"It only sounds like 'Hail Satan!'", Patriots GM Bud Dirkman explained to me. "That's actually a phrase Belichick tends to use from his native Uzbek that means 'thank goodness'". #Patriots #MAGA #resist
Dimwit @JacobSiegal of #BGR says "There are arguments to be made from both sides [about whether #Twitter should ban Trump]". Those who try to quash dissent *don't* want arguments & want to silence the other side. That's why we have laws & standards to prevent that. #MAGA #resist
Lil' fascist @CaseyNewton of #TheVerge is shocked and surprised #Twitter won't ban Trump, because doing that would make everything all good again and it'd be like the election never happened and everything. #MAGA #resist
#Twitter explains why they won't block Trump: "Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets, would hide important information people should be able to see and debate." But the rest of you, you're fair game. #MAGA #resist
The Brady-Belicheat difficulties boils down to a dispute over Brady's training. Brady eats 12 still-beating baby seal hearts before each game. Belicheat thinks he should eat 13. Something about a pact he made. #Patriots #MAGA #resist
.@DanielaMarinov1: easy smarts questions @icare4america16 can't answer: If I'm wrong and he's right, then it should be easy for him to show me wrong. As it is, he's admitting I'm right.
.@FedUpSpeakinUp @IAMConvfefe what do you think of this @GrrrGraphics cartoon in light of the fact that Trump's colluding with Pelosi on amnesty, and isn't even making an actual physical wall part of the sellout? Is that #MAGA?
"You can't drink rainwater!" - an idiot, to me, in comments at #TheAtlantic. #PuertoRico #MAGA #resist
.@HarmlessYardDog: #PuertoRico is tiny & relatively flat. It'd take ~4 hours to get small govt teams to each of the ~300 PR settlements to handle comms/security/triage/water/food. It took over a week. When will you help discredit Trump proxies by pointing that out to their fans?
.@HarmlessYardDog: #PuertoRico has had an exodus for decades, if Trump was a Secret Genius he should've realized he needed to do a better job to keep that from happening (further harming PR and, not that it matters much, GOP). So, why didn't he?
.@AnnCoulter: there are smart arguments that'd make amnesty politically toxic to most politicians & that'd undercut Pelosi etc. to their base. That's the smart way to stop amnesty. Did you explain to @Johnnydontlike why you refuse to help make those smart arguments?
Where did @AndreBauerSC stand on the Trump/Pelosi/Lindsey Graham amnesty? I created a post about that and I'll update it as he makes his stance clear. Then - either way - I'll urge Breitbart & others to highlight what he did if he runs again. #SouthCarolina #NoAmnesty
.@AltRabbi: there's absolutely no need for amnesty, any amnesty deal, etc. Trump could make smart arguments that'd undercut Dems to their base over amnesty, making it politically toxic (I have those already). Why couldn't you figure that out? When'll you urge Trump to do it?
.@AltRabbi: you tweet "Friendly warning: conceding anything on DACA without ending chain migration+diversity lotto will guaranty massive losses in 18" to Trump. Coulter says to take out the "" part & that'd be true. What's the smart alternative to amnesty?
Is Trump playing 4D chess on amnesty? Find out: #immigration #MAGA #NoAmnesty
In the latest news of Trump selling out #MAGA, he's not even demanding a full wall for amnesty:
"Kobach follows disbanding of Trump voter commission with charges against two voters". Go get 'em, tiger! Just 2,999,998 to go and Trump'll win the popular vote too. #MAGA #resist
.@TheBrandonMorse of #RedState blogs "[Sarah Huckabee] Demolishes Bannon’s Charge That Trump Is Mentally Unfit for Office". Per Brandon & Sarah, Trump's fit for office because he beat the best the GOP has to offer. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@janicemin: what about #immigration? At the dinner you attended with Ailes & Bannon, did either say anything to indicate they aren't serious about immigration, Trump Wall is just a scam, Trump supports amnesty, etc.? Those are key issues to Trump's base so please let us know.
