Mick Jagger is watching the match. He's picked France. #WorldCup
I'm sick of this #Fox announcer constantly giving history lessons & jinxing things. Just shut up and call the current game. #WorldCup
De Bruyne has done some good things, but France looks very dangerous while Belgium just plods and plods. France just hasn't connected, yet. #WorldCup
.@JBRylah: what do you think about @brittny_mejia trying to give the false impression that the Willowbrook beating had something to do with Trump? Is that what you consider good journalism? #LATimes
.@LukeHastings1: if like @thedeannapaul you falsely try to give impression Trump had something to do with that you'll also destroy your reputation. Willowbrook is next to Watts. Like rest of South L.A. it used to be mostly black. Hispanics moved in decades ago, leading to issues.
.@TheChalkOutline: @thedeannapaul falsely tries to give the impression Trump had something to do with the incident. Have you ever been to Willowbrook? How many decades do black/Hispanic hostilities in South L.A. (and East/Northeast L.A.) go back?
I got the location of the black-on-Hispanic beating with a brick right: Willowbrook. Also as predicted, #TheResistance is trying to blame it on Trump when black/Hispanic hostilities in South L.A. go back decades. #MAGA #resist
2001 to 2009: "conservative" means an imperial presidency. 2009 to 2017: "conservative" means keeping the president in check. 2017 to ?: "conservative" means an imperial presidency. #MAGA! #resist
Per #CNN, Kavanaugh is a strong believer in presidential power. Like I believe their #FakeNews! Kavanaugh is a strong conservative! #MAGA
Yes, I know Trump does great at lying. He's a special case: #TheResistance can't do anything other than keep helping him.
.@draco4444: @parscale is lying or ignorant about #Twitter censorship. They censor about as many libs as cons. In fact, they censored several libs replying to Ronna McDaniel on her tweets falsely pretending Twitter mostly censors cons. Not telling the truth is bad long-term.
Why do cons try to make #Twitter censorship all about themselves? Because they have little interest in the facts & they're extremely emotional. Everything always has to be about them, They are always out to get them, they have an intense "look at me!" need, etc. #MAGA #resist
.@therealDiscoSB @3PugGrumble: my data - real data - shows #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. If cons didn't falsely try to make it all about themselves they could really put Twitter in a world of hurt.
.@RyanMorse33: the #WorldCup is a Soros plot.
92-year-old Hispanic beaten with a brick & told to go back to his own country. L.A. Sheriffs are involved & it's South L.A. so probably Willowbrook or Athens, maybe Lennox. Attackers are black but expect Trump to be blamed. #MAGA #resist
.@jessetyler @SandraBernhard: @CynthiaNixon is (presumably unwittingly) doing the bidding of the #Koch bros & U.S. Chamber. They have no use for ICE either: they want loose borders to drive down wages and Nixon will deliver for them.
Boo hoo. Maybe next time she can write a book about a real sport, football (the real football, not soccer). See my top tweet and wise up. MT @legallybae RT @sszy: How NPR airbrushed the female co-author of "I'ts Football Not Soccer" @silkiestmaria
.@WarAgainstWomen blocked me in 2014 over
#Breitbart has spread their "we drink librul" tears over several posts. I'm still waiting for a combined thread...
I haven't checked #Breitbart for a while. $10 says they have or will have by tomorrow a "Celebrity And MSM Snowflakes Melt Down Over Kavanaugh" post. Let's check right now... #MAGA #resist
Assuming that's true, so what? MX govt officials are united against illegal #immigration. U.S. govt officials are nearly united in favor. You have no plan to undercut the latter. MT @ViveCharlieMag MT @WiredSources Mexico building border wall on its own Southern border
.@pyro2sick @Whatdafaarrk @maddoxrules @ronbabcock: soccer isn't "beautiful". When players need a juice box break it isn't a sport. See my pinned tweet for how it stacks up against a real sport.
Trump could easily make arguments that undercut Pelosi, Warren, etc. *to their base*: where it matters to them. Why isn't he doing it? Why isn't #MAGA demanding it? RT @hammetjohn The Gop could pass a Law prohibiting non citizens voting rights but as WE all Know they won't
In other news of the day, Alysa Milano has come out strong against Kavanaugh. #MAGA knows what to do. #resist
.@Buccigross: tennis hilites are great. Say, have you noticed that Fox - except for a hiccup on Friday & at the start - has put all the key #WorldCup matches on network? Disney wouldn't interrupt All My Children reruns. #ESPN got outbid for 2.5% of their rights budget.
.@CindyDPishere @ashley_abadeer: Trump is doing all this to get amnesty: he's just playing the villain role as in WWE (he's in the WWE Hall of Fame). Both Trump & Dem leaders want a very pro-corporate amnesty that would lower wages for American workers. #MAGA #resist
Plus, @AnnCoulter was right: soccer is socialism. See my pinned tweet for the details and please help spread the word against the foreign menace! MT @CoachBeisUCM MT @CoachFore: Media will never get clicks in America for a CTE firestorm about girls soccer vs football
.@rtraister - on information and belief a Trump mole tasked with helping Trump - blogs that Kavanaugh is the wrong gender and race over at #NYMag. Otlichno! #Resist #MAGA
Just in time for the #WorldCup, here are 10 reasons why football is better than soccer:
24Ahead closing argument: The liberal MSM said Trump wouldn't get big stars for patriotic Independence Day concert. They were wrong as usual! Big stars sing patriotic Trump National Anthem! #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
#AbolishICE is very, very pro-corporate. U.S. Chamber & the #Koch bros have no use for ICE either. Do you see any top corporations opposing it? Of course not. #TheResistance MT @lifeisfluff_44 MT @OccupyICEPDX: Join us on July 17th for the National #DayofactionagainstICE
As long as Trump's in office, we won't abolish ICE. We just have to keep him there forever. *Alternatively*, we could make smart arguments. Those would undercut #AbolishICE forever. Which is realistic? Which is Trump doing and #MAGA demanding?
Pence had his own amnesty plan. He said Trump won't abolish ICE but that means little because Trump (like Putin) has term limits. #MAGA MT @Sissy_USMC RT @VP: The calls to abolish @ICEgov are not just outrageous - they're irresponsible
.@MattAsherS: @CREWcrew hypes private #immigration detention center profits. By doing that, they help the much, much greater profits U.S. Chamber, #Koch bros, Tyson Foods, growers, sweatshops, big banks, The Fed, etc. hope to make off mass/illegal #immigration. They help Big Biz.
I'll take Breitbart's word for it (!) that Kethledge is bad on amnesty. Breitbart is bad on amnesty so if they say someone's bad that means they're *bad*. If Trump were smart & truly anti-amnesty, why was Kethledge ever an option? I'd never even consider him. #MAGA??
Why did Trump consider Kethledge in the first place? P.S. Everyone in Trump's circle (Kellyanne, Marc Short, Pence, etc.) is pro-amnesty. #MAGA? MT @DebHiers1 MT @mitchellvii: Report: Trump 'All but Ruled Out' Kethledge After Conservative Criticism on Immigration
.@kegill: both Trump and the Dems/MSM are doing all of these things you see to get amnesty so Big Biz can lower wages (and so Dem leaders can get more race-based power). As a professor, it'd be smart to look at the bottom line rather than just at things that are presented to you.
What "free-TV access"? I had to watch some games on ZDF and I'm not even Austrian! Now all I have is a burning desire to invade Poland. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist MT @westsydunews Enjoying your free-TV access to the World Cup?
My pinned tweet would greatly undercut Twitter but I can't find an MSM journo to cover it. Email/tweet the link to some & ask. MT @cook_robert_l MT @Dsprtmplt speak out against [#Twitter showing] bias against the public interest in favour of governments and/or corporations
My data - see my pinned tweet - shows #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users: cons, libs, music fans, sports fans, etc. etc. Twitter gets away with it because those like you shrink the tent. MT @BeanfromPa @WeaponizedRage @dickandcomix I'm sick of the censorship Jack!!!
