~~BREAKING~~ President Trump has just ordered a preemptive strike on #Guam. We'll have live updates from Golf Cart One. #MAGA #TheResistance
~BREAKING~ The sane member of the Trump admin rushes to make him think he has a golf course in #Guam so he'll care. #MAGA #TheResistance
.@michaelgartland: this is how to undercut de Blasio to his base: Why does #NYPost ignore that?
.@mbretosESPN: with the new NFLBLM season about to descend, any chance you can urge #ESPN to counterprogram #soccer & #baseball against it?
.@michaelgartland: # of BDB fans who are going to drop him over your disputable blog post has to be near 0. You have sanity to admit that?
.@michaelgartland: at #NYPost, you blog the possibility that de Blasio might send bullying emails to staffers. How are his fans taking it?
.@WayneASchneider: the @ddale8 list of Trump's "lies" has some questionable assertions. Once again: I'm not a Trump fan. @DonLemon #CNN
I'm not Trump fan & Dale isn't credible. MT @WayneASchneider RT @ddale8: This week's edition of Trump Supporters React To Fact-Checking
.@oneunderscore__ of Daily Beast is wasting his time: #TheDailyBeast #DailyBeast #TheResistance
Solution to Trump Problem: put him in an oval room & tell him there's a leak in the corner: #MAGA #TheResistance
24Ahead's Closing Argument - the Melania Singers: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
Two years ago I detailed how Trump's #immigration plans would fail: No one else did. Donate for more. #resist
.@GoodFight4: @RoyBeck_NUSA is just a grifter. Hear it from him personally. Ask him why he won't help with
.@GoodFight4: I called @RoyBeck_NUSA group 2x urging them to use very effective tactics against illegal #immigration. They refused 2x.
.@GeorgeEliseo @LewisHyrum: what's amazing is ppl like you keep enabling grifters (Roy Beck, Kaus, etc.) who only *posture* against that.
That's not amazing. MT @GeorgeEliseo RT @LewisHyrum: The doublespeak is amazing. 1 minute lamenting declining working class wages.The next..
.@KathyStricker2: ask @FAIRImmigration why they aren't demanding Trump uses *smart* arguments that undercut loose borders fans to their base
.@KathyStricker2: 95% of what Trump promises to do w wall he could do for free if he & @FAIRImmigration weren't grifters. @McCaskillOffice
MT @KathyStricker2 @FAIRImmigration @McCaskillOffice No Wall! Waste of tax payers $ If $ available for wall, add it to education budget
.@janiek13: the "new immigration racket" @FAIRImmigration links isn't new. It's old & they didn't help stop it. They just complain now.
At #DailyCaller, one David Root blogs "A New Immigration Racket Emerges: Green Cards For Fake Abuse Victims". Actually not so new.
OTOH, Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water has 10% of those views/followers: #MusicMonday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
.@MarkDiStef: whoever Roberts is, does him not telling the truth invalidate or say absolutely nothing about validity of his policies?
What's an "Australia"? MT @MarkDiStef BuzzFeed has obtained official immigration files of Malcolm Roberts, which contradicts his story
Deep Purple v2 w/ Child In Time has more views than Trump has followers: #MusicMonday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
.@VickiMDonovan: I knew 2 years ago Trump's plans would end up being challenged by courts. Why didn't Trump know that?
Deep Purple v1 w/ Help: #MusicMonday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
.@CscBeth: Teaparty halved popularity doing what Trumpkins do now: trying to silence dissent using personal smears. No better than far-left.
Actually, partisan hacks do that. MT @CscBeth When the Left is out witted and out smarted, they call names and hurl personal insults
.@chipfranklin: how to undercut Coulter in ways that'll really hurt her: Why don't you help with that instead?
.@drlindeman: ...would fail. IOW, she helped Trump fail. Did anyone else point that out? Why didn't she realize her plan was bound to fail?
.@drlindeman: you sound smart & you don't oppose Coulter. I accurately described in Aug 2015 how #immigration plan she wrote for Trump...
.@AltRabinowitz: 8+ year old plan to get Americans doing farm work: It got zero help from "conservatives". #MAGA
MT @AnnCoulter RT @AltRabinowitz: Little known fact, until we started taking 3rd world immigrants in the 60s, America had zero agriculture
She is unless she denies it. MT @ReactionaryIan The more I look at @AnnCoulter's timeline, the more confident I feel that she's one of us.
Because he can? MT @VickiMDonovan: .@GovRauner Y r u letting the mayor of Chi fight agst the immigration laws of the United States?
.@a_r_thomps: is there someone at ThinkProgress with an IQ greater than 10 who can explain to you the use of quotes in English?
.@a_r_thomps: @kayleighmcenany & WND weren't saying Obama took $ from Osama bin Laden as you claim, but 'Osama bin Laden' (w/ quotes).
The intensely-stupid-even-for-ThinkProgress @a_r_thomps blogs "awkward" @kayleighmcenany tweets like
In the first 3 #TheStrain eps I missed, apparently Zach got a (human) consort and killed a tiger.
MT @GeekFreakwency: "If I'm being honest, there are days I think it'd be better...[if Zack were dead]" Oh it would be, Eph. It would be.
.@philwillon: instead of enabling idiotic rants, enable engaging @replamalfa in real policy debate designed to show him wrong to his base.
.@philwillon: what'd change your behavior: a Trumpkin wishing you "die in pain", or me showing you wrong to your base? @replamalfa
.@philwillon: you blog about townhaller wishing @replamalfa "dies in pain". How would you respond to that yourself? What'd you do different?
.@joshtpm asks why "Nicole Mincey" & her network when there are lots of bots. Answer: their continued quest to be lil' fascists.
.@joshtpm blogs about "Nicole Mincey", supposed black Trump conservative Trump RTed who sells Trump hats & who Twitter suspended.
.@SenBlumenthal: best way to undercut Trump *right now* is to point out to his fans that his plans are unimplementable.
.@SenBlumenthal replies "Your bullying hasn't worked before and it won't work now. No one is above the law". That's not how to stop it.
.@RealDonaldTrump brings up @SenBlumenthal lying about serving in Vietnam in attempt to undercut Russian investigation.
Trump's current #Twitter header features Rick Perry, America's top thinker: #MAGA #resist
While I was doing that, #Frisco hit a homer. Why not donate just for dragging me away from the game to do this stuff? #TheResistance #MAGA
.@emilyaheil: could you produce a white paper detailing how Miller's lifestyle should dictate policy for >300 million Americans? Thanks.
.@emilyaheil: because of Miller's condo, cosmos who'd sell out USA for a cheese sandwich are OK, or there are no cosmos?
.@emilyaheil: help me grok how Stephen Miller's lifestyle translates into policy. Because he has a luxury condo his concerns are invalid?
.@kurtbardella: between 0 and 5, how many of those is Trump doing? How many are you and/or Breitbart and/or Trumpkins urging him to do?
.@kurtbardella: hey Kurt, here are 5 smart ways Trump could undercut Liz Warren:
.@DonLemon asks if Kaepernick has been blacklisted. Better question: how many murders have been committed in BLM's name? #CNN
.@EricLiptonNYT: is #TheResistance more likely to call Trump fans names than to help a big tent opposition to his plans that are noxious?
.@EricLiptonNYT: obviously, #TheResistance is futile against what Trump's (per you) doing. Which of his crypto moves have they stopped?
Opposition? MT @EricLiptonNYT 1) While Trump tweets about [BS], his team is fundamentally reshaping US health, safety, environmental rules
#Google fired employer who complained about their PC monoculture. He'd violated their PC monoculture. #MAGA #resist #AltRight
Then, I associate each topic with 1+ users, & show all topics associated with a user on their page. Might be some duplication. #Drupal
If I reply to a tweet out of the blue, I store that tweet as the par of a topic; my tweet becomes a child. #Drupal
Each of my tweets would be par of a topic, unless it's a reply: then it joins that topic. #Drupal
I was trying to build a hierarchy of tweets + replies using references. I think using "topics" - 1 par + 0-? children is better. #Drupal
Mike Trout & Bryce Harper hit 150th homer when same age, down to the day. This is creepy, like a Stephen King story. #baseball #MAGA #resist
.@laurieannforest: sadly, there's no smart/sane/pro-American/big tent opposition to SJWs that has megaphone. #MAGA / #AltRight are dim/nuts.
Per "The Toxic Drama on YA Twitter", @laurieannforest is victim of coordinated SJW effort over dangerous thoughts in her Young Adult book.
.@GOPChairwoman: #GOP welcomes Trump calling Liz Warren names: it beats undercutting her (& thus GOP) on immigration. #WhatGOPMeansToMe
.@GOPChairwoman: #GOP should start #WhatGOPMeansToMe campaign. To me, a crooked party that's glad Trump makes dumb immigration arguments.
#Idiocracy 2 continues -> MT @GOP We are delighted to announce our new spokesperson- @kayleighmcenany.
DERPMT @mcspocky Trump says banning immigrants helps US workers. A leading economist [Michael Clemens, @ Vox!] says he’s wrong
.@stevekloscak @Kira_Media: @ananavarro is right that #RAISEAct is going nowhere. It's just a PR stunt, with you being suckered by it.
MT @stevekloscak RT @Kira_Media: [go to Australia @ananavarro so's], U can scold them for "racist" points-based immigration
.@justsayes @RedNationRising: #RaiseAct would wave right in scumballs who sell shoddy products & who'd have no loyalty to USA. #MAGA?
DERPMT @justsayes RT @RedNationRising: I'm tired of paying for free loaders. Merit-based #RaiseAct will stop immigration welfare leaches
.@juliaioffe: point out to @joelpollak supporters that he'd deprive Nigeria of the doctors they need (& W. Africa even more so).
DERPMT @joelpollak: Trump's immigration policy welcomes Nigerian doctors and Indian engineers, but enjoy your racist fantasy @juliaioffe
Trump pledges to unleash the magic of bagpipes & drums on his enemies: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@drummike2012 @mariaminerd1: @danielmarans sells NeoLiberal policies that reduce workers' wages. Please be real liberals, not #Koch fans.
.@danielmarans: can you name even one person who helps make income inequality happen who doesn't also push for mass #immigration? #HuffPost
.@danielmarans: income inequality isn't caused by tides. A certain relatively small group of people help make it happen. I'm sure you agree.
.@danielmarans: at #HuffPost, you blog the deceptive "No, Stephen Miller, Immigration Is Not A Major Cause Of Income Inequality".
.@BrookingsMetro: maybe I'm wrong! Do you have proof of all that (real) unemployment due to something besides your NeoLiberal policies?
.@BrookingsMetro: NeoLiberal policies certainly seem to drive Americans out of work via immigration/outsourcing, & that leads to oxy use.
.@BrookingsMetro: your Bill Frey says we need high #immigration. Do your NeoLiberal policies have any impact on, say, oxy use?
.@george_chen: if mass #immigration *raised* engineers' salaries, can you see Zuckerberg doing what he does & you slavishly following?
DERPMT @george_chen RT @BrookingsInst: Trump wants to cut legal immig. in half, but this demographer says current levels are vital to growth
.@ddale8: give me one (1) example of protesters acting like peers of Congressmen & not just children throwing a tantrum. Even 1 example.
.@ddale8: Trumpcare fell on its own. Protesters you hilite were at most a very dumb, dull weight against it.
.@ddale8 blogs "These Americans beat Donald Trump and saved Obamacare. They say they can do it again". Except they didn't.
Miranda, nee Dutch, just stumbled onto the strigoi abattoir after beating up Desai. #TheStrain #MAGA
"What do you mean?" "Well, I'm an Eph up". #TheStrain
Apparently - because one guy had an #NYPD shirt - it's the NYPD doing whatever it is that competes with Gus. #TheStrain #logic
The Gatlin Gun is from 1862. Apparently the concept has taken a long time to reach #Canada. #TheStrain
#TheStrain had an OK New Girl, and... she just got stung.
.@JesseAPaul: Gardner & Tipton have probably already dismissed the crowd as outside agitators. Did even one (1) person show them wrong?
.@JesseAPaul: you blog "Cory Gardner and Scott Tipton are lambasted over health care at Durango town hall". What exactly will change?
I missed first few eps of #TheStrain, thinking it would start this month.