You can guess w/ 99% accuracy that a tweet was from Trump or the Dalai Lama, right? Likewise, I know the "d*mb punk" voice: OWS, MoveOn, etc. All the "alt"-government accounts have that same voice. They're at least influenced by DC NGOs like MoveOn, CAP, etc. #MAGA #resist
.@_DavidCarter_: FYI, your recent pro-censorship tweet to @Jack was censored by #Twitter, while a completely worthless tweet from @AltDIA - almost certainly a deceptive fake account - was elevated to the #1 spot in the list of replies. #MAGA #resist
.@JohnChiangCA: do you support giving college slots or discounts to current/recent illegal aliens. That means fewer resources for U.S. citizens; it'd keep some Americans out of college. You can't have both DREAMAct & all qualified citizens going to college. Which do you choose?
Despite their self-mythologizing, "journalists" tend to be incurious sheeple keenly aware of who has power & who doesn't, & eager to go after the second to help the first. They also tend to be worthless as people AFAICT. But, because of cons they're able to get away with it.
The first question is if users of those sites publicly released that info or if cops got it via subpoena etc. Oddly, Sam doesn't answer that. MT @kyamamura XCLUSIVE from @StantonSam: Genealogy websites helped prosecutors crack #EastAreaRapist #GoldenStateKiller case
Before yesterday I'd never heard of the Golden State Killer. They caught him by using similar DNA from genealogy websites. I don't know if that's something their users publicly released but if not that's even scarier.
Pursuant to EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990, signed forthwith this day by President DONALD TRUMP, it is hereby ordered that all citizens are to JUST MELLOW OUT: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
Any crimes illegal aliens commit are completely unnecessary. Some % of citizens will commit crimes, but unlike them we can stop illegal aliens' crimes by not allowing them in. Ask cui bono to minimizing that. MT @Mimouna RT @scottalyoung: The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant
I met a concertinista in the street and boy was I glad to see her: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@GaetaSusan: when Trump pushes plans that make the poor poorer and the rich richer, is that Jesus guiding his hand or perhaps the ghost of Ayn Rand? #MAGA #resist
In case you were concerned, @GaetaSusan is here to let us know that #MAGA isn't a cult of some kind. There isn't *that* much of a difference between this & seeing Jesus on a tortilla so it can't be *that* bad. #MAGA #resist
Secret video uncovered with secret orders direct from Putin to Trump. It's all in code: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
If you want to fight #Twitter censorship, you have to oppose censorship of *all*. Otherwise you're just upset you aren't doing the censoring. If you really oppose censorship, then get ppl to use the app in my pinned tweet. MT @StartupBros Account locked due to liking a tweet
As does all of America. We're going to pull an all nighter prepping for it. #MAGA #resist RT @SteveKingIA: I look forward to @DiamondandSilk ‘s UNCENSORED testimony at Judiciary Committee tomorrow
I made a video (which, in a first, I won't post) that wasn't pro-Brett Bozell, it was just anti-CAP or something. Bozell called to thank me, like I'd done it for him. He also called me at like 10am and I wasn't exactly fully woke. Very uncomfortable all around. #MAGA! #resist
BB (who called me out of the blue some years ago) isn't helping by just making it a con thing. #Twitter censors as many libs as cons. MT @StandUpAnne RT @TrumpsBlonde @BrentBozell says "This is the emerging of the greatest censorship of free speech worldwide in history of man"
These are the types of dapshats we're dealing with. They're no better than SJWs; they act just like them just for a different group of snowflakes. They're less than worthless to the USA: #MAGA #resist
Because nothing says smart/sane/patriotic/big tent like watching Trump scam suckers who think
.@johnrutledge: I showed how @MichaelKotick (nee @kotick4congress) was wrong on #immigration months ago. His Koch-like support for loose borders makes edge cases like deported vets *more* difficult to oppose. Do some research, think things thru.
