I saw it RTed by nomonikerplease, but it might not visible as a reply or in searches. #MAGA doesn't help w/ that by frequently banning people over dissent, just like anti-speech far-left does. RT @teresa92999471 Please let me know if my text is being seen or being shadow banned
All you & 70 million others needed to do was write in Marine Le Pen & we could have a smart, sane, patriotic president who can defend her ideas with smart arguments. But, no. You & the 70 million others had one job & you failed. #MAGA #resist
Speaking about epic Russian #FolkMetal, Arkona with She Wolf: Makes Trump want to invade Andorra. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
Antti also has a song in the Arkona style. OK, I will critique him. He needs to do his own thing. #NowPlaying #MAGA #FolkMetal #resist #MusicSunday
Antti Martikainen w/ Kalevala I'm not going to critique it. There are issues. But it does have a choir: #NowPlaying #MAGA #FolkMetal #resist #MusicSunday
.@hbecerraLATimes @mollyhf: a simple mind experiment for you two propagandists: if mass/illegal #immigration *raised* wages, would #Koch bros, WalMart, USChamber, Western Growers, sweatshop operators, Tyson Foods, etc. etc. support it so much? #LAT #LATimes #TheResistance
In other cases, workers who have same citizenship as you two have shown up when crooks didn't have access to illegal labor. #LATimes #LAT MT @hbecerraLATimes @mollyhf Trump says American workers are hurt by immigration. But after ICE raided this Texas town, they never showed up
.@kristinadavis: at #SDUT you blog "MX man assumes American's ID for 37 years, steals $361k in govt benefits". The Fed wants to take a cut of remittances, thus they have a profit incentive to enable illegal #immigration. When can we expect your expose on that? #SanDiego
ICYMI, #PopularMechanics flacked for the GWB admin's POV on both 9/11 and #Katrina with "debunkings" of things that deserved an investigation. Both were hyped by @Instapundit and others. #MAGA #resist
.@darksecretplace: you hype "The Drugging of the American Boy" by @rhdagostino (then of Esquire, now of Popular Mechanics aka Pravda w/ line drawings and debunkings). Why are kids drugged now but now before? Isn't your favored explanation for school shootings just superficial?
Which #MidAtlantic seeming area do they video outside scenes of #NCIS at? I'd say in the 805 except they can probably find oak/deciduous trees in Santa Clarita etc. I don't know which'd be easier for decadent Hollywood types to get to. #LosAngeles
.@sparksjls @SteveGoldstein1: FYI, Kellyanne Conway got paid by Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty (that's like if Maddow got paid by Koch to oppose Obamacare). @SalenaZito covered it up for Kellyanne: listing her clients except not Zuck. Help point out she isn't a real journo.
.@bethsinniresist: re @jdawsey1 hyping what he calls a "smart story" from @katierogers, it'd be actually smart if she/he discussed how pro-amnesty Kellyanne Conway is. She took Zuckerberg $ to deceive about amnesty, yet - oddly enough! - "reporters" ignore that. #TheResistance
FYI, @JogaBonito_USA has blocked me for hyping one of his tweets. Should I file it as a fragile con snowflake or a fragile lib snowflake?
#Breitbart is all red text about the Oscars. Skip.
.@LAFC: local channels show Raiders/Chargers/Rams. What sort of deal did you work out with KCBS etc to show your games? Did you work out a deal with ESPN? Or, are you marginalized yourselves & #soccer by only appearing on channels most don't get? #LosAngeles
.@Tymiller01: I saw a
.@CBSLAdavid: "muh taxes!" = Appeal to Yahoos fallacy. Fiscal cons do that to distract while robbing said yahoos blind via NeoLiberal issues. So, don't do that. I mostly agree w/ the MTA rep. Morale is a key part of any org & if the goodies actually works & is spread around OK.
24Ahead Closing Argument - Ivanka, Ivana, Wendy Deng, & Mrs. Mike Pence sing patriotic folk song named by glorious leader Trump as new national anthem: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSaturday
New Light in Babylon video Live in Zurich: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSaturday
.@ConservGayGuy: who needs conservatives? As you illustrate, they're cowards with little patriotism: always turning their backs on their fellow citizens & running away. That's not even effective: bad things that start here soon spread. That'd be preventable if cons weren't cons.
What's the current role of Jim Hoft, etc.? It's to help Trump. He's an activist, not a reporter. Likewise, MSM "reporters", OpEd scribes, etc had stopping candidate Trump & have undercutting Pres Trump as their jobs. Given reality, aren't they completely incompetent? #resist
.@page88: entertaining insinuations about Ivanka, a very entertaining & breezy read. Thanks for the entertainment! As president, what's Trump's signature project? Is it real or vaporware? How could it fail? Given reality, isn't doing things your way just completely worthless?
"The Silicon Valley elite's latest status symbol: Chickens". Complete with suede-denim diapers.
Chris Ruddy of #Newsmax has his own "inner Democrat" too. Like Pelosi, he wants to give crooked growers cheap, desperate foreign serf laborers that they can exploit, just so the Dems can get millions of new voters. Ruddy might as well change his registration to "D". #MAGA
.@ChrisRuddyNMX: echoing GWB, Obama, & "undocumented workers" canard, you say "[John Kelly is wrong, illegal aliens…
[Trump confidant Christopher Ruddy] says Trump could find his 'inner Democrat' if Dems retake House in midterms [he says Trump will keep pushing amnesty] #immigration #MAGA? #Newsmax
Trivia question: what was the first #Disney movie with an R rating? #movies #film #cinema
.@mbretosESPN: I'm sure you can see how to hype #Superclasico etc etc & get higher ratings than ESPN's 24/7/365 basketball games get. Are you working #ESPN suits to clue them in (to the extent that's possible)?
Everything Great Maximum Lider For Life the Beloved Donald Trump has done is better than Obama! Trump has played golf even more than Obama! Trump would legalize even more illegal aliens than Obama! We're so lucky he decided to be our President! #MAGA
Yes! Great Maximum Lider For Life the Beloved Donald Trump has beaten yet another Obama record! "Trump spends 100th day at golf club as president" [NB: more golf = less time to push amnesty & to push redistribution upwards] #MAGA #resist
#TriggerALiberalIn4Words: "Trump fully supports amnesty". Oh, I'm sorry, that's for #ThingsThatDoNOTTriggerMAGABecauseTheyrePatrioticToTrumpNotTheUSA. #MAGA
Do you support them purging black & Hispanic nationalists too? MT @steve_ekstrom @CitrusSchools I seriously hope you're going to do something about your nationalist scumbag problem infecting your schools.
.@lpolgreen @letsgomathias @ohheyjenna: you dox a middle school teacher over her personal beliefs. Didn't liberals used to oppose such things, or was that all just hype? What about Ron Gochez (look him up). When can we expect top journalists like you to go after him? #HuffPost
#HuffPost overheard @tianadalichov (now deleted) say she hates Big Brother in her sleep. She's a #Florida teacher who hosted (per Huff) a WN podcast. She's yet another inferior supremacist, but didn't libs used to oppose going after private citizens over ideology? #MAGA #resist
.@TaylorTwellman: #ESPN suits think 24/7 basketball games on 2 or 3 channels is a brilliant idea. The major problems w/ #soccer boil down to many not seeing the games: more eyeballs = more players = not losing out on #WorldCup due to Trinidad-Tobago. Are you working the suits?
Trump on China's Xi consolidating power: 'Maybe we'll give that a shot some day' [NB: he was "joking". Partisan hacks - #MAGA & MSM/Dems - would have opposite reactions if Obama/HRC made the same "joke"] #TheResistance
This America vs Goats game is wild. #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter
"Landon Donovan came off the bench to played the final 6 minutes for #León in their 3-0 win vs #Pumas tonight." #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter
Godzilla needs Mothra and Mothra needs Godzilla. Without each other, what would they do all day, play golf? Likewise, #CNN needs Trump and Trump needs CNN. Likewise with the golf. #MAGA #resist
.@smerconish: Salena Zito blocked me over her covering up for Kellyanne Conway. Zito listed past KAC clients *except* for Mark Zuckerberg, who'dd paid KAC to deceive. KAC is "protected" by lib/con leaders & MSM where she's most vulnerable.
.@smerconish: what a pathetic group. It's always been extremely easy for those w a megaphone to undercut Trump: 1. Understand what Trump fans want. 2. Prove to his fans he won't deliver by asking him or his proxies smart, tough, prosecutorial-style policy questions (see my bio).
If you were smart you'd point out to #MAGA that Trump's continued Obama's visitor agenda & supports his amnesty. #TheResistance MT @AlwaysThinkHow RT @stealthygeek: Can we please start work on @BarackObama's bust on Mt. Rushmore [because Trump lives rent-free in my brain]
.@LouisSahagun: if you were a real reporter - and not just #LAT equivalent of an airline flight magazine "writer" - wouldn't you explore the hidden forces like the Ford Foundation & others who pushed multiculturalism, divide et impera, etc.? #LATimes #MAGA #resist #journalism
.@LouisSahagun: you blog "East L.A., 1968: ‘Walkout!’ The day high school students helped ignite the Chicano power movement". Yet - oddly enough - you completely ignore influence of Ford Foundation & other pushers of multiculturalism. Why's that? #LATimes #LAT #MAGA #resist
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers - all about Trump trying to get the old admin back together - Carl Icahn, Andy Puzder, Mike Pence on bass, the whole group: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
Tangerine Dream - Live at Coventry Cathedral 1975 Original (full version). A detour in a mo. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
.@LATpoliticsCA: FYI, @LATSeema lied about what someone said, isn't smart enough to realize she lied, & lacks journalistic integrity to admit she lied & move on: #LATimes #LAT
The Su Tissue tribute I posted earlier sounds great mixed with Tangerine Dream - Live at Conventry Cathedral: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
I remain convinced MTV edited out the nip shot in Fade Into You, otherwise I'd have been [expunged] since they showed it: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
Wall Of Voodoo - Trump's Upcoming Not-So-Lost Weekend As He Golfs Which Is Better Than Him Trying To Do His Job: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
In more relevant news, "Meditation on Su Tissue" - a tribute to the Suburban Lawns singer - has been named the new national anthem by President Trump: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
"duck typing" says a variable called "tweet" could be anything: it would be an "ITweet"/"Tweet" in a real language, or - if somewhere deep in the code someone's given it a bill - it could be a duck. Or it could be president or Pope. Who knows? #DuckTyping = mystery meat for code.
In other news, Gidget has gone to hell: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday #MusicFreyasdag
ICYMI, @JohnAndKenShow got suspended over calling Whitney Houston a "crack ho". After they got back they've played it safe, only supporting policies that enrich the rich (amnesty, redistribution upward, NeoLiberalism, etc.) @ConwayShow #immigration #LosAngeles #KFI
People will often stop and ask me, "Could Mila Kunis translate Trump's speeches & proclamations from the original Russian if she so wished?" And, I will respond with a resounding "yes!" #MAGA #resist
.@dAmAgEeFFeCt: in 2004, GWB admin attacked @johnandkenshow. Now, after Whitney, they've lost whatever small edge they had. They've become pro-amnesty, anti-American sociopaths who'd harm their fellow citizens to help the rich (which they never were & never will be). #KFI #MAGA
I don't want to give Putin or Trump any ideas, but I'm especially vulnerable to bribery involving a Tatiana-style honey pot. Don't use that to impact USA geopolitics. #MasterChef #KitchenNightmares #MAGA #resist #LaVerne
At the risk of giving the Belorussians leverage over me & USA, Tatiana is my type of gal. Unfortunately, last time I s-t-a-l-k-e-d checked up on her, the restaurant was closed: #MasterChef #KitchenNightmares #MAGA #resist #LaVerne
.@RescueMissionOC: FYI, the @UnionBank ad "Diversity Matters" presented a racist, anti-white message that blood quanta determines mindset. Are you strong enough to oppose their racism? #OrangeCounty #banking #LosAngeles
.@heydb @sportsiren @DougFeinberg: #ESPN shows Cornhole Championship, Stihl Lumberjack, etc. They showed a doc about Serbian #soccer but can't spend $5k to get a local feed of Serbian soccer matches even tho they'd make many times more. Just how incredibly dim are ESPN suits?
Great, I'm glad you like it. However, others like other sports. Why does #ESPN show endless basketball but not #USWNT or offbrand foreign #soccer? MT@heydb RT @sportsiren We sure appreciate your dedication and coverage of women’s basketball!!!!! @DougFeinberg
I'm working on my RFP describing how #Twitter could encourage better conversations. I made a macro for the phrase "lil' fascist". I'm debating whether to outright accuse them of lacking balls or to just imply that. #censorship #MAGA #resist
24Ahead Closing Argument Exclusive: rocked by scandals & investigations, a chastened Trump to unveil "Trump 2.0" at the upcoming NRA/CPAC/IRA Fairport Convention: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
Roberta S. Jacobson - who spent ~31 years in the State Dept working on Latin America issues - has quit as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico: "it is the right time to move on to new challenges and adventures". Hope Hicks needs a new job, right? #MAGA #resist
We have to thoroughly investigate Putin's efforts, perp walk any guilty parties (incl Trump and/or Dems). *But*, if we become less free as a result of Putin Mania, then Putin wins. #Twitter #MAGA #resist
Someone like Jack of #Twitter isn't in on it. He's just a dim, mentally & emotionally weak simpleton dolt dimwit sycophantic slag who got lucky. Others see Putin Mania as a way to clampdown on open debate. #MAGA #resist
.@DaveLeeBBC @oneunderscore__: TSA, TIA, etc serve AQ's interests: USA is less free, constantly afraid, etc. You, #Twitter, etc serve Putin's interests by enabling crackdowns on open debate. Some just use it to get crackdowns they've always wanted. Are you in on it or just dim?
Wider hysteria. MT @DaveLeeBBC [@oneunderscore__] says it has leaked docs from in Russia's Internet Research Agency. Shows how Russians struggled to remain authentic, and heightens (in my view) the pressure on Reddit to join Facebook, Twitter and Google in the wider investigation
If not for the set, would they even mention HUD's billions in cuts? Like Trump, #CNN only cares about shtick, stunts, &. #MAGA #resist MT @deutsch29blog RT @mj_lee: From @Rene_MarshCNN, who is killing the fancy furniture beat: Ben Carson is canceling the $31,000 dining set.
John Moody - author of a "controversial" blog post about the #Olympics that wasn't controversial at all has been canned, despite being a long-term #FoxNews exec. Fox, standing strong against the long SJW march through our institutions! #MAGA #resist
Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
Melanie Martinez - Mad Hatter: And here you thought I'd say something about Trump. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@CHSommers: the proof's in the pudding. NAACP etc. bring home the bacon for their followers. People like you never bring anything home, you just express outrage about there being no bacon. And your followers eat it up as you do absolutely nothing for them. #Youtube #MAGA
They'd sooner commit harikari than stop hiring non-whites. Because they know NAACP are competent. They also know people like you are just grifters. MT @CHSommers YouTube stopped hiring white and Asian males for tech jobs, lawsuit filed by [ex-employee & r/w celeb] alleges
.@LibertarianBlue: if you want to reduce #Twitter censorship, you have to oppose it across the board: esp of those you hate. Otherwise you're only upset that the "wrong" people are being censored. Trump & #MAGA are in the 2nd camp ("git 'im outta here!", etc.) #Breitbart
#Twitter censorship wouldn't happen so much if it's loudest pretend opponents weren't just grifters. Those like you are great at complaining about it but never do anything. #Breitbart MT @LibertarianBlue Twitter Does Nothing as Pamela Geller's Daughters Harassed Off Platform
.@mjaeckel: you object to @TaylorLorenz going after @PamelaGeller 's kids to impact Geller. Have you & other cons likewise complained when cons did the same thing with lib leaders' kids? My ethics aren't situational. Can con/lib partisans say the same? #MAGA #resist
How "liberal" is it for Chait to hope other people die, for political gain? Isn't he a "passive eliminationist", with Nazis being the active kind? #NYMag #resist MT @TVWatchtower RT @jonathanchait: New survey shows young people are staying liberal, conservatives are dying off
Excellence In Journalism: @adamkraymond has silently corrected his false claim about USA not being in #WorldCup since 1994. It's a minor error, probably not intentional. But: the coverup is worse than the crime. #journalism #NYMag #USMNT
To prevent cheating, Trump-style collusion, etc. etc. #Jeopardy is now doing tie-breakers when the scores are tied. I like it from a constant action POV, but I think overall I preferred dual-champions. #nerdery #MAGA #resist
#Twitter RFP to determine if they're being used for "healthy" conversations: Here's your metric: when I stop calling @Jack a lil' fascist. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead's Closing Argument. Fun story: a confused Trump thought this video was telling him to invade Andorra, until he was informed they're Lithuanians & it's about the sunrise or sunset or something: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@ConnieSchultz: gun nuts are crazy! Not like a "Syndicated columnist. J-prof @KentState" like you. 1. In the decades when full auto *machine guns* were legal, how many school shootings were there? 2. Columbine was planned as a bombing. Would banning guns have stopped that?
.@Julesofthesmile in Dec 2016 you RT'ed @CantStumpTrump1 saying "BAN THEM DONALD! BAN THEM ALL!" in response to Trump critiquing SNL satirizing him. How's that coming along? Has Trump repealed the First Amendment like #MAGA wants yet, or is he waiting for Putin to help? #resist
From 2008, my "How *you* can help Barack Obama finally win this thing" satire. #2 is a reference to Hannity etc unwittingly admitting their own incompetence. They have the means to do things but lack the smarts to develop plans. #MAGA #resist
Lib leaders tend to hilite supposed successes, but con leaders tend to unwittingly hilite their own incompetence. Here's an example from the #Teaparty (Faux) Patriots back in 2010: #MAGA #resist
Weird, isn't it? Almost like how the loudest voices against #Twitter censorship do things is completely incompetent. MT @LevequeThots RT @polNewsRevenge: Twitter verifies/promotes [pro-gun control #Parkland survivors but apparently not anti-gc survivors]
Smart arguments directed at her base would undercut the Oakland mayor. Please list con leaders who are making such arguments: MT @cleoworks1 RT @virgillane1: "Looking into it"? What the hell is there to look into? God and everybody heard this woman warn illegals...
.@adamkraymond - #NYMag sports reporter - thinks USA hasn't been in #WorldCup since 1994. Despite I & the only other person who read his blog post correcting him, he hasn't posted a correction. Why bother when so few will ever see it, right? #soccer #USMNT
Bid to host the 2026 #WorldCup is between Morocco & USA/CA/MX (a NAU joint bid). Supposedly the USA/MX/CA bid is now disfavored due to Trump. That's a good thing to cons: they hate whites-friendly nationalistic sports. They prefer #kneeball. #MAGA #AltRight
If - & I say that loosely - you've been following my tweets you know who I like (mainly some female singers), the very few others I tolerate, & those I disdain (anything & everything else). I really hate eating contests: they eat more in an hour than some in a week #MAGA #resist
1. Chestnut should be airdropped into a Bangladesh slum. 2. Messi is ~5'6". If you need a mechanical assist even to pretend it's not real sport. MT @ClipperholicsFS @Steven_Ballmer may not have eaten as many hotdogs as Joey Chestnut, but I bet he hasn’t dunked off a trampoline
Here's an old video of a crazed Steve Ballmer acting like a deranged rabid monkey on stage at a #Microsoft event: #MAGA #resist
I'm sure it'll be full of "facts". Here's a question: what's the most powerful single entity that wants to take a cut of remittances? Hint: they're a quasi-government group. Who is it? MT @USAFacts Did you know we're working on a comprehensive #immigration report?
I think #XFiles is skewering Alexa/Google Home/Internet of Things/etc. It's going to take a lot more shows that are a lot more serious - plus some exposes - to stop that evil.
.@hwillracke: if you & David North of CIS were smart/sane/dedicated/enballed, you could make MSM cover OPT. For instance, by really pressing MSM hacks on it using Socratic questions. CIS' capo refused to help with my plan to ask newsmakers Socratic questions. #immigration #MAGA
.@WeMeantWell: you know the image of Mexico. Yet, their elites are very smart and can get away with things that should outrage. Like trying to do a census of MexAm troops in the U.S. military. They use us to take pressure off them & to bring in billions. Enabled by US elites.
You'd think that, wouldn't you. I wouldn't. MT @WeMeantWell Unreported in the effort to execute Kushner is [alleged involvement of] US allies Mexico and Israel. Nobody out there interested in that? You'd think Israel proposing to blackmail Kushner would be big
Cons got tricked by amnesty fans like GWB & Trump, never demanded better, barely stopped GWB's anti-American plans. Cons never use smart talking points that'd end amnesty for good, always step on their dinks. Would you hire cons & #MAGA to stop amnesty, or smart/sane people?