10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - Cherry Tree: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
Sher: you support question authority, yet Steyer refuses to do it. He's just a wannabe oligarch trying to impose his will. I've repeatedly tried to get him to help challenge Trump & his proxies in debate & he won't. MT @retrosher RT doclynn: @TomSteyer Sue the Faux News bastards
Two versions of The Chanter's song from Isle of Skye separated by a few years: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
I've never tweeted @doclynn - at least under that name - but it's blocked me. There must be a list.
.@konskicoco: hell for @AnnCoulter is not selling books. If you want to change her behavior, then make that happen. Here's how: Will you help out & encourage #TheResistance to join in?
Crazy cat lady @BSVLMJ blocked me, long time ago:
.@DartLucy @JaniceTXBlessed: Trump could easily make smart arguments that'd undercut amnesty-supporting Dem leaders to their base. That'd make supporting amnesty & illegal immigration politically toxic. Why isn't he doing that? #MAGA
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant w/ Peace Train: She had it removed from the album after Cat Stevens' comments about Salman Rushdie. #MusicTuesday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
Trump certainly acted like it, didn't he? Did he ever say "I'll build the Wall if Congress approves"? Why isn't he pushing a smart wall? #MAGA MT @DartLucy RT @JaniceTXBlessed: Well, Ann, he's trying. [Trump] can't go out & build [The Wall] by himself
.@AriadneHuff: shorts and a t-shirt, as always. What do you ask? What's all this about?
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant live with My Sister Rose: Opening for Grateful Dead in Buffalo. Playing at a work site caused them to revoke my DJ rights. Aholes. #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
.@AriadneHuff: chest, upper arms, not so much back. Nothing excessive. Why do you ask?
What's really needed is for Trump to make smart arguments for once. Harlan isn't even capable of understanding that as his history shows. MT @DTROYW63 RT @Harlan: Virginia is a wake up call for GO. We need to deliver on the core promises of 2016: 1) enforce IMMIGRATION laws
Nehlen would make 1.6 billion Muslims think we're in a Cold War against them, giving ISIS a huge propaganda victory. Is that #MAGA to you? MT @fivestarr6028 RT @pnehlen: I support a full ban on Islamic immigration into the U.S. and extreme vetting of those already here
Gillespie's a big loose borders fan, he just dissembled on immigration a la Trump. Trump's too dumb to make immigration a top issue. #MAGA = tragic irony. MT @DavidLauter: VA voters who said immigration was top issue went heavily for Gillespie, but that was only 1 in 8
If Marine One couldn't continue through the DMZ, then set down Golf Cart One. Or Trump could continue on foot. Count on North Korea using Trump's wimpiness against us. #MAGA #TheResistance
What about my homebrew Twitter poster? Will it work with the new 280 character limit or will it reject this tweet. Now's as good a time to find out. I'm over the limit, let's see if this tweet will tweet.
Trump couldn't visit the DMZ because his bone spurs were acting up. #wimp #MAGA #Korea #resist
DMZ conditions: misting, visibility < 1 mile. What sort of wimp can't deal with that? #MAGA #resist
Sadly, due to bad weather, Trump won't be paying a visit to the Korea DMZ. I hiked uphill through a lightning storm @ 13k'. #MAGA #resist
"First openly transgender woman of color [to vote like every other Dem no matter race or gender]" #MAGA #resist
"First openly transgender woman of color elected to public office in US". So proud, so very proud -- every prat ever. #MAGA #resist
Even in 'Trump Counties,' more say U.S. is worse off than better off: #MAGA #resist
.@kpoulsen: how is #Twitter suspending Putin accounts not just a sleazy attempt to cover things up? #MAGA #resist
Russia Activated Twitter Sleeper Cells for Election Day Blitz: #MAGA #resist
The #Australia #Facebook effort asking for nude pics to prevent revenge pr00n is headed by a woman named Abby so it's OK. #MAGA #resist
Why is Trump so unpopular, and what can he do? #MAGA #resist #Breitbart
#Facebook (Australia) wants users to upload nude pics. They'll hash them to prevent future uploads by others. #UhHuh #MAGA #resist
Dems win big in Virginia & New Jersey, showing how weak Trump is as a standard bearer: #MAGA! #LOL #resist
Melania looks like a cross between the friaress of Derpton Abbey and the Michelin Man. #MAGA #resist
Melania is wearing a stylish Givenchy habit that also doubles as a Michelin Man costume. Both are S. Korean obsessions. #MAGA #resist
.@ColumbiaBugle: Trump could use smart arguments that'd undercut Pelosi to her base. Why isn't @AnnCoulter demanding that? #NeverAmnesty
She helped elect President Grahamnesty, Pelosi's BFF. #MAGA? MT @ColumbiaBugle: @AnnCoulter is once again 100% right. #NeverAmnesty
.@OneManRockr: what's to keep illegal #immigration from going up again after Trump leaves office (or he & Pelosi get their amnesty)?
