If Trump & his base were smarter & Trump wasn't just pandering to him, he could have prevented the Pope from saying that, helping USA. Trolling >>>> patriotism for Trump & #MAGA. MT @thehill: Pope Francis condemns politicians who use immigration to spread violence and racism
Strong Roy Moore ad blames his scandal on liberal & RINO elites: I'm sympathetic to that, & those in #Alabama are going to be even more so. #TheResistance lacks smarts & sanity to realize that & find a workaround. #MAGA
It's not that #TheResistance doesn't realize their way is a loser but they aren't smart enough to realize it. They aren't even at that point: they don't have winning as a metric, except on meaningless, un-American battles like silencing dissent. #MAGA
.@MariaMa30202204: Roy Moore isn't even accused of that, much less convicted. #TheResistance has been doing things that low-watt lying @krassenstein way for 2+ years. That's why Trump won & all his losses are own goals. #MAGA
Trump has unwittingly more or less perfected the #GOP scam: talk tough on #immigration, religion, crime, military, etc. while pushing the only policies GOP funders care about: those that make them richer. You see Adelson, #Koch, etc. going after him? #MAGA #resist
Trump a few days ago: "We're looking very strongly at welfare reform, and that will all take place right after taxes". IOW, he's going to trot out the #GOP standby - Welfare Queens - to do things that will actually mostly harm his base. And #MAGA will cheer it on. #resist
This crazy Trump admin, eh? #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
.@debiowens: neeratanden is from #AmProg, a very dumb group that has trouble telling the truth. Her anti-Jones talking points are worthless since she doesn't understand the audience & how to undercut Moore to them. There are ways to do that, she just doesn't know them. #Alabama
.@Sarahh_Henesey: @neeratanden is with #AmProg, the dumbest "think tank" around. See the Roy Moore liberal conspiracy ad. More in #Alabama are going to believe that. She lacks the smarts to undercut such ads. #resist
While waiting for #kneeball to resume, for timeouts, etc here's Puhti to entertain us accordion-wise: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #SNF
More re Sipilas by Puhti: "As everyone in Finland knows how the weddings in Ostrobothnia are - the men drink too much and a few people are stabbed with the puukko knive". I'm informed that the makeup isn't a reference to folkloric tradition. #MAGA #resist #music
Re Sipilas by Puhti, my #Finland correspondent says "Sipilä is a typical name of a farm and the song is about a wedding at that house...the dialect indicates that this happens in Ostrobothnia". #MAGA #resist #music
At least there's *an* America in the semifinals of *something*. #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #AnnCoulter #resist #USMNT
Sure, GWB's plans killed 100s of 1000s & he wanted to reduce USA wages to world levels. But, he hates Trump paints sad clown portraits, so I guess he's OK! #TheResistance #MAGA
.@bobsansevere: what rankles me is making a pass can end a career, but pushing plans that kill 100s of 1000s + painting clown portraits = being rehabbed by #TheResistance. Endangering USA w/ Muslim Ban = cheers from #MAGA. Maybe you should help raise the bar.
