Dems & media are using it to portray Trump & fans as racist, so it's *in effect* racist. MT @physicsgeek I'm no Trump defender, but calling another country a shithole isn't a racist remark. Unnecessary and vulgar, sure, but it isn't racist. Don't even try with that nonsense
.@criteria681: what do you think about ?
.@ElectionLawCtr: hey Chris, here's an example of smart arguments against mass #immigration from developing countries: Please explain why you etc aren't demanding Trump uses smart arguments like those. Are you as fake as he is? #MAGA
.@blessmyliberty @TimRunsHisMouth: Trump's comments *help* amnesty supporters. They might make yahoos feel better, but they're counterproductive. There are smart anti-amnesty arguments but Trump is too dim & fake to make them. Trump's not #MAGA.
.@shgarhen: @MarkDice enables Trump giving the Dems & MSM ammo to use to push amnesty. There are smart arguments that'd undercut Dem leaders to their base, but Dice isn't smart enough to come up with them or sane enough to make them if given.
Not what smart people say -> MT @MarkDice [many] Rwandans were massacred by being hacked to death with machetes and you're telling me that country is NOT a shithole? Or in Tanzania where albinos are raped because many Africans believe that cures AIDS? Please. #Shithole
.@ussoccer on #USMNT 1/28 match w/ Bosnia: "Next Brick in the Building Process to be Broadcast Live on FS1" Go fuck yourselves. Marginalizing #soccer on FS1 to help Murdoch is part of the problem. Stop selling out the sport.
.@jfradioshow: Don Lemon's destroying you. You're intellectually unarmed: if you used smarter arguments you could undercut him, Cardona, etc. When you're tired of being made the fool on national TV, use my arguments. Try to have a shred of patriotism for once.
How @funder etc have turned #TheResistance into their own ATM:
.@JulieZauzmer (#Jeopardy loser) is cute & bubbly. She's also a #WaPo reporter so if she's ever written about #immigration or other topics I know it'd be incredibly easy for me to find her lying her cute off.
"Ah done like Mr. Trump cuz he done sez what I done think!" #MAGA #immigration
That's the way the game works: when you talk like a dimwit drunk at a backwoods Tennessee bar, you weaken your position & strengthen your opponents. The cheers of drunks at backwoods bars doesn't make up for that: you're hurting yourself & them. #immigration #MAGA
Trump at Oval Office meeting with his pals Lindsey Graham & Dick Durbin reportedly said: "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" referring to Haiti & African countries. Now he'll have to make amends with more amnesty. #immigration #MAGA
"Carrier Employees, Soon to Be Laid Off, Feel Betrayed by Donald Trump" The line forms in the back. Way back. It's in another time zone. #MAGA #immigration
August 2015: Trump supports mass deportations but also a revolving door amnesty (& inadvertently hints at repatriations): #immigration #MAGA? @ColumbiaBugle @BartMcCoy5
By making the opposition to #Twitter censorship a "conservative thing", cons have shrunk the opposition: #MAGA #AltRight #resist
Swamp creature @EWErickson goes full-on pro-amnesty: "I'd give Dreamers citizenship if they get a college degree or serve in the military and I'd let their parents become permanent resident aliens who can then repatriate to get citizenship for themselves". #MAGA #immigration
Trump stuns Republican leaders with tweeted policy backflips #MAGA #resist #StableGenius
Confused Trump Tricked by Fox News Into Opposing His Own Surveillance Bill #MAGA #resist #StableGenius
O'Keefe, Roger Stone, Charles Johnson, etc. marginalize the opposition to #Twitter censorship by making it a "conservative thing". Their goal is "fighting" that censorship in order to bring in donations. Actually reducing that censorship isn't even an afterthought. #MAGA #resist
UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning,” Algorithms to Censor Opposing Political Opinions [note: making this a "conservative thing" neuters it]. #Twitter #MAGA #AltRight #resist
And the winner of tonight's Herr Mannelig festival is... Garmarna: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
Hold it against Trump proxies. Trump might be able to take the heat, but they can't. Demand they agitate against amnesty or wear the letter "A". MT @SariTreks RT @ColumbiaBugle: You cannot call yourself the "Law and Order candidate" and in your first year pass DACA amnesty.
