, Jupiter Florida, supports illegal immigration
Arizona Republic almost does expose on Western Union features Bank of "America", Wells Fargo, and Western Union
Profiting off illegal activity in Santa Ana, California
Georgia Sen. Sam Zamarripa involved with a bank
Bank of America was the title sponsor of the NCLR Annual Conference
Citibank "recruiting" illegal aliens for home loans
"Banks aim to help immigrants send money home"
Bank of "America"
Their money or your safety

UPDATE: An unconfirmed comment here says:

All of you Bank of America customers call the number on the back of your ATM cards and push ZERO to speak to a customer service representative. Then ask to fill out a voice of the customer form. The representative will enter your comments and it will get mailed to the quality assurance & customer satisfaction department. The bank takes these forms very seriously. Lodge your complaint and make your voice ring loud and proud to Bank of America President Ken Lewis.

UPDATE 2: According to this:

[Bank of America] executives said participants needed another form of identification, such as ID cards issued by foreign consulates.

In Mexico's case, that refers to the Matricula Consular card. In 2004, the Bush administration twisted arms to allow banks to accept that card as identification, despite both the FBI and the DHS admitting that the card was a security risk.

UPDATE 3: From this:

Bank of America wants all media inquiries about the credit cards for illegals program to be directed to Betsy Weinberger at 1-704-387-7376. This is your chance to be a John and Ken Assistant Producer for the day!

AVWatch: will facts stick in Villaraigosa's Wikipedia entry? - 02/08/07

As a test designed to show how unreliable Wikipedia is, I added some long-missing facts to the WP entry for Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Then, someone else came along and junked the paragraph I added up a bit.

How not to criticize Wikipedia - 02/05/07

Dave Pierre offers "'Lib-pedia'? Anti-Conservative Bias Rampant At Wikipedia" (newsbusters . org/node/10615). He's definitely right about that, but I don't think he fully groks that the only way to correct that bias is for conservatives to be more tenacious than those on the other side who currently spend a lot of time making sure WP's articles match their ideology.

Lacking that, the only thing to do is to point out to anyone who relies on WP or who advocates relying on WP that it's completely unreliable.

AVWatch: let's see how long facts stay in Villaraigosa's Wikipedia entry - 01/26/07

Wikipedia is completely unreliable not just because of the possibility that an entry contains errors or biased statements. The more pernicious aspect of its unreliability is missing information. Statements of fact in an entry can be verified, but unless a visitor is familiar with the subject, they won't be able to figure out what the entry isn't telling them about the subject.

A case in point is the entry on Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (

National Day Laborer Organizing Network protesting John and Ken - 01/16/07

Members of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) are currently protesting in front of KFI-AM Los Angeles, specifically relating to the immigration coverage offered by hosts John and Ken. They apparently have friends from the religious community with them, and they're trying to attach their pro-illegal immigration efforts to the civil rights struggles from the 60s. They chanted "KFI stop the hate" and held a moment of silence.

Firefighter eats dog food, gets $2.7 million - 11/10/06

From this:
A black firefighter who was served dog food in his spaghetti by fellow firefighters will be paid more than $2.7 million to settle a lawsuit alleging racial harassment within the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The award, approved on an 11-1 vote Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council, is the latest in a recent string of settlements of lawsuits by firefighters claiming discrimination and harassment and retaliation against

The National Hispanic Media Coalition - 09/16/06

Los Angeles' Democratic mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently "declared war" on KFI's John & Ken at a gala held by the National Hispanic Media Coalition. Here's some background on that group.

The NHMC - together with MALDEF and many other far-left groups - is a member of the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission's Media Image Coalition (, and this is their blurb about them (

The [NHMC]'s goals are 1) to improve the image of Hispanic-Americans as portrayed by the media and 2) to increase the number of Hispanic-Americans employed in all facets of the media industry. To accomplish these goals, the NHMC leadership meets with general managers of local radio and television stations, Network presidents and Chief Executive Officers involved in newspaper and film. To date, the NHMC has filed more than 100 petitions with the Federal Communications Commission to deny the licenses of radio and television stations nationwide. It has also led demonstrations against entities that insist on depicting the Hispanic community through negative and offensive stereotypes.

A more ground-level view of that is offered by their president, Alex Nogales (

...[Univision] didn't [put on the children's programming they wanted] for about three months after the day that we had talked about, and it cost them in excess of $250,000. We couldn't take that money, so we gave it to MALDEF [Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund], and we gave it to these scholarship organizations. This is what you can do with the power of the courts in this nation...

The group was apparently formed out of a loose coalition who met at MALDEF's office sometime in the 80s ('sMessage06.htm).

