They'd sooner commit harikari than stop hiring non-whites. Because they know NAACP are competent. They also know people like you are just grifters. MT @CHSommers YouTube stopped hiring white and Asian males for tech jobs, lawsuit filed by [ex-employee & r/w celeb] alleges
.@LibertarianBlue: if you want to reduce #Twitter censorship, you have to oppose it across the board: esp of those you hate. Otherwise you're only upset that the "wrong" people are being censored. Trump & #MAGA are in the 2nd camp ("git 'im outta here!", etc.) #Breitbart
#Twitter censorship wouldn't happen so much if it's loudest pretend opponents weren't just grifters. Those like you are great at complaining about it but never do anything. #Breitbart MT @LibertarianBlue Twitter Does Nothing as Pamela Geller's Daughters Harassed Off Platform
.@mjaeckel: you object to @TaylorLorenz going after @PamelaGeller 's kids to impact Geller. Have you & other cons likewise complained when cons did the same thing with lib leaders' kids? My ethics aren't situational. Can con/lib partisans say the same? #MAGA #resist
How "liberal" is it for Chait to hope other people die, for political gain? Isn't he a "passive eliminationist", with Nazis being the active kind? #NYMag #resist MT @TVWatchtower RT @jonathanchait: New survey shows young people are staying liberal, conservatives are dying off
Excellence In Journalism: @adamkraymond has silently corrected his false claim about USA not being in #WorldCup since 1994. It's a minor error, probably not intentional. But: the coverup is worse than the crime. #journalism #NYMag #USMNT
To prevent cheating, Trump-style collusion, etc. etc. #Jeopardy is now doing tie-breakers when the scores are tied. I like it from a constant action POV, but I think overall I preferred dual-champions. #nerdery #MAGA #resist
#Twitter RFP to determine if they're being used for "healthy" conversations: Here's your metric: when I stop calling @Jack a lil' fascist. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead's Closing Argument. Fun story: a confused Trump thought this video was telling him to invade Andorra, until he was informed they're Lithuanians & it's about the sunrise or sunset or something: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@ConnieSchultz: gun nuts are crazy! Not like a "Syndicated columnist. J-prof @KentState" like you. 1. In the decades when full auto *machine guns* were legal, how many school shootings were there? 2. Columbine was planned as a bombing. Would banning guns have stopped that?
.@Julesofthesmile in Dec 2016 you RT'ed @CantStumpTrump1 saying "BAN THEM DONALD! BAN THEM ALL!" in response to Trump critiquing SNL satirizing him. How's that coming along? Has Trump repealed the First Amendment like #MAGA wants yet, or is he waiting for Putin to help? #resist
From 2008, my "How *you* can help Barack Obama finally win this thing" satire. #2 is a reference to Hannity etc unwittingly admitting their own incompetence. They have the means to do things but lack the smarts to develop plans. #MAGA #resist
Lib leaders tend to hilite supposed successes, but con leaders tend to unwittingly hilite their own incompetence. Here's an example from the #Teaparty (Faux) Patriots back in 2010: #MAGA #resist
Weird, isn't it? Almost like how the loudest voices against #Twitter censorship do things is completely incompetent. MT @LevequeThots RT @polNewsRevenge: Twitter verifies/promotes [pro-gun control #Parkland survivors but apparently not anti-gc survivors]
Smart arguments directed at her base would undercut the Oakland mayor. Please list con leaders who are making such arguments: MT @cleoworks1 RT @virgillane1: "Looking into it"? What the hell is there to look into? God and everybody heard this woman warn illegals...
.@adamkraymond - #NYMag sports reporter - thinks USA hasn't been in #WorldCup since 1994. Despite I & the only other person who read his blog post correcting him, he hasn't posted a correction. Why bother when so few will ever see it, right? #soccer #USMNT
Bid to host the 2026 #WorldCup is between Morocco & USA/CA/MX (a NAU joint bid). Supposedly the USA/MX/CA bid is now disfavored due to Trump. That's a good thing to cons: they hate whites-friendly nationalistic sports. They prefer #kneeball. #MAGA #AltRight
If - & I say that loosely - you've been following my tweets you know who I like (mainly some female singers), the very few others I tolerate, & those I disdain (anything & everything else). I really hate eating contests: they eat more in an hour than some in a week #MAGA #resist
1. Chestnut should be airdropped into a Bangladesh slum. 2. Messi is ~5'6". If you need a mechanical assist even to pretend it's not real sport. MT @ClipperholicsFS @Steven_Ballmer may not have eaten as many hotdogs as Joey Chestnut, but I bet he hasn’t dunked off a trampoline
Here's an old video of a crazed Steve Ballmer acting like a deranged rabid monkey on stage at a #Microsoft event: #MAGA #resist
I'm sure it'll be full of "facts". Here's a question: what's the most powerful single entity that wants to take a cut of remittances? Hint: they're a quasi-government group. Who is it? MT @USAFacts Did you know we're working on a comprehensive #immigration report?
