Regular people asking pols questions is like regular people representing themselves in court. It simply doesn't work. #CNNTownhall #CNN
.@DanaBashCNN: please find an actual expert who can call out Tom Price's BS. There are many who could ask him very tough questions. #CNN
.@DanaBashCNN: I enjoy watching you, but please admit you aren't qualified to show how Tom Price has to be lying about healthcare. #CNN
.@JrJacktown @TheLeeGreenwood: what do you think about Trump trying to cut Meals on Wheels? What sort of sociopath is he? #MAGA #resist
.@LowyInstitute: FYI, Harold Koh isn't too bright: Do you have another explanation, perhaps? #Yale
What do you think about Trump stopping Meals on Wheels? MT @TeddiMckinney: @realDonaldTrump American people are behind you! God bless you!
"Trump Just Announced Plan To End 'Meals On Wheels' For Seniors". That might actually be last straw: it's easy to understand. #MAGA? #resist
Trump Realism will replace Natl Endowment for Arts; to feature bold images of tractors, factories, wheat. #MAGA #TrumpPutin2016 #resist
"Trump Proposes Eliminating the Arts and Humanities Endowments". In its place, something called Trump Realism. #MAGA #TrumpPutin2016 #resist
Like many of today's celebrities, all @driverminnie needs is a brain transplant and she'd be OK. #MAGA #resist #Speechless
Watching #Speechless feels like there's a wolverine inside your brain cage. W/o looking, I'll guess it's from the #ModernFamily guy. #MAGA
Trump is in the West Wing in his boxers watching #TheVoice, muttering "that fucking bitch" every time Celine Dion is on. #MAGA #ShowTunes
I'm not sitting through a 20 min Trump interview just to find out how weak the questions @TuckerCarlson asked are. #MAGA #TheResistance
.@espnstevelevy: what's the matter with #ESPN that they can't show soccer/baseball in place of hoops once or twice? No wonder ratings suck.
.@espnstevelevy: NFL worried about burnout due to a few game slots per week. #ESPN plays hoops 24/7 on all channels in all universes.
.@peppadewfresh: member how I asked you 14 months ago how much salt was in this 4.59oz bottle of #Peppadew & you didn't respond? Guess what.
To Trump fans, dumb, ineffective plans that make them feel good are better than smart plans that would work. They help screw USA. #MAGA
In Dec 2015 I described how Trump could keep the USA safe: He's made us *less* safe. #MAGA #resist #immigration
I described how Trump's #MuslimBan would fail way back in Dec 2015: #MAGA #resist #immigration
Trump could've made the USA safer if he'd *just* done stringent screening w/o mentioning religions/regions/countries. #MAGA #resist
The bottom line is that the USA is *less* safe because of Trump's actions. *He's* responsible: the buck stops with him. #MAGA #resist
Smart power! #Hawaii judge completely blocks Trump's #MuslimBan2. We'd be safer if Trump had *just* done stringent screening. #MAGA? #resist
.@GMPaiella: like you, @AriadneHuff weighs in on Kellyanne Conway's style: #MAGA #resist
I don't expect @TuckerCarlson to use any of my #TuckerAskPOTUS questions, but it doesn't matter. When he doesn't I'll use it against him.
