CBS poll: 68% say tone & civility of U.S. political debate is getting worse. 34% said "Fuck You, I'm Eating". #MAGA #resist
.@stealthygeek @RadioFreeTom: how to undercut Scott Adams to those duped by him: Please do that too.
.@BrucePurple: Mark Zuckerberg paid @kellyannepolls to deceive about amnesty; @SalenaZito covered it up. Is that good journalism to you?
.@BrucePurple: @SalenaZito listed K.A. Conway's polling clients, completely forgetting to mention one of them was Mark Zuckerberg.
DERPMT @BrucePurple Hey @SalenaZito I did not read a word of your story but I want to tell you all about why it's wrong because twitter ok?
Trump #AltRight activist allegedly stabbed by Armenians in #SantaMonica: #MAGA #resist
.@Deb10122 @cnradjcbs: some smart ways to undercut Ann Coulter: Please help out.
.@joegooding: Trump *is* the USA. These libs are attacking the USA!
Trump RTed this -> @joegooding What's happening in our country isn't just an assault on our POTUS it's an assault on the American people
.@goodfoods4U: Trump should have planned for his actions being strongly opposed. Obviously he wasn't smart enough to do it. #MAGA #resist
Disband Congress? MT @goodfoods4U If the democrats would stop their bullshit and let [Trump] run the country maybe he can get it done.
.@thrunthru: one way to raise the level is to find smart ppl to engage govt leaders in Socratic debate. When will @TRobinsonNewEra do that?
MT @thrunthru @TRobinsonNewEra warned this will happen, now they all want to "shoot the messenger" That's what happens when IQ's are sub 80
.@CollinRugg: is Trump doing all he could to reduce potential terrorists coming here, or are there specific other things he could do?
DERPMT @CollinRugg Dems:"Islam is NOT the problem" Dems after 20th attack:"Don't politicize terror attacks!" Dems today: "DEPORT ALL WHITES"
DERPMT @CasinoRoyaleCat #FinsburyPark oh man, poor van, got all stained with leeches' blood
DERPMT @jeitoapp If govts won't defend citizens from Islam eventually men will takematter in their hands. You have been warned #FinsburyPark
DERPMT @amyharvard_ It's time to name the enemy: white supremacy. #FinsburyPark
DERPMT @Bloviate_Barbie Liberals are more outraged over #FinsburyPark than a bunch of teens getting Muzziebombed at an Ariana Grande concert
Stroh's Brewery Team pulls within 1 run of #RedSox, getting tying run out at the plate. #MAGA #resist #SNB
Disqus user /libtards_lie/ has 21393 upvotes over 10053 comments: #AltRight #MAGA #resist #FinsburyPark
Expect @RealAlexJones to tweet & Trump to RT #FinsburyPark is false flag using remote control car. #MAGA #resist
Several #AltRight / #Breitbart style comments at #GatewayPundit & #DailyCaller are variants of "payback's a bitch". #FinsburyPark #MAGA
#FinsburyPark possibilities: 4. Non-Muslim on Muslim attack by an #AltRight / #Breitbart type: human tragedy, just like ISIS, & helps CAIR.
#FinsburyPark possibilities: 1. Accident. 2. Muslim-on-Muslim attack. 3. Personal revenge (relative of Manchester victim, or just personal)&
To @mitchellvii MT @josh_hammer DAPA was lawless, but it never went into effect. Trump just re-enshrined DACA. Where's your tweet on that?
.@VermillionRich: rescinding DAPA = winning a game after out of playoffs. Does @mitchellvii oppose Trump continuing Obama's DACA amnesty?
DAPA was never enacted & is immaterial. MT @VermillionRich RT @mitchellvii: Immigration Patriots 'Thrilled' About Trump Tossing Out DAPA
.@Plantflowes: if you really want to undercut Trump, go after his top fans. Get them to support or oppose Trump's amnesty. #TheResistance
.@Plantflowes: Trump didn't really reverse himself on DACA. I've been pointing out how weak he is on #immigration since Aug 2015. #resist
Conservatives are of little use to USA. We need big tent opposition to globalist scum. MT @NHMommy1 @BretStephensNYT You're not conservative
They're anti-American scum, what about you Nada? MT @nadabakos RT @mabrams: Only Mass Deportation Can Save America @BretStephensNYT
While NumbersUSA did nothing to try to stop it. #MAGA? MT @Cookiemuffen RT @NumbersUSA: Over 100,000 #DACA apps approved 1Q 2017
.@isabelleelise @RMConservative: way back in Dec 2015 I pointed out how #MuslimBan would continue Obama's refugees agenda. Where were you?
.@isabelleelise @RMConservative: I've been pointing out Trump's weak on DREAM/DACA since Jul 2016 & how he'd continue O's refugees agenda.
MT @isabelleelise RT @RMConservative: DACA betrayal is worse than u think. Courts are laying waste to his order yet he keeps obama's order
.@greeneyes0084: if you really care about Trump's amnesty, get pro-Trump leaders on record whether they're pro-amnesty or not. Shame them.
MT @greeneyes0084 DREAMers celebrate Trump's DACA Amnesty Emory Univ to Pay 100% of Illegal Aliens Financial Aid, Americans Pay 70k/yr
"Mr. President, Ending DACA Also Will Make Mexico Great Again": At Breitbart. #MAGA #immigration
.@FleischerCg @TroyCoby: AnnCoulter wasn't first or best. She completely enabled the pro-amnesty Trump rather than demanding better. #MAGA
MT @FleischerCg: @TroyCoby In all fairness to AnnCoulter; she was initial LONE wolf in wilderness warning re dangers of illegal immigration
.@seattlejingo @Christinaniko20: @ScottMGreer on Sanders vs Trump illustrates r/w incompetence on #Immigration:
Really? How so? MT @redhead4645 @AnnCoulter lies: Trump admin ending DAPA quietly cuts the legal legs off the still-operating “DACA
.@sherrynron: Trump has repeatedly implied he supports the anti-American DREAM Act. He's now continuing Obama's DA-by-exec-fiat, DACA. #MAGA
.@elwoodharry @dpinsen: has @ScottAdamsSays splaind how Trump continuing Obama's amnesty is 4d chess & won't "persuade" more illegal aliens?
MT @elwoodharry @dpinsen @ScottAdamsSays The Wall is already up persuasion-wise, illegal immigration is down 78% since Trump was elected
MT @sherrynron [a Coulter] DACA is not on self ground just because other was illiminated.. get your facts straight Ann. Stop fear mongering
.@samseder: new campaign with *smart* ways to undercut Trump that just take minutes: Will you help with it?
#FloridaState fucked up not once, not twice, but thrice. #LSU #MAGA #MCWS
.@Buccigross: suggested #ESPN poll: "Who's Bleacher Bimbos are hotter: #FloridaState or #LSU?" #WWDJTD #MAGA #resist #MCWS
Ask not why we have to have animatronic animal mascots in ads. Ask why they have to have a British accent. #MAGA #resist
Mari Pokinen refused to sing at inaugural, now we're at war with Latvia: #MusicFriday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
.@Aslans_Girl @GreatDoofus @UncleTonyRP: if you oppose amnesty, demand @AnnCoulter urges Trump to use this:
.@Aslans_Girl @GreatDoofus @UncleTonyRP: there are smart arguments that'd make it very hard to support DACA. @AnnCoulter won't make them.
Not even that: he just needs smart arguments. MT @Aslans_Girl RT @GreatDoofus: @UncleTonyRP ending DACA only needs Trump's signature
.@EnwroughtDreams @TheeCurrentYear: unless @Cernovich repeatedly demands Trump opposes DREAM/DACA using *smart* arguments, he's amnesty fan.
#FreeLaura! LOL. MT @TheeCurrentYear: Remember @Cernovich and the Alt-Lite the first time news broke out that Trump would not repeal DACA?
.@sebpersh @StacyBrewer18: @stefanmolyneux supports Obama's amnesty: Unintentional or not? #DACA #MAGA #AltRight
Antifa wouldn't get away w/ violence if their opponents were liberal leaders: they're competent, unlike #AltRight leaders. #MAGA
Admitting incompetence -> MT @StefanMolyneux How many arrests [after] Trump [fans] doused w/ urine, pepper sprayed & assaulted by leftists?
.@SMisanthrope: if your husband had been beaten by r/w'er it'd be huge issue. It isn't a huge issue because your leaders are incompetent.
.@theratzpack: has @ScottAdamsSays blogged about how Trump continuing Obama's unconstitutional amnesty is 4d chess or something? #MAGA?
.@RubinReport: #MoJo ergo @joshharkinson is on same side of #immigration as USChamber & WalMart. Help me help you destroy them to their base
.@RubinReport: best way to undercut #MoJo & thus @joshharkinson is to point out to their fans how very pro-corporate MoJo is on #immigration
Can you imagine if he was leftwing? MT @SMisanthrope Zero arrests in the case of my husband, who was beaten unconscious by a #UCB employee
#MoJo @joshharkinson blogs 'Cashing in on the Rise of "Alt Right"' which implies @RubinReport is in that group. Latter calls in "libelous".
Except DAPA was never enacted. Trump continued Obama's DACA amnesty. MT @TheMarkRomano Trump ends unconstitutional Obama Amnesty. Excellent!
.@Travelbug1955: Trump renewed Obama's DACA & has repeatedly indicated he supports DACA/DREAM. @TheMarkRomano is not in any way credible.
DERPMT @Travelbug1955 RT @TheMarkRomano: Obama's unconstitutional DACA Amnesty program "under review" by Trump Administration. Yes..Kill it!
.@LauraGoldbergHC: DREAM/DACA harm American students/workers. If you weren't traitorous you'd call out Trump & his proxies on that. #Houston
.@LauraGoldbergHC: I've already pointed out you're traitorous: How about being patriotic for once?
DREAM/DACA harm American students/workers *and* Mexico. Did you know that? MT @metmgmt22 DREAMers get well-deserved reprieve from Trump
.@YoImAlwaysRight @MrDonaldMouse1: Trump stopped DAPA, which was never enacted & doesn't matter. Trump *continued* Obama's DACA amnesty.
And Trump agrees with her. #MAGA #resist MT @MTmarilyn2 RT @SenKamalaHarris: I want every DACA recipient to know I am fighting for you
DACA/DREAM braindrain Mexico. Why do you support harming them? #resist MT @Yolibeans Cool! Thx #POTUS! #Dreamers’ 2 stay in #US For Now
You should be shouting at Trump & pro-Trump leaders. MT @FSPat80 RT @Rubysayzz: DREAM ON IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY - UR BREAKING THE LAW IN OURS!
I'll be looping this during the upcoming Tweet Flurry: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #immigration
.@lortears: Trump should use smart *anti* DACA arguments to undercut Liz Warren etc & repatriate DREAMers. @kaitlancollins are no help w it.
DERPMT @lortears RT @kaitlancollins: A complete reversal of his campaign promise to "immediately terminate" DACA, which he said was illegal
.@Natire2u @US_Army_Vet6 @lil__birdie__: @NumbersUSA didn't do all they could to stop Trump's DACA just as they refuse to stop Obama's DACA.
.@Natire2u @US_Army_Vet6 @lil__birdie__: @NumbersUSA is only interested in donations; they've refused to help with smart, free solutions.
DERPMT @Natire2u RT @US_Army_Vet6: @lil__birdie__ My org. @NumbersUSA has 8 million members & we elected Trump on his pledge to end DACA
.@AlanTonelson: I've repeatedly told you that @RoyBeck_NUSA is just a grifter & you keep enabling him. Did he try to stop Trump's DACA?
Toothless, ballless #NRO OpEd: "Good Riddance to DAPA - but DACA Should Be Next". Lots of things "should" happen. #immigration #MAGA
Shocked by Trump's DACA/DREAM weakness? You're trusting wrong sites on #immigration. I've posted 5 entries on that alone since July. #MAGA
.@tregp: DACA/DREAM will let illegal aliens deprive Americans of college *and* braindrain Mexico.Were you aware of its downsides, yes or no?
.@tregp: DACA isn't "Obama-era", it's Obama's amnesty-by-executive-fiat. It & #DREAMAct are anti-American & harm foreign countries.
#TheBlaze, anti-American news for conservatives -> MT @tregp @WorldRelief and @NHCLC praise Trump for preserving the Obama-era DACA program
"All Eyez On Me" is a new Biggy/Toopac movie. Impending theater shootings will be good for PR. #socipathy #MAGA #resist #AltRight
"#Sportscenter is brought to you by #Roundup". #ESPN supports cultural far-left *and* completely evil corporations. #Monsanto #resist #GMO
.@juliaturner @samuelaadams: instead of a note admitting how much #LiveFyre sucks, replace it with a competent system like #disqus. #Slate
.@jkretch @LiveFyre: please go fuck yourselves, but only after @Disqus destroys your fucking waste of space company.
.@jkretch: I should sue @LiveFyre for wasting my time trying mere variants of a comment trying to get it past your incompetent filters.
#MorningConsult survey deceives about DREAMers: #immigration #MAGA #resist @cameron_easley
Reddit DERP: "PEDES! Can you assist me in getting the REAL NEWS on this DACA crap? Is Trump really supporting this? Why? What is happening?"
Reddit DERP: "Trump JUKES the MSM and SCORES!! The left is scrambling to find a negative response to his brilliant olive branch strategy."
Trump continues Obama's DACA for DREAMers. How patriotic Trump fans can respond: #MAGA #immigration
3:18 = America's reaction to both Trump & his loudest opponents: #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist
.@CathyYoung63: how to undercut @AnnCoulter for real: Only that will have a real impact on her. When will you do it?
.@JustinRaimondo then says 'Please cite @AnnCoulter's "violent rhetoric." Thanks in advance' to @CathyYoung63. Let's make this easy.