Trump cultist @CherylReynolds has blocked me over
Trump's personality cult is more like a cargo cult, with #MAGA natives worshiping a box of rocks. #TheResistance
I have a feeling we have the personality least worthy of a personality cult in all of human history. #MAGA #resist
Did you speak out against Trump getting Kindergarten on Rubio drinking water? Bonus: are personality cults good for the USA? #MAGA #resist MT @herbielab RT @MexicansForDJT: And they just focus on the way you drink water. Sad & pathetic. We love you!
No matter how many times it happens - literally thousands of times - #MAGA & other cons will never wake up to the fact that their idols are just using issues to rile them up to sell books, win elections, reduce taxes for the wealthy, etc. etc. #FoxNews #TheResistance
.@TheRealPopeyeO @ericbolling: 15-30 days or hefty fine would send a better message than the culturally-corrosive one you cheer Trump sending. Tahmooressi's 214 days are because his loudest supporters were conservatives & thus incredibly incompetent dolts led by grifters.
So, you think they should have been released despite the message it sends? MT @TheRealPopeyeO RT @ericbolling: Trump negotiated quick release of 3 UCLA players from China Compare- Tahmooressi, Marine who took a wrong turn in Mexico, 214 days in captivity under Obama Admn.
Because the loudest opposition to Trump is so incredibly incompetent? MT @RepAdamSchiff: Why are we fighting massive tax cuts for millionaires, paid for by tax increases on students, teachers, and homeowners
.@Party_Harderson [9359 followers & verified]: problem is Trump has lowered entire MSM/establishment down to schoolyard level. You're only targeting him, not Liz Warren, Rubio, etc. for falling into his traps over and over. None can intellectually engage him & show him wrong.
MT @Party_Harderson [a Trump] If u want i can ask him 4 u in 6th period i sit behind him in pre-algebra OR i can set up a 3way call. i wont tell him ur on the line i'll be like "so Kim wat u thank of donald?" n then u can listen. i thank he just stressed bc we got big test tom
#SCTV predicted Trump & #Breitbart 30 years ago. #MAGA #resist
This is the same scam GWB pulled: talk tough while pushing amnesty. Trump's colluding with Pelosi on amnesty, what specifically is Ingraham doing against that? #MAGA MT @sherricreager RT @IngrahamAngle: GO TRUMP: 50 New Immigration Judges on Duty
.@Buccigross: #ESPN should show #PuertoRico baseball (full games). A great human interest, feel good story they could hype to the skies.
.@Perch313: @AnnCoulter wrote Trump's unimplementable #immigration plans: The lawsuits & Trump continuing Obama's agenda are due in part to her unworkable plans. #MAGA
Despite his bluster, Trump is incredibly weak on #immigration. He's colluding with Pelosi on amnesty, for gosh sakes. #MAGA? #FoxNews MT @xsevenx RT @IngrahamAngle: GO TRUMP: 50 New Immigration Judges on Duty,
.@LNSmithee: re @AG_Conservative, check this out: He could help stop amnesty by pushing the only anti-amnesty plan Trump would support, but he lacks the patriotism to do that.
.@JoeSudbay: FYI, @DLind blocked me for pointing out how she deceives people like you: #Immigration is Trump's most vulnerable issue, *to his base*. Has she pointed out how weak he is on the issue to them? That'd really hurt him, has she done it?
.@hrothenb: FYI, @MarkSKrikorian puts his personal issues with me - me! - ahead of doing his job. Read this & let me know if you have any questions:
Yet more Trump weakness on amnesty: In Reversal, Immigration Agency Will Consider Delayed DACA Requests: #immigration #resist #MAGA
.@ChrisLutolf: has @dancanon answered why he mostly agrees with the #Koch bros, WalMart, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, & Western Growers on #immigration? If he were serious, wouldn't he do that? #FlipIN09 #resist #BlueWave #10Questions
.@notthefakesvp: as an alternative to #kneeball & endless Ball in Hoop, when will #ESPN show LIDOM, #PuertoRico baseball, etc.? Latter esp would be a feelgood story ESPN could hype to the skies. Give people an alternative.
.@CaptainsLog2017: @renato_mariotti opposes Brett Talley only in ways that #MAGA doesn't care about, in effect helping him sail through. Mariotti refuses to oppose Talley where he's weakest. When will you ask him about that? #resist #BlueWave #10Questions
.@realDonaldTrump says "Thank you!" to a #Twitter poll from @Trumpfan1995 showing 80% "strongly approve" of "Trump’s job performance" & 7% "approve". If he weren't such a child, he could adapt to the fact that most Americans - in real polls - hate his guts. #TheResistance #MAGA
They're shoplifting in a foreign country with no real need. You got them released, sending a culturally-corrosive message. #MAGA MT @realDonaldTrump Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!
.@stanwilsontv: hey Stan, how many times has Trump hinted at legalizing DREAMers? How many times has MSM etc. used that to undercut Trump to #MAGA?
.@madhulikasikka: what do you think about @Olivianuzzi obsessing over where Steve Bannon lives, when no one in their right mind cares? She has access to Bannon etc. but lacks patriotism & journalistic guts to ask him tough policy questions. Isn't that bad for USA? #NYMag #resist
.@billmaher @jbendery: lots of policy questions for Trump & his proxies, ones that'd shake Trump to his core: When can #TheResistance expect you to help challenge Trump or his proxies to their faces on video using those questions?
.@billmaher tweets "Mitch McConnell says he believes #RoyMoore's accusers - shouldn't someone ask him why he doesn't believe Trump's?", @jbendery replies "I asked him yesterday". I've got a less tabloid task for you two that'll really help the USA.
Trump admin. to reverse ban on elephant trophies from Africa: #MAGA doesn't go on safari, but Trump's pals do. Plus, carin' bout elephants is fer them thar libruls! If I ever done seen one it'd try to run me down! #resist
.@ErinBurnett thinks Trump taking a drink of water after mocking Rubio for doing the same is funny. #Idiocracy isn't funny. #CNN #MAGA #resist
A market solution to the problem with #libertarians: charge them for all the damage they've done - in lives and livelihoods. Take their money & send them to Somalia or Zimbabwe. #MAGA #resist
What is this giant pumpkin Michelin Man thing on #CNN?
24Ahead's Closing Argument I urgently demand you mellow out. By reading this tweet you agree to this demand. #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
Apathy is one thing, and I can understand that. However, if you set out with a goal & you can only do the most idiotic things that won't help you achieve that goal, then you're intensely stupid. Goes for #MAGA, #OWS, #Teaparty, #TheResistance, etc. They have *zero* smart people.
Given #TheResistance & #MAGA, how do planes not fall from the skies? With #OWS & #Teaparty, I have never encountered such incredibly stupid people.
.@slsandpet: as a PhD, you must be smart. Is how Talley is opposed smart? It's clearly not working & it's clearly not going to work since #MAGA could care less about issues MSM raises. Since you're smart, do you want to help oppose Talley over things MAGA actually cares about?
.@giorgiotuscani @maxoregonian: only way to block Talley is to turn #MAGA against him. Nothing @renato_mariotti says will turn MAGA against him. He could turn MAGA against Talley if he pointed out Talley's a big amnesty fan, except the DNC keeps Renato from mentioning that.