Re Joy Reid, her supposed hack, etc. etc. etc......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................ #WGAFF #MAGA #resist #MSNBC
.@jepence: @Shastina_Eloff RTs your "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" #1stAmendment Eloff has blocked me despite never tweeting it. I doubt her commitment to open debate. #CA48 #Sandman4Congress
What do *S*ocialism, *S*atan, & *S*occer all have in common? You guessed it. Ann Coulter's Director of Policy weighs in on moral decay caused by the "ugly game": #MAGA #resist #soccer
.@davis1988will: have you seen the #Sandman4Congress issues page? Which key issue - the most vital domestic issue, especially in California - is missing? #CA48
Whatever its past handles, I haven't tweeted Shastina_Eloff (given her Twitter ID). It's related to ScottPresler, who hasn't blocked me despite tweeting it. Ergo, the Shastina thing blocked me on reco of another lil' fascist or a block list, etc. #resist #DelendaEst
.@Shastina_Eloff - candidate in #CA48 - has blocked me despite never tweeting it under that name.
#FoxNews pundit & #Townhall / #RedState / #HotAir / #Breitbart blogger Billy Bob Neck asserts that Donald Trump has never lied. Ever. #MAGA #resist
How to save USA: have Mila Kunis doing a SAP-style broadcast in which she translates Trump's speeches, tweets, and utterances from the original Russian. She's already auditioned: #FamilyGuy #MAGA #resist
Beyond sad performance. He supposedly is a top prosecutor, yet there he is doing childish shtick with a worthless foreign clown. No wonder Trump won & keeps winning. MT @Dalton642 RT @PreetBharara: Oh boy... @iamsambee
Remember how #CNN etc obsessed over Ben Carson's furniture? He's now intro'ed a sociopathic "Making Affordable Housing Work Act" plan to make moochers pay. Question: how many whites would be harmed - directly or indirectly - by his feel-good plan? #MAGA #resist
TODO: apply as a #StreetRacers extra. I don't think that'll be tough.
.@TigerPooka bio: "No Nazis, no KKK, No Alt-Right, No Fascists, No Putin ! USA is about equality for ALL ! ALL MEANS ALL !" For a good time, use that to oppose Wahhabism, SJWs, & fellow travelers. #MAGA #resist
.@kurkjian_espn: you & "Ravi" were hyping basketball in a baseball game. OK, it's timely. But, those who were watching baseball obviously weren't interested in the other game, otherwise they'd have been watching it (as long as they could, but that's a different issue).
.@MarkDice: #Twitter is extremely vulnerable: they're deceiving probably millions of users into thinking their replies are being heard when Twitter is censoring them. They censor libs, cons, sports fans, whatever. Want to bust Youtube? Start by busting Twitter in a big tent way.
.@tmcs10 @1GigiSims: #Twitter censors liberals who respond to Jack Kingston, Tom Cotton, etc. etc. See the reports at the link in my top tweet for proof. If you truly oppose censorship, then you have to oppose censorship of everyone. Otherwise you're just helping Twitter.
.@IvanTrumpovic1: see the examples at the link in my pinned tweet. #Twitter censors lots and lots of liberals. You'll never solve the problem just making it a conservative thing. We need a big tent & those who oppose censorship across the board.
.@wrongth_nk @justhadtotweet: FYI, #Twitter censored your replies to @Amnesty. They made you think you could be heard, but they silenced you. Help push for a big tent opposition to Twitter #censorship.
.@jasonaltmire: FYI, Zito wrote a profile of Kellyanne Conway and covered up for where KAC is most vulnerable to Trump's base. Is covering up for someone good journalism?
.@mattoxmcmurdo @nateroth: FYI, your recent replies to the #ACLU were censored by #Twitter (see the examples at the link in my top tweet). Twitter let you think you were being heard but they were silencing you. #censorship
.@HollywoodInToto: FYI, last year, @Rossputin supported assassinating a U.S. Senate candidate. I contacted @SecretService & hopefully they had a chat with him (even if he didn't reveal that). Do you support or oppose political assassinations?
.@joshuasharf: FYI, @SalenaZito covered up for Kellyanne Conway. SZ listed KAC's polling clients *except* the one that'd undercut KAC to Trump's base. KAC got paid by Mark Zuckerberg to do a bogus pro-amnesty poll. Ask Zito why she ignored where Trump's own KAC is weakest.
Twitter is probably censoring *millions* of their users: liberals, conservatives, sports fans, music fans, etc. etc. If you oppose #Twitter #censorship, please help this effective plan to fight it:
.@AnnenbergPenn: one of your anti-white racists, Diana Mutz, says it isn't a zero sum game. Does John Oliver keep an American from having a show on same network? Does Don Lemon keep an Asian from having the same #CNN show? Do racial quotas exclude people as much as they include?
Federal judge: Trump administration must accept new DACA applications [NB: Trump could keep most Dem leaders from pushing DACA just by making smart arguments. Ask yourself why he won't.] #immigration #MAGA #resist
Mulvaney, Watchdog Agency’s Leader, Advises Bankers on Ways to Curtail It [NB: Mulvaney is most vulnerable to #MAGA for supporting amnesty, but MSM can't mention that] #MAGA #resist
I was going to repeat a claim about Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson but a) this isn't that type of feed, b) I'm not going to feed their crap even to joke, und c) despite abhorring all things Trump I support RJ strongly after an obvious coordinated smear campaign. #MAGA #resist
#Yankees misspelled has name as "Didi Gregious" on Didi Gregorius Bat Day. Also, #ESPN will have #Cubs / #Indians at the unholy hour of 4pm Pacific tomorrow.
In Aug 2015 I accurately predicted how Trump's grand plans would fail. Way back in 2008 - while #GOP etc. were searching for Whitey Tape etc. - I accurately pointed out that Obama was an elites-approved stooge: #MAGA #resist
.@alibreland: re #Twitter censorship, check out the reports at the link in my top tweet. TWTR is censoring replies from all kinds of users - cons, libs, sports fans, etc. They're censoring replies to #ACLU, #EFF, & #Amnesty. They're probably censoring millions of their users.
.@profrothman: @klonick stuck up for #Twitter lying to its users & censoring them. Yet, as shown by my research (see my top tweet), TWTR censors liberals replying to Jack Kingston, Tom Cotton, etc + replies to ACLU/EFF/Amnesty. Is Twitter lying to & censoring users bad now?
"is it... because HE'S BLACK?!?!?" was used by SPLC, MSM, etc. to quash dissent against the elites-approved Goldman Sachs stooge. #GOP etc lack IQs to deal with that line. MT @ScottJenningsKY [polls disagree] MT @WShaneSchmidt many Americans could not deal with a black president
There's no sports on (my) #tayfow, just Don Lemon calling Trump names & 5W bulb @ScottJenningsKY playing his Lemon-helping role. Trump deals w/ vital issues in dumbest way possible & his weasly proxies like SJ just cower rather than pivoting Trump's idiocy to a patriotic stance.
OK. Do you those who enable illegal #immigration/refugees in effect encourage ppl to cross & are they in effect partly responsible for the deaths that occur? #Australia MT @QldProgressive The immigration debate is complex and emotive. We must reframe it honestly
Neither really oppose it; both were just playing to the peanut gallery. Bubba is just smarter & slicker than Trump. #MAGA? MT @Marckymarc40 RT @bonniemurphy: How come it’s #Xenophobia when [Trump supposedly opposes illegal #immigration but not when Bubba supposedly did it]
.@Swohtz @primetimecrime: illegal #immigration would greatly reduce if Dem leaders saw enabling it as a CLM. #MAGA doesn't realize that & refuses to help when it's explained to them. They refuse to help pressure Trump (through his proxies) to undercut Dem leaders to their base.
24Ahead Closing Argument is, there is no argument! There only agreement Trump is Great Leader and Great Singer as he sing Great National Anthem of This Great Land! #MAGA! #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #resist
.@eugenegu: this and your Minassian tweet indicate a hostility towards whites, like you see yourself as a Great Defender Of People Of Color. You can get away with your shtick now because of #MAGA, but one day you might run up against someone who can expose your game.
.@mickiemcmahon: FYI, your @sentomcotton tweet about Sinclair was censored by #Twitter. See the examples at the censorship checker link in my top tweet. If you oppose being silenced, urge ACLU/EFF/etc to take action.
#GOP leaders are *still* using "job creators". That phrase would have been discredited years ago if #TheResistance leaders weren't such witless scum. Engaging leaders on basic facts & corollaries is beyond them: they only know Gramsci. #MAGA #resist
Special Trump tax provision gives $17 billion break to millionaires, gov't report finds That warm mist #MAGA feels is it trickling down on them. #resist
.@chaunceydevega: over and over and over I tried to get @davidcayj to help undercut Trump to his base in smart ways & he ignored it. He thought he knew better, but given that he's had no impact on Trump clearly he was wrong.
.@chaunceydevega: you interviewed @davidcayj. R/w has plenty of worthless entertainers too like Hannity. Except he has influence. Not one single thing DCJ has said about Trump in last few years has had any impact on Trump. Entertaining & providing solace to #resist impact.
"Bless me President for I have sinned..." "You're pardoned! Now get out of my box." #MAGA #resist
.@ConwayShow: for my satire site I'm going to create a "John Cobalt" contributor who suggests pigeons as a solution to homelessness: fuel, food, & clothing. And with his intense sociopathy coursing throughout. #KFI #LosAngeles
#Toronto perp is Alek Minassian. Tomorrow is Armenian Holocaust Remembrance Day. There are other possibilities, but that's certainly one.
Not to be morbid/chavish/Trumplike/etc, but there's a high chance GHWB knows who was behind #JFK assassination, even if he wasn't personally involved. It'd be patriotic of him to make a statement before the time comes.
"24AheadDotCom" refers to my site, The "24Ahead" part means I'm 24 hours ahead of everyone else. Except it's usually more than that. For instance, in 2015 I accurately described how Trump's grand plans would fail. No one else did. #MyHandleExplained
#CNN says Trump is "ramping up personal cell phone use". Relax: it's just to get orders from Putin, from Hannity, and from Fox & Friends. And, of course, to order Hurrycanes & find out about those Freedom Checks he's heard so much about. #MAGA #resist
.@d_ross3: aside from general human issues, the real problem relates to a yahoo culture, consumerism, globalist NeoLiberal elites trading for their own accounts (eg AAPL offshoring supply chain, Boesky, etc.), violent movies/video games, rap, etc. etc. #Yankees
.@d_ross3: a cynic would say #Yankees anti-bullying video is just a PR stunt. That aside: 1. It offers little or no help to all the other kids. 2. Some bullying is healthy to prep kids for how grown-ups act. 3. It doesn't address the real problem (next)
After his 4 'Nam tours, Trump spent time wandering from country to country, nursing his broken bone spurs. This is his saga and the 24Ahead Closing Argument, with English subtitles: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
#Twitter is *extremely* vulnerable: they're silencing millions of their users. Use the app in my top tweet to bust them & send a message no one can ignore. MT @brandy1137 RT @MikeTokes: California moves towards tyrannical censorship with a new anti-free speech law
I don't know about that movement, but if you use the app in my top tweet you can help bust #Twitter for censorship. MT @theRealYLH RT @AmmarRashidT: Critical webzine @nayadaurpk blocked in Pakistan after publishing pieces supportive about the #PashtunTahafuzMovement.
At last year's Trump Olympics, Taylor Swift sang about Trump's time in 'Nam: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@BlueSea1964: you hype @Sheila4USA complaining about #Twitter suspending Laila from #GatewayPundit. GP blocked me from leaving comments & she blocked me. I doubt their commitment to open debate.
Do you like freedom? I do. Taylor Swift sings the Trump National Anthem at the opening of the Trump Football League at the Trump National Coliseum in the Trump National Capital: #MAGA #MusicSunday #resist #NowPlaying
.@S_Cooper0404: couple years ago I tried to stop CA's euthanasia law. I got zero help from conservatives & even some active opposition to my smart plan to stop it. Cons might as well be working for Brown et al.
Your problem is no one's going to believe that because r/w sources have a habit of lying to get clicks. It'd be smart of you to realize that & make sure you're telling the pravda. MT @S_Cooper0404 Calling sales of The Bible "Consumer Fraud", California's bill to ban the Bible..
Both have blocked me, he over pointing out how fake he is. He's pro-amnesty; he just uses #immigration to pivot to spending. Your idols are too dumb to even try to show me wrong. #California #CAGOP #MAGA MT @Karee_news @RealErinCruz with @JoinTravisAllen in #SanLuisObispo
"One Man Against The Entire Establishment" is a new book/tone poem from Sean Hannity celebrating America's Greatest President Since Reagan, Donald Trump: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@mari0defina: FYI, @sciric hypes a photolog from jbmoorephoto designed to enable illegal #immigration. Illegal immigration harms U.S. workers. It helps the wealthy: growers, sweatshop operators, Koch bros, USChamber, etc. They aren't liberals.
Meanwhile back on the other track, #Arkona is great since they aren't operatic & they unapologetically sing in Trump's native language with autochthonous growls & echt scream-o: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@sweetadelinevt: as a real journalist, I'm convinced you've thought through who @jbmoorephoto of #Getty helps. Certainly not U.S. workers, but U.S. employers who want cheap, pliable, foreign serf labor. I'm *convinced* you've thought thru how Cesar Chavez would oppose him.
As a real journalist, I'm sure you're uncomfortable about how John Moore of #Getty lied: they aren't "immigrants". MT @sweetadelinevt RT @jbmoorephoto: Immigrants shelter in a church soup kitchen after almost a month traveling by caravan towards the US-Mexico #border
- closes any pro-Trump tabs due to angering up the blood -
SEMBLANT - What Lies Ahead (poppy operatic + scream-o metal). If she could do the scream-o, he'd be completely unnecessary. #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicSunday
There are dumber, more deranged people than conservatives. They're just institutionalized, or at least we hope so. #MAGA #resist
.@karmasenz: you RT @magaapplepie over Cuomo. It blocked me - thereby helping #Twitter censorship - over seeking its help to reduce Twitter censorship. Is this block-worthy?
Only after posting the last did I scroll down into the comments and see that the singer died, at just 27. I couldn't have known, but now I feel bad. RIP.
Poppy/operatic metal involves lots of singing to and touching of walls. Also, synth breaks: #MAGA #MusicSunday #resist #NowPlaying
Trump was never in 'Nam. He was in much, much worse: Middle Earth and the Battle Against The Lord Of The Rings. It also had a hot bf elf chick: #NowPlaying #CadetBoneSpurs #FamilyGuy #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
Assume you were of benefit to India & left for USA. Aside from remittances (e.g., living on candy), what would be benefit to India? MT @arunimasingh13 RT @TheEconomist: Among economists, there is near-universal agreement that #immigration generates huge benefits #OpenFuture
When Trump's bans were tied up in the courts, whose visitors agenda was the USA following? (Hint: Obama's). #MAGA? MT @ZuiverCor RT @st1ck1: This is what obumer was trying to do to the US with all the immigration from the middle east. And all you libtards supported him
.@amalec @nxthompson: ~19 years ago @Mozilla would lock up. I'd have to force quit it & delete a lock file. Now, 19 years later, I just have to force quit it when it becomes unresponsive. No more lock files to delete. They can't even beat Google's outright spyware.
.@junecasagrande @essmanmurphy @oneofthedons @publicacurate @hayes041352 @drmike47538978: FYI, your replies to GOPLeader were all censored by Twitter:
.@nonna2405 @spacesuitmoose: you criticized GOPLeader over #PuertoRico. That's futile unless you understand what #MAGA wants, then show *them* how Trump is failing them. That's Marketing 101. To undercut Trump over PR, one way is to point out he helped make FL more purple.
Trump trivia: fully 78% of his nominees are wanted for crimes against humanity: #MAGA #resist
In Season 4 he's the new The Master & it ends when all the humans are dead. Sorry. MT @mtrudellone Watching #TheStrain season 2 and I have to say that the fat kid they got to replace Zach is a real little prick
At #PCWorld, @ianpaul blogged "turn on Twitter's quality filters to silence trolls / Twitter has solution for stopping hate: put trolls in cones of silence". I've got the ICC for it: I'll SEO its name, pointing out it's a lil' fascist. As a plus, it won't see that coming.
Useless r/w entertainer @BradThor has decided to challenge Trump in 2020. Is he running as a smart/sane/patriotic/actually RedTory opposition to Trump? No, he's running on a #Koch platform. Maybe Trump's Marc Short can make a horizontal move to the new stooge. #MAGA #resist
.@hamalex1969 @scotttdean: FYI, your replies to Sadiq Khan were censored by #Twitter (as were those from many others). If you make common cause with *all* those censored we can stop it.