I think #XFiles is skewering Alexa/Google Home/Internet of Things/etc. It's going to take a lot more shows that are a lot more serious - plus some exposes - to stop that evil.
.@hwillracke: if you & David North of CIS were smart/sane/dedicated/enballed, you could make MSM cover OPT. For instance, by really pressing MSM hacks on it using Socratic questions. CIS' capo refused to help with my plan to ask newsmakers Socratic questions. #immigration #MAGA
.@WeMeantWell: you know the image of Mexico. Yet, their elites are very smart and can get away with things that should outrage. Like trying to do a census of MexAm troops in the U.S. military. They use us to take pressure off them & to bring in billions. Enabled by US elites.
You'd think that, wouldn't you. I wouldn't. MT @WeMeantWell Unreported in the effort to execute Kushner is [alleged involvement of] US allies Mexico and Israel. Nobody out there interested in that? You'd think Israel proposing to blackmail Kushner would be big
Cons got tricked by amnesty fans like GWB & Trump, never demanded better, barely stopped GWB's anti-American plans. Cons never use smart talking points that'd end amnesty for good, always step on their dinks. Would you hire cons & #MAGA to stop amnesty, or smart/sane people?
.@JrcheneyJohn @GrizzleMeister: I've had the goods on @RepGutierrez for years & years: Those you listen to have never helped with that: they either did nothing or ineffective things. People like you enabled them being worthless. #immigration
No, because he's a U.S. citizen, born in Chicago of Puerto Rican descent. What you can do is answer for why you haven't opposed him in smart ways. MT @JrcheneyJohn RT @GrizzleMeister: Can we strip this unpatriotic racist idiot .@RepGutierrez of his citizenship &deport him?
.@hwillracke: you blog about David North of CIS on how GWB's Optional Practical Training gave a $2 bil tax break to co's that hire foreign workers instead of Americans. He refers to the "total silence of the media" on it, thereby admitting his & your incompetence. #DailyCaller
.@realamymholmes: you're a natch for new #PBS show: diversity + you - like everyone else given a megaphone - support NeoLiberal policies: free trade, loose borders, & globalism. We need a Red Tory show, not another "same difference" show. #MAGA #resist
Wouldn't it be easier to just beg to be on it? Since #CNN, #FoxNews, #MSNBC, etc all support loose borders/globalism/free trade, why do we need another one? MT @NoahCRothman Otlichno! Congrats MJGerson and realamymholmes [on new PBS show]. Very much looking forward to this.
.@abc7JoshHaskell: also, why's their first inclination to act out, yell, vent, etc.? Why weren't #UCLA punks smart/sane enough to stop & think? Instead of venting, ask Mnuchin tough questions that'd really put him on this spot. Is it mental or emotional? #MAGA #resist
.@abc7JoshHaskell: the kids with Garcetti are wearing what are known as "Peter Pan Collars". Sarah Huckabee Sanders & Rebecca Lowe (#Olympics presenter) recently wore them too.
.@ImperatorTruth also whines about #Youtube censorship. I *want* them to host his vids where he says "David Hogg is a Crisis actor". Would he support YT hosting others' vids calling him out, or is he just upset at censorship because he's the one being censored? #MAGA #AltRight
.@jerome_corsi: unless you support censorship & are only concerned that you're the one being censored, you have to oppose censorship of everyone across the board, even those you hate. That's the only way to marginalize *the censors*, not yourself. #InfoWars #MAGA #AltRight
.@jerome_corsi: you whine about #Youtube pulling one of your videos yet you're your own worst enemy. While #WND linked to me a time or two, you didn't use to your advantage. In the current case, you weaken the opposition to censorship.
