.@underoak: @hunterw blogs about companies making millions off Trump's current, supposed separation policies. USChamber members, Koch bros, WalMart, the Fed, big banks, growers, sweatshops, etc. would make *billions* off the amnesty both Hunter & Trump want.
.@KendallMigues @danaKnault: FYI, @KarenMonsour12 is a liar:
.@alexanderrusso @lkcrouch: the media constantly deceives (eg, calling illegal aliens "immigrants", hyping policies w/o revealing downsides, etc.) #PewInternet wants people to accept that deception as fact. They want people to *not* question authority.
A recent #Pew study used bogus data: GIGO. This study encourages people to (Don't) Question Authoriy. I suggest trying to be a real liberal. MT @RachelMooreRS Pew Research shows fewer than 50 percent of Americans can tell the difference between fact and opinion
Winners in tomorrow's #WorldCup matches will be Portugal, Uruguay, & Spain. There's about a 0.5% chance of any one of those being wrong.
.@zeena_schreck: would you say Anton LaVey was #MAGA before it was cool?
.@joshfoxfilm: hey Josh, have you seen how pro-mass #immigration Big Biz is? USChamber, Tyson Foods, WalMart, The Fed, big banks, growers, etc. all want mass immigration to lower wages. @Ocasio2018 would *help* them. She'd help USChamber get all the cheap labor they want.
Trout 2-run RBI plus another run on an error. #Angels
ICE was INS; they don't "terrorize" people. #immigration stance of #DSA & #Ocasio2018 would help USChamber lower wages by flooding USA with cheap labor. MT @repairrestores1 RT @DemSocialists: ICE was only founded in 2003. We've lived without them terrorizing our communities
The Tampa Bay Satan's Rays - led by their coach Anton LeVey - have ended the #Astros 12-game winning streak. Floridians are now sacrificing Houston fans on the infield. #Florida
I like & make occasional allusions to the Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov. Here's one: The Psychologists could communicate with just a gesture or two. Online, you have to spell every golldarn thing out, add disclaimers, add endless answers to likely objections, etc. etc.
.@MatthewStieb: @unitethepoor could oppose (for real) mass/illegal #immigration & amnesty, while not engaging in Trumpian demonization & while proposing real solutions for foreign countries (like higher taxes on their wealthy). They'd stick it to the wealthy. Are they doing that?
.@EricTrump: what do you think about the two big wins for our team in the #WorldCup?
.@MatthewStieb: you blogged about @unitethepoor & that they want "immigration policies that protect families". Dance around it all you want, that's code for loose borders. Their immigration policy is ultimately, at the end of the day, the same as that of the U.S. Chamber.
Trump has weighed in on our team's magnificent wins in the #WorldCup! #MAGA!
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with our majestic new patriotic national anthem personally written by Donald Trump! (Liberals will try to tell you it's the wrong country but that's #FakeNews) #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TamaraLeigh_llc @shestokas: if 10s of millions worried about #Twitter censorship as they should, $TWTR would be in big, big trouble. You can help that happen if you work at finding a reporter to cover my top tweet & the rest of my Twitter censorship reports.
In case you were wondering what it looks like when a site owner puts #Google spyware on their site and the spyware is in German, here it is: #recaptcha #MAGA #resist
.@TamaraLeigh_llc @shestokas: the much easier way to reduce #Twitter censorship is to make the 10s of millions who have to worry about it be worried. As it is now, only cons are worried & that's obviously not enough. It's also factually inaccurate: Twitter censors *all* kinds.
"algorithm" is a Persian name from Arabic to Latin/Greek. Many other "al-" or similar words are from Arabic via Spanish/Latin/Greek like admiral, algebra, alcohol, al-Jazeera, al-trautwig, etc. #entymology #MAGA #resist
Jack couldn't even spell algorithm. He's a nincompoop who got lucky. MT @wolv1000 MT @LisaMei62 Q implies Jack? wrote the censorship algorithm which was deployed across platforms (Twitter, YouTube, FB, etc.) at the request of the Clowns
So, how do you hold Trump accountable for lying all the time? Through his proxies. Those with access to them have to pin them down & force them to say false is true or undercut Trump. Not via foodfights but via Socratic questioning. #MAGA #resist
I'm calling the #WorldCup for Portugal, Germany, Brazil, England, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Iceland, and/or #USMNT. Bet accordingly.
Twitter heavily censors replies to U.S. govt officials. Use the app linked from my top tweet to help bust them for heavily censoring replies to Pakistan officials. MT @FreedomTalkNet @Matiullahjan919 is one of the hardest hit victims of #censorship...
I've documented 100s of cases of their censorship. All you have to do is get someone to cover it & we'll force them to change. Start at my top tweet. MT @DDisherenow MT @CattHarmony Document all Twitter's censorship on your account. We should file a class action lawsuit
The censorship checker linked from my top tweet outputs reports showing which tweets were censored, try it out. MT @magatwatter @DrBAChapman @torybruno Due to twitter censorship your tweet was hidden under a message
Mike Trout came close to an even better catch. #Angels
After loading the bases, #Angels only get 1 run on good catch in center field.
.@paladine: @ForecasterEnten refers to GOP "moderates" on #immigration. That means they want a massive amnesty that would help Big Biz lower wages & bust unions even more than they have already. P.S. Trump wants the same amnesty as Enten's "moderates". #CNN
Yet another Resistance snowflake, @MattMurph24, has blocked me:
Resistance snowflake @tomcoates - who complains about being #BlockedByTrump - has blocked me for calling him out for sending garbage tweets to Trump that don't hold Trump accountable:
.@hey_itsthatguy: Ocasio's #immigration principles are ultimately the same as the #Koch bros, US Chamber, & WalMart. They have no use for ICE either; she'd give them all the cheap labor they crave. MT @rjmadrid [#Ocasio2018] actually has principles. Unlike Crowley.
"AP FACT CHECK: Trump is wrong about crime in Germany". Why does Trump skate on lying all the time? Clearly, it's because his loudest opponents are doing it wrong. Not only that, they aren't even aware they're doing it wrong. Both #MAGA & #resist = #idiocracy.
.@RonColeman: what Harry Enten & @CNNPolitics call "[m]oderate GOP voices on immigration" would flood the USA with cheap labor, greatly harming your fellow Americans. P.S. Trump supports amnesty just like those "moderates".
"Rudy Giuliani said on Monday that he was actually just bluffing last week when he called for Justice Department leaders to suspend special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation within 24 hours". #MAGA = #idiocracy. #resist
.@WinkHartmanKS: @KrisKobach1787 pushed SB1070; the ACLU gutted it. Haven't every single one of his other plans failed just like that? He's great at getting 15 minutes, but he's terrible at doing things that work to reduce mass/illegal #immigration. #Kansas
"A federal judge has struck down a Kansas voter citizenship law that Secretary of State Kris Kobach had personally defended". In the laws & policies he pushes - not just getting his 15 minutes - has Kobach *ever* had one single success? #immigration #MAGA
.@MaxBoot hilariously asks, "Has Trump finally gone too far?" It's hard to overstate what Trump could do before those like Boot could do anything about it. They're like animals who are completely unfit to compete with an invasive species, but worse. #WaPo
.@ShakaHislop: it's great to see #ESPNFC acknowledge the #WorldCup, after #ESPN couldn't spend 2.5% of their yearly licensing budget to outbid Murdoch. 2.5%, the cost of a couple of NFL games.
.@drjmahone: a recent #PewInternet study used bogus data (from #Botometer that says, among many other questionable things, JakeTapper is 40% likely to be a bot). The @michaelbarthel study is at least bogus in trying to coerce people to believe the frequently-deceptive MSM.
Cruel irony (I mean the last part): "Harry Kane's late winner gives England 2-1 win over Tunisia at 2018 World Cup | ESPN FC". #WorldCup #ESPN
.@justinsreedy: your name includes "BanTheNazisPlz". Why do you want to do that? I can easily show you wrong and your opinions are entirely generic. Can't you show those who hold extreme positions wrong?
.@MJohnston60: MSM constantly deceives about key issues. E.g., referring to illegal aliens as "immigrants" when that's a contradiction in terms. @asmitch wants people to accept MSM deception as fact. #PewInternet also used bogus data in a past study. I suggest not enabling them
I don't know when "liberals" switched from Question Authority to Don't Question Authority, but I suggest not being sheeple no matter who's in power: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #Pew #PewInternet
.@InfoMgmtExec: see my recent tweets about Pew studies and continue along those lines to undercut them over their flawed studies.
.@JesseHolcomb: I could post 100s of examples of the MSM deceiving about #immigration: deceptive terminology, ignoring COIs, ignoring downsides, etc. You & @gottfriedjeff want people to trust in deceptive sources, like something out of 1984. #Pew #PewInternet
IOW, it was a gullibility test since the MSM constantly deceives about key issues like #immigration. MT @gottfriedjeff: NEW: Americans with a lot of trust in national news organizations have an easier time separating factual from opinion stories
.@vdignum: a recent #Pew study relied on data from the incredibly flawed #Botometer (e.g., it says JakeTapper is 40% likely to be a bot. Given that, I suggest looking very carefully at @lrainie methodologies. Pew studies are also designed to undercut questioning authority.
.@ciullalipkin @reneehobbs: a recent #PewInternet study relied on bogus data from #Botometer. Have you looked into whether the @lrainie study uses bogus data or not? The goal of #Pew studies is to quash dissent & silence those who question authority. Consider not enabling them.
.@d_ross3: #ESPN spent $8 billion on rights in 2017. For just 2.5% of that, they could've outbid Murdoch for the #WorldCup. For the cost of ~2 NFL games, they could've helped themselves & soccer in the USA. There must be a loose circuit in the brains of ESPN suits.
As I predicted, #England got another goal... #OregonState & their controversial pitcher have avoided elimination in the #CWS... and, Kenley Jansen of the #Dodgers is expected to be out 2 weeks after Farmer John surgery to remove impacted pork products.
"Coulter Warns Trump on Immigration, Border: 'Don't Fall for the Actor Children'". Is any of her advice ever good? She gave Trump plans & arguments that don't work. If she'd given him better arguments he'd oppose amnesty & could undercut Pelosi. #immigration #MAGA
"SPLC Apologizes, Pays Settlement to Islamic Reformer It Wrongly Labeled 'Anti-Muslim Extremist'". #resist
Meanwhile back in Volgograd, England & Tunisia are tied 1-1 at the half (Kane goal + Tunisia penalty kick). England came close just before the half and will probably get 1 or 2 more. Also, if anyone asks, I've paid my TV fees & my postcode is SW1A 1AA. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this glorious video of Donald Trump personally singing the great Trump National Anthem at the Trump National Football Stadium on Trump National Square! #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Conservatives: 20 million always in search of a personality cult so they don't have to do any thinking. Now it's Trump, in the past it's been one grifter after another: Glenn Beck, Coulter, Teaparty, GWB... #MAGA #resist
From 2010, Why George W Bush should be shunned. Compare this to both "liberals" extolling Laura Bush & "conservatives" defending their new Great Leader. #MAGA #resist
Plenty of cons were GWB fans like they're now Trump fans. Nowadays the Bush audience isn't cons & they can't even figure that out. MT @phil200269: Laura Bush has insured that the Bush family name will be synonymous with 'traitor' among the conservative community
All we have to do is change the name and translate this and #MAGA would sing it: #MusicSunday #resist #NowPlaying
.@EvolvingJuan: in 2004, GWB pushed a massive H1B program for all types of jobs (they specifically mentioned nurses & teachers). It would have reduced U.S. wages to near world levels. If @KenDilanianNBC didn't hype that at the time, he would have. Be a real liberal.
Trump is close to selecting this as the new anthem of the Trump Youth Pioneers #MAGA Corps, largely due to the syncopation: #MusicSunday #resist #NowPlaying
Somewhat better -> MT @hrtablaze: Laura Bush , did your heart break when your neocon husband sent American children to Iraq, to die in a war that was based on a lie?
Meanwhile, over on 24Ahead Canal 4, 24Ahead is sitting in a darkened studio screaming about #ESPN. On Canal 3, there's a video of the Trump White House Job Fair with a peppy polka song: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@StacyLStiles: you accuse Laura Bush of wanting a "#OneWorldGovernment". Is that claim better at undercutting her than my recent tweets against her & GWB? If so, explain. Also, in Jan I told you how to stop the Trump/Obama/Soros amnesty. Did you do anything in that regards?
.@RealKellyTrump: in 2004, GWB (George Bush) pushed an un- and anti-American plan that would have lowered U.S. wages to near world levels. It was like an H1B plan but for all types of jobs. What's your opinion of that plan?
.@KathleenFOX5: in 2004, GWB pushed a massive H1B-style program for all types of jobs. It would have reduced U.S. wages to near world levels. The scheme originated at Cato (a #Koch outfit). Did you or @fox5sandiego cover that, yes or no?
.@onedovealone: you RT @beth2_k3 suggesting a "fix" for #immigration; the "fix" she wants would be amnesty. P.S. she also complains about #Twitter censorship, yet she's blocked me - thus helping Twitter - despite never tweeting her. She's bad news.
.@Jill_Gregory @DenimBlueBiz: in 2004, GWB pushed a massive H1B-style program, except for all types of jobs. His rep specifically mentioned teachers & nurses. He wanted to flood the USA with cheap labor. Do you support such plans, yes or no?
In case you're wondering, no, I haven't made #TexasTech my #CWS pick either.
That's not what they were doing. GWB & Obama put on a show to get amnesty. That's just what Trump is doing right now: playing bad cop. #MAGA #resist MT @YuriHiranuma MT @juliehdavis: ...Other pres have cast about for increasingly aggressive deterrents to illegal immigration...
IOW, if the MSM called out Trump on what he is - pro-amnesty - they'd at the same time be exposing how bad they are. They don't want to do that so we have a fiction of Trump being Mr. Anti-Amnesty even though he's almost as bad as Pelosi. #MAGA #resist
Trump knows so few things, but one thing he probably knows is that the MSM is never going to call him for being *pro*-amnesty. He probably knows they need to use him as their bad guy even though he's on their side. They have to help him with #MAGA to protect themselves.
*Everyone* in Trump's inner circle is pro-amnesty. That includes Stephen Miller: he's pro-amnesty too, albeit probably not as strongly as Marc Short & Conway. Trump's been hinting at amnesty since Aug 2015: his first plan was the Flake-Gutierrez amnesty. #MAGA?
FYI, Trump is just playing a WWE role: he's using separations to get amnesty. GWB & Obama did something similar, it's an old trick. #MAGA? MT @WeSupport45 MT @MatthewEnders2: Father's Day lesson for illegals. As a parent, I would never put my child at risk
Meanwhile over on 24Ahead Canal 3, Taulfest 2018 continues into its 59th hour with Sind Taevatäheni by Anu Taul: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RTMannJr: in 2016 you hyped a bogus PRRI poll. Now you hype a pro-loose borders Laura Bush OpEd. In 2004, GWB pushed an anti- & un-American plan - H1B for all types of jobs - that would have reduced U.S. wages to near world levels. As an #LSU historian did you know about it?
In the only #WorldCup match of the day, it was Brazil v Switzerland: #MAGA #resist
.@Steve_Sailer is all about the stats, here's one: he's approved 30 comments later than mine which is still in moderation. I correctly pointed out that cons are pathological & pointing out reality would spoil them wallowing in their pathologies.
.@realaxelfoley: my tweet confuses you. Trump has tricked tens of millions of pigeons into thinking Trump Wall is a viable plan. See the Wall posts: Why didn't you ask Rhoades to list some ways Trump Wall could fail? @AllMyChandler
.@buster_espn: #ESPN could have had the biggest sporting event in the world for just 2.5% of what they spent on rights in 2017. How about urging them to simulcast/show on tape delay some matches? That'd be a win-win for ESPN, Fox, & U.S. soccer.
Highlighting how heavily Twitter censors replies would help with that, so far I've received no help from #DeleteArt13 leaders. Urge them to use my top tweet against Twitter. MT @pedrojmendes Be a hero, help #SaveYourInternet from the #CensorshipMachine
I've been stuck under 300 for years. Part due to Twitter, part because I show both #MAGA & #resist wrong. Do you oppose my shadowban? MT @brorick23 MT @AngelFoxToday71: There was a time you could get 300 followers a day if you tried. Now you are lucky to get a hundred a week.
Some of the con issues are due to or at least taken advantage of by direct mail: everything's a crisis and money must be spent NOW. Dems do that too to their cat lady contingent, but all cons are cat ladies. #MAGA #resist
Aside perhaps from delusions of being Napoleon, there is not an emotional pathology that isn't prevalent among cons: sociopathy, pathological lying, paranoia, solipsism, etc. etc. #MAGA #resist
A con tactic is what I called "Emily Litella Syndrome". I'd say "there are 30 [of something]". A reply would lie: "I can't believe you say there are 3000 [of something]!!!!" in an attempt to fool as many people as they can. That's just how cons roll. #MAGA #resist
My data (start at my top tweet) shows Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. Is that because Jack hates liberals too? MT @birdie1162 MT @sb65: @RealJamesWoods Amazing the censorship at Twitter that goes on under Jack's watch. The hate that he has for conservatives...
No matter what problems you have, just remember that the Intellectual Dark Web is out there ready to come to your aid at a moment's notice. The IDW stands ready to save the world! #IDW #MAGA #resist
Twitter censors ~30% to 60% of the replies to Scott Pruitt, most from liberals. Cons' pathologies dash on the rocks of reality. MT @SkittishPix Twitter [allegedly took her followers & main acct]...Censorship will not further the liberal agenda; it will eventually shut it down
My data - start at my top tweet - shows Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. Eg, Twitter heavily censors replies to Scott Pruitt. Do you oppose them doing that? MT @Daddy_Warpig MT @Kemp__Tyler: @GOP must act to protect conservatives from big tech censorship
Infield plays tonight are like girl's softball without the round butts. #Cubs #Cards
Schwarber giveth and taketh. #Cubs #Cards
Prediction: under two decades from now, football will be about as popular as smoking is now.
.@JessMendoza: the $200 million Murdoch bid to get #WorldCup is just 2.5% of #ESPN's royalties for 2017. They could have had the biggest sporting event in the world for the cost of a couple NFL games. Is there an anonymous suggestion box there at ESPN HQ?
.@AllMyChandler: did you see the @realaxelfoley interview w/ Ben Rhoades? Grade school reporters would have asked tougher questions. Real journalism would be walking a Trump rep through all the ways the Wall would fail miserably. *That* would really have an impact. #NYMag
IN 2009, fake patriot @kelicarender challenged retired Rep Norm Dicks to take a $20 bill from her to pay for someone else's healthcare. Dicks replied like a dim corrupt ho: "I'll take your $20!" If he'd engaged her in debate & showed her wrong he could've stopped #Teaparty.
.@jentaub: U.S. Chamber, WalMart, the #Koch bros, Tyson Foods, etc all want mass #immigration so they can lower wages & bust unions. You know that. You also know @Dahlialithwick & @mjschlanger are helping USChamber, WalMart, the Koch bros, & Tyson Foods harm U.S. workers.
Both #Cubs & #Cardinals have in part looked like girl's softball players in some infield plays.
FIFA has a helpful TV schedule page for the #WorldCup. For those forced to used a VPN to watch it because #ESPN couldn't spend 2.5% of their yearly royalty fees to outbid Murdoch, the FIFA page lets you choose a country. My VPN service covers UK/FR/DE/AU/etc (just not RU).
My data - real data, start at my top tweet - shows Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. If those like you stood with *all* those censored we could stop it. MT @alphafluffy01 MT @Leica0071: [a Jack] I find the censorship [of] conservatives to be uncaring and un-American!
.@poljourno @MumbrellaAsia: FYI, #Twitter heavily censors replies to U.S. govt officials. For instance, about 30% to 60% of the replies to Scott Pruitt are censored. Use the open source app linked from my top tweet to bust Twitter for censoring tweets to Asian officials.