.@richardsyrett: plus, what Trump will do - or how he'll do it - is bound to be stupid & bad for USA:
.@richardsyrett: waiting to see what Trump does is extremely unwise & not the American way. We're supposedly to hold politicians to task.
.@richardsyrett: there's a ton of good trad/folk/folk metal music on Youtube. Why don't you play some? Also USAans are citizens not subjects
Trump is Lizardian shapeshifter. #MAGA MT @richardsyrett LIVE from #Toronto #coasttocoastam. The #Reptilian Plan to Divide & Conquer Humans
It's extremely rare to see townhall protester/questioner who's a peer of the pol. The pol almost always is in the adult role. #MAGA #resist
2 idiot protesters block Darrell Issa's car; another idiot then throws down their sign. Video: #idiocracy #resist
.@william__hicks: smart arguments would keep Trump from supporting an anti-American bill. What are you & the other punks doing about that?
.@william__hicks: both Trump & Hillary support the anti-American DREAMAct; it'd let illegal aliens keep some citizens out of college.
.@william__hicks: at #HeatSt, you cheer punks spending countless hours to steal the "He Will Not Divide Us livestream" private property.
.@JayMan471: making those points to their base would send a strong message. Why am I the only one doing it? Where's vDare, Breitbart, etc?
.@JayMan471: several elitists have put necks out over this: They're extremely vulnerable to their base.
.@JayMan471 says "No clue" in reply to my earlier tweets: So, I'll describe a smart thing everyone can do now
.@toneloque: surely, you have to be smart enough to know there are options besides the Trump/@JxhnBinder way & the Hillary way. Right?
MT @toneloque compared to alternative being Hillary Clinton & her massive islamic invasion policy, Ill take trump & BrdrPatrol
.@karina_jarrod: #AltRight & #MAGA aren't any good at opposing SJW & mass/illegal immigration for real. However, I wish you luck with them.
We're supposed to just *pretend* it's 9:15pm, and not say anything? Not me. #FakeNews #MAGA
.@Buccigross: Mar 4 #ESPN NCAA hoops got 3-6x ratings of soccer game... on ESPN Deportes (few get) & of MX league (not as many fans as EPL)
.@Fahrenthold: either you support depriving some Americans of college, or you aren't enough of a journalist to call Trump out. Which is it?
.@Fahrenthold: Trump has repeatedly indicate he supports #DREAMAct or similar. It'd let illegal aliens keep some Americans out of college.
.@karina_jarrod: ex mavi, you reply to my "The Most Powerful Man in the World" tweet w/ image IDing yourself as #AltRight. I'm not. #MAGA
Is #NotreDame in the #ACC despite being several hours from the AC? Did Trump set this up? #MAGA #resist
.@borisep was arrested and sentenced in 2014 for sucker punching someone much shorter & lighter than him. #MAGA! #VorVBellyDome
.@MarthaLivingmar: in 2014, Trump helped Obama endanger the USA: Just like he has with refugees recently.
.@MarthaLivingmar: remember what I told you about a failed Trump plan *in October 2014*?
.@V_of_Europe: Trump implied there'd been a terror attack etc the night before. Was there such a thing, yes or no? Can you tell the truth?
He didn't tell the truth. MT @V_of_Europe: Swedish woman writes letter to president @realDonaldTrump to thank him for telling the truth
.@JustMePammy: Trump himself admits his bans have made USA less safe. @KerryPicket enables the bans rather than demanding Trump does better.
.@Lindapearl2: did you ever see the page just about you: ?
Supports anti-American DREAMAct! #MAGA? MT @pg_rant RT @IngrahamAngle: Here's Trump Effect: Manufacturing boom! Jobs boom! Optimism boom!
.@toneloque: considering Trump supports the anti-American DREAMAct & admits he's made USA less safe, how's the @JxhnBinder way working out?
.@NormEisen: @jrubinblogger can't tell truth about #immigration: I'm sure she's truthful about all else.
Yes! Which country benefits is negotiable. #MAGA MT @hrkbenowen: RETWEET if you think Donald Trump is doing a fantastic job as President
.@UnzReview: how @Steve_Sailer & fans *opposed* an attempt to get Trump to undercut BLM: #idiocracy
.@JayMan471: I'm still patiently waiting your reply:
.@klyn625 @chandachisala: @charlesmurray could help by starting a campaign against the AP reporter over any deception. Did he do that?
.@klyn625 @chandachisala: @charlesmurray couldn't even get the attribution right. That was an AP story WaPo just reprinted.
.@StrHon2016 @zz201 @qkode: see Trump can't/won't undercut him to his base. How's that help me?
You'd never know it from the games (not just clips) #ESPN shows. It's like hockey, soccer, baseball don't exist. MT @Buccigross Penguins win
Colbert is *extremely* vulnerable to good #immigration arguments. MT @StrHon2016: @zz201 @qkode We stopped watching Colbert [over Trump]
.@CanvasVC: picture your friends at a Portola Valley cafe shunning you because you helped deprive Somalia of doctors they desperately need.
.@CanvasVC: you helped @Doximity which was involved in #ImmigrantDocs project. Do your friends know you'd screw developing countries?
Have you seen my tweets destroying them? MT @CanvasVC Have you heard of the #Immigrant #Doctors Project?
.@kylamandel: MidEast/Africa has a dire need for doctors & a huge problem with direly-needed doctors leaving. #ImmigrantDocs would worsen.
.@kylamandel: you say "Really incredible project worth checking out" of #immigrantdocs, a sociopathic effort that'd screw the Third World.
.@LouiseMensch: dozens could have easily helped stop Trump but didn't: Grow up & learn from their mistakes.
He doesn't care what you think. MT @LouiseMensch: Look Trump we can do this the hard way or the much harder way. It's almost spring. RESIGN.
.@ScottBaio: if Trump had just pushed more stringent screening starting in Dec 2015, USA would be safer. You enabled endangering the USA.
.@ScottBaio says "Really???? ..I hope Trump knows about this". What do you suggest, Scott, that Trump shuts down the phone system? #resist
.@ScottBaio posts possibly fake pic of someone (name hidden) saying her hubby got robocalls from O & Hillary telling people to resist Trump.
Putin has gulag plans ready! MT @BrianCox_gab_ai Trump needs to arrest these tools [Hillary & Obama]. God knows there's enough legal reason.
.@Eapes1Eapes: I missed your reply. Did @bocavista2016 post a completely made up pic of a tweet designed to smear @JakeTapper, yes or no?
.@aaronecarroll: do countries like Yemen, Somalia, Liberia, etc. have a huge problem w/ lack of doctors & their own doctors leaving?
Ppl are dying & you joke. MT @aaronecarroll [in reply to my "are you a sociopath or just dim" question for him] Hmmmm... it can't be both?
.@Mimi9060: you liked my tweet to you about helping with CNN's deceptive story. So, do you want more info?
No more #FakeNews??? #CNN will broadcast "The Most Powerful Man in the World" on Monday. All about Trump!! #MAGA #AltRight
.@ESPNLunardi: many aren't big basketball fans. Isn't showing hoops 24/7 bad for ESPN & thus you? Show some soccer, baseball, etc. too.
One thing is clear: Trump knows how to surround himself with, hire, & then fire deranged idiots like @sidbow56. #MAGA! #TheResistance
.@sidbow56 - since fired massage therapist appointed to DOE - tweeted "Scum sucking maggots of world. Exterminate them all." in re Muslims.
.@sidbow56 - since fired massage therapist appointed to DOE - tweeted "Obama won’t use term radical Islam because they're his relatives!!!!"
Politico: "Trump appointed a massage therapist from New Hampshire with no apparent relevant experience to work at the Energy Dept". #MAGA!
Wisconsin judge issues TRO against Trump's #MuslimBan2. It only covers one person, but expect more. #MAGA? #idiocracy
.@jpwarren @arielbogle: how to fight #Twitter censorship: Please help out.
Latest move from lil' fascists at #Twitter: mark whole accounts as "may include potentially sensitive content"; you have to click to view.
.@OliverDarcy @Carrasquillo: is it good for USA that people like you & Jon Decker aren't capable of undercutting a simpleton like Jim Hoft?
.@OliverDarcy: you blog "Drama in White House press room as Fox reporter vehemently denies he assaulted right-wing blogger". #idiocracy
LOLMT @lucianwintrich Jon Decker asulted me at today's briefing. @FoxNews - is this behavior something you tolerate over there? He's sick
MT @Carrasquillo Fox News Radio John Decker just loudly told [all @ WH briefing] Gateway Pundit is here "they hate blacks/Jews/Hispanics"
.@MrFredoP: your 15 minutes will have zero impact on anything. If you'd asked KAC a tough question about policy, that would have had impact.
People like you *helped* Trump win. MT @MrFredoP My viral Kellyanne Conway selfie was not an empty prank -- it was a statement
.@dmosbergen: I read your very sad post about the drought in Somalia. Do they have a severe doctor shortage there?
.@antonioguterres: is Somalia in dire need of doctors?
MT @antonioguterres Was in epicentre of famine & cholera in Somalia. I heard harrowing stories of suffering... World must act now.
Trump has a plan to Make Amerika Great Again! #NowPlaying #MusicFreitag #MusicFriday #TheResistance #MAGA
Then as now, it's hard to tell a r/w'er/Trumptard/etc from someone just pretending to be one to undercut things like holding MSM accountable
Because of @DrOrlyTaitzEsq & other crazies, I can't even point out Howard Kurtz deliberately lied w/o being called a #Birther. #MAGA
TheNextRight banned me & stole my content after I pointed out Howard Kurtz lied. Their wee minds couldn't tell true from false. #MAGA
Eg, @HowardKurtz lied - that means deliberately stated a falsehood - about #Birther issue: #MAGA? #CNN #FoxNews
The #Birther issue was a huge chance to undercut MSM. R/w crazies *helped* MSM, self COINTELPRO-style w/ lies & crazy Orly fabrications.
.@Mimi9060 @byrdinator @NetworksManager: CNN posted a deceptive story that can be used to undercut them to their fans. Want to help out?
.@tafrank: re Kaus RTing you, most Americans oppose mass/illegal #immigration. Why does it continue? Are they opposing it the wrong way?
.@ToryEurosceptic: many oppose mass/illegal #immigration, yet it continues. Do you think that might be because they'd doing it wrong?
As stated no. So, why does it continue there & here? MT @ToryEurosceptic: It is not racist to want proper controls on immigration
.@KayReindl: I haven't looked into Tom Cotton on #immigration, but pro-serf labor forces tend to smear those who'd cost them money. #resist
He supports a merit-based system w/ reduced immigration. MT @KayReindl Republican "rising star" Tom Cotton doesn't want ANY immigration
.@RimSarah: the idea Disney would drop a show due to Trump's win is ludicrous on its face. The show probably just sucked. @rezaaslan
MT @RimSarah What a shame. [@rezaaslan Muslim-Am immigrant sitcom Disney supposedly dropped after Trump won] is important more than ever.
.@MartinHayes6 @The_Trump_Train: even if drop is due to Trump, it'll rise when he announces amnesty or leaves office. #MAGA?
DERPMT @MartinHayes6 RT @The_Trump_Train: "In the first month of the his presidency, illegal border crossings have dropped 40%" -G Gutfield
.@djslyd01: @LouDobbs supports amnesty aka "immigration reform", something that's not needed but Trump might bargain USA into. #MAGA?
Who needs amnesty? MT @djslyd01 @LouDobbs: “The idea that you can somehow just have immigration reform without border security is madness.”
.@DavidKirklandJr @jetrotter @wassdocs: CNN posted a deceptive story that can be used to undercut them to their base. Want to help out?
I'm doing a network analysis of a pro-Trump account, trying to discover its network. Lots of foreign sources.
.@jonchampionjc: #ESPN shows hoops 24/7, spends more time on soccer hilites than showing soccer games. Did Ann Coulter buy Disney or what?
.@paimadhu: @p_ganong, @vbolotnyy, & #ImmigrantDocs want to deprive developing countries of direly-needed doctors. How can you enable them?
.@politicory: 3 docs per 100,000 Somalis. If you were in Somalia, what would you think of @otis_reid & #ImmigrantDocs trying to harm you?
.@weihuang: michaelstepner wants to braindrain docs from countries like Somalia, Yemen, & Liberia that desperately need them. That's immoral
.@Occidentaljihad: just 7500 docs per 100,000 in Yemen. @michaelstepner & #ImmigrantDocs want some to come here, harming Yemen, etc.
.@Occidentaljihad: please help point out to @michaelstepner / #ImmigrantDocs supporters how they'd greatly harm developing countries.
.@christinayperez: #immigrantdocs wants to take docs & nurses from countries that direly need them like Somalia & Liberia. They're inhumane.