24Ahead close broadcast day with glorious video of Tomi Lahren singing the Trump National Anthem, surrounded by Trump memorabilia & with a slideshow of Trump's great accomplishments & lots of wheat fields: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Here's Trump, way back in Aug 2015, supporting a massive revolving door amnesty (just like the Flake-Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty): Trump fans *and* his loudest opponents are so dumb they didn't understand what he said. #MAGA #resist
.@NYCjamescobb: Trump never said he'd stop #immigration: he supported a massive amnesty since Aug 2015. @fawfulfan lacks smarts to understand that. He's on the same side as Big Biz (and Trump) in supporting low-wage foreign serf labor to lower U.S. wages. #ShareBlue #resist
Matthew Chapman is lying: Trump didn't so promise & they aren't immigrants. MT @NYCjamescobb RT @fawfulfan: [bogus tale about businesses whining about seasonal non-immigrant serf labor] I have no sympathy. Zero. Shutting down immigration was Trump's signature pledge as candidate
USChamber, Tyson Foods, MX govt, WalMart, etc etc are all big fans of DACA & CIR. Are they doing that because they're humanitarians or something else? #resist MT @DeLunaVintage RT @rcooley123: Ending DACA Without Comprehensive Immigration Reform Is Wrong
.@TheRaDR: name some blacks who are less vulnerable than, say, WV whites.
Meanwhile in #Canada, this sickening spectacle. Don't worry, cons will solve it! #immigration #MAGA #resist
Tell it to #TheAtlantic. (TNC deleted dissent; 2 bloggers had 0 comments; now all have 0). MT @TheRaDR And DO NOT play game of, "I will only listen to this feedback if it's presented in a way that is maximally comfortable for me." The information is a gift no matter the package.
Chang thinks facial recognition s/w favors white men since they're the main developers. Can either of you spot any problems with that analysis? MT @davidpich RT @fox: [something else by] @emilychangtv [is] an excellent analysis
Despite having plenty of nutso ideas, America's perky sweetheart Katie Couric is still perkolatingly hot: #MAGA #resist
Those like Emily Chang verge on mentally ill: they always have to blame everything on sinister White Male Patriarchy forces, not to mention being racists. Couric *seems* to have deleted one of her Chang tweets after she got pushback. #Bloomberg #derp #MAGA #resist
America's perky sweetheart Katie Couric hyped Emily Chang - a Bloomberg TV technology host - playing the race card on facial recognition software. No, really! Chang says it favors white men because they're the developers. China is heavily investing in it. #derp #MAGA #resist
.@BaileyForAG @ReaganWorld: you can undercut Becerra *to his base* if you make these arguments and challenge him to support the plan. If you try to be as bad as Becerra on #immigration, it won't work: he'll always be able to undercut you.
.@literaryebooks: XavierBecerra presents himself as defending #California from Trump. On some issues he's right. But, you can undercut him by pointing out *to his fans* that he, Trump, Tyson Foods, WalMart, & USChamber aren't really that far apart on #immigration.
~BREAKING~ AP (Alabama) Screaming, "I'm here to fix any 'confusion' some of you gals might have!", a shirtless, oiled President Donald Trump has just crashed the #SECSB Championship game. Developing... #MAGA #resist
.@AnaCabrera: amnesty isn't a "moderate" stance: legalizing millions of new workers & competitors for college slots is an extremist stance. Just because Trump (an amnesty fan) & cons have glommed onto #immigration doesn't make it a conservative issue. #CNN #MAGA #resist
Ana Cabrera is wearing a blue jumper with a yellow square on top of what looks like a red square. She's either expressing solidarity with Moldova or she just got back from an audition for hostess of a kid's show. #CNN #MAGA #resist
Univision has a Trump impersonator who isn't that bad in a vaudevillian way. However, the sketch involved FBI agents raiding the open office with guns pointed at Trump. Not comfortable with that given conflicts caused by Trump's dolticy. #MAGA #resist
Could be. See my top tweet for lots of data on which tweets are censored to various govt accounts & others. Twitter might be censoring millions of their users. MT @Rita_Banerji RT @caitoz: More Evidence That Twitter Is Unfollowing People From Anti-Establishment Accounts
Loudest opponents are cons. Obviously they're just incompetent grifters. Are you working to undercut them to their base in order to replace them or make them better? MT @greg_doucette MT @notwokieleaks: [SE govt] fined [SE newspaper] editor for not deleting ["hate"] comments
.@RobbersonJon: @NeilMunroDC keeps calling Trump's #immigration plans "pro-American" even as Trump wants amnesty for 1.8+ million illegal aliens. Trump's Dem allies Pelosi & Schumer would double that or more. Is a massive amnesty "pro-American" to you?
