Song about Trump's planet & his eventual return there: #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist
.@AlexNowrasteh: unlike me, you couldn't figure out how Trump's plans'd fail. Also, /silentsteeples/ seems to be a long-term stalker. You?
.@AlexNowrasteh: Disqus user /silentsteeples/ said other had so predicted, incl a link to you. In fact, you & others merely disagreed w/ DT.
RT @CathyYoung63 [a NRO] No mention of right's violent rhetoric (Coulter, others). Problem will get worse if only called out on other side
.@Shane106320: Trump hasn't rescinded #DACA & supports the anti-American #DREAMAct. That should be enough to sink @AnnCoulter. #resist
#DAPA means nothing: it was never enacted. #DACA is active & that matters. MT @Shane106320 Happy yet @AnnCoulter?
#DHS today rescinded #DAPA (Obama's amnesty for *parents* of DREAMers). That means nothing since it was blocked. #immigration #MAGA #resist
[Something about Trump or something]: #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist
.@BarbArn: in 2014, I asked for your help to undercut a top amnesty booster: Are you ready to help now?
.@AlexNowrasteh: in #TheAtlantic comments, I correctly said that no one besides me pointed out how Trump's plans would fail miserably...
Aside from ending, I'll guess Bulgarian #XFactor is better than USA version: #MAGA #TrumpPutin #Bulgaria #resist
Who wears more makeup: @MariaTCardona or #Eichhorst? #CNN #TheStrain #MAGA #resist
.@MariaTCardona (1kg makeup), @AnaNavarro (#GapTroll), Symone Sanders.. It's not like what they say makes up for it. #MAGA #resist #AltRight
#CNN switching to Symone Sanders should have a warning label or klaxon. Ugly inside and out. #MAGA #resist #AltRight
.@brianefallon: hey Brian, what about Trump Wall should be most salient to Trump fans? If you could make one point to them, what'd it be?
.@seungminkim of #Politico blocked me. I last tweeted about her in 2014: A move she'll regret. #immigration
You asked me to follow up on the major news story from yesterday & I found a discussion: #MAGA #resist #Angels
.@mshields007: remember Trump's March 2016 Chicago rally that turned into a near-riot? Do you have any thoughts on that?
Extending his arm, @ABC7Dallas declaims "Major Heat Wave Coming!" like he's fucking Zeus. Fucking POS. #MAGA #resist
.@debramark1: @JohnAndKenShow keep hyping serial dissembler @JoelKotkin. See for what they won't mention.
Want to make your point in smart, sane, pro-American ways? Demand your leaders do this: #Alexandria
Want to oppose Trump in smart, sane, pro-American, *effective* ways? Demand leaders do this: #TheResistance #resist
Smart/sane/pro-American way to do things is Socratic debate. Not lying, violence, etc. which both pro- & anti-Trump wallow in. #MAGA #resist
.@Corrynmb: @Patriot_MM avatar: balled fist. Header: pistol. Bio: molon labe. Do you think part of the problem might be people like him?
DERPMT @Patriot_MM RT @Corrynmb: ez to see how Bernie fan could have taken the "Resist" & "Fight Back" rhetoric literally. #Alexandria
.@Doramary @KaivanShroff: will you join me in calling for real, Socratic debate by all groups about real issues? #Alexandria
MT @Doramary RT @KaivanShroff: Trump suggested his fans should shoot Hillary. Rep. Rinaldi said he would shoot his colleague. This MUST stop
.@JeffreyaMeier: @MarkDice isn't credible. Loretta Lynch was referring to eg violence against Civil Rights protesters, not calling for more.
MT @JermePhilip and suddenly, @MLB joins the @NFL in not knowing what a catch is. Holy crap what an epic screw up this is
Trumpian insanity as what was obviously a catch was ruled off the wall by umps back in Mumbai (where #MLB outsources decisions). #Angels
That was a catch. #Angels #Yankees #MAGA #resist
That won't happen. What's Plan B? MT @RickyVaughnX2: FLASHBACK: @CNN glorified wannabe Trump assassin.After Alexandria, YANK CNN OFF THE AIR
.@elisabethlehem: not only that, Trump had a chance to separate @BernieSanders from BLM & MoveOn but lacked smarts/patriotism to do it.
