Call Bank of America about their illegal aliens credit card

You've been deputized:

Bank of America wants all media inquiries about the credit cards for illegals program to be directed to Betsy Weinberger at 1-704-387-7376. This is your chance to be a John and Ken Assistant Producer for the day!


Also another thing you need to think about is that the goverment isn't the one providing jobs to the immigrants. It is the homeowners using them for cheap labor in their homes. 80% of illegal immigrants are hired by homeowners!

You people need to get your facts straight before you start spreading roomers. If someone on CNN told you that aliens landed on earth and someone was running around in an alien costume you would believe it. Bank of america still follows the patriot act which state: Federal law require BOA to collect and verify their name, street address, date of birth, and social security number. IF THEY CANNOT PROVIDE A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER THEY HAVE TO PROVIDE A TAX ID OR VISA #. Very few get approve.

What part of "illegal" is not understood here? In the US when you assist in illegal activity you can be charged with the same offense. This is clearly assisting in illegal activity in order to make a buck. Pretty much all illegal activity is designed to make a buck...and so it is with illegal immagration (better paying jobs and benifits at taxpayer expense), and with Bank of America. Both are illegal activities. When illegal immagrants become sworn citizens we welcome them. Until then they have no allegance with America and we do not welcome them. Indeed, most have distain for America and don't want to be Americans at all. They want to be Mexican but live in and benifit from America. They will march and claim to be part of America, but do you think they will fight against Mexico should we ever go to war on our Southern boarder? Sure they would, but they would not be fighting on our side! And why should they? They have family and friends in Mexico and they themsleves are Mexican citizens. Talk about the enemy amoung us! In most cities in Texas there are more Mexicans than Americans living there!

Washington Mutual now has a deposit slip printed in English AND Spanish entirely. It adds two lines, for ID 1 and ID 2, presumably for the (fake) IDs or matricula consular cards of illegal immigrants.

My question is: is there a bank we can support that does NOT break the law?

why not the bank ( B OF A ) for Year's now has been dealing with drug dealers and our so called government of third world power people, so why not hand over money and homes and new cars to people who have no right to be here? after-all Bush and business love Mexico and our good friend's in south America AND ALL OVER THIS GOOD EARTH. And may God help you all.