.@TRONSHOW: FYI, how @JessicaV_CIS harms the USA. She had Trump's ear & could have easily given him smart anti-amnesty arguments & plans. She didn't. @NeilMunroDC keeps calling Trump's plans "pro-American" even as he wants a big amnesty.
My research (see my top tweet) shows #Twitter might be censoring & lying to millions of their users. If you can get coverage of that you'll put them in a world of hurt. MT @freedom_vine Freedom Vine [is] Censorship Free/Algorithm Free
My data (actual data) shows Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. Those who falsely make it just a con thing help Twitter by shrinking the tent. MT @CatOnA_TinRoof RT @LazyMeatball: Will Twitter become the new Gestapo? odds are, if you're a conservative...
24Ahead's Closing Argument is breaking news: this summer, Trump plans a countrywide listening tour. He'll travel USA in motorhome, getting far away from golf course & gilded stairways to listen to Real Americans! #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
Ryan's a Randroid. He wants loose borders just like StopTheSpeaker. You should ask STS why she's on the same side as the Koch bros, WalMart, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, & sweatshops. #resist MT @kstreet111 MT @StopTheSpeaker: Paul Ryan lied about his support for Dreamers
.@RealDonaldTrump: let's settle this, the #spikeball way. You, me, tomorrow at 1pm. Sunset & L. Ron Hubbard Way. #MAGA #resist
Just as the Trump administration is highly entertaining and terrifyingly incompetent, a Larry Ellison administration would be entertaining but - dare I say it - terrifyingly competent. Perhaps I'm giving Samurai Ellison too much credit. #MAGA #resist
Meanwhile back on the shores of the Mediterranean, it's Yasemin Mori with Muşta: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
This is a spacefilling tweet. How are you doing today? Everything going OK? That's great, good to hear.
Ann Coulter's policy director, Billy Bob Neck, explains why Real American Patriots won't be watching tomorrow's match between #LAGalaxy & #FCDallas: #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@CLIFFMOSKOWITZ: want to really undercut @benfergusonshow? Point out to #MAGA how inept he is. I could show Alfonso Aguilar wrong with 15/16ths of my brain tied behind my back. Ferguson doesn't have knowledge or arguments. He's like Margaret Dumont w/o any redeeming qualities.
.@kerrymflynn: in Jan 2018 (not
Charles C. Johnson's Got New has an Ashley Madison ad with a very sultry model. Or perhaps it's a drawing, I can't really tell. Now I know how they got Josh. #MAGA #resist
Trump isn't really president. You just had a nightmare about a reality show gone amok. Go back to sleep. #WhiteLiesYouTellKids #MAGA #resist
.@manvelenglish is cute. However, I still have an objection to Alex ruling that guy incorrect when he said Byelorussia for Belarus. I personally think he should sue #Jeopardy. I wonder what Ranjani thinks about that plan.
If that's cruel, then how about your own cruelty? You'd encourage kids to cross a deadly border. Your policies = dead kids. MT @waltshaub The WH's goal in taking away immigrant children is to do something so horrific to these families that word will get out & scare others away
.@GabrielleRusson: FYI, here's how @4US_Workers failed American workers. Now that she's finally admitted that her best wasn't good enough, maybe you can ask why she didn't do what I suggested back in 2016: #H1B #Disney #immigration
.@radiobigtex: Trump Wall is obviously a sham. Kelly's claim that Trump backed off "sea to shining sea" years ago is bogus & you didn't call him on it. Whatever is built would be easily torn down or neglected by the next admin or next Congress. You didn't call him on that. #NPR
The @radiobigtex John Kelly interview shows yet again how much the media harms the USA by encouraging milquetoast, ignorant, pro-corporate, pro-establishment sycophants who'd be scared of tough questions if they could even conceive of asking them. They'd need permission. #NPR
Trump's opening bid for amnesty is 1.8 million illegal aliens; John Kelly's opening bid is ~2.3 million illegal aliens. The Dems would work to double that or more. What's to stop them? Not Trump, #GOP, or Trump's cultists. #immigration #MAGA
In the John Kelly #NPR interview he repeats yet again that Trump wants to legalize 1.8 million illegal aliens (current DACA + those who didn't apply). Kelly wants go even further & add in long-term TPS. That'd probably make it 2.3+ million. #immigration #MAGA
"Boston Dynamics' terrifying robots can now run, jump and climb". How long before a multinational - Alphabet, Ellison Samurai Clan, Inc., Blofeld Enterprises, etc. - has a robot army that they could use to intimidate 3rd world or even 1st world countries? #MAGA #resist
How r/w leaders act is fairly smart & rational. Their goal just isn't what their fans think it is. #MAGA is worried about illegal #immigration. Their leaders respond in a fairly smart & rational way: trying to profit from those worries. That's sleazy & unpatriotic, but not dumb.