.@Cernovich: do you have an action plan everyone can help with that would stop the Trump/Pelosi Grahamnesty? I don't mean what you want in an amnesty deal, but specific things everyone can do right now to stop the deal. If you don't have a plan, which other plan is best?
.@RaheemKassam: what's your best action plan to stop Trump's amnesty? I don't mean wishes ("I want a steak") but an action plan ("get in the car & go to the store"). What's the best action plan you know of if you don't have one?
For all their many great intellecchuel accomplishments, #TheResistance & #NeverTrump have never even tried (AFAIK) to show wrong the "12d chess" fantasy even though that's incredibly easy. #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
If Trump were very smart & actually against amnesty, he wouldn't need to play "12d chess". Nothing is added by negotiating #DACADeal & amnesty. Trump would simply make arguments that'd undercut Pelosi/Schumer/etc to their base. Except he won't. #immigration #MAGA
Is Trump just playing "12d chess" on #DACADeal & amnesty? If so, that implies he's very smart & actually against amnesty. Are his actions those of someone who's very smart & actually against amnesty? (Hint: no). #immigration #MAGA
Actually, Trump's repeatedly pushed & hinted at amnesty. His first #immigration plan was a revolving door amnesty (touchback). If you want to change that, use it against his proxies. MT @MusicCityDawg [to Trump's pro-amnesty tweet] No DACA!!!!!! You promised!!!
.@RealTrumpDoc: Dilbert etc pretend Trump's playing 12d chess. Use Trump's pro-amnesty tweet to undercut them to their audience. When they lose power, Trump will lose power to push amnesty. #MAGA
Obviously, Trump can't figure that out. To make him figure it out, hold that against Dilbert etc. MT @RealTrumpDoc [to Trump's latest pro-amnesty tweet] GOPe told Reagan the same lies. Don't buy it. By rewarding illegals you'll only get more illegals. Zero Republican votes
.@jetrotter: the best solution would be a voluntary repatriations program for DACA/DREAMers. That's not amnesty & it's a big plan Trump could sell if he used smart arguments for once. Demand Coulter, Cernovich, etc. demand Trump proxies push that plan.
.@BraderGatorNYC: you say "Trump just continues to keep his promises", & you're right. Trump has repeatedly hinted at amnesty. He said his #immigration plan would make the #NYTimes "happy". He's keeping his promises to those he really cares about. #MAGA?
.@17LadyLiberty76: you criticize Trump's latest pro-amnesty tweet, yet your bio says he's a "strategic genius". What sort of genius can't figure out the Dems will always offer pro-amnesty Hispanics a better deal than #GOP is willing to do? #MAGA
Trump threatens amnesty yet again, thinking he'll get the Hispanic vote: #MAGA? #immigration
Trump reportedly plans to pollute the #NCAA Championship with his presence, causing security headaches & making it all about him. Meanwhile, he hasn't tweeted anything about #USWNT for several years & never tweeted about #USMNT. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@BandyXLee: you're not just a Psycher, you're the Orly Taitz of #TheResistance. If you were smart & sane, you'd realize how to undercut Trump for real is to show his base that his plans won't work.
"Peter Thiel Is Exploring The Creation Of A Conservative Cable News Network". How would it be fundamentally different than #FoxNews, just with a different set of stooges?
A Trump lawyer has sent Bannon a Cease and Desist letter claiming he's breached confidentiality agreement & "making disparaging statements and in some cases outright defamatory statements". Latter isn't possible in the case of Trump. #MAGA #resist
Anjali Jay reprises her role from the last #XFiles as Hot Anglicized Indian Doctor, M.D.
TSM: "If the people knew the truth, they'd riot". No they wouldn't. The people are too dumb, spoiled, etc. etc. #XFiles
.@secupp: back in 2011, you asked candidates very weak questions at a Twitter "debate": Now you ask @NunbergSam weak questions on your show. Here's a question I'd like him to answer: what will keep the next pres from tearing down Trump Wall?
