Eating contests - minor as they are - offend me at a deep level. Here, for your reference, is the official 24Ahead political platform. Compare this to the dreck from Dems, #GOP, #MAGA, #TheResistance, DSA (!), Bernie, etc etc.:
.@TomGozz: millions of kids die each year from malnutrition. Eating contests are immoral. You should be ashamed.
.@JoeGoodmanJr: speaking about @JoeyJaws, how many kids will die of malnutrition while he's stuffing his fat maw with hot dogs?
.@mjodirector: millions of kids die each year from malnutrition, & @DoleFoundation is promoting a reprobate like @JoeyJaws stuffing food into his mouth? Bear that in mind when you see their products.
.@notthefakesvp: Fox hides key #WorldCup Friday quarterfinals on FS1. That harms Fox, but it also harms everyone else: millions of fans who won't see the games, casual viewers, soccer on ESPN (marginalizing soccer harms ESPN), USMNT (fewer viewers = worse teams)... Speak out!
.@James_Stanley97: @adamamin has to eat, but so too do the millions of kids who die from malnutrition each year while we've got eating contests in the U.S. #ConeyIsland #MAGA #resist
Meanwhile on Ukrainian seashore where everyone speak Russian & is thus Russian land & is ready to loan Trump money, humble factory girls sing song for Trump: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #FourthOfJuly #resist #NowPlaying
.@rogbennett: 1. That's just a mustard dog. 2. Parenthetically, eating contests are immoral given the millions who die from malnutrition. 3. Speak out against Fox marginalizing Friday's soccer on FS1. That harms everyone: fans, your ratings, their ratings, ESPN ratings, USMNT...
"Mr. Trump is waiting. Did you drink 3 liter of voda as Mr. Trump command? Did you practice aim? Khorosho, enter!" #MAGA #resist
.@mbretosESPN: Fox has so far done better on #WorldCup coverage than ESPN would do: they've put lots of games on network while Disney wouldn't interrupt Judge Judy. But, Fox is hiding Friday's games on FS1. Marginalizing soccer harms everyone: fans, ESPN, USMNT, etc. Speak out!
If you learned the basics of, say Pushtu or Bantu and Trump spoke Pushtu or Bantu at the same grade level as he speaks English, you'd probably do fine. You might not get some of the colloquialisms but you could ask for an explanation. So, Putin will do just fine. #MAGA #resist
.@RobStoneOnFOX: Fox playing games with key games not only harms them directly as fewer watch, it harms them long-term: lower audiences now mean lower audiences later & bad USMNT teams later. Please urge them to put Friday's games on Fox.
Happy 4th! But, take a moment out to thank all those who fought for our freedoms. Such as Donald Trump, who singlehandedly won Vietnam. All the combatants in the Cola Wars of '04. And, all those who fought for Apple's child workers to have flextime. #FourthOfJuly #MAGA #resist
I mean, WTF else does Fox have to show at 7am? Is there a golf tournament at Trump National Official USA Bedminster Luxury Golf Resort or something? #WorldCup #BELBRA #BRABEL
.@TaylorTwellman: Fox has been unexpectedly good (at least by me) in putting games on network. On Friday they're backsliding & hiding key games on FS1. That's bad for everyone: soccer in USA, soccer on ESPN, USMNT, etc. Please speak out against marginalizing soccer.
.@gdirtydime @RWPUSA: in 2011, #PowerlineBlog had a video contest. They awarded $100,000 (yes, one hundred thousand) to "The Spending is Nuts", a childish cartoon that just has 36k views. That complete waste alone can be used to undercut them to their supporters. #resist
.@RobStoneOnFOX: millions don't get FS1. Fox thinks hiding key games will increase subs. That puts the cart before the horse: they have to first increase the audience for soccer before playing cutesy games. Their games harm them: fewer will watch the next. And...
.@MichaelRWarren: @scottwjohnson papers over his failings by being pompous. Eg, he intones Trump rolling back O's affirmative action directives is a good thing. They are, but Scott can't figure out it's just temporary: the next Dem pres will undo Trump just like Trump undid O.
.@MichaelRWarren: FYI, @scottwjohnson blocked me over these tweets mentioning you:
.@grantstern: you blog about #DutyToWarn. Did you ask the doc to diagnose why #TheResistance is so completely ineffectual at holding Trump accountable and why they don't even realize that?
.@lizhabib: I thought Fox would hide the whole #WorldCup on FS1 (which millions don't get). I've been pleasantly surprised at how many games they've put on network. Hiding Friday's quarterfinals on FS1 is a low blow & it harms soccer in the USA. Please pass that along.
What's great about the England win is now all the countries left in the #WorldCup are clean countries without checkered pasts.