Which is the smarter solution: 1. Threaten to sue, or 2. Make smart arguments that undercut those localities' leaders to their audience? Which is Trump doing? MT @JMcfeels: 564 states/municipalities refuse some level of cooperation w federal #immigration authorities...
Two equally-qualified job candidates apply. The co. gives the job to the non-white candidate. Is that discrimination, yes or no? MT @Carmenr1Carmen MT @barney_cannon: If you are a white male and believe you are a victim of discrimination, then [your problem is you're an a-hole]
My data (actual data) shows Twitter heavily censors libs, cons, sports fans, music fans... By making it all about your group you help Twitter by shrinking the tent. MT @americanpaul202 MT @AnnInquirer: Twitter does not like my all-American stance & has #Shadowbanned me
They do lots of low-watt things that harm themselves & that are factually incorrect, don't they? My data shows Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. Making it a con issue shrinks the tent & helps Twitter. MT @Church_Militant Conservatives Battle Twitter Over Censorship
24Ahead's Closing Argument is a heartwarming video of a recent Trump rally in Sarasota, Florida where a stadium of well-fed, well-mannered #MAGA kids gave our greatest president ever the adulation he deserves! Take that, #TheResistance commies!
Dana Bash is in a white suit with black-edged lapels. That's not a good look for her, plus she looks like she'd be standing outside a store with a donation kettle. #CNN #MAGA #resist
Via @thepileus, video of #BBC & Jo Coburn cutting off a reporter due to technical difficulties when he starts talking about how MI6 is implicated in torture: #MAGA #resist
.@MAGALisaHartz @GregNorberg: #Twitter might be shadowbanning millions of their users; see the data at my top tweet. Cons *help* them by falsely pretending cons are the biggest victim. That shrinks the tent & marginalizes the opposition. The goal should be to marginalize Twitter.
Things we learned today: #BBC has fully joined the space-age, with a set that has a futuristic look to it like they're about to go into warp. Also, the English (who are ruled by Germans) consider news presenter Jo Coburn to be hot.
You know what I'd like to see? Lots of things. One of them would be a bench-clearing, all-out, Bryce Harper-style #spikeball brawl. #ESPN
I've never even heard his "music", but this is just (AFAIK) their official playlists. Are they suppressing his "music" overall? MT @Shannon_Noah I am neither a fan of R Kelly's music or morals; but Spotify's censorship of him is a very chilling violation of freedom of speech...
.@randygdub: when some r/w'ers complain about censorship it's not because they oppose censorship, they're just upset they aren't the censors. I'm sure you aren't like them, esp since #Twitter heavily censors both libs and cons as my data (real data, not anecdata) shows.
#Spikeball looks like something hippies and/or college punks would play while stoned out of their minds. However, those quick moves in such a small area probably lead to lots of twisted ankles & perhaps ligament damage.
.@landsharkca: you sponsor #spikeball on #ESPN. That's great, don't stop. But, you'd spend less & get a much larger audience if you *also* sponsored foreign, offbrand, local-feed, tape-delayed #soccer. ESPN could get it cheap, show it w/o announcers around this time.
I don't mind #ESPN showing cornhole & #spikeball (???) but why won't they *also* show foreign, offbrand, tape-delayed, local feed #soccer since it's about 1,000,000,000,000,000 times more popular than either of the sports ESPN does show? #MAGA #resist
And while you're at it, sign the WH petition I tweeted earlier. It's a realistic, non-partisan plan to stop #Twitter from censoring replies to government officials. It plays hardball with Twitter. MT @kwilli1046 MT @SBelle1950: Sign the petition to stop conservative censorship
.@JulieFoudy: Packers are owned by the fans. #LAFC is owned by parasites, #LAGalaxy by AEG, other teams by oligarchs, sheikhs, etc. etc. Maybe you should look into if Magic Johnson's LAFC ownership stake is like his Dodgers stake (i.e., Michael Milken).
.@i_magpie: FYI, my open source app (see my pinned tweet) shows if #Twitter is censoring replies from or replies to specific accounts. Why don't you try it with various accounts and post the results?
.@JChurchRadio: my data (real data, see the Examples section at my top tweet) shows that #Twitter might be shadowbanning millions of their users (incl large numbers of liberals). Twitter is not only silencing, they're lying to large numbers of their users. Help bust their scam.