.@elisabethlehem: remember March 2016 anti-Trump riot in Chicago? Trump's hands weren't clean after calling for violence. @BernieSanders
"Bernie is that you?" MT @elisabethlehem Dang @BernieSanders, maybe if you took your own advice you could've prevented #Alexandria shooting
In the deranged r/w mindset, wanting to oppose Loretta Lynch honorably - not based on lies - makes you a librul. #Alexandria #MAGA #resist
#FakeNews about Loretta Lynch makes it *harder* to oppose her & others over real issues like #immigration. #Alexandria #MAGA #resist
Loretta Lynch's "[people have bled & died]" referred to eg attacks on Civil Rights protesters. #Alexandria #MAGA #resist
Loretta Lynch wasn't calling for violence; she was claiming Trump supporters would use it against dissenters. #Alexandria #MAGA #resist
R/w scumballs claim Loretta Lynch called for violence in this video: She didn't. #Alexandria #MAGA #resist
.@dancing7blue @MarkDice: best way to hold accountable is to encourage *real* debate using Socratic questioning. Will you agree to that?
MT @dancing7blue RT @MarkDice: CNN's nonstop fake news has incited a domestic terrorist attack against Cons. They must be held accountable
As #Angels get out of jam against #Yankees, #ESPN bosses recommend @jessmendoza adopt a "Euro shaving regimen" to attract new viewers. #MAGA
.@JayCaruso: r/w leaders (eg @volokhconspirac) tried to portray Jared Loughner as a liberal. Did you speak out against it at the time?
MT @JayCaruso if you’re floating that Palin/map/target nonsense [re Jared Loughner],you’re no better than Alex Jones and his Sandy Hook crap
.@vannsmole: would @timkaine have less or more power if r/w leaders had used against him? #Alexandria
Probably not. However... MT @vannsmole: .Was #Alexandria result of @timkaine 's call to action against Trump conservative republicans?
.@RealJamesWoods: you & @terrymcauliffe are both wrong. Eg, did you call out Trump for promoting violence against dissenters? #MAGA #resist
.@cberrl @MaraJade_2017: don't just support peaceful protests, but *effective* tactics like engaging opponents in debate. #TheResistance
That's not enough: ineffective peaceful protests leave crazies powerless MT@cberrl @MaraJade_2017: #TheResistance is 4 #peacefulprotest only
.@ToBeSafeNSound: @RBReich isn't book/street smarts enough to show liteweight Trump proxies like Jeff Lord wrong. He's part of the problem.
Reich isn't helping, he's hurting. MT @ToBeSafeNSound [to RBReich] America ain't what it used to be. Americans aren't what they used to be
DERPMT @RealJamesWoods [to @terrymcauliffe] It's not about guns, you #Clinton Stooge, it's about violence promoted by Dems toward Trump
.@katw423: we should "debate with words not violence". However, @RBReich can't debate. He can't even show Jeffrey Lord wrong. #resist
Ted Cruz #NeverTrump cultist @Youxia88 blocked me for giving her good advice:
.@RBReich has blocked me. The special snowflake needed a safe space after this: #MAGA #Berkeley
#Alexandria shooter was a big @Maddow fan ("Maddow 2020") & praised "Aftershock" by @RBReich. #Berkeley #MAGA #resist
.@jefftaylorhuman - who's never heard of knives/IEDs/etc - blogs "How many shootings will it take before real gun control comes to America?"
#Alexandria shooter joined a #Facebook group called "Terminate The Republican Party": #GOP #MAGA #resist
"Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, officials say". It's all 4D chess, it's all 4D chess, it's all
#Alexandria: how to stop political violence: #MAGA #resist
#Angels came *this* close to a grand slam. #Yankees #MAGA #resist
.@SaraMurray: re #Alexandria, I tried repeatedly to get @AlexConant & @LizMair to oppose Trump in smart/sane ways. Compare how they did it.
