Earlier I said "Trump thinks they'll pack heat & respond like cops/military in a crisis". I take that back: he doesn't want them to respond like military, just cops (who have to be concerned with not shooting the wrong people, etc.) #StudentsStandUp #MAGA #resist
Feb 21 video: Trump wants to arm some teachers. Feb 22: he claims CNN & NBC said he wanted to arm all teachers. Did they? #StudentsStandUp #MAGA #resist
#NBC announcers can't even Bosnia Herzegovina without stumbling. OK, that's it, I'm out. Between that, and endless ice dancing, and not showing real sports now or in the past (like #soccer from Brazil), I'm washing my hands of the #Olympics. #OlympicsBoycott #MAGA #resist
.@lsmith4680: Trump is pro-amnesty, he's not going to end #immigration. He wants to *increase* it. There's no need to "figure out" DACA: it's amnesty & anyone who opposes amnesty should oppose it (Trump doesn't). Even if Trump Wall is built, Dems/GOP can easily tear it down.
.@RepJimDotson: Whittier kid threatened to shoot up school over being disciplined for headphones. Did things like that happen when machine guns were legal? At most very rarely. The problem is culture & you're too much of a lunkhead to help with that. #StudentsStandUp #Arkansas
.@RepJimDotson: I realize you're a lunkhead playing to lunkheads, but arming teachers isn't the solution. Someone who wants to do that would just take out the gym teacher or use a different kind of weapon like poison or a truck (a la Nice). That's just a bandaid for lunkheads.
.@debv219: #TheResistance expressing outrage over Trump's "plan" to arm teachers just feeds his demagoguery. What'd undercut him is really pressing his proxies on how it's unimplementable. Will you urge #resist leaders to do that instead of feeding Trump's trolling?
Is either a drunk at the end of a TN bar or plays one real good -> MT @lsmith4680 I'm SICK & TIRED of the left picking on First Lady Melania! Know what I think? I think Trump should end ALL immigation until DACA is figured out, Illegal immigration is stopped & our Wall is built!
.@mssenator: you RT @funder. Have you seen the expose about how he grifts off #TheResistance? Search for it if not. Also, Resistance outrage over arming teachers just *helps* Trump. What'd hurt him would be to show how it's unimplementable, but as always they just help him.
NeoLiberal helpers are trying again to push mass, wage-lowering #immigration by calling Melania an anchor baby. The solution is to demand they spell out their policy and then show it wrong. #MAGA can't do that because their policy is basically Trump's policy.
Go Evgenia Medvedeva, America's Newest Sweetheart. Unlike #hockey, I can see her on the TV. #MAGA! #resist #GoTeamUSA #Olympics
Yeah, I could probably watch #GoTeamUSA online (perhaps using a foreign IP), but at this point in time who GAFF? If they don't care enough to demand network - even if they have to make concessions - why should I care? #MAGA #resist #Olympics
.@usahockey: like @USSoccer, millions can't see you because you let yourself be marginalized on specialty channels. #NBC has plenty of time for ice dancing & no network time for full #hockey games. You're screwing your own sport. #GoTeamUSA? #Olympics
I heard communists are tweeting about bots tweeting about arming teachers. #MAGA #resist MT @soulwhisper2016: Heads up Bots are tweeting arm the teachers ! Stay woke America disarm them & their Russian Propaganda!
Trump aka #CadetBoneSpurs thinks Mildred Schmickel - English teacher by day, cat lady by night - is going to respond to being shot at like he's seen in the movies. #MAGA = #idiocracy #StudentsStandUp
OECD stats page only partly worked but 57% of USA high school teachers are female; it's much higher for grade school. They probably skew old & many are cat ladies. Trump thinks they'll pack heat & respond like cops/military in a crisis. #MAGA = #idiocracy #StudentsStandUp
.@RyanLizza: Trump's plan to arm teachers is - like his other plans - just unimplementable entertainment for yahoos. When can we could on you & @DonLemon to *really* press Trump proxies on how it wouldn't work & wouldn't solve the problem? Give us an ETA. #StudentsStandUp
It's not just #StudentsStandUp that's a Children's Crusade. Every f-ing thing is a Children's Crusade: @JakeTapper, Rubio, Trump, Don Lemon, all their guests, their loudest supporters & opponents, etc. It's like the Kindergarten version of an ant farm. #MAGA #resist
A r/w leader hyping inflammatory but completely ineffective #immigration policy is in the sweet spot: lunkheads love them, libs are up in arms, & nothing changes so the wealthy are happy. It's a win-win-win except for USA. #MAGA
There are few *policies* r/w entertainers are really serious about: saving the wealthy on taxes, helping the wealthy harm the environment, and - maybe - guns. They *don't* care about reducing illegal #immigration & stopping amnesty because there's no money in it. #MAGA #CNN
Like you, she's a r/w entertainer & thus lacks smarts to figure out what to do that wouldn't have resulted in boos. #ParklandShooting #CNN #resist #MAGA MT @McCormackJohn Crowd boos after Dana Loesch tells story of young rape victim who wished she had a gun to protect herself.
.@AriSchulman: how many school/work shootings (not by career criminals) were there when machine guns were legal?
Big words, must be right! -> MT @AriSchulman To the extent that mass shootings are about anything, it’s themselves. They have a distinct etiology: They’re a form of imitative apolitical terrorism, fueled by antisocial rage but spread by infamy-seeking and social contagion
.@DanHicksNBC: what you need is a touchscreen like the McDonald's register. When you want to say an Olympians name you instead tap their picture and their name is said correctly. #Olympics
.@AWRHawkins: your cult-like idiocy is dangerous to the USA. Arming a small number of teachers won't stop committed attackers who could use other, far more lethal methods. Trump makes idiots like you feel better but he's doing nothing against school shootings. #Parkland #MAGA
.@AWRHawkins: at #Breitbart, you reblog Trump's
Trump Trivia: on his third 'Nam tour, Trump - wearing heavy makeup - went undercover as a Viet Cong general to foil one of the enemy's plots. #MAGA #resist
Alex Trebek will moderate an upcoming #Pennsylvania governor debate. In the past he's said he wouldn't let pols get away with stock responses but would "pin them down". If so that'd at least be a step up but I'm not counting on much. #Jeopardy
Security guard thwarts mass shooting at a school in Whittier, which abuts E.L.A. and thus most of the students are probably already carrying AR15s anyway.
Re #Twitter #censorship, cons greatly hurt themselves by not opposing censorship of *everyone* even those they disagree with. They shrink the tent & they imply they'd engage in censorship too they just don't have the power. O/c, their leaders just use #TwitterLockout etc to grift
#CNET quotes @briansolis supporting #TwitterLockout & much more: "It's a fraction of what Twitter needs to do. bot problem is one of several problems for [them]. It's not promoting civil discourse. It's creating angst and chaos." Open debate makes lots of people uncomfortable.
.@Green_Footballs mocks (he isn't capable of much else) #TwitterLockout & says he'd ban Richard Spencer if he could. Showing that he doesn't support the *spirit* of the First Amdt. #MAGA #resist
At #WeeklyStandard, @aliceblloyd treats #TwitterLockout - yet another move by #Twitter to clamp down on dissent - as a minor matter. I can support those I disdain speaking, she can't. She also thinks providing a "discrete" phone number makes you a human.
At this point in time, USA is locked in the grip of two competing visions: conservatives who want _Idiocracy_ with a healthy dose of _1984_, and liberals who want _1984_ with healthy dose of _Idiocracy_. Which team will win? #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
Interesting thoughts from #NYT OpEd contributor. Should all white people think the same too? Is there some sort of gene requiring those of a certain race/ethnicity/skin color to samethink? MT @WajahatAli Brown Friends don't let Brown Friends grow up and become Dinesh D'Souza's.
Because the first inclination of #TheResistance etc is to quash debate - by calling names or more active techniques - they're no help at exposing the Rightwing Entertainment Complex & their frequently unpatriotic actions (like punching down at their fellow citizens). #Parkland
Apparently the Dinesh D'Souza mindcrime was saying FL voting down Parkland's bill was "worst news since parents told them to get summer jobs". Ironically, he's just a con grifter hippie-punching to help the wealthy, getting paid by the wealthy to smear his fellow citizens. #MAGA
I heard a rumor he shouted "I hate Big Brother" in his sleep, you should tell someone. #MAGA #resist #MarchForOurLives MT @cindymclennan Dear simonschuster, Dinesh D'Souza, is using his Twitter account to [dissent from the Partei line]
If you were smart & weren't a lil' fascist, you'd encourage everyone to engage him in Socratic debate at his Q&A to try to show him wrong. Lil' fascists' minds don't work that way. MT @Pappiness Dinesh D'Souza is [dissenting, so let's brigade & tattle on him to his] sponsors
24Ahead's Closing Argument is this riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a #MAGA hat wrapped in a newspaper wrapped in sequins wrapped in an enigma: #NowPlaying #resist #Olympics #MusicTuesday
I'm sure you're different. Let's test it! For how many decades could one buy a machine gun in the USA? How many mass work/school (non mob) shootings during that time? MT @MrTommyCampbell Dinesh D'Souza is a horrible person that’s convinced stupid people that he’s intelligent
.@brahmresnik: @SteveMontenegro should respond by calling you out for helping increase border deaths: by enabling illegal #immigration you have blood on your hands. You can respond by calling him out on how easy it'd be to undercut/tear down "Trump Wall". #Arizona #MAGA #resist
.@brahmresnik: you try a small-market hitpiece on @SteveMontenegro. On things that really matter like #immigration, he's mixed. He'd "eliminate all of the magnets that encourage illegal aliens to risk their lives to come here": a great point he could use against people like you.
