.@Amy_Siskind: that sounds like a good question to ask Trump. When will you start a campaign to do it (in Socratic, not rant) form?
MT @Amy_Siskind Trump's Budget could save most of programs and services for arts, poor and elderly if he and his family lived in the WH only
"Trump Org: First Treasury donation on hotel stays [by foreign govt officials] to come in 2018". Let me guess: the float. #MAGA! #resist
.@petridishes: smart, sane, pro-American big tent arguments - which WaPo/Breitbart/NYT/DailyCaller/LAT can't make - would show Trump wrong.
.@petridishes: what's needed are smart, sane, pro-American big tent arguments as to why Trump's budget is bad for USA & then using that.
.@petridishes: your "Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why" is about as funny as IowaHawk, etc.
Remember when COMMIE LIBRULS loved Russia & True Patriots worried about Sputnik Mind Rays? Now it's reversed. #MAGA! #resist
Russians bought $98.4 million of Trump properties in Florida: #MAGA!
.@carychowESPN: NCAA wrestling&tennis could be tape delayed. During primetime, show more popular sports like soccer & baseball (any origin)
.@carychowESPN: #ESPN is showing NCAA wrestling & tennis, rather than soccer & baseball. Do you think that might be part of ratings losses?
So, how much Trump's budget would affect Meals on Wheels depends on the locality, some might be affected more than others. #MAGA #resist
Meals on Wheels is a natl group + local groups. Trump budget would cut CDBG, & some localities use $ from that to pay for MoW. #MAGA #resist
PARTIAL CORRECTION: it's not accurate to say Trump budget would cut Meals on Wheels; natl MoW's funding is barely affected. However... #MAGA
.@shannonfarren: 10s of millions live in smoggy areas; that # won't decrease even if some move. Kobylt can't figure that out @JohnAndKenShow
.@shannonfarren: @JohnAndKenShow is getting even dumber & more embarrassing. Kobylt says those in smoggy areas should just move. #KFI
Trump signaled support for anti-American #DREAMAct: Want to stop it? Hit the tip jar! #MAGA #immigration
Trump promised the #NYTimes - part owned by a MX billionaire - would be "happy" w/ his #immigration bill: #MAGA
.@ScottBrownTweet @yerissa_blondee: @KrisKobach1787 has repeatedly lost to the ACLU: Has he had 1 victory??
.@KansasDems @givn2sin: @KrisKobach1787 is only "dangerous" to those like me who want to reduce illegal #immigration. All he does helps you.
.@senyorreporter: I accurately predicted in Dec 2015 how #MuslimBan would fail. @bpunion enabled Trump instead. His Wall will fail too.
.@senyorreporter: @bpunion ignored Q's that would have helped their idol: They enabled him instead. #MAGA?
ICYMI, Eric Trump wanted a Senate candidate assassinated: @SecretService ignored. #MAGA #TheResistance
ICYMI, Eric Trump couldn't figure out what "contra" means despite it being common English prefix: #MAGA
That means the far more numerous Trump-voting counties are mooching off the much fewer Hillary-voting counties. #MAGA #TheResistance
ICYMI, per Brookings, counties that voted Hillary contribute 64% of U.S. economic output. Trump's: just 36%. #MAGA #TheResistance
.@jeremiahraber: what do you think of Trump's budget, that'd screw middle/lower classes into the ground in order to help the rich?
.@ShellyKennisto1: Trump's budget seeks to lower taxes such as by cutting Meals on Wheels. He'd lower your taxes & screw your society. #MAGA
You're pro-Trump & "taxed to death" MT @ShellyKennisto1 [a moi] I'm not sure what Meals on wheels has to do w/me or Taxes. Send me a link
"countries" should be "counties" in the last.
.@Beatnik1128: pro-Trump counties only contribute 36% of GDP. IOW, pro-Hillary countries support #MAGA moochers. @HRLori @jeremyslevin
So much wrong. MT @Beatnik1128 @HRLori @jeremyslevin If you're bed mates with refugees, YOU feed them! Leave OUR Federal Tax dollars Alone!
.@jackschofield: instead of cutesy pics, campaign to make this happen: Then you'll have a real impact.
