Trump starts "Made In America Week" by increasing foreign workers H-2B visas by 15,000: #immigration #MAGA
.@ByronYork: her pro-corporate #immigration stance made HRC very vulnerable. List all the times Trump used that:
.@ByronYork blegs "What campaign wouldn't seek motherlode of Clinton emails?" One I'd run, since I'd raise the level & discuss policy. #MAGA
At 66, Dean of USC Med School was doing the Rob Ford thing. Sans the droggies, someone to look up to. #LosAngeles
.@Gundisalvus: corporate NCLR sponsors want to lower wages. That isn't "liberal". "Far-left" is a better term. #WSJ #MAGA #immigration
.@Gundisalvus: you say NCLR is "liberal", then say they were dependent on govt & corporate $. Is taking Home Depot $ "liberal"? #immigration
.@Gundisalvus: I don't feel bad for journos who "obligingly" lied to their readers. "La Raza" is a racial term. #immigration #WSJ #MAGA
MT @Gundisalvus I feel bad for all those journos who for 50 years obligingly wrote: "In Spanish 'La Raza' means 'The People' not "The Race'.
The domain name unidos dot us is for sale. Even with all their corporate money they can't think. #NCLR #UnidosUS #immigration #MAGA #resist
National Council of La Raza has rebranded itself as "UnidosUS". Extensive coverage of them: #immigration #MAGA
Props for the historical reference. #MAGA #resist MT @comrade_orange: @realDonaldTrump The Kim Philby POTUS
.@gracels @shannonrwatts: Ann Coulter is extremely vulnerable to those she rips off. See my tweet about how to undercut her.
.@75watt: FYI, I & others repeatedly tried to get @vdare to help with a smart plan to stop amnesty. They refused. #MAGA #AltRight
.@DLasater_99362: FYI, @kausmickey has repeatedly refused to help with a smart plan that'd stop amnesty. He's just another grifter.
.@USAHellfire @dpinsen: diotic things Trump does - like continuing Obama's immig. plans - is because of those like @Steve_Sailer & his fans.
.@USAHellfire @dpinsen: I got smeared by @Steve_Sailer readers (aided by Sailer) when I suggested how Trump could undercut BLM.
Ironic. MT @USAHellfire RT @dpinsen: Interesting immigration enforcement idea from a commenter on @Steve_Sailer's blog
.@goldengateblond @AgentScully2017: how to undercut @AnnCoulter *to those she grifts*: Cost her book sales. #resist
MT @Delta: @AnnCoulter Additionally, your insults about our other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary.
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - Cotton Alley: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - Pit Viper: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@JimONeilPOV: @JonathanChait, @KeithOlbermann, @charlescwcooke, etc. etc. could've easily joined to stop Trump but lacked smarts & sanity.
Aided by "deplorables", loudest anti-Trump buffoons... MT @JimONeilPOV: on Nov 8 Russia succeeded in controlling an American election
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - Candy Everybody Wants: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - The Latin One live: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@BamaRidger: Trump calls Liz Warren names instead of undercutting her to her base over immigration. Is that 4d chess to @ScottAdamsSays?
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - Like The Weather live: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@andilnx: Trump's twice admitted #MuslimBan made USA *less* safe. Has @ScottAdamsSays explained how that's 12th dimensional chess? #MAGA
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - You Happy Puppet: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - "Don't Go Back To Rockville": #clinic #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@LaughinHart: @TOOEdit was Red Tory... until Teaparty. Then he tried to square Koch-style economics w/ cultural conservatism. Mega fail.
We're glad too, traitor. MT @TOOEdit Glad I put California in the rear-view mirror
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - Katrina's Fair: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@RitaPanahi: does your idol Trump's ban keep out jihadis from France? Does your idol admit *his own actions* made USA less safe?
.@RitaPanahi: as a big Trump fan, which is smarter: #MuslimBan, or just ramping up screening? Bear in mind the ban's never been applied.
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - The Painted Desert: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@gradylpowell: what's it like co-starring on a "survival" show w/ a #WWE buffoon? Has Trump guested yet? @RealLesStroud ate your lunch.