AVWatch: Villaraigosa "declares war" on KFI's John & Ken - 09/16/06

Los Angeles' Democratic mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, in a true statesmanly move, has sharply criticized KFI hosts John & Ken for their opposition to illegal immigration. He made the remarks at yesterday's National Hispanic Media Coalition "Impact Awards" luncheon. KTLA showed the tape of his tantrum to John & Ken, and the latter compared it to a "declaration of war" on them. From the TV news report ( here are just some of the Mayor's comments:
Let me just take a moment, with the cameras rolling... John and Ken... two people who get on the radio every day... who share a committment to dividing America... who demonize our immigrants... let us say to them, shame on you. Shame on you for dividing America.

But, make no mistake, like the people that we honor here today, we will stand up, we will speak out, we will do it the right way. Speaking out on behalf of an America that's bigger and better than the rhetoric that you put on your radio waves every single day.
His full remarks were played on KFI and included a shoutout to Tony Valdez, KTTV's "Reconquista Reporter".

It hardly needs to be mentioned that Tony Villar's use of the word "immigrants" is misleading: what J&K discuss is massive illegal immigration. Perhaps he's still upset about the toilet brushes they encouraged their listeners to send him.

It's also ironic that he accuses J&K of "dividing America" while speaking at a Hispanic awards show to an audience of largely or almost exclusively Hispanics. Note also the use of the word "our" when speaking about largely Hispanic illegal aliens. While one of the hosts was black (DJ Big Boy), one wonders exactly how many non-Hispanics have received those awards. Unfortunately, those who are so deeply steeped in far-left ideology as our mayor would be unable to see just how ironic it is.

One wonders also what he means by "the right way", and what he has in mind as "the wrong way". Perhaps he was thinking back to his college radical days.

Note that one of the awards went to "The top Los Angeles Spanish language DJ's who encouraged the peaceful immigration marches", presumably refering to those that took place on March 25. (

Not only is Antonio Villaraigosa a rising star in the Democratic Party, but he's obviously a strong supporter of illegal immigration. Whether he even admits that there's a distinction between the legal and illegal varieties of immigration is unclear; while he's half-heartedly renounced his involvement, he's a former president of the UCLA chapter of MEChA (the group that wants to "liberate Aztlan").

After being elected, he told a Mexican paper that Mexico would play an important role in his policies, and he indicated that he would not try to prevent illegal immigration in any way. And, in case you aren't in Los Angeles, he's got a warning for you: "take a snapshot of Los Angeles and in 25 or 30 years so will go Topeka, Kansas and Des Moines, Iowa."

I would suggest using Villaraigosa to our advantage. Not only is he useful to discredit his supporters (such as Richard Riordan and the Los Angeles Times as well as lesser lights) every time he says something we should point out that he's a Democrat. The Democratic Party considers him a rising star, and that fact should be shouted from the rooftops.

Hugh Hewitt, Ken Mehlman on illegal immigration - 12/05/05

Slightly popular partisan hack BushBot Hugh Hewitt conducted a radio interview with RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman and discussed the word "illegal immigration". As it turns out, the GOP is declaring war on that word. As regards the actual process of massive illegal immigration, if the GOP had their druthers that would continue and get even worse. Here's a transcript of the interview.

Daniel Griswold's libertarian fantasy world - 10/25/05

Dan Griswold is with the Cato Institute, and he appeared on KFI's John and Ken Show yesterday. You can hear his interview in their audio archives.

The interview concerned immigration and Bush's temporary worker plan. In a perfect world, people like Griswold would be considered extremist nuts.

Hertzberg gets Riordan endorsement in race for L.A. mayor - 02/11/05

From this:

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan endorsed the mayoral campaign of Bob Hertzberg on Thursday, saying he favored the former state Assembly speaker's plan to break up the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Riordan, who now serves as the state secretary of education, appeared on KFI-AM's "The John and Ken Show" and praised Hertzberg's plans for education and traffic, including a platform

Dreier confronted; L.A. Times serious and stupid - 11/08/04

Rep. David Dreier (D-CA) was interviewed by KABC's Doug McIntyre and the transcript is here. Topics discussed include Political Human Sacrifice, Dreier's record on immigration matters, and his support for Bush's guest worker plan. Surprisingly, in the interview he calls that plan a "bracero" program, something that I've noted with some surprise before. I wonder, will Bush's plan include delousing pens as did the bracero program?

That link provides the link to this interesting L.A.

"Dreier targeted on immigration" - 10/31/04

From the WashTimes:
House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier is waging a furious re-election battle after he was targeted by a Los Angeles radio talk show as a "political human sacrifice" for his record on illegal immigration.

