.@JackPosobiec: my pinned tweet has a smart plan that'd help USA & MX. Trump could use it to smite MSM. Will you help him see it?
.@JackPosobiec: hey Jack, in order to stop pushing amnesty Trump needs a plan that appeals to him. Otherwise he'll keep pushing amnesty.
Trump's pro-amnesty tweets. MT @PoliticDeb RT @OhioTrump2020: Trump said there is NO #DACADeal... Who do you believe [him or Pelosi]?
'FT journalist presumed dead after being "dragged into water by crocodile'"'.
.@eliza_relman: you blog about Trump & amnesty. When will you point out the highly negative impacts of braindrain on countries like Mexico?
Idea: use #Facebook API to get more info on those leaving highly-rated pro-Trump comments on #FoxNews. I suspect astroturf. #MAGA #resist
The top, highly-rated comments on #FoxNews' "@AnnCoulter: 'If We're Not Getting a Wall, I'd Prefer President Pence'" are... interesting.
.@samantha_chang: Trump supports amnesty. If @BizPacReview doesn't oppose amnesty, what impact will that have on their revenue/your income?
.@samantha_chang: at @BizPacReview you blog "Pelosi/Schumer prematurely celeb DACA fix: Trump denies deal was made, says wall will be built"
.@ChuckRossDC has made a full & completely voluntary confession of past counter-revolutionary actions to @ErikWemple. #DailyCaller #MAGA
Trump admits he wants DREAMers amnesty, using deceptive loose borders talking point: #MAGA? #immigration
.@realDonaldTrump: why do you want to deprive Mexico of the "good, educated and accomplished young people" they desperately need? #MAGA
Trump sounds just like Pelosi: "Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs...?" #MAGA?
Today, @realDonaldTrump admits "The Wall" is "already under construction" as "new renovation of old and existing fences and walls". #MAGA?
Trump to Hannity, after inauguration: "I'm talking about a real wall. I'm talking about a wall that’s got to be, like, serious". #MAGA!!
.@KerryPicket: since Trump obviously hasn't thought of that, will you use your connections to give him the patriotic alternative to amnesty?
.@KerryPicket: repatriation would be best for USA *and* Mexico & can be used to undercut MSM. See my pinned tweet for the details. #MAGA
.@KerryPicket: voluntary repatriation program could be made to make Trump look good to those he really cares about: Morning Joe. #MAGA
#Dodgers are now on a momentous 2 game winning streak. #MAGA!
Daily Caller: Cuellar on Trump's capitulation meeting: "And then [Trump] looks up and says, 'No wall. Put it somewhere else.'" #MAGA???????
.@Cernovich: can we count on you to help with the plan in my pinned tweet, or present a better alternative that's also realistic?
.@Cernovich: a voluntary repatriation program will help USA *and* Mexico, and if Trump ups his game & gets smart help it can be defended.
Good idea. My pinned tweet has a smart alternative to amnesty like that. MT @Cernovich Why don't we just pay people to self-deport?
.@courrielche: my pinned tweet has a #NoAmnesty plan that will feed Trump's ego & that he can use to smite MSM. W/o amnesty. Will you help?
.@courrielche: Trump is mentally & emotionally weak, seeking approval from Morning Joe rather than you & #MAGA. What to do? #NoAmnesty
What's the plan? MT @courrielche Yes, the "deplorables" expressed their feelings loud & clear Mr. President. Keep your promises. #NoAmnesty
#MAGA MT @Afterseven [to Dilbert's pro-amnesty tweet] Middle of what...Hillary and Obama? No Thanks.
MT @ahernandez85a: Trump can avoid amnesty if he pushes repatriations (see my pinned tweet). He'll look good & help USA. Will you help him?
MT @ahernandez85a [a Dilbert] "Border security" is a meaningless term. They are playing Trump the way they played Reagan. Amnesty for free.
.@YearOfZero: Dilbert puts himself & Trump well before USA, please put USA first. My pinned tweet has a way to get Trump to back off amnesty
.@YearOfZero to Dilbert's pro-amnesty tweet: "This isn't the middle.This is democrats get everything. Trump gets nothing" & USA gets screwed
Last 2 tweets were so I can keep track of who I've asked to oppose the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump amnesty. Even if it fails I'll use against them.
From @24AheadDotCom I asked @Patterico to support repatriations instead of the amnesty he currently supports.
