Time to make some phone calls

From the John and Ken (KFI radio-Los Angeles) blog:

We have contacted all the Republicans in the State Senate and the State Assembly asking one question- how will you be voting on Senator Gil Cedillo's Illegal Alien Driver License Bill (SB1160)?

...If you DO NOT see your Senator or Assembly member, then they have replied with a big fat NO to SB1160. For those who have not replied to any phone messages or seem to be on the fence about the issue, we have kindly made available their contact information. We urge you to call them and let them know that SB1160 is wrong for California.

Seem To Be "On The Fence"

1. Bill Maze Z District 34, Visalia
Capital Office: 916-319-2034
District Office: 559-636-3440
E-mail here

2. Abel Maldondo Z District 33, San Luis Obispo
Capital Office: 916-319-2033
District Office: 805-549-3381
E-mail here

3. Bonnie Garcia Z District 80, Cathedral City
Capital Office: 916-319-2080
District Office: 760-321-8410
E-mail here

UPDATE: Apparently they were able to get in touch with Steve Samuelian, and he's said he won't support the bill.

UPDATE 2: Like Samuelian, they took Dave Cogdill off the list.