.@skylark1984 #AnnCoulter could make ACLU stick up for her or at least make them look bad if she & her fans were smart, dedicated, & sane.
Actually, that's not it. MT @skylark1984 #AnnCoulter is white&conservative. Not surprised ACLU silent in defense of her free speech rights
Messi vanquishing Real Madrid: Not even Trump in his prime was that good. #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist #soccer
.@espnstevelevy @notthefakesvp: Messi is perhaps greatest #soccer player ever. Why is a legend almost never on #ESPN except in highlights?
ICYMI, classic Trump TV ads: Without those, he'd be shilling real estate from outside the Oval Office. #MAGA #resist
Series idea: me & @sabrina_lelia in My Favorite Mennonite: #Amish #MAGA #ReturnToAmish #resist
Recent flashback: an anti-Trump protest in #Oregon got really, really stupid from both sides: #MAGA #resist
OTOH, Mila Kunis speaks Russian: So she can translate Trump's speeches after Putin writes them. #MAGA #resist #GOP
.@strati @uppermostbranch @ThomasWictor @GinyHerbertson @ConservEagleUSA: FYI, @JoeySalads is a liar: #MAGA
#ReturnToAmish new season starts Sunday. I and most others hope @sabrina_lelia makes an appearance. #Amish #MAGA #KentuckyAmish #resist
Kasich is a centrist: he wants to flood USA with cheap labor. Those who don't - 80% of America - are the extremists. #KasichTownhall #resist
"Ex"-CIA Anderson Cooper is interviewing John Kasich on #CNN. Balm for offend-no-one, ask-no-questions "centrists". #KasichTownhall #resist
On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi -no slouch when it comes to supporting killing babies- opposed Tom Perez' absolute pro-killing-babies stance. #MAGA
DNC Chair Tom Perez: "we must speak up for this principle [to kill babies] as loudly as ever and with one voice". #abortion #ProLife #resist
DNC Chair Tom Perez: "Every Dem...should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body/her health...That is not negotiable"
.@DebbieSchlussel also says whatever Hannity did doesn't meet legal definition of sexual harassment. #MAGA #FoxNews #resist
.@DebbieSchlussel today clarified Hannity only wanted her to go back to his hotel, not necessarily the hotel room. #MAGA #FoxNews #resist
.@zorian: like ODS sufferers holding out for Whitey Tape, @reidhoffman led people on with Trump's taxes. Was that competent planning by him?
.@MelindaThinker: @funder ~= ODS sufferers holding out for Whitey Tape, Kenyan birth cert, etc. Focus should be on Trump's unrealistic plans
DERPMT @MelindaThinker RT @funder: Say it with me now: focus remains on the fact that Trump worked with Russia to influence USA elections
Messi vs Real Madrid: #soccer #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist #MoralDecay
Actual highlights from today's #Arsenal vs #ManCity match: #FACup #soccer #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
.@fawn_mac @Trumptbird: five smart ways Trump could make Liz Warren pay: How many is he doing? #MAGA #immigration
You mean "Pocahontas"? MT @fawn_mac RT @Trumptbird: Elizabeth Warren insults all D's, I's & R's who voted for Trump calling us racists
Highlights from today's #Arsenal vs #ManCity match: #FACup #soccer #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist
It sucks to be @ShawnGarrett: a worthless verified non-entity whose series of worthless tweets to Trump don't make 1st page. #Twitter #MAGA
.@CoreyLMJones: by holding out for Trump Wall rather than smart plans that could be done right now, you help pro-amnesty side. #MAGA #resist
.@CoreyLMJones: in the extremely unlike case Trump Wall is built, next President will tear it down or at least weaken it. @ColeLedford11
Still working away on the typewriter -> MT @CoreyLMJones No, MY generation will add 10 feet to it. Speak for yourself
The monkey & the typewriter -> MT @ColeLedford11 If you and your generation of supporters build a wall, mine will tear it down
.@TheTylt: unlike other verified gutter slime - @NickAPappas, @williamlegate, etc. - you have funders who won't like you screwing your rep.
.@TheTylt: what if people get sick of you taking advantage of Twitter's bug-ridden algorithm & decide to hold it against you? #MAGA #resist
Worthless - but verified! - non-entity @TheTylt grabs top spots w/ dreck:
Girl at store looks like younger Neuwirth, but even more like a younger @chelseaperetti. Don't know if she's a POS too. #MAGA #resist
.@SassyPantsjj: have you applied for a job in the Trump admin? You could be his chief strategist, your ideas are that good. #MAGA #resist
MT @SassyPantsjj: Ppl WANTING wall will DONATE. Then get Mexico2pay us back. CHARGE foreigners an ENTRY fee 2 come2America on TEMPORARY VISA
MT @realDonaldTrump The Democrats don't want money from budget going to border wall despite the fact that it will stop drugs and gang mbrs
#WellsFargo ad preps customers for iris scanning, using a cast of comic millennials: #privacy #BigBrother #resist
Girl at store looks like much younger Bebe Neuwirth. I said I could get her a job on #FoxNews. She declined. #FoxNews #MAGA #resist
I haven't known @DebbieSchlussel to be a lying bimbo. OTOH, she doesn't exactly seem stoic to put it one way. #Hmmm #FoxNews #MAGA #resist
Now, @DebbieSchlussel claims Sean Hannity stopped her appearances after she wouldn't go back to his hotel room. #Hmmm #FoxNews #MAGA #resist
.@AlisynCamerota claims Ailes "sexually harassed" her. Guess: she's never once been hired for her "journalism". #CNN #FoxNews #MAGA #resist
#MadBum rode his dirt bike on his day off, tearing his left ACL, ending his and #Giants season. #Dodgers #MAGA #resist
If you don't donate, Trump wins: #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday #resist #TheResistance
Almost no one else calls out BS regardless of the source. If you appreciate that, look for my donation form & help my efforts. #MAGA #resist
#MarchForScience is as much #idiocracy as Trump, but with suede denim replacing the Freedom Kids. #TheResistance #MAGA #resist
What tactics would you use if you were smarter than a chimp trained to wave a sign? #resist MT @jcarnott #marchforscience in Homer AK!
.@ScienceMarchDC: would a real scientist wave a sign like a trained chimp, or would he develop & implement smarter tactics? #MarchForScience
.@ScienceMarchDC: what % of world took part in #MarchForScience? Is that tiny percentage "the world"? Would a real scientist claim it is?
Your dumb punk voice gives you away. Your claim isn't scientific. You're just a hack. MT @ScienceMarchDC The world has spoken!
Marine Le Pen answers questions that'd cause Trump to faint, sulk, and slink away: #MAGA #TheResistance #France
Are Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen similar or different? Find out: #France #MAGA #resist #immigration
.@IMPL0RABLE: some said Women's March was "on all 7 continents--even Antarctica". Same funder, same agitprop #TheResistance #MarchForScience
Wow! Just like Women's March! MT @IMPL0RABLE #TheResistance #ScienceMarch There's a #MarchForScience on all 7 continents-- even Antarctica
.@ScienceMarchAu: if you were smart, would you think waving a sign like a trained animal is best tactic? #MarchForScience #Australia
.@ScienceMarchAu: "ask our leaders" in American is "tell our employees", but I understand you're used to yokes down there. #Australia
.@ScienceMarchAu bio: "ask our leaders to use science to make decisions thru evidence/ensure science & scientific literacy accessible to all
Worthless non-entity - but verified! - @Mike_P_Williams hypes #MarchForScience. Trained animals could wave signs. What's a smarter tactic?
.@Petergrand: you tweet "Neurons not Morons" #MarchForScience pic, showing you're far towards the right side. Trained monkeys could march.
.@ClimateTalker: those who push AGW repeatedly deceive about a topic I'm very familiar with. How can I trust those who aren't credible?
.@ClimateTalker: Einstein - unlike #MarchForScience - would develop a smart way to make his point. Re "AGW", why should I believe liars?
.@ClimateTalker: can you imagine Einstein, Oppenheimer, etc at #MarchForScience? Of course not: even trained chimps could wave signs.
Just like ODS was. MT @DaShanneStokes Trump supporters, you can attack the Resistance all you want, but make no mistake: We're here to stay
.@JoeTaxpayerBlog: FYI, Politmouse1 blocked me for pointing out kids aren't likely to use the Oxford comma.
For the record, @Politmouse1 blocked me after I called her on her obviously bogus letter from "her daughter" to Trump. #MAGA #resist
.@LawNaalaw: like in biology, there are human cultures that would kill or enslave you. Do you love those cultures too? #MarchForScience
.@LawNaalaw: your #MarchForScience sign: "I'm a biologist, I love all cultures". With Petri dishes! However, that's predictably deceptive.
Trump congratulates #Canada on "making the right decision, because who knows what could have happened if they'd won." #Rangers #MAGA
While waiting for that to happen, everyone just mellow out: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MAGA #TheResistance
Any downsides, or just upsides? MT @JacobAWohl: Trump begins roll-back of #DoddFrank today,creating $15.2 billion in budget savings #Winning
Leading opponents who *helped* Trump win: Want to undercut him instead? Click the link & donate. #resist
In redundant pantomime horse news, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has been fired. #MAGA #resist
.@Politmouse1 claims her doch wrote letter to Trump: Complete w/ Oxford comma.
.@novaculus @StefanMolyneux: what would happen if Texas A&M rightwing students tried to shut down a Bill Maher event? Can you imagine? #MAGA
Jack wants to be in with the cool kids, which in his case is defined as worthless nobody scum like Legate etc. #Twitter #MAGA #AltRight
Like almost all cons, Jack is completely incapable of independent thought. Unlike them, he's deathly afraid of what others think. #Twitter
.@CatGifMegan87 @Cali_Deplorable @joepabike @globalmjreform: I know the @jack type all too well: Use against TWTR
MT @CatGifMegan87: @Cali_Deplorable @joepabike Trump @globalmjreform Is it me, or is @jack giving out checkmark to his friends?
.@citizengatsby @chefdjdarren: in May I pointed out how Trump helps ISIS: Did anti-Trump leaders do anything?
I said it 1st MT @citizengatsby RT @chefdjdarren: This is Fear-Monger in Chief.This tweet & those who agree is exactly what terrorists want!
Kraft owns a soccer team. #Agenda21 #MAGA MT Trump: After 5 SB victories since 2002, it was my honor to give Bob Kraft [a White House tour]
.@bradders_david: Trump won in part because of those like @Mompreneur_of_3 mocking his fans. Smarter: show them how Trump won't help them.
.@bradders_david: Trump fans have legit concerns, as would you if you'd seen your job sent overseas. @Mompreneur_of_3 is mocking them.
.@bradders_david: love #TheStrain, but RTing this is stupid:
How can you tell when fiscal cons/libertarians are lying? When they haven't been sunk in a silver/lead coffin. #TheStrain #MAGA #resist
.@remarkabel65706: @KennedyNation and @treyradel ( ) are big amnesty fans. Is amnesty now a #MAGA thing?
.@karlamKFI: @KennedyNation is just worthless #Koch stooge, regurgitating things she barely understands from anti-American sites like Reason
.@fuzislippers @TheCurtEvers @majorpettifogge: if I tell you how to use #immigration to undercut Howard Dean to his base, will you do it?
.@fuzislippers @TheCurtEvers @majorpettifogge: your replies to Gov Dean "American families hit by Trump's immigration crackdown" won't work.
.@GovHowardDean - a physician w/ the IQ & EQ of @TheBudDickman - thinks 1st Amendment excludes "hate speech". #Vermont #MAGA #resist
.@darksecretplace: a smart plan would be to compare her to him, discrediting his witless dolts like @RealJeffreyLord over huge differences.
.@darksecretplace: Front National's Marine Le Pen is a patriot with smart, thought-out plans who can make valid arguments. She's no Trump.
Lessening my ardor slightly. MT @darksecretplace Terrorism benefits far right National Front of Marie le Pen, who is funded by Russki banks
"Second parchment copy of Declaration of Independence found - in England". This one has a Hate Speech exemption to 1st Amend. #MAGA #resist
.@BrianBoucher33: that's not to take anything away from the #Bruins. They played a great game, we need to be better. #Senators #MAGA #resist
.@BrianBoucher33: I just wish Coach had put me out there for that power play, we might have got a goal. #Bruins #Senators #MAGA #resist
.@MarkLandler: Marine Le Pen has developed plans/smart arguments, isn't demagogue. Trump doesn't and is (bigly). #NYTimes #resist #MAGA
.@MarkLandler: Marine Le Pen & Trump are both humans. Other than that they have little in comment. She has an IQ. #NYTimes #resist #MAGA
.@MarkLandler blogs "France Poses Biggest Test Yet for Trump's Brand of Nationalism". That's idiotic even for the #NYT. #NYTimes #resist
I can't help but thinking that if Coach sent me out for this power play we'd score. #Bruins #Senators #MAGA #soccer #resist