The *real* money Putin sent to finance Trump's election was sent using the super-secret codeword "MAGA". That's also the super-secret codeword to get a discount on a #MAGA hat from the Trump store. #resist
Per #BuzzFeed, Putin's Foreign Ministry sent wire transfers to embassies with "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016" in the memo line (I assume in Angliski). It could be for RU elections or just thumbing nose at USA. #MAGA #resist
.@lukeobrien: why are you too cowardly to allow comments on your #TheAtlantic blog post? #AltRight #MAGA #resist
I'll leave that for your 27 RTers since you're too cowardly to allow comments on her blog post. #TheAtlantic #AltRight #MAGA #resist MT @JeffreyGoldberg Read @AngNagle on ["The Lost Boys"] how the 'alt-right' could define politics for a generation
.@goldengateblond: Brett Talley is a big amnesty fan. That's what could sink him, not what you've heard from the MSM. Since your goal is to sink him, will you directly ask specific MSM reporters when they'll report on that?
There are much smarter things Hannity fans could do that a) wouldn't leave them down a coffee maker & b) would *really* help their idol. Conservatives, #MAGA, & #LNYHBT do not do smart. #idiocracy #TheResistance
Hannity fans are smashing #Keurig coffee makers in #Twitter vids to protest them pulling their ads from his show, even tho Keurig already has their money & they're now down a coffee maker. Conservatives, #MAGA, #LNYHBT = #idiocracy. #TheResistance
.@NoahBookbinder: Talley's a big amnesty fan, and that's the only thing that will stop him or at least undercut Trump to #MAGA. You have a chance to stop Talley by discussing that. Are you going to do that or take partial blame for helping Talley succeed?
.@JJohnson2u: it should be clear by now that nothing @benjaminwittes says about Talley will undercut him where it counts. Talley's a big amnesty fan & that would stop him, but Wittes & the MSM don't want to reveal that to people like you. Ask them why they won't.
.@notthefakesvp proposes #ESPN broadcast a "NIT World Cup", featuring losers like Italy & #USMNT. That's not a bad idea. Even better, why didn't ESPN outbid foreign tabloid scum for the #WorldCup?
What's shocking is how consistent I am. 15, maybe 20 years ago I posted to USENET about repatriating Rupert Murdoch. #MAGA #FoxNews #resist
Because not enough paid hacks were blogging about Brett Talley, unpaid hack @JoeMyGod chimed in with the same story that won't turn #MAGA against him & Trump. Talley is on the wrong side of #immigration, but DNC talking points won't discuss that. #TheResistance #MAGA
At #Gizmodo, @paleofuture blogs that Brett Talley is a "Ghost-Hunting Horror Novelist". At this point in time, it's best to give #TheResistance a lolly and a pat on the head. #MAGA
OTOH, @emquiry is paid to repeat DNC talking points, even if doing real reporting for once would be better. Brett Talley is a big amnesty fan. That could sink him to #MAGA or at least undercut Trump to them. When will you discuss that? #TheResistance
.@akarl_smith: you're clearly anti-Trump. Just as clearly, you're doing it wrong. The people you try to suck up to don't even know you blog. You're a fourth-stringer. Eg, you blog about Talley not disclosing his wife's job. You didn't blog what would really hurt him & Trump.
In case you've been living under a rock for the past decade, conservatives are insane. #MAGA #resist
I had the goods on them 5+ years ago: Why didn't conservatives help? #immigration #MAGA MT @Blacks4Trump16: Southern Baptist “leader” Russell Moore is a left-wing fraud. His open-borders Evangelical Immigration Table
.@LindaKWS1: @RepBetoORourke is on the take. Mexico can't take care of their own pregnant women, and he enables that rather than demanding their do their job. #Texas #immigration
#ThinkProgress lifer @imillhiser blogs "Trump’s ridiculously unqualified judicial nominee is sailing through Senate". How can that be, since #TheResistance has opposed him in their own special way? Why, it's almost like they're doing it wrong as they always do.
You can't stop me: #FamilyGuy #MAGA #resist
.@kristinegwp: at #WaPo, you blog about Talley not disclosing his White House link by marriage. At my site, I discussed how he's a big amnesty fan. Which of those do Trump fans actually care about? Take your time, think it through, ask friends to help you figure it out.
.@mattapuzzo & @nytmike: here's a hint: #MAGA does not GAFF - a flaming FF - that Talley didn't disclose that. What they care about is amnesty, & Talley strongly supports that. When will you reveal to #MAGA how much of an amnesty fan Talley is? #TheResistance #NYT #NYTimes
.@mattapuzzo & @nytmike of #NYT blog Trump judicial pick Brett Talley didn't disclose he was married to a White House lawyer. Good job! But, since your goal is to undercut Trump, testing these things out first with Trump fans - not just your pals - would be a smart idea.