"YouTube's New Moderators Mistakenly Pull Right-Wing Channels". Thankfully censorship doesn't involve gulags anymore or #Google would have real egg on its face! #Youtube #MAGA #resist
"PBS launching new conservative political talk show". As you might expect, it's a CINO/RINO show with Michael Gerson & Amy Holmes. Liberal or con doesn't matter to the elites as long as you fully accept NeoLiberal concepts: loose borders/free trade/globalism. #PBS #MAGA #resist
Alex Jones has been charged with butt-grabbery in the third degree. Because his loudest opponents couldn't use all the lies he's told & how vulnerable he is on his *ideas* against him. Playground is all they and he know. #InfoWars #MAGA #resist
Trump's 29-year old Communications Director, ex-model Hope Hicks, to resign #MAGA! #resist
If HRC had won, #CNN would probably be doing much worse as they brought on their usual parade of clowns. Except with her they'd be discussing pantsuits, paint drying, etc & no one would watch it. They're great for Trump & Trump's great for them. #MAGA #resist
You know how there's an Apple or Facebook ecosystem? They provide a platform & others can sell apps, games, etc. There's a Trump ecosystem. Grifters can make money supporting *or* opposing him. Trump is *great* for grifters' businesses. So, watch out. #MAGA #resist
.@AliciaAnnMartin: I'm curious to know how @farhip 's obsession with things about Trump that mostly don't matter impacts your life. Note that Farhi doesn't care about Trump's *plans*, just personal junk. Doing things the way he does them is the major reason Trump won. #resist
24Ahead close broadcast day with celebration of USSA, Party of Trump: #MAGA #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #resist
Finally! Trump is going to get the amnesty that GWB & Obama only dreamed about, the same amnesty Soros has spent millions promoting. #MAGA!! MT @lsh_henrytx52 The past 3 presidential administrations DID NOTHING ON IMMIGRATION REFORM!
#Koch bros, USChamber, Western Growers & other exploitative growers, Tyson Foods, WalMart, etc. etc. have no use for #immigration enforcement just like Walt. He's helping sweatshops exploit workers. #resist MT @MuellerTimes RT @waltb31: #Gestapo ICEgov terrorizes Los Angeles
.@MarielenaNILC: I don't understand why Trump isn't better on #immigration. After all, he's surrounded by #Koch employees like Marc Short. All his picks want more immigration. Are you working with your Koch allies in the WH to push your common vision? #TheResistance
For today's lies, Sarah Huckabee Sanders eschewed the Peter Pan Color and decided on the classic look: #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday
.@CBCarey: FYI, @JeffreyGoldberg is too cowardly to allow comments at #TheAtlantic: too many ex-visitors were showing them wrong. The Atlantic has disabled fact-checking by their readers and has in effect admitted they frequently deceive. #resist
Thanks to Brittany having some sort of hold over Trump & Kushner, here's today's Official Trump Bombard & Organ Song Of The Day (sponsored by Emirates, Monsanto, Unilever, & Stolichnaya): #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
.@dannowicki blogs "How Russian trolls smeared Sen. John McCain as 'traitor' on social media". Says he reviewed 300+ McCain tweets NBC got after #Twitter deleted them. There are 267,358 NBC tweets, just 341 mention "mccain". His "legitimate news organization" is reaching.
Can you imagine Trump running for state office in #Illinois or #Louisiana? He'd be kept out for being *too* dirty, *too* compromised. Their state officials have very low standards but they have standards. #MAGA #resist
.@marygeorgant @bri_sacks: you hagiographize #Parkland teens. 1. How many school shooting were there in the decades when full auto *machine guns* were fully legal? 2. Was Columbine planned primarily as a shooting or something else? Real journalists care about such questions.