Trump apparently wants to meet Putin alone at their next summit, no other Americans present. Putin is fluent in German & he can read a teleprompter in heavily-accented English. He seems to understand it. Trump already speaks Basic English so... #MAGA #resist
Excellent final result both in #WorldCup & overall.
Trump reversing Obama on affirmative action is just more entertainment for #MAGA: Trump's action is as permanent as Obama's was. To stop aff action permanently Trump would have to make valid arguments against it. He & his fans can't even conceive of doing that. #resist
"Trump admin will encourage the nation's school superintendents and college presidents to adopt race-blind admissions standards, abandoning an Obama administration policy". If Trump can reverse Obama, then the next Dem pres can reverse Trump. #MAGA #resist
England only has themselves to blame. #WorldCup
England goes up 1-0 on a Kane PK. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
.@RaeComm: I've been expecting the Murdoch shiv for a while, and it's coming Friday. Fox showed the good games on network but they're hiding both quarterfinal games on FS1 (which millions don't get). That's horrible for soccer in the USA. #WorldCup
24Ahead's Closing Argument is: Trump has finally gone too far! This is a new karaoke version of his new National Anthem. It's now being deployed to IHOPs across the USA to further his personality cult. #MAGA #resist
For #Twitter, cons are expendable: they don't need Trump & #MAGA as long as they have celebs, etc. What would *really* worry Twitter is if all those Bieber etc fans knew how Twitter censors their tweets. If cons were smart they'd be trying to educate Bieber etc fans.
.@sandstock: FYI, #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. They also censor music fans, sports fans, etc. etc. If the 10s of millions who should worry about being censored were worried, Twitter would be in big trouble. Cons *help* Twitter by shrinking the tent.
Twitter help shield Trump officials from dissent. Use the open source app linked from my top tweet to bust how they help Egypt etc govts. MT @RaQara MT @torproject: Egypt didn't just censor the internet. It profited from it. Many blocked sites were redirected to affiliate ads...
.@SeverePayne: my data - real data, not anecdata - shows #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. They censor all kinds of users. Those who falsely pretend it's just a con thing help Twitter by shrinking the tent. #MAGA #resist
Meanwhile in Austria, Senator Leyonhjelm (try spelling that before breakfast) accused his colleague @sarahinthesen8 of "shagging men". Live on their radio! I mean the accusation was on their radio.
#MAGA & #TheResistance arguments fall flat outside their echo chambers. Instead of improving their arguments, they just quash dissent. That leads to even worse arguments. In the case of #resist, that led directly to Trump being elected.
Quashing dissent - as authoritarians of any stripe try to do - is horrific for many reasons. One is it leads to the issues both #MAGA & #TheResistance have: their arguments only play in their echo chambers.
.@lipsoneric: you probably won't understand this, but @KristinMinkDC isn't a peer of Scott Pruitt: she acted like a child begging a parent for something. A peer would have engaged Pruitt in Socratic debate & asked him tough questions that'd make him look bad *to Trump's base*.
.@tmeola1: I thought Fox would hide #WorldCup away on FS1, but they've been mostly good so far by putting it on network. Now I see both Friday quarterfinals will be on FS1. Is that a typo? Hiding major matches away on FS1 is horrific for soccer in the USA.
In most other fields, leaders constantly doing dim things that don't work has consequences: business, sports, war, etc. etc. In politics, leaders *succeed* by doing dim things when those who only respond to things that blow up real good buy their books etc. #MAGA #TheResistance
.@Bros4America: if @kristinminkdc were smart she'd have engaged Pruitt in debate, asking Socratic questions designed to put him on the spot. Instead she just acted like a child. She's not a peer of Pruitt & her tantrum will be forgotten tomorrow. #TheResistance
I have difficulty ceasing laughing in regards to 1:15+ of this: #FamilyGuy #MAGA #resist
Earlier today, I jinxed myself by saying #Fox decisions on #WorldCup had been "excellent". Now I see they're putting SWESWI on FS1 tomorrow. Even worse, BOTH FRIDAY QUARTERFINALS ARE ON FS1. #MAGA???? #resist
.@GrrrGraphics: @ChrisCuomo showed your cartoon with your name visible but w/o noting it was a fake. Demand he acknowledge it's a fake: (Then, as a bonus, you can admit Trump Wall and Trump himself are fake)
For any furriners chancing upon this feed, in the U.S. we have two warring parties that are constantly at each others' throats. The Dems are NeoLiberal on economics & Gramscian on culture. OTOH, the #GOP are NeoLiberal on economics & Gramscian on culture. #MAGA #resist
.@EricLevitz: you can push #AbolishICE & other pro-Koch efforts because loudest opponents to such things are dim and/or fake (Trump, Breitbart, etc.) Go watch some MLP vids. Loudest opponents of NeoLiberalism won't always be Trumplike. A MLP-like leader would destroy your career
.@NSlayton: if @SeanMcElwee had his way, would wages rise or fall for lower-skilled workers? If he isn't already, he should be getting a check from U.S. Chamber, the Koch bros, & WalMart. He'd help them get all the cheap labor they want. #AbolishICE = #Koch.
