Are Schwarzenegger and Cedillo trying to pull a fast one?

Heard on the John and Ken Show (KFI Los Angeles):

According to Ron Prince of, the new CA driver's licenses for illegal aliens bill is designed to be "referendum-proof" and if it passes, an initiative would need to be created to overturn it. The next time an initiative could be voted on would be two years from now. No web page with this information is available yet.

The bill (SB1160) was sponsored by Gil Cedillo and marked with an "urgency clause." That urgency clause means that after it's passed by the legislature and signed by the governor, it immediately becomes law.

The legislature must vote 2/3 for the bill, however that 2/3 vote only requires two Republicans in the senate, and six Republicans in the Assembly.

Prince quotes a legislative aide to Schwarzenegger as saying that the "Governor is working with Gil Cedillo to come up with a referendum-proof bill."

Please contact Arnold and politely let him know what you think:

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UPDATE: I called and was told that Schwarzenegger isn't "working with" Cedillo, he's just watching what proposals he's coming up with and providing comments. I was told that Schwarzenegger can't comment on something until it's a real bill. The spokesman confirmed the essence of Ron Prince's statements regarding the effect of the urgency clause vis-a-vis when it goes into law and how we'd have to get rid of it. He also stated that mine was among many other calls they've received on this.