.@BPratto: Trump's colluding with Pelosi, Schumer, Flake, Luis Gutierrez, & Lindsey Graham to push the same amnesty Hillary would've pushed.l Even if you support Trump on other things, are you patriotic enough to oppose him on amnesty? #MAGA
.@WesleyTBrown2: if you want to stop amnesty, let Trump's top supporters & proxies (Cernovich, Dilbert, Mike Shields, Andre Bauer) know that them supporting amnesty will be used to destroy their careers. Make them do all the hard work.
After this #FoxAndFriends segment, Trump is now obsessed with anteaters rather than sharks: #MAGA #FoxNews #resist
One of those eager to sell out the USA is Trump. He just wants the right price for amnesty. To stop that, make it a CLM for top Trump proxies. MT @ray_auditor GOP always caves when they are winning! Trump has to stand firm against those in the GOP willing to give the Dems
Univision, unlike regular TV, doesn't hide fat chicks away, they make them first order objects. Very progressive! #MAGA #feminism #resist #Patriarchy
Is it that Trump completely opposes amnesty by any name under any conditions, or that he just wants to sell out the USA for the right price? What about you? #MAGA MT @fawn_mac RT @_Makada_: Wow. Schumer and the Democrats shut down the government because #DACA
.@mimimayes13 @TheMarkPantano: in R.E. negotiations, Trump wouldn't demand something that he knew the other side would never give him. Likewise, Dems are demanding amnesty because they know Trump is eager to sell out the USA for a high-sounding price. Amnesty isn't #MAGA.
ICYMI, watch this video of weak simpleton & POTUS Donald Trump about to give Dianne Feinstein everything she wants on amnesty: Obviously, Feinstein knows Trump's a simpleton. #MAGA #immigration #resist
Are you ready for some football!?!?! Guadalajara football! Chivas! #WTF? #soccer #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
.@Fuctupmind: hey Mike, @KellyannePolls took Mark Zuckerberg's money to deceive about amnesty. Now she's probably one of those pushing Trump to sell out the USA on amnesty using the same arguments GWB used. If you oppose amnesty for real, you have to oppose her. #MAGA
24Ahead's Closing Argument is solace for Trump: all the best people are crazy: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday #TrumpShutdown
.@ImmoralReport @wendydcoe: if you work at it - pressuring Breitbart & Trump proxies - Trump could be made to support repatriations. That's not amnesty, he could support/defend it, & use it to undercut Dems & MSM. When will you help with the only anti-amnesty plan he'd support?
How many pro-amnesty actions & statements does Trump have to make before you realize he's an amnesty fan? The last thing he'll do is mass deportations. #MAGA MT @ImmoralReport RT @wendydcoe: #WeThePeople say #DeportDACA #DeportDAPA
Colluding with the Democrats to push the Trump/Pelosi/Schumer/Flake/Luis Gutierrez/Graham/Soros amnesty isn't that. #MAGA MT @WolfHunter045 RT @Hoosiers1986: Trump makes a living bitch-slapping Stupid Democrats!
Weirdly enough, I later found out that an ex-buddy went to school with David Gelbaum. #immigration #MAGA #resist
#SierraClub is bought and paid for. They got $105 million from a billionaire under the condition they push mass #immigration despite environmental impact. #resist MT @pragmactivist RT @SierraClub: REMINDER: There is a bipartisan deal on the table that would protect #Dreamers
Trump wants amnesty almost as much as Chuck and Nancy. He's pushing the same amnesty Hillary would push. Soros has spent millions pushing the amnesty he's pushing. #MAGA? MT @JohnJBrea @BrendaVitucci: [a Trump] #SchumerShutdown Americans First vs Illegal Immigrants First
#SierraClub took $105 million donation from a billionaire under the condition that they reverse their #immigration stance & support loose borders: #environment #resist #GlobalWarming
If you were smart, you'd point out Lahren supports amnesty, she just wants to sell out the USA for a good price. #FoxNews MT @JayCaruso [to @TomiLahren saying "illegal immigrant cuddling shutdown"] [some smear]
.@michaelharrisdr: there are smart arguments that'd turn enough of the Dem base against amnesty that Trump's pals Chuck and Nancy would be taking a risk pushing amnesty. Trump is good at getting press, why isn't he getting those smart arguments out there? #MAGA?
.@Pudingtane: Trump's pushing the same amnesty Pres Hillary would have pushed. Soros has spent millions promoting the amnesty Trump's pushing for free. The patriotic choice is to completely oppose amnesty, no matter who pushes it. Doing that would also help Trump. #MAGA
Trump is almost as eager to get amnesty as Schumer. Trump'd gladly sell out Americans, including his base. That's not #MAGA. MT @TexanMAGA RT @ScottPresler: The good news for Republicans is that democrats don't hide the fact that they choose illegal aliens over Americans
Let me make this very easy to understand. This is an anti-amnesty position: "I completely oppose any form of amnesty under any conditions". Anything else is pro-amnesty. Trump, Tom Cotton, Breitbart hacks, etc. etc. are all pro-amnesty. #immigration #MAGA #resist
Breitbart hacks support amnesty, you'd know that if you knew what you were talking about. #MAGA #resist MT @DavidJollyFL If the GOP plays offense and makes this about immigration, right wing media will make this about amnesty, and then there's no way out of this
Trump's doing that too. He's eager to give Schumer & Pelosi the amnesty the want, he just wants to sell out USA for a good price. #MAGA? MT @grey_ghost47 RT @JudgeCarter: I never thought I'd see day when Dems put noncitizens above the American military and our children in need
.@PatsT12: has @RealAlexJones pushed Trump to reveal the truth about FEMA Trains, FEMA Coffins, and FEMA Camps, or did they get to him too?
DREAMers are foreign citizens: we (like Mexico) don't have self-serve #immigration. Funder'd help Big Biz lower wages. Are they paying him? MT @JackieC1989 RT @funder: McConnell keeps on calling DACA an illegal immigration issue. It’s an American issue. DREAMers are Americans
.@funder didn't block me until recently, when I directed others to his grifting: #resist #TheResistance #grifting
As much as I'm disgusted by most of what RealJamesWoods says, he's at least not folded on Trump's amnesty unlike many #MAGA (at least so far).
Not to mention the secret basement at Comet Ping Pong. MT @BarryBahrami I can't help but wonder if the #SchumerShutdown is the democrats way of taking attention off #ReleaseTheMemo
In horrific news, @bryanbehar - the writer behind "Wilfred" (??) has blocked me after just one completely fact-based tweet:
Trump & Cotton want amnesty, they just want to sell out the USA for a price that seems high. Trump's amnesty will be a big win for Chuck. #MAGA? MT @MadVoterInMN SenSchumer LOL...You lose!! --> Trump Will Not Sign Off on Immigration Deal Unless Mark Meadows, Tom Cotton Approve
The problem with Saletan is he can't figure out where opponents are most vulnerable & use it against them. Cotton's a big amnesty fan (see his The Hill OpEd). Can't can't use that to undercut him to Trump's base. MT @SoSofieFatale RT @saletan: The problem with Tom Cotton [etc]
.@HouseCracka: Cotton wants amnesty, see his recent The Hill OpEd. Last month I asked for your help to push a non-amnesty plan that would hurt Dem leaders & MSM, & help the USA & foreign countries. Why didn't you help? Are you an amnesty fan like Cotton? #MAGA?
.@TracyAChambers: in 2013 & 2014, I asked for your help to stop Obama's amnesty & you ignored it. Now you in effect support the Trump amnesty (Cotton's a big amnesty fan, just like Trump). The patriotic choice is to oppose amnesty no matter who pushes it. When will you do that?
.@CliffWilkin: IOW, you, Trump, and Tom Cotton all support amnesty. You just want to sell out the USA for a good price. #MAGA #immigration
You & Hayes can't even tell the truth when it's in your great best interests to do so. Cotton's an amnesty fan: see his The Hill OpEd. MT @NickBaumann RT @chrislhayes: Exactly. The Stephen Miller/Tom Cotton/Steve King/Steve Bannon position is now the Senate GOP caucus position.
THE GOVERNMENT HAS JUST SHUTDOWN. #ShutdownCountdown #SchumerShutdown #TrumpShutdown #MAGA #resist #Armageddon
#CNN has wheeled in Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen for the last 2 minutes of the #ShutdownCountdown to the #SchumerShutdown (more popularly called the #TrumpShutdown). #MAGA #resist
.@3lectric5heep: did you read Tom Cotton's recent The Hill OpEd? In the OpEd, does he say "no amnesty under any conditions", or does he support amnesty? (Hint: the second). #immigration #MAGA?
It'd be better and as a side-effect factual if they read his recent The Hill OpEd and pointed out to #MAGA that Cotton supports amnesty. Why can't #resist do that? RT @TexDem16 Would love if tv journos would refer to Sen Cotton by his real name: Tehran Tom. #TrumpShutdown
Trying to wise up #MAGA is a bit like deprogramming, except you can't kidnap people.
.@38mama19: please go read Tom Cotton's recent The Hill OpEd where he supports amnesty. If you truly oppose amnesty, you can't trust him or JxhnBinder. The only patriotic choice is to demand all of them & Trump oppose any form of amnesty under any conditions. #MAGA
.@Genie115: remember what I told you in Dec 2015: Now you think Tom Cotton is anti-amnesty, despite his recent The Hill OpEd where he comes out for amnesty. Demand your leaders oppose all forms of amnesty. Don't just be a fangirl. #MAGA
.@ShadilayForever: you can't trust @JxhnBinder 's take on these issues. He calls Tom Cotton "pro American", yet just a few days ago Cotton promoted amnesty in a The Hill OpEd. Let Breitbart hacks know #MAGA won't forget them helping sell out the USA on amnesty.
Cotton - who Binder calls "pro-American" - is a big amnesty fan (see his Hill OpEd). He just wants to sell out the USA for a price that seems high (but that the Dems will renege on). RT @thomasa56 @JxhnBinder @kausmickey Tom Cotton has moral authority and a backbone.
USC/L.A. Times poll always of same people shows 1/8 who approved of Trump in April now disapprove. April undecideds have broken 2 to 1 against Trump. #MAGA not so mega anymore. #resist
.@mosseri: here's what #Facebook etc etc can't figure out (or can figure out and think it'll be in their favor): Only way to do such things is to have judges make their votes public & let everyone discredit them over bogus votes.
.@paulaspaulatics: this is a non-amnesty alternative that Trump could support (and his proxies could defend). It'd hurt Dems/MSM. Please ask @joelpollak why he refuses to push that instead of supporting amnesty as he does now (he won't answer me).
"Chicago West". Hilarious. How far west?
.@johncardillo: back on 8/26/17 I tweeted you: "Trump has continued Obama's refugees & DACA policies & might push amnesty. In May I pointed out he supports the DREAMAct. What caused you not to listen? Are you an amnesty supporter like Trump, or something else?
.@OJPAC: your @YossiGestetner blocked me over He can't handle a few tweets, but I'm sure he's great in a crisis.
Amnesty would be less likely if *Hillary* had won. The same Dems would support it, but almost all #MAGA - unlike now - would oppose it. There'd be millions more oppose HRC's amnesty than are opposing Trump's amnesty. Never let MAGA who won't oppose amnesty forget their sellout.
.@alec_h_tyson: that @pewresearch poll is intentionally deceptive: you're trying to deceive people. The term "immigrant" means someone was allowed to move here legally. If DREAMers were immigrants they'd already have legal status. You're pushing a poll that'd make Mintruth blush.
Trump has moved the GOP base's "Overton window" from "no amnesty ever" to "let's get something for capitulating on amnesty". I warned about this. #MAGA would furiously oppose Pres Hillary pushing the same amnesty Trump is. Now they're going along like, well, cucks. #AltRight
If you want to help stop Trump's amnesty - helping him and much more importantly the USA - hit the tip jar. Review how right I've been about Trump all along, then see the link in my bio. #MAGA #immigration
For 2.5 years, I've been pointing out that Trump's a big amnesty fan. Even his most ardent fans have to admit that now that they too have become big amnesty fans. #immigration #MAGA?
In December 2015, I accurately described how Trump's Muslim Ban would fail. By asking Giuliani to develop a workaround, Trump admitted his plan was unimplementable. His bans were blocked most of 2017: #MAGA #immigration
In November 2015 I accurately pointed out that Trump couldn't & wouldn't do mass deportations: #MAGA #immigration
Reminder: I accurately describe way back in August of 2015 how Trump's grand #immigration plans would fail miserably. No one else pointed out hos his plans were unimplementable, as we see now. #MAGA
Want me to do even more to stop the Trump/Pelosi/Schumer/Graham/Soros amnesty? Visit this page and give me some incentive: #MAGA #immigration
.@pjtec: obviously, how #TheResistance opposes JackKingston doesn't work. Admit that, then try smarter things: point out to his base how strongly he supports amnesty. Do things the smart way for once.
.@ChrisCuomo just meekly objected to Kellyanne lying about what he'd said a few minutes before. He lacks [] to stop the show & demand a retraction. #CNN #resist MT @mamashenay RT @NETRetired: When [various CNN hosts] sit silent when they know RW r lying.. viewers look like uh?
.@coasterinoregon: if you *really* want to undercut JackKingston point out to MAGA that he's a big amnesty fan. He might as well be working for Schumer.
Jefferson Airplane @Woodstock 3/5ths of a Mile in 10 seconds: That was when Trump was in 'Nam fighting so those hippies could wear flowers in their hair! #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicThursday
.@SenatorWicker: 2nd, it's incredibly easy to undercut Xavier Becerra. There are smart arguments that'd make enabling illegal #immigration politically toxic. Trump has done the *opposite* (see Steinle verdict). When'll you demand Trump uses smart arguments? #MSGOP #Mississippi
First, how many billions have flowed from CA to MS? Can we get some of that back? MT @SenatorWicker I am calling on DOJ to pull law enforcement grants for California if their attorney general [Xavier Becerra] prosecutes employers for aiding federal immigration authorities
#MAGA snowflake @smp0711 has blocked me after just one tweet: MAGA are mentally ill authoritarians.
.@DavidPapp: let's say Trump agrees to #DACADeal. Will that be it? Or, will Dems keep demanding more & bigger amnesties & demand more & bigger concessions not to renege on the deal? That should be an easy one. #MAGA #immigration
Ryan's libertarian scum. The better question is why you & he agree. His goal is to help the wealthy make money. Yours? MT @jonfavs Here’s @BrendanBuck’s boss, @SpeakerRyan, telling House conservatives that he planned on including a #DACA fix as a part of a year-end spending deal
Trump’s Evolving Words on the Wall He's just "evolved". #MAGA #immigration
Trump on Oct 28, 2015: "They built the Great Wall of China. That’s 13,000 miles. Here, we actually need 1,000 because we have natural barriers. So we need 1,000". #MAGA #immigration
Trump on June 25, 2015: "You don’t need a wall for the entire piece because we have wonderful people, Border Patrol people, that can do the job. But you do need walls in certain sections, without question". #MAGA #immigration
It's actually very simple: because you - as you admit! - are doing things using inferior methods. You refuse to use smart arguments #MAGA? MT @WTPatty RT @RealJamesWoods: Why are we having to negotiate with our own government to obey the law? We have LAWS for legal immigration
.@1GigiSims: @thechrisbuskirk admits he's amnesty supporter. If he were patriotic enough to oppose amnesty using the many smart arguments against it, the #WaPo wouldn't have printed his screed. #MAGA
Buskirk admits he's an amnesty fan, he just wants to sell out the USA at a high price. By promoting him, you're admitting the same. #NRO #MAGA MT @fredbauerblog @thechrisbuskirk warns Trump about the dangers of a "read my lips" moment on immigration.
Oddly enough, Cernovich doesn't seem upset about Trump selling out the USA by pushing the Trump/Pelosi/Schumer/Graham/Soros amnesty. Is he a big amnesty fan like Trump? #MAGA MT @ShtStorme: @Cernovich RepAdamSchiff Most of us [something about Susan Rice] - #releasethememo
There are easy arguments Trump could make that'd undercut DACA amnesty to many of the Dem base. If Trump's brilliant & opposed to amnesty, why hasn't he made them? #MAGA? MT @SteveZmann RT @faster34me: Durbin scuttled DACA amnesty, not Trump. Brilliantly played
AFAICT, Cernovich doesn't care all that much about opposing amnesty, he's obsessed with things that don't matter as much. Has he actually come out strong against the Trump/Soros amnesty? #MAGA #AltRight MT @Trump48_62 RT @k_ovfefe: TomCottonAR Cernovich NO AMNESTY!!!
.@notthefakesvp @ac13alex: #ESPN 's site has a (non-working) page w/ #PuertoRico baseball standings, but I don't think they've ever even shown one game. Why not give an alternative to basketball, esp since it'd be a feelgood story? It'd also allow digs at Trump.
.@andrewcmccarthy: how to stop Trump's amnesty: let his proxies/top fans (Dilbert, Cernovich, Andre Bauer, Mike Shields, Ed Martin, etc.) know to their very souls (if any) that not completely opposing it will destroy their careers. They'll do all the hard work. When'll you help?
In May 2016, @andrewcmccarthy (who I belieb visited my site many years ago & complained about me linking using peekurl) blogged "Where Would Trump Be If He Had Run as What He Is: the Amnesty Candidate?" I'd only been saying the same since August 2015, but *that's OK*. #MAGA #NRO
.@wachteltweet: hey Jon, what do you think about Trump proxies who enable the Trump/Pelosi/Schumer/Graham/Soros amnesty, the one Soros has spent millions promoting & that Trump's now promoting for free? Do you think #MAGA is just going to forget who enabled amnesty?
.@EricLevitz: you blog "discouraging illegal immigration doesn’t grow Big Agriculture’s profit margins". Why have you, NYT, Pelosi, etc etc. consistently sought to help Western Growers etc.? Do Pelosis have financial interests in ag? Who does W.G. pay in govt & (possible) media?
#DACADeal will give Dems more power that they can use to demand the *next* amnesty. They'll keep making new demands, threatening to renege on what they already agreed to. That's how it's always worked. Trump lacks the smarts, sanity, and patriotism to figure it out. #MAGA?
A wolf comes to your door and demands a cheeseburger. To avoid problems, you give him one. The next day, the wolf - bigger & stronger due to the burger - comes to your door with a friend & demand 10 cheeseburgers. Giving Dems #DACADeal is like giving a wolf a burger. #MAGA
I will repeat again: Trump has made **Fareed Zakaria** seem like a voice of reason. Trump's operating at a level that Jimmy Wichard could only dream about. #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@EricLevitz: you blog "Silicon Valley has nothing to gain from a travel ban that bars Iran’s vast reservoir of engineers from visiting the United States". What guarantee is they'd assimilate? I'm sure my pal @AlexNowrasteh knows many Iranian-Americans who are more loyal to Iran
Either way you're wrong: you support a serf class here or in Qatar rather than demanding reforms in El Salvador. You're just peeved your racial power'd be reduced. MT @costadaniel El Salvador govt works w/ Qatar to send former US #TPS-holders there to be employed as Gastarbeiter
.@adamkraymond: at #NYMag, you blog about Mulvaney trying to defund CFSB. Let's pretend you wanted to undercut Mick to 1000 #MAGA. Would reading your blog to them do it? What about detailing how strongly Mick supports mass #immigration & amnesty? Which would be better?
.@espnSteveLevy: most in the market for sports don't care about basketball: look at the ratings. Why isn't #ESPN showing winter #baseball (like from #PuertoRico, a feel-good story) or *any* kind of #soccer match? Are ESPN suits high?
Girl Who Looks Like Masha From Arkona Appeared In #GOP Ad Against Jon Ossoff, Helped Avoid Embarrassing GOP Loss Over Disgust With Trump: #Georgia #MAGA #resist
Trump proxy @CarlHigbie has "resigned" as @natservicespox over (actually) racist comments he made on blogtalkradio ~2013. He thought people should be able to shoot illegal aliens at the border. Trump gave him two shout outs in 2015. #MAGA! #resist
That said, #CBS poll shows large numbers support amnesty for DREAMers/DACA. That number would be a good bit lower if the loudest voices who pretend to oppose amnesty - @NumbersUSA, Krikorian, Coulter, Breitbart (sometimes) - weren't only competent at grifting. #MAGA #immigration
.@kabir_here: your #CBS poll q deceives, calling DREAMers/DACA recipients "young immigrants". Not all are young, and none are immigrants. That deception is intentional, casting doubt on all polls you're involved in. #FakeNewsAwards #MAGA #resist #immigration
Deceptive #CBS poll q: "In general, do you favor or oppose allowing young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children to remain in the country if they meet certain requirements such as going to school or joining the military, and not having a criminal record?"
#CBS poll: 2/3 of GOP, 11% of Dems, just 35% total favor Trump Wall. Just half of GOP that support the wall think we should shut down the govt over it. #immigration #MAGA #resist
Dim #CBS poll: "[choose immigrants] who have family members already living in the U.S. or... based on education, job skills and work experience)?" Another Q asked same on stable vs instable countries. If they aren't going to be good citizens, nothing else matters. #MAGA #resist
FBI investigating whether Russian money went to NRA to help Trump #MAGA! #resist
.@ArkansasBlog: you blog about Tom Cotton sending Cease & Desist letters to @ozrkindivisible mbrs over threats, harassment, etc. Their #immigration stance is very pro-corporate so he should welcome them with open arms. You also link a race-baiting video. Do better. #Arkansas