Neither are patriotic enough to care. RT @S3CURITYBR3ACH @JudgeJeanine @AnnCoulter care to comment
.@LibertyWolfDog: Trump could turn part of D base against leaders over #immigration, except he does things the @AnnCoulter & @kausmickey way
.@LibertyWolfDog: even if wacky @kausmickey claim were true, 45% isn't enough since many are Dems. Trump's locked at 33% because of Kaus etc
.@RobChristie11: Coulter came up with Trump's unimplementable plans that have continued Obama's agenda. How can anyone trust her advice?
In case of an #Otezla OD, take this Walking On Sunshine cover: #MAGA #resist
Needless to say, Gateway Pundit has the *real* story: Rand Paul attack wasn't over lawn care. Boucher is a "Trump-Hating Socialist". #resist
"Is Landscaping Drama at the Root of Rand Paul's Assault?" Hank Hill failed to resolve the dispute. #LawnWars #MAGA #resist
No surprise, @tonyfro23 has blocked me after I called him out for being completely worthless:
.@frydclt: @RoyBeck_NUSA knows all about He's repeatedly refused to help & his alternative plans clearly don't work.
.@frydclt: @RoyBeck_NUSA etc don't care about stopping amnesty, H1B abuse, etc. They're just in it for the paycheck. Sad but true. #MAGA
.@MtRushmore2016: good to see you support engaging pols. Engage @MarkSKrikorian over his refusal to do his job:
At 1939 World's Fair, USA had futuristic exhibits. #Canada had a stuffed moose. USA wins. #MAGA #resist
Recommended: #MAGA #resist
Millions of Antifa SuperSoldiers take to streets! Video: #MusicMonday #NowPlaying #resist #MAGA #FoxNews
There will be another #USWNT game against Canada a few days later but that'll be on a channel I & millions don't get so I'll ignore that.
#USWNT will actually beat the crap out of #Canada in Vancouver (a city in Canada) on *Thursday* at 7pm on #ESPN2. #MAGA #resist
.@TalalNAnsari & @JaneLytv of #BuzzFeed - the cat listicles site - blog a listicle of Texas shooting misinfo. Very proud of them.
FWIW, CNBC blogs "GOP tax plan would increase federal deficits substantially, new analysis shows". #MAGA #resist
Wilbur Ross Says He'll ‘Probably’ Sell Stake in Putin-Linked Company: #MAGA #resist #DrainTheSwamp
#MyUnlikelyDNAStory = everybody's a fucking comedian. Get a fucking life & do something with it that matters. #MAGA #resist
.@LeonardFiles: @JohnAndKenShow - shock jock parasites who hype PI atty - vilely smear Americans who actually work, hurting CA & themselves.
.@LeonardFiles: ~NEWS~ several rushed to hospital after playing the "Wait for @JohnAndKenShow to say something anti-American" drinking game.
#USWNT is going to kick the holy living sugar and spice out of #Canada on Friday. I think 7pm Pacific. #soccer #MAGA #AnnCoulter #resist
#ParadisePapers: Bono used a company in Malta to buy into a shopping center in Lithuania. #U2 #MAGA #resist
#Apple tax avoidance schemes busted: #MAGA #resist
.@VeronicaRochaLA posted #KoiGate, feeding #MAGA #FakeNews narrative. She & everyone else at #CNN lack smarts to show Trump's plans wrong.
Has Larry "Lawrence" Ellison spoken out against Trump breaking protocol vis-a-vis feeding koi? #KoiGate #FishGate #MAGA #resist
The big news of the jour is #FishGate aka #KoiGate: Trump dumping whole box of food into a koi pond. MSM left out Abe did it first. #resist
.@cspanwj: did RepGonzalez apologize for his bogus claim on #CNN that #SutherlandSprings shooter was Sam Hyde (a 4chan hoax)?
5 Ways Trump Could Undercut Liz Warren: He lacks smarts to do any of them. #MAGA #resist
Trump's a one-trick pony, and that one trick is appealing to Breitbart & Fox 'n' Friends mouthbreathers. #MAGA #resist
There are *easy* ways Trump could help both himself & USA. Instead, he does same old shtick over and over. #MAGA #resist
Poll: most disapprove of Trump, incl over 2/3 of other voters/non-voters: #MAGA #resist
Poll: Trump is failing at expectations on various policies: #MAGA #resist
Poll: Trump is disliked more than any President in last seven decades of polling: #MAGA #resist
.@LastManFOX: after first 1/2 eps, did #LastManOnEarth become a satire of how much everything has gone to hell & everyone's a worthless POS?
First 1 or 2 eps of #LastManOnEarth were OK-ish. I guess it could now be a satire of how fucking incredibly worthless everyone is.
.@NigelRathbone1 says we need a refugees policy that admits "0". How many were admitted from Feb to Oct of this year? #MAGA?
.@AMDWaters: which of Trump's plans - *as detailed & as he's tried to implement* would you say are smartest? His travel ban, the Wall...?
.@AMDWaters: in same year as Sayfullo, how many others passed a b/g check & then didn't go on a terror rampage? What are you missing?
DERPMT @AMDWaters [Sayfullo] passed a background check. Again, vetting doesn't work. We either end the immigration or allow endless attack.
DERPMT @ShadilayForever I only voted for Trump because of his policies on immigration. His personality certainly leaves a lot to be desired
.@NigelRathbone1 says he thinks what Danish Minister did was "hysterical". Was the person run over/into playing it up & why?
Trump urged tribal leaders to ignore fed law; "China's not asking questions about all of this stuff": #MAGA #resist
#ItsYourGDLA shows #LosAngeles wearing down jackets etc as temps plunge to 50s. 50s above zero, not below. #MAGA #resist
Also, Rand Paul's injuries are more serious than thought, he has 5 broken ribs. #MAGA #resist
.@AlexBorstein: Tarantino makes $ off culturally-corrosive violence that leads to real world violence. Nothing to be cute about. #FamilyGuy
~BREAKING~ Don "Bigly Don" Trump Arrested in NYC: Terrorized USA for months. #MAGA #resist
.@EnwroughtDreams @ItsTheEOTWAWKI: check out Coulter's soccer screeds. She hates a whites-friendly sport but loves kneeball. #MAGA #AltRight
.@danielmkim: you're just venting. Makes you feel better but doesn't affect her. When you want to affect Coulter:
.@robertsipkins: check out this audio of @NeelKashkari smearing me on the radio for asking him policy questions:
.@nigelrathbone1: during most of this year, whose refugees policy have we been following? (Hint: that was while Trump's ban was blocked)
.@nigelrathbone1: your childish smears have been noted. But, you didn't answer my question. Do you support what Danish Minister did?
Desperate #NFL has to play games in London & Mexico City after pissing off fan base. Up next: Newcastle, Vaduz, & Sverdlovsk. #MAGA #resist
Halftime tunnel fight btw #Toronto & #NYC #RedBulls, video: At question: Lenin or Stalin? #MAGA #soccer #resist
.@rileylroberts: Coulter isn't even pro-white. You'd have a clearer picture of things if you weren't a lackey for actual racists. #MAGA
.@Matt_Fox10: @Cernovich hyped a big amnesty fan who continued Obama's refugees agenda, couldn't undercut BLM etc. He's grasping at straws.
.@Matt_Fox10: #SutherlandSprings fits MO of a nut, not of Antifa (or violent fans of Trump). @Cernovich is throwing up dust. #MAGA #resist
.@AndyRichter: while I generally favor know-nothing, low level, late night comics trying to set policy, aren't you out of your league?
Powrful, dumb. DERPMT @AndyRichter 20+ dead in a small town church... If this isn’t a public heath crisis, what is? This sure isn’t freedom.
Only idiots - #Twitter, #Facebook, #MAGA, #TheResistance - think you stop #FakeNews by silencing it. No, you call its purveyors out.
.@RepGonzalez has not, at least on Twitter, issued a retraction of him falsely IDing #SutherlandSprings shooter based on a hoax. #Texas
.@paulosophia has finally admitted shooter was DPK, not Chris Ward. He deleted his Ward tweet w/o a correction. It won't go away.
.@inmatemd update: it still has 1 bogus Chris Ward tweet but silently deleted the other. It has DPK tweets so it knows it lied. #MAGA?
Trump's #NYC Alternate Trumpkins are now 1 goal from making it to the Comsomol Finals! #soccer #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist
.@DarthBannon1 update: it deleted its bogus Chris Ward tweet silently, no correction. #SutherlandSprings #MAGA #resist