#IfIWerePresidentForOneDay: first of all, they're Partnership Camps. It's a good thing. #TheStrain #MAGA #resist
If you're whining about #Irma, imagine you lived on #Mars and had to deal with 300F ammonia clouds. Fucking wimps. #Florida #MAGA #resist
I'm sick of "Irma-mania". It's some wind and some water. Put on a jacket, you wimps. #Florida #MAGA #resist #Irma
"Study: Trump fans are much angrier about housing assistance when they see an image of a black man". No doubt ignores context. #resist #MAGA
#Berkeley is prepping for @benshapiro speech like he's plutonium, even tho he's an intensely weak buffoon. #MAGA #resist
The Australian promo vid for Trump Steaks: #MAGA #resist
.@DAColdriver: on amnesty, @RepSwalwell sides with Tyson Foods, Western Growers, Norquist, & the #Koch bros. Ask his base what his pals want
.@DAColdriver: to undercut @RepSwalwell, point out to his base just how contrary to real liberal interests amnesty is. #CA15
If you have Peri Trump Stress Disorder, don't watch #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist
.@ajenable: FYI, @guypbenson is a big amnesty fan: He'll feel right at home w/ Trump & Pelosi pushing it.
.@58isthenew40: to undercut @GreggJarrett to #FoxNews audience, point out to them that he in effect supports Trump pushing amnesty.
Recitation of talking points -> MT @GreggJarrett: Trump's DACA decision
The Kinks - Victoria: #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist
.@HopeRehak: check out @JustinRaimondo 's LAT OpEd. He enabled Trump even more than Heaven's Gate did Applewhite. He owns amnesty. #MAGA?
The Yardbirds - Over Under Sideways Down: #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist
There's at least 4 vids of "witches" dancing to the same German rap song, 2 German (original) & then 2 USA. #DoingItWrong #idiocracy #maga
Trump's a big fat DACA fan. He wants to legalize DREAMers. #MAGA MT @mike_Zollo RT @southern4MAGA: Hello? #Idiots that want to Defend, #DACA
Ivanka Trump teams with Grover Norquist - a big amnesty fan - to push Trump's tax plan: #MAGA? #TheResistance
I already have a fairly large amount of code for this. *This*. What you're seeing now. Wait, this is crazy? Why am I spending all this time
I have four jobs running: find tweets I need to get (old replies, etc.), get those tweets, find child tweets w/ missing pars, & rethreading.
.@garywhitta: @jonathanchait couldn't even figure out Trump's pro-amnesty, despite all his many pro-amnesty statements. #NYMag #resist
Like they ever do anyone. MT @howardmegdal RT @TopherSpiro: Reporters have never really questioned Cassidy about anything. It's weird.
.@AlexisinNH: best choice: help DREAMers repatriate + use smart args that undercut Pelosi to her base. You see @kausmickey urging that?
.@AlexisinNH: 2 years ago I accurately described how Trump's plans'd fail; then the same w Muslim ban. @kausmickey cheered Trump's idiocy.
.@AlexisinNH: I assume you got smart, but @kausmickey enabled Trump every step of the way. He never demanded Trump do better on #immigration
.@JoscoJVTeam: = undercut Pelosi to her base. @MarkSKrikorian lacks patriotism to demand Trump use it.
.@JoscoJVTeam: 1. @MarkSKrikorian supports amnesty for DREAMers, just like Trump. 2. We don't need eVerify, just smart arguments.
This is great! President Trump has made a video just for #MAGA! I love you, President Trump! #TrumpTrain #USA!
.@28Dave38: if @AnnCoulter were patriotic she'd demand Trump does voluntary repatriations + makes args that'd undercut Dems *to their base*.
.@28Dave38: @AnnCoulter wrote Trump's unimplementable #immigration plan & enabled him every idiotic step of the way. #MAGA #AltRight
.@28Dave38 [to @AnnCoulter realizing her monster is a monster] Too bad you couldn't see it before the election. SAD!
.@Thad8920: what's ironic is @AnnCoulter isn't even pro-white. She loves NFLBLM, but *hates* the whites-friendly soccer. #MAGA #AltRight
.@RisenCoach: @vdare should demand Trump does voluntary repatriations + makes smart arguments to undercut Dems *to their base*. They won't.
.@RisenCoach: I tried to get @vdare to take an open source campaign that would have permanently stopped amnesty. They refused.
.@RisenCoach: @vdare & #MAGA enabled Trump even more than Heaven's Gate enabled Maurice Applewhite. They're all responsible for amnesty.