DERPMT @bobsansevere You know what rankles me? The partisanship when it comes to sexual misconduct. You should want all politicians held accountable whether they are the president, an ex-president, a pedophile running for office or an ass-grabbing senator from any state or party
In 2004, GWB hyped one of the most anti- & un-American plans I've ever heard of. It would have directly harmed 10s of millions of Americans & USA as a whole: Yet, @JohnKerry & the Dems said *nothing*: they tacitly supported GWB's plan. #MAGA #resist
ICYMI, some weeks ago I pointed out in #TheAtlantic comments that #PuertoRico should store & drink rainwater. A reply: "you can't drink rainwater". #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@CKefalas: before #PuertoRico I'd never heard of @chefjoseandres & I guess that's the goal. #NAM wants a nation of sheeple consumers, so this idiocy with *sandwiches* & bottled water delivered in a light mist fits right in. #ChefsForPuertoRico #MAGA #resist
Meanwhile in real #football, a player just missed the #soccer equivalent of a layup with a ladder. #LigaTrumpica #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #AnnCoulter #resist
#CBS #SixtyMinutes hypes @chefjoseandres of #ChefsForPuertoRico making *sandwiches* for #PuertoRico. One huge reason why PR is in such shape is because those leading have no concept of basic survival. They're beyond soft, like Jose. #MAGA #resist
.@JenGFlanagan stars in this ad: #Otezla #kneeball #MAGA #resist
"Morrissey: I’d Kill Donald Trump for the ‘Safety of Humanity’…" has 25k comments. So much for the r/w cheering him. He says these things to troll/spark convo, get fame, be contrary, etc. Be much better if he helped engage Trump proxies in debate. #MAGA #resist
.@chasdanner: at #NYMag, you blog about Meredith buying out #TimeInc with the (non-voting we're assured) assistance of a #Koch fund but say Kochs might use it as a propaganda vector. Where do the Kochs stand on #immigration? Can you tell the truth? #TheResistance
Hidden camera video from 1967 of Trump explaining his "bone spurs": #MAGA #TheResistance
On the #Simpsons, Sherri & Terri represent Trinidad & Tobago: In real life, Trinidad & Tobago represents decades of failure. #USMNT #Trinidad #Tobago #MAGA #resist
.@chasdanner: at #NYMag, you blog the expected DNC talking points about Trump's recent Doug Jones tweets. I pointed out how similar Trump is to his characterization of Jones. Which is those is more likely to undercut Trump were it counts, to #MAGA? #TheResistance
.@RealDonaldTrump: hello, it is me, Ivan Denisovich. I meet you at Mar-a-Lago with Kislyak. I have new talking points for you! Say that Roy Moore never took his young dates across state lines. Also, point out kids got married at 12 on frontier! #Alabama #MAGA #resist
Not to give any mindshare to kneeball, but #GreenBay is taking it to #Steelers. For now. #BigBen2020 #MAGA #resist
Trump tweet: "Liberal [Doug] Jones would be BAD!" Is Trump capable of figuring out that Roy Moore would also be "BAD"? #MAGA #resist #Alabama
Opposing Doug Jones, Trump also describes himself: a weak Schumer/Pelosi puppet #NoAmnesty #immigration #MAGA #resist #Alabama
Just like commienist soshulist antiMAGA #Agenda21 #soccer, #LAKings vs #Ducks game comes down to a shootout. #hockey #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
.@michaelG4NY: 3.5 years ago, faux-conservative faux-patriots (Coulter, Medved, Newsbusters, etc.) smeared #soccer & in effect wished ill on #USMNT. The fact they've never faced any heat on it except from me is one of the reasons why #soccer is a second-tier sport in USA.
.@Smerity: @zacharylipton would braindrain #China, #India, #WestAfrica, #Burma, #Honduras,... whatever it took to make him marginally more money. He's a NeoColonialist: past colonialists took gold, he'd take human assets. With same long-term negative impacts. #SiliconValley
MT @zacharylipton [someone from China was, per NYT propaganda] Good enough to get a grad degree at Stanford and an offer at Google but not good enough to get an H1B. What happened to Trump's rhetoric about letting in the best and the brightest?
.@imrayrod: @anncoulter enabled Trump every step of the way. She even wrote his failed #immigration plans! Now she refuses to give him smart arguments that'd undercut Pelosi. Use her - destroying her career if necessary - to get at him. #MAGA
.@mulcowatches: for a tangible example, @raojenkins says "#bot - screenshot, report, block". I'm obviously not a bot; don't enable liars. If it had the power, it'd send me to a camp. Hitler's & Stalin's helpers were just people like it. Don't enable fascists. #MAGA #resist
.@Cernovich: I'm being attacked by lil' fascists from slpng_giants. Can I count on you, #MAGA, & #AltRight to help me out?
.@realTanyaTay: I'm being attacked by lil' fascists from slpng_giants. Do you, @JackPosobiec, #AltRight, & #MAGA have my back?
Interesting. Compare my attempts to engage him in debate & him running away like a coward: Did you try that first, or just go straight to the sleaze? MT @JackPosobiec It will soon be @HeerJeet’s time in the barrel
Help me, o #AltRight & #MAGA! slpng_giants intellectual giants are engaging in targeted abuse against me! Stand fast beside me in this battle! LOL.
The goal is to stifle debate, even if you can't figure it out. Fascists like @slpng_giants want opponents off the air. MT @xiane1 Pointing out to advertisers that their ad buys are ending up possibly unwanted places is "silencing dissent"? Since when was advertising "dissent"?
.@ResistTilDeath says to me "Here's a pic..." @mulcowatches: strict authoritarians want to punish those who dissent. Now that means suspensions, ad blocks, etc. In other countries/times it means camps. *It's fundamentally the same reaction*. Don't enable fascists.
Actually, even a little research will show that false. Lil' fascists don't care about the truth. MT @WomensSportsFan [a moi] @mulcowatches Bot
.@DanielLMcAdams: check out the #LATimes @JustinRaimondo OpEd. He's a failed sycophant wannabe who enabled everything Trump has done over the past year rather than demanding better. #MAGA #resist
The real threat is NeoLiberal economics + those who support or go along with the cultural far-left. #MAGA #resist MT @jeffdeist Yes exactly, it is neoconservatives who must be resisted. They are the status quo in both parties.
Why does Trump feel free to use the ludicrous phrase "job creators"? Because leaders of the "opposition" to fiscal cons agree with them, and the #TheResistance base is too dim to change things. #SmallBusinessSaturday #SmallBiz #ShopSmall #MAGA #resist
Actually, poorer Americans - those you'd further impoverish - are the real "job creators". #MAGA #resist RT @realDonaldTrump Happy #SmallBusinessSaturday! A great day to support your community and America’s JOB creators by shopping locally at a #SmallBiz. #ShopSmall
.@MAGAPILL: all Trump had to do was ramp up screening w/o mentioning religion or country, and - by his own admission! - he would have kept the USA safer. Is Trump endangering the USA (by his own admission) one of his accomplishments? #MAGA
Trump RTs @MAGAPILL, a personality cult site with "Donald Trump Accomplishments List". Trump had a golden opp to reduce BLM's power but lacked smarts & patriotism to do it. Is that an accomplishment? What about colluding with Pelosi & Schumer on amnesty? #MAGA
.@mulcowatches: I have no brief for @TheRebelTV, but @slpng_giants_ca, @leognzls, & @slpng_giants are fascists who want to silence dissent. If they had enough power they'd put dissenters in camps. That's history, not hyperbole. Don't enable fascists. #MAGA #resist #Canada
All this talk about #Canada & #hockey set me to thinking about @CamilleRebelle. Don't worry about what she's saying even if you understand it. #MAGA #resist
.@lecarre_news: LeCarre said "These stages that Trump is going through in the United States and the stirring of racial hatred [are like the Nazis". Trump spelled it "Frankenstien". Just write your stupid books, thinking isn't your forte. #MAGA #resist
Mark this date! I strongly suspect those faux-conservative faux-patriots who smeared #soccer 3.5 years ago - Coulter, Medved, Newsbusters, etc - will promote #WorldCup or be silent on it because Trump's boss Putin is in charge this time. #MAGA #resist
.@RealFacelessMan: FYI: 3.5 years ago, amnesty fan @MedvedSHOW in effect hoped our national #soccer team would lose, due to American exceptionalism. Medved in effect didn't want USA to exceed. He must be ecstatic #USMNT lost to Trinidad & Tobago. #MAGA #resist
#hockey : individual fights are a common feature #baseball: individual fights are rare; bench-clearing brawls are even rarer #soccer: mostly just pushing since players get paid *a lot* #football: few fights since most players are armed #MAGA #AnnCoulter #resist
Why are there #hockey fights? Because Canadians are an inherently violent people. #LAKings #Ducks #MAGA #resist #TrumpDidNotPlayHockeyButHeDidPlaySoccer #Canada
.@musicfinland: please explain what Sipilas & other Puhti songs are about: #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #Finland
.@davidlitt: @ScottAdamsSays is a scammer. @smerconish lacks the smarts & patriotism to call him on his BS. Eg, asking him to explain how Trump's huge failures, Trump admitting he made the USA less safe, etc. are 12th Dimensional Chess. #CNN #resist
Welcome to the 24Ahead #BlackFriday sale! If you donate now, my tweets are half off: #MAGA #immigration #resist
.@charliespiering: for instance, Trump could easily undercut every Dem leader to their base over #immigration, making enabling illegal immigration politically toxic. Without that support, it'd be greatly reduced. Has Trump done that? Have you urged that, or just enabled him?
.@charliespiering: at #Breitbart, you blog about Trump demanding Trump Wall following Egypt attack. If there were reduced economic illegal #immigration over the border, wouldn't stopping terrorists be easier? A smart way to reduce economic migrants is to make smart arguments.
Jim Hoft - Chief Egghead of the Trump Presidency - blogs 'Hah! Trump Disses TIME on “Man (Person) of the Year” Award – Won’t Sit for Photo Shoot, But “Thanks Anyway”'. #MAGA #resist
Yes! I'll bet Trump's 'Nam Commander has tales to tell about him too! #MAGA #LBFM #PBR #LBFMPBR #MAGA #resist #BoneSpurs MT @joshdcaplan Vietnam Commander Tells Never-Before-Heard Story About ‘Honorable, Decent, Respectable, and Patriotic’ Roy Moore
.@RealDonaldTrump: hello! This is Ivan Denisovich, I meet you at Mar-a-Lago w/ Kislyak. Remember? Our mutual friend - you know who I mean! - has a message. #WorldCup is very important to him. He want you to promote #soccer. You will do that, yes? Thank you.
Thanks for serving USA between ads. MT @realDonaldTrump After Turkey call I will be heading over to Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter, to play golf (quickly) w/ Tiger Woods & Dustin Johnson. Then back to Mar-a-Lago for talks on bringing even more jobs & companies back to the USA!
A few years before Trump, #TheResistance types were doing things like this: And, now you know why Trump won and they can't do anything to stop him. #MAGA
Some fantastically think Trump will pivot to being an actual President & not a joke. I don't think #TheResistance will ever grow a brain & oppose him correctly: they simply aren't smart enough.
Trump could be publicly discredited to #MAGA over 100s of things. #TheResistance can only engage in magical thinking (impeachment, etc) & self-marginalization (racializing everything, etc). This is #Idiocracy meets Perfect Storm.
Trump being a complete idiot demagoguing even more deranged complete idiots is bad. The perfect storm of #idiocracy is his opponents have "elected" completely unfit deranged idiots as their leaders, & they keep helping him & serve as his foils. #MAGA #TheResistance
None of your bans covered #Egypt. Caps don't make things smart. #MAGA MT @realDonaldTrump Will be calling Egypt Pres to discuss tragic terrorist attack... We have to get TOUGHER AND SMARTER than ever before, and we will. Need the WALL, need the BAN! God bless the people of Egypt.
.@realDonaldTrump: see "Time says Trump is 'incorrect' after president says he rejected Person of the Year overture". You're lying yet again, but I guess that's more natural for you than finally telling the truth for once. #MAGA #resist
Lying as usual. #MAGA MT @realDonaldTrump Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named “Man (Person) of the Year,” like last year, but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!
.@BobbieDooley: @Bourdain always reminds me how great Huell Howser was & how much he'll be missed. Also, Trump's gross incompetence on #PuertoRico will help flip #Florida due to 100,000+ new Dem votes. Why isn't anyone using that to discredit Trump proxies, Dilbert, etc.?
.@jerome_corsi: posts about your detention in Kenya: Also, *smart* anti-illegal #immigration arguments Trump should use: Will you try to make him use those?
.@jerome_corsi: what think you about your boss posting then deleting a vid of @RepJoeBarton? Isn't that extremely sleazy & cowardly, indicating an inability to think ahead? Also, I appreciate #WND linking me 1x or 2x, but oddly not to posts about you. #InfoWars #MAGA #resist
.@RealAlexJones posted a vid of senior citizen & U.S. Congressman @RepJoeBarton "putting on a show", but then deleted it. Apparently due to fear of #Texas revenge pr000n law. Not only is Trump's BFF extremely sleazy, he's a coward. #InfoWars #MAGA #resist
.@Smerconish: your BFF @ScottAdamsSays is an amnesty supporter (he thought Trump colluding with Pelosi is finding the "middle ground"). You & #CNN would try to destroy him if he had personal failings, but you can't do that *now* using *his ideas*. Stop being #idiocracy.
.@stavernise: at #NYT, you blog "@BenShapiro, a Provocative ‘Gladiator,’ Battles to Win Young Conservatives". Why didn't you call him on his #immigration stance, when that's most likely to alienate him from his base? You didn't even mention it, despite how important it is.
In #kneeball news, "Colin Kaepernick makes surprise appearance at ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ on Alcatraz". As you might have heard, #AnnCoulter just ***loves*** #NFL & #football, but hates the whites-friendly #soccer. I might have mentioned that before. #MAGA!
Re #Twitter suspending Putinbots: 3. Can you trust Jack - a dim, sniveling coward who doesn't even rise to the level of an SJW snowflake - to decide what you can see? #Twitter #MAGA #resist
Re #Twitter suspending Putinbots: 1. If idiots fall for "Jenna Abrams" claiming she saw pr00n on #Bourdain show, isn't that a bigger problem than "Jenna"? 2. How will suspending "Jenna" solve that deeper problem? #MAGA #resist
.@jamesrbuk & @flashboy: wouldn't it be better to see what the Putinbots are pushing? Doesn't Putin have many accts that are much more crypto? Were the ones you got suspended sacrificial lambs sending a message? Why do you help Twitter cover up for a PR disaster? #MAGA #resist
.@jamesrbuk & @flashboy of the world's finest news source, #Buzzfeed, got #Twitter to suspend more Putinbot accounts. Because that will make the problem of people falling for foreign propaganda go away. #MAGA #resist
.@JRosenworcel: by making #NetNeutrality a partisan issue, you're hurting the cause claim to care about. Is it that you don't really care, or that you can't figure that out? #SaveNetNeutrality #MAGA #resist
.@RichardBSpencer has been banned by #Poland from entering the Shengen Free Zone, aka the #EU, aka 26 Euro countries. That's hilariously ironic, but the much better idea is to invite him in and then destroy his arguments. #MAGA #resist #AltRight
Why? Have you helped when others - esp those you disagree with - were banned? MT @Styx666Official Looks like my @Youtube account was terminated. I was given no reason why, and sent no email. I need my fans to help me contact them with as much vigor as possible- might be a glitch
.@DanGeringer: explain how the $250k is going to help the millions of #homeless in the USA. It makes donors feel better a la indulgences, but only a policy solution would change things (and not a policy solution from NGOs that specialize in feel-good). #Thanksgiving #Philly
Ret. Lieutenant General calls Trump Thanksgiving remarks ‘insulting’ U.S. military were losers until Trump took over! #HappyThanksgiving #Army #Airforce #Marines #Navy #USAF #CoastGuard #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
Minuses: too PC, using modern musical styles in part. Pluses: antler headgear. #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #HappyThanksgiving #MAGA #resist
.@Michele_Tafoya: can you speak out against @RealDonaldTrump never once (AFAIK) saying anything about our national #soccer teams? #USMNT #USWNT
.@planetepics: this looks horrid due to the street & other electric lights: #OldWaysAreTheBest #aye #BackToTheLand #MAGA #resist
Cologne vs Your Arsenal highlights: #soccer #Redskins #Giants #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist
#PSG vs #Celtic highlights: #soccer #Redskins #Giants #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist
Highlights of the only man in the world with a bigger ego than me & Trump. #soccer #Redskins #Giants #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist
Trump is a grossly incompetent, unpatriotic, deranged, completely self-centered, idiotic buffoon. He would have lost if #TheResistance weren't *even worse*. #MAGA!
Are you urging those who have access to Trump proxies to call them on that using credible cites? If not, when will you do that? #TheResistance MT @ArtistsPo RT @KatnissResists: O’Care has its highest enrollment period last month
Here's What Trump Told The Coast Guard When He Visited Them On Thanksgiving #HappyThanksgiving #CoastGuard #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
MT @RealDonaldTrump Happy Thanksgiving to the American peoples! We are exceeding grain production in this quarter. We will meet Five Year Plan despite machinations of the enemy! Your country doing very, very well! Do not fear, economy booming! #MAGA #resist #HappyThanksgiving
"Your country"?? That's something someone who isn't part of our country would say. Is Putin dictating tweets to you again? #MAGA #resist #HappyThanksgiving MT @realDonaldTrump HAPPY THANKSGIVING, your Country is starting to do really well...