It's all about the pork. And, the guest workers

As previously discussed, Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) is scheduled to be "sacrificed" as part of the Political Human Sacrifice campaign by SoCal talk jocks John & Ken.

And, he has the support of a local newspaper chain. Supposedly reporters at that chain are given "hands off Dreier" orders. The newspapers in that chain include:

Here's a roundup of recent Dreier coverage in those papers. Coverage of Rep. Joe Baca will be featured in a future post.

DailyNews' "No upsets expected in state House races" only has one paragraph on Dreier: "In the 26th District, Rep. David Dreier, R-Glendora, is challenged by Democrat Cynthia Matthews, an environmental safety worker. Dreier had about $2.7 million on hand while Matthews had about $8,800."

The SB Sun's 10/24/04 "Races rarely won by rookies" has a similar report.

10/24/04's "Dreier facing unusual battle" in the Pasadena Star News covers Political Human Sacrifice. It's somewhat balanced, except for this bit:

...Dreier admits the 'Fire Dreier' campaign has hurt, saying he has been told by a few longtime supporters that they can no longer vote for him because of his immigration policies. However, he blames a few virulent anti- immigrant foes for distorting his record on legal immigration and free trade to smear him...

It also indicates that "As of the last reporting period, he had taken in almost $1 million, even as John and Ken tossed their 'Fire Dreier' bombs his way. As of Oct. 13, Dreier had spent $920,000 and had $2.6 million left over. Matthews has taken in $31,500 and has $8,800 on hand."

Pasadena Star News' "Return Miller to 42nd District" mentions Dreier, and not in such a good way:

...When it comes to illegal immigration, Rep. Miller is in direct opposition to his fellow GOP stalwart, Rep. David Dreier's proposal to offer worker identification cards. Don't reward illegal behavior, he says. However he does want increased border patrols and has worked to make funding available to close the 11-mile gap in the border fence between Mexico and the United States. He, like many in Congress, is worried about terrorists, not day laborers, jumping the border from Mexico into the United States...

October 27's Daily Bulletin's Letters Page has eight letters; five are pro-Dreier/anti-Matthews. None of the opposite kind are provided. However, the previous day's page contains one anti-Dreier letter.

In the same paper, October 21's letter page contained one pro-Dreier letter entitled "Sick of hate-filled attacks on Dreier". It's from Dean Waddell, former Dreier intern. However, it also includes this anti-Dreier letter:

Dreier doesn't listen to constituents

David Dreier's column in the Sunday paper had a lot of spin in it. First of all, he says that matricula consular cards are not available to illegal immigrants. Who else would need them but illegals? Legal immigrants can get green cards, visas, etc.

Secondly, I don't believe that 750,000 soldiers are needed to seal our borders unless they were holding hands. If Congress believed that figure, then why was there the Goode Amendment to HR4200 which would authorize the use of the military to assist in border control functions? Why does Dreier believe that 14,000 Border Patrol personnel can beef up the border but it would take 750,000 soldiers?

In 1996, Dreier voted to prohibit illegal immigrants from being allowed to pay discounted in-state tuition rates. What he fails to mention is that he co-sponsored HR1684 which would reward illegal aliens with in-state tuition rates and amnesty in 2003-2004...

Last but not least, we come to the editorial that explains the title of this post. 10/21/04's "Dreier merits another term" in the Pasadena Star News has several paragraphs describing how much pork Dreier has brought home to his district. Then, it says this:

... His plan for curbing illegal immigration, which includes funding for more border guards, goes beyond interdiction. He supports the president's proposed bracero program, which would allow immigrant laborers to go back and forth over the border. His proposal for a new Social Security card with picture I.D. and a magnetic strip that would give employers access to a potential employee's status has merit, but is not without controversy.

Dreier comprehends both local and global issues and his work in these areas are a benefit to the San Gabriel Valley, the state and the nation. In the 26th Congressional District, David Dreier is the right choice.

I don't know whether to laugh or be worried that they would call Bush's guest worker plan the bracero program. That was the name of a program in the 50s, and I don't know if Bush would like it applied to his plan.