.@BeanfromPa: your bio is "Patriotism Is Supporting Your Country All of the Time and Your Government When It Deserves it". #MAGA consistently support Trump as he least deserves it: when he blatantly lies, supports amnesty, refuses to oppose Warren over amnesty...
Hendry blocked me over these tweets: If #MAGA ran #Twitter, wouldn't it be even worse than Jack running it? MT @signoftria MT @christianllamar: Twitter Censorship strikes AGAIN: Lrihendry Lori suspended for 7 days
Why do so many in the Dem base align with Tyson Foods & Western Growers on #immigration? Because they're stupid & deranged. Why won't Trump & #MAGA wise them up? See the last answer. #immigration
#MoJo has always supported exactly that: they're the opposite of Cesar Chavez. They don't want to deprive crooked growers of foreign serf labor. #resist MT @Oldlady12345 RT @MotherJones: California's vineyard workers already faced long hours, low pay, and harsh conditions...
"Football was originally invented at boys schools in the Northeast as a way to channel certain urges into activities that could be performed in public. While some coaches involved in the early days of the sport were convicted, football today is as all-American as apple pie."
.@Mmarty1230 @The____Guardian: the #Koch bros couldn't think up a better way to sabotage anti-amnesty efforts. My anti-amnesty talking points (see my top menu) actually work. When will you use them instead?
Up to month before he left office, #MAGA types thought O would be arrested. Others thought he'd call of elections. How'd that work out? MT @anonymously_all #QuestionsForTrumpDefenders When Trump gets indicted for money laundering, would you like to come to my celebration party?
Here's a Greek song. The music isn't my style but it has other points of interest: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Trump offers (falsely) an alternative to the NeoLiberalism people like you support. Fact you didn't know that show why #resist has constantly failed. MT @JohnFugelsang Without mentioning HRC/O, which specific policies inspired you to vote for Trump? #QuestionsForTrumpDefenders
Putin is trying to teach Trump to conduct this song, but so far Trump can't get the quiet and the loud parts right: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
They are: it's always 12d chess. I've explained how to show 12d chess wrong. Explain why #TheResistance hasn't helped with it. MT @MrShuggoth Why do you think Trump wants to speak with Putin alone? Are you allright with that? #QuestionsForTrumpDefenders
NB: "y'all" does not indicate anything to do with The South. American - like other IE languages - lacks a truly good word for "you" (as you in just you) vs "y'all". Likewise, using "U" does not indicate anything to do with the Dutch.
His fans don't care. You don't care. Do you see a problem there? You & #TheResistance oppose Trump, Pruitt, etc over their policies. Why aren't y'all smart enough to make valid counterarguments? MT @cdelbrocco [some personal BS about Trump] #QuestionsForTrumpDefenders
All of Trump's inner policy circle supports amnesty: Marc Short (a #Koch stooge), Kellyanne, etc. It'd be smart of #resist to point that out. Why aren't they doing that? #QuestionsForTrumpDefenders MT @Anneredmond13 [Trump is hypocritical on Drain The Swamp, etc.]
.@reardongalt: in #QuestionsForTrumpDefenders @GinnyRED57 asks "who picks your vegetables". Point out to her audience that she's siding with crooked growers who want to exploit foreign serf labor. Point out to them she's the opposite of Cesar Chavez. #TheResistance
.@ybbaaabby: @rachaelray is a #Jets fan. Can you ask her what she thinks about Woody Johnson saying he'll raise his kids to be like Trump except for the hair?
.@wwdnet2: unlike @JeffreyToobin I didn't take Trump's smear of Maxine Waters in a racial sense. Just him smearing opponents instead of showing them wrong. He could greatly undercut Waters by pointing out her #immigration stance is very pro-corporate. Why won't he & you do that?
What sort of atty uses such an off the wall label? In #Florida courts do they use that label against opponents? Can you direct me to a #MAGA who's smarter than Toobin? MT @CMCommentaries CNN’s Tranny #jeffreyToobin on Trump Calling #MaxineWaters Low IQ: ‘How Racist Is That?’
"Often"??? #MAGA & #resist *only* want someone to flatter them & confirm their beliebs. MT janesports people say they want creative, outside the bubble thinkers. But a lot of time that gets you exiled. People often want confirmation of their own systems and assumptions.
Not happy with the toga-like outfit Jess Mendoza is sporting. Preferred the last look: the white blouse with ruffles and a peasant dress. #SNB #baseball #resist #MAGA
.@janesports: you should know about WWE. Trump is playing the "Ivan Sovietski" role with the goal of getting amnesty. Trump fully supports amnesty. His base doesn't. The smart thing to do is to inform his base just how much Trump (& his circle) supports amnesty. When will you?
Woody Johnson: "I have two little boys and we're raising them just like Donald Trump. Not the hair." #MAGA???? #resist #NYJets #Jets
Puig has an oblique strain. No idea what that means as far as days. Hurry back: I want #Dodgers to lose fair and square. #MAGA #resist #SNB
"No one whose ancestors have been here for 7 generations cares if we beat Belgium or Trinidad & Tobago: there's no need because we're better than them at everything." - me, channeling #AnnCoulter. #MAGA #resist #WorldCup
"Soccer and socialism go hand in hand: where socialism (or outright communism) is popular, so too is soccer. Coincidence? Of course not. In soccer there are no borders and no nations: all players play for a U.N.-like organization known as FIFA." - me channeling #AnnCoulter
Another irony - one you won't hear about - is that #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. MT @PositiveEnerG MT @KatMurti: [an] irony of modern speech censorship...
.@MichelleDiana: Mike Pence is very pro-amnesty. He even had his own amnesty scheme & he's tight with the #Koch empire. A smart, non-corrupt reporter would view his ICE comments through that lens. When will you try that instead?
#AbolishICE & #DefundICE are great for Trump but not good for USA. Next to them, an amnesty scam is going to seem reasonable to many. AI & DI aren't smart enough to be playing a game: they aren't smart enough to realize how pro-Big Biz they are. Either way, Big Biz wins.
.@Colleen4Denver: @sairasameerarao wants to #DefundICE. Please name a single Fortune 500 company that doesn't agree with her. She & #AbolishICE are extremely pro-corporate: they'd help Big Biz drive down wages to near world levels. #Denver #Colorado #resist
.@sairasameerarao RTs a "Should I Give Up on White People?" NYT blog post and says "Short and long answer: YES." Any time you try to do anything in politics, your racism is going to be held against you. #Colorado
Breitbart today: "Anti-Trump Media Push Raymond Kethledge as Consensus SCOTUS Pick" Breitbart 2 days from today: "We Did It! Trump Picks Great American Patriot Raymond Kethledge For SCOTUS!!" #MAGA #resist #Trumpentology
"Cost of one of those 'expensive' [per Trump] U.S.-South Korea military exercises? $14 million" #MAGA? #resist
.@PaulbatesMN @bquevli: #AnnCoulter is wrong about #soccer, but I've never seen a point-by-point refutation. I requested that 4 years ago but no one stepped up. That's pretty sad. #WorldCup
.@DittoPost: #soccer is a whites-friendly sport: whites can and do excel at every position unlike NFL & NBA. It's a mostly healthy example of nationalism. All those fans cheering their countries must scare @AnnCoulter, she prefers the Raiders Felon Corner. #MAGA
I was thinking of - four years too late - writing down all the ways #AnnCoulter is wrong about #soccer. I gave up because it would take too much time to deal with her BS. If anyone sends me $100 I'll do it. #WorldCup
In actual fact, I can't jinx anything. So, I'm calling England 3 - Croatia 1 and Belgium 4 - France 2. #WorldCup
.@glorioso4ny seems to be ingloriously lying in "Immigrant NYC Grandparents Detained While Visiting Son-in-Law at Fort Drum, Family Says". They sound like they're illegal aliens, not "immigrants" as he repeatedly says. He lacks journalistic ethics to make that clear. #NBCNewYork
#FoxNews, Trump, #GOP, #MAGA can't go after #Ocasio2018, Liz Warren, etc. where they're most vulnerable: on #immigration. The same arguments against them would be used against Trump etc. So, it's one idiotic thing after another like "Fauxcahontas". #resist
At #FoxNews, @bradford_betz blogs "Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez draws Bronx cheer for misleading campaign bio". Except she isn't from her fans: they don't care in same way #MAGA doesn't care about Trump's foibles. #resist
At the #NYT, @mihirzaveri blogs "Anne Frank's Family Was Thwarted by U.S. Immigration Rules, Research Shows". IOW, MX/etc are like Hitler & we have to let *everyone* in because who knows what would happen to them if we don't. #immigration #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
Whatever Putin was doing, it wasn't enough. OTOH, at least I was right about Russia not advancing. Just barely right but that counts too. #WorldCup #PutinTrumpCup #MAGA #resist
Some things just make you go hmmmmmm. #WorldCup #PutinTrumpCup #MAGA #resist
#Croatia goes up 2-1. A group of regular Russian citizens have swarmed onto the field, umbrellas the ready in case it rains. #WorldCup #PutinTrumpCup #MAGA #resist
#Croatia players seem to be coming down with strange, unexpected maladies. #WorldCup #PutinTrumpCup #MAGA #resist
There were not one, not two, but three petitions calling on #Fox to leave Alexi Lalas at home. #WorldCup
Both teams suck, #Croatia sucks even more for plodding around and failing to connect on all but one of their many opportunities. #WorldCup #PutinTrumpCup #MAGA #resist
While Fox has #WorldCup on network, #ESPN has tennis & spikeball. #winning
#Croatia finally gets a goal. #WorldCup
Team Putin-Trump goes up 1-0 against #Croatia. The latter had at least 2 good scoring opportunities but just couldn't finish it. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
In a true sign of sportsmanship, all Russia has welcomed the Croatian players with open arms. Regular citizens follow them around with umbrellas in case it rains. Just today, regular citizens left a pot of hot tea outside their suite. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
.@daynasteele: look at the bottom line. @downwithtyranny, Ocasio, #DSA, etc. would help #Koch bros & Tyson Foods flood the USA with cheap labor. Only real way to oppose them is to reduce illegal #immigration & Howie doesn't want that. He might as well work for the U.S. Chamber.
.@PamelaDrew: FYI, @KitOConnell is very pro-corporate on #immigration. Do you see WalMart, Tyson Foods, sweatshops, growers, or the #Koch bros opposing #AbolishICE? Of course not: no ICE means more cheap labor means lower wages. Kit is corrupt or dim.
.@bilalfqi @Xadeejournalist: #Twitter heavily censors replies to U.S. govt officials. They're probably even worse when it comes to #Pakistan govt officials. Use the open source app linked from my pinned tweet to expose how Twitter helps shield Pakistan officials from dissent.
.@JohnFugelsang: I repeatedly told @katiepack how to stop Trump, but she thought she knew better. Has anything she's ever done show that she knows better? #MAGA #resist #NeverTrump
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this song featuring Trump on acoustic bass. We'll be back tomorrow for the big quarterfinals. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Interesting mix of styles: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@pennsymolly: Trump is playing games to get amnesty. He - controlled by Koch operatives like Kellyanne & Marc Short - and the #DSA really aren't that far apart in same way Cena & "Ivan Sovietski" aren't far apart. Try opposing NeoLiberalism instead. #MAGA #resist
I'm waiting for #TheResistance or #NeverTrump to ever do one smart thing. I've given you & them lots of smart things that'd work but you aren't rational enough to listen. MT @darksecretplace waiting for the defense [of Trump saying "Putin is KGB... you know Putin is fine"]
Trump is the least patriotic president ever: even those who've done very, very shady things were more patriotic than him. #MAGA acts like cultists, following & defending every unpatriotic thing their L. Ron does. And #TheResistance & #NeverTrump can't do a damn thing about it.
Hilarious & sad they have to point this out. #MAGA! MT @Heritage Remember: -Russia is aggressor -Ukraine is victim -Crimea belongs to Ukraine -NATO/US troops in Europe serve our national interests -Euros must spend more on defense -Putin's record shows he can't be trusted