"Smart argument to undercut Dem leaders to base: When have you made similar?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Kak dela?" #TuckerAskPOTUSAltUniverse #MAGA! #resist
"Smart argument to undercut Dem leaders to their base: When have you made similar?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"If you compromise w/ the Dems on 'immigration reform', how many illegal aliens would you support legalizing?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"When you said you want to work w/ Dems on 'immigration reform', doesn't that automatically imply some sort of compromise?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"5 smart ways you could undercut Liz Warren to her base: How many are you doing?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Liz Warren's #immigration stance shows how fake she is: that stance is very pro-corporate. Why do you just call her names?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Why have you so far refused to undercut Liz Warren to her base where she's incredibly vulnerable: on #immigration?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Why do you call Liz Warren 'Pocahontas' when that only plays at Breitbart & helps solidify Warren's support?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Could you list the immigration arguments you use that undercut Dem leaders to their base, rather than just play at Fox?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Right after you announced your #MuslimBan in Dec 2015 it was clear to me how it would fail. Why wasn't that clear to you?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Looking back, wouldn't stringent screening (as defined in last tweet) have kept USA safer than your travel bans did?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Looking back, wouldn't just stringent screening (no paper trail=no admittance) w/o mentioning countries have been better?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"You won't be president forever. What happens after the next Dem president tears down Trump Wall?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Harvard only admits ~2k per year. If they admit an illegal alien, aren't there many equally-qualified Americans left out?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"There are only limited college slots. If an American & an illegal alien vie for one slot, how'd you decide the winner?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"You've repeatedly indicated you support legalizing DREAMers. Why would you do that when it would harm American students?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"By not thinking through your Ebola plan & understanding Obama's arguments, didn't you just help him continue his agenda?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"Why was your 2014 #Ebola plan ignored? How could you have done better?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
"You could've used Chicago melee to undercut BLM: Why didn't you?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
.@jyarow: all Trump's losses are self-inflicted. His loudest opponents lack smarts/sanity/life experience to hand him a loss.Hilarious & sad
.@jyarow blogs "Trump just got a nice victory,thanks to,of all people, Rachel Maddow" as if they've ever done anything that gave him a loss.
.@ArethadKitson: sharpened version of your Q is OK, but please also ask my (non-joke) Q's for #TuckerAskPOTUS. Help undercut Trump or Tucker
.@ArethadKitson: you have to get specific, use opposites. "A said B, you said (contradictory) C. Which is true?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
MT @ArethadKitson: #TuckerAskPOTUS Why does he lie about his Russian ties when his own flesh & blood said they do have Russian business?
Even better, he should enyahalate Ryan. MT @MegFord7 #TuckerAskPOTUS when he's gonna enihalate ryan
Excellent! MT @schweinehund74 RT @SteveMotley: #TuckerAskPotus when #JohnPodesta & the other #PizzaGate criminals are going to be arrested?
At least it's a real question MT @triplerbailbond Does he support @GovChristie #njbail reform? Hopefully not! #TuckerAskPOTUS
The President isn't Bieber & you aren't a 10-year-old. Please act like a citizen. MT @coff33loveit TuckerAskPOTUS if he reads our tweets;)
.@TuckerCarlson: "Any smart pol would've used Chicago melee to separate opponents (ie, Bernie from BLM) What did you do?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
.@TuckerCarlson: "I accurately described how #MuslimBan would fail in Dec 2015. Would listening have prevented trouble?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
.@TuckerCarlson: "how will you keep next pres from tearing down Trump Wall?" "Why not *just* stringent screening?" #TuckerAskPOTUS
Months later, @RealDonaldTrump hyped the anti-American #IAmThe53 concept (see ). #MAGA? #TheResistance
See site in my bio for a dozen+ Qs. RT @TuckerCarlson: will interview Trump Wed. What would you ask? Tweet questions using #TuckerAskPOTUS
Trump tweet on Feb 23, 2012: "HALF of Americans don't pay income tax despite crippling govt debt..." He hyped anti-American concept. #MAGA?
.@mariocotto: sanctuary cities = crooked pols helping connected biz lower US wages. @ericgarcetti knew @TheMadBrand wouldn't follow $. #KCRW
.@mariocotto: did you hear @TheMadBrand interview with @ericgarcetti? Sad, not any kind of journalism. He had to correct her on law. #KCRW
.@LiveEUDebate: it's a mind war. Eg, when someone gives @ryp__ press, use to undercut him. @GoldingBF
.@LiveEUDebate: @GoldingBF post reeks of GatewayPunditism. He's not going to change any minds. There are smart args he could use but won't.
DERPMT @LiveEUDebate RT @GoldingBF: Report: Cui bono the multi-$billion business of European immigration? -
Anti-American @RealDonaldTrump on Feb 23, 2012: #MAGA? #TheResistance
.@davidfolkenflik joined Twit in 2007, back when "Dave" was probably available. He has a Murdoch site but probably thinks he's anti-amnesty.
.@davidfolkenflik: Trump's a con, just not a conservative. Murdoch - like Trump - is a big amnesty fan. Do you understand that of both them?
So much wrong MT @davidfolkenflik Many hacks believed WSJ pulled punches on Trump during campaign to dovetail w con symps of Baker & Murdoch
The real solution is things like Breitbart etc won't do it: there's no $ in it.
99% of Breitbart etc readers have been outraged about illegal #immigration for years, yet it continues. Clearly that's no solution. #MAGA
How does riling up Breitbart etc readers over illegal #immigration help anyone besides Breitbart's bottom line? It doesn't. #MAGA #resist
.@solmartpropert1 @LessGovMoreFun: the goal has to be to undercut Dem leaders to their base. Anything else is Circle J. How's Jindal help?
MT @solmartpropert1 RT @LessGovMoreFun: Best comment from Gov. Jindal -- "Immigration without assimilation isn't immigration. Eto invasion"
.@richardsyrett: maybe play one of these songs on @CoastToCoastAM every once in a while: There's lots more.
.@TheLionness8: every good thing you say about DREAMers reflects badly on you. Like past colonialists, you'd steal from MX. @Fahrenthold
MT @TheLionness8 [a moi] @Fahrenthold [DREAMers] more than any1 deserve a shot at American dream. They came here thru no fault of their own
Estonian Chainsaw Massacre: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #LiberateTheBaltics #MAGA #TheResistance
#ESPN is showing a score from World Baseball Classic but.. isn't showing the actual World Baseball Classic. They only know hoops. #MAGA?
.@JoanOfArgghh: I want to show @RepRaulGrijalva wrong *to his base*. Instapundit just hyped worthless kid's stuff:
.@JoanOfArgghh: Glenn Reynolds cowardly hid behind a fake name to tell me to "STFU". He promoted holding up bunny ears behind a politician.
.@JJDJ1187: what do you think of @Instapundit hiding being a fake name to tell me to "STFU"? Honorable? #MAGA
.@zoecello: what do you think about @Xeni deleting non-abusive comments showing her wrong? Would you do that?
,@tribelaw: if you understood Trump's appeal, you'd see how to undercut him: by showing his fans he won't deliver. Not Whitey Tape Part 2.
,@tribelaw: Trump appeals to 10s of millions of people. Clearly, people like you lack the smarts & life experience to understand his appeal.
How sad. Their real need is help thinking. MT @tribelaw: Absolutely. I hereby offer to defend both maddow & DavidCayJ pro bono if needed
A @AceofSpadesHQ guest blogger linked the only plan that would've stopped Obama. Ace & readers ignored to harp on time wasting crap. #MAGA
.@AceofSpadesHQ repeatedly made readers think Ben Smith (!) was going to get an Obama bombshell (Whitey Tape, Ayres, etc.) Never happened.
.@yashar Ace of Spades lulled his readers into complacency, thinking Whitey Tape would be released. @NormEisen is like Ace on Trump's taxes.
His advice is also terrible for Trump opponents/USA, but who cares? MT @yashar I will say it again, @NormEisen is absolutely terrible on TV.
I discovered a 2006 post that had links (albeit nofollow) to *both* BoingBoing & Instapundit. Now making that & others even more unlinked.
.@LovelyLowEnd @MeghanMorriso11: I asked @DavidCayJ to help & he ignored it: he knew better. Now the USA suffers because of his pride.
.@LovelyLowEnd @MeghanMorriso11: Trump woulda lost if a smart person had engaged him in debate about vital policy at one of his events.
.@NHLBarryMelrose: it'd be great if #ESPN showed hockey (or soccer or baseball) game once in a while rather than 24/7 hoops on all channels.
.@marcylauren: I repeatedly told @davidcayj how to stop Trump, but he knew best: How'd that work out?
.@marcylauren: Trump's 2005 taxes will have zero impact; in a few days or a month you'll realize that and please remember these tweets.
Xeni isn't a credible source. And, "the goods" will have zero impact. #resist? MT @PattyMarvel RT xeni: NEWS: DavidCayJ got the goods
As I've pointed out many times, Trump's taxes are a red herring at best. His supposed 2005 taxes have been posted & they'll do nothing.
.@cotterespn: we no longer have a pres that does "brackets". Our new prez played soccer. It's safe for #ESPN to play soccer once in a while.
The smart, sane, pro-American way to solve #Trumpcare & other problems: Stop kid's stuff. #resist