Trump has named tomorrow Eugenia Medvedeva Day. First good decision he's ever made. #Olympics #MAGA #resist
But seriously, Al Trautwig - the POS who narrates heartwarming Hallmark tales about the trials & tribulations of teenage gymnasts - isn't even in South Korea. He's calling x-country skiing from Connecticut. #MAGA #resist #Olympics
.@GMillerTSN @brianboucher33: #NBC hides #hockey & other real sports away on channels millions of Americans don't get in order to show ice dancing 24/7. As hockey professionals, does that make any sense to you?
I *swear* I just saw a palm tree in the background of this "skiing" event from "Korea". I knew it! Just like Comet Ping-Pong, #NBC has faked this whole thing. They're doing the #Olympics on a soundstage in #LosAngeles near #Burbank!! #MAGA #resist #AltRight #InfoWars
Dear @AriannaHuff: I am not your "repairman". I am not your "poolboy". I am not a "doctor" or a "policeman". I'm not here to fix your "pipes". I don't have a "pizza" or a "package" for you. I am your employee & I demand to be treated with the respect I deserve! #MeToo
Has Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) ever done a charmingly funny #Olympics skit? Like he's a repairman fixing something & accidentally gets on a snowboard and goes down the ramp & then does tricks? At least that'd be more entertaining than ice dancing. #MAGA #resist
.@learyreports: #Parkland students behind #MarchForOurLives are at this point just Dem proxies or dupes. #GOP has plenty of those too. What they're doing won't solve the problem. How many school shootings were there in the decades when full auto machine guns were legal? #resist
Choi Da-Bin looks a bit Vietnamese. Probably reminds Trump of the LBFMs he knew back during his four 'Nam tours. #MAGA #resist #Olympics
At #Breitbart, @charliespiering blogs "White House Suggests President Trump Ready to ‘Give It to the Media’ at Elite Journalist Dinner". I'm sure he'll done make 'em blows up real good, but wouldn't it be better for the USA if he could show someone wrong to their base for once?
Jewel. As you do whatever it is you're going to do, remember she's related to Atz, Otto, and Atz Lee. #MAGA #resist #Wikifeet
.@rails: jr stasiette @mekosoff quotes an un-named ex #Twitter exec as blaming Twitter's inability to stifle dissent like in the good ol' days of the Stasi, KGB, & Mukhabarat on their use of Ruby on Rails. The exec claims it doesn't scale like the Stasi etc solutions. Thoughts?
.@MikeTirico: at this point, I'm "go die in a lake of fire" to #NBC #Olympics coverage. NBC execs can't find real sports with both hands, show endless ice dancing instead of real sports like hockey. Even #curling is more of a real sport than ice dancing.
Yeehaw: @pamkeyNEN blogs w/o comment "Gingrich: Arming Teachers ‘Only Long-Term Solution’ to School Shootings". That's the solution to *his* money woes: appealing to idiots. Real solution is cultural. #MarchForOurLives #Breitbart #Parkland #resist
.@MillerBode: all #NBC hosts I've heard sound like idiots as they mispronounce Euro names. Asian names are probably worse off. NBC clearly didn't give them a guide & hosts didn't do easy prep. Not to mention showing endless ice dancing over real sports like hockey. #Olympics
Not only that, Michael Moore supported un-American #DisruptJ20. They (of course) had zero impact. They even have a legal arm (@disruptj20legal) but those "lawyers" aren't smart & patriotic enough to engage opponents in Socratic debate. #MAGA #resist
.@MMFlint marched in a #NotMyPresident rally (allegedly) organized by Putin helpers: #MAGA #resist
.@instapundit responds to mekosoff quest for even more #Twitter censorship merely by quipping that they aren't doing enough against "progressive trolls". IOW, he's as much a threat to open debate as "progressives", they just have more power. #MAGA #AltRight #resist
Lil' fascist @mekosoff cheers #Twitter silencing Trump, lies about who Trump attacks, & tries to shiv Del Harvey of Twitter "Trust & Safety" for not being *enough* of a lil' fascist. #MAGA #resist #censorship
24Ahead's Closing, Bitter Over #Olympics Events And Coverage And All Of These Other Things Argument is: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
I don't want to take anything away from the mental & physical demands of #Olympics athletes, but what they do isn't like this:
Why are halfpipe & ice dancing considered valid #Olympics sports, but real sports that'd be on non-groomed trails & reflect reality are considered beyond the piste?
.@Garth828: cite polls showing even majority support for Trump Wall & reducing entitlements. Also, #RAISEAct is a libertarian scam that'd make us a nation of Saverins, not of citizens. Most Americans would oppose Trump's DACA amnesty if they knew how it'd harm the USA.
Not even most #GOP want Trump Wall. Only billionaires & libertarians want to reduce entitlements. #MAGA? MT @Garth828 the American people overwhelming want "[Trump Wall], Allow immigration based on their ability to benefit America... Massively reduce entitlement spending".
I forgot to play You're So Vain on #PresidentsDay in a tribute to Trump. Except I don't play crap music even to point out what a self-centered POS Trump is. #MAGA #resist
.@KieranSuckling @LoriAnnBurd: which #immigration policy would really put Mexico's corrupt elites in a bind: 1. Loose borders + amnesty + Gastarbeiter, or 2. Enforcing our laws & encouraging DREAMers to go home? C'mon! You know the answer. You're just on the wrong side.
How much do you 3 know about the issue? Eg, what's the very powerful quasi-governmental group that wants to take a cut of remittances? MT @KieranSuckling Ran into Noam Chomsky today at lunch with @LoriAnnBurd [all of them agree with USChamber & #Koch on #immigration]
.@VotePrTrump2020: let's say, even if Trump has to give citizenship to 1 to 2 million new Dem voters, he gets $20 billion for his wall. Because he's a builder, he builds it for just $10 billion. Do you see any problems with his plan to spend the extra $10 billion on other things?
3 days later, after importing 25 million docs into #Apache #Solr, it crashed 2x with a 3 gig heap. So I gave it 5 gigs & it was using 108.5% of CPU & all that RAM. I'm no solr expert, but it doesn't seem stable. How much RAM does it need to be at least semi-stable?
He also calls @AnnCoulter the "foremost expert on #immigration". Yet, she thinks an incredibly fragile "wall" would be "forever": MT @tyoung444 #CPACWithoutCoulter is like a border without a wall
So, when you hear Trump, #FoxNews etc scream "Pocahontas", remember it's because they won't go after her over amnesty: Warren & them *agree* on that. Don't be a dupe for those who won't go after her on amnesty because that just helps amnesty. #MAGA
.@LifeCoachLiza: if you want to send a message to Trump, undercut those like mshields007 *to Trump's base*. Trump needs lieutenants, w/o them he's powerless. Shields is most vulnerable to MAGA over his support for amnesty. Will you use that to help send a message to Trump?
#MAGOP opposed Warren over #immigration. As soon as national #GOP stepped in (you?) things got really, really dumb. Not where she's most vulnerable, but stuff only idiots relate to. MT @mshields007 Hey @SenWarren people are giving these as gifts on Valentines Day: 23andme
ICYMI, #MAGOP originally opposed Liz Warren over #immigration, etc. Then, national #GOP stepped in & dumbed things way, way down. With #FoxNews, @LegInsurrection, etc. they made it Pocahontas 24/7. They needed to do that: nat. #GOP & Warren mostly *agree* on amnesty, etc. #MAGA
Along the same lines as the below, I've had a sneaking - but completely unconfirmed - suspicion about the person I just mentioned. The powerless one, not the giant.
Which is a real sport: ice dancing or hockey? Which does #NBC show on their network? People like you ruin the #Olympics for everyone else. MT @Kate__Halliwell Me watching ice dancing on 17 different streams [etc. etc., probably something about her cats too]
.@halfadams: people like you spoil the #Olympics for everyone else. Which is a real sport: ice dancing or hockey? Which has #NBC shown 100 hours of in primetime & which have they shown 0 hours of except on their barely-watched SN channel?
