As I've pointed out many times, Trump's taxes are a red herring at best. His supposed 2005 taxes have been posted & they'll do nothing.
.@cotterespn: we no longer have a pres that does "brackets". Our new prez played soccer. It's safe for #ESPN to play soccer once in a while.
The smart, sane, pro-American way to solve #Trumpcare & other problems: Stop kid's stuff. #resist
You see that at townhalls, where supposed citizens just act like kids: waving signs, throwing tantrums, etc. None are peers of pols. #MAGA?
Foreign carpetbaggers have joked a moi about how easily duped USAans are. We're easy pickin's for Putin & also homegrown charlatans. #MAGA?
.@joncoopertweets: if you really care about #Trumpcare, then organize an effort to engage Reps in real debate. Not kid's stuff like signs.
.@joncoopertweets: if #Trumpcare really has that kind of impact, you'd think 1 of the 14 million would act like an adult citizen for once.
What are they doing?? MT @joncoopertweets: 14. Million. People. That's how many more Americans would be uninsured next year under #Trumpcare
.@Scully64 @meandmorningjoe: on the anti-American DREAM Act, Trump is closer to @RepGutierrez than he is to me. Look up his quotes on it.
.@Scully64 RT @meandmorningjoe: @RepGutierrez @CNN Oh Luis, govt was wrong under Obama's anti-American exec orders, Trump & ICE [fixed it]
.@20committee: if you don't want to be like Breitbart etc., when will you ask Trump a real question: ?
You're the alternative?? MT @20committee: Trump Translator: "Nice" = be obsequious propaganda like RT, InfoWars, Hannity, et al....or else
DERPMT @realDonaldTrump It is amazing how rude much of the media is to my very hard working reps. Be nice, you will do much better!
.@suejohnston56 @starbuck2017 @shreec: help me raise all bars:
I agree! MT @suejohnston56 RT @starbuck2017: It's despicable how *45 trolls are attacking @shreec: threats, private etc.This is UNAMERICAN
.@UTHornsRawk @waynut1_0: if you knew Putin had interfered on USA elections to help Hillary, what would you say? #PowerofPutin #MAGA?
.@Dragonsnestling @hrtablaze: if Putin had interfered in USA elections to help elect Hillary, what would you say? #PowerofPutin
Dem leaders are horrible, anti-white scum. But, they haven't caused anywhere near the global chaos #GOP has. #powerofputin #MAGA #resist
The rise of oligarchs in Russia is due in large part to Reagan & #GOP not giving Russia a soft landing (see GWB's Iraq). #powerofputin #MAGA
For the record, @BreitbartRussia has been disappeared, shortly after I tested whether it spoke Russ Key. #EdinaHughey #MAGA? #TheResistance
.@happah: if Putin interfered in USA elections to help Hillary, would you support that too? #PowerOfPutin #MAGA
DERPMT @happah @FareedZakaria exposed as a #FakeNews #YellowJourno hack w this fake ass Tom Clancy wannabe agitprop #PowerOfPutin?
.@Samynemir: if you want to undercut Trump, point out to his fans he supports the anti-American DREAM Act, just like Hillary. When will you?
Trump & Putin love #ShowTunes. MT @Samynemir soundtrack of doc commissioned of himself is the Broadway musical Cats? Lol #powerofputin
.@apwriter: if you want to *do* something, get through to Mark Dice/Scott Adams/Coulter etc. fans. Would they support foreign meddling?
It Putin tried to impact elections, that's OK? @GrantJKidney #PowerofPutin -having created almost 300,000 new jobs in the USA. Thanks, Vlad!
#USA bez Trumpa! #powerofputin #MAGA #AltRight #TheResistance #CNN
.@SayNoToCNN @MarkDice: pointing out #CNN helped an effort to braindrain Third World would undercut CNN to liberals. When'll you use that?
.@SayNoToCNN @MarkDice: #CNN posted about #ImmigrantDocs w/o mentioning that they'd braindrain Third World. When'll you use that?
Putin commissioned a self-doc. The soundtrack? From #Cats. #ShowTunes unite him & Trump. #powerofputin #MAGA #AltRight #TheResistance #CNN
Is there anything in #powerofputin so far that hasn't given #MAGA & #AltRight a raging one? #TheResistance #CNN
.@notthefakesvp is astounded that moose can run fast. Most large animals can. Also, consider a soccer game to break the hoops 24/7 monotony.
Next! #CNN to broadcast The Most Powerful Man In The World. It's all about President Trump & how great he is! #TrumpTrain #MAGA
.@US_Army_Vet: @RoyBeck_NUSA has repeatedly refused to take a free, easy plan that would have stopped amnesty & made Trump better on DACA.
Will you keep enabling him when it fails? MT @US_Army_Vet2: @NumbersUSA started Twitter Campaign to make Trump honor his pledge to halt DACA
Apparently Mike, like @AnnCoulter, is scared of soccer because of all the white players. MT @MikeMmwh @FreedTV @ntvnyr173 Soccer is stupid
Do you deny that Obama gave DREAMers temp passes to prevent deportation? MT @TheLionness8 @Fahrenthold keep living in ur small world honey
.@JLKJustice: KA Conway took Zuckerberg $$$ to deceive about amnesty. That could have forced her out then & now. Why do only I mention it?
.@JLKJustice: as an apparent psychotherapist, what explains eg KA Conway opponents harping on kid's/ineffective stuff over important things?
.@DamienOz: @SalenaZito profiled KA Conway, ignoring a huge vulnerability: Zuck paid her to deceive about amnesty. Point out to SZ fans.
Larry "Lawrence" "Samurai Lawrence" Ellison was supposed to solve #Firefox crapiness years ago: #tech #MAGA
#Firefox 52.0 uses insanely high CPU, just sitting on a page with a form. No active Javascript, Flash, etc. #idiocracy #tech #MAGA
.@ConwayShow: Kobylt's crazy, anti-American, sociopathic rants are getting louder & louder. Time for an intervention. @JohnAndKenShow #KFI
Finns play baseball, but have no word for Spring Training: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #TheResistance #MAGA
.@suzbeingsuz: please help educated liberals duped by Luntz that he'd help braindrain struggling developing countries.
Song about a troll: A real one, not the Putin kind. #MusicSunday #NowPlaying #TheResistance #MAGA
.@AAANYC1 @stevelaredo @CheriJacobus: point out to lib dupes taken in by Luntz that he'd braindrain developing countries & increase misery.
.@AAANYC1 @stevelaredo @CheriJacobus: Luntz needs lib dupes to spread his Koch mass #immigration propaganda. Please help separate them.
Trump's Bagpipe & Bombarde Army advances into formation: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #TheResistance #MAGA
So, you'd support a massive guest worker program designed to lower wages? #MAGA? MT @jcdwms Legal immigrants are always welcome!
.@martyrabkin: colonialists of old stole gold. You, Frank Luntz, & Koch bros would entice human resources away from Third World. #resist
Screw India! MT @martyrabkin Which is why it's important to make them feel welcome so their kids will stay here for all of our futures.
.@freedom4all117: if you want to undercut @FrankLuntz, separate him from liberals by pointing out how braindrain screws foreign countries.
.@APLU_GovAffairs: sending grads home helps foreign countries avoid becoming hotspots. Helps establish pro-USA leaders abroad. #immigration
.@APLU_GovAffairs: you confused "good for APLU bottom line" with "good for USA". Maybe try to have some patriotism. #MAGA #immigration
.@APLU_GovAffairs: actually, there are greater reasons *not* to give green cards to foreign grads of USA colleges. #immigration
MT @APLU_GovAffairs Among other needed reforms, it's foolish that we don't provide expedited green cards to graduates of US universities
It's only 9:21pm. It's only 9:21pm. It's only 9:21pm. It's only 9:21pm. It's only 9:21pm. It's only 9:21pm. It's only 9:21pm. #MAGA #resist
.@benrady: braindraining foreign countries leads to poverty, disease, terrorism, regional instability, etc. Did @FrankLuntz mention that?
If you can't figure that out, sit down. MT @benrady And why wouldn't we want "the top educated people from those countries" and their kids?
.@DeputyMark @glenn_a_allen: help undercut @FrankLuntz: point out how braindrain screws sending countries. Divide liberals from libertarians
.@MelissaJPeltier: Koch bros play you like fiddle. You don't like Trumpkins, so you end up helping their quest to lower USA wages. @quinncy
.@MelissaJPeltier: to FrankLuntz's loose borders Koch propaganda, you say "@quinncy That's cool, Trumpsters not down with science anyway"
.@paulgazelka: I'm going to encourage your constituents to ask you very tough #immigration questions on video at your events. Good luck.
.@paulgazelka: IOW, you'd support a massive guest worker program designed to lower USA wages, just as long as it was all legal like.
.@paulgazelka: in response to FrankLuntz' Koch propaganda, you say "Immigration YES, illegal immigration NO. There is a difference."
MT @roygrubb RT @FrankLuntz: H-1B workers make up less than 1% of U.S. population, but their kids make up 75% of top U.S. science students
Hey, here's a nice song: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #TheResistance
.@TaylorTwellman: ESPN would pay less, might get similar ratings for foreign offbrand local feed tape-delayed soccer. Make that case to them
.@TaylorTwellman: Duke basketball on full-on ESPN got 6x audience of Liga MX on ESPN Deportes. How would MLS/EPL/etc on ESPN 2 compare?
.@suekhi: Trumpkins rightly worry about immigrants driving their wages down, but you don't like the unwashed. So you enable #Koch propaganda
Koch bros rile you up like Fox does. MT @suekhi RT @mattyglesias: Taking "par of science fair winner" jobs away from hard-working Americans!
#USA pantsed #Canada 8-0 in #baseball. Oh well, I'm sure they'll beat us at hockey one of these days. #USA #USA #USA #MAGA
.@RealLesStroud: apparently #BigFoot lacks arches:
.@JanetPursley: why weren't you pressuring Trump to be better in 2015 & 2016? Eg, demanding he oppose anti-American DREAMAct. @AnnKirsch1
Now you pressure him. MT @JanetPursley: @realDonaldTrump @AnnKirsch1 Ryan's plan is not answer Americans that supported you want
.@AviralKapoor_: let's say the smartest people in #India left for USA as neocolonialists like @ClydeHaberman want. Would that harm India?
Dr. Julie Pike broke off Twitter contact after I tried to get personal. So, I'll try Nicola Denzey Lewis.
.@ndenzeylewis: why do CNN's Pontius Pilate & Jesus have English accents?
.@TheLionness8: DREAMers are citizens of other countries. You & @Fahrenthold would screw Americans:
DREAMers are by definition aliens. MT @TheLionness8 [a moi] @Fahrenthold DREAMERs ARE Americans u nincampoop. Get ur head out of ur ass
In Paris, @AnnCoulter refused to choose a side in Russia vs Algeria in #WorldCup. That's your conservative movement right there. #MAGA?
.@FreedTV @MikeMmwh @ntvnyr173: FYI, @AnnCoulter loves NBA & NFLBLM, but hates the whites-friendly soccer.
Jaybus: new #TheSimpsons ep is about only sport American seemingly watches & plays: Ball in Hoop. #Simpsons #idiocracy #MAGA #AnnCoulter
.@pkirkham: the study @cheriethemainer hypes is from a #Koch hack. The Kochs want loose borders to lower wages, why's Cherie helping out?
.@StaceySinger: that study is from someone associated with the #Koch bros. Are you a loose borders libertarian fan of the Koch bros?
.@danielgullo: @ClydeHaberman 's "study" is from someone associated with the Koch bros. It ignores how braindrain screws foreign countries.
MT @danielgullo RT ClydeHaberman: How harmful are immigrants? Let's see. In 2016 Intel Science Talent Search, 33 of 40 finalists
The Guardian: "Trump supporters in the heartland fear being left behind by GOP health plan". #FakeNews! Trump's plans are the best!! #MAGA
NYT: @PreetBharara refused to return a Trump phone call, citing DOJ rules. He was fired the next day. What did Trump want to discuss? #MAGA?
"After Pledging to Donate Salary, Trump Declines to Release Proof". Of course. #MAGA #resist
.@peterjhasson: how'd @kellyannepolls look if Pelosi fans pointed out to Trump fans? #MAGA
.@peterjhasson: at #DailyCaller, your blog post is titled "Kellyanne Conway UNLOADS on Pelosi". How's that different from #HuffPo headlines?
.@farhip: could an "extremist" group ask a Q that'd cause problems? If they ask an "extremist" Q, aren't you smart enough to discredit them?
.@farhip: you fret letting Daily Signal ask Qs @ WH briefings could lead to "extremist or racist organizations" doing the same. So what?
Silencing dissent led to Trump. MT @farhip What’s a legitimate news outlet? A new face in the White House press pool raises questions.
Atlanta is kicking #Minnesota ass in #soccer... in the snow... on #ESPN. #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #communism #MAGA
Brookings: the 2600 Trump won, just 36%. #MAGA #resist
Open letter from 134 foreign policy experts says #MuslimBan will "weaken U.S. security and undermine U.S. global leadership". #MAGA #resist
As Big Jim McBob was prone to say, "Trump trolled them real good!" "Real good!" Billy Sol Hurok replied. #MAGA #resist