For the record, @AZConservative1 has blocked me and run away to its safe space: #resist
Like Eric Trump dehumanizing opponents? MT @JamieRJN @PotluckPolitico We also remember #NeverTrump using rhetoric that led to #Alexandria
Left-Wing Twitter Celebrates Shooting of Rep. Scalise: See the comment. #MAGA #resist #Alexandria
#Alexandria: Trump flubbed a chance to separate Bernie Sanders from his violent fans: #MAGA #resist
On that optimistic & cheery note, let's all mellow out now: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
.@HooGraham @Whitedingo001 @ka_robo: ppl fall for r/w charlatans like Coulter, Trump Wall, etc. They aren't smart enough to demand better.
What do you expect? MT @HooGraham: @Whitedingo001 @ka_robo When has the citizenry of ANY country EVER been consulted re immigration ?
Special snowflake @Chris_1791 has blocked me. No surprise there: #resist
.@Sultanknish: #MuslimBan was temporary, just to figure out "what the hell is going on". How long has Trump be Pres; why wasn't he so doing?
.@KirstenKeithEsq: @RepAnnaEshoo 's crooked #immigration stance makes her much less effective about #Chaldean refugees Trump would deport.
.@KirstenKeithEsq: on #immigration, @RepAnnaEshoo sides with Silicon Valley billionaires who want cheap labor to enrich themselves.
.@KirstenKeithEsq: you congrat @RepAnnaEshoo on #NetNeutrality. Just be thankful corporate payoffs to her worked in your favor.
Working to keep Americans out of college -> MT @FoothillPrez TY @RepAnnaEshoo for wanting to see our #DREAMers Mural & meet design team
.@icare4america16: Trump lacks smarts/sanity/patriotism to keep USA safe: How about you?
At #FrontPageMag, @Sultanknish says "Trump Should Bypass Courts on the Travel Ban/Americans not unelected judges, must control imm. policy"
.@icare4america16: you're GOP running for Congress & say "TRUMP WILL KEEP USA SAFE AND STRONG". Did his failed #MuslimBan do that?
Trump's Norwegian trolls gather for Deplorables Ball: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
.@gmukunda: Stephen King started incredibly incompetent anti-Trump group: Put some brain into things.
.@gmukunda: as Harvard prof, maybe you can try to raise the bar. @StephenAtHome is pro serf labor:
MT @gmukunda RT @StephenAtHome: Stephen King has been blocked by Trump on Twitter. I guess his book about scary clown hit too close to home
.@BillyBaldwin: @salenazito covered up for @KellyannePolls: Shame/discredit Zito into doing her job.
.@BillyBaldwin: eg, @kellyannepolls is extremely vulnerable over this: Point that out far and wide.
.@BillyBaldwin: undercutting Trump's top fans/proxies/workers would send strong message. How about helping with smart campaigns to do that?
Self-growth author @Cryn_Johannsen to Trump: You are such a despicable and stupid & repugnant human being, actually, are you, a human being?
.@smp0711 @Sunflowers_Q: what do you think of DHS Secy promoting legalizing DREAMers. Is that something you support? #MAGA
.@PCPRO23 @TimKirbyLA: ("martial law" bit = joke)
France vs England highlights & goals: With the call, Alex Jones. #soccer #WorldCup #MAGA #AnnCoulter #resist
Australia vs Brazil highlights & goals: With the call, Don Trump Jr. #soccer #WorldCup #MAGA #AnnCoulter #resist
.@votevets: let's start by undercutting Dilbert: Do that to impact Trump. Don't do it & I'll use tactic against you
.@votevets: you silence yourself because all you do is just random ripostes to leaders who can safely ignore you. I'm here to help you.
Correct spelling is endorkment:
DERPMT @votevets The Commander in Chief can block @VoteVets, the voice of 500k military veterans and families, but we will NOT be silenced.
New from @Daphead: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
Unless, of course, @ilazer hopes to take a cut of what Zuckerberg hopes to gain from #ImmigrantHeritageMonth & #IAmAnImmigrant. Not likely.
If @ilazer weren't a dumb yokel, she'd try to figure out what Zuckerberg hopes to gain from #ImmigrantHeritageMonth & #IAmAnImmigrant
.@IAmAnImmigrant is from Mark Zuckerberg's Welcome dot us. Zuckerberg wants to *lower* wages; some libs get duped. #IAmAnImmigrant #resist
E.g., Zuck plays simple-minded #NYC yokel @ilazer like a fiddle; she says "I stand with immigrants! Proud to rep #ImmigrantHeritageMonth"