All of the speaks-like-Ann-Coulter, none of the intense amount of baggage associated with Ann Coulter. Plus, hurdy gurdy & period costumes! #HurdyGurdy #hurdy #gurdy #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
.@textifyer59 @abdallaha92: @AnnCoulter isn't even pro-white. She prefers whites-hostile kneeball to the whites-friendly soccer, nothing she pushes would help white people. She's just about selling books. #MAGA #resist
In December 2015, I pointed out Trump could - even without being elected - help stop Obama's #immigration agenda, but lacked the smarts, sanity, & patriotism to do it. #MAGA #resist
Way back in Feb 2016, I warned that Trump would legalize millions of illegal aliens. #MAGA #resist #immigrationl
I warned about Trump being Jeb-like *2 years ago*. I tried to get #MAGA to pressure Coulter to pressure Trump to do a better job & got nearly zero help. MT @Homsher_PhD @anntensity I think @AnnCoulter might want to write about how we voted for Trump and ended up with Jeb
.@michikokakutani: @voxdotcom & all the other DNC retransmitters are in effect helping Talley by ignoring his most vulnerable issue. Talley is a big amnesty fan, & #MAGA hates amnesty fans. What issues keep #TheResistance from pointing out to MAGA he's a big amnesty fan?
Why, besides the hips, do I have to watch #soccer highlights on Univision? #ESPN #MAGA #resist
Austria vs "Austria" "South" aka Uruguay highlights. #soccer #WorldCup #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
China vs Columbia highlights. #soccer #WorldCup #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
Wales vs Panama highlights. #soccer #WorldCup #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
Donald Trump Jr. & Putin call Russia vs Spain playing to a draw. Just like you'd expect from two Commie countries! #soccer #WorldCup #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
.@DMiller_357: Brett Talley is a big amnesty fan. #MAGA hates amnesty fans. Are any of those trying to dig up dirt on Talley highlighting his support for amnesty, or are they in effect helping him by ignoring that? Maybe you should ask them about that.
Also, I have just committed a #Twitter Cardinal Sin by accidentally tweeting the same link twice. That means I will be burned at the stake tomorrow at 5am. I asked them to make it later but they said that was part of my punishment.
There's 32 teams in #WorldCup. If you can't qualify, you don't deserve to be there. That goes for everyone, including #USMNT. #WorldCup #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
Highlights/lowlights of #Denmark trouncing #Ireland #soccer #WorldCup #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
.@sherryjones: Brett Talley didn't just write posts in support of immigration. He's a big amnesty fan. @BuzzFeedNews isn't smart enough to realize #MAGA opposes amnesty & him being an amnesty fan could sink him. #TheResistance has cognitive difficulties. #BuzzFeed
.@iamandreamartin: if it's any consolation, you always make me laugh.
Also, her co-star @julieklausner has blocked me over a difference in musical taste. She has none:
.@GatewayPundit: they got to Doug Lewis!! Remember @umpire43? I just spoke to him and he said Hillary, DNC, Soros made him delete his account. But, he's ready to present his evidence against #WaPo on the Hannity show. Can you help set that up?? #MAGA!
The Troll Smearing Roy Moore’s Accuser Stole a Dead Navy SEAL’s Identity [Gateway Pundit post is still up w/ "We have not been able to confirm these allegations by Doug Lewis"]: #MAGA #resist
Trump's WH handlers invent a new metal mask he can wear over his tweeting finger. #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #Sehnsucht
.@bradheath: @ZoeTillman quoted Brett Talley sounding like Lindsey Graham on amnesty as if it was nothing. Is that nothing to #MAGA? P.S. I'm keeping a list of those who helped Talley sail through to use against them. If you want to avoid being on it you know what to do.
MT @SundayMailZim It's happened. Military has taken over #Zimbabwe airwaves, says they will target "criminals surrounding" #Mugabe to remedy "country's suffering."
Extreme high speed chase on 5 through Griffith Park area, with speeds as much as 10MPH... Breaking... #LosAngeles
On #CNN, @seclayton5 is on her mini toy horse about Roy Moore. She's a party hack from #Alabama, one of our most backward states where the legal age was 12 in 1975. #MAGA #resist
This by Tracey Ullman is funny too, but she's punching way down: Punching up would be a CLM. #MAGA #resist #LPGA #golf #FoxNews #Alabama
.@AriadneHuff accepts the award for Top Blogger at Blogging Awards! #MAGA #resist #HuffPost #HuffPo
.@ZoeTillman of #BuzzFeed posts about Brett Talley's comments on TideFans dot com under the name "BamainBoston". She even quotes his pro-amnesty comments but doesn't highlight that!! Don't you think you should highlight he's an amnesty fan to undercut him to #MAGA?
At #TNR, @HeerJeet recycles #DailyBeast, blogging that "Trump nominated a ghostbuster for a federal judgeship". Only thing that would really sink Talley is the fact that he's a big amnesty fan. Can #TheResistance count on you to point that out?
At the #DailyBeast, @GideonResnick blogs "Before He Was Tapped By Donald Trump, Controversial Judicial Nominee Brett J. Talley Investigated Paranormal Activity". That's not going to stop him, you're just playing around.
.@GideonResnick: FYI, I'm keeping a list of those who incompetently oppose Brett Talley to use against them after he's approved. The smart way to oppose him is because he supports amnesty, but so far only I'm doing that. Are you going to be on the list?
The *real* money Putin sent to finance Trump's election was sent using the super-secret codeword "MAGA". That's also the super-secret codeword to get a discount on a #MAGA hat from the Trump store. #resist
Per #BuzzFeed, Putin's Foreign Ministry sent wire transfers to embassies with "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016" in the memo line (I assume in Angliski). It could be for RU elections or just thumbing nose at USA. #MAGA #resist
.@lukeobrien: why are you too cowardly to allow comments on your #TheAtlantic blog post? #AltRight #MAGA #resist
I'll leave that for your 27 RTers since you're too cowardly to allow comments on her blog post. #TheAtlantic #AltRight #MAGA #resist MT @JeffreyGoldberg Read @AngNagle on ["The Lost Boys"] how the 'alt-right' could define politics for a generation
.@goldengateblond: Brett Talley is a big amnesty fan. That's what could sink him, not what you've heard from the MSM. Since your goal is to sink him, will you directly ask specific MSM reporters when they'll report on that?
There are much smarter things Hannity fans could do that a) wouldn't leave them down a coffee maker & b) would *really* help their idol. Conservatives, #MAGA, & #LNYHBT do not do smart. #idiocracy #TheResistance
Hannity fans are smashing #Keurig coffee makers in #Twitter vids to protest them pulling their ads from his show, even tho Keurig already has their money & they're now down a coffee maker. Conservatives, #MAGA, #LNYHBT = #idiocracy. #TheResistance
.@NoahBookbinder: Talley's a big amnesty fan, and that's the only thing that will stop him or at least undercut Trump to #MAGA. You have a chance to stop Talley by discussing that. Are you going to do that or take partial blame for helping Talley succeed?
.@JJohnson2u: it should be clear by now that nothing @benjaminwittes says about Talley will undercut him where it counts. Talley's a big amnesty fan & that would stop him, but Wittes & the MSM don't want to reveal that to people like you. Ask them why they won't.
.@notthefakesvp proposes #ESPN broadcast a "NIT World Cup", featuring losers like Italy & #USMNT. That's not a bad idea. Even better, why didn't ESPN outbid foreign tabloid scum for the #WorldCup?
What's shocking is how consistent I am. 15, maybe 20 years ago I posted to USENET about repatriating Rupert Murdoch. #MAGA #FoxNews #resist
Because not enough paid hacks were blogging about Brett Talley, unpaid hack @JoeMyGod chimed in with the same story that won't turn #MAGA against him & Trump. Talley is on the wrong side of #immigration, but DNC talking points won't discuss that. #TheResistance #MAGA
At #Gizmodo, @paleofuture blogs that Brett Talley is a "Ghost-Hunting Horror Novelist". At this point in time, it's best to give #TheResistance a lolly and a pat on the head. #MAGA
OTOH, @emquiry is paid to repeat DNC talking points, even if doing real reporting for once would be better. Brett Talley is a big amnesty fan. That could sink him to #MAGA or at least undercut Trump to them. When will you discuss that? #TheResistance
.@akarl_smith: you're clearly anti-Trump. Just as clearly, you're doing it wrong. The people you try to suck up to don't even know you blog. You're a fourth-stringer. Eg, you blog about Talley not disclosing his wife's job. You didn't blog what would really hurt him & Trump.
In case you've been living under a rock for the past decade, conservatives are insane. #MAGA #resist
I had the goods on them 5+ years ago: Why didn't conservatives help? #immigration #MAGA MT @Blacks4Trump16: Southern Baptist “leader” Russell Moore is a left-wing fraud. His open-borders Evangelical Immigration Table
.@LindaKWS1: @RepBetoORourke is on the take. Mexico can't take care of their own pregnant women, and he enables that rather than demanding their do their job. #Texas #immigration
#ThinkProgress lifer @imillhiser blogs "Trump’s ridiculously unqualified judicial nominee is sailing through Senate". How can that be, since #TheResistance has opposed him in their own special way? Why, it's almost like they're doing it wrong as they always do.
You can't stop me: #FamilyGuy #MAGA #resist
.@kristinegwp: at #WaPo, you blog about Talley not disclosing his White House link by marriage. At my site, I discussed how he's a big amnesty fan. Which of those do Trump fans actually care about? Take your time, think it through, ask friends to help you figure it out.
.@mattapuzzo & @nytmike: here's a hint: #MAGA does not GAFF - a flaming FF - that Talley didn't disclose that. What they care about is amnesty, & Talley strongly supports that. When will you reveal to #MAGA how much of an amnesty fan Talley is? #TheResistance #NYT #NYTimes
.@mattapuzzo & @nytmike of #NYT blog Trump judicial pick Brett Talley didn't disclose he was married to a White House lawyer. Good job! But, since your goal is to undercut Trump, testing these things out first with Trump fans - not just your pals - would be a smart idea.
.@DonaldJTrumpJr was communicating with @Wikileaks before the election, with the latter doing most of the talking. Unfortunately, I don't see anything damning. #MAGA #TheResistance
ICYMI, highlights/lowlights of Italy vs Sweden in which Italy loses out on #WorldCup. Join the club. #soccer #USMNT #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist
.@DebraMark1: since then, Kobylt hyped illegal #immigration from Guatemala. Today he hypes U.S. construction workers taking illegal aliens' wages. My explanation: Kennedy/Reason sold them on a libertarian fantasy + Whitney Houston incident caused them to cool it on pro-American.
.@DebraMark1: years before you got there, @JohnAndKenShow used to oppose illegal #immigration. They even got hassled by White House over it: Nowadays they're anti-American libertarian scum who punch way down & never punch up. #KFI #MAGA #radio
Garden District Cecile Corbel #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
That's a strawman. McCain & other sane, patriotic people oppose Trump being Putin's puppet. #MAGA #resist MT @rodilosso_patty RT @wattsjim: POTUS insinuates #JohnMcCain is "hater and fool" for opposing good #Russian relationship. 100% correct as usual
.@pnehlen: wouldn't ACLU sue to block "extreme vetting" of Americans based on their religion, get huge support - incl from conservatives - and easily win at Supreme Court (if it goes that far)? Should people like you who can't figure things out try to set policy? #MAGA #resist
Wouldn't that send 1.6 billion Muslims - most not extremists, some/many secular - the message we're in a Holy War against them? RT @pnehlen RT @pnehlen: I support a full ban on Islamic immigration into the U.S. and extreme vetting of those already here
Reality shows Trump is a liar who'll backstab just for the hell of it. Want some examples? #MAGA #TheResistance MT @Harlan: President @realDonaldTrump is a man of his word... [refugee admittance allegedly down for now after months of not being down]