For the love of all that's holy, there's an "SE Cupp Unfiltered" show: the worthless bim asks weak questions of worthless cons and libruhtarians who couldn't make it on #FoxNews. That there's an audience for it is the scariest part. #MAGA #resist
.@BranchHoward1 @RealMAGASteve: demand Coulter, Cernovich, Dilbert, etc push Trump proxies (Mike Shields, Andre Bauer,...) to use smart arguments that undercut Pelosi to her base. If they won't, discredit them. That's how to get Trump's attention: he desperately needs proxies.
You should be worried about Trump first & foremost. By colluding with Pelosi he's as bad as GWB. #MAGA? MT @BranchHoward1 RT @RealMAGASteve: In 2018 congress will be debating DACA, Immigration policy & the wall. I'm not worried about the Dems, I'm worried about the GOP
Legalizing DREAMers... I guess amnesty is now #MAGA. MT @Wulfeman RT @ARmastrangelo: Obama couldn't accomplish in 8 years any of what Trump did in 1
Conservatives (some con leaders paid) twisted themselves into knots to push GWB's amnesty. Now some #MAGA are doing the same thing to support Trump colluding with Pelosi on amnesty. #immigration
IOW, you & Trump are both amnesty fans eager to collude with Nancy Pelosi to help complete Obama's agenda. #MAGA? MT @wattsjim Obama's EO #DACA was #UnConstitutional. Trump is willing to include in #Comprehensive Immigration Bill IF #Congress funds #KatesWall...
.@Rach_IC: when Trump's bans were blocked, USA has been more or less pursuing Obama's visitor agenda. Was that also a "success"? When Trump admitted (at least twice) his actions endangered USA, was that also a "success"? Please, no more winning. #MAGA #resist
.@Rach_IC: at #Townhall you blog "Trump's Sneakily Successful First Year". Is him colluding with Pelosi a "success"? Is Trump calling Liz Warren names & not using her pro-corporate #immigration stance to undercut her to her base also a "success"?
.@dangainor: eg, I want Trump to make smart arguments that's make enabling illegal #immigration politically toxic. #MAGA thinks him colluding with Pelosi is 12d chess & calling Warren names is brilliance. Please explain.
DUmmie punching was played out over a decade ago. I've been trying for years to get cons to help with smart anti-amnesty plans, with almost zero help. Please explain. MT @dangainor This is what liberals think of conservatives [DU link]
The more #kneeball becomes a regional sport - like #GOP is a regional party - the better for #soccer. So, keep on keepin' on, #NCAA. #Alabama #Clemson #SugarBowl
How long before the data you enter into the #Experian "Dark Web Scan" ends up on the dark web? #MAGA #resist
An #Alabama or #Clemson player is wearing a "BLACK" sweatshirt. I don't know what else is says, etc but imagine a "WHITE" sweatshirt. #SugarBowl #MAGA #resist
.@jordnhowington: AR gov candidate Jan Morgan wants AR state/local cops to help enforce #immigration laws. AZ already tried that: ACLU blocked SB1070 for years & blocked it. When will you ask Morgan how her plan wouldn't suffer the same fate?
.@JanMorgan_: you "strongly support legal immigration". The loose borders side has a solution: just wave a magic wand & legalize illegal aliens. You support what they want, what arguments could you use against stepping into trap as you're doing (probably intentionally)?
.@JanMorgan_: you want AR state & local cops "to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration laws". AZ tried the same (SB1070). ACLU tied it up in court & gutted it. If you aren't just posturing, how'd you keep the same thing from happening if you tried the same thing?
All of these #AltRight loons doing crazy things aren't the *real* Alt Right. All of those many loons are just fake Alt Right! #MAGA #resist
"Colorado shooting suspect was an Iraq War vet who posted alt-right ‘Pepe’ memes on social media". #AltRight #resist #MAGA
CORRECTION: #Apple, #Google, & #Amazon do NOT want you to get a chip. Just a barely-visible forehead tattoo that unlocks wonderful services like a Calendar and a Related Items feature. Don't be afraid of progress! #MAGA #resist
On any given Sunday, etc.: in #kneeball, it's easier for a team that's hitherto sucked to come back and win than in #soccer. If a soccer team is behind & sucked, they probably won't be able to win. #CottonBowl #RoseBowl #MAGA #resist
.@JxhnBinder: @RefugeeWatcher is just another grifter. I've repeatedly asked for her help with smart plans that'd stop the Trump/Pelosi amnesty - and future amnesty attempts - and she refuses. Stopping amnesty would cost her money, and that's what's really important to her.