What are Jared Kushner's Russian, Chinese, Saudi, Israeli, Burmese, Javanese, Uzbek, Mexican, Costa Rican.Ugandan, Andorran, and Maltese handlers going to do until Trump starts giving him and them state secrets again? #MAGA! #resist
If you were a billionaire, you'd love love love those who used #Parkland to spread idiotic conspiracy theories, to score partisan points, and to do shtick. All of it - Alex Jones and Maddow and Fox and the Dems - helps you divide & conquer, give false hopes, etc. #MAGA #resist
Imagine you were a billionaire. Would you want assertive citizens that pushed for their rights? No, you'd want sheeple who were trained to be afraid of their shadows. Such as via omnipresent security brought about thanks to #Parkland. #MAGA #resist
costaricancreat - a crazy with 12 followers - was arrested for threatening @DavidJollyFL. Apparently he stole Jolly's balls, rendering Jolly incapable of answering my questions: #Florida #CNN #Parkland
Democrats Flip Two State Legislative Seats in CT and NH, Bringing Trump-Era Total to 39 #MAGA! #GOP #resist
Speaking about Pilgrim's wear, here's the 24Ahead Closing Argument of Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore in a Pilgrim's hat albeit thankfully not Peter Pan collars: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@SteveMontenegro: since you're being shanked by other fiscal cons, maybe GOP SOP isn't the best choice for you. Be more Red Tory and *really* press this point (note the date) against your opponents:
.@sbg1: all @RepJerryNadler & @TomSteyer have ever had to do was use Socratic debate - prosecutorial-style questions - about Trump's *policy* promises to undercut him to his base. Really pressing him & his proxies on his policies would destroy him. They can't figure that out.
.@sbg1: you blog that @RepJerryNadler has a "debater's temperament" & is "intelligent", yet neither he nor @TomSteyer have the IQs to realize the huge, long-term downsides to impeachment. Neither can figure out smart things they could do right now that'd greatly undercut Trump.
Trump's Tax Cuts in Hand, Companies Spend More on Themselves Than on Wages: #MAGA #resist
Trump said he would charge a gunman. Here’s what he’s actually done in the face of danger. #MAGA #resist #CadetBoneSpurs #Parkland
Sarah Huckabee Sanders today wore the same Pilgrims/schoolgirl/whatever it is collar as Rebecca Lowe from the #Olympics. #MAGA #resist
.@mattingebretson: @mattwilstein hypes Trevor Noah mocking Trump. When has a late night comic mocking Trump ever not just *helped* Trump? There are smart things that'd really undercut Trump, but Wilstein can't even conceive of them. Help him do a better job. #DailyBeast
This is not President Trump aka #CadetBoneSpurs. Trump is a regular action hero, like Steven Seagall without the pony tail: #MAGA #resist #Parkland
Fragile, impotent #TheResistance buffoon @mattwilstein has blocked me despite never tweeting it under that name (it probably had another name before but I'm not going to bother looking it up). #MAGA
.@NaomiOreskes: you, o/c, said #2. You also said, "holy s-, if I oppose the #Koch bros where they're truly vulnerable, I'll also be going against the Dems (who agree with the Kochs on that issue). I'd be persona non grata, burned at the stake for apostasy to NeoLiberal ideals".
As a #Harvard prof, I have a smarts test for you. Which is more likely to undercut Koch bros to those duped by them: 1. Them opposing the BLM Stream Protection Rule, or 2. Their support for loose borders? MT @NaomiOreskes Koch brothers celebrate wins under Trump admin
.@mediatwit: hey Mark, @jimmy_wales admitted using #Wikipedia 's own rules to keep a lie in WP & to keep the truth out. Don't you think Putinbots (using USA IPs & fluent in English) are taking advantage of the same rules to spread disinfo?
Upcoming from #CNN: "Sex & Love around the world", hosted by Christiane Amanpour. Also, the fetching collar worn by both Sarah Huckabee Sanders & Rebecca Lowe aus #Olympics is called a "Peter Pan Collar". #MAGA #resist
.@lhfang: #Wikipedia is at the top of most search results & thus there's zero chance Putin isn't taking advantage of that. When will @theintercept look into that? #Twitter plays games w/ replies,: upranking those from VIPs, hiding some from others, etc. When'll you look into it?
.@bnp: why do English women tend to dress like if they were a Spice Girl who fell on hard times & had to take up streetwalking? That Rebecca Lowe from the #Olympics at least pretended to be different in her schoolgirl outfits. Please explain.
