.@JozyAltidore: because @USSoccer sold out to Murdoch, millions fewer Americans will be able to watch #GoldCup2017 than on #ESPN. #USMNT?
.@GMPaiella: suggest a switch to @Disqus to your boss. They might even help migrate you from @LiveFyre for free. #NYMag
.@GMPaiella: why is #NYMag one of the few sites still using @LiveFyre comments? They barely work, reducing engagement i.e. your salary.
Trump whining about Obamacare at the Boy Scout Jamboree, with Rick Perry nodding in the background. Like #Idiocracy 2. #MAGA #resist
.@flemmingdave: why even bother showing @Dodgers games when they harm ESPN's reputation with a black screen for three hours? #ESPN
.@flemmingdave: I assume @Dodgers will black out upcoming #ESPN game in the #2 media market in the USA, harming ESPN's reputation.
.@EricLevitz: not only does Dem leadership agree w @USChamber on NeoLiberal policies, they fully support racist anti-white cultural policies
.@EricLevitz: the @USChamber would be very, very happy if the Dems had complete control of #immigration, globalism, free trade. Ask them!
Juice Box Mob Jr League associate @EricLevitz blogs "Democrats Unveil Populist Economic Agenda for 2018". They're very pro-corporate.
24Ahead's Closing Argument, Special #TrumpTrain Edition: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
Want to help discredit Trump proxies to send a message directly to Trump? Donate generously now using the bio link. #TheResistance
.@Deb10122: since Aug '15 I've pointed out how Congress/courts would block Trump's plans. Why didn't @tribelaw etc use that to undercut him?
You know that now. I've known it for 2 years. MT @Deb10122 @tribelaw We know how the 'courts' just LOVE Trump
I *think* @mtracey was one of the idiots who asked Coulter a stupid question she used against him: #TYT #resist
.@johnstubbs1: top anti-Trumpers are holding out for treason/impeachment, just as Teaparty believed in Whitey Tape & thought O'd be arrested
MT @johnstubbs1 I obviously am no fan of Trump but I do not wish for the worst case scenario -- treason -- to be true.
.@drspl5: you support the right to assemble. Such as by camping out in public parks and greatly helping Fox etc hippie-punch?
.@johncusack: help change that by helping discredit Coulter to send a message to Trump. See my pinned tweet.
.@johncusack: Jeff Lord, McEnany, etc have free rein because their opponents on #CNN are as witless & refuse to use Socratic questioning.
.@johncusack: one of best ways to send a message to Trump is to undercut one of his proxies. Discredit them & Trump will take notice.
MT @wildcatcrazyone @tribelaw @JoeNBC You both should be hung in public kicking & screaming! Trump is protecting USA
.@gmarie55: FYI, after ~6 years of tweets to him, RBReich blocked me over correctly pointing out he's too dim to show Jeffrey Lord wrong.
Wouldn't things be easier if we normalized Lawrence/Laurence & Stephen/Steven? "Stefan" etc is OK as it's not a homophone. #MAGA! #resist
.@bunch1243 @bfraser747: eg, @SebGorka supports Trump calling Liz Warren "Pocahontas", even as she's *extremely* vulnerable on immigration.
.@bunch1243 @bfraser747: @SebGorka opposition to "limitless immigration" incl not even being able to conceive making non-Breitbart argument
.@bunch1243 RT @bfraser747: "[Eventually] national security and national interest trumps the idea of limitless immigration." ~ @SebGorka
.@jbnbpt: for 10s of millions, Trump - despite all his flaws - is better option than those w/ Koch-like stance like you & @juliettekayyem.
.@jbnbpt: I pointed out how Trump's immigration plans would fail 2 years ago. It took @juliettekayyem until now to figure things out.
MT @jbnbpt RT @juliettekayyem Trump isn't hard on immigration. He finds easy targets to deport: those who seek lawful status or serve USA
Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - My Sister Rose: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
#MAGA is too dim to realize how Trump Wall would fail, but they want a wall so that's what Trump pushes. #idiocracy #immigration #resist
Trump doesn't translate brainless #MAGA ideas into realistic plans. Their rants lead directly to his policies. #idiocracy #resist
.@Marcotti: #ESPN is hyping #USAvJAM. More Americans could see it if MX had won: it'd be on Univision not hidden away on FS1. #MAGA
As I might have said before, Trump is *not* a leader. He doesn't translate wishes of his base into realistic policies as leaders do. #MAGA
Homo paenosapians has *always* had leaders because great majority of humans can't lead or plan. Teaparty, OWS, & #MAGA are leaderless & fail
MAGADERPMT @arlethapappas: @dwaynecobb [a Trump] Why don't we Hack them back. We have Hackers too I'm sure. We need to invade their country
On a stupid artificial course. Not real survival. MT @captplanet83_lj @gradylpowell TEAM GRADY WINS! OOOOOOOHHHH YEAAAAH!
.@Kiwigirl58: dips will drive 100s of miles to wave dumb sign Trump'll never see, but refuse to help engage his proxies in real debate.
How come no one actually wants to do it intelligently? MT @Kiwigirl58 [a Lawrence o Trump] isnt it a citizen's job to protect the COUNTRY?
.@Can_ada: if you want to help undercut Coulter to her base, help make the plan in my pinned tweet happen.
MT @Lawrence [a Trump] Please to show me line in Constitution that says chleni of Congress must "protect their Pres." And protect from what?
.@Mensans4Trump: "WE WANT THE WALL!!" is definitely something a #Mensa member would say. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
MT @Mensans4Trump So far NATIONALIST AGENDA incl. wall has been successfully sabotaged by Cohn. Token funding ($1.6B??). WE WANT THE WALL!!
.@PfeifferDC: either Xtreme vetting works (thus travel ban is unneeded) or Trump's letting bad dudes into USA. When'll you ask which it is?
The #PussyRiot anti-Trump video is intensely stupid: Those like them *helped* him win. #MAGA #TheResistance
.@mattdpearce: Michael Brown should've been tazed if possible, but he was an out-of-control thug. AU victim wasn't. Your stance is untenable
.@mattdpearce: Coulter needs witless types like you to act as her foils to sell books. Someone sane cf's your tweet to reality & chooses her
Nicholas Cage (who's been confused with me) in Kazakhstan:
AU victim wasn't a thug. MT @mattdpearce [of #LATimes] Looks like Ann Coulter suddenly cares about police shootings, I wonder wh— ah.
Like so many other Trump things, I can't understand him seeking validation from a morning show. @kellyripa #MAGA #resist
.@LisaKerneyESPN: millions of Americans won't be able to see supposed national team - #USMNT - in #GoldCup2017 because it's on FS1 not #ESPN
.@ThisIsASN: also, that means millions won't see #GoldCup2017 Final & #USMNT because @USSoccer hides it away on a channel many don't get.
LOLMT @PfeifferDC Source who speaks with Trump joked, “I’m just glad Wall Street is finally getting some representation in the WH.”
Hamyka goes up 1-0 against Mexico. #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist #Agenda21
Enorme! Bigly! #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@TimHowardGK: thanks to @ussoccer selling out to Murdoch, more Americans can see Mexican nat. team than #USMNT. Bad for #soccer in USA.
~ #AnnCoulter Trigger Warning ~ Mexico and Hamyka are tied 0-0 at the half. #Cardinals & #Cubs are tied 3-3. #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer
I can't belieb I delayed what I was doing to sit through these penalty kicks: #MUFC #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
.@HarmlessYardDog: those who encourage ppl to come here illegally incl. almost all est. leaders. You lack smarts to engage them & show wrong
.@HarmlessYardDog: people like you *help* the pro-amnesty side. Your stat is easily disputed. The "Parasites" smear makes @FrankSharry happy
.@HarmlessYardDog: @NumbersUSA is one of the top anti-illegal immigration groups (such as they are). Would they use "Parasites" as you do?
MT @HarmlessYardDog [dog] Was Shocked to Read Deporting Illegal Aliens Save US Tax Payers $700k/Family Who Let These Parasites In, He Asked?
How to protest Ann Coulter at #Politicon the smart way. Help undercut her & send a message to Trump!
Not only did Trump play soccer, but so too does Ronald McDonald (apparently): #MUFC #MAGA #resist
24Ahead's Closing Argument: Now with melodica & accordion! #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist
Trump's bans made USA less safe. The smart alternative: Want more? Donate generously now. #MAGA #resist
.@Kimmy1Queen. 2 years ago I accurately described how plan @AnnCoulter wrote for Trump would fail: She harms USA.
.@Kimmy1Queen says "not sure it is Constitutional to just ban Muslims" to @AnnCoulter. She doesn't care about policy, just selling books.
.@Softcrush @HawaiiPeople: better question: what if the "rabbit hunter" is President Elmer Fudd? #MAGA #immigration
MT @Softcrush @HawaiiPeople [re immigration] Everyone loves bunny rabbits, but how big would it have to be before it became disturbing?
.@_bluepaint @AvalynnSmith: scroll back to my AdrienneLaF tweets. There's a link w/ questions that'll discredit Coulter. Urge others to ask.
.@_bluepaint @AvalynnSmith: snarking about Coulter serves no purpose whatsoever. How about *doing* something that'll have real impact?
How about organizing an effort to make her look bad? MT @_bluepaint RT @AvalynnSmith: [snark about upcoming Coulter speech in Pasadena]
Call me naive, but I wasn't expecting #NFL to fully embrace Kaepernick's protest as they did, immediately. #soccer #MAGA #AltRight
.@BrurRabbit @cecilhenry: Coulter isn't even pro-white. She *hates* the whites-friendly soccer, loves NFLBLM. #MAGA #AltRight
.@SamHarrisOrg @nebulous_nl: how to undercut Dilbert *to his fans*: Please just try that for a bit.
.@EclecticLizzie: @IndivisibleTeam is only interested in racial power. They don't care #DefendDACA deprives Mexico of the people they need.
.@EclecticLizzie: DREAMers aren't "immigrants"; @IndivisibleTeam is lying to you. #DREAMact harms US workers *and* Mexico. #DefendDACA
DERPMT @EclecticLizzie RT @IndivisibleTeam: #DREAMact has been introduced. Continue to fight for all immigrants, #DefendDACA & TPS!
.@j_smithcameron: DREAMers deprive MX of the ppl they need to stay & build up MX. @AGSchneiderman could care less about harming MX. #NewYork
He'd harm Mexico & USA. MT @j_smithcameron RT @AGSchneiderman: I urge POTUS to maintain DACA. We stand ready to defend our DREAMers.
.@cindyfsolomon: assume 100 of that 6000 or less come here as DREAMers. What impact does that have on Mexico? #defendDACA #HereToStay
.@cindyfsolomon: re #defendDACA & #HereToStay,
Bebop Against Trump: #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist
.@StarsStripesFC @PCarrESPN: @USSoccer hides the "national" team away on a channel millions don't get. Horrible for #soccer in USA. #USMNT
.@PatMcAfeeShow @SoccerByIves: @USSoccer screws #soccer in USA by hiding #USMNT away on a channel millions don't get.
Another special snowflake, @IsaLeeWolf, blocked me: He/she preferred to in effect help Trump. #resist
The door opened & it was Trump standing there with a fistful of pardons: #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist
.@WildWhiskeyRant: USA needs someone who's smart enough to show #NYTimes wrong. Trump & @StefanMolyneux are just too dumb to do it. #MAGA
.@WildWhiskeyRant: I've shown #NYTimes wrong dozens of times; if they interviewed me (!) I'd show them wrong in their own pages.
DERPMT @WildWhiskeyRant RT @StefanMolyneux: Suggestion: Don't give exclusive sit-down interviews to the #NYTimes & other "sick" MSM outlets
Pro-amnesty idiocy -> MT @AnnCoulter If Trump builds wall, ends O's "exec amnesty," bans Muslims & deports illegals, he could make Putin VP
.@jeanee5TAM: @JxhnBinder & #Breitbart are just in it for the clicks. Only real way to undercut #CNN is to show them wrong; they can't do it
"What the Layoffs Look Like at the Carrier Plant Trump Said He'd Save": #MAGA! #resist
Except others did that before & it had zero impact. #MAGA MT @jeanee5TAM YAY!!!!!!! about time!!! [about 150 crazies protesting #CNN]
.@JxhnBinder: a few years ago a similar group did same thing. Complete w/ a bullhorn. Did that cause #CNN to change their ways? #resist
At #Breitbart, @JxhnBinder blogs "Americans Protest ‘Very Fake News’ CNN Outside of Atlanta Headquarters". All 150 of them. #CNN #resist
.@ClassicalKUSC: play instead of Theme From Mrs. Doubtfire (or similar). #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist
.@ClassicalKUSC played trumpet + organ. Near zero chance they'll play bombard + organ. #SoMuchMovieMusicSoLittleTime #MAGA #classicalmusic
.@Willowbottom: anti-sanctuary city site from @kelliwardaz is one of the dumbest I've ever seen. Plus, *it won't help oppose those cities*.