So, what you're saying is that #CNN is engaged in partisan propaganda? #duh #MAGA RT @DerrickNAACP #RBGMovie shows us what justice on SCOTUS is and should look like. A truly inspiring piece and an even more important reminder that we must #StopKavanaugh
.@FilmmakerJulie: #RGBMovie was great! I'd heard about the loops she did back in the 60s, but I wasn't expecting her to be so wild and flexible (in all senses!) Thanks for not censoring it like Fox did their Scalia documentary. Bravo! #CNN #CNNFilms
.@strangecorn replies to my @willchamberlain tweet, saying "I seriously doubt your claims RE just as many libs censored. It's simply not the case." In the tweet I referenced the reports at my top tweet with dozens of examples showing what I claimed. Please see them first.
.@byrdshouse: you reply "I am so confused right now". If you want to explain why, go ahead. Do you oppose Nash deceiving his readers? Do you oppose Twitter heavily censoring all kinds of users including about as many libs as cons?
Back in the 60s, #RBG was flexible, in all senses. Unfortunately, due to bad directors back in the day, most of what you saw was Scalia's back. Thankfully, #CNN edited it down to the best parts. Bravo! #RBGFilm #CNNFilms
.@IAMJHUD: #RGBFilm was great! I'd heard about the movies she did back in the 60s, but I didn't realize how flexible she was back then. I'm also glad @CNNFilms didn't censor it like Fox did their Scalia documentary. Great job! #RBG #CNN
[Trump] [Trump Anti-Sedition And Truth Task Force] [Putin] [etc. etc. etc.] Fresh out of ideas, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with a song: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@MsSusanMo: @jonathanchait just bloviates without ever doing anything. For a tangible example, undercutting Dilbert would harm Trump. It's also easy for those with a megaphone like Chait, if they do things the right way. All of that is completely off Chait's radar.
Trump turns a 70-30 issue into a 30-70 issue. Instead of reaching out to the 70%, Trump only does shtick for the 30%, *helping* the pro-amnesty side (which includes him). MT @GoVols37872 MT @RyanAFournier: Nearly 70% of voters believe illegal immigration is a major problem
.@byrdshouse: @MrNashington is lying about #Twitter censorship. He knows about the real data at my top tweet showing they censor *all* kinds of users. Try to explain to his base that he *helps* Twitter by reducing the possible opposition to their censorship.
.@CBurleyESPN: although his ego can be seen from space, I'd guess at least half of America has never heard of Ronaldo. Instead of explaining Serie A games/players, hyping them, showing games on network, etc. #ESPN hides most away on "plus" expecting people to just line up and pay
.@mitchellchernof: FYI, @CorintheansXIII blocked me after one tweet correctly pointing out Trump is pro-Big Biz & pro-H1B. See this:
.@147DW: check out me trying to get @Stranahan to help undercut the anti-American DREAM Act. He talks a good game, but his talk is cheap. Work your way through this:
.@MichaelJPartyka: what exact use is Dilbert to USA? He not only pushed a pro-amnesty, pro-Putin, draft-dodging stooge, he made people like you think he's infallible ("4d chess"). Has Dilbert discussed how, e.g., Congress would tear down Trump "Wall" when Trump's out of office?
Just like my #UrgeElitesToDoFarmWork plan! Except, not being a Putin stooge, I'd apply it to #MAGA *and* #resist leaders. MT @AReznickov I have a dream-to send all inadequate politicians to... a remote Siberian taiga. Fresh air and physical labor work miracles with people
Foreigner Nash smears a U.S. war hero to help a draft dodger who's a stooge for Putin, on #Breitbart dime. P.S. Nash also lies about Twitter censorship: he knows they censor about as many libs as cons; he helps Twitter by ignoring that. MT @lee_borden @MrNashington Too funny!
Not only does @MrNashington joke about a war hero dying to help a draft dodger, he's lying to you about Twitter censorship. Nash knows Twitter censors about as many libs as cons but he pretends it's only cons to get more page views. MT @CovfefeLadyC I love this guy Charlie Nash
Traffic - Light Up or Leave Me Alone, 1972: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@va_shiva: the smart & easy way to undercut #Twitter censorship is to get reporters to cover the data at my top tweet showing Twitter censors *all* kinds of users. If 100+ million users know they could be censored, you're greatly harm TWTR & be a hero to millions.
He won't call & he only uses that censorship for shtick. Plus, your plan would fail like your campaign. MT @va_shiva [a Trump] I have the solution [to] break the hegemony of Google, FB, etc. control and suffocation of Free Speech. Please feel free to call me on my cell phone
Your complete lack of class aside, is it amazing when Trump colludes with Pelosi on amnesty? When he refuses to make arguments that'd undercut her to her base? MT @LauraLoomer I honestly don’t know why Republicans have any sympathy for Meghan McCain... Trump is an amazing man...
.@willchamberlain: FYI, Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. They also censor Target customers & Mike Trout fans. See the reports at my top tweet for real data. Those who falsely pretend it's all about cons *help* Twitter by shrinking the tent. #StopTheBias
Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. MT @gatewaypundit I [like/respect] @JonahNRO - despite him blocking me - [mozh it on knee znaiet o] social media's jihad against conservative publishers. After all, only conservatives who are considered a threat are being targeted
HRC/Jeb would push the same amnesty as Trump does, #MAGA would just oppose it. MT @PrisonPlanet Never forget. If these guys [NRO] had won the argument (which they didn't because the only thing they're good at is losing), Hillary or Jeb Bush would be president right now.
#FamilyGuy: "our country's involved in 6 different wars, but Millenials think about this stuff [some Millenial BS]". #MAGA #resist
"In partnership with"? Were you paid to tweet that? Are concussions "progressive"? #Florida MT @Annette_Taddeo #Football is back! Love that UMiamiFootball⁩ uniforms are made from recycled ocean garbage in partnership with ⁦⁦@adidasfootball⁩ -Now that’s #progressive
.@BoHoover: years ago I sought @stranahan help to help fight the anti-American DREAM Act & he didn't want to get involved. Now, we see Trump colluding with Pelosi to give amnesty to DREAMers. Ask him when he'll oppose that anti-American bill, he won't reply to me.
I can't count how many #TheResistance *and* #MAGA snowflakes have blocked me. It's about authoritarianism & mental issues not ideology. MT @johncardillo Nice to see the “pure conservatives” are able to handle civil debate and disagreement [@JonahNRO supposedly blocked him]
.@ProfessorF: FYI, @LibertarianBlue lies about #Twitter censorship. He knows about the data at my top tweet showing they censor all kinds of users. That makes them *extremely* vulnerable. Instead of using that against them, he *helps* Twitter by shrinking the opposition.
Like falsely pretending Trump is playing "4d chess" like you do? Like scamming people into voting for a corrupt Putin stooge? #TheResistance MT @ScottAdamsSays: Please ignore this fake account pretending to be me. He is running a scam.
It would've been smart for those in the Trump audience to say "I'm going to trust but verify Trump, watching over him to make sure he reps my interests & making my support contingent on that." Instead, #MAGA said "TRUMP IS THE SECOND COMING!!!!" #resist
Why do cons always fall for obvious grifters? A major part of the explanation is that they're dumb suckers. A minor part is they aren't used to those w/ megaphones affirming their ideas so they fall for anyone who tells them what they want to hear. #MAGA #resist
That's great for his bank account. Too bad you aren't getting a cut. Meanwhile, Trump's bans were either unnecessary or made the USA less safe. Has Glazov called out Trump on that? MT @KimKriz1 MT @JamieGlazov: John Bolton Praises My New Book
.@Louise3254: you seem to be congratulating Jack for supposedly lifting a "QFD ban" on @RealAlexJones. What about all the millions of others censored by Twitter? They censor about as many libs as cons + all other kinds of users. By not caring about them, Alex Jones harms himself.
"Wife of Former N.R.A. President Tapped Accused Russian Agent in Pursuit of Jet Fuel Payday". Putin IDed weaknesses of his opponents - greed and lack of patriotism of r/w grifters, Trump (who has those issues & more) - and flew an airplane into it. #MAGA? #resist
.@HughesHenryM: if you don't like Twitter censoring your replies, then ask reporters to cover the reports at my pinned tweet showing just how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users. Or call out Breitbart hacks on lying about which groups are impacted.
You're a #NeverTrump conservative (probably many in #Texas). You see a billboard of Trump smearing Ted Cruz, paid for by a librul group. Three guesses at what that motivates you to do. #MadDogPAC = #idiocracy. #TheResistance
.@TrueFactsStated @AntonioArellano: what you're doing will only impact your bank balances, not Beto vs Cruz. I want you to instead urge ppl to ask Cruz *and* Beto tough questions about policy - not personal junk - at their public events. Will you support that patriotic plan?
.@TrueFactsStated @AntonioArellano: you sell balloons & take $ for a billboard that will change few minds. Let me think it through for you: if someone doesn't support Trump they don't care. If they do, then what Trump says now about Cruz will outweigh his past comments.
.@HughesHenryM: create a test account with Twitter's default settings in a different browser instance, then visit this page logged in as the test user. You'll be hidden behind "Show more replies", i.e., censored
.@Nireremlap @jillresists: @maddogpac looks like as much a scam as the #Teaparty group that stole $400k, Trump U, "Trump Bonus Checks", etc. They sell balloons. I want them to engage *all* pols - Beto, Cruz, whatever - in Socratic debate about policy. Which is more patriotic?
.@averyanapol: you blog about #TheResistance spending lots of $ on an anti-Ted Cruz billboard w/ an anti-Cruz Trump tweet. They could spend much less challenging Cruz *on policy*. When will you call them on wasting money from suckers & dumbing down the USA?
ICYMI and you shouldn't have, here's that great Sampdoria goal from earlier today: #soccer #ESPN #MAGA #resist
#Angels walking in a run might be the best outcome overall. #SNB #MAGA #resist
.@BobbieDooley: is @JessMendoza Circle Of Taste, or merely Circle Of?
Here's video of that Sampdoria vs Napoli goal: #soccer #MAGA #resist
That was one heck of a Sampdoria goal. #MAGA #resist
In a tense replay of the Vietnam War, on Thursday around noon Pacific ESPN 2 & Univision will have France vs Germany. Then, in a tense replay of WWII, it's #USMNT vs Mexico on September 11. #MAGA #resist #soccer
.@chris_bail: D & R leaders both support anti-American #immigration policies; MSM helps them & elites in general to push those policies through deception (eg "crops rotting in the fields" tales). On economics Ds are objectively better for USA; Rs are better for USA on SJWs.
.@chris_bail says "Could we reduce political polarization if we disrupt social media echo chambers? [his study]" #Twitter then censors this reply opposing milquetoast centrism (= more NeoLiberal + SJWs per moi):
For those ready for some football, Sampdoria v Napoli is on #ESPN News. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
Under agreement with Donald J. Trump Anti-Sedition & Truth Task Force, 24Ahead close broadcast day with peppy, 60s-style song from Donald J. Trump Youth Corps Task Force: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
The key in the last is my checker only works if your replies are visible (as mine are). Unfortunately, it looks like most others don't have visible replies. I'm working on a resolution (login to my site via Twitter API & I fetch your replies).
Ruh roh. My censorship checker continues to work (as long as your replies are visible). Plus it shows just how heavily #Twitter censors all kinds of users (not just cons). MT @RealThomasPine Twitter IT engineers have simply thwarted the shadowban eu QFD test
The data at my top tweet shows #Twitter censors all kinds of users, not just cons. Thinking about others would help you. MT @Lizdolan MT @AnthemRespect: Thanks Jack for lifting the Quality Filter Ban just before congressional hearings on your censorship...
The #Twitter API lets you get the users, hashtags, links, etc mentioned in a tweet ("entities"). They only include users mentioned in first 140 chars, despite new limit. You'd think one of the engineers would notice that & fix it, but we're talking about Twitter. #MAGA #resist
He's just doing shtick, but no one with a megaphone is willing to show how he's deceptive. See the data at my pinned tweet showing that Trump censors *all* kinds of users, not just cons. MT @ChristopherIsak [Trump's] attacks on social media are incoherent and depressing...
.@armand odkos: in politics, Trump only cares about #MAGA. Best way to undercut him to them is to show them his plans are unimplementable. Eg, Trump "wall" would be torn down when he's out of office. Ask @HeerJeet why he's never tried to undercut Trump where he's most vulnerable.
.@therealsuzn: re @HeerJeet, please work your way through this. He smeared me but doesn't have the guts to engage me. He knows I'd show him wrong.
Like Zion, Bryce, etc. - but not Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc. - it's hard to imagine how someone could go missing in Acadia NP. I'm calling BS on this #FakeNews report: #MAGA #resist
Meanwhile in football news, Ronaldo has still failed to get a goal: #MAGA #resist #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@AndyRichter: I've repeatedly shown @EricLevitz wrong in #NYMag comments. Constantly showing EL etc wrong is probably reason why - after using this name there since 2011 - they want me to change it. (Compare eg to Levitz' pro-Koch musings)
Upcoming federal holidays Trump has declared: - Ed Hardy Day - Dia del Trumpo - #FakeNews Friday (etc. Now it's your turn to make this funny.) #MAGA #resist
At #NYPost, @bobfredericks blogged "Donald Trump Jr. penned a fire-breathing anti-immigrant screed [trying to take advantage of Mollie Tibbetts' death]". His boss & DJTJr's daddy are both big amnesty fans. All of them are just doing shtick while harming USA. #MAGA #resist
The thing about #tennis isn't that it's tough - many people have the reflexes to return high-speed serves, plus you only range about 20' - it's that those who'd do good at it find it boring plus all the toffs. #USOpen gets the dregs, those who don't mind that.
24Ahead Behind The Scenes: that last tweet was going to be yet another whine about #NBC not (AFAIK) showing #soccer on network during the #Olympics. IIRC, I had to watch finals on Univision & others via BBC site. Deciding that was boring, 24Ahead took a look at Tirico's replies.
.@JohnLooper: obvious troll is obvious. If Tirico is wrong about something, go after him about that.
After I posted the France Gall song yesterday, I found out she'd died in January at a relatively young 70. Very sad, RIP. #MusicSaturday #NowPlaying
.@JonChampionJC: NFL can only sell out-of-market games, TNF, etc. because they *first* made kneeball popular by getting it on regular TV, making games Big Events. #ESPN suits think they can skip the first, necessary step (Serie A on "plus", etc.) Please work to educate them.
.@geoffschwartz: plus, Tua warms his hands before gently sliding them between the thighs of the bent-over center. Kneeball = slow-speed gladiator movies. #Bama #MAGA #resist
UCLA is down 2 scores against Cincinnati in the 4th w just 1:44 left. Will they make it? (This falls in our only-negative-tweets-about-kneeball policy). #MAGA #resist
.@fessiejant: what do you think of Thomas Middleditch - in English or Spanish - playing the nerdy white role opposite cool people of color who look askance at his whiteness & nerdiness? How is that different from Steppin Fetchit or worse? #Verizon
That said, I have the solution to everything. I've developed a plan to do a workaround Trump and to make things better. We can put the MSM and their helpers, Big Biz, Big Banks, far-left groups, r/w grifters & their fans, etc. etc. in their place & restore sanity. My plan is:
Trump, Breitbart, #GOP toxify the issues they touch by dumbing them down and making it difficult for most Americans to be concerned about those issues without being considered to be Trump fans. They COINTELPRO the opposition to Twitter censorship, illegal #immigration, etc.
As the reports at my top tweet show, Twitter censors about as many libs as cons & also all other kinds of users. Cons *help* Twitter by shrinking the possible opposition to censorship. MT @Yazzito_ ...Sure, sure. #Twitter isn't biased...
They won't, as long as cons falsely & selfishly make it all about them. Twitter shadowbans all kinds of users, see my top tweet. MT @patriot_arizona RT @PhxGOP: Twitter's shadowbanning reaches laughable levels. This is beyond obvious. When will [Twitter] fix this
.@edgett: hey Sean, Twitter sells itself to govt officials as a way to do official business, & they do. Then, Twitter silently censors some citizens petitioning their govt. Explain how that's different than if Comcast silently censored some emails to the FCC.
.@IanDarke: #ESPN hiding #soccer on "plus" greatly harms the sport in the USA. It's self-marginalizing, turning it into a specialty sport. That also harms ESPN long-term.
.@karlbykarlsmith: hey Karl, a while back @Claudia_Sahm hyped an immoral group that wanted to deprive Yemen/Somalia/etc. of direly-needed doctors. I think she's either a sociopath or can't figure things out. Do you support harming Yemen too?
.@issielapowsky: you quote @onurvarol like he's a credible source, referencing his Botometer. It's designed to quash debate. It's also incredibly flawed such as claiming there's a 40% chance Jake Tapper is a bot. _Grammar_ - an actual bot - is only slightly higher.
And just in time, the 24Ahead Couch Team sees #USWNT going up 3-0 against the Chilean entity.
Contrary to everything Your Leader has been saying, #USWNT *is* on #ESPN. Apparently tennis was running long or something. However, the point of USWNT, #USMNT, etc. not getting more soccer on TV and thus marginalizing the sport stands.
Goldschmidt gets a double to follow his earlier 2-run homer. #DBacks #MAGA #resist
.@mikeleach42: FYI, in one of their "studies" @pewinternet relied on bogus data from Botometer. It's a bogus source that says there's a 40% chance Jake Tapper is a bot. That's like when Ted Cruz relied on Gateway Pundit.
One of top USA problems is our elites - the actual elites - have been AWOL or trading for their own accounts via anti-American NeoLiberal policies for decades. They hire those like CNN/NYT/etc reporters to push their agenda. Trump is no help against any of them. #MAGA #resist
Mao wasn't wrong about *everything*. Accordingly, some years ago I started #UrgeElitesToDoFarmWork aka #UrgeElitesToDoFarmLabor (or working in a gas station, etc.) Our parasitic dulligentsia learning about a world beyond being parasites worthless to the USA. #MAGA #resist
.@harrysiegel blogs "The Rube Who Came to New York and Killed the Village Voice Lied To My Face". This would be a good chance for him to get out of The City, head upstate, & do farm work for a while. Doing real work would help him, plus all the stories he could tell on Twitter!
"because why?" isn't a real question. Asking a specific, lawyerly question is beyond your comprehension. MT @harrysiegel I would truly love to hear NYGovCuomo answer this excellent question from @TweetBenMax, following up on Cuomo’s NYDailyNews editorial board interview
This entire holiday weekend, there appears to be X #soccer games on #ESPN 1, 2, & News. How many do you think "X" is? Zero? Close: 1. Just one. That's Sampdoria vs. Napoli which allegedly will occur at ~11am on Sunday. And you wonder why #USMNT sucks.
.@ussoccer_wnt: you, WatchESPN, ESPN+, & @VolpiFoods1902 all fit together: they make specialty meats, you make a specialty sport. Get on ESPN 1 or 2 or News. Anything else marginalizes you & harms the #USWNT and the sport in general. #USAvCHI
.@tierna_davidson: congrats on your first #USWNT goal, in a game 10s of millions can't see & don't even know about. @ussoccer_wnt harms soccer in the USA, USFL, NWSL, USWNT, #USMNT, etc by hiding soccer on channels most don't get. They marginalize the sport, harming everyone.
.@varadmehta: NYT obsesses over trivia (like Beto & beek jerky). You & @DavidRutz obsess over a 20+ year old DWI. USA desperately needs pols - *all* pols - to be really pressed on policy. You two & the NYT hack are just parasites of no use to the USA whatsoever.
.@jchaltiwanger: U.S. politicians impact 330+ million in USA & billions around the world. Is @mattfleg holding pols accountable by asking them tough questions about policy? No, he's harping on beef jerky. If his/your bosses won't let you do real journalism, have honor to quit.
.@amychozick: politicians like Ted Cruz set policy & impact billions of people & Beto O'Rourke wants to do the same. What use is @mattfleg to those billions of people? He hilites beef jerky but he lacks the patriotism & journalistic ethics to engage Cruz or Beto on their policies
In what is set to be yet another humiliating defeat for the #Dodgers, Goldschmidt of #DBacks gets a 2-run homer in the 1st. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with the federally-mandated (Pt 4, Sec 18 of Federal Register of Trump Tweets) Morris Dancing Clip Of The Day. Like the others, this celebrates our leader! #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@DesertPrimrose: @TomSteyer might as well be working for Trump. He encourages people to think something that's extremely unlikely is going to happen, causing them to neglect smart things they could do right now to undercut Trump (like asking Trump proxies tough policy questions)
In sports, goal is to win: more money, more fame, more security. In politics, the goal of leaders is to grift: get on TV, sell books, collect an NGO salary, fly around to confabs, etc. Only the big donors demand performance, the suckers can't even conceive of doing that.