.@theabstoddard: on #AC360 you came close to asking @stephenmoore a Socratic, prosecutorial-style question. You just didn't press him & AC broke it up. If you aren't just shadowboxing, you could destroy his career by really pressing him on questions I'll eagerly provide. #CNN
If not for the abject incompetence of HRC & #TheResistance, this is who we could have representing the USA to Korea instead of Ivanka: #MAGA #resist
I missed the 2nd, even more completely disreputable & low-class, part of Trump's #Parkland comment: "[the deputies] weren't exactly Medal of Honor winners... the way they performed was frankly disgusting." #MAGA #resist #CadetBoneSpurs
Anderson Cooper: ~"If HRC had won & Chelsea repped USA like Ivanka might in Korea, wouldn't #GOP complain?" Wouldn't that be a much better world? #MAGA #resist
#Koch Document Reveals Laundry List of Policy Victories Extracted from the Trump Administration [they want to go after entitlements next; not mentioned: the Kochs are pro-loose borders & have probably been pushing Trump to do amnesty] #MAGA #resist
Trump says he'd have run into [#Parkland] Florida school [even if he didn't have a weapon] #MAGA #resist #CadetBoneSpurs
People will often ask, "why are you here tweeting the 24Ahead Closing Argument when you could be on your private yacht taking part in this?" and I have no answer. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@monacharenEPPC is "glad she got booed at #CPAC" despite just unintellectually smearing Trump & the entire Le Pen family for the actions of Jean. She's probably ecstatic she can't figure out what #MAGA wants & how to undercut Trump for not being able to deliver. #NRO
The #GOP triumvirate of Jim Hoft & Jimmy Wichard approve! #MAGA #resist MT @LeahR77 Retweet if you’re NOT going to ALLOW these bratty attention loving child activists [the #Parkland victims] to dictate our 2nd Amendment Rights
We feel so cheap, like we're just another 'stan. Exclusive: Trump privately pushing personal pilot to run FAA #MAGA #resist #FAA
I hate movies, etc. etc. However, as a mere child, this movie on repeats was a fave: Now, tell me something about you. #MAGA #resist
.@maryangelafitz: it should be clear that how #TheResistance leaders opposed Trump didn't work: he won. All his problems are self-caused. I repeatedly begged @brontyman to help oppose Trump in smart ways & he refused. To undercut Trump you have to hold leaders accountable.
#GOP now is "GWB who??" One day, they'll all be "Trump who??" If #TheResistance were smart, they'd be nailing con leaders down now on how much they worship Trump so it can be used against them later. They thought "Drumpf" was a brilliant idea, so don't expect them to do that.
If my translation is correct (YMMV) this new-ish Yasemin Mori song is a tribute to Dilbert: I might be wrong. #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Fragile snowflake @brontyman (whatever that means) has, of course, blocked me:
That's a talking point from Big Biz to guilt American citizens into mass #immigration. It degrades U.S. citizens. We're a nation of *citizens*, each with same rights. @PittsburghPG Is America a 'nation of immigrants'? U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says no
.@NateRub: per "Edmund Burke Society" of #UChicago Law School, Saverin is worth more to USA than a cousin-moocher who's a good citizen & who raises other good citizens. Stand athwart #idiocracy, don't further it. Oppose mass #immigration using smart, patriotic arguments. #MAGA
.@NateRub: at #CollegeFix you blog about "Edmund Burke Society" at #UChicago Law School not being punished for "mocking" illegal #immigration like: "chain migration is only as strong as the weakest link; no engineer is worth the drag of a freeloading cousin". #MAGA = #idiocracy
Apparently, over the weekend while no one was paying attention, Trump changed all our money to read "In Perun We Trust". Some sort of order he got from his boss. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
Earlier today I was asked, "can you play that 'She-wolf' song by Arkona again, the one about Tiffany Trump being the real power behind the Trump throne". Taking a break from comforting Evgenia, I comply: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@stonecasting: @AnnCoulter is a dim grifter only adept at selling books to suckers. @krassenstein isn't in her league as far as suckering, just being dim. #immigration is pushed by the wealthy to lower wages etc. Plus, reason for school shootings is cultural.
Cruz was a an immigrant (refugee orphan). MT @stonecasting MT @krassenstein Ann Coulter says [immigration moratorium and with mass deportations would ]reduce mass shootings with an . There has NEVER been an immigrant mass school shooter that I am aware of [race card]
Another (relatively) new Yasemin Mori song, Karambol: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
10 out of 10 #Koch bros, USChamber, Tyson Foods, & sweatshop operators all agree. #immigration #resist MT @Jeepnpeep RT @DearAuntCrabby: Democrats believe that America is a better place because of immigration and the benefits of having a diverse populace
If you were in IL you would have voted for Alexi Giannoulias, right? Beto's probably not much different. MT @djbratpack #Texas #WomensRights #Immigration #BlackTwitter #LatinoVote Please Vote FOR => (D) BetoORourke
(Relatively) new Yasemin Mori song Macera: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday