Top three things conservatives oppose: 1. The media and books (too liberal) 2. Science (scientists are all liberals) 3. Clocks (clockmakers are all liberals), and 4. Liberals (liberals are all liberals and are too liberal). #MAGA! #resist
.@RadicalLib: how do you & @steve_sailer expect to keep "rich urban elites" when you can't even get basics right? Sailer has somewhere close to 100 links to the disinfo site #Wikipedia on his homepage. Meanwhile, I've shut down my anti-WP site because I can't get any help with it
#PA18 shows: 1. Saccone was a weak candidate. 2. Trump did his best. 3. The GOP didn't want it anyway. 4. This is good for Trump because Lamb supports amnesty even more than Saccone. 5. This is all 4d chess to make the Dems look bad, or something. #MAGA!!!
24Ahead's Closing Argument is to declare victory for Trump in #PA18. If you don't see how this is a victory for 4d chess, you just don't understand. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
OK, turn your cowardly backs & run away. Can CA have back the billions we've sent to prop up the red states? #MAGA? MT @RobertOLeary15: [reply to @charliekirk11 brainless unpatriotic demagoguery] No research money or grants. Let the California billionaire Tech Club fund them
A very special place. Arcata, not HSU. MT charliekirk11: Look at the crap our universities are teaching our youth This is from Humboldt State University located in Arcata CA
Another fragile Trump snowflake, @Erosunique, has blocked moi after
.@AliceEngle3 @lamiller1972: 1. Concentrate on who's behind illegal #immigration, not illegal aliens themselves. 2. Ask Schumer etc if #Koch, Big Biz, US Chamber, Tyson Foods, etc would support it so much if it *raised* wages. Don't stop until they answer. #MAGA
Make him answer. Organize an effort to ask him a question I'll provide at one of his events. MT @AliceEngle3 @lamiller1972 I argued w/ [Chuck Schumer] via email about immigration. When I asked how illegals r good for the economy when they cost us billions, he didn't answer
Did you see how an ICE spokesman quit rather than lying for Trump, Sessions, & Homan? There are smart ways to reduce illegal #immigration, Trump only does the dumb & deceptive ways. #MAGA? MT @TroyCoby ICE Chief Blasts California Dems For Attacking Immigration Agents
.@deep_beige: I assume you supported massive, wage-lowering, pro-Big Biz #immigration (the corrupt stance Bernie adopted) while the hick took Bernie's original stance that'd keep #Koch / BigBiz / USChamber / Tyson Foods / Western Growers / sweatshops in check? #resist
.@n3koboyy: FYI, my pinned tweet has the preliminary version of a checker to see how your replies rank (installation is a bit complicated). Maybe you can post a series of snapshots.
Do you fantastically think Jim Hoft, James O'Keefe, Roger Stone, etc., etc., etc. wouldn't gleefully silence libs if they could? They don't oppose censorship. They're just upset they aren't doing the censoring. #MAGA #resist #Twitter
.@crawfishaka @TheBoxThatRoxx: you have to oppose censorship/shadowbans across the board, otherwise you're just upset you aren't the ones doing the censoring. To help fight #Twitter shadowbans, test out the app in my pinned tweet (see the install instructions first).
Fragile snowflake @silverbfly has blocked me after just one tweet where I pointed out (back in 2016) that Trump's an amnesty fan:
.@AdamParkhomenko: just focusing on #immigration, how is HarleyRouda any different than Trump, U.S. Chamber, etc.? All want a massive, pro-Big Biz wage-lowering amnesty? Sure, #Koch bros would throw borders open even further, but eto distinction bez difference. #TheResistance
.@joshibarrini: @HarleyRouda 's #immigration stance is ultimately indistinguishable from USChamber, WalMart, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, sweatshops, Western Growers, etc. He'd help Big Biz lower wages while harming U.S. workers/students *and* foreign countries. #CA48 #TheResistance
John King feels like the other members of Iron Butterfly felt during the extended drum solo. #MAGA #PA18 #CNN
.@HarleyRouda: your #immigration stance could have been written by Libre Initiative or any other front for #Koch, USChamber, Tyson Foods, etc. You say comp immig reform is a "moral imperative", yet it'd harm American citizens outside of the wealthy. #CA48
.@NormEisen: smarts test: which would undercut Trump to his base, all the things #TheResistance has done or will ever do, or hiliting how *weak* Trump is on #immigration? Do you know the answer, despite all evidence to the contrary?
.@OHenryHernandez: you hilite Rudy Giuliani (per you "Trump's bestie") hyping sanctuary cities. So? Rudy & Trump have always been pro-wealthy on #immigration, you just didn't know it. See & my posts on Trump & his other BFFs. #TheResistance
Trump gets USA on the flip & on the flop. If Conor Lamb wins it'll be because of Trump. Not only that, Trump would eagerly collude with Rep. Lamb to push an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. #immigration #MAGA
.@kashhill: you naively/wittingly quote #Twitter saying they don't shadowban "accounts". If they don't shadowban users' *tweets*, then why do I have the app in my pinned tweet? Why do I have the app, Kashmir?
Candidate Trump won #PA18 by double digits. President Trump has made it a virtual tie with Wolfie salivating for a Dem win & John King eager to play with his board rather than with Dana. #CNN #resist #MAGA!
Trump shuffles deck chairs: CIA dir to State, Rick Perry might go to the VA (to head it up, not to deal with his chronic idiocy). #MAGA #resist #TrumpTitanic
"'50-50': Christopher Steele Is Unsure About Trump ‘[Goldie] Showers’ Tape". Unlike @TomSteyer, let's think. If such a tape exists & were shown on TV, few #MAGA would abandon him. Steyer etc simply aren't smart enough to realize what *would* undercut Trump to his base. #resist
"Lil Wayne Threatens Rowdy Concertgoers with Guns". Horrific & culturally toxic but... I want his job. OTOH I recall recoiling in horror seeing a lady in #MiracleMile blasting gangsta rap w/ her infant daughter in the back seat. #MAGA #resist #chavs
An ICE spokesman resigns rather than lying for Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Thomas Homan: #immigration #MAGA #FoxNews #resist
.@darksecretplace: "lib", for all its faults, is the welcome default. Con is like a more obscure Scientology. Con "support" for heartland is pushing pro-wealthy/NeoLiberal policies that drawl kind words while robbing them blind via taxes, free trade, etc. #MAGA #resist
Da! #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying MT @ClintonMSix14 I love our #MAGA women... they are not only brilliant but the most beautiful as well
I support making smart arguments that undercut Dem leaders to their base over amnesty. When can I count on your help with that smart plan? #immigration #MAGA MT @ClintonMSix14 Do you support posting ICE agents at every polling stations during elections?
.@johnston_kelly: you say your conservative Hispanic wife supported Trump even before you became a fanboy. What part of "when Mexico sends its people" can't you two understand or is it that you two understand it and support it? Wouldn't you at least rephrase that if you could?
Their real bias is NeoLiberal. How are you much different? List all those you've shown wrong to their audience (not just to those who already opposed them): MT @CurtisHouck Thread for those who think the media doesn't have a liberal bias, I give you example number infinity + 1
You are the media. If you were competent you'd organizing a campaign to get that asked. Instead - a la Hannity - you just play to the suckers you grift off. MT @redsteeze . I'm sure media will get right on top of asking @TomPerez [if he agrees w/ a Dem who smeared heartland]
.@ChrisMcKendry: it's great #ESPN shows important tennis matches like that. Most could care less, but I don't begrudge them showing it. What I don't like is they won't *also* show #soccer & #baseball. Even foreign offbrand. Even tape-delayed & local feed. That's just dumb.
Hi. MT @ashleymomara [asexual #Jeopardy contestant on "randos" contacting her no doubt over her sexy layering even though it's never really cold in Culver City] FYI I'm ace as not-f*ck so ya might want to take your chances elsewhere.
.@Nel_Mezzo: @SalenaZito RTs you saying you preordered her book. Did you see her Kellyanne Conway profile where she covered up where KAC is most vulnerable to Trump's base? What else did she conveniently ignore in her book? #TheResistance
.@Timcast: if your con pals weren't just grifters, @SPLCenter would be in dustbin of history due to deceiving about stats etc: Con leaders don't have that, won't use it, & only oppose #SPLC in idiotic ways that increase ad clicks. Blame @Cernovich etc.
.@Jali_Cat: FAIR makes an argument why cons (most of whom already oppose illegal #immigration) should oppose illegal immigration. They're just playing to the choir. You'd really help if you made arguments why the *Dem base* should oppose it. FAIR refuses to make such arguments.
.@cincyred5: you (& thus @FAIRImmigration) obsess over spending. That plays with con dupes but no one else. Con dupes don't count when it comes to opposing illegal #immigration. If you were smart & sincere you'd make arguments that undercut the *lib base* to their leaders. #MAGA
.@cincyred5: I wish I could run a marathon. I make up for it by being smarter & more sincere than you. For instance, you blog "San Francisco Aims to Spend $11.1 million in Taxpayer Funds to Defend Immigrants" at @FAIRImmigration site. I can't see myself doing it that way.
24Ahead's Closing Argument is the observation - the hot take if you will - that Led Zeppelin's The Rover can follow or precede anything: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@_SierraWhiskee has blocked me despite never tweeting the snowflake under its current name.
The Wall is a sham. I want to discredit corrupt pols who enable illegal #immigration for personal gain. I'm sure both of you oppose corrupt pols, right? #resist MT @Blackdi51264299 RT @perfectsliders: With illegal immigration dropping, do you still want to #BuildTheWall?
At his exclusive prep school, Trump played baseball and soccer and played acoustic bass: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@Hadas_Gold: unlike no one outside #CNN, you obsess over #StormyDaniels. Meanwhile, Trump is deceiving millions with his Wall: it'll be very easy for Dems/GOP to undercut it/neglect upkeep/tear it down. When will you Corinthians 13:11? #immigration #resist
Just close your eyes & ears to every idiotic thing Trump, #MAGA, & #TheResistance do. Play your ukelele and enjoy #idiocracy: #MusicSunday #NowPlaying
Trump = crypto #Koch on everything. You too, you just want to put on a different show for a different group. #Independent #resist MT @matt_gillow Trump has some awful ideas - he's poor on trade & environment. But when it comes to his Presidential record, has it been that bad?
CORRECTION: earlier I joked about Soledad O'Brien being "squeaky". Her voice is more nasally, like a nasally, lower-pitched chipmunk. 24Ahead apologizes for the error. #CNN #Fox #MAGA #resist
.@ed_kilgore: call Zito & her enablers on her Kellyanne profile. Zito listed KAC's lobbying clients *except* for one that'd undercut KAC to #MAGA. Zito covered this up for KAC. When can we count on you to undercut Zito to Lemon etc?
Blocking is for mentally/emotionally-weak wimps. Dozens have blocked me for dissenting, incl Zito. MT @ed_kilgore So far I've never blocked anyone from my Twitter account & didn't realize I'd been blocked by anyone else, until I found myself blocked by Salena Zito.
More #soccer visible to more people = better results. That means urging networks/ESPN to show more soccer, urging teams to cut a deal to get on network/ESPN even if they take a cut, etc. All you ~agree, right? MT @RobAbramowitz RT @TaylorTwellman: @bguzan talked [to me] about...
Meanwhile back at a beer sauna: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
At #NYMag, @EricLevitz blogs "The Dem Party Is Moving Left - Except When You’re Not Looking". Dems & GOP both support NeoLiberal policies (free trade, loose borders, globalism). So too do "pundits" etc. Opposing NeoLiberalism can be a CLM & few have the balls to stand up.
#Fox is showing an O.J. special featuring the white/black/Latina (depending on the show) @soledadobrien aka Squeaky Not-So-Fromme. This better not preempt #FamilyGuy.
24Ahead's Closing Argument is to hang on in quiet desperation against constant shadow bans, #MAGA, #resist, #idiocracy, idiots who think they know best, etc. etc. etc. It's the 24Ahead Way: #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday
Trump & #MAGA took all the many smart arguments against NeoLiberal policies - the arguments that'd undercut those policies that have become the USA default - to those taken in and then threw them out the window in favor of idiotic arguments that don't work. #resist
Lamb has the same #immigration stance as the #Koch bros, NAM, vulture capitalists, USChamber, etc. etc. People like him are part of the reason why we make so little steel. #resist #PA18 MT @SabineResists RT @stylnpa: @ConorLambPA is backed by the #PA Steelworkers union
.@JayGoonetilleke: Conor Lamb lied about the options to deal with illegal aliens. Even those Dems who support illegal #immigration should oppose being lied to. See the post at my site for the details. Will you help undercut Lamb by making those points to his supporters? #MAGA
.@TorresLuzardo: Conor Lamb lied right to @saksappeal 's face & Saksa repeated it. Either Saksa is helping Lamb lie, or Saksa lacks the journalistic ethics to call out Lamb on lying to him. Which do you think it is?
.@glo_mojo @ddnifcins1: see the post at my site about Conor Lamb lying about #immigration. If enough #MAGA make those points to Lamb's fans, he just might lose. Will you help with that?
.@theOutpostUSA: if you want to help @Saccone4PA18 & Trump, see my post about how Conor Lamb lied. If enough people make those points to Lamb's supporters, Lamb might lose. Will you help with that? #MAGA #PA18
.@tony_sanky: your avatar is @charlesjaco1. Was his famous Saudi Arabia report shot in a studio in Atlanta or Saudi Arabia?
Univision is hyping the Mexican Beth Mowins. Unlike Cristina, she has an annoying voice. #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer #resist #AnnCoulter
There was some sort of #MLS #soccer game on Univision earlier today and it just might have been #LAFC, I couldn't see it that well. So - *if so* - they might at least be on a network, at least for that one game.
"There's nothing wrong with our ideas and our arguments. The problem is that others have different ideas and different arguments. That has to be stopped."
.@DrPaulRalph: recommender engines are just a symptom. The problem is dissent. It has to be quashed by any means necessary. All must agree on certain facts outlined by a learned council including you. You'll get to decide if something can be seen or not. #UBCFOM #AucklandUni
.@zeynep: lil' fascists like you can't show "conspiracy theories" (real or imagined) wrong, so you try to silence dissent. Your fascistic utopia is much, much more dangerous than a world where Alex Jones etc can (sometimes, not always) lie. #NYTimes #MAGA #resist
You're a fascist trying to control info. MT @zeynep I [hear tales about] YouTube suggesting extreme content (white supremacist propaganda, misinformation, hoaxes, etc.) to people watching regular stuff. Especially important since many young people use YouTube to seek information!
.@realaxelfoley: thanks for your blog post about Steve Bannon. I just posted to my site about how his suggestions for the Front National are incredibly stupid. I'm sure you could have done that too.
In last few years, how many have died in mass casualty events vs dogbites, lightning, & ladders not to mention gang violence? #resist MT @annunoonoo I'm mad that a single gunshot makes everyone think "I'm going to die" because they are so used to active shooters in this country
Steve Bannon gives France's Front National incredibly bad advice: #MAGA @MLP_Officiel @FN_officiel
Speaking about Gov Jerry Brown, here's 24Ahead's Closing Argument, Holiday in Cambodia: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday #SuedeDenim
Some years ago, the Huckster gave the govt of MX free rent in #Arkansas to push illegal #immigration: He's as pro-amnesty as Brown. #MAGA MT @NavyNurse01 RT @GovMikeHuckabee: If Gov Jerry Brown can defy federal immigration law, then [etc]
Candid audio of @BobbieDooley getting pulled over outside Western Estates: #MAGA #resist
.@Beth_Ferris: sorry I missed the @UWJSIS task force. Did someone discuss how Trump Wall would fail? Not just disagreements with it, but how his plan is unimplementable & thus he's deceiving his followers?
.@MJanovic: @BrandNew535 wants to #AbolishICE. #Koch bros & Big Biz agree: they have no use for #immigration enforcement either. GWB even planned a massive H1B-style program for all types of jobs to flood USA w/ cheap labor. BrandNew535 would have signed on. #TheResistance
Doug Dannger, a famous journalist with the Orange County Courier, has the "gay edge". Before he blocked me, I tried to entrap JoseIsWriting into saying he's a gay man and a gay journalist. #MAGA #resist #immigration
OK, I'm game. How do you disagree from your male competitors on NeoLiberal issues? Do you have a Female Edge? MT @Mindi4Congress: We have to take our seat at the table. They won't give it to us - we have to fight for it. Get started tapping a woman
Well, that was certainly an interesting Trump press conference, wasn't it? We now join tonight's Taul Fest already in progress: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Before Trump was the "Progressive" Bete Noir, there was the #Koch Bros. Yet - oddly enough! - just like Trump, "progressives" never went after them where they're weakest: on their support for loose borders. "Progressive" leaders agree with the Koch bros on that. #MAGA #resist
#Koch bros, McDonald's, WalMart, sweatshops, Tyson Foods, etc. have no use for ICE either. GWB wanted to flood USA w/ cheap labor. You're as progressive as them. #resist MT @RavMABAY RT @mjs_DC: Great piece from @SeanMcElwee about growing progressive movement to abolish ICE
So, at noon Pacific (11am now?) on Sun #ESPN has #Atlanta vs #DCUnited in #soccer, followed by Auburn vs LSU in softball. Everything else is one Ball In Hoop game after the other, like it's our national sport. #MAGA #resist
.@LAFC: it's reportedly being broadcast on KMYU, KSLTV, ESPN 700, & MLS Live. If you were smart, you'd start with getting on a TV channel your audience can see and then work back from there. Even if you had to take a cut to get the airtime. #soccer #LAFC
To #TheResistance, where Trump's most vulnerable - on how *weak* he is on #immigration - is like Principal Skinner's real identity: #MAGA #resist
Well, duh. My regular reader knows that amnesty & #immigration are where Trump is most vulnerable: he's fake, his arguments are just demagoguery, and his plans are bad jokes. Smart arguments could peel off 1/3+ of #MAGA. #TheResistance simply lacks the smarts/sanity/patriotism.
.@tribelaw: is Trump's "Fifth Ave" comment right, or are there things that could undercut him to enough of his base that he'd be hurting? Only looking at what Trump's said/done in the past, is it *impossible* to use that in a way that would undercut him to his base?
.@JRubinBlogger asks "Will Kim Jong Un - like every other dictator - sucker Trump?" Instead of continuing her Grimy descent into madness, maybe she could ask smart people to help her devise a plan to make Trump proxies demand Trump does smart things. #WaPo
I wouldn't be surprised if Trump isn't paying #StormyDaniels to continue his show. Without the "scandal", we could be discussing things like how his lunkhead plans won't work. She's tying up #TheResistance idiots on a "scandal" #MAGA could care less about.
A #CNN guest seems to be going for a Mutant Ninja Turtle look. [Note: that's snark, but I wouldn't pretend it was how to undercut Trump or anyone else.]
.@familyunequal: you - a #UMD prof - got blocked by Trump for tweeting him a meme a 5th grader could've made. If I had your reach I'd tweet Trump *tough* policy questions designed to show his base he's deceiving them. Did you ever do any of that, or just the memes? #resist
.@cristianafarias: at #NYMag you say blocking people on #Twitter is "one of the medium's joys", further showing you're a lil' fascist. You also say @rpbp & the others in the Knight case got blocked by Trump over snark. When has snark worked against Trump? Name even one case.
Today's Trump Trivia is also the 24Ahead Closing Argument. Did you know Trump invented the kazoo? He did. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicThursday
Don Lemon is fluffing (in a platonic way) the quite attractive RFK granddaughter Kick Kennedy. At this point in time, isn't she basically just a brand ambassador? #MAGA #resist #Massachusetts
LOL! Say, I pointed out how Chuck is just a grifter: When can we count on you to use that to undercut him *where it counts*, to #MAGA & #AltRight? MT @igorbobic Far-Right Troll Chuck Johnson Tried Out for ‘Survivor.’
List all the harm he caused: Now, list all the harm lil' fascists like you have caused through the centuries: #resist #MAGA RT @jaredlholt Andrew Anglin of the neo-Nazi blog Daily Stormer has been banned from Twitter after the site turned a blind eye to his account FOR A YEAR
#DocMartin is dealing with #OCD. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 #hashtag
That's how George Rockwell started, & look what happened. In reality, what's the threat from Spencer? I'm sure you would have tried to engage him in debate if you weren't too scared he'd win. MT @letsgomathias I got inside the [Richard Spencer] event. Less than 50 people here
.@DavidJollyFL: settle a bet: is Trump Wall a viable idea? Let's say Trump gets his "wall" (aka more fencing, some walls, and some bollards here and there). What's to keep Dems from neglecting whatever gets built or "President Chelsea" from tearing it down?
A pol tweets "I'm going to intro a bill to build an elevator to Mars". All the replies are attaboys or off-topic personal smears except one detailing how it wouldn't work. The pol and/or #Twitter can keep others from seeing the dissent. #MAGA #resist #FirstAmendment