From another acct I asked @ScottAdamsSays to support repatriations instead:
.@ScottAdamsSays is fully on board with the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump amnesty: #MAGA #AltRight #immigration #Dilbert
.@Patterico has blocked me at some unknown time:
"Bad girl" Jess Mendoza is sporting a stylish, daring leather jacket by Ulrich's of Simi Valley. Get on your motorbike & ride! #WNB #MAGA
.@heidiganahl ad/"ad" at #Breitbart: Since Trump'd trade tax cuts for amnesty, blame her in part. #MAGA
.@AnnCoulter: this petition gives Trump a way to look good by *not* pushing amnesty: Will you help out?
If it was just the "Trump amnesty", #MAGA would capitulate & stab USA in the back just like Trump did. Now it's the "Pelosi-Schumer amnesty"
By getting Pelosi & Schumer involved, it's now the "Pelosi-Schumer amnesty". That means #MAGA can save face/not exit their fantasy world.
From my POV, Trump has finally done something smart (in American terms, not Trump/Dem terms): he's gotten Pelosi & Schumer involved. #MAGA
.@bfishbfish: could you look into that and please let me know why I was banned? Was I wrong about something or saying something unhelpful?
.@bfishbfish: I've been banned from leaving comments on Gothamist. Last was 2017/01/31/white_house_phone_numbers.php#comment-3131565496
Report: Trump Caves on DACA, Wants 'Quick' Amnesty for 800K Illegal Aliens - Breitbart: #MAGA???
Traitorous Trump agrees with Pelosi and Schumer to give amnesty to DREAMers. Doesn't even demand the Wall! #MAGA??
USA Today: "Democratic lawmakers Pelosi, Schumer announce deal with Trump to protect immigrants covered by DACA". #MAGA???
Gov. @MattBevin wants #Kentucky public universities to look into dropping "interpretive dancing" & other courses not about money. #idiocracy
"Is it Time for Conservatives to Create an Alternate Culture?" Indeed! Make sure to write if you get work. #MAGA #resist
Trump is dining w/ Pelosi & Schumer tonight; they plan to lobby him to support anti-American #DREAMAct. #immigration #MAGA?
#Dodgers barely eke out a Very Special Win. Good for them, as they begin their pre-playoff slide & inevitable losses. #MAGA #resist
.@jennyyangtv: IOW, DACA supporters are neocolonialists, braindraining Mexico. Taking their human assets as conquistadors took their gold.
What's really needed is honest debate. MT @jennyyangtv Chat with us if you're down for using pop culture to influence the immigration debate
23 Apr 2015 -> MT @RealDonaldTrump It is time for DC to protect the American worker, not grant amnesty to illegals. Let’s #MAGA!
.@NolteNC: if you won't help make it happen, what's your smart, patriotic alternative, an *action plan* to make Trump drop amnesty?
27 Jun 2015 -> MT @realDonaldTrump A great article by @NolteNC spelling out the truth on Mexico, trade, the border & illegals. Thank you
.@NolteNC: my pinned tweet has a smart, patriotic alternative to Trump's amnesty. Will you help make it happen?
.@IngrahamAngle: repatriation is smart, patriotic alternative to Trump's amnesty. Will you help demand it using petition in my pinned tweet?
Like Trump + Pelosi? #MAGA? MT @IngrahamAngle Just think of the deals Hillary & her pal McCain would have done together to damage America.
2013: MT @realDonaldTrump Immigration reform is all risk for the @GOP. Their base doesn’t want it & the 12M illegals will all vote Democrat
.@pnehlen: my pinned tweet has a petition offering Trump a smart, patriotic alternative to amnesty. Will you help make it happen? @cupink
.@jpodhoretz: MSM never discusses #DACA & braindrain, driving Americans out of college/work, etc. @ForecasterEnten enables their deception.
.@jpodhoretz: @ForecasterEnten claims #DACA is popular, yet that's just because MSM constantly propagandizes it w/ valedictorians, etc.
.@RealJohnnyZ has a series of anti-amnesty tweets from Trump. Save them to another site before Trump disappears them. #MAGA
.@john_dipaolo: my pinned tweet has a plan to help stop Trump's amnesty. Can we amnesty opponents count on you to help make it happen?
Re Turner-Bellinger throw, I can't imagine jumping, much less jumping up & tagging someone like that. #Dodgers #MAGA #resist #Giants
Yes! I will be keep track of who I ask to sign my repatriations-not-amnesty petition & - you betcha - I will use it against those who won't.
.@kausmickey: if you won't sign that petition, will you present a smart, big tent alternative *action plan* everyone can help with?
.@kausmickey: my pinned tweet has a petition demanding Trump pushes repatriations instead of deportations. Will you sign it?
MT @kausmickey: Dumbly throwing $$ at "border security" to please GOP base while giving Dems big amnesty is GOP leadership specialty
Personally, if I thought courts were keeping me from keeping USA safe, I'd tweet about it constantly. You know what that's like. #MAGA
If Trump thought travel ban was needed to keep USA safe, why hasn't he been on TV night after night making the point? #MAGA #resist
"Supreme Court: Trump admin can keep travel ban on most refugees". Whew! We're safe now, unlike past months of Trump admin. #MAGA #resist
"Sparks" is trending akey because it's the women's Ball In Hoop team. My first idea was it'd be something bad about the band. #MAGA #resist
.@ip_mason: in fact, aren't there a lot of ways a lot of very powerful people could prevent Trump Wall or later neuter it? #Breitbart #MAGA
.@ip_mason: if by some miracle Trump builds the Wall, what would keep the very forces you blog about from later tearing it down? #Breitbart
.@ip_mason: you blog about Paul Ryan downplaying Trump Wall, w/ Tancredo saying USChamber etc really oppose it. Let's think! #Breitbart
.@ip_mason: you blog at #Breitbart, where a commenter thinks Trump should arrest judges who oppose him & another supports martial law. #AMGA
.@AnaKasparian: didn't #TYT get millions of dollars, & from those who don't want to be associated with your racism? #YoungTurks #MAGA
.@AnaKasparian: re "Hey White Christians, Your Time Is Almost Up!!!" I'm more shocked by the just 68 RTs than your racism. #TYT #YoungTurks
.@TheYoungTurks racism: #MAGA #resist #AltRight
Not-so-invincible Kershaw only gives up 1 run. #Dodgers need to get hot now, so they can get cold for playoffs. #MAGA
Other reply says Trump should declare martial law to implement his #immigration plans. #resist #idiocracy #Breitbart
Posted my DREAMER repatriation plan to #Breitbart; 1 reply says Trump should arrest judges who block his #immigration plans. #resist
Sign this petition demanding @RealDonaldTrump supports voluntary repatriation for DREAMers instead of amnesty:
WH: Trump will push amnesty for DREAMers even if Wall funding isn't included: #immigration #BuildTheWall #MAGA
.@GaryAndShannon: millions are sick of #kneeball. #USWNT is playing on Friday, maybe promote that instead. #KFI
.@KitDaniels1776: Trump's colluding with Pelosi/Schumer on amnesty. Is that because of or despite being drugged? #MAGA #resist
.@KitDaniels1776: Trump coulda undercut BLM but lacked smarts & patriotism: Would drugs have made him patriotic?
To prevent or cause what, exactly? How was he before? MT @KitDaniels1776 Deep State Drugging #Trump Ahead of Coup, Sources Say
Dinosaur Jr. music vid w/ shot of Twin Towers: #MusicMonday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #September11
#MAGA to keep chasing waterfalls, rainbows just because you told them not to: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #resist
#MAGA & cons in general are incredibly irrational. They're ruled completely by their emotions & thus can be easily controlled. #resist
.@ChadChilton @CalFreedomMom: which is better: complaints from @ronaldmortensen & @wwwCISorg that do nothing, or things that work? #MAGA
.@ChadChilton @CalFreedomMom: complaints about crimes illegal aliens commit obviously don't have any impact. @ronaldmortensen #MAGA
.@ChadChilton @CalFreedomMom: well, where are they? The @ronaldmortensen post is from 6 months ago. Has it changed anything? #MAGA?
.@ronaldmortensen (possibly aka @ronmortensen) of scam group @wwwCISorg blogged "Most illegal aliens routinely commit felonies" in March.
That changes everything! MT @thedailybeast: #DailyShow uncovers some very interesting details about Steve Bannon's great-great grandfather
.@Swraich: on the plus side, you got out before the inevitable affair with Eph. #TheStrain