Gyorko - whose name sounds like a Hungarian dumpling or something - draws a walk that drives Lester off, after a homer & a double (I think, I haven't been scoring at home). #Cubs #Cardinals
RT @BradCarson Unlike Bonds, the more ARod speaks, the more I seemingly like him. Weird deal.
95% of r/w entertainers would probably throw infants off Trump Pyramid to placate their idol, if it helped their careers. #MAGA #resist
This simple rule will be right 99% of the time: if a r/w entertainer pushes something & it involves enriching the rich, they're completely sincere. Otherwise, they're just using it to grift. (an exception: many full-time life issue advocates are sincere) #MAGA #resist
.@CaolanRob: you hype a parade of #AltRight grifters (Milo, Tommy Robinson, Lauren Southern [the boat dip], etc.) grifting. If your goal is stopping #Twitter censorship, is it better to have millions on your side or just a few thousand?
#ARod giving Kris Bryant batting tips: "first, find an unused vein..." #Yankees #Cubs #MAGA #resist
.@jonkarl: #Breitbart says you said Trump Team Wants to Make Midterms ‘Referendum on Impeachment’. Since # who oppose Trump >>> # who support impeachment & since impeachment turns out even #GOP who oppose Trump, hasn't @TomSteyer greatly harmed the Dems? #resist
.@a_siab @AmmarRashidT: re censorship in Pakistan, my top tweet has an app that shows how #Twitter censors replies from or to people. Use it to help expose censorship Twitter is engaging in (**perhaps** on the behest of governments).
Nothing is simple when cons are around. Me: "You should try using a fork. It's a relatively new invention that might help you out." Con: "I DON'T NEED NO FORK!!!! FORKS IS FER COMMIES!!!" [etc. etc. etc.] #MAGA #resist
It's very simple: just do things the smart way. Use the app in my top tweet to show how #Twitter quashes dissent, then find a hook (like many liberals being silenced) to stop it. It should be simple. MT @Jesus_isPeace RT @GatestoneInst: Free speech in #Germany is eroding
Tonight's Trump Fireside Chat urged the citizens to take to the streets and burn cars and buildings to protest the Mueller investigation. Sarah Sanders helped make a video urging all to follow Trump's commands: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicThursday
I'm no biologist, but tits on a boar hog might, for all I know, serve some sort of biological or evolutionary purpose of some kind. Conservatives aren't like that. #MAGA #resist
I spent a lot of time writing an app that exposes it. It shows they censor about as many libs as cons. That means a big tent opposition to censorship could stop it. Are you willing to help? MT @kgarrison What are you willing to do to BATTLE #TWIITER CENSORSHIP? [Pippin tweet]
.@Anandstweets @iNetDemocracy: re "The use of criminal law to stifle free speech on the Internet in India", see the anti-censorship app in my top tweet. Run some dissenting accounts through it, post the results, and get someone in the media to cover it.
My data (actual data, not just anecdata) shows #Twitter censors both cons *and* libs. I oppose censorship across the board. What about you? MT @JustOneVoice3 RT @Steve_Pippin: TIRED OF TWITTER CENSORSHIP OF CONSERVATIVES? FIGHT BACK! @marsone2
Many in the USA were confused when Pres Trump announced we'd all be following a new religion with all new gods (multiple). "What is this Perun?" they asked. This explains our new national theology: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicThursday
.@blakersdozen: @paraga & other #Twitter "engineers" are incompetent enough to put cleartext passwords in a log file, but are competent enough to be able to determine no one else (Tata contractors, GRU, etc.) accessed it. That defies belief.
If 8 year olds couldn't make money building iPhones for #Apple, what would they do all day? Those in the West need to stop thinking about everything in First World terms. #MAGA #resist #FirstWorldProblems
What's hilariously ironic is #TheAtlantic doesn't want the answers. MT @olgakhazan MT TheAtlantic MT MrsSteveJobs MT FoxconnSuicideNets MT LittleFingersAreBestAtAssemblingIPhones Introducing our new podcast, Crazy/Genius. Host @DKThomp ask big questions
From HuffPost's "Leak: The Atlantic Had A Meeting About Kevin Williamson. It Was A Liberal Self-Reckoning": OLGA KHAZAN: Where is envelope? DAVID GRAHAM: What envelope? NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! OLGA KHAZAN: Where is envelope?
