.@DeWineHustedOH: you say @mikedewine & @JonHusted are "rock-solid conservatives". I want to know if they're patriotic Americans who stand with American workers. Do either support legalizing more than 100k illegal aliens? Will both pledge to completely oppose that?
#Facebook is beginning to rank news orgs by trust to determine what to elevate or suppress. #Breitbart is not a trustworthy source, but neither is the MSM: both outrageously mislead. Zuck lives in a world where the MSM's deceptions are reality. #MAGA #resist
Welcome in! Bettina Schmekl and I are back with another edition of "Is There Anything Conservatives Can't Fix!" Today's show is about boiling water! We're watching conservatives boil water. Ach MG, THE WATER, IT BURNS!!! HOW COULD THEY BURNEN THE WATER?!?!? #MAGA #resist
I couldn't get that last vid to play to, wracked with guilt, I consulted with Pres Trump & he suggested playing the Official 24Ahead Alternative, Official Trump Approved Closing Argument: #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicMonday
24Ahead closes the broadcast day in the usual way, with the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra as Trump recommends: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
My research (top tweet) shows #Twitter censors plenty of libs. Does that make it OK or are you willing to oppose censorship across the board? MT @Necratech MT @SassySouthern10: @Wildmanwings Unfortunately there's too much censorship of conservative on all social media outlets
.@accessnow: my research (see my pinned tweet) shows #Twitter might be censoring millions of users. They're cruelly deceiving them (by ghosting them). See the reports at the link, & try out the open source app yourself. Note: this isn't about cons: they censor many libs too.
Apparently, #Telegram is being blocked in Iran and Russia. That Telegram? Thankfully, #DailyMail is still available.
Backwater, shadowbanned tweeter repeatedly posts Estonian video that, sexiest as he is, makes even him feel a bit uncomfortable despite it not being that bad. Perhaps due to the uncomfortableness of it all: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
Take some responsibility for once. #TheResistance can't even conceive of The Wall being unimplementable or using that to undercut Trump to his base. Examine your endless failures. MT @MattAltman2 MT @Julesitter: ...Trump has achieved step 1 of successful authoritarianism...
.@Niconotrussian @AllenVolunteers: I got under Kashkari's skin so much he ranted about me on the radio. But, he never blocked me. @JoinTravisAllen never tried to engage me, he blocked me after a few tweets pointed out how fake he is. He's an emotinally weak coward. #CAGOP
.@mgtythor @jkhomes2012: please analyze all of the @JoinTravisAllen statements on #immigration. Notice how he always brings everything back to spending? That's his real issue, not immigration. He's a fiscal con at heart, & fiscal cons are always ultimately pro-amnesty. #CAGOP
My research (real data, not anecdata) shows #Twitter censors libs about as much as cons. You can't just oppose censorship for one side, otherwise you're as base as TWTR. MT @wnpcat RT @AngMartinelli: We need your help to rally conservatives/libertarians/others against censorship
.@ShivamShankarS: my open source #Twitter #censorship checker (see my top tweet) shows Modi's tweets aren't being censored (see the examples). Why don't you try it with other accounts and then post the results?
Cruz blocked me despite never tweeting her. But, since - unlike her - I oppose censorship, tell me how to help. MT @DonnaMartinNeth RT @WeR_MANY: ATTN: Facebook has SHUT ALL of #RealErinCruz Pages down for a post she posted YEARS AGO! THIS IS CENSORSHIP in the PUREST FORM
Socratic debate is the solution to all political issues. If you think a policy is "terrible", ask supporters tough, pointed questions designed to force them into making admissions against interest. MT @MinaForNebraska What's best way to create awareness of this terrible policy?
.@MinaForNebraska: you promote "Building Black Women's Political Power". Would you, say, promote "Building White Men's Political Power" in a "majority-minority" context or are you a full-on, fact-free Gramscian? Nevertheless, I'll answer your question next.
Because you haven't seen it enough, here are videos of Mila Kunis speaking Russian: Because someone has to translate Trump's speeches after Putin writes them. #MAGA #resist
He certainly would. And, zero of his loudest opponents have the smarts, integrity, or sanity to prevent that. Such as by offering an alternative to those worried about their jobs at the plant. MT @sarahkendzior ...Trump would like more absolute power than he currently has...
3 music videos of twirling Gypsy love: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
By the @IndivisibleTeam? Because that's who's behind all these "alt" accounts, right? #MAGA #resist MT @altGS_rocks @AltUSPressSec @AltDIA Confirmed. Every single tweet I make is being harvested to Washington, DC datacenter
Remember #OWS? Think back: they're the ones who camped in public parks to oppose Wall Street (???). Here are 11 videos of them trying to stifle debate like lil' fascists: #MAGA #resist #IL6 #IL06
.@CBIL6th: if you were really going to engage @PeterRoskam & @JobCreatorsUSA in Socratic debate & not just chant "mic check!", what were your questions? E.g., were you planning to undercut the very idea of "job creators" vs where demand really starts: consumers?
OWS & worse have disrupted events before: "mic check" & other fascistic ploys. MT @CBIL6th @PeterRoskam canceled his tax cuts rally [from @JobCreatorsUSA] BECAUSE real people planned to come "without protest signs" to ask questions. So he did the #IL14 rally this morning instead
Trump has issued an edict forbidding asylum for the Caravan of Orangemen that has reached the U.S. border: #MAGA #MusicMonday #resist #NowPlaying
Personally, I think Asha Rangappa would be as into me as I am into her. #MAGA #CNN #resist
Of course. But, what's needed is for those with access to engage leaders (Ds & Rs) in Socratic debate about how their plans are laughable (like Trump's unimplementable Wall). Have Gessen/Wolf done that? MT @GreenJ I think @mashagessen’s is the best of the michelleisawolf takes
#Breitbart (only read headline): "REVEALED: McConnell’s In-Laws Bought 10 Massive Ships from Chinese Govt. Since Wife Became Transportation Secretary". Now that's something the MSM might do an OK job looking into, unless they get scared off by insiders. #MAGA #resist
.@cologuard: I tried to follow your instructions but something went wrong and now I've got shit everywhere. Please help.
Speaking about Belicheat, #Patriots, fair and square vs cheating, etc. one Trump comparison I haven't heard might be the most apt: Al Davis. #MAGA - assisted by #TheResistance - has elected President Al Davis.
Tom Brady on whether Belicheat & Kraft appreciate him enough to match his greatness: "I plead the 5th". In other news, Trump has invited him to join the Trump admin. #Patriots #MAGA #resist
Corey Seager - who Dave Roberts slipped up and called his best player - is out for months for Tommy John surgery. Perhaps into the playoffs or next season. I want the #Dodgers to lose, but fair and square. I'm not Trump or #MAGA.
My coverage of how those from George Mason University pushed the #Koch agenda: #UVA #MAGA #resist #GMU
Documents show George Mason University took Koch donations & in exchange gave them input on firing & hiring professors: #UVA #MAGA #resist #GMU
Our First Lady in absentia has filed a defamation lawsuit against our beloved Pres. It's a little tenuous; presumably she'd have to prove the incident happened: #MAGA #resist
Party of Trump, Strength of the *Real* Americans! 24Ahead close broadcast day with the stirring strains of the glorious Trump National Anthem: #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicSunday
.@GatestoneInst @realstefanfrank: see my top tweet for data on how heavily #Twitter censors *all* types of users. It's not just cons. They even censor replies to mariogoetze. They might be censoring millions of their users (and in a completely disreputable way, via ghosting).
Way back in 1993, Harry Reid strongly opposed illegal #immigration. He just did it in smarter ways than Trump is capable of. Then, of course, he realized there's more votes and money in supporting illegal immigration & amnesty. #MAGA #resist
.@asmamk: 25 years ago Harry Reid was like Tanc on #immigration. He & other Dem leaders changed because they're corrupt (votes+Big Biz $). Dem base is cowed by threats & deceived by MSM (like NPR) into going along. Cons toxify the opposition, helping Dem leaders.
#FoxNews (Murdoch is very pro-amnesty) hypes the Caravan. mschlapp (also pro-amnesty) says Trump is right on the Caravan. Consider that the Caravan is yet another way to get amnesty. MT @JimKlunk MT @SandraTXAS Border Caravan [is Soros-inspired chaos]
.@OptionsHawk: FYI, on many threads, $TWTR is censoring 30% or more of those who reply. That's via ghosting so they're deceiving many of their most active users. They might be censoring & deceiving millions of their most active users. When those users find out, watch out.
.@DustinGiebel: #Twitter heavily censors replies to politicians, pundits, etc. They might be censoring millions of their users (& deceiving them via ghosting). See the examples in my top tweet & use the app to check if they censor replies to foreign govt accounts.
See my top tweet for hard data on their censorship. Try the app to see what they do. MT @SirJamesGray using twitter to document censorship on Twitter as if twitter won't censor that too
Things cons have f-ed up: - opposing illegal #immigration... - opposing #Twitter censorship... - opposing #Villaraigosa (former member of a radical irredentist group)... - etc. etc. etc. OTOH, they're great at helping the rich get richer. #MAGA #resist
#RealErinCruz blocked me even though I never tweeted her under that or any previous names. She doesn't oppose censorship, she just wants to be the censor. MT @DonsAudrey MT @SublimeBoho: Twitter & FB attack Erin Cruz by shutting down & censorship... #MakeCaliforniaGoldenAgain
.@jonathanalter [...stuff about a courtiers' event... things that don't matter to those worried about their jobs at the plant...] If you want to undercut @mschlapp for real, point out to #MAGA how much of an amnesty fan he is. That's something that really matters.
.@TwitterSupport: how do you think TWTR will fare when your user base realizes you've either been silencing them & cruelly lying to them, or that you could do that without them knowing about it?
.@TwitterSupport: you're silencing & lying to many of the libs who respond to @JackKingston. You're silencing & lying to many who reply to U.S. government accounts like @HouseJudDems (who I'll contact on Monday). You're elevating cat pics while hiding or suppressing real dissent.
.@TwitterSupport: my research shows you're censoring potentially millions of your users, & doing it in a completely underhanded, despicable way: ghosting. You're lying to potentially millions of your users. And, it's not just conservatives: you're silencing & lying to many libs.
It's hot anti-white SJW on anti-white SJW action as @jvplive cheers @ADL_National being demoted in #Starbucks diversity training: "[their] status as a civil rights organization is compromised given its history and practices of anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian, and anti-Black racism"
The tree Trump & his BFF Macron planted at the #WhiteHouse is missing. Guess: Trump regifted it to Putin. #MAGA #resist
So, it won't be a no hitter. #Angels #Yankees
.@MarkEbner59: at this point, Trump can do anything he wants. His loudest opponents are too dim to hold him accountable, such as by engaging his proxies in Socratic debate. What are you doing to change things?
.@hvrk73: cleaned up, your complaints about Trump & water in Flint & #PuertoRico would make good questions to ask his proxies. Will you urge #CNN hosts to really press Trump proxies about that?
.@marianaatencio: @leylasantiago hyped #FEMA delivering small water bottles to #PuertoRico. There was concern about landing the helicopter due to the light rain. Unlike her, do you see a problem with that picture? #CNN
.@joybellesshadow: if you want to undercut leylasantiago, point out to *liberals* that she & #CNN are helping Big Biz lower wages. Ask them why USChamber, Western Growers, Tyson Foods, etc. support mass/illegal immigration. #MAGA
Trump said the Wall was needed to stop them. That's immaterial if they're applying to authorities. Was Trump wrong in what he said? MT @LItalianoVero [the MX caravan of much renown] will go through the legal process it seems
.@KazeSkyz: did you ever ask Ana Cabrera my question? What did she say?
.@Oldlady12345: @leylasantiago is trying to pull heartstrings to support cold, hard profit. U.S. workers are harmed by illegal #immigration, but USChamber, Western Growers, WalMart, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, etc. are helped. Enabling illegal immigration is anything but liberal.
24Ahead's Closing Argument is this heartwarming display of bipartisanship as our glorious Leader Donald Trump colludes with Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer to sing the Trump National Anthem: #MAGA! #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday #resist
Remember when you thought GWB was the best thing ever? Now you realize you got it wrong. Remember when you got fooled by Glenn Beck, Coulter, & Teaparty? Now you realize you got fooled. Now you want us to think Trump Wall & all his other scams are viable plans. #MAGA #resist
You can't understand how you're deceiving, yet you want people to think you know Trump Wall is a viable plan? MT @2braptuedbyJC77 RT @ClintonMSix14: I can't understand for the life of me why anyone would be against 'Making America Great.'
IOW, Tester outtrumped Trump. Trump & his fans weren't capable of going high & they're no help against going low. All they know is going low & it wasn't enough. Got it. #MAGA #resist MT @ErichReimer treatment/derailment of Adm. Ronny Jackson's as VA Sec. was outrageous
You can stand against #Twitter censoring libs, cons, etc. right now: see my top tweet for actual data showing what Twitter does. Will you help expose what they do? MT @MichaelTetrick [months from now, @RealCandaceO will be standing against liberal censorship unlike rap stars]
Cruz blocked me despite never tweeting her. She's just upset she isn't the one doing the censoring. Considering opposing censorship across the board. MT @dhartmann23 Hey @ jack more censorship? Why am I not surprised? #ElectErinCruz
How does The South - descendants of traitors who, like Nazi Germany & Imperial Japan, declared war on the USA - get away with presenting themselves as Real Americans Unlike Everyone Else? #MAGA #resist
Without The South, we'd probably be near the top in literacy, etc. etc. etc. They're like [invent your own analogy here]. That said, they're fellow Americans so we have to stick with them. Even if they aren't patriotic enough to stick with us. #MAGA #resist
I've joked about letting The South secede, but I'm patriotic so I stand with them. Neither of you are patriotic, full stop. #MAGA #resist MT @navy8r RT @JimSciandra: CENSORSHIP in CALIFORNIA unheard of! LETS MAKE THEM SECEDE FROM THE UNION!
.@TXShades123 @AngeloRayGomez: if you actually oppose censorship rather than are just upset you aren't the one doing the censoring, then you'll join with libs, sports fans, etc. to oppose #Twitter heavily censoring & deceiving their users. Will you do that?
My research - real data, not anecdata - shows they heavily censor all types of users: libs, cons, sports fans, etc. MT @TXShades123 RT @AngeloRayGomez: Apparently constant censorship of Conservatives on #Twitter is a “temp connection bug” according to [TWTR ofcl]
After their goal was overturned, #Vegas announcer warns spectators not to throw ******* ******* ******* onto the ice. (Note: this tweet has been edited for your protection) #GoldenNights #MAGA #resist
Bottom line things. Trump - who's pushing Koch-friendly tax/pollution/etc plans - got you to support Koch-friendly #immigration plans as a reaction to his shtick. Look at the bottom line. #resist MT @LadyJ5569 @GreyCrossStudio: These 15 immigrants [got rich, per Biz Insider]
Everybody hit the #GoldenNights showers! Drinks & water are on Trump and the Russian oligarchs! #MAGA #resist
.@TheFakeLiberal: you support Trump Wall. Is it guaranteed to greatly reduce illegal #immigration for years after it's built? Or, are there things that could happen that would cause it to fail?
AFAIK, MX caravan intends to apply for asylum. They'd have to present themselves to authorities to do that. IOW, Trump Wall doesn't apply: they could just apply at one of the "big doors" in Trump Wall. #immigration #MAGA #resist
TODO: post about Trump encouraging candidates who want his endorsement to support amnesty. Look into Trump presenting Trump Wall as a solution to MX caravan (which, as could be expected, makes no sense). #immigration #MAGA #resist
If you were going to do something weird - but consensual! - involving fluids, ice would be the second best place to do it. It'd be uncomfortable, but easy to dispose of the evidence. Maybe that's why Trump & the oligarchs bought the #Vegas #GoldenNights. #MAGA #resist
Cesar Chavez wanted Americans picking crops for good wages & under safe conditions. You two want the opposite. Which of you two (or both) are getting a cut? #Monterey #USAToday MT @SupervisorAlejo RT @rebeccaplevin: ppl picking your veggies are young, foreign-born [& on a visa]
Q: what % of con leaders/base have ever given any hint that, if they had the power, they wouldn't be as eager to censor opponents as SJWs are? A: I'd say 0.001%. Only their lack of smarts & sanity keeps them from being as bad as SJWs. #MAGA #resist
MAGA snowflake @cassidyphoenyx has blocked me after correctly pointing out Krikorian supports amnesty:
Trump supposedly also bought a shipyard. If you were going to do something weird - albeit consensual! - involving fluids, doing it on ship would be best. Just hose down the decks or go through one of those ship showers. #MAGA #GoldenNights #LasVegas #resist
"Trump was the owner of the yacht Trump Princess. The yacht was built in 1980 for Adnan Kashoggi and was the largest yacht in the world at that moment. Trump sold her in 1991..." #MAGA #resist
After Trump leaves, Tester can feel free to go back to spreading anonymous smears. Trump is only temporarily effective against smear merchants like Tester and only in the dumbest, least American ways possible. #MAGA #resist
Trump claims to have dirt on Jon Tester. I suspect that will cause other pols - no matter the party - to see Trump as a threat to their careers & be willing to cross the aisle to oppose him. #MAGA #resist
.@scottysessions @Outsideness: do you think #SPLC cares what @steve_sailer says about them? If he encouraged his fans to do things like this - but better! - he'd be a real threat. So, why won't he?
It's #Sharks (Silicon Valley i.e. outsourcing, mass #immigration, globalism, censorship, lying, etc.) vs the #LasVegas #GoldenNights (the team Trump owns with shadowy Russian oligarchs). Can they both lose? #MAGA #resist
Trump upstaging #WHCD would be great, if he represented broad American interests. He just represents
24Ahead's Closing Argument features Melania and the Official Trump White House Official Trump Lederhosen Trump Dancers ordering all the citizens to dance: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicTrumptag
When cons take up an issue as their own, the other side gives a loud cheer. They are COINTELPRO. Like if the coal industry secretly started a Communist Atheist Used Car Salesmen Lawyers Against Coal. #MAGA #resist
Aided by cons. #Twitter heavily censors all types of users including libs. Those who make it just about cons shrink the tent, in effect helping Twitter. MT @ameripundit @MARYMarlans Twitter is employing some very clever censorship techniques.
Cruz blocked me despite never tweeting it. She's not against censorship, she's just upset she isn't the censor. MT @MikeTheMover RT @DontTreadOnUS: Don't let facebook (fascistbook) get away with blatant censorship! Share RT and demand they remove the ban on RealErinCruz
My data (not just anecdata) shows #Twitter heavily censors libs, cons, sports fans, etc. Those who make it just about cons are helping TWTR by shrinking the tent. What stance do you take? MT @MariaBonanno9 MT @CrimeResearch1: More Censorship of our research by Twitter
.@SAMMIESMILES8 - something I've never tweeted - has blocked me. Probably on the behest of
.@Alasken12 @John_KissMyBot: my data (actual data, not anecdata or innuendo) shows #Twitter is heavily censoring all kinds of users: cons, libs, sports fans, etc. If you really want to undercut Nadler, confront him & colleagues with the examples at the link in my top tweet.
Here's how: pressure Trump proxies (Fredericks, Bauer, Shields, etc) to pressure Trump to use smart *anti-DACA* arguments that undercut Dem leaders to their base over DACA. Not the pro-DACA arguments Trump & his proxies use MT @trumpATeam #Trump [must] remove DACA illegal aliens
If it involves him trading US citizenship for Swedish, I say a resounding yes. Trump's DREAMer amnesty will harm workers & students via unnecessary competition. Obama didn't care about that & neither does Trump. MT @RealDrGina Does Trump deserve a peace prize yet or what?
.@CarlaRK3: FYI, @DavidMcGuireEsq cheers illegal aliens being able to deprive U.S. citizens of college discounts (keeping some Americans out of college). #ACLU colluded w/ MX govt to help MX's crooked elites (like ours but worse) profit from mass illegality. He's no liberal.
.@jurylady5: #ACLU collaborated with Mex govt to undercut U.S. law enforcement. Mex elites love illegal #immigration: profits for them, less pressure to reform. ACLU served their interests, not interests of U.S. workers & the people of Mexico. #immigration
.@PCBSNews19: FYI, @edlavaCNN treated Trump Wall like a viable idea. #CNN even had an animation! He & CNN could have really undercut Trump if they pressed Trump proxies on how the Wall was unimplementable, but they didn't do that. They in effect *helped* Trump.
.@FreedomsFront @OneVoiceUS @IvansGarage: want to really hurt Twitter? Get media to cover my research (see the examples at my top tweet) showing that TWTR is censoring & lying to a high % of their users of all kinds: libs, cons, sports fans... Oppose censorship in a big tent way.