.@Willowbottom: re @kelliwardaz, I've written 1000s of posts against mass/illegal #immigration at my site, at Malkin's site, etc. And...
.@MattDoyle76 @RachelCalkins: millions can't see #USMNT - supposed "national" team - because @USSoccer sold out to Murdoch. #ESPN #soccer
.@davidaxelrod says "This is craven and disgusting" to kelliwardaz' proposal she replace McCain. His time with Obama shows he knows.
Fragile snowflake @Spicerlies blocked me over exposing how it in effect helps Trump: #TheResistance
Truly scummy demagogue @kelliwardaz says McCain should step aside. It's possible to oppose him on policy, her on everything. #WardForSenate
Yello. Two long-distance goals in this game between the Trumpham 'ot Spurs & the Bike Helmet Wearing Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys. #MAGA
.@SteveNicol61: ie, #ESPN should regularly play #soccer, not show 3 back to back when I have errands, etc. Plus, Trump played soccer.
.@SteveNicol61: when it rains in PacNW, ground is ready & soaks it up. When it rains in SoCal, the ground isn't ready & it flows away.
"YES!!!!!" - Trump just now has his fave team, @NewYorkRedBulls, goes up 1-0. #MINvNY #RBNY #MAGA
I'm absolutely sure that's wrong. #MAGA MT @realDonaldTrump While all agree the U. S. President has the complete power to pardon
.@realDonaldTrump: you hype @ShopFloorNAM study w/o revealing their downside: #MAGA
.@realDonaldTrump: hyping a @ShopFloorNAM study is OK, if it's true. I'd verify, then I'd point out they're pro-mass #immigration. #MAGA
MT @realDonaldTrump Manufacturers’ record-high optimism reported in the 1st qtr has carried into the 2nd qtr of 2017 via @ShopFloorNAM
.@realDonaldTrump: your "believe, once more, in America" tweet would be helpful, if you were actually big tent & pro-American. #MAGA
Except... MT @realDonaldTrump I am asking all citizens to believe in yourselves, believe in your future, and believe, once more, in America
Doofus on deck: #MAGA #resist
.@AdrienneLaF blogs that Mooch is following her. How she can do some real journalism: #TheAtlantic @GrahamDavidA
24Ahead's Closing Argument: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist
How to stop Trump from supporting anti-American #DREAMAct? Hold @Cernovich etc responsible if he pushes it. Destroy their careers. #MAGA
.@FAIRImmigration: your de facto leader Trump supports the anti-American #DREAMAct. You have no plan to undercut him. #immigration #MAGA
.@FAIRImmigration: you're part of the Trump-electing conservative coalition. They reject smart arguments for idiotic. #immigration #MAGA
.@FAIRImmigration: I just tweeted link w/ extremely powerful anti- #DREAMAct arguments. You're too corrupt to make them. #immigration #MAGA
" @FAIRImmigration Responds to the Newly Reintroduced Dream Act". They're still unclear on the problem (including them). #immigration #MAGA
Also, #DREAMAct has been reintroduced. See for how it harms Americans. #MAGA #immigration #resist
.@sakotheAmerican @ICEgov: ISIS is much more likely to come from BE/FR/etc than Iran. Is Trump ramping up screening enough to keep us safe?
MT @sakotheAmerican RT @ICEgov: ICE’S mission is to protect SSHA from cross-border crime/illegal immigration that threaten national security
.@MAGuyton: @KatrinaNation using Trump's anti-worker moves is ironic considering how anti-worker she is: #resist
KVDH is a #CFR globalist. MT @MAGuyton RT @KatrinaNation: Trump lifted cap on H-2B worker visas. Then his businesses asked for 76 of them
That was on my #MountainBike. I'm not some brightly-plumed filthy dirty stinking #roadie scum. #LNYHBT #MAGA #LARiver #SART
.@davidwhiting: solution is to get homeless actual, long-term help. "Do gooders" prolong problem; @JohnAndKenShow are sociopaths.
.@davidwhiting: "do gooders" giving #SART homeless supplies are as bad as deranged, small-minded mini-bourgeoisie @JohnAndKenShow sociopaths
.@davidwhiting: OTOH, there aren't large encampments on #LARiver like #SART, so might be different if it was a full-on Skid Row.