.@phl43: now, Trump has gone full-on Grahamnesty, enabled by Coulter, vDare, those like @Steve_Sailer readers, etc. I'd fell guilt. #MAGA?
.@phl43: FYI, I got smeared by @Steve_Sailer readers when I suggested how Trump could undercut BLM:
In site news, I've imported all the old tweets I have & threaded them. When I tweet a reply I immediately retrieve that tweet & save it.
.@AlWilson725: smart way: voluntary repatriation w MX help, & using smart arguments that undercut Dems *to their base*. Too smart for Trump.
.@AlWilson725: Trump can't even keep out visitors from Somalia. There's absolutely no way he could mass deport DREAMers. You'd *help* Pelosi
AKA amnesty. #MAGA? MT @FoxNews: @RepSwalwell: "What we should do in Congress is take on comprehensive immigration reform." #Tucker
Except that won't work. MT @AlWilson725 eto ne Trump victory. He take Obama ukaz, try to cement into law. They're illegal. Let's deport.
.@steph93065 supports ( the trade my pinned tweet shows to be idiotic & unnecessary
.@CarmineZozzora: smart arguments would undercut Dems to their base over #DACA. Is it "brilliant" that Trump won't make them? #MAGA?
Not sarcasm -> MT @CarmineZozzora Trump brilliantly and masterfully put the GOPe in bed w the Left on DACA, amnesty, illegal immigration
Time between punt reception & first play? Two Minutes & Fifty Four Seconds. Unlike #soccer, no pee bottle is needed with NFLBLM. #MAGA
It was over 1:17 from end of #Chiefs play to punt snap. #NFLBLM #soccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
It was 3 minutes & 7 seconds from end of #Patriots last play to snap of #Chiefs play. Messi could've scored a hat trick in that time. #MAGA
Trump supports amnesty. Cuomo's a crooked idiot. #NewYork MT @flitedocnm RT @NYGovCuomo: We will not stand by as 42,000 NYers are deported
Indeed. Your idol is an amnesty fan. MT @steph93065 Please see Trumps pre-election comments on #DACA. He said EXACTLY what he is doing now
Like Trump & Pelosi, Koch Brothers to push DREAM Act amnesty: #immigration #MAGA #resist
"Harvey and Irma, Married 75 Years, Marvel at the Storms Bearing Their Names". #NYT, not #TheOnion. #Harvey #Irma #MAGA #resist
Trump is tacking Dem. He isn't doing what would be popular: tacking liberal on their good issues (economics/environment/etc.) #MAGA #resist
There's a huge difference between Dems (NeoLiberal on econ, anti-speech, racist, etc.) and actual liberal. #MAGA #resist
.@Buccigross: #ESPN shows a doc about Serbian #soccer, but won't show the games themselves. Lack of imagineering. #baseball
.@Buccigross: some people do watch tennis, but #ESPN would do better by counterprogramming #soccer or #baseball against NFLBLM.
Nancy Pelosi says Trump told her he'd sign the anti-American #DREAMAct: #immigration #MAGA?
.@realDonaldTrump tweets for #DACA on Nancy Pelosi's suggestion: #MAGA?
Trump Tip #8312: Estonian chicks dig dudes with cravats: #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist
Congress is rushing to give Trump a deal to trade amnesty for enforcement: #immigration #MAGA?
.@vhfancc: @bdomenech cheers Trump working w/ Dems on amnesty. Is amnesty what you think of when you hear #MAGA?
.@jbrownlee55: @lucianwintrich 's boss thinks amnesty is OK when Trump does it: Are you an amnesty fan too? #MAGA
.@Deplorable_KimC: @JudgeJeanine probably opposed Obama's amnesty, but amnesty will be OK now since Trump is pushing it. #MAGA #FoxNews
DERPMT @Deplorable_KimC RT @JudgeJeanine: So it's OK for Pres Obama to say DACA is temp and will expire but not Pres Trump?
.@LilySAxelrod @gsiskind: find another bogeyman. Trump is on *your* side, the only question is how much. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@LilySAxelrod: @gsiskind isn't credible. CIR to Trump means exactly what it means to Lindsey Graham: full-on legalization aka amnesty.
Aka amnesty. DERPMT @KHShan In Jan 2016, Trump insisted the approach had to be comprehensive, so he's on record as supporting legislation
I hope that's irony. MT @poor_Richard007 No one but criminals are going to get deported. Relax. Trump just wants comprehensive reform.
