On paper (at least my paper), this shouldn't be difficult. Trump fans support him because of what he's promised. Ergo, to undercut him, point out to them that he promises are bogus. As simple as that sounds, #TheResistance can't even conceive of doing that. #MAGA
Every gotcha from #TheResistance has just *helped* Trump. They don't even have what works as a metric; their leaders don't want it because it could used against them. MT @LahueEric @linda_lndwlkr AnnCoulter [is there anything Trump] could say or do to make you criticize him?
.@Exasper8ed: Coulter said Trump Wall would be "forever", yet the same people who block funding now would be able to neglect or tear down what little of it that's even built. Pointing that out could undercut Coulter to her base. How about helping with that.
Indeed! Instead of #AbolishICE, we need #AbolishFBI! #MAGA!!! MT @shimauma2 @AzLakeHouse @AnnCoulter This right here is why the @FBI is a waste of our tax dollars
.@lanieleaf: @barlaventoexp thinks it's "Totally Unacceptable" if U.S. Ambassador stuck up for Tommy Robinson. TR is a dip & a grifter like our r/w grifters (Cernovich, Coulter, etc.), but he's being persecuted for his political beliefs just as full-on dictatorships do. #UK
England prepares for their momentous #WorldCup match tomorrow: #MAGA #resist
.@rachel__nichols: #ESPN is showing poker (not a sport) & CFL (not even of interest to most Canucks). Meanwhile, for the last month Fox has been showing the most popular sporting event in the world mostly on network. They took it from ESPN for just 2.5% of ESPN's rights budget.
Trump gives #CNN etc a foothold because he's an unpatriotic idiot who only knows to do shtick for #MAGA. If Trump were smart & patriotic - or at least patriotic & rational enough to take good advice - he could leave CNN scrambling. He & they are in effect working together.
.@Nopc4thee replies "I seriously doubt they censor as many [libs as cons]". I just analyzed the replies to Parscale, the tweets @vijaya censors are hilited in red/purple: @Bonnielynnmarie
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with the peppy version of the Trump National March And Anthem: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Who'll place 3rd & 4th in the #WorldCup, England or Belgium? 24Ahead is OK w/ either Kane or KDB winning, objectively thinks BEL will win, but probably prefers ENG. The 24Ahead team will be live-tweeting our analysis at the ongoshly hour of 7AM (Pacific) tomorrow. #MAGA #resist
.@abbeyzoe2209 @russellfntx: FYI, #Twitter censored your replies to @Parscale. In fact, they heavily censor libs replying to him, despite his claims that Twitter mostly censors cons (details on request). Calling him on that would undercut him & Trump. Urge a reporter to do it.
.@KentuckyGRITS13 @YMimmo: #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. They heavily censor replies to Trump officials. They censor replies to Mike Trout & Bryce Harper. *All* non-verified users need to be worried. Cons *help* Twitter by falsely pretending it's all about them.
Woodstock? Trump watched parts of it on newsreels during his 4th 'Nam tour while he was fighting Charlie for your freedom. Hippies should be glad they weren't near his flamethrower. #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Cons help them & Twitter by spreading misinfo that they're the only ones affected. A big tent would put TWTR/FB in a world of pain. MT @freckle_red MT @yashalevine: Downright scary that so many people are calling on Facebook - a giant corporation - to be the arbiter of truth...
A part - not the whole part, just a part, just for your edification - of the history of Croatia: #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
.@msjeannerogers: I have reports showing #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users: libs, cons, fans, etc. etc. There's no rhyme or reason: they elevate junk like memes while censoring on-topic replies. Are you enough of a journalist to ask @delbius about that?
24Ahead thus closes this long, eventful day. Who could have predicted that Trump would abdicate the USA throne to become the new king of France? #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@DefiantlyFree @Ornery_Opinions: subpoena @vijaya? $TWTR is extremely vulnerable to reality: they censor all kinds of users: libs, cons, fans, etc, etc. All non-verified users should be worried. Making it all about you *helps* Twitter. A big tent opposition could destroy them.
100+ million #Twitter users (or whatever the real # of non-verified users is) need to be worried about being censored or at least suppressed. Cons have **helped** Twitter by spreading the misinfo that only cons are impacted. They help $TWTR & hurt themselves & others. #MAGA?
.@Nopc4thee @Bonnielynnmarie: actually, @vijaya & #Twitter censor about as many libs as cons. They're censoring (and lying to) at least 3 million of their users by their own admission. They're extremely vulnerable & might even go out of business if most users knew the truth.
After 'Nam, Trump returned to Lodi a broken man in body and spirit. Busted bone spurs, a bad habit, and a dead-end job delivering Chinese food. This is his story. #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Modoc is the bellwether of #Teaparty / #MAGA -style idiocy in #California. If someone who runs as a yahoo can't make it there, they can't make it anywhere ("anywhere" defined as Alpine & Siskiyou countries + rural Kern County + the far outskirts of Red Bluff).
Cruz couldn't even win in Modoc, the Texas of California. She placed 4th. She also blocked me despite never tweeting her. She's as eager to censor as #Twitter is. Plus she's a big loser. MT @Lrod49 MT @TeamErinCruz: Twitter took 1200 followers from @RealErinCruz last night!
Truly disreputable, dishonorable question from @replouiegohmert at the #StrozkHearing. One major problem is his leading opponents wish they could do the same. USA lacks credible leaders who oppose "both" sides engaging in dishonorable sleaze. #MAGA #resist
Neither should be censored. Slpng are lil' Honeckers: they want to quash dissent just as was done in E. Germany & similar. MT @Saintsfan5348 MT @slpng_giants: So to #facebook, an immigration story is worthy of censorship, but Infowars saying that Sandy Hook was staged isn’t
.@DeplorableChoir: @StumpforTrump whines about losing 10% of its followers. It's all about it. It doesn't care about anyone who doesn't march in lockstep with Trump. It won't stand with others censored by Twitter. It isn't patriotic enough to help hold Trump accountable.
Trump tonight: "We hear a lot about 'The Resistance' - aren't you sick of it? I mean really - but the MSM - those people right there - don't tell you about the average Frenchmen and women who just went along with things like good citizens." #MAGA! #resist
Prediction: France v Croatia is going to be the lowest-rated #WorldCup in the U.S. for decades, and that's saying a lot. It's like Rhode Island vs a Dakota in tug-o-rope to most Americans. Putin must have done this to drive Murdoch out of business. #MAGA #resist
.@danlahaie: Trump won *because of* those like @varvel. One cheap #TheResistance stunt after another has just helped Trump. What's always been needed is to engage Trump's proxies in Socratic debate. Varvel & his pals simply aren't smart enough to even understand the concept.
At #CNN, @oliverdarcy blogs "Facebook touts fight on fake news, but struggles to explain why InfoWars isn't banned". It's shocking how fascistic the MSM & their hacks get when threatened with competition. #MAGA #resist
Turkish cult or religious leader arrested by Ergogan on (most likely trumped-up or bogus) charges incl military espionage. His TV show includes "kittens" who look similar, belly dancing, etc.: #MAGA #resist
.@GrahamDavidA: it looks like #TheAtlantic content also appears on a site that has comments. I just saw a blurb when I commented on something else, didn't bother seeking any of their comment out. The Atlantic has made itself irrelevant by forbidding comments. How's the traffic?
24Ahead - currently stuck in #Twitmo - closes the broadcast day with this special video dedication to @Jack: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #censorship #NowPlaying
What they should be doing is pointing out to the Dem base that Dem leaders are helping U.S. Chamber & Koch lower wages. That's hard to do considering all the Koch stooges in Trump admin MT @Nadine4MAGA MT @WayneDupreeShow: Watch these awesome Americans blast illegal immigration
Darla Shine thinks there are 4,000 sailors on a submarine. #MAGA! #resist #FoxNews
#Twitter is considered a credible source EVEN AFTER THEY ADMIT LYING TO MILLIONS OF THEIR USERS simply because their opposition - #MAGA - is heckbent on in effect helping them. They can't challenge those who take Twitter seriously or help those who can.
#Twitter has already admitted - in a press release - to shadowbanning & thus lying to - millions of their users. Yet, MSM & sub-MSM hacks keep getting away with treating them as a credible source even after they admit lying to millions of people. How can that be so?
.@elishacbrown: you blog about #Willowbrook (which I used to go to occasionally as previously tweeted). You mention the attacker was black at the start. Have you ever been there? Are you familiar with South L.A.? If you were, you'd know black/Hispanic issues go back decades.
.@Fla_Pol: what Communists like you & @DrewWilsonFL won't report is that someone had to build Vern Buchanan new yacht. Yachts don't build themselves! That's trickle down in action! #MAGA #FlaPol
#NYT: "a little thought experiment: Whenever President Trump starts talking about NATO, imagine what Vladimir Putin would want Trump to say. Then compare it to what Trump actually says. The two are often frighteningly similar." Except Trump's doing it for us! #MAGA!!!
Special MAGA snowflake @sheriherman10 has blocked me because I gave her good advice about undercutting someone she pretends to oppose:
#Twitter has taken me out of search results yet again for absolutely no good reason.
~BREAKING~ Both #France & #Croatia have ceded the #WorldCup to Germany. More on this story as it develops...
If Putin was putting his finger on the #WorldCup - such as the non-called fouls - then his goal appears to be less getting Russia into the final than bankrupting Rupert Murdoch. #Fox #MAGA #resist
The part of the #WorldCup you didn't see is Rupert Murdoch storming the field screaming "CROATIA?!?!?! MY RATINGS!!!!.......!!!!!!!!!" #Fox
.@AmandaLeeHouse: have you seen "Obama Officials Freak Out After Trump Calls Out NATO" by @rkraychik? I'd like you to think about all the pro-Putin things Trump has done. How would #Breitbart react if Obama had done the same things? Would you find your patriotism then? #MAGA?
Past the group stage my #WorldCup picks have almost all been wrong. I picked Brazil to beat England, then I picked Belgium to play England. Now I think France will beat Croatia. Will I jinx them or finally get one right?
Oh crap. #WorldCup
Shut up with the history lesson, no one GAFF. Call the current game. #Fox #WorldCup
Breitbart: "…Colbert Mocks Brett Kavanaugh’s ‘White Guy’ Name…" Trump would be lost if not for a constant stream of worthless, parasitic helpers like Colbert & other celebs. #MAGA #resist
Politico poll on abolishing ICE: 25% support, 54% oppose, 21% undecided overall. But, 43% of Dems support, 34% oppose. The oppose would be much higher if not for Trump's actions & arguments that only play at Breitbart. #immigration #resist #MAGA?
This announcer is driving me nuts with the (sports) history lessons. Has he said "if this score holds..." yet? #WorldCup
24Ahead, in a bot-wishing bid to drive the Bing/Twitter translators/tweet recategorizers nuts, closes the broadcast day with Yasemin Mori - N'olur N'olur N'olur: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@sincitycomedy: to undercut @AnnCoulter: point out to #MAGA she thinks Trump Wall would be "forever" when Congress would tear it down or neglect it. Point out to MAGA she gave Trump unworkable plans & ideas. Also see the satire in my pinned tweet. #resist
Was this the right way to do things? Please explain the 12d chess. #MAGA? #resist MT @AlbertJitka MT @manutdcraze: ou can ALWAYS count on Trump to make the right decision
.@pspoole: I want @kausmickey to challenge libs leaders on how their #immigration ideas would help those they claim to oppose (U.S. Chamber, Koch bros, etc.) That would change the immigration debate. Has he ever helped with that?
.@Russ_Parsons1: @hbecerraLATimes peddles the #LATimes mythologizing that #Willowbrook was somehow related to Trump when blacks/Hispanics have had issues in South L.A. for decades. How can you trust anything he says? #LosAngeles
.@AmandaLeeAP: despite knowing that #Willowbrook is due to black/Hispanic issues going back decades, @hbecerraLATimes peddles the #LATimes myth that it has something to do with Trump when it doesn't. Would even the #AP reject such blatant propagandizing, yes or no?
Factory girls prepare for their auditions to be the new Melania: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
The Orly Taitz Crazy-lympics has crowned a winner: #MAGA #resist
.@dpontefract: @jonathanchait just blabs in his echo chamber, he's never done anything that Trump would fear. Trump Wall is a bogus, unimplementable joke: it'd be torn down or neglected. Has Chait ever tried to press Trump proxies on how fake it is, yes or no? #NYMag
The Trump Code, the precepts #MAGA lives by: (OK, I lied. This is the opposite of what Trump and MAGA live by. That lying is part of the Trump code. It's all very confusing.) #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
You know what the USA needs? A good, clean war. Hopefully Putin will tell Trump to make that happen. #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@SheriHerman10: a good way to undercut @jonathanchait *to his base* is to point out how ineffectual he is. He just blabs on and on but never actually does anything. Point that out to #TheResistance.
.@MuddAnstey bio: "PhD researches environmental, gender and social justice/mining and sustainability". #Australia #Austria #MAGA #resist
.@PamelaDrew: you stick up for your "old friend" @KitOConnell. Does him support #AbolishICE, yes/no? Do you see U.S. Chamber opposing that movement, yes/no? Without ICE, would (all kinds of) #immigration increase & decrease, yes/no? Whose interests would that serve?
.@Whatdafaarrk: FYI, my pinned tweet is an-anti football satire about the sheer idiocy of Ann Coulter's trolling posts against #soccer. @pyro2sick
.@PaulbatesMN makes several good points about the sheer dimness of the @AnnCoulter anti- #soccer screeds. My pinned tweet has the satirical response but what's needed is a full-on response. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
The last was uncalled for. After all, I need to hide better how much I truly despise cons and Trump fans. #MAGA #resist
Dim, deranged #MAGA @BeanfromPa asks "Who asked you?" Does #Twitter predominately censor cons, or do they censor about as many libs as cons? Cite your data, fake patriot.
.@samsalasalt: #Ocasio2018 led to "mainstream" Dems going for #AbolishICE. That extremism is great for Trump & #GOP, but horrific for USA: we need more than partisanship.
Speaking about sorrow and anguish, 10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant with Maddox Table in 1987: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@UnderscoreAmper: @Billistician has zero credibility. I've posted 1000s of fact-based posts against NeoLiberalism since 2002 & 10s of 1000s of tweets. The #immigration position he favors would let U.S. Chamber & the Koch bros reduce wages to world levels. He's no liberal.
Daring to run afoul of the #Twitter / Bing translation Polizei, 24Ahead tweets Yasemin Mori with Konuşmak: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@AdamSParsons replies "The Kochs support free movement of people now? That's cool" & @Billistician chimes in "It's one of the best aspects of honest libertarians". Both would help lower USA wages to world levels. They aren't liberals. #resist
Yasemin Mori - Venus: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@instagosby: you say "scratch my head on that theory". The more popular #soccer is in the USA, the more people will take it up. A greater talent pool leads to better #USMNT teams, leads to not losing to *Trinidad & Tobago*. Soccer on network TV makes it more popular. #WorldCup
The difficulties in searching out & replying to replies make me break out the ol' Russky. Accordingly, this about the sorrow & anguish of Trump (except from Putin's POV): #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
This Yasemin Mori live performance of Crazy Band also has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, except we have our own crazy band to deal with: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@draco4444: I don't know if you were being snarky or not, but I'm going to tweet a link to data showing exactly which tweets #Twitter censors to various newsmakers (politics, sports, etc.) right after this tweet.
