.@WayneNeal: on 8/15 I pointed out to you Alex Jones only thinks about himself & it hurts him. Wasn't I right? @LibertarianBlue does the same. He lies about #Twitter censorship - they censor all kinds of users - and that helps Twitter while harming Breitbart & everyone else.
This has a full sound with just two guitars: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Smashy321 @lafleurmtl: #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users: Target customers, Mike Trout fans... Plus, about as many libs as cons. Those who pretend otherwise *help* Twitter by reducing the opposition. See the real data at my top tweet. #TwitterCensure
I'm reliably informed in the comments that the instrument is an accordion. However, a 2nd guitar would have done wonders. #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@governandorra: I can't wait until Trump invades your "country" like he promised on Fox and Friends. Obama let you get away with September 11, but Trump won't! #MAGA
.@SuperK4super @TrumpGirlStrong: as the data at my top tweet shows, Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users incl about as many libs as cons. If that were widely known, Twitter would be much less likely to censor. Breitbart knows about my data, why won't they help everyone?
On Fox and Friends, Trump warned that Andorra was set to do another attack even worse than the last one they did on 911. The Fake News MSM laughed, but here's video *proof* of their schemes: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@StevenW99451879: Loomer etc have been whining about Twitter censorship for years & it continues. Doesn't that indicate they're doing it wrong? Twitter censors *all* kinds of users incl about as many libs as cons. Loomer etc hurt everyone & help Twitter by shrinking the tent.
.@SCOAMT: in 2013, @frankgaffney relied on Breitbart to stop Thomas Perez, then head of an anti-American extremist group. Wasn't everything I said about him at the time proven correct? #MAGA?
.@JBenoff: you worked for the head of an anti-American extremist group: Now, you praise Vijaya even as #Twitter heavily censors libs replying to Trump officials & as Twitter lies to millions (by ghosting them). Good choices, Jared.
While Saddam & Mexico have taken most of the blame for what they did to use on #Sep11, on Tuesday Trump will be on Fox and Friends to unveil a special report he commissioned the NSC & Alex Jones to do laying much of the blame where it belongs: Andorra. #MAGA! #resist
Dinosaur Jr. is OK in small, infrequent doses. But, this video has a shot of the World Trade Center just before Saddam & Mexico tore them down. On Tuesday, #USMNT will pay them back! #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@krisparonto: cons glommed on to "Benghazi!!", making it a con-only thing & toxic to others. They've made it like fluoride. #Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users & about as many libs as cons. Cons falsely pretend it's all about them & make opposing it toxic to others.
On Tuesday, September 11, 2018, two teams will enter but only one will leave. It's a rematch of September 11 as the #USMNT faces off against Mexico. We're going to pay them back for what Saddam and them did to us on 911! #MAGA #resist
.@IamKatieMoe @DonnaBesneatte @RanttMedia: have you ever noticed that every single thing #TheResistance does is like #PlaidShirtGuy, & all it does is help Trump? I Trump & his proxies to be engaged in debate on policy using tough Q's. Please explain why PSG is a smarter plan.
In the year 2000, #Sep11 was a great holiday. Who doesn't remember celebrating with ribbons & bows? Saddam changed all that with his attacks, turning a holiday into a horror. Now, thanks to #MAGA, we're reclaiming the holiday from Saddam's perfidy!! Take that, #resist!
Trump's team - the #RedSox - get a walk-off to left! #MAGA #NYC #resist
Trump's #RedSox have 2 on. Trump really dislikes #Yankees & #Mets. He's always preferred Red Sox and he's cheering for them right now.
"Hands faster than... ... ... Ali". I would have said "the android in Alien" (despite hating movies) #SNB #MAGA #resist
.@VibeHi: there are various forms of #Twitter censorship: banning, search results, autocomplete, censoring replies, etc. Twitter heavily censors replies from *all* kinds of users including about as many libs as cons. Cons help Twitter by pretending it's only them.
Conservatives won't believe provably-true facts from those who don't tell them what they want to hear, but they will believe provably-false lies from those who tell them what they want to hear. They're dim, emotionally-needy people ripe for charlatans like Trump. #MAGA #resist
If conservatives were smart, they wouldn't be conservatives (as commonly practiced). They could still be conservative, just not by being suckers for crooked leaders like Trump or bogus movements like #MAGA, #Teaparty, #AltRight, #NeverTrump.. Find me even one smart conservative.
"immigration reform" = amnesty. Not only that, but falsely pretending *all* Dems are pro-amnesty helps Dem leaders. MT @DRottiemom MT @RL9631: American citizens are fed up with Democrats corruption and destruction. It’s time to secure our borders, reform our immigration...
Meanwhile in news about something that's actually happening right now, #Astros get out of a big jam. #RedSox #MAGA #resist
Highlights of France vs Holland aka Netherlands aka Nederland aka NED. #ESPN hid this while putting Cyprus vs Slovenia on ESPN News. OTOH, beggars can't be choosers. #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@jonleeanderson: while r/w grifters glom on to #immigration as a way to get votes or sell books, the issue isn't really a left/right thing. Is it natural for lefties to help U.S. Chamber & Koch bros flood the USA w/ cheap labor designed to lower wages? #NewYorker
Further proof #ESPN suits are just fing with us: they showed Cyprus vs Slovenia on ESPN News but hid world champs France vs Holland on "plus". Look at the (Nicosia) crowd for the Cyprus game: #soccer #MAGA #Resist
.@MelissaFazli: FYI, joelpollak supports amnesty because it has Trump's name on it. Amnesty is toxic to most Breitbart readers. Ergo, if you want to undercut Joel to his base point out to them that he's a big amnesty fan.
Another way Trump is *great* for the elites is he continues #idiocracy. In any country the elites want a dumb and deranged populace they can control with bread & circuses. Trump - with the help of both #MAGA & #TheResistance has delivered bigly.
Trump is great for the elites: - tax cuts - fewer controls on their pollution - his shtick is great for the publications they own - he supports amnesty - he can't/won't make arguments that challenge their power - he continues divide & conquer - etc. etc. #MAGA #resist
If I were Trump, I'd tour Mt. Weather, NORAD facilities, HAARP, Area 51, etc, etc. Is there any evidence of Trump doing any of that? (Note for #MAGA: we know which states Trump goes to so no deflecting, etc.) #resist
.@Alyssa_Milano: it used to be light at 8:30pm, now it's dark at 7:30pm. Thank you for speaking out against what this horrible monster is doing to the USA!
.@AROD @JessMendoza: I & millions could be watching kneeball, but we chose baseball instead.If someone's watching baseball they most likely don't care about kneeball. It'd be great if ESPN suits harped on kneeball alternatives: baseball + ENG/ESP, FRA/NED, etc.
.@davereaboi: if @joelpollak were smart & patriotic he'd oppose censorship in smart, sane, big tent ways. Make big tent args against CNN censoring drives. Expose Twitter for censoring millions. He'd save Breitbart & do great public svc. Pollak just isn't smart/patriotic enough.
.@davereaboi: @joelpollak blogs "CNN Boosts Left-Wing Campaign to Censor Breitbart; Approves ‘Blacklisting’". No matter how many times Breitbart has blogged such things, CNN keeps pushing & they keep losing advertisers. He repeats the same thing, expecting a different result.
