ESPNFC sez Croatia was robbed: #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
And 30% are too dim and deranged to do anything besides help Trump as they always have. They don't even realize they're helping Trump MT @TDPattillo [#TreasonSummit was like 9/11], except that ~30% of our fellow Americans (Trump’s base) are now actively rooting for the hijacker.
While liberals call it #TreasonSummit, true #MAGA patriots know that Trump has ushered in morning in America. Stand, patriots, and sing Trump National Trump Anthem! #MusicMonday #resist #NowPlaying
"While these valiant women push for the right to kill fetuses, Trump colludes with Putin..." "While atheists fight against Xian oaths, Trump colludes with Putin..." #COINTELPRO couldn't do a better job than #TheResistance is doing all on their own.
Serious question: do you see any sort of an issue with mixing gun control up with opposition to Trump's actions? MT @BeachcomberNC Parkland [kids do their shtick] while Trump stands before our flag and defends a thug who threatens our next election. I see the real patriots.
These problems we're having are due to people. People make Kultur. Ours is sick: instant gratification, comfort food over nourishment, grifters being rewarded, The People only responding to cheap stunts & entertainment, etc. etc. That's why Trump won & succeeds. #MAGA #resist
.@alliecine: Fox/MAGA/Breitbart will give the @twitwar2017 the ol' OWS treatment, highlighting misbehaving hippies in order to help Trump. twitwar2017 would end up helping Trump. Corinthians 13:11: urge MSM to use Socratic questioning against Trump proxies. That's the smart way.
#FoxNews, #Breitbart, #GOP, & the #Koch bros are going to love this. All those misbehaving hippies will help them cover for & continue to use Trump. #TheResistance MT @twitwar2017 Protesters plan to surround the White House and occupy Lafayette Park until trump resigns
.@chuckwestover: if you had an IQ you wouldn't ask such a question. Most #MAGA oppose NFL over #TakeAKnee. You're aligning opposition to Trump's actions in Helsinki with support for Kaepernick. You simply aren't smart enough. Help those who are, stop helping Trump.
.@billwinters3 @jonzielinski1: FYI, your May tweets to gopchairwoman were censored by #Twitter. Email MSM reporters & urge them to cover how heavily Twitter censors liberals too.
One of the many toxic elements towards holding Trump accountable are the dumb punks who all write the same: OWS, the "Alt" accounts, MoveOn, etc. Convivial, completely vapid, and highly popular because #TheResistance is on the far left of the Bell Curve.
What if this were an actual invasion? We'd have collaborateurs like #MAGA, a Petain in Trump, but also a completely unfit "Resistance" that, instead of blowing up bridges, just shook their fists at bridges because their audience loved it. #TheResistance??
#Breitbart: '…Pollak: Trump’s Summit with Putin - a Success!' No one ever said @JoelPollak had any patriotism. #MAGA #resist
.@pkfanderson RTs the latest @AnnCoulter anti- #soccer / #WorldCup tweet. Do you - like Coulter - prefer Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez, Jack Tatum, & O.J. to Messi, Kane, Modric, & Griezmann? #MAGA???
Coulter's latest un- & anti-American #soccer / #WorldCup troll that shows just where she stands has failed miserably. I'll just do one more.
.@adirado29: Trump played soccer at his prep school. Point that out to #MAGA & #AnnCoulter to rub it in, while also doing smart things like understanding what they want & then showing them that Trump won't deliver. #TheResistance
My pinned tweet kicks Coulter's dimness up a notch. Use it to undercut her to her base (such as it is). MT @MaddieBarry8 RT @tonyposnanski: AnnCoulter Replace “soccer” with “Ann Coulter” and you hit the nail on the head
.@Jenniferhoffman: FYI, you 6/14/18 tweet to @kimdotcom was censored by #Twitter (as were many others'). Twitter censors libs too, plus all other kinds of users. Help with a *big tent* opposition.
.@jeffmason1: congrats on your 15 minutes on #CNN & at #TreasonSummit. If you were even slightly more patriotic than Trump you'd have asked a tougher question that would box Trump in. I don't mean an accusatory question or a smear. I mean Socratic questioning. #Reuters
.@StevenLHall1: the smart way to undercut Trump is to go after his proxies. Force them to either harm their careers or stand with their leader. No proxies = weak Trump. Learn how to make arguments that will undercut Trump to his base, not help him. It's simple but you fail.
.@StevenLHall1: if you can't figure out how to undercut Trump to his base or at least hold him accountable, how were you with undermining RU officials? Impotently railing at Trump when you have the means to undercut him does not make you look good at all. #CNN #resist
.@ZexMaxwell @newton_windsor: #Twitter censored your tweets to #FCC. If you don't like being censored: 1. Send an email to FCC commissioners 2. Contact your reps 3. Urge the MSM to cover what TWTR does
Bryce Harper - who's dressed like a patriotic Village Person - appears to have won the #HomeRunDerby. He has now rushed the mound... #MAGA #resist
Glorious new USA leader gifts U.S. idiot with #soccer ball. He former soccer player but just does throw in to Melania. Vot video! #MAGA #WorldCup #resist
Axios: "A number of people who’ve discussed election meddling with Trump, including current senior administration officials, say his brain can’t process that collusion and cyberattacks are two different things." #MAGA! #resist
Another #WorldCup thing I was wrong about was the U.S. TV ratings for the final. I said they'd be lowest ever but they were down just 15% from 2014. Some of that is no doubt due to it being on at 8am. That's good news for #Fox & for #soccer in the USA. #MAGA #resist
.@ChrisCuomo: get out of your #CNN bubble. Kasich, McCain, Flake, etc. saying bad things about Trump *helps* Trump. If you're really concerned & not just posturing, put Trump allies/proxies on the spot & force them to take a position.
Imagine how hard it was for Russkis to write propaganda for the U.S. market without slipping up a la Tomik and Bellgarde occasionally. #MAGA #resist
Breitbart commenters are having none of this Cavuto getting all squishy on Dear Leader. #MAGA! #TreasonSummit #resist
Trump has delivered big for Big Biz: tax cuts, healthcare, EPA changes, etc. They want more & he'll try his best. They control the #GOP & if Trump will cause long-term major damage to the GOP they'll turn their forces against him. #TheResistance
.@samhusseini: it'd be smart of you to ask Trump proxies *tough* questions, or urge MSM to ask them. I mean real Socratic questioning that would force those proxies to answer, not smears, open-ended questions, disputable questions, etc. When will you do that?
Secret Svc dragged @samhusseini out of #TreasonSummit for holding a small sign w/ "Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty"; he claims he wanted to ask a question about that. It would have been a weak question that Trump would have danced around & wouldn't have changed any minds.
One smart way to undercut Trump is to hold his proxies accountable for his actions. Unlike his top fans, they have to maintain respectability. Make them support specific Trump actions (ending their careers) or oppose them (dividing them from Trump). #resist doesn't do smart.
Neil Cavuto calls Trump's actions today "disgusting", video: #TreasonSummit #MAGA #resist
'Trump fist-bumped Turkish leader Erdogan, said he “does things the right way”' Seriously, #MAGA? All so you can get your jollies from #TheResistance acting out?
Accidentally playing this twice in a row put me in #Twitmo but since I haven't played it for a while here ya go: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@tcarmistead: you & @AnnCoulter just prefer Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez, & Darryl Stingley to Messi, Kane, Griezmann, & Modric. And that's OK. #MAGA #AltRight #WorldCup
.@SamSeaborn: can you name even one thing that @RyanLizza has ever said or done having any sort of negative impact on Trump? Those like him are just foils that Trump uses to get his way. Stop enabling those like Lizza. Demand they deliver or get out of the way. #resist
.@Trumpster4Trump: @AnnCoulter just prefers the QB gently inserting his hands between the thighs of a lineman who's bent over and then barking commands at him until the ball suddenly flies out from between the thighs of the lineman. #NTTAWWT #MAGA #soccer #WorldCup
My current pinned tweet is a satire of Coulter's idiocracy. Use it against her. MT @JackieJackielg MT @libertylatina: What an evil witch, my husband and I are Americans and we love soccer. My husband @Toddkron
They prefer Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez, & Darryl Stingley, I prefer Messi, Kane, Griezmann, & Modric -> RT @DavidWohl MT @AnnCoulter: In honor of the Word Cup, reminder: No real American likes soccer #MAGA #WorldCup
Why is she sitting on his lap? As sexy as I am, I wouldn't have the singer sitting on my lap. #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Sans mistakes, #Croatia v #France would be 1-2, not to mention possible ref errors. France was better on the final score and that's all that matters. However, it's questionable whether they were the better team. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
.@darksecretplace: how's harping on criminal aliens working out? It makes your audience feel better & that's good for your ratings. Is that enough, Brian? Wouldn't you prefer to have a real impact, not just on your ratings? It's time to be patriotic enough to take smart advice.
This was truly a great, dramatic #WorldCup. Here are Croatia v France highlights: #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
.@michikokakutani @RNicholasBurns: @RyanLizza makes you feel better, but look at what he's done. Has even one thing he's ever said had any negative impact on Trump? He's comfort food that makes you fat. He simply doesn't have the smarts to undercut Trump where it counts. #resist
.@JohnParisella: @RonBrownstein is a "passive eliminationist". Go read his writings & replace "whites" with "Jews". He wouldn't put his opponents on trains, he'd just cheer it happening. If you think that's overselling it, go read what he's written & replace "whites" with "Jews".
Tromp i Putin will go mano y mano: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #HelsinkiGiveaway
.@WandaPointer4 @TalbertSwan: Trump fully supports legalizing millions of illegal aliens and has since he started his campaign. His entire circle - Kellyanne, Bannon, Miller, Marc Short, Mulvaney, etc - are strong amnesty fans. Pence even had his own amnesty plan. Think. #resist
Art of the Deal: Trump trades nuke codes to Putin for one of these bitchin' cars & hot babes: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #BrotherhoodOfMuscle
"Look at me, I do the little bass trill at the start of 'Year of the Cat' by Al Stewart".. #MAGA #resist
Heard on Muzak: Year of the Cat by Al Stewart. Truly a sickening experience given the paint-by-the-numbers arrangement. #IMNSHO #MAGA #resist
For over a decade I've been urging all and sundry to engage opponents in Socratic debate & I've received almost zero help. That's because people suck: they're dim & irrational with gaping emotional sores they treat with opiates like inflatables. #MAGA #resist
If citizens stopped acting like subjects or children & asked politicians Socratic questions, the MSM would be forced to do the same: they couldn't ask their weak questions or have foodfights when citizens did a better job. Everything would change. #MAGA #resist
If citizens started acting like citizens instead of subjects or children & started engaging politicians in Socratic debate about policy, *everything would change*. Pols would be forced to stop lying so much & stop proposing crazy plans. #MAGA #resist
Sacha Baron Cohen would have done a huge public service if, instead of shtick, he'd had policy experts write Socratic lines of questioning for him & then really presses r/w *and* l/w grifters on it. That would have literally changed everything. #MAGA #resist
If Germany can't trounce South Korea, they aren't fit in the Darwin sense. Nothing #TheResistance / MSM (BIRM) have ever said or done against Trump shows they're fit in the Darwin sense. In the taiga, they would have been Trump's lunch. #MAGA #resist
.@MattBruenig: in 2015 I told you how to solve the problems you complain about: If @jonathanchait or @ConorPWilliams had just encouraged Socratic debate over policy, Trump wouldn't be president. None of you are fit, in the Darwin sense.
In re #WhoIsAmerica aka #KtoAmerica, I don't get Showtime but watching r/w grifters make themselves look even worse has got to be funny despite everything else. However, it's just entertainment: #TheResistance will keep beliebing what they've always beliebed & likewise w/ #MAGA.
.@mrjustsaying @thekatzmeow2016: FYI, #Twitter censored your recent tweets to Parscale. He spreads the disinfo that mostly cons are impacted. If you can find a reporter to cover just how wrong he is, you can make him look very bad. I've tried to do that, please help out.
Leaving Stu Holden out of it, JP Delawhatsit & @tmeola1 or the English guy & Aly Wagner calling #WorldCup would have been better than John Strong babbling on and on about steamships, games from decades past, & on and on and on. #Fox
Lil' Honecker @cwarzel - who usual rails against "trolls" i.e. dissenters who show parasites like him wrong - blogs 'The MAGA Trolls Meet Their Match In Sacha Baron Cohen And "Who Is America?"' Per him, some trolls are more equal than others. #MAGA #resist #BuzzFeed
You know a good strongman for Trump to cozy up to? Kadyrov. Maybe Putin can set up a selfie opportunity. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
#WorldCup picks I got right: - FRA/CRO, BEL/ENG, CRO/RUS (not that those picks matter given what I wanted) - some in the group stage. Almost right: After group stage I picked ENG #2 unlike probably most others, they finished #4 All wrong: BRA/ARG/etc etc. Sad. #MAGA #resist
The paraglider who buzzed Trump in Scotland has been arrested. He should give 5 years for that with an additional 20 years for being yet another dolt pulling a cheap stunt that only helps Trump. #Greenpeace execs should be charged as accessories. #MAGA #resist
.@amandadcnn: France didn't "struck the first blow" in the #WorldCup, Croatia did. #CNN can't get anything right.
.@asktarget: what do you think about #Twitter censoring your customers? The tweets highlighted in red and purple were censored by Twitter. They even censored one of your tweets:
.@theousherwood: Bannon gave incredibly bad advice to the FN, he gave incredibly bad advice to your audience, he supports unimplementable joke plans (the "Wall", Muslim ban, etc.) He can't think or he's just another grifter.
Steve Bannon to UK's LBC: "This is a war... The problem is, the conservatives & people in the U.S. & England have been too nice." The problem is they're intensely dumb & deranged: enabling Trump making it cons (30% at most) against everyone else, etc. Bannon's an idiot. #MAGA
Drudge side headline: "FRANCE DOMINATES WORLD CUP FINAL..." They just got 2 more goals. #WorldCup
A confused Donald Trump has just tweeted that we all have to learn French. He deleted the tweet after Putin corrected him. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
OK, so I was wrong yet again. The chances of Croatia tying this up are near nil. #WorldCup
It's incredibly easy to undercut those who try to use the French team to push their High #Immigration agenda. All you have to do is call out those leaders using these arguments: #WorldCup #AltRight #MAGA
The goal of Sailer etc should be to undercut the High #Immigration side (make some of them not willing to push their agenda in that way) and undercut them to their audience (make some of them rethink what they're told). Obviously that's not happening. #WorldCup #AltRight #MAGA
The High #Immigration side has used the French team to push their agenda. It's incredibly easy to turn it around on them. How are their loudest opponents (Sailer, etc.) doing? What they say makes #MAGA / #AltRight / etc feel better, but that's it.
France would be behind 1-0 if not for Croatia mistakes, and as we've seen, Croatia doesn't give up. I wouldn't be surprised if they at least tie it up. #WorldCup
Croatia ties it up. #WorldCup
.@stuholden: please ask John Strong to stop talking about steamships and the 1752 #WorldCup and just call the current game. Everyone knows Croatia is a small country. #Fox
And, it looks like an own goal of some kind... #WorldCup
France goes up 1-0 despite lots of early Croatia pressure. #WorldCup
Trump is sad Putin didn't invite him to watch the #WorldCup next to him. #MAGA #resist
~~BREAKING~~ The #WorldCup has been canceled after both France and Croatia have conceded to Germany... Fox is trying to cover it up in hopes of finding some players to play the final... developing...
100+ million Twitter users need to be concerned about shadowbans. Cons have *helped* Twitter by ignoring them & only caring about friends & other cons. Not #MAGA. MT @ressiger1111 MT @lisaloufloyd: My friend David Harris Jr was locked of #twitter because of this Censorship!
What do you expect? NFL is a real sport, soccer & #WorldCup aren't. You can't deny the facts at my pinned tweet. MT @MatthewStadlen MT @LBC: FIFA has ordered television partners to stop zooming in on “hot women”
#Angels win it despite a left field mistake. #Dodgers, in what is destined to be yet another failed season, are just above 500. #FreewaySeries #ElonMuskThruwaySeries
.@PKsbpdl: nice try, but @AnnCoulter was right about soccer being a Soros Communist #Agenda21 plot. See my pinned tweet for the details. Just like Ann Coulter, I can't wait until #WorldCup is over and it's NFL Time!
.@WalshFreedom got duped by Sacha Baron Cohen into suggesting arming preschoolers. View how he attempts to hold Trump accountable through that lens. Is he competent enough to hold Trump accountable? Is he rational enough to listen to smart advice? #Newsmax
Please list all the successes of r/w'ers at opposing that. Aren't you worthless to most in US/UK? MT @Timcast Sadiq Khan: "Can you imagine if we limited freedom of speech because somebody's feelings might be hurt?" Yes I can, the UK prosecutes people for hate speech all the time
As of late June, Putin was planning to wrap up giving Trump his marching orders & getting the nuke codes in Helsinki in time to get back to Moscow to attend the #WorldCup. #MAGA #resist
"Yanalee, will you teach the boys and girls how you safely handle puppy pistol?" Real policy questions would be better, but: #MAGA #resist
These #Fox announcers are just calling the game, not droning on and on about the 1930 #WorldCup like John Strong.
After milking the cows, it's time for the #WorldCup consolation/everyone gets a trophy game. Belgium leads 1-0. #MAGA #resist
.@sollenbergerrc: 1+ year ago you blogged about odd Trump tweets to @VladimirRussia7 & others. In the last 1+ years, has that - or anything else you & those like you - have ever said or done had any negative impact whatsoever on Trump? What exactly is your metric? #resist
In response to Trump's 2013 tweet about hoping to become Putin's new best friend, @littlesenior said Trump should run for prez if that happens. Aldy Permana - sometime between 2013 & now - protected his tweets. #MAGA #resist
In the U.S., "unCanadian" is known as "normal". We talk normal, we have normal street signs, we know how to say "about", mullets are outlawed, etc. etc. #MAGA #resist #Canada
.@MichelleRempel @MacLeodLisa: unless your goal is a #MAGA pity party & getting on Fox, you have to listen to smart advice. Understand how Trudeau etc push mass #immigration to their base. Then, undercut them using arguments *tailored to that base*. It's Marketing 101. #Canada
There are smart ways to undercut Trudeau etc to their base. Rempel & MacLeod obviously aren't doing them. MT @TruthLion100 RT @MichelleRempel I just watched Trudeau’s immigration Minister call @MacLeodLisa uncanadian/divisive/fear monger [over $90M in welfare for illegal aliens]
.@Kenny_Mayne: #ESPN = CFL, tennis, poker, spikeball, & cornhole. #Fox = world's biggest sporting event, most of it on network. All for 2.5% of ESPN's rights budget. Game, set, match Fox. #WorldCup
Would he recognize that the loudest libs tend to act like lil' Honeckers & try to stifle debate, or would he just seek an MSNBC show by going with the flow? MT @KenBurns Woody Guthrie would have been 106 tomorrow, July 14. Wonder what he'd have to say or sing about today...
Several years ago, Ed Morrissey & @MKHammer posted reasons why cons shouldn't vote for Obama to #HotAir. I posted a non-partisan list of reasons to oppose Obama. Theirs was nonsensical, mine would've worked. They & other cons in effect helped Obama. #MAGA #resist