"Frozen trucker" refers to a case Gorsuch faced where a trucker drove away w/o trailer to avoid... freezing. #BearGrylls #MAGA #resist
#Twitter execs want to rub shoulders w/ the cool kids & protecting them from dissent is a precondition. #MAGA #censorship #resist
#Twitter used to be more egalitarian: one tweet was as good as another. In recent years it's all about Important Voices w/ nothing to say.
The @Jack types only think of sucking up to those they consider betters & how those betters perceive them. They oppose dissent. #Twitter
I know all about the @Jack types. They have nothing to offer but they lucked out. They have no capability to think for themselves. #Twitter
.@williamlegate monopolizes next 7 replies to Trump's #NationalAgDay tweet. Because #Twitter thinks he & Coates are *important*. #MAGA
.@tomcoates (verified) monopolizes first 8 replies to Trump's #NationalAgDay. Because there's no one else in USA. #Twitter #MAGA #resist
Labor intensive growers like @WesternGrowers are basically crooks: #NationalAgDay #MAGA? #resist
As no doubt many have pointed out, many farms aren't Old MacDonald but rather Farmer Faceless Corporation, Inc. #NationalAgDay
Trump tweets: "on #NationalAgDay, we honor our great USA farmers/ranchers.Their hard work & dedication are ingrained in our nation's fabric"
.@ariherzog: would you dress up like a chicken? Wave a sign? Try to shout Trump down? Or, something smart & grown-up like I'd try to do?
.@ariherzog replies "People like me? There are no people like me. I'm unique." Great! Tell us what you'd do if Trump visits New England.
.@angelamerkeicdu: You don't have to worry about the ire of Trump fans since none have any ire. #LOL #hilarity #MAGA #resist
.@lasmithreports @barryfulmerwdrb: my bio has a site full of tough, real, policy Qs for Trump. You 2 lack balls to ask any of them. #WDRB
If Trump doesn't want Qs about X, ask about X & film him storming off camera. @lasmithreports capitulated & @barryfulmerwdrb hides his feed.
.@lasmithreports of #WDRB interviewed Trump, in effect letting Trump rule out questions about wiretaps. #journalism? @barryfulmerwdrb #MAGA!
.@twinmiki: you sound fun. Why don't you have a #WikiFeet profile?
.@sharronangle: if you want to win, use these arguments against anyone who supports that: Will you this time?
.@sharronangle: you listened to hacks who just used you to make money & you concentrated on things that (obviously) didn't undercut Reid.
.@sharronangle: remember how you didn't use smart, powerful anti-illegal #immigration arguments against Harry Reid & you lost?
Our USA Smarts Crisis has been solved, as Sharron Angle announces she's going to run for Congress. #Nevada #MAGA!
Country bans are lunkhead & endanger USA because bad dudes can come from anywhere. Like Belgium. #MAGA #immigration #resist
Per Someone On Twitter, Trump's latest travel ban might have the impact of helping USA/W. Euro airlines. Maybe that's the goal.
"U.S. Limits Devices for Passengers on Foreign Airlines From Eight Countries". Supposedly UK did similar, so it might not be 100% Trumpian.
.@LeonardFiles: @JohnAndKenShow alienate natural allies against illegal #immigration by smearing fast food & other low wage workers.
.@LeonardFiles: @JohnAndKenShow act like Beavis/Butthead;they & Trump can only make anti-illegal immigration arguments that play @ Breitbart
.@LeonardFiles: smart/sane/pro-American/big tent arguments could undercut Garcetti to his base over illegal immig. That leaves J&K/Trump out
Like other locations (#Colorado years ago: ), #LosAngeles City has published a guide for illegal aliens.
Ppl like you would try to block his event. MT @ariherzog [a Trump] Until you come to Boston, it's hard for me to believe you want to #MAGA
.@BOBGOP2020: you supposedly have 75 tweets, yet all I see are a few & all very pro- #TheResistance. You aren't now or ever were GOP.
.@BOBGOP2020: you shure did a 180. You say "I can't believe I voted for you... Trump's reign must come too a stop". Prove you supported him.
.@sarahcpr says "a lot more where this came from" about likely fake @BOBGOP2020 claiming to be Trump fan who's turned on him. #journalism?
.@dumbassgenius: Trump aside, has Merkel done things that have unnecessarily increased problems in her country, yes or no?
.@dumbassgenius: have you ever done anything to demonstrate a high IQ? I haven't seen it:
MT @dumbassgenius Angela Merkel has a PhD in quantum chemistry. Donald Trump misspelled "tap." Not exactly a meeting of the minds.
Like Trump, @Jack loves his glamor. In Jack's case, glamor is BLM leaders & worthless writers. #MAGA #AltRight
#Twitter replies to Trump are full of worthless, relatively low follower count, *verified* writers. Personal issues of @Jack prolly involved
Feminist @jpdailing replies to sarahcpr critic w/ GIF listing Bad Things Trump Has Done, none of which his fans care about. #MAGA #resist
Maybe to you. How'd you convince a fan? MT @sarahcpr [a Trump] weird because it feels like the longer you're in office the worse all gets
.@MatthewDicks: congrats on having a real issue & not a grade school GIF. However, you have to confront Trump or proxy to faces w/ real Q.
High school -> MT @MatthewDicks [a Trump] You lied about your stupid Keystone pipeline being made from US steel. Not true, and you know it.
.@DustinGiebel made a little drawing: Your therapy *helps* Trump. #MAGA #resist
With opponents like you he will. MT @JordanUhl At this rate you [Trump] won't be president for much longer. Thanks Comey! #TrumpRussia
.@AsphericalDream: point out to @ScottAdamsSays fans he enabled Trump as DT pushed travel bans that Trump himself admits made USA less safe.
.@AsphericalDream: help undercut @ScottAdamsSays: point out to his fans how Trump has failed: failed to undercut BLM, made USA less safe...
NB: when I praise something, it's sometimes to encourage stupid behavior by bad dudes. Please read my pearls of wisdom w/ that in mind.
Smart! MT @DanielleMuscato guys I think I figured out how we get the right to turn on Trump we gotta get him to say something pro-choice
When all else fails... In this realm, DT needs brains & can't find any. MT @peplamb Stand with our president #PrayForTrump #GodBlessAmerica
Has even less class than Trump -> MT @RAmblerJD Blow off 28 NATO chiefs. Trump, you've got balls. Long, droopy balls, but balls nonetheless.
.@LouiseMensch: making happen would'e stopped Trump & will undercut him now even if other things fail. Help out!
The 24Ahead News Team News Van is speeding to Hunt. Beach to investigate. Developing...
The 24Ahead News Team - Rutger, Autumn, & Gwendolyn - tried to call St. Marc of Hunt. Beach but get an error message. Probably many calling.
Excellent! MT @deathpigeon We should call [Pelosi, etc] fascist collaborators [for not supporting open borders]. Its more to the point.
.@Buccigross: what ratings does #ESPN get from CSU Bakersfield or Quinnipiac? Wouldn't soccer or baseball - even tape delayed - do better?
Trump is the moocher president: Hillary-voting counties contribute a YUGE *64%* of USA GDP. #MAGA #TheResistance #TrumpTrain #resist
.@realDonaldTrump: you govern all USA, not just moocher states in The South. What do you have to offer the rest of the USA? #MAGA #resist
How, since almost 2/3 of USA dislikes you? MT @realDonaldTrump Thank you Louisville, Kentucky. Together, we'll MAKE USA SAFE & GREAT AGAIN!
.@josephfarah: Bob Unruh of #WND isn't helping the anti-sanctuary city effort: #immigration #MAGA
Trump's largely pointless list of sanctuary cities doing bad things: We need smart arguments & #MAGA can't deliver.
.@RichardBSpencer: questions for @JoshTPM: & @JasonKander: Ask them!
Today in #idiocracy: @RichardBSpencer posted a Show Tune to punctuate an argument with @JoshTPM; @JasonKander said his gay uncle wrote it.
Many USA problems are because the wrong types have been elevated: artists, writers, etc. None can develop solutions to problems. #MAGA
.@sarahposner blogs "How did Donald Trump - a thrice-married, biblically illiterate sexual predator - hijack the religious right?" #MAGA
.@GlennBeck: *proof* that @TomiLahren is under Satan's direct control: #MAGA
.@GermanyDiplo: I'm so thankful President Trump put you in your place. We saved your butts in WWII and look how you repay us! #MAGA
.@NatShupe: over 2 years ago I told you how to stop amnesty: Why'd you decide to in effect help Obama instead?
.@Parker9_: you could undercut Trump for real if you discussed what he's actually helping. His golfing is nearly nothing cost-wise. #MAGA
Cute but false. MT @Parker9_ [Trump makes] us subsidize his golf weekends by telling us we can't afford healthcare, science art or nutrition
My self defense system: Lederhosen & an ice ax. Trump fans, a poodle: #MAGA
.@realDonaldTrump tweet, June 26 2014: "It’s Thursday. Which brand of eyeliner is the nation’s worst AG @AGSchneiderman wearing today?"
I certainly would never have guessed the Party of Personal Responsibility would have no sense of personal responsibility! #MAGA #GOP #resist
.@jfg0605 @TheMeemStreams: if a judge blocks a Trump bldg, it's not the judge's fault: it's Trump's. *He* endangered USA, not a judge. #MAGA
No, that's Trump. He's the boss.MT @jfg0605 RT @TheMeemStreams: I want this Judge IMPEACHED also @TGowdySC Trump he is endangering our lives
.@Twitter hasn't shown either of the replies I left to #MAGA #AltRight
.@hankgreen: will you start a campaign to get Youtubers to ask Trump or proxies those or similarly tough questions? Great for USA & views.
.@hankgreen: asking Trump (or top proxies) tough questions on video for Youtube would have stopped him:
@RealDonaldTrump on Aug 17, 2011: "@BarackObama has a record low 39% Gallup approval rating. Why so high?" His is now lower. #MAGA #resist
.@Kiaflopper: as a self-described liberal, why are you hyping @FWD_us propaganda? Do you think Zuckerberg wants to *raise* wages? #resist
.@ManyaZuba: always look at the bottom line. @ava @13th & @CoryBooker are on same side of #immigration as USChamber & #Koch bros. #resist
.@YerbaDog: I emailed funder of #Phoenix billboard re her *helping* Trump, suggesting better idea. Such is too smart for @KingKurmudgeon etc
Dipping deep into the barrel, it's @KingKurmudgeon:
.@MelissainJax: FYI, @JessicaV_CIS unwittingly showed how Trump's ban made USA less safe:
After O won we needed a smart/sane/pro-American/big tent opposition to cultural far-left. #Teaparty was the exact opposite. #MAGA #resist
My readership started to decline when I opposed #Teaparty. Principles beat clicks every time: #MAGA #resist
.@whois_johngalt: as a "Conservative/ libertarian Tea Party leader", what's #Teaparty favorables now (or at least latest)? 19%?
.@Fyrguru @DontGoAwayM4d: @RoyBeck_NUSA has refused to take a smart, free, easy plan that'd stop amnesty. He's just another grifter. #MAGA
.@Fyrguru @DontGoAwayM4d: FYI, I've repeatedly tried to get @RoyBeck_NUSA to take a smart, free, easy plan that'd stop amnesty. And...
.@JBurtonXP: if Trump had made *just* stringent screening a key demand, he could have forced Obama's hand. Instead, 2 failed #MuslimBan.
.@JBurtonXP: IOW, conservatives have had 52 years to stop mass/illegal #immigration & have completely failed the USA. #MAGA?
MT @JBurtonXP: 1965: This new immigration act will not upset the ethnic mix of our county. 2017: Mexican illegals are more American than you
.@deathpigeon: you should start a campaign to call Pelosi etc DINOs if they don't support open borders w no compromise. #TheResistance
Indeed! MT @deathpigeon: I'm sick of liberal half-measures on immigration. We need free migration & open borders now & w no compromise.
.@tlrobinson: AI/robots/immigration/offshoring are pushed by same ppl, who could be dealt w/ if Trump weren't an idiot. @ycombinator #MAGA?
MT @tlrobinson @ycombinator demo day [taught me] : AI and robots are a much bigger threat to existing jobs than immigration and offshoring
24Ahead has only issued one #Twitter marriage proposal. Guess the target. #MAGA #TheResistance
This crazy administration: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #TheResistance
Plz demand she cage fight @BobbieDooley. MT @RealDarlingDeb: .@TomiLahren So disappointed to hear ur pro-baby murder! #FakeConservative
Sad Trump: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #TheResistance
But, seryoz, the first thing I thought of is "how did #Monopoly dinosaur pass legal review?" #MAGA #resist
.@MarthaStewart: tip! The new #Monopoly dinosaur figurine can be sharpened, used as a shiv to settle jailhouse disputes. #MAGA #resist