Putin scored 5 goals in a recent #hockey game. Yes, that's right: Putin. Hockey is a real man's sport, not like Trump's golf. #MAGA
How can Trump - a *draft dodger* - get away with wrapping himself in the flag? Because #TheResistance makes it so easy for him: they're his dream opponents. If his loudest opposition were smart & sane he'd have dropped out in August 2015. #MAGA #resist
.@kellysadler45 - Kelly Riddell Sadler, @WhiteHouse Special Assistant to @POTUS, is newly famous for following Trump's lead & mocking McCain while he's on his deathbed. Unless they specifically distance themselves, assume all #MAGA supports scum like her. #resist
Here's how to play hardball with #Twitter & force them to stop censoring perhaps millions of their users. If you oppose #censorship, please sign this petition & urge others to do the same:
The Saints are taking it to America. That's in Mexican #soccer, not actual saints taking it to this country, although... #MAGA #resist #soccer
24Ahead close broadcast day (or open, Trump Nation spans so many timezones) with glorious Trump National Anthem and a tribute to our Great Lider: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@hunterschwarz @donie: my top tweet shows that replies to U.S. govt accounts are heavily censored. About as many libs as cons are affected. See the reports on Ajit Pai, Scott Pruitt, Mnuchin, etc. Twitter is probably lying to millions of their users. When will #CNN cover that?
.@sinarproject: my pinned tweet is an open source app that checks if tweets from and to specific accounts are being censored. Twitter heavily censors tweets to U.S. govt accounts. Try it with Malaysian govt accounts and post the results.
Hey, I've been to Normal. Also, my data (actual data) shows #Twitter censors up to 60% of replies to newsmakers. About as many libs as cons. MT @burcham_don RT @CNNPolitics: Donald Trump Jr. has a history of incorrectly suggesting Twitter is censoring or blocking tweets
.@Ike_Saul: #Twitter is censoring tweets on the thread where you downplay Twitter censorship. 1. See my pinned tweet for an explanation of the red text. 2. Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. 3. You might not see this tweet that'd help you.
.@FernBrackens: the @TruthMaga claims are bogus. My data (actual data, see my pinned tweet) shows that #Twitter shadowbans about as many libs as cons. That makes the anti-censorship position much stronger, but those like TruthMaga are just upset they aren't the ones censoring.
#MAGA blocks anyone who isn't a fellow cultist, thereby helping Twitter. They (completely falsely) pretend it's cons who are mostly shadowbanned. Start by fixing those issues. MT @LattyDian MT @Jamierodr10: My Friend And Yours @mike_Zollo Has Been Suspended...
.@faris: the "next" #WellsFargo scandal has been there for > a decade: them enabling illegal #immigration to profit from accounts/loans/remittances. Supposed liberals give them a pass because crooked Dem leaders profit from that same massive illegal activity.
.@samueloakford: #WellsFargo strongly supports illegal #immigration (to make $ off accounts, loans, & remittances). Either you realize that's related to their other issues & oppose it, or you enable those issues by making an exception for that. Which is it?
.@Justica4all: you claim to oppose #WellsFargo. Do you also oppose their very strong support for illegal #immigration in order to profit from illegal activity, or is that OK with you? #resist
The #IDW common cri de coeur: "I've been practicing my TED moves in the mirror for years, I can do the TED poses and mannerisms with the best of them, WHY AREN'T I THE TOAST OF TED?????" #MAGA #resist
.@jordanbpeterson: - help encourage real debate (i.e., Socratic debate). Not food fights, not known-nothing reporters asking weak questions. - help encourage Trump (through his proxies) to make a valid argument for once. When can we expect the #IDW to do one of those things?
.@jordanbpeterson: if #IDW wants to make things better (& not just for their bank accounts), I have some ideas: - help bust #Twitter for lying to maybe millions of their users (including many liberals) via shadowbanning. See my pinned tweet. - help make #immigration debate honest
.@TruthMaga (a Trump cultist who's blocked me despite never tweeting it) has a completely MAGA-centric WH petition w/ 3k sigs urging #Congress to hold hearings to get Jack to answer for being unfair to cons: "Dorsey has Weaponized Twitter", etc. #idiocracy #resist
"The Intellectual Dark Web: Strike Force 9!" Just when things looked bleakest, when there were no books to be signed & sold, when #FoxNews bookers couldn't find guests, when TEDx Tarku was empty... they appeared in a flash of golden light to the sound of 'Shazam!' #IDW #MAGA!
.@BrentScher (h/t the #IDW site #Twitchy) says "You need to be pretty careful when dealing with a name as common as Michael Cohen..." about Avenatti's $5240 mistake. What amount did Avenatti get right? At least $1.2 million, right? Did Cohen pitch his access to your idol, y/n?
.@Popehat snarks about Aventatti's $5240 mistake: "keep accepting everything without skepticism when it helps Your Team". