Can you guess the 24Ahead Closing Argument? I'll bet you can. A few more tweets and that's it. #MusicSunday #NowPlaying
.@Martin17773: the "merit-based immigration policies" of @TheMeninisms, #RAISEAct, & Steven Miller mean a turncoat like Saverin is better than a poor person who'd be a good citizen. Point that out to undercut Trump to his base on his top issue. #immigration #resist
Undeterred by the harbor version of Mushta being gone & by the #Twitter language Polizei, 24Ahead soldiers on with Yasemin Mori - Geçiriverdim İçimi: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TomlinsonCJ: @MrNashington is lying about what #Twitter does: in fact, they censor all kinds of users. That makes them extremely vulnerable. Eventually that'll come out. How'll he look when it comes out that he's *helped* Twitter by shrinking the tent? Will you take his job?
FB, #Twitter, etc ban all kinds of users. Use the data at my pinned tweet to bust those who lie about it & to force FB/TWTR to change their ways. MT @Humanisingbirth MT @bloodtobaby: Been banned from Facebook for 3 days for sharing this pic on The Practising Midwife
.@XtyMiller: @Will_Bunch complains about Yemen not being covered, yet he has the means to cover it & to ask Trump admin officials about it. Why isn't he doing the job he's paid to do?
.@rustyrockets: I can't find anyone to cover the fact that #Twitter censors all kinds of users: about as many libs as cons, but also Target customers, Ozil fans, Khan fans/opponents, etc. etc. See the real data at my top tweet. Will you help bust Twitter over censorship?
That's a fairly well-known song. On a serious note: 1. Does Sarah Jeong help Trump, yes/no? 2. Do "anti-racist"/"anti-hate" protesters raise the black power salute/harass drivers/threaten cops, yes/no? MT @BenRothenberg YouTube just recommended me a video about potato salad
While that great vid from a harbor is gone (?), 24Ahead soldiers on - back on track & defying the Twitter language Polizei - with Yasemin Mori - Muşta (Akustikhane) #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Taking a momentary detour, the 24Ahead Music Team wanders aimlessly through the streets of Londontown: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@rtyson82: your crusade against "imperialism" would be assisted if you opposed the lower-hanging fruit of Neoliberalism. When will you encourage everyone to ask all leaders about their support for loose #immigration, free trade, and globalism?
.@DanielLarison: here's idea: instead of writing OpEds at site few read, why don't you have shame & personal interest in being useful to use your megaphone to encourage people to ask Trump officials tough questions about the issues of interest to you. Be useful, not a parasite.
"Darn the #Twitter language Polizei!", 24Ahead screamed from the rooftops as he tweeted Yasemin Mori - N'olur N'olur N'olur: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Twitter is extremely vulnerable: they heavily censor all kinds of users. See my pinned tweet for details. Those who complain about their censorship *help* them by refusing to use it to undercut them to their users. MT @TrumpSupport13 MT @MikeTokes: [Twitter banned ProudBoysUSA]
.@tomsherwood: hey Tom, Antifa in #Charlottesvile chanted "AK-47, send cops to piggy heaven". A real journalist would cover that some "anti-hate" protesters are full of violent hate. Did @JoeHeim do that, or just put a smiley face on the hate-filled protesters?
Further darning the #Twitter yazyk Polizei, 24Ahead tweets "Yasemin Mori - Konuşmak": #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@bijancbayne: @JoeHeim blogs "Anti-hate protesters far outnumber white supremacists as groups rally near White House". You can find vids of "anti-hate" protesters threatening drivers, threatening to shoot cops, & throwing the black power salute. Is that "anti-hate", yes or no?
.@SalmanSoz @DilliDurAst @satishacharya: FYI, #Twitter censors about 20% to 50% of the replies to U.S. govt officials. See my pinned tweet for the details. Why don't you run Indian politicians through my open source app & help expose how Twitter shields them from dissent?
Darning the #Twitter language Polizei, 24Ahead tweets "Burcu Tatlıses - Konuşsak": #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
If I were Trump - as you all wish - I'd make Lindsay Casinelli my queen. #Univision #MAGA #resist
.@Dinelle_Fuller: @joelpollak supported the Pelosi/Schumer/Soros amnesty, just because it now has Trump's name on it. I oppose amnesty no matter whose name - GWB, Obama, Trump - is on it. That's the patriotic choice Pollak can't make.
Lindsay Casinelli has got to be wearing a girdle of some kind. Such an incredible figure cannot be real. #Univision #MAGA #resist
Makes sense. #TheResistance is so incredibly, unbelievably dim/deranged they can't undercut someone as vulnerable as KAC, so best to try to quash debate even more. MT @jeffjarvis [a @jayrosen_nyu] Don't encourage them to book [KAC]
.@jayrosen_nyu: non-whites - esp non-southern, non-whites - were heavily overrepresented in the Obama admin. What were those who raised that issue called? Also, compare #CNN "anti-hate" coverage of #UniteTheRight2 to BLM/Antifa reality. Is that what you call journalism?
24Ahead is kicking off a new feature, Ask A Redhead: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
#RealID is coming in 2020 to #California. It's part a victory for OBL & KSM: with one fairly simple attack, they changed everything in the USA forever & let authoritarians run free. It's also due in part to NumbersUSA/FairImmigration/etc: stooges who can't just oppose w/ minds.
.@AmandaLeeHouse: P.S., @LibertarianBlue is lying about what #Twitter does. Despite his false claims, they censor *all* kinds of users: see my pinned tweet for real data. Bokhari *helps* Twitter by shrinking the possible opposition to their censorship. He harms everyone by lying
I don't know or care. Ground crews have rarely if ever before stolen planes. You should be on the lookout for those not letting one personal crisis go to waste to push restrictions on all. MT @AmandaLeeHouse How was “Rich” able to steal a commuter airliner so easily?
.@mtracey: supremacists are almost never superior. They would have done a great public service if they'd engaged Sidner etc on CNN's pro-antifa propaganda but they ran away instead. P.S. I just sent you an email with data showing that Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users.
l'd say there's a 99% chance Antifa has been completely COINTELPRO'ed except: 1. FBI etc could care less about such dolts. 2. Like #MAGA, #Teaparty, #TheResistance, etc. Antifa is perfectly capable of COINTELPRO'ing themselves.
Prediction: #Omarosa has nothing shocking that would change any minds or cause any changes. #MAGA & #TheResistance will keep on beliebing what they've always beliebed. Trump's popularity will stay about the same. Trump is incredibly dim, but his opponents are *even worse*.
#Cubs beat the DC Hacks on a walk-off homer after 2 HBP. Unbelievable. #MAGA #resist
Schwarber at the plate w/ 2 on board in bottom of ninth, #Cubs down 3. And, he pops up.
.@JessMendoza: baseball has much higher standards than #NFL. Eg, there are at least two suspected murderers in the NFL Hall Of Fame. Beyond that there's Al Davis, Jack Tatum, etc. Aside from job necessities, #SNB etc ignoring NFL would be appreciated.
Highlights of #Barca vs #Sevilla in the Super Cup (not to be confused with a 7/11 drink): #soccer #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@Mln12345: hey Mark, @AnaCabrera of #CNN calls #UniteTheRight2 protesters "anti-hate", etc. Does the video here match that description?
So, anyway, the DC Hacks just went up 3-0 against the #Cubs. #SNB #MAGA #resist
.@SirGoldenrod: you respond "Protesting nazis is sooo hateful guys" to my last @sarasidnerCNN tweet. Are black power salutes "anti-racist", yes or no? P.S. Twitter shadowbanned your reply; with different filters might not have seen it. Your leaders refuse to expose such things
#NFL trivia: in the 60s, the league was having trouble gaining wide acceptance. Their ad man, Frank Packer, had the brilliant idea to advertise the league during gladiator movies. Soon the NFL spread to the wider culture & the rest is history! #SNB #MAGA #resist
.@stevecollny: you kinda come out against social media censorship, want them to "affirmatively promote fact-based journalism". Do you know what that is? For instance, are these cookie cutter tales fact-based journalism or deceptive propaganda?
Antifa protesters in #Charlottesville were chanting "AK-47, put cops in piggy heaven". #CNN #MAGA #resist
Would it be ironic if, despite the huge problems with his policies, it'd domestic violence that - if proved - brings down Keith Ellison? No, because his loudest opponents - Powerline, Fox, #MAGA, Breitbart, etc. etc. - are completely incompetent.
Meanwhile on ESPN News, #Barca keeper tackled Sevilla player headed for goal, but saved the PK. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
#Barca goes up 2-1 against Sevilla. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@Chris11962: @sarasidnerCNN & #CNN refer to the counter-protesters as "anti-hate", "anti-racist", etc. During the march, CNN deliberately panned away from one giving the black power salute. Organize an effort to ask her if "anti-racist" etc are true of all counter-protesters.
.@USAToday: your @carolinesimon66 seems to be promoting - not just covering - #ShutItDownDC & a crude drawing portraying Trump, as a Nazi, being beaten up by Indiana Jones. Plus, such childish venting has only ever helped Trump, even if you can't figure that out.
Hey Dean, #CNN showed a counterprotester giving the black power salute & he seemed to be shouting "black power". The camera deliberately panned away from him. Would it have been better if they'd asked him questions? MT @DeanObeidallah [dim attempt at a #UniteTheRight2 joke]
.@kayleehartung: #CNN calls #UniteTheRight counterprotesters "anti-hate" & "anti-racist". They include in that the guy giving the black power salute & yelling what appeared to be "black power". CNN panned away from him quick. If CNN weren't so pro-antifa more might trust it.
Messi & Barcelona are facing off against Sevilla on #ESPN News starting now. #MAGA #resist
Instead of the normal video with the Trump National Anthem or some Euro folk band, 24Ahead has decided to close the day with this earnest message to #TheResistance: #MAGA
.@GeekEndWarrior @KlondikeTheCat: cons lack the smarts/sanity/connections/power/money/etc/etc to win against lib elites. You aren't smart enough to understand that & choose a different path: opposing censorship across the board. *That* would really undercut #Twitter etc etc.
If you can't figure out the problem with that, how'd you pass the bar? MT @GeekEndWarrior RT @KlondikeTheCat: Why is Twitter #QFD censoring Laura Loomer but no censorship of Linda Sarsour?
.@KevinCarson1: any chance you could get to NYC on Friday? @CaseyNewton & Oliver Darcy are going to be at the big Fight Against Hate rally & they need people to bring Alex Jones books for the Bonfire Against Hate? Fewer Alex Jones books = less hate! #TheResistance
Darcy & Kaczynski are going to be at a big "Fight Against Hate" Rally in NYC on Friday. Will you be bringing Trump & Alex Jones books for the Bonfire Against Hate? MT @MiddleAmericaMS MT RT @KFILE: [Oliver Darcy]’s reporting here has been fantastic in holding Twitter accountable
.@carolynmichelle @DarkMatter2525: you play the "catcaller card" on #Ocasio2018 and Ben Shapiro. Do you support the media trying to hold Trump accountable, or should they go as easy on Trump as you want Shapiro etc to go on Ocasio?
"I think the best possible social program is a job" - Ronald Reagan. "And, if you don't have one, it's because you're a moocher. I'm saying this to help the wealthy push pro-wealthy policies that drive moochers like you out of jobs", he continued. #MAGA #resist
Our wonderful "elites" combine two things most Americans oppose: NeoLiberal econ policies (loose #immigration, free trade, globalism) & far-left on the culture. There's a huge market opp for someone who's like Trump but smart, sane, and patriotic. #MAGA #resist
The genius of Trump is he ran as a bit of a dumbed-way-down, buffoonish #RedTory. The tragedy of Trump is he's such an incredibly stupid, selfish, self-centered, dim-witted, crooked, unpatriotic, demagogic buffoon that he's no real threat to the NeoLiberal elites. #MAGA #resist
Your many other issues aside, why don't you devise a line of questioning based on that then go ask her on video at one of her appearances? MT @DebbieAAldrich Come on @Ocasio2018 you are a college grad, filled beds quota and required beds available are 2 VERY different things!
.@SarahSmith2018: what sort of sane person would equate debating issues with catcalling? @Ocasio2018 opposition to debate & reflexive need to play unwarranted cards will bite her allies sooner or later. She'll be backed into a corner and turn on *you*. Don't turn your back on her
.@RedBirdRight: @PatriotNotPol tried to take a gun on a flight. He ran as #Teaparty in California. He just isn't that smart. Not only that, he's a former anti-amnesty leader who *ran away from* that stance during the election. Tim's just another fake pol.
.@AnnCarolPerry1: @PatriotNotPol ran in California on a #Teaparty platform, complete with cowboy hat. Few in CA like Teaparty. Not only that, he ran *away from* his previous anti-amnesty stance. Wait, there's more: he got caught packing heat at an airport. He just isn't smart.
.@JJCarafano @RealJasonWert: Trump opposes 1st Amendment. He's run as far from debate as he did from the draft. He's rarely held MSM accountable. He only cares about himself,not USA The fact that MSM are scummy Jeong-employers who've only ever *helped* Trump is a separate issue.
Jeremy Corbyn commemorates terrorists (allegedly). It's the #DailyMail so figuring out if this is real or not is up to you: #MAGA #resist
Not what he's doing. MT @RealJasonWert Not defending Trump but these "coordinated editorials" about his calling MSM fake news is completely deceptive...The First does NOT guarantee press absolution from criticism nor does it shield them from accountability for what they publish.
#DailyCaller, seeing my ad block, generously offers a "I choose not to support the Daily Caller" option. I'm reading that as a "I'd screw Daily Caller into the ground if I could" option. #MAGA #resist
While #DailyCaller lets me set my privacy options, they *don't let me turn them off". In case anyone wants to pick up some money from a #GDPR complain, please do so.
Think of #PuertoRico response as a WalMart project. If their CEO let that happen, wouldn't they be fired? If they only ordered sat phones *after* Maria, wouldn't they be fired? RT @eviefordham Trailers Full Of Donations For Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Found Unused, Rotting
"Omarosa's New Book Claims Trump Wanted To Be Sworn In With ‘Art of the Deal’". She's already been caught in at least one deception, but that sounds about right. #MAGA #resist
Exactly how much brainpower do you need to realize you're a foil and to stop being a foil? A milliwatt? MSM doesn't have that between them. #MAGA #resist
.@American4sure: MSM OpEds just help Trump, MSM simply isn't smart enough to figure that out. Best way to undercut Trump is to finally point out to his base how his plans are unimplementable, but once again they simply aren't smart enough. #MAGA #TheResistance
So true. He warms up his hands before sliding them between the thighs of a bent-over lineman. #NFL #Broncos #BroncosOpponents MT @bstokley14 There’s just a different energy with Chad Kelly under center
We definitely should listen to & support the latest stunt from #TheResistance. After all, they've been so effective at opposing Trump so far. #LOL #MAGA
Imagine they made Sarah Jeong their spokesperson. Are you capable of understanding that that would help Trump *even more*? #TheHill MT @ASimendinger Ink by the digital barrels (coordinated U.S. newspaper protest editorials Aug. 16 pushing back against [Trump])
If Janz is interested in debate & is intellectually honest, here's a debate question for him: did Cesar Chavez support or oppose illegal immigration? Watch as Janz won't answer such a simple question. MT @Vcondley2 @DevinNunes refuses to debate his opponent @JanzforCongress
Good sequence ends with keeper foul, resulting in PK. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@ElisaC: can you see how 100 MSM sources - which most Americans really dislike - coordinating an attack on Trump - might help him? Let's crank it to 11: imagine they made Sarah Jeong their spokeswoman. Can you see how that'd help Trump? #MAGA #TheResistance
Do you expect @brianstelter & #CNN to figure that out? They helped Trump win & they're still his foil. They simply aren't smart enough to make arguments that'd undercut Trump. MT @AriFleischer [OpEds like the coordinated attack on Trump are so "1975", only "journalists" care]
The Battle For Madrid will be Weds around 12 noon Pacific (I'm using a UK IP so that might be off an hour or two). With Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
If only we'd listened to the MSM editorial boards, we'd have completely avoided this decade-long lapse into NeoLiberalism + SJWs. They warned us all!!! #LOL #MAGA #resist
.@katzish: those who care what NYT editorial board & their genocidal racist Sarah Jeong think already oppose Trump. @RachelSmolkin & @brianstelter simply aren't smart enough to realize NYT/WaPo/etc ed boards posturing is counter-productive. In the Darwin sense, they aren't fit.
#Giants have retired both of Barry Bonds numbers: 25 and 762*. #baseball #MAGA #resist
.@MichaelAvenatti: you say "when they go low, we hit back harder". I'd never say that. I'd say "we hit back smarter". Harder = mouthbreatherer, smarter = stronger. When Trump smears, you show #MAGA how a Trump plan is unimplementable. Show *them* he's full of hot air. Be smart
In other news, a bearded man was ecstatic about changes to the Microsoft Terms of Service, hugging his device even closer. #Microsoft #MAGA #resist
Lopez is dim & gullible. He can't figure out basic things, like more labor = lower wages. Read these entries with an open mind: MT @MichaelAvenatti An excellent piece by @LATstevelopez
mi pantalones son amarillos... Mi Pantalones Son Amarillos... MI Pantalones SON EN FUEGO... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!! GOLLLLLLLLAAAAAAASSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO!!! #UnivisionIfYouDontReallySpeakSpanishAllThatMuch #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
Are you ready for some football?!?!? Monterey just went up 1-0 against America (the team, not the country) on Univision. #MAGA #Chargers #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@JohnLaprise: so, you'd base our #immigration system on if Trump is being factual. As a PhD & #ALAC rep to @ICANNAtLarge, perhaps you should be smart & patriotic enough to base it on what's best for the USA. Is letting U.S. Chamber & #Koch depress wages best for the USA, John?
99.99% of political #Twitter / Facebook / comments / etc. is exactly like this audience: #MAGA #resist
In politics, why is everything so bad? One major aspect is a very dim & deranged base that only responds to dim & deranged things that make that feel better. Crooked leaders provide that & are rewarded. It's as true of #MAGA as #TheResistance.
Ingraham is talking well above the smarts of her & her fans. She & they can't defend her remarks. If she were smart she'd just harp on forced aspect. MT @MedianPolitics @IngrahamAngle: In case you forgot: Harvard Harris Poll finds 81% of Americans want to cut legal immigration
.@Wolverineca: here are valid, unassailable answers to the talking points the pro-amnesty side uses. @BuckSexton won't help with them because using them wouldn't help him grift. #immigration #MAGA
That's a minor, temporary talking point & MSM already has an answer. Sexton is just doing shtick: he's not helping you answer what MSM would say. MT @Wolverineca MT @BuckSexton: [border family separations began w/ O] blows away another left wing talking point on immigration
We need more immigrants like Eduardo Saverin. He was never on public assistance & he paid lots of taxes! What do you think? MT @First_SeekTruth MT @jayh2800: Screw that! Deport every damn one of them! Come here Legally and contribute to your economic existence and that’s great
Our new national choir sings Fog In The Crevices Of Trump's Brain: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@STPFreak: Coulter says Trump "Wall" would be "forever". If you really want to undercut her to her base, point out *to them* that Congress would neglect or tear down what little of the "wall" ever gets built. Point out to her base that she can't figure that out.
A dirge-like, building, too short version of your new favorite song: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@KatieLSanders: hi Katie, me & @raju are organizing an event in NYC next Friday against Hate. Maggie Haberman & Oliver Darcy are going to be there. We're going to have a Bonfire Against Hate, and we're hoping you can bring some Trump and Alex Jones books. Can we count on you?
Whoa, hello... stop!!!! stop!!! Come back in a few years!!!!!!!! #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying