Corn/wheat/etc farmers are largely automated, but veggie growers aren't & employ millions of illegal aliens. Are you demanding anything of them? MT @realDonaldTrump We [work] every day to DELIVER for America’s Farmers just as they work every day to deliver FOR US. #AFBF18
.@marsha9753: you "Supported Trump At Escalator". Are most MX illegal aliens violent criminals as Trump implied? Can you provide me with a very simple yes/no, fact-based answer?
Despite that, there's much more evidence that Nick Saban is a #StableGenius than there is for Donald Trump being one. #NationalChampionship #MAGA #resist
Good posturing. Since The Wall could be easily torn down, if we "need" it shouldn't we need something permanent? What % of Americans & GOP leaders "want" it? MT @ColumbiaBugle: The Democrats will not give the Republicans the Border Wall the American People want and need
Per Fire and Fury, Trump wanted to give Silicon Valley all the H1Bs they wanted. #MAGA? MT @Momcat2111 RT @SiddonsDan: POTUS is Cracking Down on H-1B Visa Fraud BIG TIME
.@kellyawallace: do you think it's inhumane for the 200,000 to return to El Salvador?
.@jpodhoretz @SethAMandel: what @NoahCRothman supports encourages kids to cross the desert, with some dying along the way: Imagine going to the border & in effect encouraging kids to cross the desert. Would you do that?
Get after @GitHub, @digitalocean etc. I told them how to push their plans in smart ways & they did dumb things instead. MT @senatorshoshana [quoting NoahCRothman] "AjitPaiFCC’s tormentors began a campaign to ensure FCC chairman could enjoy no peace—not even in his own home."
I tried to sell two items to #Apple on two different occasions many years ago. That was when they were an American company.
.@glennbeck: how about apologizing for getting your fans to donate to the very pro-amnesty/mass #immigration U.S. Chamber: Then, you can apologize for helping increase border deaths by encouraging kids to cross the desert.
Illustrates the fascistic nature of #MAGA & also their idiocy. Coulter's an idiotic grifter but it's *Trump* who's colluding with Pelosi on amnesty. MT @mike_Zollo @AnnCoulter Ann. Shut up. You overwhelmingly supported Mitt Romney who is open borders and pro DACA
.@robkroese: back in 2014 you helped @DLoesch & Glenn Beck increase the numbers of kids trying to cross the desert, with some dying along the way. So you have any shame about helping increase border deaths?
.@AriMelber: is Trump Wall implementable? That is, do you think it could be put into place and kept there? That's different from your opinion of it, whether you think it would work, whether there'd be geographic challenges in part, etc. Is it implementable?
.@Scott6199978: Coulter doesn't care. She hates the whites-friendly soccer, loves NFL, NBA, etc. She was probably throwing out gang signs during the Kendrick Lamar segment.
Blut und Boden much? MT @ChicagoMGD_SD @BootStateBrie I'd deport AnnCoulter I'm sick of hearing opinions of those who aren't Native. Hint: If you're white...
.@Brimshack: nothing @JakeTapper did will undercut Trump to #MAGA. Unless you own #CNN stock, shouldn't that be the point? Tapper could've made Miller into Matthew Petersen if he'd asked my very tough policy questions & really pressed him on them. Instead it was just more WWE.
Obviously, millions are highly receptive to paying with their faces, letting the spyware conglomerate #Google listen in to conversations in their own houses & learn the intimacies of their lives, etc. No invasion was needed. #MAGA #resist #Apple
His pic: RT @Paustinj Kendrick Lamar is just an amazing performer, kudos to the fans who braved the cold. I’m so damn excited for Black Panther next month.
Indeed. Like them, Trump's an amnesty supporter. #MAGA? MT @2Chron169: Democrats blast POTUS over border wall but seem to forget the position former Presidents Clinton & Obama took
#NationalChampionship halftime: Kendrick Lamar. I might think most of their demo also has no idea who that is but can imagine and isn't interested. Except I'm sure they did some market research. There's crap, and then there's crap most are unfamiliar with.
