Julia Preston/NYT discovers: natives are restless over immigration bill

Julia Preston of the New York Times - last seen here promoting a misleading poll - goes to Michigan and comes back with "As Immigration Plan Folded, Grass Roots Roared". The main subject of the article is a housewife from the suburbs of Detroit. Speaking from her "neatly maintained home" she says:

For Mrs. Thibodeaux and others on her side, the immigration debate was a battle for the soul of the nation because it seemed to divert taxpayer-financed resources to cater to foreigners who had not come to this country by legal means.

Yeah, I guess there's that $2.5 trillion estimated net retirement cost, huh? But, perhaps in the NYT's universe that money would only "seem" to have to be spent.

"A lot of our American people in Detroit are hurting," Mrs. Thibodeaux said, noting that she has often done volunteer work in poor neighborhoods here. "It's just not right."

If she weren't a Republican and didn't oppose massive illegal immigration, the NYT would be portraying her as a saint instead of giving the impression that they feel like they're visiting another planet. And, it's curious that they focus on her; could it be because she's a supporter of mass deportations, and they're attempting to portray all opponents as supporters of such efforts? Something to ponder, as are the rather forceful adjectives Preston uses:

...The assault on lawmakers in Washington was relentless... supporters conceded that they were outmaneuvered by opponents who boiled down their complaints to that single hot-button word, repeated often and viscerally on talk radio programs and blogs... But many of these Republicans are enraged at their party leaders... they feel betrayed by Mr. Bush... Opposition to the Senate bill brought together many Americans in states where immigration was not traditionally a fervor-inspiring issue, but where illegal immigration has become more visible in recent years.

Other groups mentioned include Let Freedom Ring, Grassfire.org, and The John and Ken Show.


I liked how the article did not have a link to the NumbersUSA website or mention that it is a broad based bipartisan group. That it is lead by Roy Beck who has been writing and lecturing about Immigration issues for thirty years. That Beck has been published in numerous respected MSM publications. That Roy Beck has taught at and has books in use at many colleges on immigration matters. I first heard of Roy Beck because I read articles of his on immigration in the Atlantic Monthly 10-15 years ago. Nope, the NYT would like you to believe there are no Democrats or Progressive who opposed this "CIR" fiasco. Just them raw meat eating Right-wing Talk Radio nuts!!! Nor does the article mention that many folks opposed the "CIR" because it was loaded with virtually unlimited expansions of middle class job destruction visas like the H1-B and F4. _..THE ASSAULT ON LAWMAKERS IN WASHINGTON WAS RELENTLESS... SUPPORTERS CONCEDED THAT THEY WERE OUTMANEUVERED BY OPPONENTS WHO BOILED DOWN THEIR COMPLAINTS TO THAT SINGLE HOT-BUTTON WORD, REPEATED OFTEN AND VISCERALLY ON TALK RADIO PROGRAMS AND BLOGS_ Dam it!!!! Those folks used their own talking points, Attrition Through Enforcement, Self Deportation and framing: AMNESTY, honest ones in fact, for a change. Boo-Hoo, thats not fair!!! Seriously We darn well know the Pro-Open Borders crowd used misleading talking points, phony polls and Orwellian phrases; Undocumented Worker, Hiding in the Shadows, Nation of Immigrants, Path toward Citizenship, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Anti-Immigrant....

The word "amnesty" as used by its opponents is a euphamism for all the ill considered provisions of this bill which have as their outcome a socioeconomic Waterloo for the U.S. citizen. The politicians don't get it, and would have have us perceive the piddling and time incremental penalties as a form of penance leading to what they assert as a justly deserved path to citizenship. However, millions of applicants and would-be applicants who await their opportunity for legal residency overseas would never consider the proposed payments as a form of punishment, but contrarily as a shortcut that they'd readily and gladly avail themselves of, if only given the chance. The bill should rightly be renamed comprehensive amnesty, not comprehensive immigration reform, as its emphasis is on the former, with the security provisions deliberately designed for failure. God save us from the treacherous Senate!

IT Appears that this Government must want to Dismante the System we live under for a new system like in Mexico? If you hate the ideal of living inside hell, Fight BACK and if fighting Back Against A Insane Government is not want you want, "Shut-up", and live like some little Slave on some Mexican Ranch. BUY GUN'S FOR LIFE