.@davidwhiting: I've biked #LARiver near #GriffithPark many, many times (albeit not lately) & only saw 1 dangerous homeless guy. #SART
#OCRegister is still around, & @davidwhiting blogs "Santa Ana River Trail walkers, cyclists fear homeless, give up outdoor 'jewel'". #SART
Three versions of Brian Boru, only one of which is from Estonia: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist
Trump Trivia: a decade ago he headed up an Estonian folk rock band: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist
.@Sourcing_Guru @Ashadahya: eg @LouDobbs tries to pin #H2B on Paul Ryan. IOW, he's saying Trump isn't in charge. Call him out on that.
.@Sourcing_Guru @Ashadahya: since I'm sure you care about American workers, way to have an impact is to discredit a top Trump fan/proxy.
MT @Sourcing_Guru RT @Ashadahya: Hey #MAGA crowd, your dear leader is requesting [#H2B visas], during #MadeInAmerica week no less
Trump is secretly fired up about Mexico facing off against Hamyka on Sunday, since #TrumpPlayedSoccer. #soccer #MAGA #AnnCoulter #resist
.@RickClaypool: IOW, I'm calling BS on you, #Vox, & @KatrinaNation pretending to care about #H2B. You just don't to to be seen on DT's side.
.@RickClaypool: #Vox is corporate-funded & is very pro-corporate on #immigration (Katrina VDH also opined on #H2B; she's proudly #CFR!)
MT @RickClaypool if paying Mar-a-Lago maids $10/hr to clean up after billionaires isn't class war I don't know what is [Vox on Trump/H2B]
.@MarkBarrettACT: you try to pin #H2B increase on @SenThomTillis, @LouDobbs tries to pin it on Paul Ryan. Either Trump's in charge or not.
I almost biked a century once. OK, a half century. Wait, a little more: #GriffithPark to #LongBeach along #LARiver. Took train back to DTLA.
.@LouDobbs: if DHS didn't do what Trump wanted on #H2B, he has to fire Kelly. Will he do that, or does he agree w/ Paul Ryan? #MAGA
Always someone else. MT @MarkBarrettACT: Trump administration admits more temporary foreign workers [#H2B] after @SenThomTillis push
One of these days I'll automatically retrieve replies & incorporate them into my user pages w/ an alert. Donate to make that happen. #MAGA!
That's enough for replies for now. It's too onerous: I have to look up past tweets, do a search to get the ID for a reply, etc. #Twitter
.@LadyLSpeaks says "if you're not white why do you care?" to Yet more irony: her types are bad for whites.
.@IsaCNN: @MsAnnAguirre is a verified account & author. I'm sure she wouldn't risk her reputation on a lie. This should be a big Trump story
.@IsaCNN: @MsAnnAguirre claims (see yesterday) to have run into a Mexican deported from USA... at Amsterdam airport. Please verify.
Just like a Trump cultist, @MsAnnAguirre replies with a brainless personal smear: "I don't even know where to start with this mess. Anyone?"
.@Americanoid: which is more likely as a source of ISIS embeds: Iran or Belgium? @DarkSecretPlace #MAGA #resist
.@Americanoid: how many Americans did Carrier recently lay off? On Trump's six month anniversary no less! #MAGA #resist #TheResistance
.@Americanoid replies with a very dumb, weak smear: "See, that's why I don't like English 2nd language crowd. Must learn English first"
.@deannaraybourn: you're the mirror image of a Teapartier cheering a Southern Baptist leader praying for Obama to fail & just as dumb. #MAGA
MT @deannaraybourn This is why we need Twitter in the world, good people [referring to "Lana Del Rey" casting a "spell" on Trump]. #MAGA
.@nantszc: FYI, @IronStache is just playing a role like @pnehlen did. Bryce *agrees* with Paul Ryan on lowering wages for Americans. #WIDems
Is Trump president & in charge, or isn't he? MT @LouDobbs: Speaker Ryan Squeezes 15,000 Extra H-2B Workers From DHS Chief John Kelly
MT @IronStache Last night, Paul Ryan took photos for $10K each. If you see me around, I'll take a photo with you for $0 and a high-five.
.@carychowespn: I & 10s of millions others don't care about Ball in Hoop. That's on #ESPN2. On #ESPN, there's poker. Poker! WTF? #MAGA
However: how come parents of #IAmJazz & her brothers don't look like they'd make such kids? #MAGA #resist #reality
See #IAmJazz. Search that to find out why she has a show. So, I guess she's a trap. Don't know, don't care, don't ask, don't tell. #MAGA
~BREAKING~ 24Ahead has resigned as #OleMiss coach after repeat phone calls to "services" in 516 and 514 were discovered. #MAGA #resist
Hugh Freeze's paid squeeze was from the 313. I don't think we need Einstein to figure that one out. #OleMiss #MAGA #resist
The story of Hugh Freeze - fired #OleMiss coach - is too nuts to summarize: #MoralTurpitude #MAGA #resist
"The media's war on Trump is destined to fail. Why can't it see that?" #MAGA #resist
#Reuters: "Exclusive: Moscow lawyer who met Trump Jr. had Russian spy agency as client": #MAGA #resist
In today's Trump's Chaos news, Sean Spicer resigned over Trump naming ex-hedge funder owner Anthony Scaramucci Communications Dir. #MAGA!
Tom Ronson @ Drudge's wildfires link p2: "If anyone is going to have all of these wildfires, then let it be #California." #MAGA #resist
Tom Ronson @ Drudge's wildfires link p1: "I've always considered California to be a worthless state and just a place for worthless liberals"
Congrats to @Drudge: only 1 of 24 comments on his link about #California wildfires is anti-American. #MAGA #resist
#NYT: "Trump Aides, Seeking Leverage, Investigate Mueller's Investigators". Just not doing shady things would've been easier. #MAGA #resist
#CNN: "Exclusive: Mueller asks WH staff to preserve all documents relating to June 2016 meeting". #MAGA! #resist
.@LadyLSpeaks: what good are you whites if you think "how about" makes it so? #MAGA #AltRight
.@LadyLSpeaks: what good are you whites if you think "halt[ing] all immigration from 3rd world countries" is a viable plan? #AltRight
Irony MT @LadyLSpeaks To prevent further decline, how abt we halt all immigration from 3rd world countries & encourage whites to repopulate
24Ahead's Closing Argument: #MusicThursday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #BagpipeArmy
.@Veteran4Trump: smart arguments would destroy Kniech/Lopez to their base, but Trump & his fans lack smarts/sanity/patriotism to use them.
.@Veteran4Trump: other than Kindergarten names like "Rotten Robin" or lunkhead plans like impotently withholding $, what'd Trump do?
To lords who want reduced wages. MT @RichardTol Lords remind gov't that those bloody foreigners coming over here are actually quite useful
.@Mikeggibbs: I've asked MsAnnAguirre to contact CNN; she could help break a big story. If she doesn't do that, you'll know she liked to you
.@Mikeggibbs: since I'm sure you're concerned with the truth & not just tall tales with a message you agree with, is MsAnnAguirre truthful?
.@MsAnnAguirre: #CNN has reporters all over W Europe & they could easily find the person you claim you spoke to. When will you contact them?
.@MsAnnAguirre: I can kinda imagine Trump admin being incompetent enough to deport a Mexican to Holland. However, I'd like proof. MSM?
.@MsAnnAguirre claims DHS deported a Mexican to Holland: #immigration. #MAGA
And Trump says? MT @Veteran4Trump: Denver City Councilmembers Robin Kniech/Paul Lopez introduce proposal to block cooperation with ICE
#OJ had low risk factors: his age, he's been a model prisoner, he's already killed the only people he was likely to kill... #CNN #MAGA
Idiots don't know best. They just invariably think they do. #MAGA = #DunningKruger. #resist
.@CraigRSawyer: "illegal bad, legal good" = falling into a trap: a massive guest worker program, mass legalization, etc. #MAGA
.@CraigRSawyer: GWB, Teddy Kennedy, & (probably) Trump respond to your "illegal bad, legal good" claim with a solution: mass legalization.
Normally, I'd just call BS & call it a day. However, the intense incompetence of Trump makes that impossible. #MAGA #resist
Trump has continued Obama's refugees agenda & supports mass legalization. #MAGA MT @BKaysac I side with Trump. No more immigration!
.@PoliticalShort: if you had any patriotism, you'd have questioned @SebGorka about Trump's incompetent #immigration plans, not "hung out".
What's it like having no patriotism? MT @PoliticalShort: I love my job. Had a great time hanging out with @SebGorka
Like GWB. MT @CraigRSawyer: Nobody's "anti-immigration". Eto tolko false rhetoric term used agin decent peeps who promote LEGAL immigration
.@TheRickWilson: those like you have consistently served as Trump's William Regal, helping him every step of the way.
.@TheRickWilson: Mar 2016 I asked you for your smart plan to stop Trump & you couldn't answer. You lacked sanity to help my smart plan.
Why would he bother? You aren't now & never have been effective. MT @TheRickWilson: Oh look. I've been blocked by delicate flower @sebgorka