Andy Puzder (Carl's Jr., withdrew as Trump's Labor secy) is apparently being considered for another White House job. Puzder is a big amnesty fan so he'll feel right at home. #MAGA? #immigration
Before Bannon became a Trump shill, he tried to make Trump drop out using a report detailing Trump's links to the Mob. That's very worrisome & it's not dirt like the dossier. #MAGA #resist
.@SebGorka blogs "Don't believe Michael Wolff's book about Trump if you want the truth". Gorka can't even answer simple questions about how Trump's grand plans are unimplementable. We know he isn't credible. #MAGA #resist
Instead, everything has to be stupid: the Russian thing was about dirt, not things that really matter. Tapper's obsessed if Bannon wrote travel ban but can't trap Miller into admitting how flawed a policy it is. Etc. etc. etc. #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
While travel ban was blocked, either Trump ramped up screening enough to keep USA safe or he didn't. If he did, travel ban was unnecessary. If he didn't, he endangered the USA. Stretch that out & you can entrap Trump proxies into making an admission against interest. #resist
Tapper could've trapped Miller into admitting travel ban either made USA less safe or isn't needed. Things like that would undercut Trump to #MAGA. You two can't figure that out. MT @McFaul So correct me if Im wrong @jaketapper , but Miller [Taitzian conspiracy theorizing, etc.]
.@McFaul: if you were smart, you'd think ahead to how most Trump fans would answer that & instead choose dumb things Trump has done that can't be denied by his fans. MT If Trump, as Miller says, is a "political genius", why did allow Wolff to wander the West Wing? [...]
.@joelpollak supports amnesty, he just wants Trump to get a good deal: #immigration #Breitbart #MAGA?
.@joelpollak blogs "Why Republicans Should Not Cave to Democrat Demands on DACA". Pollak supports amnesty, he just wants Trump to get the best deal possible in exchange for his sellout. TODO: constantly remind Breitbart readers that Pollak's an amnesty fan.
The 2020 Fusion Singularity #Idiocracy Party Ticket: Pres: Oprah VP: Omarosa Chief of Staff: Scott Thompson DHS Secy: Scott Baio Interior Secy: Gallagher Energy Secy: Jeb! Defense Secy: Cher #MAGA #resist
.@JStein_WaPo: you don't want the 200k from El S. on TPS in USA to leave because El. S. is a mess. What should happen with the 6,345,000 who remain in El S.? Shouldn't they be allowed to move here since El S. is a mess?
Worthless, deceptive parasites like you? MT @JStein_WaPo The hand-mill gives you the feudal lord, and the steam-mill gives you the industrial capitalist. But what does the content mill give you?
.@realaxelfoley: at #NYMag, you falsely claim those covered by TPS are "immigrants". Since that's a lie, when will you post a correction? If we have to keep them here because El S. is so bad, then shouldn't we invite everyone from El S. to move here? Where's your compassion?
24Ahead's Closing Argument - surely a vortex of living energy will appear to save Trump from himself, Trump from Ivanka, and USA from Trump: #NowPlaying #StableGenius #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@kimberly_link: if you sincerely oppose amnesty, then discredit any pro-Trump leader as pro-amnesty if they support Trump's trade. Hang the label "amnesty supporter" around their necks & let them know you won't let them escape it. #MAGA
Trump's trading the Wall (which can be easily defunded or torn down later) for amnesty (which will be permanent & lead to more amnesties). #MAGA? MT @kimberly_link Thank you POTUS for not playing the political game. And we REALLY want the WALL. NO NEGOTIATIONS on that.
Is it any wonder the Trump admin is doing so great, what with their intellectual firepower like James Woods, Fox 'n' Friends, Hannity, Scott Baio, and Kirsty Alley? Best admin ever! #MAGA #resist
.@Dollfinish: Trump is eager to trade amnesty for the Wall. Just like in 1986, we'll get all the amnesty, little of the enforcement. @RealJamesWoods needs to oppose amnesty, not enable it.
Kellyanne got paid by Mark Zuckerberg to deceive about immigration. Now she's got Trump's ear. #MAGA MT @starcrosswolf RT @kwilli1046: .@KellyannePolls - This Should Be A Historical Year on Immigration...
Did he ever say he'd trade amnesty for it, yes or no? Why didn't #MAGA reveal they were willing to trade amnesty for a wall? MT @UghToHillary RT @1776Stonewall: I hear Democrats asking "i thought Mexico was paying for wall?" - Trump always said that they would pay for it
The priority for Trump, #MAGA, and rightwing grifters is to posture like they care. However, as I know from years of trying, they have zero interest in actually *doing* anything. #immigration
There are public policy reasons to give illegal aliens some benefits: to prevent human suffering, pandemics, illiteracy, etc. etc. The thing to do is to reduce the number of illegal aliens; Trump & #MAGA - despite their bluster - obviously don't care because they refuse to help.
OK, I'll play. Do you or #AusPol know why they're fake on immigration? MT @deniseshrivell: Interesting to see Trump staffer Stephen Miller sight their 3 (fake) policy platforms on CNN interview: jobs, crime & immigration
Ask a smarter lawyer to explain. MT @donaldrusso994 I know that because I am a lawyer, [I shouldn't make] "unsophisticated" comments, but I wonder to myself, if you enter my country ILLEGALLY, how is it that you get one thin dime of any type of governmental benefits?
Per #FireAndFury, after meeting with #SiliconValley execs, Trump was eager to give them what they wanted: more #H1B. That might be shocking to those who falsely thought he was on their side, like #MAGA. #immigration
The parts of Fire and Fury relating to #immigration: Nothing shocking. Bannon claims Ivanka is behind Trump selling out #MAGA on #DACADeal. #resist
.@UrbanAchievr: I guess you prefer the GWB model, a full-on quisling who waved a Mexican flag in a campaign video & promised amnesty to the Mexican people & the Mexican govt. Trump's horrific; sorry he can't be as bad as you'd like. #immigration #MAGA #resist
Image of GWB waving a Mexican flag in a campaign video: He set the bar very high for future quislings, but a good part of his base are now #MAGA (after a brief stop as #Teaparty).
.@UrbanAchievr: you say "lmaooooo" about Eric Trump wearing a sombrero at his party. Why's that funny? His dad's always been fake on #immigration & he's colluding with Pelosi, Schumer, & Lindsey Graham on amnesty. Isn't that pro-Mexican enough for you?
.@KFILE blogs the racist @TheDemocrats tweet, only highlighting their typo. He'll be of great help if the Hutu ever want help proofreading their posters about the Tutsi. #CNN #MAGA #resist
Not the "top clicker": how the Trump/Pelosi amnesty will screw the USA. Sherman doesn't have the patriotism to care about that. MT @JakeSherman Paul Pelosi Jr. hobnobbed with the Trumps at Mar-a-Lago on NYE. already the top clicker in Playbook today
Racist tweet from @TheDemocrats microtargeting the types of women they want to run: We need a smart, sane, pro-American alternative to their racism & we aren't getting it from Trump, #MAGA, #GOP, etc.
.@scottshafer: there have always been incredibly easy ways to undercut Trump to his base & doing that would either drive him out of office or force major changes. @TomSteyer lacks the IQ to figure that out & the rationality to help with those plans.
Watch what happens: Karni won't have the integrity to admit she got duped by Lee. MT @FrmrBureaucrat [to @anniekarni] I have read both pieces and Dr. Bandy's protestations, but it also seems like @byrdinator' report is accurate based on what Dr. Bandy told her on the record
.@marcusgilmer: you blog "Tense CNN showdown with Trump staffer leaves supporters of both sides feeling like they won". Miller could've been easily destroyed *to Trump fans* if #CNN had questioned him on policy. #CNN has never wanted to talk about that, just soap opera BS.
I know everything about Saban's record, etc. etc. points to an Alabama win. But, I'm going to go out on a limb and choose #Alabama to win the big #kneeball championship. #MAGA #resist, mark my tweet.
"Krusty brand hand soap says it does X, Y, and Z. It not only doesn't do that, it causes BSE. Our marketing message should point that out."
.@Chloecat254: what's ironic is @jaketapper could have easily destroyed Miller, even to people like you. All he had to do is call Miller on how fake Trump is: endangering USA (by Trump's own admission!), colluding with Pelosi on amnesty, tax cuts for the wealthy, etc. #CNN #MAGA
Tim Tebow is now (or has been for an unknown time period) an #ESPN analyst. His voice is annoying.
.@pamkeyNEN: if Trump has to trade amnesty to get promises of The Wall, what will he & next pres/Congress have to promise to keep the funding? You're enabling the 1986 amnesty. Don't you think your readers are going to remember you enabled a massive failure & amnesty?
.@pamkeyNEN: you blog "Tom Cotton: DACA Deal Must Fund Border Wall, End Chain Migration & Diversity Lottery". Let's say Trump loses in 2020 & next pres is a Dem. What happens to the rest of the Wall funding & all the other promises? Can you figure that out?
#Breitbart: "Steve Bannon Issues Statement: My Support Is 'Unwavering' for Trump and His Agenda". Translation from the original Russian on request. #MAGA #resist
.@JakeTapper & Stephen Miller in a worthless foodfight: Tapper's obsessed with if Bannon was involved in travel ban. He completely ignores where Miller/Trump are weak: the travel ban failed. Trump even admitted his actions made the USA less safe. #CNN
24Ahead's Closing Argument - Trump's Crazy Band: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSaturday #StableGenius
The best way to oppose Trump is over his policies. He's extremely vulnerable on amnesty, taxes, healthcare, and all his other pro-corporate moves. #TheResistance - just like #Teaparty with Obama - can't engage Trump on his policies but has to try to cheat.
Trump's a dim, deranged idiot, but so too are #MAGA & #TheResistance. If he tries to start a war I'm sure the generals will stop him from following through. Other than that, the thing to do is oppose him on your feet not like cowering cheaters.
I'd point out again that Bandy X. Lee is the Orly Taitz of #TheResistance, but I didn't find any friendlies discussing her. She's as nuts as those who thought the Sergeant-at-Arms was going to arrest Obama or that "Moochelle" is a man. #MAGA #resist
.@BandyXLee: your Politico interview made it sound like your meeting w/ a GOP senator was requested. You admitted to Weekly Standard it was just "accidental", thereby making @anniekarni look bad. Now it's time for her to post a correction.
Speaking about #StableGenius: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSaturday
.@emilyelarsen: others (eg salenazito) have worked to cover up how @KellyannePolls took Zuck's bucks to deceive about amnesty. But I'm sure since you're #DailyCaller & thus not Fake News you'll reveal this: When can we expect you to do that?
.@emilyelarsen: you blog "FACT CHECK: Wolff Book Claims Kellyanne Conway 'Had Never Been Involved In National Campaign'". When will you cover how KAC got paid by Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty? Is she now giving Trump misinfo/disinfo about how Hispanics would flock to GOP?
.@JBurtonXP: during the most of 2017 that Trump's travel ban was blocked, whose visitor agenda was the USA following? Where are ISIS embeds more likely to come from, Iran (on Trump's ban) or W. Europe (not on Trump's ban)? How many times did Trump admit he made USA less safe?
"Official who improperly helped Redskins owner cut down trees picked as National Park Service deputy director". #MAGA? #resist
.@EagleEdMartin: for the 2018 version of your Trump book, will you add a chapter with his updated accomplishments, like successfully colluding with Pelosi on amnesty where Obama failed? Maybe write a whole book about O-b-a-m-a-'-s Trump's amnesty.
.@ScottPresler: you think Trump's a "genius". Was Florida turning more purple due to Trump's actions "genius"? When he flubbed a chance to undercut BLM, was that "genius"? Is him colluding with Pelosi, Schumer, & Lindsey Graham on amnesty "genius"? #MAGA?
I'm sure you'd hire a pro photog too to record it. When has highlighting criminal aliens ever moved the needle? Has it swayed Pelosi & Trump? MT @ScottPresler I would pay to light a candle at sections of Kate's Wall dedicated to every American murdered by an illegal alien.
To add insult to #idiocracy, Trump was colluding with Putin over *dirt*. I.e., personal crap that doesn't have anything to do with policy & that doesn't really matter. It is, however, about the only thing #MAGA & #resist idiots care about.
.@SarahSpain: Michaels wasn't commenting on intensity of play, just whether 2 minutes takes 2 minutes. No surprise he's ignorant of #soccer, where 2 minutes is exactly that. It's also much better for the USA than CTEBall. #ATLvsLA
A player in this #kneeball game has a name that's funny even if you don't know German. #ATLvsLA #MAGA #resist
Example of a #soccer player scoring on his own rebound: #TENvsKC
.@mtaibbi: Trump's an idiot, but he's smarter than his loudest opponents. They've never been able to go after him where he's weakest. They can't even conceive of doing that. Instead they've always helped him. Smarts test for you: what's Trump's most vulnerable issue?
.@MiraSorvino: what you can do is develop valid arguments that show opponents wrong. Craft questions based on those arguments & then go ask the opponents those questions on video. Make a video like Matthew Spencer Petersen's about your issue.
.@JoyceWhiteVance: we hear about such cases because the wealthy don't want their servants and workers deported. Whatever should happen in that case, how is your #immigration stance any different than that of WalMart, USChamber, Tyson Foods, & the Koch bros?
.@JackPosobiec: so, half your audience think Obama's amnesty is OK when Trump does it. Do you personally support O-b-a-m-a-'-s Trump's amnesty? Do you want to forever be known to your audience as an amnesty supporter?
.@WilliamTeach: you cheer Trump asking for $18 bil over 10 years for border security (not even a full wall). Did you miss the part about where he wants to trade amnesty to get that? Unless you say otherwise and take action against amnesty, you're an amnesty supporter.
Great hit! Go #kneeball! #MAGA #resist
Trading anything for amnesty is not "pro-American". #MAGA MT @ronwagn Democrats Angry As Trump Restates Pro-American Immigration Principles - Breitbart
Talk to Trump, he's the one colluding with Schumer on amnesty. MT @OliverMcGee: Lordy, there are tapes! Senator Schumer vs. Senator Schumer on immigration!
It's good to hear you two say that, except you've been enabling Trump for months. You never gave Trump smart alternative to amnesty. MT @chuckwoolery: Laura Ingraham: Trump Will Not Be Re-Elected if He Sells Out on Immigration
One of those things is not like the other. Trump's colluding with Dems to help Big Biz with amnesty. You should celebrate. MT @swingleft Hey Californians! Not happy with the Trump administration's recent decisions on marijuana, offshore drilling, and immigration?
.@RickyVaughn_II: what do you think about latest @steve_sailer post where he in effect endorses Trump's amnesty-for-Wall trade? We'd get all the amnesty, but the Wall would be delayed/neglected/torn down. Sailer can't figure that out, despite 1986 amnesty, etc. #AltRight
Hey #MAGA, Trump is eager to sell out the USA to this guy -->> MT @SenatorDurbin: Latest White House demand on immigration: $18 billion for a border wall. Outrageous.
Despite never tweeting it (at least under that name), #MAGA snowflake @RodStryker has blocked me.
.@_Orwell: if you really want to undercut Cernovich where it counts, point out to his fans that he's not exactly outraged about Trump colluding with Pelosi to push amnesty. You have to understand what his base wants & then show them he's not on their side.
.@CassandraRules: hi Cassandra, if Trump trades away amnesty (the amnesty Obama wanted) for Trump Wall (paid for over 10 years), what will keep Dems & most GOP from simply reneging on The Wall after Trump's out of office?
Support amnesty? You're an amnesty supporter. Grudgingly want to trade amnesty for "promises"? You're an amnesty supporter. The only way not to be an amnesty supporter is to actually, sincerely oppose it *and* do so using techniques that'd work. #immigration #MAGA
If Dems stopped right now & took Trump's first demands on amnesty, they'd make out like bandits. Promise him the moon & The Wall, wait for the amnesty, & then delay the promises and eventually renege. Just like '86 amnesty. #immigration #MAGA
.@Kantrowitz of #BuzzFeed is quite mellow about lil' fascists seeking to silence Trump on #Twitter. What would things look like if those "increasingly vocal" sorts could stifle debate & dissent, and what countries at what times might that remind us of, Alex?
2005 Boston Globe article: "...Brady might have the most unusual pre-game ritual in all of professional sports. Twelve adorable baby seals are flown in. Brady then deftly cuts open their chests, pulls apart their rib cages, and eats their still-beating hearts whole". #Patriots