About my chiding. I have fun too. I also have goals & cutesy pics aren't in them. MT @jackschofield Never too old to have a little fun ;-)
About his pic of WH being bugged, which I thought was seryoz. MT @SMH_Midwest Okay, I should have added "LOL". I thought humor was implied
.@TheLionness8: policies of you & @Fahrenthold mean some illegal aliens will always be here w/o citizenship. I want them to return home.
Doesn't apply here. MT @TheLionness8 [a moi] @Fahrenthold Brits also refused the colonies the right to complete citizenship & representation
Just not for Mexico. MT @TheLionness8 @Fahrenthold nah it doesn't reflect badly on me at all. It actually demonstrates my compassion.
.@susadinamis: so, if it's determined Putin helped Trump, that will "suck" too?
MT @susadinamis [a moi] If there was actual PROOF they were the reason she won [if Putin had helped Hillary] it would suck. No Proof here
My @Twitter / mPinoe tweet appears when I'm logged in, not when logged out. I'll check back tomorrow.
Actual official @Twitter tweet: Blazing trails on the field and off, @mPinoe is a role model never afraid to make a stand. #SheInspiresMe
.@DonLemon: Trump is counting on MSM *helping* him on budget by racializing it rather than just concentrating on impacts on *everyone*. #CNN
.@DonLemon to cover "how Trump's budget cuts will impact African Americans". What about Disabled Transmen Of Color Who Are Undocumented?
Trump had a golden chance to undercut BLM, but lacked the smarts, sanity, & patriotism to do it: #MAGA?
With Trump/cons/etc you get those who harm most Americans financially & can't/won't help most Americans culturally. Dangerous. #MAGA?
Trump/cons/etc have no intention of containing anti-speech/cultural far-left. They just pretend, so they can sell books, etc. #MAGA #SJW
Hannity is brown belt, travels w/ personal sensei. Like a low-rent, low-wattage Supreme Samurai Larry Ellison. #FoxNews #LNYHBT #resist
Anti-speech/cultural far-left is a great threat to USA & has done great damage. Trump/cons/libertarians/etc are an *even greater* threat.
.@DarkSecretPlace: what do you think of @SeanHannity - per 3 witnesses - pulling a gun on Juan Williams as a prank or worse? #LNYHBT #MAGA?
.@SeanHannity "has a license to carry a gun in five states, including New York". And, he should have all pulled. #FoxNews #LNYHBT #resist
Hannity pulled a gun on Juan Williams, turned on laser sight: #MAGA!
.@notthefakesvp: as I suffer through DOMS, #ESPN is playing hilites on 2 channels, tennis on 3rd. Plz show soccer/baseball games even tape-d
.@libdenk: Kobylt has now gone full-on sociopath, spewing hatred at Untermenschen (ie, middle income & below).He needs help. @JohnAndKenShow
.@cpbpat: how are all the many like @themadbrand serving natl interest by failing to cover all sides of a policy esp involving corruption?
.@cpbpat: for instance, @themadbrand of #KCRW had "civil discussion" w a crooked pol, didn't follow the $:
.@cpbpat: in response to Trump budget, you say PBS/NPR promote "civil discussions". What you mean is anodyne chats w/ 2 ppl on same side.
Mulvaney: "this is a hard-power budget, not a soft-power budget". "Soft power" = too smart for Trump. "Hard power" = "blows up real good".
I mean, that just makes sense. Someone who pays $10 for $20 of govt services *gets to keep $2*. What could be more compassionate? #MAGA
Mulvaney @ press briefing says Trump budget is "one of the most compassionate things we can do": the poor keep more of their money. #MAGA?
Trump budget would end Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. It's not like there are any Trump voters up there, right? #MAGA #resist
Trump budget "Cuts funding to reimburse state and local governments for costs of incarcerating certain undocumented immigrants". #MAGA?
Trump budget has $120 million to restart Yucca Mountain. #Nevada #MAGA? #resist
#Koch-funded @SenRonJohnson launched "Victims of Government", an anti-#EPA effort, in 2013: #MAGA? #resist
Trump #EPA budget "Cuts funding for the Superfund cleanup program and the Office of Enforcement and Compliance". Follow the $. #MAGA
#EPA's "scientific research would suffer massive cuts". That seems unwise, not that anything Trump does is wise. #MAGA #resist
Trump cuts 31% of #EPA budget, including an "environmental justice" office. That we can do without. #MAGA #resist
"Chelsea Clinton announces new picture book, She Persisted". Meanwhile, 24Ahead announces new popup picture book, "It Persists". #MAGA
Michael Savage needs a bigger dog; Tiburon is a tough town. #MAGA
The video that inspired the Trump budget: #MAGA! #resist
"A day in the life of a poor American under Trump's proposed budget". Ah, but that's where Trump's workhouses come in. #MAGA! #resist
Mulvaney can't justify funding PBS/NPR: #MAGA? #resist
Demand Trump just ignores the courts! #MAGA MT @CorinaCalbert13 Ignore the courts! ...It's up to the President according to Constitution!