.@usvetram @BryanDeanWright: no Dem leader wants actual "open borders". That means they'd let *anyone* come here & that's not true. Use "loose borders" instead: it's true & it doesn't set you up for failure. #MAGA #AbolishICE
.@AlexHammers: unlike #soccer, #football is a manly sport. The bear-like Linemen line up & bend over. The QB slides his hands between the thighs of the Center & screams. Suddenly, the ball flies out from the Center's thighs & the QB tosses it to the Tight End. #NTTAWWT #MAGA
Japan played great, but Belgium just (presumably) won it in the last minute of stoppage time. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
#Belgium gets a goal on a popup header. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
Holy crap: Japan goes up 2-0 against #Belgium. They must be really pissed about losing World War 2. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
Shock: #Japan goes up 1-0 over #Belgium. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
Courtoir nutmegged himself. #Belgium #WorldCup
.@SecretsBedard blogs "Eric Trump rushes into NYC traffic to save ailing woman". The correct answer to fawning Obama coverage isn't fawning Trump coverage. It's to finally be a real reporter and ask leaders - no matter who they are - tough questions. When will you do that?
#Fox commentators keep jinxing: "if this score holds...", hyping the Denmark keeper, etc. etc. You've already mentioned that once, you don't have to keep repeating it over and over. #WorldCup
#Fox has so far been excellent with their #WorldCup decisions; I originally thought they were going to hide the whole thing on FS1. IIRC, NBC didn't show any Olympics soccer; Disney wouldn't interrupt All My Children. But: the announcers have to concentrate on the current game.
Melania "earned six figures from an agreement with Getty Images that paid royalties to the Trumps and mandated photos be used in positive coverage". #MAGA? #resist #journalism #FakeNews
#Japan is swarming #Belgium, exactly like they did in World War 2. #WorldCup
Excellent #WorldCup result today. Probably not a good idea to go to East L.A. for a week or so.
Every group - you, cons, etc. - thinks they're the only victims. #Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. Try the big tent approach instead. MT @beccabluesky73 MT @apihtawikosisan: Hey Twitter why are you participating in a censorship campaign against Indigenous women
Burcu Tatlıses - Ay: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@amitsurg: #Twitter engages in subtle, deceptive censorship by heavily ghosting their users. They probably heavily censor replies to Indian politicians. Use the open source app linked from my pinned tweet to help bust what they're doing.
Why are the first things dumb people always think of dumb things? Faced with a problem, they want to march, wave signs, get billboards, pull stunts, etc. It *never* involves making a valid argument & debate. They're popular because of the Bell Curve. #MAGA #resist
Such things are incredibly easy to fake, has anyone else reported it? Did they refresh the page? Does #Twitter censor about as many libs as cons, yes or no? MT @LauraLoomer WOW [screenshot claiming to show "No Tweets" in place of her tweets]
Unless Putin breaks out the polonium, Russia isn't advancing. RT @darksecretplace MT @rogbennett [ #WorldCup hosted by strongmen go to host country]
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this video of the original Trump National Anthem from the early days of #MAGA in 2015: #MusicSunday #resist #NowPlaying
#Soccer aka #football is a mostly healthy example of nationalism, it lets you cheer for good countries against the less good, & it's whites-friendly - whites can & do excel at every position. Like utensils, indoor plumbing, logic, & soap, #MAGA just don't get it.
Trump fan brings a gun to an intellectual fight, helping those he claims to oppose: "Man arrested after shouting ‘womp, womp’ and pulling a gun on #immigration protesters" #MAGA? #resist
.@HeadlineJohnson: at #PageSix you blog some ad hom nonsense that's not going to hold #Ocasio2018 accountable. What would hold her accountable is pointing out her #immigration stance would help U.S. Chamber. When will you try real reporting & real citizenship?
#PageSix & #DailyMail are now opposing #Ocasio2018 in incompetent ways. Why weren't they opposing Ocasio2018 in incompetent ways before she won? #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@rainnwilson: in U.S. football, burly, manly men bend over and the QB sticks his hands between the legs of the Center and shouts. Suddenly the ball flies out & Wide Receivers try to catch it. Then, they hug. Then they kneel for the anthem and play the game. #SoccerIsBoring
Jess Mendoza has a hot blouse & dress. #SNB #MAGA #resist
Of my last four #WorldCup picks, I only got the one I least cared about right.
Crazy times in Russia. #Croatia #Denmark #WorldCup
.@MelsLien: you blog about the Boise knife attack at #ThinkProgress, spending 7 paras on the attack followed by 7 boilerplate paras trying to give your readers the impression the attack is related to Trump. How is that different from what Jim Hoft does? #MAGA #resist
Russia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, leave defeated, World War 2, winter, summer, Axis, Allies, #WorldCup. #DIYJokeKit #MAGA #resist
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this glorious video celebrating the Trump revolution! #MAGA #resist
.@bridgewaterbb1 @TonyBer55 @bbusa617: NAU was a GWB plan; his cultists (predecessors to Trump cultists) enabled him as Trump cultists enable Trump now. Trump - a draft dodger - would sell out the USA given 1/4 the chance. #MAGA #resist
Speaking about #Canada (it happens sometimes, usually at least once per decade), CA leftists opposed the USA leftists were trained by their NeoLiberal leaders (MoJo, HuffPo, etc.) to snark about it. Score 1 for CA. #MAGA #resist
.@DCTFTW @LindaFrum: #Twitter heavily censors replies to McKenna & probably other CA officials. See the reports linked from my top tweet for the details. Challenge #Canada govt officials to oppose Twitter censoring replies to them. Help make Twitter look bad.
.@ljbeebe @bcbluecon: #Twitter is probably protected @karinagould from dissent by censoring replies to her. Use the app linked from my top tweet to collect the censored replies and then demand Twitter doesn't censor replies to CA govt officials.
Every time I search for Tw----- censorsh--, it's always one dim #MAGA snowflake or another polluting the search with a self-centered plea or a factually-incorrect nonsense tweet.
.@PhillipLaird - an OG Trump fan who defended him lying about MX illegal aliens - blocked me sometime back in 2015: Yet another fake patriot who in effect helps the bad guys.
.@PoliticallyRYT: FYI, @bluesea1964 complains about Twitter censorship, yet she blocked me after one tweet in which I pointed out #GatewayPundit blocked me from leaving comments. Has #MAGA ever done anything that shows support for open debate?
.@toad_spotted: @Steve_Sailer uses "open borders" about Dem leaders. They can easily show that to be a lie, and that helps the pro-amnesty side. It'd be smart of him to instead use "loose borders" & to make lib-friendly anti-amnesty arguments to libs. (eg, how Ocasio helps Koch)
To cons, you don't really oppose someone unless you tell counter-productive lies about them. When those lies are easily shown wrong & harm their supposed agenda, that's not because they lied: it's because of #FakeNews, the #DeepState, Martians, etc. #MAGA #resist
.@dpinsen: @Steve_Sailer says Dem leaders want open borders. He's saying that if OBL showed up in Tijuana, Dem leaders would let him cross into the U.S. They wouldn't, right? It'd be smart of Sailer to change just one word: *loose* borders. That's unassailable. Why isn't he?
"Trump aims to inflict political pain on Democrats over calls to abolish #immigration enforcement agency". As in everything else, he'll end up helping them. #MAGA #resist
U.S. #WorldCup ratings were already bad without #USMNT. Without Messi & Ronaldo they'll probably get even worse. That's bad for Murdoch. Importantly that's bad for #soccer in USA & thus bad for viability of future USMNT teams. Vicious cycle. #MAGA #resist
#Portugal ties it up. #WorldCupt
There's a very real chance both of my picks today could lose. #WorldCup #doh
U.S. Ambassador to Estonia quitting just cover story. He was fired after great patriot Trump challenged him to sing national anthem & failed. 24Ahead close broadcast day with great Trump anthem! #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
"U.S. assessing cost of keeping troops in Germany as Trump battles with Europe". Trump is serving the interests of his pal. #MAGA yahoos - pretend patriots all - will cheer as he helps the Russian govt achieve their strategic goals. #resist
Ambassador James D. Melville Jr. - U.S. Ambassador to Estonia - has resigned in disgust after Trump dissed one of our favorite Estonian songbirds, Mari Pokinen. 24Ahead stands with her. #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
A smart group would - after the 1000th failed cheap stunt - realize that cheap stunts aren't how to undercut Trump. #TheResistance doesn't understand they only respond to cheap stunts and can't even comprehend that what they're doing isn't working. Emoting is their only metric.
What's hilarious is #TheResistance has never been able to figure even one single thing out, ever. They don't even have the concept of what works and what doesn't. They're just pure, ineffectual primal whelp. #MAGA
At #Slate, @Millicentsomer artisanally bottles up her tears in "The America We Thought We Knew Is Gone". Even #MAGA isn't willing to drink them.
.@juliacarriew: you hype Stuttering John' cheap stunt, helping give him his 15". I've wanted those with access to Trump or his proxies to engage them in debate on their policies by asking tough questions that'd put them on the spot. Explain why "journalists" only hype the first
.@ColsBols: you hype Stuttering John's cheap plea for 15 minutes. For 3 years I've been promoting a plan to engage Trump & his proxies in Socratic debate designed to show them wrong. Which of those alternative approaches is better for the USA? #TheResistance