.@CA_4_TRUMP: all #MAGA are as responsible for amnesty as Trump. They just enabled Trump, never demanded he do a better job. You screwed USA
#MAGA is getting the amnesty fan they've so richly deserved. USA that doesn't deserve it. MT @CA_4_TRUMP [a Trump] Your Base is NOT Happy!
.@pendozer: voluntary repatriations (even w/ $) would help USA & MX. Is @AnnCoulter demanding Trump do that instead of amnesty? #MAGA
.@pendozer: there are smart arguments that'd undercut Dem DACA fans (like Schumer & Pelosi). Is @AnnCoulter demanding Trump use them? #MAGA
.@blogviet: FYI, @DLind is not in any way credible: #Vox #immigration
.@GovernAmerica: if, like Trump, you're an amnesty fan, do your fans know? If not, then fight amnesty by discrediting Trump proxies to #MAGA
Are you supporting or decrying? MT @GovernAmerica Comprehensive immigration reform was agenda item of Obama.. now Trump picks up the mantle.
.@adamshawny: if your patriotism is only to Trump & your paycheck, not USA, then amnesty is OK when Trump pushes it. Is that correct? #MAGA
.@adamshawny: Sarah Sanders admits Trump wants "comprehensive #immigration reform", aka amnesty. For me, Trump/McCain are both wrong. #MAGA
.@UnasVeritas: Sarah Sanders admits Trump wants 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform', aka amnesty. Is amnesty OK when Trump pushes it? #MAGA
DERPMT @UnasVeritas Soros puppet, Quisling John McCain Slams Trump’s DACA Repeal, Calls for ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’
.@MarcTGroveSr @HawkinsUSA: to stop Trump's amnesty, undercut his proxies/helpers (like Chuck Woollery) to #MAGA as amnesty fans.
.@MarcTGroveSr @HawkinsUSA: I dislike Coulter more than you, but I put USA first. You do that too and then help stop Trump's amnesty. #MAGA
DERPMT @MarcTGroveSr RT @HawkinsUSA: I almost hope Trump signs a worse -than-gang-of-8 "comprehensive" bill just so I can laugh at Coulter
.@adamshawny: at #Breitbart, you blog "John McCain Slams Trump’s DACA Repeal, Calls for 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform".
.@NetworksManager: IOW, @chuckwoolery is (currently at least) a de facto amnesty supporter. Is amnesty #MAGA to you?
.@NetworksManager: Trump's repeatedly indicated he'd legalize DREAMers. Sarah Sanders admits he wants "comprehensive" reform. @chuckwoolery
DERPMT @chuckwoolery I cannot understand why everyone is so exercised over #Trump demanding congress do their job. #DACA
.@RodNBarbie1: @MrsAutonomous seems to support amnesty if Trump pushes it. What about you? Do you support amnesty? #MAGA
MT @MrsAutonomous I can't believe unabashed race baiting [on TV] over #Trump forcing #Congress to make a comprehensive immigration plan.
.@bdomenech blogs "The Pivot Is Real, And It’s Spectacular", cheering Trump working w/ Dems, including on amnesty. #immigration #DACA
.@sarahhuckabee admits Trump wants "comprehensive #immigration reform", aka amnesty: #MAGA?
134 in #EagleRock is going to be renamed for Obama (due to #Occidental). I'll be taking Colorado instead. #LosAngeles #MAGA #resist
Has anyone seen @RealDonaldTrump & @Schwarzenegger in the same room at the same dimension at the same time? #MAGA #resist
#WaPo: "Trump sides with Democrats on debt ceiling, throwing Republican plans into chaos". #MAGA? #resist
#Politico: "Donald Trump, who casts himself as a master negotiator, took the first offer Democrats put on the table". #MAGA! #resist
I'm not familiar w/ debt ceiling; maybe there's magical 12th dimensional chess explanation for him caving to Pelosi & Schumer. #MAGA #resist
Trump (apparently) harms #GOP by giving Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi all they want on debt ceiling: #MAGA? #resist
Trump can't even conceive of the best policies for USA & Mexico. He's a brainless, selfish, self-centered buffoon. #immigration #MAGA
Trump could devastate the MSM by making smart arguments why repatriation is best for USA *and* Mexico. #immigration #MAGA
Mexico has even said they'll welcome DREAMers home. Trump can't even figure out to take advantage of that. #immigration #MAGA
The smart, patriotic alternative to #DACA is to help DREAMers go home. Even if it means small payments. #immigration #MAGA