Why Trump & Trump fans are the way they are, with lyrics: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
Trump has 3% popularity rating. If only you'd voted #Blerta2016 as I suggested: #MAGA #resist
OTOH, @janewells displacing @KennedyNation as #KFI substitute hack is a slight step up. K only knows enough to repeat Reason's lies. #radio
.@TedBeverlyHills: just some of the idiocy I've called @janewells on: & that's just her guesting on #KFI.
It'll take lots of drinks for her to have sense. MT @TedBeverlyHills As long as I own Ted's of Beverly Hills @janewells drinks here for free
.@Smerconish: enjoy this clown video: #CNN #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
Peasant genes. Short, solid, milks cows at 5am. MT @THEMEANKITTIES How is it [@AlexBorstein] look more beautiful, and younger each year
.@JonathanChait: in the correct use of the term, you're a "NeoLiberal": you support same loose borders/trade/globalism stance as #Koch bros.
At #NYMag, @JonathanChait blogs "How 'Neoliberalism' Became the Left’s Favorite Insult of Liberals". Except NeoLiberal = libertarian econ.
.@JonathanChait - someone so boring, stupid, and impotent he can't even get on #CNN as much as other hacks - blogs about "NeoLiberal".
.@mike4libertyCA: point that out to @mott_carrie & @insistondoubt fans, & those who think @kristinegWP is a real journalist. #WaPo
.@mike4libertyCA: @mott_carrie & @insistondoubt are most vulnerable on their scholarship: it can't be trusted due to their prejudices.
At #WaPo, @kristinegWP blogs "Why [anti-white/male @mott_carrie @insistondoubt] are warning against promoting work of straight, white men"
.@anacatyhdz = @JessMendoza. #SNB #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #resist #Agenda21
Mexico beats Curacao 2-0. Raise your hand if you thought Curacao was a drink. #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #resist #Agenda21
Secret Service rejects suggestion [by Trump's grifter lawyer @JaySekulow] it vetted Trump son's meeting: #MAGA
"Trump Lawyer [the grifter Jay Sekulow] Blames Secret Service For Not Preemptively Stopping Jr.'s Meeting". #MAGA #resist
6 months in, record low job approval for Trump: Lowest in 70 years. Even Gerald Ford was higher. #MAGA #resist
In the counties that fueled his win, 50 percent approve of Trump's job: #MAGA #resist
At #NYT, @rickhasen blogs "Don't Let Our Democracy Collapse". He doesn't even know our form of government, causing rest to be ignored. #UCI
At #NYT, @LFeldmanBarrett blogs "When Is Speech Violence?" Milo damages students' brains & must be silenced. No, really. #MAGA #AltRight
.@DougWead: you're just taking advantage of suckers. Hey, maybe I'm wrong! So, please outline your action plan to solve the problem... #MAGA
.@DougWead: you'll then use that email to try to get money from them. You have no real plan that would actually stop sanctuary cities. #MAGA
"But where can I mellow out to Near East music babes?" Here: #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
One way @FairImmigration grifts is a "Stop Sanctuary Cities Petition". Not enough residents will sign & mayors ignore non-residents.
.@MelvinNudelman: hey Mel, here are 5 ways Trump could undercut Liz Warren: Btw 0 & 5, how many's he doing? #MAGA
He can start w/ the lobbyist he just appointed as USCIS Chief of Staff. #MAGA MT @momgwen5: @ScottPresler Let's help Trump drain the Swamp
.@arabinowitz: Trump made Taser/Turkey lobbyist USCIS Chief of Staff. Why isn't #TheResistance using that to undercut Trump to #MAGA?
And US lobbyists MT @arabinowitz: #trump s major goal for the DC Swamp is to remove the current occupants and populate it with Russians
.@takingitall2000 @susankfletcher: Trump appointed lobbyist for Taser & Turkey as Chief of Staff to USCIS. Is he a swamp creature? #MAGA
MT @takingitall2000 RT @susankfletcher: Give [Coulter] credit for her book. He's dealing w Swamp Creatures now, very treacherous individuals
.@electroboyusa: PR stunt after PR stunt has just helped Trump. If you're sincere, ask experts to devise *tough* questions & ask them.
.@electroboyusa: the smart way to do things is to engage Trump or his proxies in Socratic debate (like a lawyer) designed to show them wrong
He could care less. MT @electroboyusa: Shipped used copy of [his book] to Trump only to show him that there's no shame to #mentalillness
.@DougWead: I got your stopsanctuarycities dot org email, an obvious attempt to grift. You want ppl to sign a petition ie give their email.
#ESPN has 5 more #soccer games this week, 2 at late night (i.e., 4am) hours, 3 during evening. #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist
I stand behind USA, not your personality cult. #resist MT @showroomcc RT @JoelFischerNYC: RT if you stand behind Trump & he's wonderful fam
.@MarkGeistSWP: remember #RedDawn? You know, "Wolverines!!" @DonaldJTrumpJr is on the Russians' side. #MAGA #resist
Don Jr was eager to collude w/ Russians. MT @MarkGeistSWP: Thank you for bring respect and strength back to the office Trump @DonaldJTrumpJr
.@DineshDSouza: there's no "the economy". The poor & #MAGA that Trump'd screw have a different economy than the megarich he helps. #resist
Whose economy? MT @DineshDSouza: Could it be--is it possible--dare we consider that Trump 's presidency may be good for the economy?
.@joegooding: what has to happen before Trump gets his $1.6 billion to build part of the "wall" (incl. levees & bollards)? #MAGA
.@joegooding: $1.6 bil Appropriations approved for Trump Wall includes "bollards & levee improvements". Are bollards & levees a wall? #MAGA
MT @joegooding: A big thank you to our Border Patrol agents for protecting us. Trump border wall will stem drug & immigrant issues
.@Ann_OLeary: in Aug 2015, I pointed out how Trump's immigration plans would fail. Why couldn't Team HRC figure that out & use against him?
.@Ann_OLeary: HRC lost to a buffoon w/ joke plans & arguments. Anyone with a brain could've beaten Trump. She & all her allies lacked one.
How cute. She had a team? MT @Ann_OLeary: When I led Hillary's transition team, I told staff not to meet with a Canadian gov't official
#MAGA MT @kylegriffin1: Trump has just advertised a tournament at a golf property he owns-and makes $$ from-for at least the 3rd time today
MT @Alyssa_Milano: "Grab them by the pussy." #NeverForget
Remember this for Don Jr's perp walk->MT @realDonaldTrump Stock Market hit another all-time high yesterday - despite the Russian hoax story!
Golf = excitement. MT @realDonaldTrump I will be at #USWomensOpen.Big crowds expected & the women are playing great-should be very exciting!
Man of the people -> MT @realDonaldTrump Just got to #USWomensOpen. People are really happy with record high stock market...// #MAGA #resist
.@RealDonaldTrump giving no shoutouts to #USMNT or #USWNT is odd considering #TrumpPlayedSoccer. #soccer #MAGA #resist
AFAIK, @RealDonaldTrump hasn't given a shoutout to #USMNT or #USWNT, even tho they're national teams & he's hypo-patriotic. #MAGA #resist
In his golf cart. MT @realDonaldTrump The women played great today at USWomensOpen I look forward to being there tomorrow for final round!
#LAGalaxy begins their valiant comeback! #ManU #LAGalaxy #AnnCoulter #communism #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA
.@LAGalaxy: not engaging dissemblers like @AnnCoulter & showing her #soccer smears wrong to her base has long-term impacts as we now see.
.@LAGalaxy: how much will you pay me to watch the 2nd half of this game? #ManU #LAGalaxy #AnnCoulter #communism #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA
.@asharangappa_: is it that CNN is too dumb, too corrupt, or too unpatriotic to call Trump or a proxy on it? Have an innocent explanation?
.@asharangappa_: I described how Trump's plans would fail in Aug 2015: Dec 2015: etc.
.@asharangappa_: how come #CNN spends so much on Russia but spent no time on how Trump's joke plans would fail miserably?
.@carolinagirl63 @brunelldonald: how are Tillerson & Ross not "Est. elites"? How are lobbyists Trump's appointed not swampthings? #MAGA