.@JerideGillain: *Trump* has "HOG TIED" USA. All he's ever had to do was just push stringent screening. Instead, he's made USA less safe.
DERPMT @JerideGillain It seems NOTHING's changed. Bans are ordered; Militant Judges that're Libretards block orders. The U.S. is HOG TIED!!!
For the record, @TrumpTrainOnly has blocked moi: Someone else'll have to join her train. #MAGA #resist
When You See Things, Say Something: Roger Stone claims a hit & run could be retaliation for his other wacky claims. #MAGA? #TheResistance
.@pbump: "reporters" like you are even more responsible for President Trump than Trump himself. Here, have a #MAGA hat. #TheResistance
.@pbump: why weren't "reporters" trying to walk Trump through how PresidentCEO? Why weren't they pointing that out to his fans?
MT @pbump judicial branch blocked Trump's immigration ban. legislative branch likely won't rubber-stamp his budget. Not in CEO-land anymore
All done while ppl like you harped on KAC on a couch. @SylvanLane Cuts: $ to fight climate change, arts,
.@MccurleyMaureen: there are smart ways to reduce illegal immigration that'd undercut - not help - pro-amnesty side. @WalshFreedom ignores.
.@MccurleyMaureen @WalshFreedom: doesn't arresting illegal aliens in flashy ways make things easy for pro-amnesty side to pull heartstrings?
Let's think it thru. MT @MccurleyMaureen RT @WalshFreedom: Immigration agents arresting illegals outside courthouses.The Left is upset. Why?
.@joannesmoot: @DavidCayJ had a chance to stop Trump: He might as well have been on his payroll all along.
.@tynanwrites: why does #TheResistance go after KAC for her portrait (!), and not that she took Zuck's bucks to deceive about amnesty?
.@tynanwrites: why hasn't #TheResistance pointed out Trump admitted - in his #MuslimBan tweets - he's made USA less safe?
Like Trump's plan to end Meals on Wheels. MT @RRMatheson It's all fake news. It's all a game. The WH might be the only real thing left.
.@AshleyEdam: what do you think about Trump trying to end Meals on Wheels? Is that #MAGA to you?
.@ShellyKennisto1: you're TEAparty, & Trump's delivering: he's going to reduce your taxes by ending Meals on Wheels. #MAGA! #TrumpTrain
If only #ESPN cared as much about, you know, showing baseball. MT @iamjoonlee great feature on issues facing Haiti baseball players in D.R.
MT @AnnCoulter next Trump travel order should just ban all Muslims. Let's litigate if rest of world has 1st amt rights under our constitutn
MT @MichaelCohen212 @JoeNBC As Trump's personal [PI?] atty, I know who has his taxes. You best have proof to back up your claim & big mouth!
MT @JoeNBC This one tax return is not bad for him because he cherry picked one return from over a decade ago and had it leaked to the press.
.@HRLori: Trump gets a pass because the alternative - those like @jeremyslevin - don't even support the concept of "Americans". #CAP #MAGA
MT @HRLori unconscionable. Shows again Trump really doesn't care about Americans at all [@jeremyslevin on MealsOW]
Aren't you a little old to post so many childish pics? MT @jackschofield @Biggy_D_1967 Trump Fuck off, troll.
.@FiveRights: what sort of "grownup" puts the USA at risk by pushing bans that any smart person would know would get blocked? #MAGA?
.@FiveRights: you never deleted this lie: Doubtful you have the honor to retract.
DERPMT @FiveRights Hawaii, what do you know? You were 5,000 miles from 9/11. You run your little world and let the grownups run the mainland
Wolf Blitzer ended w/ *negative $4500 on *Celebrity* Jeopardy. Even Kid's Jeopardy is tougher. He's not qualified at anything. #CNNTownhall