.@DonaldJTrumpJr was communicating with @Wikileaks before the election, with the latter doing most of the talking. Unfortunately, I don't see anything damning. #MAGA #TheResistance
ICYMI, highlights/lowlights of Italy vs Sweden in which Italy loses out on #WorldCup. Join the club. #soccer #USMNT #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist
.@DebraMark1: since then, Kobylt hyped illegal #immigration from Guatemala. Today he hypes U.S. construction workers taking illegal aliens' wages. My explanation: Kennedy/Reason sold them on a libertarian fantasy + Whitney Houston incident caused them to cool it on pro-American.
.@DebraMark1: years before you got there, @JohnAndKenShow used to oppose illegal #immigration. They even got hassled by White House over it: Nowadays they're anti-American libertarian scum who punch way down & never punch up. #KFI #MAGA #radio
Garden District Cecile Corbel #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
That's a strawman. McCain & other sane, patriotic people oppose Trump being Putin's puppet. #MAGA #resist MT @rodilosso_patty RT @wattsjim: POTUS insinuates #JohnMcCain is "hater and fool" for opposing good #Russian relationship. 100% correct as usual
.@pnehlen: wouldn't ACLU sue to block "extreme vetting" of Americans based on their religion, get huge support - incl from conservatives - and easily win at Supreme Court (if it goes that far)? Should people like you who can't figure things out try to set policy? #MAGA #resist
Wouldn't that send 1.6 billion Muslims - most not extremists, some/many secular - the message we're in a Holy War against them? RT @pnehlen RT @pnehlen: I support a full ban on Islamic immigration into the U.S. and extreme vetting of those already here
Reality shows Trump is a liar who'll backstab just for the hell of it. Want some examples? #MAGA #TheResistance MT @Harlan: President @realDonaldTrump is a man of his word... [refugee admittance allegedly down for now after months of not being down]
Remember "we should run the USA like a business"? How would the USA look if it were run like a red state? #MAGA #TheResistance
At #NRO, great conservative thinker @KevinNR blogs "The Myth of the Idle Rich". Is "Gates, Bezos, Buffett have more wealth than half the US combined" something cultural conservatives should be concerned about, or not a big issue? #MAGA #TheResistance
.@debhernandez: @realDonaldTrump was too wimpy to visit DMZ & Hanoi Hilton. #MAGA helped elect someone who can't even pretend to be patriotic. #TheResistance
.@JenRemauro: Trump's "THEY'RE not THERE" might be yet another trap, like all the other traps #TheResistance can't help but fall into in their obsessive quest to serve as his foil. Don't let that stop you. #MAGA
Roy Moore has unequivocally denied playing cowbell on this song. #MAGA #resist #Alabama #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
#DREAMAct is anti-American: Then again, #Apple isn't an American company. MT @TheresaSchroe14 @laurenepowell: Over the years, I’ve gotten to know many young #Dreamers, and been inspired by the optimism, dedication, and promise
Thanks to Judge Roy Moore, #Alabama has a full three years of compulsory schooling before he preys on them. #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
Melania inspecting the Great Trump Wall of China: The antithesis of the Wikifeet ethos. #MAGA #TheResistance
Theorbo. Looks like a #FEMATrain. #MusicSunday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
.@skennison: @EricLevitz highlighted things about Talley that'd help Trump by endearing him to #MAGA. I highlighted a huge Talley vulnerability that'd undercut Talley & Trump to #MAGA. Which of those is more likely to undercut Trump? #TheResistance #NYMag
Mass #immigration advocates would say you're lying. How would they be wrong? #MAGA DERPMT @DeplorablesShow Citizens - We pay taxes, given to illegal aliens & Muslim refugees, allowing them to afford large families. Stop immigration and cut welfare
.@taxmarch: I want to donate $100 a month to you. However, in exchange, you have to put up with being called vile names and being smeared and sneered at. Also, I'm going to try to drive you out of work & hope you end up on drugs. Deal?
While most were distracted, Trump gave giveaways to big egg producers & GMO pushers like Monsanto. #MAGA #resist
.@boris3324: back in Feb 2016 I asked for your help with the only plan that would've stopped Trump, and you refused. Now you promote @IronStache, someone who refuses to own up to the fact that he agrees with Paul Ryan on #immigration #WI01 #TheResistance
Putin invite Trump to party, nice party with food, he like! #MusicSunday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
.@ddonigernrdc: grade @jonathanchait for us. Over the past 2+ years, has he had *any* impact what Trump does, what #MAGA thinks, etc. etc.? If he'd been living in a Montana shack for last 2+ years, wouldn't things be exactly the same? #NYMag #TheResistance
Doing my part to give an alternative to #kneeball, Ghana vs Egypt highlights. #MAGA #resist #soccer #WorldCup
.@crabtrem: IOW, @TomFitton is using the "Obama set up the poor, innocent Trump family and made them want to collude with a hostile foreign power and there's nothing they could do to avoid that" defense. OJ's defense wasn't as funny. #MAGA #resist
.@TurnTNBlue: Coulter isn't even pro-white. She's just a grifter who enabled President Grahamnesty. She's extremely vulnerable but her loudest opponents keep helping her by doing it wrong. #TheResistance
Indeed it is. However, Sailer in effect helped BLM, & Coulter hates the whites-friendly soccer but loves kneeball. Reevaluate who you think is helping you. MT @Stafford2cj RT @arg8666arg: @Steve_Sailer @AnnCoulter Absolutely OK to be white!