Green Crow - Herr Mannelig #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
Kellyanne took Zuckerberg $ to deceive about amnesty, something that could sink her. Your personal smears just help her. It's that type of stuff that helped Trump win. #TheResistance MT @DeeLoralei RT @The_UnSilent_: [childish smears of TomiLahren AnnCoulter and KellyannePolls]
Now, a more polka version of Herr Mannelig: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
A kinda weak operatic version of Herr Mannelig: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
If you were such big amnesty fans, why didn't you just vote for Jeb!? #MAGA? MT @Cheshire69 RT @Debradelai: Today's ANN COULTER BRAIN ACTIVITY UPDATE. Active neurons yesterday-zero
Flos Florum w/ a not bad version (but bad mix) of Herr Mannelig: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
Their plan has been shown to be unimplementable, as I pointed out at the time. Coulter's refused to give Trump smart arguments that would've prevented his sellout @CPA_Tommy RT @SaveWest1: @drawandstrike @ThomasWictor @AnnCoulter and Stephen Miller wrote Trump's immigration plan
A bad amateur version of Herr Mannelig, but at least Lisa is legal now: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
Alicia Du Coustel w/ Herr Mannelig: Way too studio-y. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
MT @LouDobbs: No Amnesty- @realDonaldTrump must resist Pro-DACA Dimms & RINOs. Build the wall & stand with forgotten middle class, not illegal aliens
Pence had his own amnesty plan. The idea that the Dems wouldn't get them the vote is absurd, they're pushing for legalization for that reason. MT @CyndiRocks1 [to @Lcamps601 @USAFirst55 etc] Read the vp's tweet about it it says no path to citizenship, that means they can't vote
.@DeplorableTJ @hotfunkytown: simple yes/no question for you: if Trump could wave a magic wand and turn 20% of the Dem base against their leaders just over amnesty - not other issues, just amnesty - wouldn't that be better than the current situation? Answer yes or no.
Amnesty is forever, The Wall is easily torn down or blocked (by the very same people Trump is eager to sell the USA out to). #MAGA? @DeplorableTJ RT @hotfunkytown: For all her intelligence Coulter continues to show how stupid she is. POTUS needs to work a deal to GET: the wall
The Moon and the Nightspirit feat. Seb Gorka on drums: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@Afterseven: @kausmickey enabled Trump 100%, he never realized how Pelosi-like Trump is on #immigration. He never demanded Trump do better. He never gave Trump smart arguments. Is taking Kaus' advice a good idea now, based on his history?
.@darksecretplace: I've written 1000s of anti-amnesty posts since 2002 at my site, at Malkin's old site, & elsewhere (including one about you, Bryan). I knew Trump was 100% fake from Day One. I was right about how his plans would fail. Put your pride aside and listen.
.@darksecretplace: not overly surprised you'd seem to support Trump's Wall. He'll be out of office for 3 to 8 years of it's supposed funding. What sort of person thinks the Dems wouldn't try to block that when he's out of office? What deals will they demand?
You can't really measure coastline, it's not like point-to-point distance. MT darksecretplace (Florida has over 500 miles MORE coastline than California)
Kaus/Krikorian/Coulter is kinda like Conservatives of Kern County, but less euphonic.
I've been making that argument for years, never got any help with it from Kaus/Krikorian/Coulter. Are they demanding Trump says that? MT @glennwa1 RT @PonyMissy: @kausmickey These people should take their educations back to their own countries/fight too make the counties better!
.@GrantWahl: direct us to those (besides me) who try to get #ESPN to show more #soccer: Direct us to those (besides me) who complain about #USMNT, #USWNT, & #soccer in general being hidden away on channels millions (sometimes 10s of millions) don't get:
.@GrantWahl: last time #USMNT was in World Cup, pretend-conservatives Coulter, Medved, etc. all wrote the same anti- #soccer column. Direct us to those (besides me) who've tried to show them wrong to their base:
.@mshields007: hey Mike, Trump says he'll "take the heat" for pushing amnesty. How are *your* "heat shields"? Imagine a years-long campaign to discredit you as an amnesty supporter, holding you responsible for all the downsides. Even with a sinecure, how'd you hold up?
.@susanpai: would you enable a lawyer who just takes a client's $, leading them on w/o really trying & ignoring exculpatory evidence? @MarkSKrikorian @stranahan @JessicaV_CIS are like that: they're just scammers who steal money and time. #OSINT
Your mistake is pretending they aren't just grifters. MT @susanpai I have come across multiple illegal re-entrants (1990s to present) including registered, violent sex offenders under known AKAs. How about going after them first? .@MarkSKrikorian @stranahan @JessicaV_CIS #OSINT
I know! Let's keep opposing illegal #immigration & amnesty in the ways that obviously didn't keep Trump from colluding with Pelosi on amnesty. #MAGA = insanity.
.@sasha031: in Apr 2016 I asked you: "since leading voices against illegal #immigration do things the Breitbart Way & it continues, is the Breitbart Way effective?" Since - despite ample deployment of the Breitbart Way - Trump's pushing amnesty, is that Way effective, yes or no?
.@Vegas040805: @JessicaV_CIS is much more on your side than mine. She worked in the White House and it might have been her who got Trump to come up with wild idea of trading amnesty for his joke of a "Wall". #TheResistance should give Vaughan an award for her help.
.@Ben_ESPN: please explain why #ESPN showed a doc about Serbian #soccer, but won't show actual Serbian soccer matches even though they'd spend maybe $5k for a local feed & make much more than that in ads. What cognitive difficulties present themselves?
While that's good viewing, 24/7/365 Ball In Hoop isn't. Please explain why #ESPN can't show winter baseball, esp when #PuertoRico would be a big feelgood story they could hype to the skies: MT @Ben_ESPN Rachel__Nichols on all four screens in the @ESPNPR common area
.@jessmendoza: Oprah = "change" in same way corrupt, racially-divisive, anti-American Obama = "change". We've had GWB, Obama, & now Trump precisely because citizens don't act like citizens. They want leaders to do their thinking for them rather than demanding they do better.
.@duty2warn: why did your @BandyXLee delete her Twitter account? Is that one of the #DANGERSIGNS that your group are crazy Orly Taitz knockoffs?
.@mkraju: Conway got paid by Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty. That's one of the places where she's most vulnerable. But, because Cuomo & Conway are friends (as Cuomo admits), going after her where she's most vulnerable is off limits. #CNN = #FakeDebate
The obvious next question is "why didn't Trump consult with those experts before the election?" Did Cuomo ask that, yes or no? MT @mkraju Kellyanne Conway tells @ChrisCuomo that after consulting w experts, Trump has “discovered” a physical wall is not needed across entire border
.@SHADESmiami: actually, KellyannePolls dominated @ChrisCuomo & made him whine like a bitch. When she lied about what he said, he should have stopped her & forced her to admit she lied, rolling back the tape if necessary. Don't you want Trump hacks to *admit* to lying? #CNN
Video: a confused Trump initially agrees to give Dianne Feinstein everything she wants on amnesty until he's corrected by Kevin McCarthy #immigration #MAGA #StableGenius
"GOP negotiators say Trump aide Stephen Miller is standing in the way of an #immigration deal". If true and not just kabuki, a point in his favor. If true. #MAGA #resist
It's still amnesty. It'd be a scam like the 1986 amnesty. You're helping Trump sell amnesty. MT @NeilMunroDC House GOP immigration reform bill is comprehensively pro-American -- E-verify, chain, lottery, wall, catch & release, sanctuary cities, higher wages, whole nine yards.
.@cristinalaila1: some smart arguments that'd make Pelosi etc back off amnesty: Can we count on you to work to make sure Trump uses those instead of caving on amnesty?
.@cristinalaila1: Trump's way of opposing illegal #immigration has always been literally brainless. If he made smart arguments he could make enabling illegal immigration politically toxic for Pelosi. No need for amnesty or #DACADeal. I'll give you smart arguments, will you help?
