A mom in East Hanover, New Jersey complained about her daughter not making the cheerleading squad. The school responded by letting everyone join the squad. That's just like #soccer. In fact, I was given the same contract as Neymar just today. #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
"Richard Cordray Just Won Ohio's Democratic Primary. His Party Thinks Trump Will Help Make Him Governor." As I said (well before my #IDW membership card arrived), there's a Trump ecosystem: he *helps* those he claims to oppose, just like Godzilla needs Mothra. #MAGA #resist
.@bretweinstein: I'd like real debates about the negative impacts of remittances, braindrain, giving U.S. college slots to foreign citizens, etc. I'd like to see amnesty fans challenged using Socratic debate, not foodfights/name-calling. Will the #IDW help with that?
.@bretweinstein: I'm hoping the #IDW can help solve vexing problems. OpEds etc are great, but what we need are action plans. It'd be a huge public service for IDW to encourage *real* debates about #immigration. Not foot fights or Trump's derp vs the MSM's derp.
Just when we thought Mothra & Rodan were going to join forces to destroy Kankakee, the Intellectual Dark Web - in their trademark TED uniforms - swooped in to save the day. #IDW #MAGA #resist
.@clairlemon: I'd like to replace unimplementable jokes like Trump Wall with smart plans like undercutting Pelosi to her base. Eg: pointing out to Dem base that her immigration stance helps the wealthy reduce wages (otherwise why'd they support it so much?) Will #IDW help?
Ahole deputy shoots a groundhog over blocking traffic: #MAGA #resist #Maryland
.@tferriss: hey Tim, you're #IDW & a #Twitter investor. Is how Twitter censors & lies to potentially millions of their users good for $TWTR? What'll happen to your investment when a significant chunk of Twitter's most active non-verified users realize Twitter has lied to them?
The "Intellectual Dark Web" reminds me, among other things, of a scam from 2010. Different players - the ones this time have their TED mugshots ready - but just another over-hyped scam: #MAGA #resist #IDW
.@AliceDreger: can the #IDW help reduce illegal #immigration? If enabling it were politically toxic it'd dry up. It's possible to make it toxic by making smart arguments *targeted to the Dem base* & designed to undercut Pelosi to them. I make them & they work! Will the IDW help?
The first rule of the Intellectual Dark Web should be: there is no such thing as the Intellectual Dark Web. Except, that would interfere with the real goal: to grift by appearing on #FoxNews to pitch their latest ghostwritten books. #IDW #MAGA #resist
.@benjaminpenn: Trump opponents go as low as or worse than Trump: scandal, pr00n stars, p-tapes, calling Trump & his fans names, etc. etc. Their disreputable tactics & obsessions are obviously not enough to keep Trump from bringing home the bacon to the Koch bros.
.@benjaminpenn: Trump getting kids to work (operating chainsaws) follows Newt & Gary Johnson hyping child labor. Did the usual way Dem operatives in MSM/TPM/HuffPo/etc opposed Newt show his ideas to be bad? If they had, would Trump have done the same? Didn't they fail?
And by "immigrants" you mean foreign serf labor the wealthy use to reduce American workers' wages. You aren't a liberal & you're deceiving using incorrect terms. MT @TerriGerstein [cheers to all at NY AG office]You're doing amazing work protecting immigrants, workers...
.@srchicks: will the #IDW help stop DACA etc? There are only limited college slots & any going to illegal aliens are ones that similarly-qualified Americans didn't get. Will the IDW get together & help explain that process & disseminate the arguments?
Trump ran (more or less) like a very much derped-down, autocratic "Red Tory" (a phrase 99% of his fans or opponents don't know). He's governed as a Brownback Lite, a #Koch stooge keen on screwing most Americans to help the wealthy. #MAGA #resist
"Labor Department plans to unwind decades-old youth labor protections by allowing teenagers to work longer hours under some of the nation’s most hazardous workplace conditions [including roofing & operating chainsaws]" #MAGA #resist
.@Dr_Tom_P: you're #UCB & you hype the bogus @PewInternet study. They based that on completely unreliable #Botometer data (eg, it thinks Jake Tapper is just slightly less bot-like than a real bot). The #Pew study isn't just GIGO, it's Lysenkoism.
.@onurvarol: you developed #Botometer. Do you have a lawyer? Have you assessed your legal liabilities re libel etc. for falsely claiming real people are "bots"?
.@adlerben: q's for Cox/Allen: - while Muslim/travel ban was tied up in courts Trump assuredly ramped up screening enuf to keep USA safe, yes? If he did that, then his bans were unnecessary. If he didn't, he endangered USA. Which is it? - What happens to Trump Wall in 2021/2025?
.@adlerben: polls, affairs, etc are great entertainment but what really matters is policy. That's the grown-up thing to concentrate on and I'm sure you're a grown up. Accordingly, next tweet has a policy question you can ask Cox and Allen. I'm sure you will. #CAGovDebate
"AT&T Paid Trump Lawyer for ‘Insights’ on Administration". Something doesn't seem right. If they wanted insight all they needed to do was what every foreign spy agency does: just follow him. It's a veritable trove of insight. #MAGA #resist
At #CAGovDebate, @TheRealJohnHCox hypes businesspeople as elected officials, paraphrasing: "they know how to get things done". Like Trump? He knows how to grift. He knows how to scam #MAGA. He can't/won't do simple things like undercut Pelosi to her base over amnesty.
.@KCRAVicki: try to find a Travis Allen statement on #immigration where he doesn't bring it back to spending. He's a fiscal con grifter, a Tim Donnelly without the cowboy shtick. Ask him what happens to Trump Wall when Trump leaves office. Won't next admin tear it down?
Deranged #MAGA snowflake @Alisand3 has blocked me:
Scum stiff POS asked anti-white question at #CAGovDebate. He should have asked a question against racial quotas.
Chuck Todd, redoubtable top journalist, has brought the #CAGovDebate around to their various affairs. Like #California is #Alabama.
Deranged faux-liberal snowflake @susan_bevhills has blocked me despite never tweeting it.
Did you look at all of his comments on #immigration as I suggested? Can you find one where he opposes illegal immigration per se w/o tying it to his real issue, money? #CaGovDebate MT @TechQn RT @nbcbayarea: “We don’t need a gas tax.” - @JoinTravisAllen
The #IDW website has masked WHOIS and appears to be the only site on that IP. I'm currently trying to get some clues to who put it up. Rest assured: it'll be one of the grifters.
The #IDW has "a sleek website that lists the dramatis personae of the network", many in TED-style poses. "But in typical dark web fashion, no one knows who put the website up." That's just how they roll. #MAGA #resist
.@DouglasKMurray: can the #IDW help solve common problems? Eg, the MSM has printed bogus "crops rotting in the fields" tales for decades. Can the IDW develop an action plan to expose those as deceptive to all the many taken in?
.@RubinReport: can the #IDW help solve common problems? Eg, instead of an easily-torn-down Wall, it'd be better if Trump made smart arguments that undercut Dem leaders to their base. I have those arguments & they work. Can the IDW help broadcast them & urge Trump to use them?
Bari Weiss of #NYT blogs "Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web" One #IDW member is Ben Shapiro. Another is Joe Rogan. Let's see if the IDW can help solve common problems. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead's Closing Argument is the note that Melania's "BE BEST" Initiative urges kids to spend lots of time in the garden wondering how it all came to this & how to get out of it & get back to Slovenia: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
I've probably said this 100s of times, but what the heck: *never* trust a fiscal con. They're venal by definition. Never trust a generic con to do anything unless it involves helping the rich get richer: everything else is a scam to help the rich get richer. #MAGA #resist
#Twitter might be censoring millions, incl a large # of libs. If you truly opposed censorship you'd help with a big tent opposition to $TWTR lying to maybe millions of their users. MT @rightlyaligned RT @Brittain4Senate: @DewsNewz how many people is Twitter going to censor?
My data (real data, see my top tweet) shows #Twitter censors all types of users incl many libs. By falsely pretending it's all about cons, cons *help* TWTR by shrinking the tent. #MAGA MT @BasedInfidel MT @MarcusBrutus_: @SIEMPRE_FIDEL lost a large account due to censorship...
OTOH, Melania's BE BEST Initiative strongly warns patriots not to listen to this song about Lider Trump all being on his own, as it is contrary to the American value: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Galaxy500Q @WhitneyChirps: my data (actual data, not just anecdata) shows #Twitter censors cons, libs, sports fans, music fans, @PhillyD fans... By falsely pretending it's just a con issue you show your own self-centeredness & help TWTR by shrinking the tent. #MAGA #resist
Part of Melania's BE BEST Initiative focuses on the feel-good Russian folk-rock of Reelroad: #MusicMonday #MyakiZnak #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Trump's doctor also offers a "Write Your Own Presidential Health Summary" service: #MAGA #resist
.@TheSoulCab: FYI, @binarybits put a smiley face on #Twitter censorship: their PR dept couldn't have done a better job. My data (actual data: see my top tweet) shows TWTR heavily censors dissent while elevating junk like meme pics. Timothy would've felt right at home in DDR.
.@reyresists @rjwhitaker2014: my data (not anecdata, real data: see my top tweet) shows #Twitter censors all types of users. Urge #resist leaders to use that to undercut #Breitbart types & to fight censorship.
That would seem to point to yet more #Twitter incompetence that opponents could use against them. Isn't that smarter than just (falsely) making it yet another "conservative victimization" tale? MT @Slappy_Kincaid [using certain phrases] gets an instant shadowban.
Beloved First Lady Melania: "I launch 'BE BEST' initiative! To improve national discourse and national class, I hereby decree all are to listen to Daily Bombard & Organ song to class up this joint!" #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Full disclosure: maybe 15 years ago I interviewed for and was turned down for a job at Mozilla. I forget the exact details but it was a disagreement over how best to do things. At their performance & marketshare show, they know best. #Mozilla #Firefox
.@klbz @anmechung: 19 years ago (on Linux), Netscape (now #Firefox) would constantly crash: I'd have to clean up its files to restart it. 19 years later (on Linux) it keeps getting slower & slower. They've even lost bigly to outright spyware from #Google. That's beyond pathetic.
Rolling Stones - Loving Cup: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@domenic bio: "Editor of htmlstandard.. at @WHATWG. Works on googlechrome to make the better." 1. If DOM is great, why - aside from gross incompetence - didn't Berners-Lee, W3C, etc just start with that? 2. Please explain how #Google #Chrome isn't spyware.
[I can't find a clip of Stewie listing all the colonies England has lost to go with our English Royals / #Kipling theme, so...] Welcome to The Top Of The Twitter, it's The Kinks with Victoria! #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
Gary of @garyandshannon thinks it's "classless" of McCain not to want Trump at funeral. McCain is pro-amnesty etc but he served honorably in Vietnam with great personal sacrifice. Trump is a draft-dodging POS professionally & personally; he's deluded millions. 110% nihil obstat.
Without looking into it, I don't really understand why Trump opposes Don Blankenship. Other than McConnell, Blankenship seems to be the dream #GOP candidate, an Urconservative: Blankenship is GOP, Teaparty, & #MAGA! #resist
"[Hot Sri Lankan] Ex: Schneiderman called me his ‘brown slave,’ would slap me until I called him ‘Master’". I will merely lightly spank Asha Rangappa until she calls me Sahib. Deal? #MAGA #resist #Kipling
Per #Breitbart, "@SonnieJohnson says [Trump's outreach to blacks] all comes down to focusing on capitalism, which is the main message of hip hop". Blacks are one of main victims (actual victims this time) of NeoLiberal policies. #MAGA #resist
David Axelrod on Schneiderman: "you can't ride the white horse". So, so very true. Stay away from the purple acid too. #MAGA #resist
.@RepHagan: I greatly dislike Snopes & I'm no fan of #HuffPo. You *helped* both of them because you can't think ahead. You aren't capable of intellectually engaging them & showing them wrong. You're just worthless entertainment to most Americans, like Palin Pt 17. #Ohio #MAGA
.@RepHagan: on #immigration you have to get your facts & language 100% correct, or the bad guys will drive a truck thru it. You already failed that test: your ad used footage from Morocco, pretending it was Mexico. In a yahoo echo chamber that's OK. In the real world it isn't.
It's doubtful Weiner was set up: he wasn't a threat to those in power. He did harm HRC so maybe it was amped by her elite opponents (if any). It did give elites/MSM & r/w clowns a chance to talk about anything except his support for anti-American #immigration policies. #resist
Eg, take Client #9 (please). He was valuable to Dems (eg: trying to help illegal aliens to vote, see below) *but* he was a big threat to #WallStreet. Then, suddenly, he had his own scandal like others have #MeToo scandals now. #MAGA #resist
From the Lightning-is-the-gods-fighting dep't: how much of #MeToo is spy-vs-spy stuff, like KGB taking out a U.S. spy & U.S. responding? How much of it is the elites taking out their trash or sending a message to encourage the others? #MAGA #resist
#Journalism, #HuffPo style: the fluffy @kelseyborresen blog on the English royals' last name now has "This story has been updated to include more details about the royal family’s last name prior to 1917". Except: Saxe, Coburg, or Gotha don't appear & neither did my comment.
.@Schneider4House: @sylva_luca says you blocked her for asking questions. Here's one for you: two equally-qualified students - one illegal alien, one U.S. citizen - apply for the last college slot. Who do you give the college slot to? #DREAMAct #Arizona
.@kelseyborresen: here's a helpful video from Russell Brand explaining the background of the "Windsors": #HTH #HuffPost
#HuffPost can't even get fluff right. @kelseyborresen blogs about the English royal family's last name, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they're Germans. My comment wasn't approved or was deleted right away, so I filed a correction which, of course, hasn't appeared.
Our beloved First Lady has launched "BE BEST", "First Lady Melania Trump’s Initiative". It urges kids to "speak with respect and compassion" on social media. #irony #MAGA #resist
That censorship is *aided* by cons who falsely pretend it's all about them. As my data shows (top tweet) plenty of libs & others are censored. I stand with all censored; do you? MT @blankinglost MT @Feisty_FL: It’s called shadow banning and twitter censorship
That censorship is *helped* by cons who falsely pretend it only affects cons. See my pinned tweet: TWTR censors about as many libs as cons. MT @KeepAZGreat MT @Brittain4Senate: We're not upset about the tweet, we're upset about the widespread censorship on Twitter
In the case of #Twitter, the #MMFA claims are deceptive: large numbers of libs are censored by Twitter. By playing partisan games, MMFA is letting them twist in the wind. #resist MT @Rachel_McRea MT @mmfa: Facebook caved to false claims of right-wing censorship
Down by the Riviera seaside with Trump & #MAGA, the Stones with Let It Loose: (5 brownie points if you can figure out what all this "seaside" is leading up to) #NowPlaying #resist #MusicSunday
"Infowars Alex Jones: Donald Trump Is Secretly Fighting Intelligent Computers That Want To Kill All Humans" #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
Near the seaside in the south of France, Donald Trump takes the mic to sing Salt Of The Earth, a tribute to #MAGA: #NowPlaying #resist #MusicSunday
My data - real data, not anecdata - shows #Twitter heavily censors libs too. If Mitchell truly opposes censorship he'll join with *all* impacted by their censorship to oppose is. MT @debbie299 RT @mitchellvii: Before they shadow-banned me for being pro-Trump...
Meanwhile, back from the seaside, Tangerine by Led Zeppelin starts like a Beatles song but quickly gets better: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@DanOHerrin: my data - real data, not anecdata - shows #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. That destroys the victimization shtick of some, but I'm sure you're not like that & will oppose their censorship no matter who's impacted. #MAGA #resist
While all that was going on, Led Zeppelin were down at the seaside: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
#CARDINALS WIN. #Cubs #MAGA #resist
My data - actual data, not anecdata - shows #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. Do you stand with those libs against Twitter censorship? MT @DutyOfAPatriot RT @DutyOfAPatriot: THROTTLING BY TWITTER...
To celebrate possible #Cubs winning homer, a hot Turkish redhead at home with Trump: #MAGA #MusicSunday #resist #NowPlaying
.@wendell_lane: hi, Wendell. Trump could really hurt Pelosi etc by making smart anti-amnesty arguments *targeted to the Dem base*. I've used them for years in comments & they're devastating. Is it that Trump can't think them up, or doesn't want to use them?
24Ahead's Closing Argument finally explains what all these "seaside" references have been about about as our favorite and yours, Yasemin Mori, sings Mushta down by the seaside: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@Buster_ESPN: FYI, #Twitter is probably censoring replies to you: they're probably deciding which fans you can hear & which fans are ghosted (deceived into thinking you can hear them). See the details at my pinned tweet & help oppose Twitter deciding what you can see.
.@sigstarget @chuckie_chopper: you know @FAIRImmigration supports amnesty, right? I've always opposed amnesty. FAIR wants to give amnesty to 100s of 1000s of illegal aliens despite how that'd harm both U.S. workers & foreign countries. Ask them about it.
Your language etc aside, you do realize Trump is a big amnesty fan & wants endorsees to support amnesty, right? #MAGA #immigration MT @patriotwoman19 MT @winstonmeiiis: When massive foreigner aliens illegally charge into your country bearing their own national flag
So, the message I'm getting is that baseball puts you to sleep. #MLB #Cubs #Cardinals
A map of the Carl's Jr/Hardees meridian, including of the fabled Mixing Zone: #bag #sack #MAGA #resist #Cubs #Cardinals
Near the Carl's Jr/Hardees meridian, they call a bag a "sack". When asked by a store clerk if you "want a sack", DO NOT say "no thanks, I already have one". Instead, just politely say yes and accept the bag. #Cubs #Cardinals
You can do that *right now*, just by using these arguments. Will you? MT @RealOmarNavarro As your U.S. Congressman from CA, I will immediately sponsor a bill to Strengthen Our Immigration Laws and Thwart Illegal Immigration
Apparently Maxine Waters reps the area south of MDR down to Torrance (!) east to 110 (and a little bit east in the northern part). Not what I expected. @RealOmarNavarro - endorsed by Arpaio, Herman Cain (!), Larry Elder, etc. is challenging her. Because her district is Modoc.
Kris Bryant apologist #ARod apologizes for Bryant not superhumanly catching that bullet & getting an out. #Cubs #Cardinals #MAGA #resist
.@SCloudcroft: @NumbersUSA supports amnesty. Look at their recent poll in support of a #DACA amnesty. I've always opposed amnesty & I've tried to give them a free plan to stop amnesty. They refused to take it. Before hyping them, ask them about that. @TomFitton
Hot Turkish redhead milfy babe sees Trump riding in his golf cart and, well, you can guess what happens next: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
IIRC, anything about Schwarber's defense would be an improvement. Didn't he repeatedly bobble balls, etc.? #Cubs #Cardinals #MAGA #resist
.@babecolate: you're #DACA but complaining about FAIR, NUSA, & CIS. Ironically, all of them support amnesty. You should give @MarkSKrikorian a hug: he'd give you amnesty. They're on *your* side. #immigration #MAGA #resist
Is Trump asking candidates who want his endorsement to support amnesty, yes or no? MT @RedRiverReport Trump is the best POTUS. I can't say enough good things about [the wannabe caudillo]
# of pro-impeachment Dems is
.@PhilHendrieShow: FYI, #Twitter is censoring replies from real people to one of your fictional characters. See the image then the detailed explanation of what they do at my top tweet. Will you help oppose their censorship?
OK, so Renee (Jess Mendoza) & I (me) are FBI agents banished to Simi Valley to find low-level coupon counterfeiters. It's a duck-out-of-water, odd-couple thing until we start getting into the Simi Valley lifestyle. We nab the crooks, get a promotion, but stay in Simi. Fin. #MLB
.@jackbmontgomery: you blog about Milo/Tommy Robinson Griftapalooza. They'd turn
That's a high #. Weren't @Lauren_Southern & her #identitarian boatmates supposed to reduce that #? Certainly, if they were sincere & competent they could have. Is it that they aren't? RT @JackBMontgomery Over 20,000 Migrants Cross Sea to Europe in First 122 Days of 2018