In the past month, Mr.

It's all about the pork. And, the guest workers - 10/27/04

As previously discussed, Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) is scheduled to be "sacrificed" as part of the Political Human Sacrifice campaign by SoCal talk jocks John & Ken.

And, he has the support of a local newspaper chain. Supposedly reporters at that chain are given "hands off Dreier" orders. The newspapers in that chain include:

Radio hosts line up 'sacrifices' - 09/13/04

The Washington Times offers this summary of Political Human Sacrifice:

A Los Angeles radio talk-show duo has targeted two House veterans for defeat as "political human sacrifices" because of their records on illegal immigration.

California Reps.

Congressman: Terrorists are infiltrating the U.S. via Mexico - 07/16/04

Al Qaeda-related terrorists are coming to the U.S. over the Mexican border disguised as Mexicans, Congressman John Culberson (R-TX) has disclosed. The terrorists are adopting Hispanic names and blending in with the hundreds or thousands of illegal aliens who enter the U.S.

"Bush official slammed for stopping illegals sweeps" - 07/13/04

WND reports on John and Ken's valiant efforts:

Border Patrol agents who executed highly popular roundups of illegal aliens in Southern California last month — the first of their kind in recent memory — say they've been told to stop such enforcement action, and the Bush administration official in charge of the immigration enforcement has refused to say if there would be additional sweeps in the future.

In an extraordinary radio

The Financial Times on John & Ken against the White House - 07/08/04

From the Financial Times of London:

Asa Hutchinson, under-secretary at the Homeland Security Department, surely has a lot on his mind.

The Feds threatened L.A. radio station KFI? - 06/26/04

[UPDATE #3 (7/6/04): despite UPDATE #2, this story appears to have been partly confirmed. See the post The White House is complaining about KFI's John & Ken]

[See UPDATE #2, which is rather important.]

Time to make some phone calls - 03/24/04

From the John and Ken (KFI radio-Los Angeles) blog:

We have contacted all the Republicans in the State Senate and the State Assembly asking one question- how will you be voting on Senator Gil Cedillo's Illegal Alien Driver License Bill (SB1160)?

...If you DO NOT see your Senator or Assembly member, then they have replied with a big fat NO to SB1160. For those who have not replied to any phone messages or seem to be on the fence about the issue, we have kindly made available their contact information.

Schwarzenegger, Cedillo "working hard together" to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens - 03/17/04

Here's a radio interview with CA state Senator Gil Cedillo. He's the author of a bill that would give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. The interview took place on a Spanish-language radio station and was translated by KFI:

Radio host: Respect the Sombrero, the huaraches (leather sandals). But, they don't want to respect us, senator, they don't want to give us licenses. How is this bill coming along, the driver's license bill?

Senator Cedillo: As far as the governor is concerned, everything is all right.

Score one for John and Ken - 03/16/04

KFI's John and Ken Show has apparently been able to stop the use of a house in the small desert community of Phelan as a group home for sex offenders. They broadcast live from Phelan (johnandkenshow . com/index.php?p=205) today. Out of date stories on this matter here:
sfgate . com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/news/archive/2004/03/15/state1948EST0057.DTL
vvdailypress . com/cgi-bin/newspro/viewnews.cgi?newsid1079454978,71320,

Are Schwarzenegger and Cedillo trying to pull a fast one? - 03/08/04

Heard on the John and Ken Show (KFI Los Angeles):

According to Ron Prince of, the new CA driver's licenses for illegal aliens bill is designed to be "referendum-proof" and if it passes, an initiative would need to be created to overturn it. The next time an initiative could be voted on would be two years from now. No web page with this information is available yet.

Comrades! Help show solidarity with the righteous struggle of the supermarket workers against their corporate overlords! - 01/22/04

I received the following email regarding the L.A. supermarket workers' strike:

THIS SATURDAY, when we join the striking and locked out workers in their 15th week on the picket lines we are going to try to boost the miltancy by picketing all driveways, chanting and actively encouraging potential shoppers to go elsewhere.

To be effective in this we need at least 20 people to commit to be there from 12:30 to 2:30.
At 12:30 we'll begin with a 15 min.

Let's get memetical - 03/11/03

I just tried to contact the La Habra PD for more information on the 9/11 memorial which was apparently trashed by peace protesters. Only their PR department is giving out information, and there were four other callers ahead of me, so I'll try later.

Lord knows, I'm no big fan of peace protesters, but it's always good to keep an open mind. Did the cops really witness this act of vandalism? Did they just let it go on as described?