.@AlexBorstein: can you do me a favor? #Twitter is - by their own admission - lying to millions of their users via ghosting. They're heavily censoring replies to Trump officials. I can't get anyone to cover this, can you pull some strings?
.@XxxBiaggi: @donlemon is trying to deceive his small audience into thinking Trump has something to do with #Willowbrook when it has zero to do with Trump. Black/Hispanic conflicts have been ongoing in South L.A. for decades. #CNN #FakeNews
Re my #Willowbrook tweets, I used to own a lot in that fine, unincorporated part of L.A. County. I was going to build/move on it but sold it instead. So, I think I have a better idea of what's going on than those who don't even know where it is. #LosAngeles #MAGA #resist
As you watch this (completely unrelated to Trump, etc. etc.), imagine the disreputable hay Trump would make if we had a sizable Roma minority in the USA: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Liberty2Bfree: @JustinGlawe is lying: "immigrant" has a precise legal meaning & those he discusses aren't "immigrants". I might believe his tale about Trump admin incompetence, if he weren't - exactly like Trump! - trying to lie to my face. #DailyBeast #immigration #resist
.@JustinGlawe: your "Government Told Immigrant Parents to Pay for DNA Tests to Be Reunited With Kids: Advocate" lies: they aren't "immigrants". I'd be ready to believe Trump admin is incompetent enough to do the rest, except for you lying from square one. #DailyBeast
"These two teams last met in World War II. Will it end in a war crimes tribunal like last time, or go to penalty kicks?" #WorldCup
.@stuholden: John Strong constantly has to give the same (sports) history lesson over and over. He's demoralizing and jinxing. He has to constantly hype the drama. Could he just call the current game? If he wants history: bring up non-sports history, travelogue, etc. #WorldCup
Giving bloggers - esp r/w bloggers - good advice is a fool's game because they have zero integrity. Even if they have the smarts to understand the good advice (rarely if ever) they wouldn't even say thanks. Completely worthless, unethical parasites. #MAGA #resist
.@bryan_caplan: remember ? Now I have some good news. @Steve_Sailer is unwittingly helping your pal Ilya Somin even as he criticizes him, in a way that Sailer & other bloggers have never been able to figure out.
.@lucasnolan_: settle a bet. I say #Breitbart hates @ElonMusk because electric cars are a threat to the energy producers that Breitbart is obviously in the thrall of. Someone else says it's because Musk left a Trump advisory council. Which is it?
.@Meagan_Flynn: ask #WaPo editors when they'll allow real reporting, like telling the truth about #immigration for once (like why U.S. Chamber etc want more of it) or challenging Trump officials/proxies on how easy it'd be to tear down Trump Wall.
You/MSM/celebs/ #TheResistance /etc have consistently helped Trump. He'd have lost otherwise. MT @Meagan_Flynn For those wondering what I did, I quoted "Billie Joe Armstrong" in story about 4 this morning linking to an article that he definitely did not write for Clickhole
Ding ding ding! While I was wrong about Belgium, I did accurately predict that #Breitbart would post something like "Hollywood Resistance Freaks over Kavanaugh Nomination: ‘Will Cement the First American Dictatorship’". #MAGA #resist
Why does #Breitbart hate Elon Musk? Is he a librul? Is it the electric car imperils cool, clean-burning Koch Industries energy? I don't know. #MAGA #resist
Puerto Ricans in #Florida play key role in Senate race [Trump's incompetent response to Hurricane Maria has helped the Dems]: #MAGA? #resist
.@RICKYDANDYMAN7: the perps are black, so @ThomasDolby is calling blacks Nazis. #Willowbrook is next to Watts in South L.A. Conflicts between blacks & Hispanics have been happening for decades in South L.A. Those like Dolby make things easy for Trump. #resist
OK, so I was wrong again. #WorldCup