Trouble in Trumpland: @Joy_Villa has filed sexual assault charges against @CLewandowski_ relating to buttgrabbery. In older, completely unimportant news, Trump gave Corey's lobbying firm (& Venezuela) a big, questionable gift: #MAGA #resist
At least going back to 2007, only other person who was highly admired but now doesn't register is GWB. He was at 10% in 2007, then 2/3/4 up to 2014, 1% in 2015,
#Gallup Most Admired Woman: in 2009, Sarah Palin got 15%. In 2016, 1%. In 2017,
#Gallup Most Admired Man of 2017 poll results: Obama: 17% Trump: 14% Pope Francis: 2% ... Mike Pence: 1% Most Admired Woman: Hillary Clinton: 9% Michelle Obama: 7% Oprah: 4% Liz Warren: 3% ... Melania Trump: 1% #MAGA! #resist
.@AnnCoulter helps MSM yet again, calls DREAMers "heinous", says "anyone would want to deport them". Anyone except Trump & those who have real power: She's just putting on a show & is in effect *helping* amnesty #immigration #resist #MAGA
What an effin' PITA. All I wanted to do was make a 6 second video clip on #LinuxMint. I had to use a soundcloud download site (which worked), download 2 programs (Audacity crashed, cutmp3 worked), use ffmpeg command line and then finally #Youtube wouldn't accept the upload.
There are smart arguments that'd turn many in Dem base against DREAMAct. Homsher/Coulter/Trump just use dumb arguments that practically guarantee most will support the DREAMAct. Get after Coulter etc MT @mary28brian ...The liberals #1 issue is DACA and they’re not even American.
Trump's colluding with Pelosi on the anti-American DREAMAct. @Homsher_PhD & Coulter just say things that *help* Pelosi/MSM, refuse to give Trump smart arguments that'd undercut Pelosi/MSM. MT @luci_longoria We have to pay our tuition and they get thousands for their education!
Try to install from addons . @Mozilla . org. Find one compatible with this version (because WGAFF about earlier versions?) Press "Install" button. Get "not found". Once again: this is #Firefox own site. Is it any wonder they lost big to Google spyware? #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@BGJorgensen: @Homsher_PhD cheers Coulter saying the intensely stupid "The DREAMers themselves are heinous, anyone would want to deport them" & you respond in the usual, intensely stupid way that won't impact either of them. DREAMers & MSM pets; H & C *help* the MSM.
There *are* organizations dumber than @mozilla & that have an even worse impact. However, losing out to explicit spyware - #Chrome - (and losing big) has got to rank up there given its impact on information. #MAGA #resist #Firefox
.@BobbieDooley: minor league Turkish pop singer Daphead blocked me, despite not saying anything bad/offcolor to her, just mentioning her handle 4x, & despite repeatedly hyping her. At least Sarah Silverman is kinda famous. So, cheer up.
You can join Stanley Kurtz in his hunt for the Whitey Tape, he has some ideas. MT @shireenkhan @SethAbramson: Every part of the dossier that's presently confirmable has been confirmed
#PuertoRico & #Katrina, as you might have guessed, ****really**** get my goat: things should have worked out much different in both cases. Both illustrate deep USA problems caused by NeoLiberalism, consumerism, & an intensely stupid residentry. #MAGA #resist
.@chefjoseandres: you're a decadent lardass using #PuertoRico as a PR opp. Why aren't you helping them cook their own abundant food using their own abundant water & fuel? PR doesn't need #ChefsForPuertoRico, they need the mindset of the average Boy Scout. #MAGA #resist
If Larry "Lawrence" Ellison ran for president, now *that* would be entertaining. Unlike this: #MAGA #resist
Hilarious as usual. Oh, look, it's Larry "Lawrence" Ellison in full regalia coming to have a chat with you. MT @ConanOBrien My egg nog koi pond looks beautiful, especially with all the fish resting on the surface oh my God what have I done?
.@sirDukeDevin: I wanted Trump to get govt teams to each #PuertoRico settlement to handle comms/security/triage/water/food/shelter. What did you - "formerly a cognitive neuroscientist" - want him to do? Idiots like you wanted pallets of Munchables & tiny water bottles.
.@CarmenYulinCruz: you tweeted a plea for water less than 24 hours before tweeting a whine about torrential rains. Most people get their water via rain. You harmed #PuertoRico - and helped Trump! - by putting on a show for #TheResistance, not listening to smarter people.
In 1972, before her presidential run, a young Chelsea Clinton sang Rain & Snow with the band Pentangle, as this video proves: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
Miss USA contestants are instantly attracted to the Trump-designed USA Challenge Coin he wears around his neck on a 24kt gold chain: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
.@kalpenn @JohnTheCho: if you were smart & patriotic, you'd support strict #immigration enforcement done using smart, humane techniques. That'd stick it to Trump's wealthy friends, help U.S. workers, & help Mexico. You'd have to be completely different people to understand that.
.@kalpenn @JohnTheCho: you object to Trump inflaming the left over #immigration, just like GWB used to do and with the same goal: amnesty. You're playing your role just like the dumb meat puppets you are, helping Trump & his wealthy friends lower wages through mass immigration.
Highlights of Harry Kane & Tottenham throttling Southampton: Thankfully, Trump has commuted their sentence. #soccer #BoxingDay #MAGA #AnnCoulter #resist
.@susanlordbiz: after NYC bikepath attack, Trump claimed he was hitting ISIS "10x harder". So far, @CJTFOIR hasn't indicated exactly how: their reports didn't show a 10x increase. If Trump wasn't lying, that means they were going easy on ISIS so you'd think they'd speak out.
.@RB_Mrs: after #CactusBowl, why can't #ESPN show more #soccer? BBC showed no-announcer Olympics soccer & it was great. It was probably cheap too. ESPN could easily show foreign, offbrand, tape-delayed, local-feed, no-announcer soccer, even on News for cheap. Why won't they?
Andre Bauer of #CNN try to convince you to go to #MAGA rally: #resist
.@janewells: I've been listening to - & defending at my site, Malkin's old blog, RedState, LAObserver, etc, etc - @JohnAndKen for ~15 years. Now they're just worthless sociopaths pushing anti-American policies: #KFI #LosAngeles
Before Trump was on The President of the USA! Show, he had a podcast. Before that, he was a WWE star. Before that, he co-hosted the Farm Film Report: #MAGA! #resist
I like you friend! I tell you how to speak to #MAGA! "Privet" = "hello" "Kak dela" = "how are you doing?" "Razz yo beeval tee voy you mat you v zho pee ee!" = "I am so happy Trump won!" #TheResistance
.@amrondon: Trump's selling point is helping #MAGA. Show them he won't & many will drop him. Lots of people object to Trump Wall, but only I have pointed out how it would fail. Likewise with his bans & his other wild plans. #TheResistance /MSM/Dems still can't figure that out.
.@amrondon blogs "To beat President Trump, you have to learn to think like his supporters". It's hilarious for various reasons: the fact #TheResistance has to be lectured to understand their opponents, the advice to show #MAGA you care, etc. The real way to undercut Trump is...
.@janewells: @RobertStrong13 could've done a huge public service if he'd solicited tough, *valid*, *policy* questions from experts & asked Mnuchin or a proxy the questions on video in the proper forum. Stunts like his are the road to #idiocracy: they aren't funny or silly.
.@RealDonaldTrump: Merry Kwanzaa!
.@USACEHQ: USA enemies watched our incredibly incompetent response to #PuertoRico. If we can't secure ~300 PR settlements within hours, how the heck would we decapitate NK, deal with an EMP, etc. etc. By enabling Trump's gross incompetence, you're endangering the USA.
.@USACEHQ: given USA resources, ~300 #PuertoRico settlements, & PR being tiny island w easy terrain, it should've taken at most 4 hours to get govt teams in each settlement to handle comms/triage/water/food. It took over a week, sending a loud & clear message to NK, etc.
I guess #Christmas is over, eh? Now we're full into #BoxingDay. #MAGA #resist
In 2008, Ed Morrissey & @MKHammer posted why conservatives shouldn't vote for Obama: Meanwhile, I posted why *no one* should vote for Obama: Which of those is smarter? #MAGA #resist #HotAir #FoxNews
Partisan hacks don't even rise to the level of asking "why isn't this working?" They can't even comprehend that you have to understand your target audience and make arguments they understand. #MAGA #resist
.@akornblatt: #TheResistance opposition to @AnnCoulter doesn't work: they fail Marketing 101. You have to understand your audience & sell to them in ways they understand. This is how to do that & really cause her problems: Can we count on your help?
.@cowdandan @HouseCracka: I want Trump to help DREAMers repatriate. With the proper arguments, that's 100% feasible & would show up MSM & Dems. All @AnnCoulter can do is push things that won't happen and that just help Pelosi, Trump, & Schumer. Really, really think this through.
To the extent you're capable, think that through. Obviously, Trump can't & doesn't want to deport DREAMers. By hyping something that won't happen, you're just helping Pelosi, Trump, & Schumer. MT @cowdandan @HouseCracka Ann Coulter: ‘Let’s Start by Deporting the DREAMers!’
.@Cernovich: I'm sure cultural far-left would do that, but so too would #MAGA. They act just like far-left when challenged: lies, smears, attempts to stifle debate. SJWs, MAGA, & Islamists are strict authoritarians. Only difference is degree & ability to carry things out.
ndenzeylewis is really, really good looking and attractive. #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@USNavy: @CJTFOIR couldn't answer my question about Trump claiming he was hitting ISIS "10 times harder", can you try? Was he going easy on ISIS, or just lying as usual? #MAGA #resist
.@peddoc63: when does the Trump #TaxScam sunset for the plebes? Are there any #GOP swamp creatures that didn't cheer Trump's tax scam? When Trump said "you're all richer" to his wealthy pals at Mar-a-Lago, what did Trump mean, in a zero sum way? #MAGA #TheResistance
.@notthefakeSVP: #MerryChristmas to you too. I don't want to belabor the point - I never want to do that - but why won't #ESPN show more #soccer? Even foreign, offbrand, tape-delayed, no-announcer, local-feed soccer on #ESPNNews? ESPN is bleeding viewers due to #Disney suits.
.@GrizzleMeister @GatesRobin: @RealErinCruz blocked me even tho I never tweeted her (at least under that name). How is that different from what an SJW snowflake would do?
.@RedRevolutionCA: FYI, @RealErinCruz blocked me despite never tweeting her (at least under her current name). How can she #FireFeinstein when she's afraid to engage lil' ol' me in debate? #California #MAGA #resist
Rock climbers have done that too. Always use a rope, alway tie in. #climbing #MAGA #resist MT @STcom Chinese rooftopping star Wu Yongning fell to his death from 62-storey building while attempting a challenge [link deleted because this isn't that type of feed]
.@BMoreAuthentic: what sort of scientist are you? What sort of grownup, smart, sane scientist would think sending manure is a grownup, smart, sane way to hold politicians accountable? Trump won in part thanks to #TheResistance, & they still can't figure it out. #MAGA
~BREAKING~ Trump, retiring to spend more time with his family of golf clubs, endorses #RoethlisbergerSchilling2020. #BigBen2020 #Steelers #MAGA #resist
.@MarilynAEdmonds @realBigBalls @RdTdaily: do you think #TheResistance (eg you) cheering RobertStrong13 might give us a clue as to why Trump won? Trump would've lost if his loudest opposition was smart and sane.
So do Trump & Mnuchin. As always, #TheResistance is no intellectual challenge to them. #MAGA MT @susanswann99 [a RobertStrong13] Great job you’ve done there! Millions of us thank you!
King's College Cambridge Choir - O Come All Ye Faithful: #MerryChristmas #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday #Christmas
King's College Cambridge Choir - Bethlehem Down: #MerryChristmas #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday #Christmas
King's College Cambridge Choir - The First Noel: #MerryChristmas #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
You're a politician. Telling the residentry the truth, trying to wise them up, etc means you lose. Pandering to idiots who think sending manure or Trump Wall is a smart idea? You win. Which do *you* do? #MAGA #TheResistance
19 King's College Cambridge #Christmas Carols: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #MerryChristmas
Llibre Vermell de Montserrat. Mariam Matrem Virginem. Jordi Savall. #Christmas #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MerryChristmas
Politicians might as well be a different species than the residentry. They do things using their brains, the residentry responds with incredibly stupid ideas like street marches or manure. Why not take advantage of the idiots, esp since they're vile? #MAGA #TheResistance
#FamilyGuy mayoral debate: Crooked, demagogic politicians trading for their own accounts are just taking keying off a dumb & deranged citizenry (eg @RobertStrong13), as most would. Why not pander to the idiots? #MAGA #TheResistance
Assay. Tweets to RobertStrong13 - as far as I got - fall into #MAGA calling him names & #TheResistance saying "attaboy". There no adults in #resist to call out their children. Resist is incapable of figuring out Trump won in part *because of* all their cheap stunts. #MAGA
.@tazarae20: you say "My Pastor will love you!" to RobertStrong13. Does your pastor have the mental and emotional age of 5 like Strong does? If you oppose #TaxScam, then engage Mnuchin or Trump proxies in Socratic debate. Don't stoop even below Trump's level. #TheResistance
.@emilyt804: you say "God bless you! And thanks for the laugh!" to RobertStrong13 childish stunt. Not even Trump would stoop to the level Strong did. If you think sending manure is how to oppose Trump, how would you govern? #TheResistance #MAGA
Do @getfervent funders know you aren't smart enough to do smart things, such as engaging Mnuchin in Socratic debate instead of childish stunts? MT @grant_wiant [a RobertStrong13] As the 13th great grandson of Martin Luther I say thank you sir and well done!
Psychologist @RobertStrong13 (Robert Strong) of #EagleRock sent manure to Steven Mnuchin. Strong is too dumb and deranged to engage Mnuchin in debate.
.@aviselk: before the paywall kicked in (because Bezos needs the money) you seemed to be enabling the dumb & deranged RobertStrong13. If you were smart & rational, would you think sending manure is smart & rational? Of course not: it's a dumb, childish stunt. What do grownups do?
"Topless Femen activist tries to snatch Jesus statue from Vatican crib". Slight chance that's Putin COINTELPRO, but most likely she's sincere and crazy, like our own #TheResistance and their stunts. #MAGA #Catholic #Christmas #MerryChristmas
#MNF, because nothing quite says #MerryChristmas like the #Raiders. OTOH, it's #Christmas for felons too.
.@TomCottonAR: you can help make enabling illegal #immigration politically toxic by urging Trump to use these arguments *as written* (not "embellished" in his usual way): When can we count on you to do that? #MAGA #resist
.@TomCottonAR: illegal #immigration has been enabled by crooked pols in the pay of crooked business. Any "real reform" (ie mass legalization) would reward crooks. Patriotic solution: make enabling illegal immigration politically toxic (like enabling child labor is). #MAGA #resist
.@OfficialSanta: I asked the unofficial Santa to send me the #Otezla girl, but so far she hasn't arrived. Do you have an ETA?
Trump has hinted at that, but it's clouded by his intensely stupid bans & smears. He's too dumb/nuts to look better & do good for USA & M.E. MT @TomCottonAR And it's plainly better & cheaper to keep refugees in their region than to remove them. I've been to a Syrian refugee camp
Any moment now I'm expecting the #Otezla girl to come spinning out of my chimney: #Christmas #MAGA #resist #MerryChristmas
.@SteveNicol61: why didn't #ESPN show #ElClasico on tape delay? Why can't they show foreign, offbrand, tape-delayed, local-feed #soccer games, even on #ESPNNews? "Brainless #Disney suits" is the answer.
"You all just got a lot richer," Trump tells friends [at Mar-a-Lago], referencing tax overhaul #MAGA #resist
"Colorado's growing political divide leaves rural communities feeling forgotten and voiceless". Dumb, deranged people are easy prey for charlatans, like a CO-specific Trump. If one appears, they won't catch on but will just double down when he doesn't deliver. #MAGA #resist
At #Newsweek, "Crazy Cristina" aka @CrisLeeMaza blogs the insane "HOW TRUMP AND THE NAZIS STOLE CHRISTMAS TO PROMOTE WHITE NATIONALISM". It was just as crazy when Victoria Jackson helped Obama in the same deranged way. #MAGA #resist
Where do you get horse manure in L.A.? Feed supply stores (es gibts), maybe building supply stores, random manure from trails (sadly easy, but requires hiking), or collecting from public or private stables. I suggest a DNA check crosschecked with celeb horse dbs. #MAGA #resist
LAPD & SS are investigating a suspicious package addressed to Steven Mnuchin in Bel Air. It was gift-wrapped... and filled with horse manure. An idiotic - albeit appropriate - stunt. Good for Mnuchin #TheResistance only responds to idiotic stunts & can't engage him in debate.
.@realDonaldTrump: you're barely religious & just using #Christmas as a political football. Your policies and tactics - lying, smearing, scamming dumb people out of money, etc. etc. aren't Christian. Nevertheless, #MerryChristmas to you. #MAGA #resist
.@shawgerald4: most of this year, USA been following Obama's #immigration agenda. Trump pushed crazy bans that are unimplementable. Those bans were blocked, resulting in Obama continuing his agenda months out of office. And, you & #MAGA cheered Trump continuing Obama's agenda.
.@realDonaldTrump: counties that voted for you represent just 1/3 of GDP. If you were smart, patriotic, & rational you'd realize you represent poorer, dumber people & you'd *help* them by giving them smart, rational arguments & outlets. You're just scum instead. #MAGA #resist
#MAGA is at most 1/3 of USA. Others have much more money, power, & intellectual ability. Eg, richest man in Alabama has 1.5% of Bloomberg's net worth. Your fans think smears & lies work. @realDonaldTrump The Fake News refuses to talk about how Big and how Strong our BASE is.
If only we could make you Lider For Life! #MAGA #ElTrumpElMaximum #resist MT @realDonaldTrump People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again. I am proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
#Lexus #Christmas ad reminding us yet again how much the USA needs a major land war with house-to-house fighting, V2s, Blitzen, air raid sirens, rationing, the whole bit: #MerryChristmas #MAGA #resist
Trump's new #Twitter header image is the picture of #GOP swamp creatures as they effusively kissed his ring for pushing #TaxScam. #DrainTheSwamp #EmbraceTheSwamp #WallowInTheSwamp #MAGA! #resist
.@santa: can you bring me the #Otezla girl?
RT @ffweekend [to @Franklin_Graham] You give Christianity a bad name with such tweets. I once admired you for you charity work. Sad that you’ve become a political hack and seeker of fame
.@RevChuckCurrie: "welcoming the stranger" is a pro-Big Biz talking point that'd reduce U.S. wages, keep some Americans out of college, *and* harm developing countries via braindrain. Is it that you can't figure that out, or lack morality to care? #MerryChristmas #resist
Grain of poison -> MT @RevChuckCurrie [a Franklin_Graham] ...Trump doesn’t understand the Christian faith. Jesus, born homeless and displaced, welcomed the stranger. Embraced the sick. Came to free all from oppression. Mr. Trump rejects all this. He does not #MAGA
Even Trump at his inflame-to-get-amnesty worst doesn't want to create orphans. MXans can come to Jesus in MX (which needs all the ppl they can keep). #resist MT @LoveEachother14 [to Franklin Graham] Orphan immigrant children, build a wall to prevent more from comming to Jesus..
.@holpuch: at al-Guardian you blog "The Invisible Wall". If Trump left office tomorrow, would there be an "invisible wall" or wouldn't it vanish into thin air? Has he made any arguments that've undercut illegal #immigration enablers to their base? Hasn't he done the opposite?
.@smerconish says Trump "could become the most consequential president in the modern era". Despite help from capons like Smerconish, little that Trump does (outside judicial appointments) will outlast his reign. He's making no arguments, changing no minds. #CNN #MAGA #resist
.@aaronecarroll: obviously, whatever you & your pals have done to #SaveCHIP has failed miserably. That's just reality: you & your pals did your best, and it obviously wasn't enough. The smart way to do things is to engage #CHIP opponents in debate to their faces. When will you?
At #Breitbart, Dr. Susan Berry blogs "Atheists Give Trump ‘Lump of Coal’ for Christmas for His Support for Religious Liberty". Actually, Trump's fellow scum were chiding him over *not* supporting religious liberty. It's not rare Breitbart gets everything wrong. #MAGA #resist
.@RealDonaldTrump: we're working to get you more daylight for "work" (i.e., golfing) by moving the Sun a bit each day. However, it's those darn liberal obstructionists. We can only move it a bit each day. Please give it some time. #MAGA #resist
.@Franklin_Graham: the idea that Trump stands for religious freedom is absurd: He isn't even doing what you want: he's continued Obama's refugees agenda most of this year. There are also many Christian liberals & Christianity is quite liberal.