.@lauferlaw: you're obviously a smart guy, what's the smart alternative to Trump Wall?
.@DavidIRamadan: interesting question. Why do Trump fans support Trump Wall? Are there rational reasons for supporting reducing illegal #immigration even if Trump Wall is the improper response? #MAGA #resist
Roger Goodell of National #Kneeball League wants $49.5 million *per year* & lifetime use of a private jet. OTOH, unlike Sepp Blatter, he has not allegedly gotten grabassy with Hope Solo. #MAGA #resist
Military Times Poll: Trump overall popularity 44% vs 40%, but just 30% of offices approve of him & 53% are unfavorable. Navy/Air Force are least favorable: It's a smarts test. #MAGA #resist
At #Axios, @jonathanvswan blogs that "Steve Bannon has sent two of #Breitbart News' top reporters, Matt Boyle and Aaron Klein, to Alabama". Neither @mboyle1 nor @AaronKleinShow are reporters or "top" at anything except sycophancy. #MAGA #resist
Doing it right: #ESPN counterprogrammed #soccer against #kneeball earlier. Doing it wrong: they put it on #ESPNNews. This evening, they had rollerball, then two #kneeball shows and... poker. #MAGA #resist
For clear examples of a cons turning her back and running away like a coward, see this fake patriot who used to blog at @hotairblog: #MAGA #resist
Given the rightwing habit of turning their backs & running away like cowards, you'd think their loudest opponents would be able to use that against them for once. #MAGA #resist
SJWs are trying to add words like "", i.e. "physicien(ne)s", i.e. gender-neutral physician to French. Drudge's fake-patriot readers (many no doubt sockpuppets) are turning their backs on France as they do with everything else. #MAGA #resist #language
This #MAGA fake patriot also blocked me: RT @ILuvUSA What has @SenJohnMcCain done for America? The Vietnam song bird criticises everything good for America. Failed in Vietnam can't stand trump's success in Vietnam. Just Drop dead.
"Trump clarifies Putin comments: 'I'm with our agencies' on election meddling". #MAGA #resist
When's the last time away fans were banned from #kneeball games? #soccer #Greece #Croatia #ESPNNews #AnnCoulter #MAGA #resist
For his encore, Trump sang this song to Putin: Things got a little weird, but they patched it up. #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday
.@FrasierRae @KSouth4trump: there are smart arguments that'd *stop* DACA/DREAMAct by undercutting its supporters to their base. Please list all the examples of Trump making such arguments, and #MAGA demanding he make them:
The smart, sane, patriotic, big tent alternative to both #MAGA & #TheResistance:
Make no mistake: the elites love two warring camps of brainless dolts - #MAGA & #TheResistance - shouting at each other but landing no blows nor doing anything that'll cost them money.
.@JohnCooper0610 @veteranhank: #TheResistance isn't going to believe you, since those in the Trump camp are pathological liars. In order to reduce illegal #immigration, you have to make arguments that can't help but believe. Do you understand that? #MAGA
DERPMT @irmahinojosa_ >We are all citizens of the world >We are all children of the rainbow >US Citizenship doesn’t exist >Immigration laws are not real >Nobody is illegal >Secure borders is racism >We are all equal
Obama made Trump collude!!! #resist DERPMT @TomFitton The "Russian lawyer" who finagled a meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. evidently wasn’t supposed to be in the country. We want to know what the Obama Justice Department knew and when it knew about what Ms. Veselniskava was up to
Kinda OBE'ed, da? MT @MariEastman RT @Imperator_Rex3: Wow. Luckily, Trump was too smart to fall for Putin's scheme
What would you do if you were smart? MT @jmgsimon888 RT @Mlllennial_Matt: Poland sets the bar for anti immigration demonstrations. Time for the US and the rest of Europe to follow their lead
.@lucchaoui: #MAGA could care less that Talley is inexperienced. That means that the @vwang3 way of opposing Talley is just pointless entertainment: he'll sail through if you oppose him her way. However, there is one issue that'd undercut Talley to MAGA. Know what it is?
.@thompowers: to #MAGA, it's a good thing Talley is inexperienced & ABA - an establishment group - doesn't like him. He does, however, have a huge weakness that'd undercut him to MAGA. Why haven't you heard about that? #TheResistance
A young Carole King: #MAGA #resist
.@thompowers: if you were selling HVAC, you'd do it differently in Barrow and Phoenix, correct? #TheResistance can't figure that out: they think Phoenix residents need heating appropriate for Barrow. If that's not clear, read that over and over until it is.
.@ReliFrend: in Jan 2017 you said Trump Wall would happen. It hasn't happened yet, & at most there will be some fencing here and there. It's OK to admit you got it wrong, and then help with a better way to undercut Trump.
To cement their friendship, Trump sang Putin a very nice song: Putin liked it a lot. #NowPlaying #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist
No surprises here, @kharyp has blocked me after calling him out on supporting serf labor and not being able to figure out how Trump's plans would fail: #TheResistance
.@Dsquared75 @LeslieProll: I know what you care about & can target arguments to you. You still - 2+ years later - can't figure out what #MAGA cares about & target arguments to them. Talley's inexperience is a *good* thing to them. He has a huge weakness to MAGA, know what it is?
.@mariecasey1: FYI, @ddale8 's list of Trump "lies" contains lies. When I call Trump a liar I make sure to tell the truth, Dale doesn't do that. He's also ignoring where Talley is actually weak, on amnesty. #TheResistance can do better.
.@WayneASchneider: FYI, @ddale8 blocked me after pointing out to you he's a liar: #Toronto #TorontoStar
Sunday um about 9am Uhr (Pacific), #ESPNNews will have Switzerland VS. Northern Ireland. Then about 12:30 (Pacific), Greece vs Croatia. #soccer #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter #ESPN
"Trump Team Begins Drafting Middle East Peace Plan". Because who else can bring peace to the troubled region than the smartest genyuses the world has ever seen? #MAGA #resist
.@charlie_savage: very high-minded of #NYTimes to allow dissent. Brett Talley is a big amnesty fan, and #MAGA hates amnesty. If they knew he supports amnesty, that'd undercut him & Trump. When can we expect you to point that out to them?
Kim Philby?? It's probably extremely unlikely that Trump's a very long-term mole who was asleep for decades. #MAGA #resist
You'll never hear this from conservatives, but Sen. Obama marched in a #Chicago pro-illegal #immigration march co-organized by Mexican political parties: Trump's much worse than that. #MAGA #resist
On the ol' Quisling Meter, Trump has surpassed GWB. GWB was a big, fat, un- & anti-American Quisling, but that was with Mexico & they're less of a threat to USA than Russia. Obama - pure scum as he was - was less of a Quisling: he mostly focused on domestic. #MAGA #resist
Trump sides with Putin over intelligence agencies on Russian meddling: #MAGA #resist
US embassy in Moscow is to be guarded by a company owned by a former head of KGB counter-intelligence who worked with British double agent Kim Philby and young Vladimir Putin, after cuts to US staff demanded by Russia: #MAGA = #FARA. #resist
.@vwang3: at #NYT, you blog about Brett Talley not having tried a case. I reported on him strongly supporting amnesty. What % of #MAGA do you think care about him not having tried a case? What % of #MAGA do you think care about him supporting amnesty?
Now Trump - just like low-level Putinbots - is playing whataboutism with Hillary and Obama. #MAGA #resist
Trump is wimping out on explaining why he wimped out to Putin. Our own wonderful strongman is a weak POS. #MAGA #resist
.@OneManRockr: what can't be torn down are smart arguments. Trump could make smart arguments that'd undercut Dem leaders, *permanently* reducing illegal immigration. Please explain why he won't do that and why #MAGA refuses to demand he does it.
.@OneManRockr: the forces that keep Trump from funding the Wall won't go away. Even if Trump builds part of the Wall, they'll work to tear it down. Trump fans can't get the Wall now, they won't be able to stop it from being torn down. That's just reality. #MAGA
.@OneManRockr: you reply "The wall & law..." to my question about what's to keep illegal #immigration from going up after Trump leaves office. The problem you aren't realizing is there would likely be no Wall after he leaves: his successor will tear it down.
.@PowerCatDan: you object to my Steyer tweet. Even after all these years, are you upset about Bubba being impeached? Do you think Steyer - possibly older than you - is upset about Bubba being impeached?
.@lukeand09 chimes in to my @jaltucher tweet: "Oh because you believe the Mainstream news that were so right about everything on the election? What's it feel like to lose?". Is there an Altucher-approved poll (real, not online) showing Trump popular, yes or no?
Alabama, distracted by Roy Moore's problems, barely escapes with a win against the other team (some from the South so who GAFF).