You're saying this to defend a draft dodger who's not even trying to undercut BLM. Kap/BLM are tring to make a point, not dishonor Tillman. Trump is too dim to engage them & show them wrong. That's not #MAGA MT @shauna_kuhn MT @jayMAGA45: [Kap etc dishonor memory of Pat Tillman]
Conservatives are excellent at playing patriot: hats bedecked with U.S. flags, etc. Libs play right into their hands most times, but cons in practice aren't patriotic. Personality cults based around a mentally- and emotionally-challenged authoritarian aren't patriotic. #resist
#Astros come back to just 1 down in the 6th. #MAGA #resist
Excellent posturing, but what has Trump done for me? I want a leader who can make smart arguments against Kap's *point*. Trump can't. MT @1withu4ever MT @IDIDITMYWAYNY: To all the overpaid knellers in the NFL: Put on this uniform, then you might understand why we stand
Trump knows the players are trying to make a point, builds strawman instead. When will you challenge his AR proxies on his fakery? MT @AshleiKing MT @AustinKellerman [one agrees w/ Trump's NFL strawman, the other thinks players raise "societal concerns"]
Typical #MAGA comment: "Overpaid employees Disrepecting Flag, America, Americans, NFL Fans, Military, Police". Meanwhile, Kap's real arguments go unchallenged, despite how much they need to be challenged. Trump & his fans just aren't patriotic enough to do that. #BoycottNFL
Commodore Trump gives traitors a stark choice: be thrown to his wolves at Camp David, or be thrown to his sharks in the shark tank he added to the White House. #MAGA #resist
Cyprus beats Slovenia on an own goal in the #uefanationsleague. League C, Group 3 standings: Bulgaria (6pts), Norway (3pts), Cyprus (3pts), Slovenia (0pts). Pretend someone told you Trump threatened Cyprus over the win. You'd think it'd be possible, right? #MAGA #resist
France/Netherlands is on "plus". See but do it lighter/better. MT @hvymetalinvestr so glad i can watch Slovenia/Cyprus, instead of France/Netherlands #SaidNoOne
Football is back! Cyprus has just tied it up with Slovenia (homeland of President & First Lady Trump) on ESPN News. #MAGA #resist
First, have facts on your side. #Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users incl plenty of libs. Then, oppose Twitter in a big tent fashion. Playing partisan games *helps* them. MT @ImmoralReport MT @thatrandonguy34 It’s time fight for freedom online censorship #FreeAlexJones
.@sheffnorr @codeofvets: #Twitter heavily censors (ghosts) all kinds of users, including lots of libs. By only caring about yourselves & your small group, you help Twitter by reducing the numbers of allies you could have.
.@aidnmclaughlin cheers @margbrennan asking Pence about 25th Amdt. Since the answer is known beforehand, it's just a cheap attempt to smear. I want Trump & Pence to be cross-examined about policy, but Aidan & Marg lack the smarts & patriotism to do that. #Mediaite = #CBSNews
Meanwhile in football news, highlights of England vs Spain: #soccer #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@bgkord: hey Mike, we've seen #PlaidShirtGuy over and over: the McDonald's guy at Obama rally, those Trump brings up on the stage at his rallies, etc. I want to engage Trump on policy, see my bio. Which plan is smarter and more patriotic? Which plan are you promoting?
.@Patterico blogs "I Am an Idiot: Zina Bash's OK Sign Was Completely Innocent After All". Is there *anyone* who didn't say "he could have stopped after the first four words and saved everyone time"? #MAGA #resist
Trump statement on arresting Pepe for writing #TheResistance OpEd: "We are a country of laws. So, as Lord High Justice I will personally try Pepe tomorrow at noon. Then, as Lord High Executioner, I will throw Pepe to my wolves tomorrow at 2pm. So shall it be." #MAGA!!
~~DRUDGE BREAKING~~ President Trump has just personally arrested the author of #TheResistance OpEd! Shockingly, the author is Pepe, Trump's Director of Alt Right & Reptilian Outreach. Pepe has been charged with sedition, treason, & lese majeste. Developing........ #MAGA
.@davehclark: I said "what!?!?" when I saw the "Amazon has patented a system that would put workers in a cage, on top of a robot" headline, but it actually makes sense. What about the Eichhorst Extraction System, did the USPTO approve that?
In his previous stern rebuke of Trump, Obama said don't wait for a "savior", ask what you can do against Trump. #PlaidShirtGuy is what people do left to their own devices: get their 15 minutes, only providing entertainment for #TheResistance and only helping Trump with #MAGA
#CNN is highlighting "Obama returns to political spotlight to rebuke Trump". Apparently this rebuking is going to be even stronger than his past rebuking. The #GOP would pay him millions for his help with their GOTV efforts, but he's probably doing it for free. #MAGA #resist
Contrary to irresponsible media reports from unapproved sites, England vs Spain is not on Univision.
And thus, 24Ahead finally closes the broadcast day with this story about Trump traveling from land to land only to realize his home was back in Russia: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@tonesofhome26 @KEEMSTAR: Alex Jones is like Niemoeller poem w/o the death camps. #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. Instead of caring about them, Jones/Watson only cared about themselves. They made it easy for Twitter to censor them by marginalizing themselves.
As my fan (hi!) knows, I prefer real instruments to synths. However, the synth bits of this aren't that bad: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@darksecretplace: Garcetti, Kamala Harris, #Ocasio2018, Liz Warren, etc. etc. are incredibly vulnerable on #immigration. Good arguments would destroy them to their base. Instead, it's Pocahontas, Yoga Pants, etc. 24/7. Doesn't appealing to the dumbest people in USA get tiresome?
.@LeonardFiles: hey Eric, Kamala Harris supports the anti-American DREAM Act. It'd harm students by increasing competition for college slots/discounts & harm U.S. workers by increasing competition for jobs. That's infinitely worse than free rides. When will you call her on that?
Apparently to #Twitter, "healthy conversations" are Twitter employees who are completely worthless to society chatting away amongst themselves.
.@miguelrios @sriramk: ironic you & vijaya talk about Theranos engaging in unethical behavior when you lie to millions of users by ghosting them. Do you somehow think lying to millions is OK because you aren't taking money from them? Do your friends know you lie to millions?
People often ask, will Dyadya Trump freeze birds? And I reply, yes, if necessary to protect himself: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@oceanclub @JordanUhl: Jones/Watson made it incredibly easy for vijaya to ban them. They made it all about cons, who are less than 6% of Twitter users. Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users, but Jones/Watson only made it about their small group. It's Darwin in action.
If Trump & #MAGA are going to act like Putin stooges, at least take the good parts: #MusicFriday #resist #NowPlaying
.@tBBKe: cons have consistently *helped* #Twitter by falsely pretending only cons are censored. Twitter censors all kinds of users, all around the world. Cons falsely make it all about themselves, selfishly helping Twitter censor millions.
Sexy boots in sexy snow: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #Finland
.@anastunya: as a Mensan, please see my top tweet showing that Twitter censors all kinds of users. I'm sure you can figure out that con leaders *help* Twitter by shrinking the tent. Please do what's necessary to convince them to do the right thing against censorship.
.@jimlibertarian: hey Jim, under 6% of Twitter users are #MAGA, but 80%+ of all Twitter users need to be worried about being censored. @LibertarianBlue lies & falsely pretends Twitter only censors MAGA. Allum helps Twitter by greatly reducing the opposition to their censorship.
Meanwhile back in Karelia, a drunken Alex Jones & a drunken Marco Rubio go idiocracy a idiocracy: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
For the record, Anna Murphy was great with Eluveitie. I have no idea why she has her current musical style rather than doing something better. That is my opinion and I will stick with it. #MusicFriday #NowPlaying
.@RoySchuhmacher: as the data at my top tweet proves, Twitter censors *all* kinds of users. That makes them extremely vulnerable, but @LibertarianBlue & @Cernovich let them off the hook by only doing partisan shtick & falsely pretending it's all about cons. They *help* Twitter.
.@vadimnewquist: in July, @PrisonPlanet started a petition against #Twitter censoring "alternative voices". He & Alex Jones are like the Niemoeller poem without the death camps.
Completely anonymous Trump officials will often stop me at Summer Breeze & inquire for a clip of Eluveitie (Mark II, or whatever, unfortunately w/o Murphy) with Epona, and I will comply: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@amarcherrunge1: @LibertarianBlue & @PrisonPlanet bear false witness on #Twitter censorship. As the data at my top tweet shows, TWTR censors *all* kinds of users. They're incredibly vulnerable. Allum & PJW *help* Twitter by reducing the opposition to Twitter's censorship.
Meanwhile back in Romania, Kellyanne Conway got Trump to turn against Mike Pence: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Anonymous Trump officials will often ask, how can #Twitter employees be saved from being parasites? And, I will respond: harvesting wheat: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Obviously, "healthy conversations" to #Twitter is Twitter employees trading quips about TV shows. If Trump weren't fake we'd have sovkhozi for them. #MAGA #resist
.@kristinmtweets: hey Kristin, #Twitter sells itself as a way for govt officials to do official business, and they do. Then, Twitter heavily censors replies to govt officials, deciding who can petition the govt. How long do you think you not being treated like Comcast will last?
.@EricZuck: hey Zuck, you & @gasca do your cutesy shtick, while #Twitter lies to millions of users by ghosting them. Do you ever worry about those in your personal lives finding out you lie to millions and the non-sociopathic among them shunning you?
You, the few and the the loud, guessed it: Led Zeppelin with Celebration Day: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #Linux #Windows #Microsoft
I have a file with #Linux annoyances, such as having to click "Modified" twice to get the modified last *directories* to show at the top. I stopped updating that list because I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ALL THE MICROSOFT BS ANYMORE. Guess the next song. #MAGA #resist
.@realkrauswife @jonathanvanian: I added you to my list. I'm not Trump, I do things in ways that will impact your careers. Good luck.
.@HNIJohnMiller @drawandstrike: opposing #Twitter censorship the con/MAGA/Alex Jones way obviously doesn't work: look at Jones, Milo, etc. Twitter censors *all* kinds of users, see my top tweet for real data. The only way to stop their censorship is to care about others.
All are parasites. Eg, Rush admitted he was deceiving his audience for GWB only after GWB was out of office. MT @HNIJohnMiller MT @drawandstrike [first they came for Alex Jones, then] RushLimbaugh or DanaLoesch or dbongino, it'll be too late for us to stop it.
I've been occasionally using #Linux on the desktop for years, on and off. Only after #Microsoft stopped updating XP did I switch to desktop Linux full-time. While there are issues, it's an incredibly liberating feeling (to the extent anything so nerdy is liberating).
To #Twitter, "healthy conversations" means "Maggie Haberman feels comfy". I submit that's the wrong metric. What makes her & others unjustly given megaphones deeply uncomfortable is what's best for the USA. #censorship #MAGA #resist
.@paleoconstant: Twitter is much more vulnerable than @PrisonPlanet lets on. TWTR censors all kinds of users. He lies & pretends they only censor cons. That *helps* TWTR by reducing the opposition to their censorship. Ask him about it! Ask him why he goes easy on Twitter.
.@RealDonaldTrump: many are saying that we should buy Uruguay and make them our 51st state. That way we can beat MX & make the #WorldCup. I saw that on Fox and Friends. What do you think?
Denied! Uruguay keeper blocks MX PK. Maybe if #USMNT were on regular TV that would increase interest in #soccer enough that we could do something like this. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
Having drawn enough blood, Luis Suarez earns his place back on the bench. #soccer #MAGA #resist #TheStrain
.@_Sandra_R_: a couple decades ago, liberals were all about questioning authority & holding leaders accountable. @WillOremus is the opposite: he's an establishment hack - employed by Bezos - who tries to harm those who question authority. Be a real liberal. #Slate
In every language I learn, I tend to lose interest when I reach the "only knows enough to offend" stage. I have hilarious tales to tell about Urdu! #MAGA #resist
#Uruguay goes up 4-1 against MX. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@JonChampionJC: ESPN suits think they can sell soccer subs w/o first making it popular. NFL first made game popular, *then* they sold home team packages, etc. USMNT, ENG v ESP, etc should be on ESPN. Not taken by Murdoch or hidden on "plus". Harms MNT, soccer in USA, ESPN.
.@TaylorTwellman: the only way to have an impact on anything is Socratic questioning. See this and then apply it to concussions. This is the only way to force leaders into changing things:
,@vancegt_: FYI, your reply to WillOremus was censored by Twitter. Alex Jones, Breitbart, etc are only in it for the money. If they really cared about censorship they'd use the reports at my top tweet to greatly harm Twitter and force them to stop shadowbanning so many people.
.@andrea_koppel: hi Andrea! @alibreland knows about the real data at my top tweet showing that Twitter censors all kinds of users (including many libs). He refuses to expose what Twitter does even though it'd be a big story. Helping Trump officials avoid dissent is more important