Our crooked & more or less totalitarian elites want to shrink acceptable discourse to talk about cheetos, how great amnesty is, #guncontrol, etc. They appear to be using Russian hysteria to push that agenda, and that has to be resisted. #MAGA #resist
Putin *wants* social networks, etc to limit the bounds of allowable speech or at least it's a good side-effect for him. In the same way terrorists have to love TSA shoe-checking, Total Info Awareness, etc. Both Putin & terrorists cheer USA having less freedom. #MAGA #resist
.@securedemocracy: I see that #Newsweek hyped and then de-cited your "official" opinion. Any idea what happened?
Not so ironically, you sound like any other totalitarian. MT @noUpside I can’t emphasize enough what disaster Groups are. [Facebook] Groups rec engine is conspiracy correlation matrix. pushes people prone to extremist & polarizing content into closed & then secret groups...
#NYT: "Texas Democrat Writes Giant-Killer Narrative One Livestream at a Time". The "giant" is Ted Cruz. The Little People Fighting The Good Fight are the completely powerless Beto O'Rourke and the #NYTimes. #MAGA #resist #Texas
.@AsmGarcia: lost in the sad tales of you getting drunk & getting rejected is your racial demagoguery. You hilite you're a Latina female. Imagine a #GOP pol hiliting him being a white male! Wouldn't you call him every name in the book? Also, I have a liter of Popov just for you.
.@ConwayShow: if John & Ken & Trump were smart & patriotic, they'd be pointing out how DACA/DREAMAct would harm U.S. workers/students *and* foreign countries (due to braindrain). That'd stop amnesty for good & greatly harm Dem leaders. Which plan do you think is smarter?
.@ConwayShow: anti-American sociopaths John & Ken think it'd be brilliant if Trump led DREAMers on, using the stock #GOP trick to blame it on the Dems. Why? Who'd split from the Dems over that? That also implies DACA is a good thing. It's also like playing w/ a loaded amnesty.
.@TeamUSA: a great, relateable #Olympics event would be trail running. *NOT* on a groomed fire road. I mean steep, narrow, loose, non-groomed use trails. Stagger runners, use drone cams. Maybe have 2nd/3rd class rock. Eg: up west side of Strawberry Peak & down east side.
While I'm here, I usually hike up & then jog (sometimes breaking into a lumbering run for stretches). That's usually on the same trails, but I have to deal with loose spots, steepness, variety, obstacles, etc. I can't relate to the groomed courses at the #Olympics.
.@DebraMark1: I listen to John & Ken for the first time in ages and the sociopathic anti-Americans seem to be getting even a joke story wrong. The cruise ship family (Barkho) appear to actually be Assyrian, not Italian as J&K say. #KFI #LosAngeles #radio
The Donald Trump & #MAGA of #Finland, circa 1952: #NowPlaying #resist #MusicSunday #Olympics
As should be obvious but obviously isn't, opposing mass/illegal #immigration the conservative/Breitbart/Trump way does not work. If it did work, then Trump would oppose amnesty & illegal #immigration wouldn't continue. Cons *in effect* enable amnesty. #MAGA?
.@bbusa617: my anti-DACA argument is that it'd harm U.S. students & workers *and* harm foreign countries (via braindrain). That argument is focused directly at the problem: libs who support it by default but who could be turned against their leaders. When'll you help out?
Do you have any metrics on that truth (if true) having any impact? The intended audience is already against DACA. The only way that'd work is if it changes minds or turns neutrals. Do you have any evidence of that? MT @bbusa617 The truth about DACA is uglier than we've been told
24Ahead's Closing Argument is a virtual trip to Cappadocia, Trump's homeland. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@MizDanaClaire: if someone wants to commit mass murder & they can't get an AR15 or any kind of gun, are they more like to a) find some other weapon, or b) just give up on the idea completely? #MarchForOurLives - today's version of a Children's Crusade - thinks "b". #resist
Each week at this time, Trump - in order to slow cultural decline - tweets his pick for this week's Bombard & Organ song. This is this week's selection: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@DawnMacc: there are smart arguments & campaigns that'd *really* harm Trump. @jonlovett has the megaphone to make them happen. You should ask why he can't/won't do that. Is it that he isn't smart enough to figure any of that out, or that he's just posturing? #TheResistance
.@bj95432geemale: Tillerson allegedly calling Trump moron is most entertaining! However - unlike @SRuhle - I'd prefer if #CBSNews had engaged him in Socratic debate about U.S. foreign policy (& domestic policy that impacts intl like #immigration). That's the grownup choice.
People will often ask me, "most Americans don't know/care about USA trouncing #Finland in #Olympics women's hockey because NBC hides it from them. Does Finland have something to be proud of?" Yes: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday