"Immigrant toddlers ordered to appear in court alone". The smart, patriotic thing for #MAGA to do is to realize Trump is doing all this to get amnesty. Then - even if they support him on other things - undercut him on amnesty by demanding he marks smart arguments for once.
#UrgeElitesToDoFarmWork only partly is joke. They really, really need it. We really, really need it. They're completely corrupt, decadent, slimy, pseudo-intellectuals that only serves the interest of their sugardads. Farm work would do them & us a world of good. #MAGA #resist
Case in point, this from @MsMelChen. Posturing to her group, she disagrees with Peterson but can't intellectually engage him so snarks instead & gets approval. She's of zero use to society. Put her on a Sovkhoz for a couple years to wise her up.
To @Jack, the perfect #Twitter world is everything that makes sane people nauseous: oleaginous hacks trading sickeningly cutesy quips, punching down while sucking up. Elevating those who need to be **intellectually** smacked down *hard*. #MAGA #resist
.@jessesingal: Jezebel says you've "become a leading public intellectual"... but "Private Messages Reveal the Cis Journalist Groupthink Behind Trans Media Narratives". Which is more likely to have been a The Onion post that got put into the wrong site? #NYMag #MAGA #resist
.@EveryVoiceNC: you hype @rickhasen hyping street protests as the only way to stop Trump from nominating someone like Scalia. My suggestion would be engaging opponents in Socratic debate like a grown-up & a peer. Not waving signs like a child. Which suggestion is smarter?
"West Virginia man charged after police said he threw chicken feces at the Red Hen". There's everything you need to know about #MAGA in one headline. #resist
If you can't catch a popup, maybe you deserve to lose to the team that has someone convicted of a horrible crime on their team (although he denies it now). #CWS
Three stooges at the #CWS couldn't catch a game-winning popup.
It looks like Senegal can send COL home tomorrow, so all things considered that's what we're hoping for.
England & Belgium have both already escaped the group. However, it might be in England's advantage to *lose*. Accordingly, they have brought in a new player - Don Trump - to score as many own goals as possible: #MAGA #resist
#WorldCup tomorrow: 7am (Pacific): Japan v Poland (FS1) and Senegal v Colombia (Fox) 11am (Pacific): Panama v Tunisia (FS1) and England v Belgium (Fox) #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer #resist
Others are welcome to blame the German suckitude on coaching, players, hubris, etc. I'm going to blame it on trace amounts of polonium and ricin. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
#Brazil advances. At tweet time, 24Ahead is leaning towards them to win it all. That might change. The official 24Ahead predictions will be released tomorrow on 24Ahead Premium. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
Two places to find "Serbia is Russia" pleas: in the comments of Arkona videos and on placards at the #WorldCup.
Brazil goes up 2-0! #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
#Serbia is getting all Balkan on #Brazil.
.@TonyRomm: re con leaders meeting with #Twitter & #Facebook on censorship supposedly mostly affecting cons, my data - real data - shows Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. Eg ~30% to 60% of the replies to Scott Pruitt are censored & most of those are from libs.
Have you or @sarafischer ever called illegal aliens "immigrants"? If so, then - like hundreds of other hacks - you intentionally lied. How many other examples of the MSM lying would you like? MT @JGreenDC 92% of Republicans think media intentionally reports fake news
Neymar came this close to making it 2-0 against Serbia. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
Based on the last half of the Sweden game, I thought Germany had gotten it together and would trounce South Korea. Extremely disappointing. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this incredible tribute to our great leader! The music is a little too synth-y for my tastes but really counts is it shows the true spirit of #MAGA! #MusicTuesday #resist #NowPlaying
.@realclearisrael @kelly_t_mac: #Twitter heavily censors replies to the real Catherine McKenna (see the data linked from my top tweet). Will you help point that out and demand that the CA govt speaks out against censoring replies to their officials?
.@spdustin @nicholeskeen @JacobAWohl: #Twitter heavily censors their users & about as many libs as cons. In most cases it's based on follower counts etc, not the tweet itself. Start at my top tweet for real data.
Meanwhile back in France, here are about a gazillion France Gall videos: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #FreedomFries
ICYMI and you shouldn't have, highlights of #Argentina vs Nigeria: #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
.@AriFleischer: re #Twitter censoring your anodyne #civility tweet, if you want to stop this the only way is by pointing out Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. It's not just cons. Promote my top tweet & you'll change how Twitter does things.
.@AriFleischer: #immigration stance of #Ocasio2018 could have been written by CATO (ie #Koch bros). GWB pushed huge H1B-style program for all types of jobs. He'd have reduced U.S. wages to near world levels for teachers etc. His plan was written by CATO. How are they different?
.@ReaganBattalion: after #Ocasio2018 win you say the new Dem party is socialist. Reagan signed amnesty, remember that? He helped Big Biz reduce wages, just like she would do. You two really aren't that far apart.
.@ed_kilgore: name the significant difference on #immigration between #Ocasio2018 and WalMart, U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, exploitative growers, & sweatshop operators. Trick question: there's no significant difference. When will you be a real liberal & call her on it? #NYMag
#Twitter censored as "sensitive content" a perfectly vapid tweet from Ari Fleischer calling to let Trump officials eat in peace. Twitter probably would have promoted his pro-war tweets. #MAGA #resist
Just now: a judge rules Trump must reunify families. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@FrankBruni: #Ocasio2018 is "progressive" on #immigration only if you think the Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, WalMart, Tyson Foods, sweatshops, & crooked growers are progressive. Her policies would help those she claims to oppose flood the USA with cheap, union-busting labor.
.@wwwillstand @S_Cooper0404 @PradRachael: #immigration stance of #Ocasio2018 could have been written by the #Koch bros. Pointing that out to her base would have stopped her. Now, watch as Trump just calls her names rather than going after her where she's weakest. #MAGA?
Racial demagogue #Ocasio2018 - whose #immigration policies would help U.S. Chamber & the #Koch bros flood the USA with cheap labor - has won #NY14. She'd be an extreme liability to the Dems if Trump weren't brainless, unpatriotic, and as pro-Big Biz on immigration as her.
How to undercut Trump's travel ban: #TheResistance #TravelBan
24Ahead hasn't seen Brazil so far, will decide their fate after seeing them. If Germany wins by 2+, 24 will probably lean towards them to win it all. 24 is pulling hard for Sweden. So it is tweeted, so shall it be. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
Tomorrow's #WorldCup matches: 7am (Pacific): Korea v Germany (FS1) and Mexico v Sweden (Fox) 11am (Pacific): Switzerland v Costa Rica (FS1) and Serbia v Brazil (Fox) #MAGA #resist
.@ChrisCuomo: you & Steve King both need a lot of work on upholding Western values. Neither of you can engage opponents in Socratic debate. A series of easy questions would show how Trump's ban is unnecessary or he's endangered the USA. No one on TV can bring that out.
.@RodDreher: on your "The Blindness Of Catch-And-Release Liberals" you said there's no easy solution. I left a comment providing a smart, easy, workable solution you could help with right now. The comment shouldn't be controversial. Why wasn't it approved?
#Argentina just barely escapes their group. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
#Argentina goes up 2-1. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
A related way to show #TravelBan is dumb is to ask what Trump's been doing when it's been blocked. They'll say "he's been ramping up screening". If it's been enough, then the ban is unnecessary. If it hasn't been enough, he's been endangering the USA. #immigration #TheResistance
A #MAGA talking point on Trump's #TravelBan is that some countries don't have valid record keeping, some visitors can't be verified, etc. In that case, they don't get in. All without needing a blanket ban. #immigration #TheResistance
Trump's #TravelBan doesn't cover countries where ISIS is most likely to come from like BE/FR/DE. The #MAGA response is Trump is ramping up screening enough to protect us. If so, then his ban is unnecessary. If not, he's endangering the USA. #immigration #TheResistance
The Supreme Court says Trump's idiotic #TravelBan is OK. It's incredibly easy to show the ban is either unnecessary or wouldn't keep us safe, but instead we have to talk about restaurants & dresses. #immigration #TheResistance
#Argentina goes up 1-0 on a Messi goal. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
The solution is Socratic questioning, something you're both trained in. You could eg use it to show Trump Wall unimplementable & SJWs wrong. It'd expose CNN foodfights & MAGA/resist childishness. When will you do it? MT @EsotericCD @DavidAFrench is right [about #civility]
In the Olden Tymes, the weapons were the crossbow, the longbow, the sword, and the mace. The Restaurant Wars of 'aught-18 were fought using a new, fearsome weapon that originated on the Western reaches: the yelp. #MAGA #TheResistance #idiocracy
Protesters = kids begging parents. If you really oppose Trump, then promote engaging Trump proxies in Socratic debate. Act like peers, not kids. #TheResistance MT @reality1007 MT @PoliticusSarah: Calls for "#civility" are an effort to silence protesters...
#Portugal v #Iran highlights including a little bit of the bogus handball VAR penalty: #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
There are addicts who admit they have a problem & addicts who know they have a problem but won't admit. #TheResistance *doesn't even know they have a problem*. They keep helping Trump completely unaware they're doing it & rejecting smart advice. #MAGA #idiocracy
What's hilarious is 3 years later, #TheResistance can't even realize they can't help themselves. MT @MarianneHofer MT @ScottPresler When Kathy Griffin beheads President Trump, Republicans go to the polls. When Robert De Niro says, "F*** Trump," Republicans go to the polls. [etc]
.@TheAlanNoble @MichaelRWear @Lecrae: #civility solution is a concerted campaign supporting Socratic questioning. That will make pols much better & show just how childish Trump, #MAGA, MSM, & #TheResistance are. It will revolutionize U.S. politics & culture. Will you help?
A smart grown-up would engage them in Socratic debate in the proper forum. No one in #TheResistance (or #MAGA) is a smart grown-up. RT @purplehullpea I would certainly agree that one should politely yell SHAME at Sanders Bondi Nielsen type in restaurants, because #civility
Aye, I remember the Restaurant Wars of 'aught-18. It was a pitched battle twixt the forces supporting #RedHen & those opposed. Many heroes were made on those fields. #MAGA #resist
I tried to send a second reply to @AoDespair but he'd blocked me just seconds after the first tweet. I'd earlier emailed him about my #Twitter censorship checker & got an auto-reply but never heard back after that. I don't think he knows blocking me is a very bad idea.
Trump sets policy now & Kissinger has set policy for decades. You're worthless at opposing them: you aren't smart & grown-up enough. MT @AoDespair [Bourdain] said he'd feed Trump hemlock & called me a pussy for failing to pour a Chilean red over top of Henry at Le Bernadin
According to idiots, you only have two choices: either act like a suck-up or act like a child. Acting like a smart grown-up & engaging leaders in smart, logical Socratic debate designed to show them wrong isn't one of the choices. #civility #MAGA #resist
No, they did that because ppl like you are too dim & deranged to engage leaders in Socratic debate. You act like kids & get treated like it MT @Lon_S_J MT @andrewjgregor: I practiced #civility and they rolled back wildlife protections. I was civil and they cut taxes for the rich
#Firefox has the idiotic "switch to tab" feature, because you'd never want to open the same site in different tabs. #Chromium has a dupe tab feature, but doesn't have an open tab in new window feature. It's like the game Dems & GOP play.
24 will also be closely watching the Brazil game (on Fox), then deciding who to jinx. SWI will probably beat up CR. In the other game, 24. does. not. have. a. choice. You hear that, Pe Frio Adjudicator? 24 makes. no. choice. None. at. all. #WorldCup
On Weds, it's North Korea v Germany (Trump is rumored to be attending the match with his pal) & Mexico v Sweden. Then Serbia v Brazil & Switzerland v Costa Rica. 24 will closely watch (from afar, as it's on FS1) the German game to decide if they'll win it all.
.@vnbateman: Up with #feminism! However it would be even more feministic if you let your triangular area grow out a bit & then spread while leaning back. Also, show some tongue. You're ATKHairy quality! #Cambridge
Most popular post on #Breitbart is "Tom Steyer: To Win Midterms, Democrats Must Promise to Impeach Trump". Rest assured, it's because they're scared. #TheResistance *and* #MAGA = #idiocracy
Hopefully #Iceland will present a challenge to Croatia & #Denmark to #France. However, the key tomorrow is #Argentina. Wise to the Pe Frio Adjudicator's ways, 24Ahead will not make a prediction. However, our analysts Billy Bob Neck & Jim Bob Duggar will live tweet the match.
.@Papapishu: Cesar Chavez would strongly oppose @Ocasio2018 on #immigration at least. She'd give crooked growers, Tyson Foods, and sweatshops all the cheap labor they want. Not to mention WalMart & the #Koch bros. She'd help the wealthy greatly harm working Americans.
Tomorrow we've got another 4 matches w 2 simultaneous kickoffs. At 7am (Pacific) it's Australia v Peru on FS1 & Denmark v France on Fox. At 11am (Pacific) it's Iceland v Croatia on FS1 & Argentina v Nigeria on Fox. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
.@EricJafMN: WalMart, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, U.S. Chamber, #Koch bros, exploitative growers, etc. etc. might as well be funding #Ocasio2018. She'd help them get all the cheap, union-busting labor they crave (compare her to Cesar Chavez). @GMPaiella didn't call her on that.
Lil' Honecker @hamiltonnolan supports increasing harassment of Trump officials @ restaurants, etc. That's how they'd run things if they got power & why they have to be kept from power. They're incapable of engaging Trump officials in debate. They're even worse for USA than Trump.
"Be careful what you wish for Max!" - Trump to Maxine Waters over her threat to harass Trump staffers @ restaurants etc. The smart way to deal with it would be this plan, but Trump only does dumb things that harm the USA. #MAGA #resist
#Portugal barely gets out of their group. #MAGA #resist
#Iran ties it up on a PK due to a bogus handball call.
Ronaldo makes a stupid mistake, gets away with a yellow card. #MAGA #resist
In this tense replay of World War 2, #Portugal stays up 1-0 after the #Iran keeper guessed right on a Ronaldo PK. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus close broadcast day with video from Trump Tower #267-B, constructed to house worker for Trump gold mine outside Trump City in Trump Oblast: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@presh_beagle: these arguments would undercut Pelosi etc to their base. Ask @MZHemingway when she'll urge Trump to use them to undercut his allies Pelosi & Schumer.
Or, Trump could just make anti-amnesty arguments that'd undercut Pelosi etc to their base. I have them & they work. Why won't Trump use them? #MAGA? MT @pink_lady56 MT @tommy_udo: Trump should declare Martial Law on the border
From the early days of Youtube (ca 2100 BC), there's this video of the Epic of Gilgamesh: #FlashbackSunday #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
It certainly couldn't be because Trump's appeal has a hard ceiling. MT @mitchellvii: I have not added any new followers in 2 weeks despite 10's of millions of impressions and millions of likes...
.@billboard4tommy: billboards are very #MAGA. You'll get lots of donations from suckers but be no threat to the elites. The smart thing to do would be to find a smart lawyer (or Brit equivalent) to engage opponents in Socratic debate & show them wrong. When will you do that?
.@DAILYSQUIB: #Twitter heavily censors replies to U.S. govt officials. Why don't you help expose how they heavily censor replies to Chinese & other officials? See the link at my top tweet for an app you can use to make big news.
.@schestowitz: Twitter heavily censors replies to Scott Pruitt & other admin officials (~30% to 60% of the replies to him are censored). Why don't you use the app linked from my top tweet to expose how heavily Twitter helps shield Chinese govt officials from dissent.
Late Czech singer Zuzana Navarova with Naruby: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Despite being a connoisseur of Classic/Freedom Rock, I'd never heard of Frumpy before. This is a little too bluesy but pretty good: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #FreedomRock
And @AlexNowrasteh agrees. He works for the #Koch funded CATO & you'd help U.S. Chamber lower wages & bust unions. #TheResistance MT @EmpDrue MT @womensmarch: The call to #AbolishICE is a call to eliminate the agency that has been terrorizing immigrant communities for 15 years
There is no disgrace in working for the worst president of all time in all countries (even dictators, who at least were competent), music video: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Nowadays, #Twitter helps shelter U.S. govt officials from dissent: start at my top tweet. Use my open source app to help expose how Twitter shelters Indian officials from disent. MT @anujdhar Tweeting is not enough. Posterity should know about the horrors of #Emergency...
Several years ago, Robin Hvidston (apparently not on Twitter) & other pre- #MAGA mouthbreathers *helped* the pro-amnesty side by surrounding & banging on the windows of buses carrying illegal alien kids in Temecula. @redlandstparty #immigration
.@darksecretplace: actually, the much closer parallel is something that happened on ~100mi SE of L.A. several years ago. If you were clued in, you'd know what I mean. If you were really clued in you'd know how cons keep helping the pro-amnesty side. @GaryandShannon
.@Naagesh_tweets @KanchanGupta: #Twitter engages in soft censorship by heavily hiding tweets to U.S. govt officials. Use the app linked from my top tweet to expose how they censor tweets to Indian govt officials.
Sean Doolittle - great grandson of Jimmy Doolittle who had Cosmic Top Secret clearance and who thus was read into the secret UFO propulsion and collusion program - finishes it off for the DC Swamp Creatures. #SNB #MAGA #resist
Someone was shot & killed at Malibu Creek State Park campground. That and similar have people packed like sardines. Several years ago I saw a fight at a similar campground outside Eureka. It's humans faced with contention for resources; someone just took it tragically too far.
.@miketirico: IIRC, I had to watch #Olympics #soccer final on Univision because NBC was too dim to show it. I also had to watch several previous matches online. Compare to Murdoch - so far at least - putting #WorldCup on network.
Why does #ARod keep making tennis allusions? Is he the juicing advisor to the #USTA or something? #SNB #MAGA #resist
.@IanDarke: given their meta, COL should be permabanned. Also: #Fox is putting the (likely) better & more consequential games on network, thereby helping USA soccer. Disney would rather play All My Children repeats. IIRC, NBC didn't show Olympics final. +1 for Murdoch so far.
.@xxexegesis: WalMart, Tyson Foods, sweatshops, the #Koch bros, U.S. Chamber, crooked growers all just love what you're doing. You're helping them get all the cheap labor they crave to lower U.S. wages & bust unions. Plus, you aren't even asking for a cut! #AbolishICE
First things first: are those you discuss actually "immigrants" or something else? MT @xxexegesis This is how far it is from LA's City Hall to an immigrant detention center in case @ericgarcetti wants to stop pretending the problem is Trump's and in Texas
#Phillies and DC Swamp Creatures are playing mudball, like that thing where they chase a cheese down a hill.
Bryce Harper - King Alligator of the DC Swamp Creatures - gets his 3rd double of the noch. #MAGA #SNB #resist