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California DMV inconveniences citizens to help illegal aliens (walk-ins, appointments) - 01/27/15

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is now handing out drivers licenses to illegal aliens. They expect over a million illegal aliens to apply and have hired hundreds of new workers and opened four new temporary offices to handle the demand.

The DMV is also inconveniencing citizens and legal residents in the process.

Los Angeles ID cards for illegal aliens: follow the money and power (Alarcon) - 09/11/12

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to consider turning the L.A. Public Library card into an ID card that illegal aliens can use. No matter how the plan is spun, it all boils down to one of two things (or a combination): money and power.

Walter Russell Mead blames the victims of globalization, mass immigration (California, The American Interest, Kotkin) - 07/15/12

For a while I've been tracking the "Fiscal Con": examples of fiscal conservatives deflecting blame from the impacts of the policies they support or ignore.

Now, Walter Russell Meade ("WRM") offers what might be called the "Global Con".

From '"Green" Energy Bias Killing California' [1]:

Antonio Villaraigosa to attack Mitt Romney on immigration (racist dog whistle?) - 02/08/12

From [1]:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat, plans to dig into Mitt Romney in a speech on immigration reform Wednesday, when he will call the candidate's rhetoric and anti-immigrant endorsers "beyond the pale."

Bell, California: see who isn't telling you the whole truth (hint: libertarians) - 08/25/10

The city of Bell, California has been in the news lately due to exorbitant salaries that city officials voted to give themselves. Most of those using Bell as an example of failed policies have failed to note that they themselves support failed policies, and those failed policies have played a role in Bell's situation. Two examples will be provided below, and the reader is encouraged to add more in comments.

Fiscal Policy Institute, NY Daily News mislead about benefits of massive immigration - 11/30/09

The Fiscal Policy Institute has released a new report called "Contribution of Immigrant Workers to the Country's 25 Largest Metropolitan Areas"; it was sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation and a Service Employees International Union local and you can get the PDF at fiscalpolicy.org/immigration.html.

Daniel Flaming/Economic Roundtable's intellectually dishonest, anti-American report: CA underemployment rate might reach 17% - 06/20/09

The Los Angeles-based Economic Roundtable has written a report called "Ebbing Tides in the Golden State" which can be downloaded from economicrt.org.

2009 immigration marches get tea party-level turnout (actually even less) - 05/01/09

The 2009 marches in support of illegal immigration are getting a turn-out roughly equivalent to that of the tea parties or less. For the high side of figures, turn to the Fair Immigration Reform Movement at fairimmigration.wordpress.com

Census worker sign: "Yes we can! 2010 census." (highly politicized Los Angeles office) - 04/06/09

Ari Bloomekatz of the Los Angeles Times offers this blurb:

"The census is here!" shouted Esther Cepeda, manager of the local census office downtown. Music played and employees carried signs that read: "The census, coming to your neighborhood" and "Yes we can! 2010 census."

"Yes we can" was, of course, one of Barack Obama's campaign slogans, and he took it from the slogan "si se puede"; if there are Spanish-language versions of those signs it would almost certainly be translated into that phrase. While it's had other uses, that slogan was more recently used in support of illegal immigration at various marches. Is the Census Bureau supporting Obama's goals, or illegal immigration, or both? I suspect both, with L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar telling the census workers:

"The groups who are most under-counted are the people who need our help the most,” he said, specifically referring to people who are homeless or immigrants or people of color. During the last census, Los Angeles missed out on about $200 million in funding because of under-counting, he said.

"Do we want that to happen again?" Huizar asked the crowd.

"No!" they responded.

Huizar also announced that census data collected by workers would be kept confidential and would not be given to immigration or police officials.

Most literate cities of 2008: NYC at #24, L.A. at #56 - 12/26/08

The "America's Most Literate Cities 2008" list has been released by Central Connecticut State University: link. Things like this generally fall into the FWIW/"for entertainment purposes only" category due to the varying definitions of "literate" and so forth. And, some sections of a given city are more "literate" than others, and some cities may be more cohesively "literate" vs certain others which only have a few islands of "literate-ness" scattered about.

Felipe Calderon Feb. 2008 U.S. visit: Eliot Spitzer, Blagojevich, Schwarzenegger, Villaraigosa, Fabian Nunez - 02/09/08

Mexico's president Felipe Calderon will be visiting parts of their former territory next week, stopping in New York, Boston, Chicago, Sacramento, and Los Angeles but apparently avoiding Washington DC.

In addition to U.S. officials, and some who are supposedly U.S. officials, he'll probably also be meeting with community leaders, such as those from non-profits, "hometown associations", the leaders of his PAN party who operate inside the U.S., and the like. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find a listing, but if anyone could leave information in comments that would be quite helpful.

In addition to addressing the California legislature, some people he's known to be meeting with are:

* U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
* New York governor Eliot Spitzer
* Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich
* California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
* Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
* Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (private meeting)

UPDATE: According to this:
...officials said he'll meet with Mayor Richard Daley, Gov. Rod Blagojevich and other leaders... ...includes a private meeting with some Mexican community leaders at McCormick Place... ..."We will be there making our proposals to him in what we expect to be a sincere dialogue," said Salvador Pedroza, chairman of the Little Village Chamber of Commerce and leader of the Illinois chapter of Calderon's National Action Party... In the afternoon, Calderon is expected to attend a town-hall-style meeting at Little Village High School on the Southwest Side.

...After Calderon met privately with Blagojevich, officials announced an agreement for a teacher's exchange program that would send Mexican educators to Illinois to help teach math, natural sciences, Spanish and other subjects in local classrooms.

"It's very important that we recognize the contributions Mexico has made to Illinois and the United States, by strengthening our mutual bond and improving the quality and scope of Mexican culture in Illinois," Blagojevich said in an e-mailed news release.
Please indict him already.

UPDATE 2: His first meeting was at the Council of the Americas, with their honorary president David Rockefeller. Then, it was off to meet Eliot Spitzer (presidencia.gob.mx/prensa/?contenido=33715); Calderon congratulated him for his "efforts... to provide Mexican migrants with access to public education and health services as well as to guarantee their work rights". Then, a private meeting with the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, and he also spoke at Harvard, with Deval Patrick, and with the President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. In Chicago he met with mayor Richard M. Daley and with Blago. He even met with Jesse Jackson. All that and much, much more here.

AVWatch: Antonio Villaraigosa panders at gala supporting fashion designer charged with rape (Anand Jon, McAuliffe) - 10/04/07

Anand Jon is a fashion designer who's been charged with 59 counts of sexual assault or rape involving women between 14 and 27 [1]. The number of charges was recently raised from 46 in June, and he's now in jail. His lawyer says it's all fabricated.

Media alert: Elvira Arellano has left the sanctuary (L.A., DC on tour) - 08/17/07

Elvira Arellano - the illegal alien who was ordered to be deported after being convicted of using a false Social Security number and who's been holed up in a Chicago church for a year and who's only a sympathetic figure to those on the far-left - has left her "sanctuary" and is currently on a road trip.

Bank of "America": credit cards for illegal aliens - 02/12/07

Bank of America is currently offering credit cards to residents of Los Angeles County who only have ITIN numbers and who don't have either a social security number or a credit history. That strongly implies that those credit recipients are illegal aliens. Later this year the bank hopes to expand the program nationwide.

For those who don't understand why this is horrifically bad, this bank is indirectly profiting from unlawful activity. And, they're explicitly going after that market. If you're one of those people who don't agree this is bad, imagine some form of illegal activity that you believe is bad for society. Then, imagine BofA going after that market.

And, the bank couldn't do this if they knew the government wasn't going to turn a blind eye to it. And, the bank no doubt donates to political candidates, and they will almost certainly only donate to politicians who will help the bank make more money.

Let's imagine that a few years from now BofA is making a handsome profit from this card. Then, some politician proposes forbidding banks from engaging in this practice. Do you think BofA is going to just let some politician cut off the money flow? Isn't it more likely that they're going to donate to those politicians who'll allow more illegal immigration and who'll support companies trying to profit from that indirect illegal activity? (A tangible example: when Tom Tancredo merely suggested taxing remittances, Western Union/First Data began publicly supporting - and funding - his Democratic opponent).

In summary, Bank of "America"'s actions rely on and will lead to political corruption. And, the bank would not do this if the Bush administration were not completely corrupt.

As for what you can do about this:
- Hopefully, BofA will eventually face both civil suits and criminal prosecutions for their scheme, and that might have a serious impact on their stock price. If you're a shareholder, express your concern. Even better, if you belong to a pension plan that invests in the bank, express your concern to the manager of the plan, and tell others to do the same.
- Watch for news reports and editorials concerning the card, and write letters to the ombudsman or editor, or leave comments.
- Contact your representatives and urge them to remove any loopholes that allow banks to engage in this activity or to investigate their activites.
- If you have any business with BofA, transfer it to some other bank; make sure they don't have a similar policy on ITIN numbers or Matricula Consular cards first.
- Stop supporting anyone linked to the Bush administration.

U.S. Treasurer wants Mexico to become even more reliant on remittances
Have Oklahoma banks admitted to aiding and abetting illegal immigration?
St. Peter Catholic Church, Jupiter Florida, supports illegal immigration
Arizona Republic almost does expose on Western Union
remesamex.gob.mx features Bank of "America", Wells Fargo, and Western Union
Profiting off illegal activity in Santa Ana, California
Georgia Sen. Sam Zamarripa involved with a bank
Bank of America was the title sponsor of the NCLR Annual Conference
Citibank "recruiting" illegal aliens for home loans
"Banks aim to help immigrants send money home"
Bank of "America"
Their money or your safety

UPDATE: An unconfirmed comment here says:

All of you Bank of America customers call the number on the back of your ATM cards and push ZERO to speak to a customer service representative. Then ask to fill out a voice of the customer form. The representative will enter your comments and it will get mailed to the quality assurance & customer satisfaction department. The bank takes these forms very seriously. Lodge your complaint and make your voice ring loud and proud to Bank of America President Ken Lewis.

UPDATE 2: According to this:

[Bank of America] executives said participants needed another form of identification, such as ID cards issued by foreign consulates.

In Mexico's case, that refers to the Matricula Consular card. In 2004, the Bush administration twisted arms to allow banks to accept that card as identification, despite both the FBI and the DHS admitting that the card was a security risk.

UPDATE 3: From this:

Bank of America wants all media inquiries about the credit cards for illegals program to be directed to Betsy Weinberger at 1-704-387-7376. This is your chance to be a John and Ken Assistant Producer for the day!

Links between the Democratic Party and the Mexican government - 04/22/06

Many Democratic politicians and pundits supported the recent illegal immigration marches, and some Democratic politicians appeared at some of the rallies or even helped organize some of them.

And, some other organizers of the rallies have various kinds of links to the government of Mexico.

While that's not enough to claim that the Democratic Party has direct links to the Mexican government, they are clearly part of the same network. And, that should be disturbing to the millions of more moderate members of that party.

Here are the current known links:

California's educational system in even worse shape than previously thought - 03/11/06

California's schools used to be at the top of the nation, now, according to one ranking, we're between Alabama and Mississippi. This is largely, if not exclusively, due to "liberalism" (think Jackie Goldberg) as well as ethnically-compromised politicians who support illegal immigration (think Antonio Villaraigosa).

Via a comment from 'eh', Dan Walters offers "Dry statistical report portends immense tragedy in the making":
...Extrapolating from the two sets of data, the exit exam could push graduation rates for African American and Latino youngsters down to a third of those who begin the ninth grade - even lower in Los Angeles and other urban school districts.

As if that weren't disturbing enough, the CRB report also surveys data on college preparation and finds a skewed effect on non-white and non-Asian students as well. Of African American and Latino kids who get through high school now (before the exit exam), just 25 and 22 percent, respectively, have completed the coursework for admission to the University of California or California State University systems.

All in all, therefore, fewer than 15 percent of African American and Latino youngsters who begin the ninth grade will be prepared for four-year college admission...

"Banks aim to help immigrants send money home" - 01/27/06

What a heart-warming title to this CSM report (link). Of course, they don't go into the downsides: billions of dollars is flowing out of the country and being used to prop up corrupt foreign governments and depriving those countries of the citizens and industries they need to improve. And, that encourages those corrupt governments to send us even more of their people. And, many of those "immigrants" are in fact illegal aliens.

"L.A.'s schools bleed red ink" - 09/13/05

Gosh, what could be causing the Los Angeles Unified School District to be in such a financial bind? This current story appears to have many culprits, including the beloved teachers' union. But, there's only so much money to go around, and any money spent on educating a citizen of another country is money that could be spent on our own citizens and on health benefits for teachers and such.

Acknowledging that their effort will probably lead nowhere, Los Angeles Unified school board members will try again today to figure out how to pay for billions of dollars in retirement health benefits and workers' compensation costs - a burden that weighs heavily on the district's future.

...unfunded debts: $6 billion to provide health insurance to retirees and their families, as well as half the district's $685 million in workers' compensation liability...

... In 2002, the LAUSD spent a record $148.5 million on workers' compensation claims, and the projected cost to pay all outstanding claims is about $627 million by June 2006.

The district pays the bulk of its workers' compensation and retiree benefits out of its $5.8 billion general fund - the same fund used to pay for teachers' salaries, textbooks and school supplies...

...United Teachers Los Angeles officials said their members will not compromise on health benefits...

"The best possibility might be (for) the federal government or the state to intercede or to give the district a long-term payment plan to make it as painless as possible," said Sam Kresner, executive assistant to the UTLA president...

Massive Los Angeles power outage; your blogger OK; morbid sight seen - 09/12/05

[Note that this post is from September 2005. For the more minor July 8, 2009 outage, see this. This site normally concentrates on more important matters such as immigration, and for all the things the MSM won't tell you about that topic see our homepage or subscribe to our feed.]

Earlier today a massive power outage knocked out power to about half of the city of Los Angeles, as well as parts of the County, the Dog Trainer informs us.

I know, I was there! Since I couldn't either blog or surf for midget pr0n, I decided to go for a slow jog in Griffith Park. Yesterday I did top-of-Lake to Echo Mountain in about 1:45, but I decided I could stand another workout. As I was lumbering down Crystal Springs Road, at the junction near the Ranger Station I saw something that I really didn't want to see.

Did you know that the L.A. County coroner has very large trucks, about this size? I'd say it's good to know that someone is prepared, except it's not good to know. It didn't appear to be in a rush, so I guess he was just cruising.

The slow jog soon turned into a hike as I went up a trail and came back along Crystal Springs to the station, thence back to the Zoo parking lot.

While I had a nice jog/hike, it's not too good to know that our power system is so fragile.

Say, did you know that the IBEW will begin renegotiations with the City Council concerning a contentious pay raise tomorrow? And, back in the 80s apparently there was some sort of suspicious short out around the time of some other contentious issue? (source: caller "Charlie" to KFI). See "DWP's Power Surge" for the details on the pay raise.

UPDATE: It should be mentioned that, AFAIK, there was no looting. Nor did Angelenos resort to cannibalism. But, I'm still searching.

UPDATE 2: Pasadena Pundit weighs in (no permalink):

...the blackout occurred exactly one week after a Field Opinion Poll was released on Sept. 5 showing that public opinion was divided on Proposition 80, which would re-monopolize electricity in California... Prop 80 is dubbed the "Anti-Blackout" proposition by its supporters, which include the So Cal Edison Company, the Democratic Party, municipal utilities, and government employee unions. Oddly, the only areas in the state that have thus far experienced major blackouts involve Los Angeles DWP and Edison customers...


Sources say: Larry Ellison out of L.A. - 07/11/05

The Los Angeles Times' Hot Properties column has done some investigative journalism and wants to know why Oracle CEO and billionaire Larry "Lawrence" Ellison is buying up a bunch of properties in Malibu (latimes . com/classified/realestate/hotprop/la-re-hotprop10jul10,0,6103310.story). In the past two years, Lawrence has spent $180 million for real estate in the beachside enclave, most of it for houses rather than commercial property. Note that Oracle is based in the Bay Area and that's where Ellison lives. The LAT also notes that Larry wants to bring an NFL franchise to our fair town.

AVWatch: Annotating Villaraigosa's speech - 06/02/05

L.A.'s mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa appeared at the "Take Back America" event (for "progressives", not necessarily reconquistas). Here are his remarks, annotated with few randomly chosen links:

California's future not fully 100% doom and gloom - 06/02/05

No, there is the fairly good possibility that things will not end in the complete meltdown of the state and it eventually physically separating itself from the mainland and being crushed by the Pacific, a new report reveals.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California's new report "California 2025: It's Your Choice" (ppic.org/main/publication.asp?i=600), by that year we'll have 8 to 10 million more people living here, with a severly strained infrastructure to match:

"Hertzberg vs. Villaraigosa" - 02/21/05

In a Sunday editorial, the L.A. Times [1] says, "...the people of Los Angeles would be well served by a runoff election between Bob Hertzberg and Antonio Villaraigosa...",

Yes, indeed.

Mexico joins hands with LAUSD, inserts tentacles - 03/18/04

From the L.A. Daily News article 'Mexico joins hands with LAUSD' (dailynews . com/Stories/0,1413,200%257E20954%257E2024346,00.html):

Hoping to boost academic performance and lower dropout rates among Latino students, the Mexican government and Los Angeles Unified School District officials announced a joint outreach program Wednesday targeting Spanish-speaking families.