Jim Hoft: 'Stunning. Jeb Bush Congratulates President Trump for His DACA “Bill of Love”' & 'Flashback: Trump Tells Chuck Todd He Will Send Dreamers Back Home “We Either Have a Country or We Don’t”'. Even Hoft realizes supporting Trump's amnesty would harm his career. #MAGA
Trump would reward Dem leaders' corruption. He's encouraging swamp corruption. Point that out to his top defenders & if they won't fully oppose amnesty, use it to destroy their careers. MT @DesignGreek DACA amnesty means millions of Democrat voters
Why don't you ask someone who's familiar with the issue? MT @mad_rushn [a @JackPosobiec] Where do the Libs get this 82% of Americans want amnesty for the dreamers? What poll are they quoting?
Trump would also reward Dem leaders' corruption: they turned a blind eye to massive illegal activity in hopes of personal gain (votes, donations, etc.) Trump's enabling swamp corruption. MT @jsull123 RT @babynetman: I don't support rewarding illegal aliens with amnesty
.@Obsessedabroad: @SamThiessen thinks the Dems would let Trump legalize large numbers of illegal aliens & wouldn't push to make them citizens (and succeed). That's beyond naive, he's dangerously stupid. #MAGA #immigration
MT @SamThiessen If by "amnesty" you mean just letting them stay here legally, but they can never become citizens while they stay in this country, YES [I support that]. But [I oppose] a path to citizenship without having to return to their birth country to apply for citizenship.
#MAGA snowflake @SamThiessen has blocked me. Never fear, I'll just undercut him to his fan.
.@ColumbiaBugle: to stop amnesty, use Trump's techniques. Make Trump's top defenders - Ed Martin, Chris Ruddy, Dilbert, Cernovich, etc. - so fearful for their careers due to amnesty that they'll beg Trump to back off. #MAGA
Whoa: we're just minutes away from #CuomoPrimeTime on the West Coast! Sadly, it's a rainy day and I already threw that can of paint at the wall and I've committed to watch it dry. Otherwise I'd be sure to check it out. #sarcasm #CNN #MAGA #resist
MT @TuckerCarlson Why should American citizens have to live in a country where people who sneak in illegally get to vote and determine who runs the government? #Tucker @FoxNews
Finally, a James Wood tweet I endorse (except it doesn't go far enough at all): MT @RealJamesWoods If you fold on immigration, you are a one term president. @POTUS
.@SBDarren: Chris Ruddy talks to Trump. If Ruddy sees Trump's amnesty as a threat to Newsmax' bottom line, he'll beg Trump to back off amnesty. Start a campaign to give Newsmax a choice: either fully oppose amnesty or lose readers. Make Ruddy feel real fear.
If top Trump supporters see O-b-a-m-a-'-s Trump's amnesty as a threat to their careers, they'll do *everything* to stop it. Make Cernovich, Dilbert, Ed Martin, Andre Bauer etc fearful for their careers. MT @LILLYZ720 RT @StacyLStiles: NO to DACA & NO to Amnesty, Trump!
.@espnstevelevy: for the next few months, #ESPN is going to be All Ball In Hoop, All The Time & most are going to tune out. How about some winter baseball (#PuertoRico would be good human interest story) or offbrand foreign #soccer (even tape-delayed, no announcer, and on News)?
Javier Palomarez of U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - a pro-amnesty racial power group - is "encouraged" that Trump will succeed with his amnesty plans. #immigration #MAGA???
.@kurtbardella: slpng_giants brigaded me. I asked for help from #AltRight, realTanyaTay, & jackposobiec but, as usual, none arrived. Problems #Breitbart & cons in general have isn't just because they're dumb and deranged, it's because they're completely worthless as people.
.@EagleEdMartin: Trump's willing to "take the heat" for amnesty. What about you, Ed? Let's say most people associate your name & Eagle Forum with amnesty. Pause & think through how that'll impact you. It's going to happen unless you fully and sincerely oppose amnesty.
.@EagleEdMartin: your readers aren't complete idiots. "How Trump Changed the Debate" by John and Andy Schlafly *supports* amnesty. Any sort of trade for amnesty is still amnesty. Now Sanders is trying the "amnesty isn't amnesty" scam GWB & Obama tried. Don't help Trump scam #MAGA
.@i_aver @TheGoodGuy2017b: I didn't watch his video, does @Cernovich truly oppose O-b-a-m-a-'-s Trump's amnesty or is he just pretending? I ask because Cernovich's hold on *his* base is much weaker than Trump's. One wrong step & his book sales etc fall through the floor.
Did you see her today, saying amnesty isn't amnesty? Why, she's as good as Obama's & Bush's press secretaries! #MAGA!!! #TrumpAmnesty @Golfinggary522 @Rhonda_maga Strong conservative women are so impressive, and @PressSec is at the top of the list!
Now you tell us. Thank you for your patriotism, let us know when you find any. MT @maggieNYT When Trump talked “comprehensive immigration” plan on AF1 to France last July, at Miller’s urging, press shop left it out of transcript.
.@charliespiering: when will you ask Sarah Huckabee if she thinks funding for Wall completion & upkeep that comes due after Trump leaves office will just happen, or if - a la present situation - Dems will make demands? Will Dems just lay down completely & not try to renege?
.@charliespiering: Dems have turned a blind eye to massive illegal activity for years because they hope for personal gain (new voters, donations, etc). That's corruption by any name. When will you ask Sarah Huckabee why Trump would reward Dem leaders' corruption? #Breitbart
Charlie isn't rational or patriotic enough to ask my very tough questions, but at least we've got deja vu to GWB. MT @sahilkapur Asked by Breitbart's @charliespiering if the White House agrees with the conservatives who believe DACA is amnesty, @PressSec replies: "No."
.@MicMarsSays: you're a big @ScottAdamsSays fan. Are you as big a fan of Trump's amnesty as he is? At some point, will you have the patriotism to put USA first and - unlike Dilbert - oppose amnesty?
.@TampaRedPill: congrats on the @ScottAdamsSays RT! Are you as strong a supporter of O-b-a-m-a-'-s Trump's amnesty for millions of illegal aliens as Scott is? He's practically salivating at what Trump's going to do to the USA. What about you?
Donald Trump's amnesty sellout gets the Jeb Bush seal of approval: "Encouraged the President is seeking bipartisan solutions to our #immigration challenges." #MAGA????
.@aziaone1: @JohnAndKenShow fully support Trump's amnesty sellout. They just hyped this deceptive Robert Samuelson pro-amnesty column. After Whitney, you can't trust them. They used to be anti-amnesty, now they're Arnolds. #KFI #MAGA
NB: I've written 1000s of anti-amnesty & anti-illegal #immigration posts since 2002 at my site, at Malkin's old immigration blog, etc. I have never once - not even for a nanosecond - thought Trump was sincere about the issue. Now he's made it clear even to #MAGA how bad he is.
.@chrisruddynmx: Trump's willing to "take the heat" for pushing amnesty. Are you & Newsmax? Either you completely & sincerely oppose any form of amnesty or Newsmax will become known as a pro-amnesty site:
Trump says he'll 'take the heat' over [DACA amnesty and a massive amnesty for 8+ million illegal aliens]: #immigration #MAGA
The only people Trump is capable of appealing to are #MAGA. He needs proxies to push his agenda. If he loses enough MAGA & proxies over amnesty, he'll be forced to back off. Is MAGA patriotic enough to help with that?
Another way to stop Trump's huge amnesties for millions of illegal aliens is to make it a CLM for his proxies. If Cernovich, Dilbert, Ed Martin, Mike Shields, Andre Bauer, Breitbart hacks, etc. see amnesty as a threat to their careers, they'll do anything to stop it. #MAGA
One way to stop Trump's huge amnesties for millions of illegal aliens is public disapproval *from his base*. For instance, if he gets booed at one of his rallies. Normally that'd be stupid, but Trump's a very stupid, self-centered, selfish POS. #MAGA
Trump Appears to Endorse Path to Citizenship for Millions of [illegal aliens]: #immigration #MAGA????????
Trump admits he'd sign DACA amnesty, says "comprehensive #immigration reform" (a bigger amnesty covering 8+ million illegal aliens) would follow: #MAGA???
.@chaser1066: @mgoodwin_nypost can't even conceive of being a citizen & demanding more from politicians. Concerted effort could have made both Trump & HRC better, but Goodwin's just a sheeple. Now he's got his treat: a shoutout from Trump. #NYPost