Except he's letting "bad and dangerous" ppl come here. MT @SebGorka: Trump will NEVER back down when it comes to Radical Islamic Terrorism
.@abedelman: do you have any evidence of Trumpbots (or Scavinobots) ever actually doing anything? Come back when you have that. #resist
.@MessingSusan: @TonyAtamanuik isn't "speaking truth to power": He says what his bosses want him to say. #comedy
.@abedelman blogs the extremely weak "The billionaire GOP patron behind Trump's social media bot army" about Mercer. No there there. #resist
.@AndrewBeatty: if you're sincere, you'll make this happen: Urge they reply.
.@AndrewBeatty: let's see if you can light a candle, not just posture about the darkness. Coulter etc & opposite numbers need *real* replies
.@AndrewBeatty: I scanned replies on SHSanders45 tweet based on your claim & didn't see much "vitriol". Just dumb jokes (like mine).
DERPMT @AndrewBeatty Read replies to SarahHuckabee's tweet. Is that much vitriol nado when little kid takes his mum's phone? It's not normal
.@SHSanders45, her kid, or her butt tweeted this:
.@DavidWohl: IOW, Trump increased risk of terrorism. Ramping up screening would've reduced it. Are you more patriotic to Trump than to USA?
.@DavidWohl: Trump admitted that - due to his #MuslimBan actions - "many very bad and dangerous people" are "pouring" into USA.
.@DavidWohl: in retrospect, which would have kept USA safer: #MuslimBan or just ramping up screening? Bear in mind Trump's admission.
.@TimNaftali @BeschlossDC: is @AnnCoulter telling the truth about history?
.@BrandonOHennen: to Coulter's Muslim tweet you say "Although Jefferson was a fan". Tell us more. Do you have info to show her wrong?
.@gaylerosenthal: to Coulter's Muslims tweet, you say "Cherry picking history, Ann". What would you say to undercut her to her fans?
.@MarshStefanie: to Coulter you say "Your father was part German. What on earth are you on about, woman". How's that help undercut her?
.@Framelight: to Coulter's Muslims tweet you say "Just when I thought you couldn't get any crazier [etc]". How's that help discredit her?
.@FelineOverlords: first reply to Coulter's ahistoric, idiotic Muslims tweet is your childish smear image. People like you *help* her.
#LSU Papists come back late to win. Now all they need are butt implants so I can relive the glory days of #WCWS. #MCWS #MAGA
.@MarkGillar: Trump Wall/Fence would be easily torn down by next pres. Since all that's new to you, admit you're not qualified to make plans
.@MarkGillar: Trump Wall will at most be some fencing (which is what Trump's EO defines it to include). Wall will be sued away like his ban.
MT @AnnCoulter Founding Fathers flipped out when too many GERMANS came here. They certainly didn't want a bunch of Muslims in burqas
DERPMT @MarkGillar [to Coulter's Jerusalem Embassy tweet] it's not. If WALL isn't started by 2020, Trump will not be elected to second term
DERPMT @AnnCoulter Is [US Embassy in Jerusalem] seriously more important than ending DACA? Than building the Wall? Than ending NAFTA?
.@timfowler7_tim: Coulter (in Paris!) refused to take a side in Russia vs Algeria in 2014 #WorldCup. Would you too refuse to take a side?
#LSU Papists pull ahead of #MississippiState Real Muricans. #MCWS #WCWS #MAGA
.@RealSaavedra has blocked me over I predict it's not going to be a wise move for him.
Last game of #StanleyCup, #SNB, and #USAvsMEX are all on around same time tomorrow. There's counterprogramming & there's idiocy. #MAGA
.@robertwicke: your show important. So is monitoring jihadis reentering UK from warzones, right? Be a patriot and ask @sadiqkhan about it.
.@robertwicke: @sadiqkhan says yours is a "must see" performance. Does him letting jihadis come back from warzones w/o monitoring them OK?
.@piersmorgan: pin down @sadiqkhan or lawmaker on when they'll *do specific action*. If they dodge that or fail to do it, destroy them.
.@piersmorgan vs @sadiqkhan is a bit weak.. until you compare it what CNN/MSNBC/Breitbart/NYT/etc/etc do. #MAGA #resist #Socratic
.@piersmorgan vs @sadiqkhan on jihadis reentering UK from warzones, video: #MAGA #resist
#OregonSt widens lead over Anderson Cooper State U's Commodores, while #LSU Tony Cachieres fail to tie it up against #MississippiSt #Yokels.
#GriffithPark golfers (IYKWIM) appear to have failed to negotiate a turn & got their golf cart stuck in a fence. Is there a wimpier hobby?
.@mitchellvii @Cernovich @JustinRaimondo: not calling @CrispinSartwell names or trying to get him fired, but *destroying* his ideas. You in?
.@mitchellvii @Cernovich @JustinRaimondo: @CrispinSartwell wrote anti-Trump, pro-illegal activity OpEd in WSJ. Let's help discredit him!
.@LimitGovt: it took almost a *full 1/2 hour* (maybe as much as 25mins!) at #DMV. GET THE JACKBOOT OF GOVT OPPRRESSION OFF THE PEOPLE! #MAGA
Comment w/ 5 upvotes at #TheBlaze begins: "Those caught crossing should have to help build the wall". #Constitution #resist #immigration
#Texas AG @KenPaxtonTX praises Trump's incompetent, fleeting #immigration moves: #MAGA
"Ostapenko is a powerful and fearless hitter from the baseline, addicted to risk..." To the extent there's risk in #tennis. #MAGA #resist
"Jelena Ostapenko, Unseeded Latvian, Rallies to Win French Open". #UnseededLatvian #MAGA #resist
Today's Trump-mandated Bombard & Organ & Choir song is #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #FreedomFries
In Feb, Trump admitted that *due to his idiotic ban*, he was letting "many very bad and dangerous people" into USA. #MuslimBan #MAGA #resist
Trump Feb tweet: "Because the ban was lifted by a judge, many very bad and dangerous people may be pouring into our country". #MAGA #resist
.@ukloner: by Trump's own admission, his actions led to dangerous people entering USA. Has @ScottAdamsSays explained that away?
Would that have kept ACLU from gutting SB1070? MT @GarrettGeringer [a Coulter] If [Kobach] needs any volunteers during the winter I can help
DERPMT @ChadMacmillan Ah'd rather see [Kobach] in the Trump Whitehouse. Trump needs to get his head on straight when it comes to immigration
MT @DexterHaven [Kobach is] Awesome news! Kansas needs more conservative leadership. Brownsack was such a RINO w/ his pansy liberal policies
In news from only TV sports game, #OregonSt Man Beavers holds on against late threat from Anderson Cooper State U Commodores. #MAGA #resist
Bach on Nancy Cathedral organ: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #FreedomFries
.@WSUasa: Rapinoe enables a radical anti-white group that's inspired multiple murders. That's not how you grow women's #soccer. #USWNT
.@realdenisemc: Kobach's #SB1070 just helped #ACLU; a smart plan would've hurt them. Coulter's hyping someone who helped ACLU. #Arizona
.@GielAvenue: even Coulter realizes "In Trump We Trust" was a dumb idea. Trump Wall will never be built. Kobach has always lost to ACLU.
.@WSUasa: re growing women's #soccer, @USSoccer hiding games away on channels millions don't get isn't helping. Rapinoe is just as bad.
In real sports news, #OregonSt adds 2 against the Commodores of Anderson Cooper State U. #MAGA #resist #ESPN #NFLBLM #NBABLM
.@WoSoComps: better question: does @mPinoe feel any shame for supporting a movement that's inspired multiple murders? #USWNT #USMNT #soccer
DERPMT @GielAvenue [a Coulter] 1st gov then pres (after Trump's 8 yrs--w/ wall built). An upcoming book surely will be "In Kobach We Trust"
.@tliarch @katben2005: Kobach is completely worthless at reducing illegal #immigration. He's always lost to ACLU; smarter plans wouldn't.
Best news for #ACLU & Dems that is -> MT @AnnCoulter BEST NEWS ALL YEAR! Kris Kobach launches campaign for Kansas governor // #MAGA
All (I guess) 4:49 & 17 innings of the #WCWS Game 1 final: In case you miss real sports on TV. #MAGA #resist
Heartwarming! Trump visits Putin on his birthday, gives him copy of Breitbart: #MAGA #resist
In news about the only sporting event on TV, #Vanderbilt hits homer to pull within 2 of #OregonSt. #MCWS #NFLBLM #NBABLM #MAGA
It's had to watch #FlatButtBall after watching #RoundButtBallYesSomeAreLesbiansButItsNotLikeIWasGoingToHitAHomerOnThemAnyway. #MAGA #resist
In news about the only sports game that's on TV right now, #OregonSt got a run & then #Vanderbilt got out of the jam. #NFLBLM #NBABLM #MAGA
My wild guess was that Farsi for "star" would be "asteri". I was close enough for gubmint work, it's supposedly "setaareh". #Koch #resist
.@AsherLangton: @AlexNowrasteh should thank his asteri his opponents like @jhansonwrites are too deranged to help me discredit him.
.@jhansonwrites allegedly said "hasn't anyone stuffed you in an oven yet?" to my bud @AlexNowrasteh: @AsherLangton
In today's sports news, the #LongBeach #Dirtbags held on to win against #CSFullerton. Now, #OregonSt is ahead of #Vanderbilt. #MAGA #resist
Late afternoon on a Friday, I went to the #DMV. It took **almost a full half an hour**. That's it! I'm calling for no govt at all! #TEAPARTY
.@ussoccer: #soccer in USA already has enough problems, you do it no good by locking it away on channels 10s of millions don't get. #USMNT
$ is good, but urging her to use would be even better. MT @JordyAri I'm donating to Karen Handel's campaign
.@ussoccer: #USAvsMEX is on channels tens of millions don't get. How can #USMNT be a "national" team when millions can't see them?
#CNN firing @RezaAslan over calling Trump a POS is bad precedent & a pebble in Road To #Idiocracy. Just show him wrong as I keep doing.
#CNN has cancelled #Believer & fired @RezaAslan. His completely voluntary confession: #MAGA #resist
.@davidfrum: 195 leaders who refused to call Trump on how his plans would fail miserably:
.@davidfrum: I've been pointing out how Trump's #immigration policies would fail since 2015:
Just like I said -> MT @davidfrum One [London attacker was] Pakistan-born. The other Moroccan-born. Neither subject to the Trump travel ban
.@wilw: bargain from a position of strength, not weakness: adapt this technique to your issue:
Bargaining from position of weakness -> MT @wilw This is so important. Please, make two calls [to Congress] today [about healthcare]
.@TomArnold: so @BetteMidler won't fear "cross-examining" Trump using a tough policy question: When will she?
MT @TomArnold Do you not know anything about @BetteMidler The woman is afraid of no man. Even lying weasels @realDonaldTrump
Who opposed him & mass #immigration agenda? Are they competent? Should you enable them? MT @BanTheBBC Corbyn is pro immigration. Disaster
Trump claims dancers are tapping out "Comey is liar" in Morris code: #MAGA #resist
&, problem is mass immig. opponents are incompetent. MT @Peoples_Pundit More cops won't stop UK terror attacks. Problem is immigration
Because UK opponents are like you: dim, deranged, & fringe. MT @TOOEdit How can immigration not be the #1 issue [in UK elections]???
.@TOOEdit: please list Trump policies that aren't intensely stupid & corrupt. His failed #MuslimBan that continues Obama's agenda perhaps?
DERPMT @TOOEdit Impeaching Trump would make us 3rd World nation where such means R customary ways corrupt elites to hold on to power
3 songs that in part aren't that far from what Melanie Martinez does now: #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist
I'd suggest @melanielbbh uses, say, Bicare by Demet or non-metal parts of In My Land by Arkona as inspiration. That's today's advice.
I'd have @melanielbbh do some things with a Euro/MidEast folk/world flavor. Not as far, something like Ophelia by NatMerch.
Were I @melanielbbh 's Svengali/Gainsbourg/Spector, I'd reduce use of synths & pop motifs, adding in real instruments incl. folk instruments
.@htmlmencken: if you really want to undercut @HeerJeet, help me show his base how pro-corporate & pro- #Koch he is on #immigration.
The Canadian failing to support Trump on #CNN is @mshields007. Trump can't attract or find smart helpers. #MAGA #resist
.@emquiry @bluemir: since I'm sure you want to undercut Kobach to his voters (strong intersection w/ Trump base), how do you suggest that?
.@emquiry @bluemir: at #TPM & #PFAW, you blog about Kobach running for #Kansas gov. I'm sure your goal isn't just to use him as a bogeyman.
.@APjdhanna: at same time, @KrisKobach1787 is too corrupt & dumb to undercut you & AP on #immigration. It's MAD that screws USA. #Kansas
.@APjdhanna: you & @KrisKobach1787 are engaged in a form of MAD: you won't discuss how incompetent he is on #immigration (eg losing to ACLU)
MT @APjdhanna KS Sec of State @KrisKobach1787, who's advised President Trump, opens bid for gov. with themes echoing Trump's in '16
Why is a Canadian arguing for Trump on #CNN?