#Florida: "Sign language interpreter used gibberish, warned of bears, monsters during Hurricane Irma update". #MAGA #resist
Trump colludes with Pelosi & Schumer on amnesty because they tempted him with chocolate cream pie: #DACADeal #MAGA
Trump's treason dinner menu: "honey sesame crispy beef, sticky rice and chocolate cream pie for dessert". #DACADeal #MAGA #resist
Breitbart implies Trump is a mental midget who got tricked into supporting amnesty: #MAGA #resist #DACADeal
"Mueller just obtained a warrant that could change the entire nature of the Russia investigation". #MAGA! #resist
Plus, Hillary Clinton doesn't "hike". She takes photo op walks through flat woodlands. #hiking #MAGA #resist
#NYTimes: "Hillary Clinton and America Ferrera on Pain and Progress (and Hiking)". #TigerBeat is less fawning. #MAGA #resist
I never would've thought Trump would push amnesty! Oh, wait, I've been warning about that for 2+ years. #MAGA #DACADeal #immigration
.@John_Gee83: there are smart, patriotic, realistic alternatives to #DACADeal. You either support those or you support amnesty. #MAGA
It is. MT @John_Gee83 [a Dilbert] cognitive dissonance here. Trump supporters who thought this DACA stuff was going to be black and white.
.@stormestone: Scott Adams should be urging Trump to use a smart alternative to amnesty, like the plan in my pinned tweet.
.@stormestone: Scott Adams supports Trump trying to persuade USA to accept a completely unnecessary amnesty deal. Plz put USA first.
Megasnowflake @tammiejwilliams has blocked me after just one tweet:
.@AnnCoulter: getting Trump to push the plan in my pinned tweet is your only way to salvage your career. Will you put yourself first?
.@AnnCoulter: your only out is to give Trump a *smart, implementable, patriotic* alternative to the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump amnesty.
.@AnnCoulter: this whole thing about enabling an amnesty fan, giving him unimplementable plans, and then turning on him'll cost you money.
.@AnnCoulter: I noticed at Fox News a bot army trying to undercut you. You've turned Trump's hardcore fans and amnesty opponents against you
.@AmericanMom2: we need to give Trump a good alternative to amnesty. Can you help get @Cernovich on board with repatriations?
.@AmericanMom2: my pinned tweet has a smart anti-amnesty plan that would appeal to Trump & also help USA. I need you & @Cernovich to help.
.@AmericanMom2: Trump knows of no alternative to #DACADeal that appeals to his "big heart". Obviously he's not going to do mass deportations
.@SusanMondie @Rebelocracy: my pinned tweet has a smart anti-amnesty plan that'd also appeal to Trump's emotions. Will you help him see it?
Do something about it.MT @SusanMondie RT @Rebelocracy: My daughter was wait-listed for college so they could make room for illegals to dream
.@crimsonrain210: since you think Trump would do mass deportations on a prison ship & think he'd build The Wall, etc. how are you credible?
I gave @donaldbroom the truth: Being an emotionally weak snowflake, he blocked me. #MAGA #resist
.@LemonLadyNancy @irmahinojosa_: if you want to help Trump and more importantly USA, help make the petition in my pinned tweet happen. #MAGA
.@LemonLadyNancy @irmahinojosa_: Trump's going to push amnesty until he learns of alternatives to amnesty & mass deportations. So... #MAGA
.@crusher614: Trump does a 1800 & puts 1000 illegal aliens at a time on a prison ship. What happens next? Does it all go smoothly? #DACADeal
.@crusher614: Trump stops colluding w/ Pelosi on amnesty & stops using pro-amnesty talking points. Out of blue he supports mass deportations
How'd that work? MT @crusher614 This is Prison ship. It proves we can mass deport all illegals in a safe, humane manner. [pic of HMP Weare]
Another thing Trump isn't smart enough to do: make it about others to achieve his goals. It's always about him so he loses. #MAGA? #resist
.@john_dipaolo: and I was initially unsure about Rubio, if that's who you mean. I soon sussed him out.
.@john_dipaolo: I don't know who you're confusing me with, but I've never interviewed Ted Cruz. Just and...
America's sweetheart is great at two things, and one of them is kicking Kiwi butt! #USWNT #USAvNZL #AnnCoulter #MAGA
As in WWII, #NewZealand begins a last minute comeback against USA. #USWNT #USAvNZL #AnnCoulter #MAGA
I'm using two different Twitter API methods to get replies, but I see more tweets in Notifications than I've received. Have to resolve that.
.@lisa4106: I'm not sure what you mean. Are you going to support Trump's amnesty because my alternate plan isn't that popular yet?
.@john_dipaolo: what's my "definition of amnesty"? What's yours?
.@JulieFoudy: BLM has inspired several murders. Please think about that during your next interaction with Rapinoe. #USWNT #USAvNZL
Little Miss BLM hit the post but Ertz put the rebound in. #AnnCoulter #NewZealand #USA #USA #USAvNZL #Agenda21 #MAGA #USA #USA #USA
They might have beat us in WWII, but tonight we're going to kick Kiwi butt! #USWNT #MAGA #AnnCoulter #USAvNZL #USA #USA
.@RealDonaldTrump: take time off from colluding with Pelosi on amnesty to watch #USWNT do the 2nd thing they're great at. #USAvNZL #MAGA
A #golf course is dropping golf balls from a helicopter, for charity. PI lawyers are on standby. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
Judge rules in Chicago's favor on sanctuary cities, grants nationwide injunction: #immigration #MAGA? #DACADeal
Please also sign this new White House petition against amnesty: #DACADeal #MAGA
Search "email domain you have entered does not adhere to the Terms of Participation". Are Russkis signing White House petitions? #resist
Any Trump fan who doesn't openly, fully, & sincerely oppose the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump amnesty is an amnesty fan, full stop. #DACADeal #MAGA
.@baileyjer: @ScottAdamsSays could help Trump (& USA) by urging him to help repatriate DREAMers, not give them Pelosi's amnesty. #DACADeal
.@baileyjer: @ScottAdamsSays is an amnesty fan, & he can't figure out a smart alternative that'd help USA & MX *and* Trump. #MAGA
.@no1from_nowhere @normagenie @harley_gernand: put USA first *and* help Trump with the anti-amnesty plan in my pinned tweet. Will you help?
.@no1from_nowhere @normagenie @harley_gernand: Trump's tweets today should make it clear he fully supports the Schumer-Pelosi-Trump amnesty.
I.e., wait for amnesty. #MAGA? MT @no1from_nowhere RT @normagenie: @harley_gernand I'm giving Trump the benefit of a wait and see position
Honestly, I wasn't expecting anyone to continue thinking Trump is against amnesty after his DREAMer tweets today. #DACADeal #MAGA
.@ChristiChat: you can *help* Trump back off amnesty by pushing the anti-amnesty plan in my pinned tweet. Will you help Trump? #DACADeal
.@ChristiChat: Trump's tweets today make it clear that he fully supports the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump amnesty. Do you support amnesty? #DACADeal
Trump is pro-amnesty. DERPMT @ChristiChat: The #DACADeal hysteria was totally unnecessary. Everyone needs to toughen up & wise up & support
.@realPolitiDiva: you can help Trump (& also USA) by pushing the alternative to amnesty in my pinned tweet. Will you help Trump? #DACADeal
.@realPolitiDiva: Trump's tweet today says we shouldn't deport DREAMers. He supports amnesty. Accept it & do right thing for USA. #DACADeal
DERPMT @realPolitiDiva: Fake base losing it over #DACADeal which is fake news. Would you rather Hillary in his place? Trump keeps promises.
.@SandraTXAS: my pinned tweet has a smart, patriotic alternative to the Pelosi-Schumer amnesty. Will you help Trump by helping him see it?
.@SandraTXAS: as it is now, Trump supports amnesty. That's just reality, look at his pro-amnesty tweet. Want to help him back off amnesty?
Those are best policies, & also would blunt obvious attacks on programs without those features. I thought of how to sell it & defend it.
It's *very* important to note my repatriation program would help DREAMers reestablish selves in home countries. #DACA #MAGA
It's *very* important to note my repatriation program would be completely voluntary. #DACA would just lapse for those who don't do it. #MAGA
The repatriation program I'm pushing is only realistic alternative to amnesty. Could could be sold on it & could sell it. #DACADeal #MAGA
Even if Trump tried mass deportations Congress & courts would shut it down immediately. Mass deportations = complete fantasy.#DACADeal #MAGA
If you say "no #DACADeal, deport DREAMers!" you're in effect *helping* the DACADeal. Trump obviously won't do mass deportations. #MAGA
.@ohululu @ColumbiaBugle: my pinned tweet has a smart, patriotic alternative to amnesty. Will you help with it? #NeverAmnesty #DACADeal
.@ohululu @ColumbiaBugle: Trump obviously supports amnesty. He's not going to do a 180 & do mass deportations. #NeverAmnesty #DACADeal
OK, but.. MT @ohululu RT @ColumbiaBugle: Ted Cruz is right, we must deport Dreamers. We must have a country of laws. #NeverAmnesty #DACADeal
Up with Pelosi-Schumer-Trump amnesty! MT @DreamersForUSA: give Trump a hand! Call your senators to support #BorderSecurity and #DreamAct!
.@RNRKentucky @TheLeftIsRacist: I oppose amnesty no matter who supports it. You support the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump amnesty. #MAGA #DACADeal
.@RNRKentucky @TheLeftIsRacist: Trump's tweets today should make it clear even to you that Trump's a big amnesty fan. #DACA
MT @RNRKentucky RT @TheLeftIsRacist: Just so you'll know, there was no deal reached on #DACA! To all you ship jumpers, glad you were exposed
.@brtex100 @politicaltright: my pinned tweet has a plan Trump can use to help USA & MX, make himself look good, & smite MSM. Will you help?
.@brtex100 @politicaltright: Trump really cares about how he looks to Morning Joe. Thankfully, there's a way to use that against amnesty.
MT @brtex100 RT @politicaltright: You put on stage pars of Americans that had been killed by illegals.You used them. And for what
.@norbuck: illegal aliens aren't "immigrants"; @JohnFugelsang is lying. #DACADeal continues braindraining Mexico. Don't be a colonialist.
DERPMT @norbuck RT @JohnFugelsang: Trump's evangelical base is furious at him treating immigrant kids like real Christian would. #DACADeal
.@RedNationRising: you can oppose amnesty, help Trump, & help USA by pushing the plan in my pinned tweet. Will you? #DACADeal
.@RedNationRising: Trump's tweets should make it clear even to the most delusional cultist that Trump supports amnesty. #DACADeal
USA won't. MT @RedNationRising: Chuck/Nancy lied about the #DACADeal, & they're laughing at the meltdown. Have Patience - Trump will win!
.@WindhundeHaus @therealcornett: my pinned tweet has a smart, realistic, anti-amnesty plan Trump *can* support. Will you help? #DACADeal
.@WindhundeHaus @therealcornett: Trump has mentality of 4-year-old, but he's not going to do a 180 & support mass deportations. #DACADeal
Won't happen. MT @WindhundeHaus RT @therealcornett: RT If you want every single illegal immigrant removed from our country NOW!! #DACADeal
.@GrrrGraphics: my pinned tweet has the smart, patriotic alternative to amnesty. Will you support that or support amnesty? #DACADeal
.@GrrrGraphics: actually, Trump has made it abundantly clear that he really truly supports amnesty. That makes you an amnesty fan. #DACADeal
MT @GrrrGraphics: #DACADeal Read "Art of the Deal" & you'll know exactly what Trump is doing... remember Romney was going to be Sec of State
.@AmericanMex067: < 6000 MX students excel at math. Your idol would harm MX by keeping some of them here. #MAGA? @Patriotress @Cernovich
MT @Patriotress RT @AmericanMex067: .@Cernovich Why delete this tweet? Are you pivoting back already? The dream for #TrumpTrain is NOT over.
.@CollinRugg: right now, you're supporting amnesty & illegal #immigration. The out for you is my pinned tweet. Will you help? #DACADeal
.@CollinRugg: Trump can't even keep out tourists from Somalia. He lacks smarts & power to deport DREAMers. #DACADeal #MAGA
.@CollinRugg: Trump Wall = future illegal #immigration.Making i.i. politically toxic is smart choice, but Trump can't do it. #DACADeal #MAGA
.@CollinRugg: Trump Wall won't be built (except as Trump's fencing & bollards, in stretches) & would be easily torn down. #DACADeal #MAGA
.@CollinRugg: your poll offers a false choice between building Trump Wall & deporting DREAMers. Both are stupid & unfeasible. #DACADeal
.@2DeploraDogs: my pinned tweet has smart, patriotic alternative to the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump amnesty. Did @JoeTalkShow ask Gorka about that?
.@2DeploraDogs: I haven't heard @JoeTalkShow, did he ask Gorka which alternatives Trump's considered to the Pelosi-Schumer-Trump amnesty?
.@SebGorka: my pinned tweet has the smart, patriotic alternative to the amnesty you & Trump support. Will you present that plan to him?
Trump has always been pro-amnesty. MT @SebGorka Every1 needs to just calm down & remember who Trump is & what he has ALREADY done for us
.@sebgorka: you quote Trump's "old and existing fences and walls" tweet. As Breitbart points out, Trump promised an actual wall.
.@SebGorka: Trump's tweet there's no #DACADeal is made moot by his other very pro-amnesty tweets after that. Oppose it or support amnesty.