Then began throwing poisoned cake at hoi polloi. #TaxScam #MAGA #resist MT @JxhnBinder Fashion Notes: Flashback to First Lady Melania Trump moving into the White House in this 1970's-inspired ensemble with matching Birkin bag.
It's doubleplus crazy to think that #Apple doing iris scans of your face and #Google & #Amazon listening in to your conversations inside your own home could be dangerous. Don't be a conspiracy theorist, get the chip! #MAGA #resist
.@NaylaRush: does CIS have a plan to make Trump back away from amnesty, or what are the best plans out there? I'm looking for something I can help with, like phone calls, emails, or better things (if any).
More leaps like that and I might not hate #kneeball so much. #Alabama #Clemson #OrangeBowl
Comic sequence Part 2: for trips, Trump is driven on the golf cart out & goes up the ramp of a custom truck. The truck drives to Marine One; the golf cart drives into that. Then, it drives into Air Force One. Trump never leaves the golf cart, much like Obama. #MAGA #resist
Comic sequence Part 1: Trump, too lazy to walk, is driven through WH halls in a golf cart, barking orders to cowering subordinates... #MAGA #resist
If the #RoseBowl remains tied after the second OT, communism will become the new U.S. political system. #MAGA #soccer
#Georgia & #Oklahoma play for a tie, just like in commie sports like #soccer! #MAGA #RoseBowl #MRBGA
.@CraigSilverman: at #Buzzfeed, you say you popularized #FakeNews, linking to @Snopes as if they're credible. #Snopes not only lied about "phantom cops" on New Orleans PD (after Katrina), they tried to cover it up.
It's 2218 so let's look back at the Murrken civilization that destroyed itself ~2018. Scant evidence remains, but it appears to have been a war between those who worshiped a living god "Tromp" & those who worshiped a god named "Lexus" that appeared as a machine of some kind.
It's been 2018 in #NovaScotia for over an hour. We're so behind. #MAGA #CNNNYE #resist
.@Rosie: in the New Year, I'm hoping against hope @RealDonaldTrump doesn't make everything about him but thinks of what's best for everyone in the USA, and uses the occasional logical argument instead of just smearing opponents. What about you?
Let's hope they have better arguments than he does, not just chants. #MAGA #resist MT @TheRealJuIian: Protesters in Iran take a page from Trump’s #MAGA handbook and chant “Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!”
Pitbull's dancers have hips that are apparently illegal on #CNN. #CNNNYE #MAGA #FakeNews #resist
Because how he's been doing things so far has worked so well. #MAGA #TheResistance MT @funder: My New Year’s resolutions are to work even harder against Trump & his inhumane administration
Trump should give #CNN a medal. Not only did they replace Kathy Griffin over him, they made it *even worse*. #CNNNYE #FakeNews #MAGA #resist
While the Not-so-Ambiguous Gay Duo are showing Celine Dion, Univision was reminding their viewers that #PuertoRico still doesn't have much electricity. #CNNNYE #CNN #FakeNews #MAGA #resist
At #Breitbart, @adamshawny is sent out to blog "'Mr. Perfect' Jared Kushner’s Not-So-Perfect Year". #MAGA #resist
At #Breitbart, @joelpollak tells Bret Stephens that, contrary to what Bret said, "character" is why "conservatives" choose Trump. Pollak is right! Trump is Mr. Conservative: a pathological liar who smears, tries to stifle debate, and drags USA to #idiocracy. #MAGA #resist
Anderson Cooper & Andy whatshisname have tossed it to Richard Quest and then to @BillWeirCNN in #KeyWest with drag queens singing disco. Meanwhile, #Univision has junky music & celebs but hot babes. #CNNNYE #MAGA #FakeNews #resist
You too. In the new year, will you ease off the solipsism? MT @realDonaldTrump As our Country rapidly grows stronger and smarter, I want to wish all of my friends, supporters, enemies, haters, and even the very dishonest Fake News Media, a Happy and Healthy New Year.
2.5 years into the Current Trump Era, & his loudest opponents still can't find their ass with both hands. #TheResistance #MAGA
.@JoshuaMZeitz blogs "Does the White Working Class Really Vote Against Its Own Interests?" It's a brilliant piece incl "As Ta-Nehisi Coates argues". @billscher @YAppelbaum @JoyAnnReid all agree it's brilliant! Highly recommended for #TheResistance who want to grok #MAGA!
Richard Quest, Andy something, and Anderson Cooper. Only way #CNNNYE could be gayer is if they were broadcasting from a WeHo bathhouse while singing show tunes with Donald Trump. #CNN #FakeNews #MAGA #resist
MT @RadioHostRick "Heh @Alyssa_Milano is curled up in a fetal position from reading Trump's tweets, meanwhile women with spines are protesting real oppression #IranianProtests" #NeoCon = #MAGA I've seen this movie before:
Who are you asking & would their reply have any impact? Why don't you start a campaign to get #CNN hosts to *really* press Trump proxies on that? Then you'd have a real impact. MT @joelcarboni Why can one write off a private jet and not commercial travel?
MT @realDonaldTrump I use Social Media not because I like to, but because it's only way to fight a VERY dishonest & unfair “press,” now often referred to as Fake News Media. Phony & non-existent “sources” are being used more often than ever. Many stories & reports a pure fiction!
I'm hoping #Miami can somehow win this. #Florida women are hotter, dumber, and easier than #Wisconsin women. #OrangeBowl
#Miami kicker just did a Cristiano. #intersectionality #OrangeBowl
Is this Miami of Ohio, or Miami of Florida? If Florida, which city are they from? #OrangeBowl
.@bgazzar: Trump says "Unnecessary regulations... are being dramatically Cut". That includes methane standards. Will you go to #PorterRanch & interview Trump voters for their thoughts? Or, get an answer out of @saveporterranch or @JohnAndKenShow. Ask if that's #MAGA to them.
.@repronkind: #Twitter bans some & elevates others based purely on ideology. That means some of your constituents can't see your tweets or reply to them. Is that consistent with the U.S. Constitution in spirit? #Wisconsin
Rafael Gaglione is a top #football athlete. #Wisconsin #Miama #kneeball #MAGA #resist
.@repmarkpocan: you use #Twitter for official U.S. government business. @Twitter bans & suppresses people based on ideology, while elevating others who agree with them. Is that consistent in spirit with the U.S. Constitution? #Wisconsin
" #Facebook Says it is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments". #MAGA #resist
"Roseanne Barr threatens to retire in huff over Twitter feuding with liberals". SJWs claiming another scalp is horrible for the USA. OTOH.... Also, she's not serious. #MAGA #resist
.@bobclendenin: @AnnCoulter could send a loud message by taking Conway's scalp over getting paid by Zuckerberg to lie about amnesty. She refuses to do that. She refuses to give Trump smart anti-amnesty plans he could support. She might as well work for Pelosi. @mac551957 @JKiz23
All in Trump's circle except perhaps Miller are pro-amnesty (incl Bannon). I foresaw all this >2 years ago & tried to prevent it. Coulter enabled Trump instead. MT @bobclendenin @AnnCoulter You must have been very disappointed to see Trump appointees like Price and Mnuchin
.@joshuapchase @rising_serpent: simply by making smart arguments that'd undercut Dem leaders to their base, Trump could've have turned enough of Dem base against illegal #immigration. He did opposite. P.S. @ScottAdamsSays has admitted he's pro-amnesty. Are you? #MAGA
As Steinle verdict & Cuomo/Brown actions show, Trump has solidified blue areas *in support of illegal #immigration*. He could've done the opposite. @joshuapchase RT @rising_serpent: @ScottAdamsSays "Sanctuary Cities" are going to be complying much more with the law
Meanwhile, let's all take a legs break: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday