.@brjodonnell: what financial links are there btw him & Zuck/Parker? Also, which top Trump hack took Zuck's $ to deceive about #immigration?
.@brjodonnell: Vargas is linked to Zuckerberg & @sparker. What financial interest do they have in mass #immigration? #TheAtlantic
.@brjodonnell: you interviewed @JoseIsWriting at #TheAtlantic. Why didn't you follow the money as any real journalist would? #immigration
Just 69 of 292 (
.@bydanaferguson: @AnnCoulter went even further than Lynne DiSanto: Why isn't that bigger news? #MAGA #TheResistance
#SouthDakota #GOP Whip @lynne_hd @nowgoamericaorg meme: "Nobody cares about your protest. Keep your ass out of the road". #MAGA? #resist
#SouthDakota #GOP Whip @lynne_hd @nowgoamericaorg posted an "All Lives Splatter" meme to FB showing a car hitting protesters. #MAGA?
.@jasian12345: Trump & #Dilbert support **amnesty**, yet #TheResistance can't use it to undercut him & ScottAdamsSays. Sad.
Everything Trump does is a fail or would be if #TheResistance were competent. MT @jasian12345 [a ScottAdamsSays] rocketman play is a fail
.@prdickinson: point out to his few supporters that he enabled amnesty: That'll really hurt him.
.@scottthong: ScottAdamsSays supports amnesty; it'd screw USA & Mexico. If Trump were smart & patriotic, he'd help DREAMers repatriate.
He already stopped it & has repeatedly threatened to legalize DREAMers. MT @scottthong ScottAdamsSays He doesn't even need to repeal DACA
.@MicMarsSays: @ScottAdamsSays supports amnesty, an anti-American plan that'll screw U.S. workers & students *and* Mexico. What about you?
Working back from Trump's infallibility, he must've hired Manafort to keep watch over a Putin stooge.It must be that. #MAGA #resist #Dilbert
Per #Dilbert, Trump can do no wrong. Literally, Trump is more infallible than Pope. So, Trump hiring a Putin stooge is good. #MAGA #resist
Tomorrow's Magical #Dilbert Explanation today: Trump hired Manafort to make it easier for FISA court to wiretap him. #MAGA #resist
.@DineshDSouza: Trump's pick Manafort is so bad attys jumped thru dozens of hoops to get a FISA wiretap! #TrumpVindicated #MAGA #resist
Indeed! Manafort is just that bad. #TrumpVindicated MT @DineshDSouza: So Obama WAS wiretapping Trump after all--once again Trump is right
.@FrankieRusso1: my pinned tweet has a smart alternative to amnesty that'd help Trump & USA.Will you help Trump & USA by helping him see it?
#Indians 3, #Angels 2 w/ 2 on & Mike Trout at the plate. #MAGA #resist
.@FrankieRusso1: amnesty is greatly harming Trump with #MAGA. It's also completely unnecessary & will greatly harm the USA>
MTO @PolitiKiss1600 [a Trump] U wish you were embraced by Hwd. We all know you live for that shit. You want to be surrounded by glamor...
.@lifeguardone: assume, after years of lawsuits, Trump Wall is built. What'll stop Pres Chelsea from tearing it down? #MAGA #BuildTheWall
MT @lifeguardone If only there was something that we could do to stop the flow of illegal drugs. Any ideas? #BuildTheWall
.@MariOlsdatter: one pro-amnesty tactic is to portray all amnesty opponents as racist. @AnnCoulter is helping their efforts. #MAGA
.@MariOlsdatter: how do you & @AnnCoulter know they weren't citizens from Puerto Rico or legal immigrants from Cent/So America or Spain?
Remember how, after was impeached & imprisoned, we agreed to hold a brand new election? #MAGA #resist
If you *really* oppose amnesty, then either come up with a plan Trump can support, or neuter Trump so he can't do any more damage. #MAGA
NB: "Jus deport 'em all!!" isn't a plan, it's a drunken tantrum. Trump obviously doesn't want to deport #DACA / DREAMers. #DACADeal #MAGA
.@PolitixGal: if @StefanMolyneux & @AnnCoulter *really* oppose amnesty, they'll either help my plan or present their own. Watch what they do
.@PolitixGal: my pinned tweet has a patriotic anti-amnesty plan Trump could push & defend. @StefanMolyneux & @AnnCoulter know about it.
.@haterofgreed: you want crooked growers to exploit foreign serf labor: low wages, poor safety. I want Americans to get higher wages+safety.
.@haterofgreed: for a "hater of greed", why are you helping growers - sweatshop owners w/ dirt - exploit foreign serf labor? #TheResistance
An amnesty supporter, yesterday: #WaPo #immigration #MAGA #resist
How Trump could keep out terrorists while letting in hot pop singers: #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@TheKuhnerReport shows how not to question Liz Warren: #WRKO #Massachusetts #Boston #MAGOP
.@TheKuhnerReport: obviously, whatever @JessicaV_CIS did say to Trump before didn't work. What makes you think it'll work now?
.@TheKuhnerReport: @JessicaV_CIS worked for WH & didn't give Trump a patriotic alternative to amnesty like the one in my pinned tweet.
.@JakeSwearingen: do Nazis have a right - under the First Amendment - to speak without threat of being knocked out? #NYMag
.@JakeSwearingen: I just recorded your reply for others to see in the years ahead. You're compounding your problems. #NYMag
A #TJMaxx MILF, yesterday: #MAGA #resist
.@GMPaiella: thanks for your valiant reporting, looking up someone who left a comment on a recipe years ago. As a kid did you imagine this?
A MILF whose Ebola was cured by Otezla, yesterday: #MAGA #resist
#MLB hit a record 5703 juicy HRs so far this year. A very juicy stat, as they juiced out all those homers! #MAGA #juice #resist
.@JakeSwearingen: how is your report different from what have been seen in a backwoods 50s Alabama newspaper reporting on a lynching? #NYMag
.@JakeSwearingen: is the USA remedy for (supposedly) "threatening and harassing" - w/o imminent threat of harm - lynching or the police?
Lil' fascist @JakeSwearingen blogs "It Took Twitter Only 90 Minutes to Track and Knock Out a Nazi". It repeatedly supports such attacks.
Intentionally dropping the ball should be a red card. #baseball #Angels #Indians #WhereIsClevelandAnyway #MAGA #resist
I'd hire a PI atty to sue #Jeopardy when I got Final J wrong. I thought they meant reverse the letters, not the words. #MAGA #TheResistance
All Luis "El Payoso" Gutierrez has to do is tempt Trump with a chocolate cake & he'll give amnesty to *everyone*. #DACADeal #MAGA #resist
Trump's already colluding with Pelosi & Schumer to push amnesty, but Luis "El Payoso" Gutierrez always wants more. #DACADeal #MAGA #resist
Also arrested @ Trump Tower #DACA protest: Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) & Melissa Mark Viverito, #NYC City Council speaker. #MAGA #DACADeal & arrested outside Trump Tower at #DACA protest. #DACADeal #MAGA
Three ways @APPCPenn and @johndvillasenor can help the First Amendment: Will you?
Trump has managed to lower debate in USA to the preschool level, with the help of both #MAGA *and* #TheResistance / MSM. #idiocracy
Trump calls Liz Warren names and - instead of raising the bar & using valid arguments - she responds in kind. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
#MAGA / Trump reliance on sheer idiocy is *incredibly* bad for USA. It's like taking a rocket-powered golf cart to #idiocracy. #resist
Fun's fun & as you know I tweet a lot of questionable crap, like my Megan Lee Heart obsession. However, I'm not POTUS. #MAGA #resist
.@KirstenPowers: if you were smart, you'd undercut Trump to #MAGA over something else, like how his plans are unimplementable or amnesty.
.@KirstenPowers: Trump's shtick is "epater les bohemes". #MAGA loves it. Ppl like you help by being shocked & giving them what they want.
.@KirstenPowers: thanks for admitting you're completely clueless about how to respond to Trump's HRC RT. It's good to know you give advice.
.@joelpollak blogs "CNN Admits Trump Campaign Was Wiretapped: Breitbart News and Mark Levin Right, Mainstream Media Wrong". #derp #resist
.@kristina_wong: Manafort being a Putin stooge was well-known *before* Trump hired him. This'd be horrible news if you had any sense. #MAGA
.@kristina_wong: Manafort is such a Putin stooge that lawyers had to jump through dozens of hoops & get a judge to agree to a FISA wiretap.
At #Breitbart, @kristina_wong blogs "Trump Vindicated: Report Says Obama Government Wiretapped Trump Campaign". Trump hired a Putin stooge.
Despite threatening other Reply Girls, the dye job, her general lower-classness, etc. I found @MeganLeeHeart a breath of fresh air. #Youtube
It has to be stressed over & over that *no* evidence has been found yet linking Manafort, Trump, & Putin. Nothing found yet! #MAGA #resist
Manafort had a storage locker. Let's hope not like: #resist
On a related note, @MeganLeeHeart is still suspended & she deleted the FB updates from 2015 (?). Latest is now 2012. I wish she'd come back.
.@tarababcock: you can help Trump by making sure he sees the patriotic alternative to amnesty in my pinned tweet. Will you help Trump?
.@tarababcock: you're a big Trump fan. He's colluding with Pelosi on amnesty & that's harming him with #MAGA. It was obviously a big mistake
r/The_Donald: "Trump Vindicated: Report Says Obama Government Wiretapped Trump Campaign". Yes! Trump hired a Putin stooge! #MAGA #resist
r/The_Donald: "Paul Manafort, Floor 43 wiretapped inside Trump Tower. Trump was right about #Obamagate". Winning! #MAGA #resist
#TheStrain Season 5: never fear! Those fighting Pres JT Ronald form #TheResistance, led by Cher & @KeithOlbermann. They'll save us! #MAGA
#TheStrain Season 5: due to Pres JT Ronald's gross corruption & incompetence, the world (or at least NYC) is infected again... #MAGA #resist
#TheStrain Season 5: President J.T. Ronald is given a chocolate cream pie by a strigoi & immediately gives them amnesty... #MAGA #resist
#TheStrain Season 5 starts with President J.T. Ronald asking to see the strigoi that are kept under ebola-level containment... #MAGA #resist
.@PattiSolisDoyle: when will you ask @mshields007 what new Manafort info came out that Trump didn't have *when he hired him*? #TheResistance
The door opens & it's Manafort w suitcase of Putin $ for Trump campaign: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
I *was* close, slightly kinda. I thought Zach would become The Master. I wouldn't have guessed he'd save Mankind. #TheStrain #MAGA #resist
.@Ruta_Gedmintas: I accurately guessed exactly how #TheStrain would end (for now). I just couldn't post it because the internet was down.
On a happy note, Zach is dead. #TheStrain #MAGA #resist
.@mshields007 what new info about Manafort came out that wasn't already known when *Trump* hired him? #CNN #TheResistance #MAGA
.@mshields007 says Manafort was fired over his Putin links.Why was he hired when those links were very well known? #CNN #TheResistance #MAGA
.@yayitsrob blocked me over pointing out what a puffball joke of a reporter he is: @GrahamDavidA #resist
.@regrettesband has blocked me. And all because I wanted to join their mailing list: #Regrettes #music
Boom! Obama *did* wiretap Manafort. #CNN lied! (Note: Trump's former campaign manager is a Putin puppet). #MAGA! #TheResistance
.@notthefakesvp: #ESPN could *also* show & promote Uzbek #soccer for 1/1000000th what they spent on #kneeball & make a big profit. #MNF
Desperate to make back the $100 billion they spent on #kneeball, #ESPN is showing #MNF in Urdu on ESPNU & Esperanto on ESPNE. @notthefakesvp
Yes! @aidnmclaughlin of #Mediaite cheers a #CNN freak finally getting what's coming to him: #MAGA! #TrumpTrain!
DREAMers shout down Pelosi, video: "We don't owe you nothing! This is what democracy looks like!" #MAGA #resist
Trump admin sued over ending DACA: yet another Trump move ends up in the courts: #immigration #DACADeal #MAGA?
history | grep history | grep history | grep history > #MAGA #MUGA #resist
"WH officials fear colleagues may be wearing a wire for Mueller": #MAGA #resist
"Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year". Wait, Victoria Jackson was wrong??? #Teaparty #MAGA #resist
Extremely disturbing story from @broderick: #MAGA hunted down a liberal & beat him up! #TheResistance
A decade ago, GWB pledged amnesty to MX govt: Trump is almost at that level. #immigration #MAGA?
ICYMI, WH didn't reveal Trump told MX pres he was "optimistic" on #DACADeal: #MAGA #immigration
.@dudeokdude: @AnnCoulter needs to urge Trump to use the patriotic alternative to amnesty in my pinned tweet. Will you urge her to do that?
.@dudeokdude: you like @AnnCoulter. She could greatly help herself, Trump, & also the USA if she gave him good advice for once. #MAGA