#NBCNews now says Michael Cohen's phones weren't tapped, the Feds just have a log of his calls. #MAGA #resist
"Double-encoding" means you see things like "&", etc on the page (not just the source). I saw that on #Twitter a while back. That means someone pushed changes to their code straight to the live site with no testing or bad testing. #SiliconValley #tech #technology #programming
Just as a *guess*, I'm going to *guess* #Twitter infrastructure engineers are on loan from #Oracle (or similar). That's the only thing competent about their whole operation. #MAGA #resist
#Twitter: - logged passwords in the clear... - double-encoded output on the live site... - showed me some logged-in-only info when I was definitely logged out... - hysterically gets the language of tweets wrong... Oh yeah, I want them deciding which tweets I shouldn't see.
As everyone could expect, it's worse: "Due to a bug, passwords were written to an internal log before completing the hashing process". #Twitter has to be the least technically-competent major company ever. #MAGA #resist
#Twitter says everyone needs to change their passwords: "We recently identified a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log". Does "unmasked" mean in the clear or hashed? Either is bad but the first is even worse. #MAGA #resist
"Feds tapped Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones". The whole "hey, let's elect someone who's in the WWE Hall of Fame" experiment can't end soon enough. Bring on the perp walks! #MAGA #resist
.@MikevdGalien: if you really oppose #Twitter censorship no matter who's being censored, then you'll help a big tent movement (not just cons, not just cons and libs, but everyone) to fight them censoring & deceiving potentially millions of their users. Will you help out?
.@MikevdGalien: you asked if #Twitter is shadowbanning Ted Cruz. I don't know, but my app (top tweet) shows many tweets to him from liberals are censored. About as many tweets from libs as from cons are censored to various newsmakers (Rand Paul, Pelosi, Ajit Pai, Pruitt, etc.)
Trump scientists have invented someone who talks like Ann Coulter but who's hot, who has talent, & who doesn't come up with unimplementable plans. She also plays the hurdy gurdy: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@goofballgeorge: 1. it's not "hyle"; I've never seen anyone get that wrong before. 2. Your ad boycott won't work because those co's can do w/o
Meanwhile back in Slovenia, Melania & Voces8 with Il est bel et bon: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Obviously, many of the cons whining about #Twitter / #Facebook / #Youtube censorship don't really oppose censorship. They're just upset they aren't the ones doing the censoring. #MAGA #resist #censorship
.@JamieGlazov: I have actual data on #Twitter censorship, see the examples at my top tweet. They censor about as many libs as cons. Either you're pro-censorship & think that's a good thing or you'll oppose censorship even of those you strongly disagree with. Which is it?
Eluveitie - A Rose For Epona: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
1. How's Josh? 2. My research shows #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. Does that make it OK or will you oppose censorship across the board? @NatasjaYonce RT @FRCdc: >60 con leaders are demanding an end to what they see as "censorship" from "liberal-leaning" #BigTech
.@pupbroofdog: FYI, @truckerbobs blocked me for seeking his help against Soros: You do the math.
.@alaynatreene: at #Axios you blog 'Over 60 conservatives demand Big Tech end "censorship"' [scare quotes yours]. My research (see my top tweet) shows #Twitter heavily censors replies from libs, cons, sports fans, etc. etc. Does that make censorship more or less worse, to you?
Map of Europe circa 1000BC shows how everyone in the world is related to the Duggars: #CountingOn #19Kids #FRC #MAGA #resist
.@retta3152: you RT @bluesea1964 complaining about #Twitter censorship, yet she blocked me over 1 tweet complaining about censorship: She's not anti-censorship, she just wishes she could be doing the censoring.
How did President Melania happen anyway? Some historical scholars point to her getting Trump to take the fall for extirpating Macron's tree: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Someone has 290k+ views on another video falsely claiming Joan Baez sang this Che tribute. I reported them.
The petition "Get Our Dept Of Justice DOJ to Ban Twitter & YouTube From Censorship" heavily references the Constitution, has
#Twitter censors replies from liberals/conservatives/sports fans/music fans... See the censorship checker in my top tweet for data. Will you help oppose Twitter censorship? MT @harlemdesir RT @UNESCO: "Freedom of expression is the mother of all other freedoms" - @aristeguicnn
My research (see the examples at my top tweet) shows #Twitter is censoring replies to @Amnesty. I suggest you start there. MT @amnestypress MT @AmnestyEARO: Freedom to broadcast, publish and produce news without censorship, harassment or violence is important
#FoxNews seems to have gone all in for Trump: #MAGA #resist
Whatever Trump builds of his "wall" (actually bollards & fencing) would be torn down by te next admin. Johns can't figure that out, or he can & he doesn't care. MT @PoliticallyRYT MT @michaeljohns: Over million pending illegal immigration cases and counting. But still no wall...
This is the actual Joan Baez with The Partisan, a song celebrating Trump fighting against Mueller's witchhunt: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Trump's "fix" is amnesty. My fix is undercutting his pal Pelosi to her base. Which side are you on? #MAGA MT @Maggieb1B RT @dtannie: I am just so damn mad! Illegals camped on the border demanding entry. When will Congress support the President and fix the #immigration laws?
.@JoshuaHol: hey old pal, Memeorandum reminded you still exist (and are still mindlessly playing the race card). Is Trump Wall an implementable plan? That is, even if parts of it were built, would it stay in place? Where's the campaign to wise up #MAGA how it's unimplementable?
.@EMARIANOMD @drjohnpatton: see the recent @PewInternet study where they tried to quash dissent using the completely bogus Botometer (which says, e.g., JakeTapper is almost as bot-like as an actual bot). #PewInternet studies aren't credible: GIGO.
Thanks to a Dr. Bornstein MRI, we've been able to find out what Melania dreams about: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
~BREAKING~ through her lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Gidget has announced that she's joining the Trump admin as one of his new lawyers-for-lawyers-for-lawyers: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Kirsten Powers is an incredible prude, and not in a nice way (religious) or a good way. #CNN #MAGA #resist
Pitcher Don Trump & new Official Trump #Yankees manager Donald Trump get a shut-out and complete game against the Official Trump #Astros in Official Trump Park in Official Trumpton. #MAGA #resist
.@ranotracoke @tomorrowsviews: my #Twitter censorship checker (see the examples at my top tweet) shows your replies to Blackburn were ghosted by TWTR: they made you think your replies appeared but her team probably never saw them. Urge #EFF, #ACLU, etc to oppose such ghosting.
#ESPN has #Astros vs #Yankees, Univision has America (the team, not the country) vs Pumas (the team, not the actual animal). There needs to be better synchronization of our opiates. #MAGA #resist
.@dino4dino @collinsnicole07: FYI, your recent tweets to marshablackburn were censored by #Twitter (see the examples at the link in my top tweet). You were ghosted. Don't want TWTR to silence you? Urge reporters & representatives to look into how TWTR silences dissent.
.@RealDonaldTrump: say, have you tried these *purple berries*? Please read the sheet I gave you, it has pics of the "purple berries". No, DON'T tweet it. Just READ it. It's in there. It describes what "purple berries" are. #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday
.@ECK888888: your tweet appears in searches with the #Twitter API. The real test is where your replies turn up. Run your account through the app in my top tweet to see. Note: many who are censored are libs. Making it just about cons *helps* TWTR by shrinking the tent.
.@mattbraga: you blog "To censor the internet, 10 countries use Canadian filtering technology, researchers say". See the examples at my top tweet for how #Twitter rearranges/censors tweets incl many from liberals. Try the app with a foreign IP to see how bad it is.
As an alternative to commienist #MayDay, Trump has mandated that all must sing Solidarity With #MAGA Forever by #FoxNews contributor Pete Seeger: #NowPlaying #resist #MusicTuesday
Da! Private! Olya & I now show TV show "Is There Nothing Conservatives Cannot Do?" Today episode: walking. Ach MG, they have walked into a wall!! Now they walk backwards down stairs!! Nein, nein! #MAGA #resist
My research (actual data) shows #Twitter censors large numbers of liberals too. Just making it a con thing *helps* $TWTR by shrinking the tent. MT @WTPatty MT @AngeloRayGomez: Apparently the constant censorship of Conservatives on Twitter...
.@dailycallout: my research (real data, not anecdata) shows #Twitter censors large numbers of libs, sports fans, music fans... It's not just cons. Those who try to make it just a con issue *help* Twitter and Facebook by shrinking the tent.
The tree Macron gave Trump was put into quarantine too late. Whatever disease it had infected Trump, causing him to make this our new national anthem: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
As a courtesy and out of respect for everyone's ears, I will not play The Internationale sung by Billy Bragg even as a joke. #MAGA #resist
.@SunnyHoi: my top tweet has an open source app that surfs #Twitter as a logged-in user using a real web browser. It reveals which accounts are being shadowbanned. Maybe you can try it with Peppa Pig or - even better - some accounts of Chinese dissidents.
.@peppapigus: via @FortuneTech supposedly you're being censored by China. How about helping bust #Twitter for helping the Chinese govt quash dissent? Try the app in my top tweet using a Chinese IP & a Chinese testing account (or similar).
Taylor Swift w/ the Trump anthem, Not For You But Just For Me: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
.@RoseHasNoThorns @SaysMissy: Trump has the means to make smart arguments that'd undercut Pelosi etc to many 20 somethings. Either he isn't smart enough to think up those smart arguments or he is but won't use them. Which is it?
Maybe 2% of 20-something's consciously believe in open borders. Many support loose borders because the alternative - being aligned with Trump & his base - is incredibly unpalatable to most. MT @RoseHasNoThorns RT @SaysMissy: [some 20 somethings believe in open borders]
Tonight's Official Trump Gregorian Chant is Terra Tremuit by CIRMA/ Ensemble Organum. Musics/lyrics/arrangement/singing/everything by Pres Trump himself: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
When the Martians land, I intend to tell them that Sheriff David A. Clarke is America's answer to Kasparov. That'll really f them up. #MAGA #resist
Real chess would be making smart arguments that make DACA politically toxic. Why aren't you & Trump doing it? MT @SheriffClarke I like [Texas suing to stop DACA]. It’s STRATEGIC. Now we’re playing CHESS instead of checkers. Time to give LEFTIES taste of own medicine. Sue ‘em., then, at minute 25 of the teleplay, we reveal that #MAGA are the sane ones and it's everyone else who's nuts: #resist #TwilightZone
"The president's personal attorney represented multiple clients in New York who allegedly staged car crashes to cheat insurance companies". Colluding with Putin is one thing, but a *PI lawyer*??? That's a new low even for Trump's comrades. #MAGA #resist
.@DeWineHustedOH: you say @mikedewine & @JonHusted are "rock-solid conservatives". I want to know if they're patriotic Americans who stand with American workers. Do either support legalizing more than 100k illegal aliens? Will both pledge to completely oppose that?
#Facebook is beginning to rank news orgs by trust to determine what to elevate or suppress. #Breitbart is not a trustworthy source, but neither is the MSM: both outrageously mislead. Zuck lives in a world where the MSM's deceptions are reality. #MAGA #resist
Welcome in! Bettina Schmekl and I are back with another edition of "Is There Anything Conservatives Can't Fix!" Today's show is about boiling water! We're watching conservatives boil water. Ach MG, THE WATER, IT BURNS!!! HOW COULD THEY BURNEN THE WATER?!?!? #MAGA #resist
I couldn't get that last vid to play to, wracked with guilt, I consulted with Pres Trump & he suggested playing the Official 24Ahead Alternative, Official Trump Approved Closing Argument: #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicMonday
24Ahead closes the broadcast day in the usual way, with the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra as Trump recommends: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
My research (top tweet) shows #Twitter censors plenty of libs. Does that make it OK or are you willing to oppose censorship across the board? MT @Necratech MT @SassySouthern10: @Wildmanwings Unfortunately there's too much censorship of conservative on all social media outlets
.@accessnow: my research (see my pinned tweet) shows #Twitter might be censoring millions of users. They're cruelly deceiving them (by ghosting them). See the reports at the link, & try out the open source app yourself. Note: this isn't about cons: they censor many libs too.
Apparently, #Telegram is being blocked in Iran and Russia. That Telegram? Thankfully, #DailyMail is still available.
Backwater, shadowbanned tweeter repeatedly posts Estonian video that, sexiest as he is, makes even him feel a bit uncomfortable despite it not being that bad. Perhaps due to the uncomfortableness of it all: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
Take some responsibility for once. #TheResistance can't even conceive of The Wall being unimplementable or using that to undercut Trump to his base. Examine your endless failures. MT @MattAltman2 MT @Julesitter: ...Trump has achieved step 1 of successful authoritarianism...
.@Niconotrussian @AllenVolunteers: I got under Kashkari's skin so much he ranted about me on the radio. But, he never blocked me. @JoinTravisAllen never tried to engage me, he blocked me after a few tweets pointed out how fake he is. He's an emotinally weak coward. #CAGOP
.@mgtythor @jkhomes2012: please analyze all of the @JoinTravisAllen statements on #immigration. Notice how he always brings everything back to spending? That's his real issue, not immigration. He's a fiscal con at heart, & fiscal cons are always ultimately pro-amnesty. #CAGOP
My research (real data, not anecdata) shows #Twitter censors libs about as much as cons. You can't just oppose censorship for one side, otherwise you're as base as TWTR. MT @wnpcat RT @AngMartinelli: We need your help to rally conservatives/libertarians/others against censorship
.@ShivamShankarS: my open source #Twitter #censorship checker (see my top tweet) shows Modi's tweets aren't being censored (see the examples). Why don't you try it with other accounts and then post the results?
Cruz blocked me despite never tweeting her. But, since - unlike her - I oppose censorship, tell me how to help. MT @DonnaMartinNeth RT @WeR_MANY: ATTN: Facebook has SHUT ALL of #RealErinCruz Pages down for a post she posted YEARS AGO! THIS IS CENSORSHIP in the PUREST FORM
Socratic debate is the solution to all political issues. If you think a policy is "terrible", ask supporters tough, pointed questions designed to force them into making admissions against interest. MT @MinaForNebraska What's best way to create awareness of this terrible policy?
.@MinaForNebraska: you promote "Building Black Women's Political Power". Would you, say, promote "Building White Men's Political Power" in a "majority-minority" context or are you a full-on, fact-free Gramscian? Nevertheless, I'll answer your question next.
Because you haven't seen it enough, here are videos of Mila Kunis speaking Russian: Because someone has to translate Trump's speeches after Putin writes them. #MAGA #resist
He certainly would. And, zero of his loudest opponents have the smarts, integrity, or sanity to prevent that. Such as by offering an alternative to those worried about their jobs at the plant. MT @sarahkendzior ...Trump would like more absolute power than he currently has...
3 music videos of twirling Gypsy love: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
By the @IndivisibleTeam? Because that's who's behind all these "alt" accounts, right? #MAGA #resist MT @altGS_rocks @AltUSPressSec @AltDIA Confirmed. Every single tweet I make is being harvested to Washington, DC datacenter
Remember #OWS? Think back: they're the ones who camped in public parks to oppose Wall Street (???). Here are 11 videos of them trying to stifle debate like lil' fascists: #MAGA #resist #IL6 #IL06
.@CBIL6th: if you were really going to engage @PeterRoskam & @JobCreatorsUSA in Socratic debate & not just chant "mic check!", what were your questions? E.g., were you planning to undercut the very idea of "job creators" vs where demand really starts: consumers?