Hugh Hewitt, Ken Mehlman on illegal immigration

Slightly popular partisan hack BushBot Hugh Hewitt conducted a radio interview with RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman and discussed the word "illegal immigration". As it turns out, the GOP is declaring war on that word. As regards the actual process of massive illegal immigration, if the GOP had their druthers that would continue and get even worse. Here's a transcript of the interview. But, first a warning: you have to be really, really drunk on KoolAid to believe anything Mehlman or Hewitt say.
HH: [...Bush's speech...] John Campbell's running on strong borders. What was the president's message? What's your message today on illegal immigration?

KM: Well, our message is there can be zero tolerance for illegal immigration in this country.
Obviously, Bush enables and encourages massive illegal immigration through things like: refusing to do workplace enforcement, dropping hiring requirements after Katrina, helping illegal aliens open bank accounts and buy houses, and so on and so forth. Obviously, there's a bit of a conflict: the Bush administration encourages illegal immigration while saying they oppose it.

How does one explain this? As he goes on to describe, the Bush administration wants "comprehensive" reform. That would result in changing all those illegal aliens into "temporary" workers. Thus, they intend to keep massive immigration, but just change the nomenklatura.

As regards John Campbell, he has supported and AFAIK still supports some of the same things that Gil Cedillo does: tuition discounts and driver's licenses for illegal aliens.
[...KM plays WOT card...] If we're not controlling our borders, then we're not fundamentally protecting our homeland security. And that needs to be something that the president has a comprehensive plan to accomplish.
It's good to know that he has a plan. However, Bush has been in office for five years, and during all that time the borders have been as porous as could be. By Mehlman's own definition, the Bush administration has been putting this country at risk and president Bush has been failing to do the job he swore he would do.

Then, after a raftload of BS from KM, Hugh takes a swipe at the much higher rated John and Ken Show. HH is right: discussing illegal immigration does get them ratings, because it's an important issue that has our U.S. president acting more like the president of Mexico. If HH isn't as popular as they are, perhaps it's because few people believe what he says. Then, KM plays the WOT card again. Then:
There seem to be some people, unfortunately, who like talking about it, but don't want to solve it. He wants to solve it. I want to solve it. I know you want to solve it. But if it's not comprehensive, we won't solve it.
Bush has had five years to "solve it". He could have started by not doing the things that he did. He could have cracked down on employers. He could have refused to support Mexico's ID for illegals, the Matricula Consular card. He could have refused to support giving home loans to illegal aliens. Instead, he supported massive illegal immigration. Don't trust anything that Mehlman or Hewitt say.


its will cost more soon. and face facts bush wants it that way.

"or one of the Spanish language stations"

Good one.

Actually, Hewitt remarked that John & Ken's audience was made up of "10th grade drop outs" and implied that J & K as well as their listeners were racists. I sent Hewitt an e-mail pointing out that if it was 10th grade dropouts he was looking for, he'd better tune in to Tom Leykis, KIIS FM or one of the Spanish language stations.