#CNN: "Sources: Russia tried to use Trump advisers to infiltrate campaign". That must be #FakeNews, since Trump is a patriot! #MAGA #resist
Hockey professionals have decided: no goal. Take it up with hockey professionals, not me. #Bruins #Senators #soccer #hockey #MAGA
Even Marv Albert & the officials - who are right there - can't even tell if the puck went in. #Bruins #Senators #soccer #hockey #MAGA
.@PolitiBunny: if ADL or SPLC speak out against his genocide plan, #HuffPost will look bad. If they won't, they'll look bad. Will you help?
.@PolitiBunny: start a campaign to get @SPLCenter or ADL to speak out against @chriscalimusic 's #HuffPost genocide plan.
.@PolitiBunny: in 2014/2015 you decided to help Obama continue his immigration agenda: 2nd chance time:
Apparently @andreatantaros and @NomikiKonst have their legs locked in a hot girl fight, pulling each others' hair etc. #FoxNews #MAGA
#HuffPost pulled an article calling for genocide against Trump fans (i.e., white non-coastal people). Apparently there was a typo. #MAGA
How can I tweet while I'm playing in this #Bruins #Senators game? Voice recognition. Well, gotta get back to the game. #MAGA #soccer #resist
Can you imagine College #GOP types trying to shout down Liz Warren? What would happen is because leftwingers are competent. #AnnCoulter #KFI
If conservatives were competent, they could easily prevent violence at their events. They aren't competent + violence *helps* their grift.
From a grifting POV, Coulter's doing a terrific job. From a smart/sane/pro-American/big tent/pro-open debate POV, her & rest are horrific.
Coulter says #UCB should threaten to expel students trying to silence speakers. That'd be a big lawsuit + ineffective against townies. #KFI
.@JohnAndKenShow: best way to stop such violence is hearts & minds, neither of which you or @AnnCoulter have. #KFI
Idiot on idiot action: @JohnAndKenShow interviews @AnnCoulter. Her plans to stop violence by anti-speech far-left are typically lunkhead.
Steve King tells #DailyCaller "defenders of the Constitution" might need to sue Trump to stop his pro-DREAMer plans. #MAGA
In an AP interview, Trump said DREAMers should "rest easy": "[we're] not after the dreamers, we are after the criminals". #MAGA
MT @realDonaldTrump No matter how much I accomplish during ridiculous standard of 1st 100 days &it has been a lot (incl SC) media will kill!
.@CitizenSullivan blocked me after I told him #NYTimes apologized for deceptive Patriots-at-White House pic he RTed. #NH #NewHampshire
.@ChuckGarland4: #Twitter gives @williamlegate a huge boost because he's verified. Use that to undercut their algorithm to newbies.
At Mecca, with ISIS! #MAGA MT @PTreasonReport MT @EntheosShines: Morsi Wife Has All Docs & Recordings Of Obama/Hillary W Muslim Brotherhood
Just like those still hunting for Whitey Tape -> MT @ItIzBiz RT @BrockMathias1: Trump [should] release his tax returns
.@CitizenSullivan: #NYTimes apologized for these deceptive pics: #resist
Trump names Scott Brown Ambassador... to #NewZealand. Like Siberia but more remote & with more sheep. #MAGA #resist #MAGOP
Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and ex-president Camacho visited White House for dinner with Trump. #MAGA #resist
I chose Mike Trout, despite that nagging sedition conviction. #Angels #MAGA #resist MT @Buster_ESPN Who is the Face of Baseball?
Stop me if you've heard this one before: #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist
.@TatianaBru: smart arguments that undercut pro-amnesty leaders to base is only solution. @FAIRImmigration refuses to help with that. #MAGA
The Wall will never be built.+,Loophole defines as fence. MT @TatianaBru RT @FAIRImmigration: We must #BuildTheWall to reduce illegal immig.
The Smiths - A Russian Hack & A Putsch & The Presidency Is Ours: #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist
The Smiths - London: #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist
.@EliLake @corvetteBeth @SirGumbeaux: how to undercut Coulter to her fans in smart & honorable ways: Help out.
Concussion protocol used as a pretext to ban from #SCA -> @whites_united. #MAGA #resist
.@BraddJaffy: I wonder why fanboys like you enable grifters like Coulter who have no interest in undercutting anti-speech far-left. #MAGA?
That's not it. MT @BraddJaffy: You don't have to be a Coulter fan to wonder what has happened at the birthplace of the free speech movement
Why not? You & her lack the brains to undercut fringe loons. MT @WhosGoneGalt MT @unixengr: [Coulter should bring a gun to UCB]
.@BobSatawake: if @RezaAslan were smart enough to show @AnnCoulter - a fleaweight grifter - wrong, then surely he'd do it, no? #resist
Then it should be easy for Reza to show her wrong, no? MT @BobSatawake (wife of Amb @wallybrewster) [to RezaAslan] Amen! Coulter is evil
Except Reza etc lack smarts to show Coulter wrong(!) MT @meganphelps @CharlieParker41 @rezaaslan answer to bad speech is more/better speech
A moron you can't show wrong. MT @Liberal_Advance RT @carmelmanion: @rezaaslan coulter such a moron.let her go speak at an alt right college
Yet, despite that, UCB & others keep helping her sell books. Lack smarts to undercut her. MT @Socratic1 [Coulter is a] media whore bar none
.@jmhorp: if you & all the other con mouthbreathers were smart & sane, you'd point out Reza etc *aren't* liberal. #MAGA #resist
.@ClassicalKUSC played intensely wimpy #harp music, unlike #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist
Is Reza a "liberal"? MT @jmhorp (scholar, from Arkansas, to RezaAslan) For the umpteenth time, liberals don't understand free speech
Yes it is: heckler's veto. RT @rezaaslan: For the umpteenth time, it's not anti-free speech to cancel a university talk for security reasons
Anti-speech fascists who say such things just *help* Coulter sell books. #resist @Enuff_Said [a Coulter] Well you're an intolerable cunt so
.@ColumbiaBugle: Trump's #MuslimBan *helped* continue Obama's #immigration agenda & made USA less safe. All enabled by @AnnCoulter. #MAGA
.@ColumbiaBugle: Coulter enabled Trump as he promoted mass legalization, implied he supports anti-American DREAMAct, made USA less safe...
Who'd develop Trump's bombs? #MAGA #resist MT @ColumbiaBugle: It honestly is time to cut off Fed Funding for these colleges [like UCB]
.@timanderson87: Coulter's just a grifter. There are things she could do to support free speech @ UCB but she won't. @DHugher @oliverdarcy
MT @timanderson87 [a DHugher oliverdarcy Coulter] UC Berkeley is the antithesis of everything academic free speech should stand for
Trump Wall is legally defined to include fencing: If that's news to you, donate for more! #MAGA #resist
Excellent #Rockies defense. #Dodgers #MAGA #resist #Patriots #Communism #AnnCoulter #MAGA #USA
Putin thinktank had plan to sway USA elections: #MAGA #resist
"Exclusive: Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 U.S. election - documents". #MAGA #resist
Trump: "Where's Danny? ... ... ... Way to go Danny." #idiocracy #MAGA #resist #Patriots #Pats #NFLBLM
.@Patriots call out @NYTSports for deceptive photo: #NYTimes #NYT #MAGA #resist
Tom Brady skips #Patriots meeting w/ Trump. In other news, Trump raised tariff on baby seal hearts 5000%. #MAGA #NewEngland #resist
#Satan wins, this time. #Tigers #Rays #DevilRays #Satanism #MAGA #resist
I've consulted with Jared Kushner, and it doesn't look like he went around. #Tigers #Rays #DevilRays #Satanism #MAGA #resist
#UCB calls off @AnnCoulter talk over security concerns, *helping* her grift. Let her speak, then show her wrong. It's really, really easy.
Bill O'Reilly needed to train The Folks to represent their interests to politicians (and #FoxNews execs). He was hoist on own entertainment.
Bill O'Reilly is out at #FoxNews. He wasn't perfect, but he represented The Folks better than other hosts. He wasn't doing them any good.
Based on what little I know about him, I have trouble believing Aaron Hernandez committed suicide. But: maybe so his kid could get money.
.@jaynordlinger: it says so much you think partisanship plays any role in whether something is wrong or not & what people should say.
BRAVE MT @jaynordlinger Trump congratulated Erdogan. What would we say if Obama had placed that call? Whatever it is, we should say it now.
RT @MOTT7 MSNBC's Malcolm Nance deletes tweet calling for SUICIDE BOMBING of Trump hotel @MalcolmNance
After overturned wrong call, #Dodgers are roaring back in what will prove to be an ultimately futile effort, like their season. #MAGA
#HuffPost #SouthAfrica editor defended their post calling to disenfranchise white men, then pulled it after couldn't ID author. #LOL #MAGA
.@floridayys: non-secular Turkey is a huge problem for USA. Trump congratulated Erdogan on his win. Is that 12th dim chess? @ScottAdamsSays
Now if he'd only have some patriotism. #MAGA MT @floridayys @ScottAdamsSays continues to be right on target with Health Care predictions!
.@NicholsUprising: your "Trump to Erdogan: Congrats On Your Dictatorship!" ignores much more important to USA secularism aspect. Patchy moo?
Cyrillic word Trump wrote all over his Trapper Keeper is "Arkona": #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #Coachella #resist
Q: overall, have rock festivals turned even crappier via ascendancy of pop/disco/rap crap? Morrissey at #Coachella in 1999, now Lady Gaga.
.@pfeifferdc: never fear! undercuts it to its audience, which is all that matters. When will you use that?
.@pfeifferdc: weak-minded liberals are audience for pro-DREAMAct propaganda. You, Trump, etc can't even conceive of trying outreach to them.
.@pfeifferdc: so, if your goal is to undercut DREAMAct, then just waiting for bad reporting won't work. You have to undercut it to its base.
#Dodgers strikeout w/ 2 on down by 3. Good for them.
.@pfeifferdc: good job busting #USAToday article. However, that's a fluke: there are 1000s of pro-DREAMAct propaganda pieces not like it.
.@libbycwatson (Gizmodo writer): you express shock at #USAToday DREAMer story. It turns out to be bogus: his DACA expired & he fence jumped.
David Chalian unleashed! Literally. They took him off his medications & his safety leash. Now he's running around the #CNN studio. #MAGA
.@GeoffThorne @SeanMcElwee @SamSeder: since 1965, has there been a campaign to make USA less white, yes or no? Your reps are on the line.
MT @SeanMcElwee weird active campaign to make America white thru mass deportation & racial terror isn't more central issue in our politics.
His DACA expired & he jumped border fence. MT @SeanMcElwee Absolutely horrifying: The first DREAMer has been deported under Trump.
.@el_reportero: now I see "USA Today Gets It Wrong, DHS Did Not Deport DREAMer". His DACA expired & he jumped border fence. Response?
.@el_reportero: let's say Mexico has 1000 kids who'd be valedictorians & 10% go to U.S. Doesn't that harm Mexico? #USAToday
.@el_reportero: that's very self-aware of you, given the propaganda dissemblers like you spread:
.@el_reportero: in #USAToday, you blog "First protected DREAMer is deported under Trump", saying he wasn't "valedictorian" ie "poster child"
If Bill O'Reilly had trained The Folks to *do* things rather than just sit around, they could pressure #FoxNews. #MAGA #resist
.@tomashbrooknpr: @DavidCayJ ignored only tactic that would've stopped Trump: His tactics obviously failed.
.@tomashbrooknpr: Trump's taxes = Whitey Tape for a new generation of idiots. @DavidCayJ leads you down rabbit hole, ignores *real* tactics.
.@markg0077: O'Reilly, @TuckerCarlson, @DrWendyWalsh, etc are just show ppl in it for selves. BOR might be slightly more useful. #FoxNews
MT @markg0077 @TuckerCarlson Sickening to see silence of Foxes in light of sham artist @DrWendyWalsh seeking media to build her brand w fibs
Per #WSJ, #FoxNews will let Bill O'Reilly go. Because #Fox has high moral standards. #MAGA #resist
.@MichCorsilles: @DrWendyWalsh asked for Arabic translators... for Mateen pere's broadcasts & never owned up to it. #credibility? @LisaBloom
MT @joybenedict [it's] 45 years that @CBSLA Dave Lopez has been a reporter in LA! I just wanted to say “wow” & thanks for all you do for LA!
Roger Ailes sockpuppet blog image caption: "Who wouldnt want to cop a Friel?" About Courtney Friel. That's a bit over the line. #FoxNews
Alleged Roger Ailes sockpuppet blogs: #fainting #PATRIARCHY #resist #MAGA
Roger Ailes reportedly paid for sockpuppet blogs leering in most disrespectful terms possible about #FoxNews bimbos. I feel faint! #resist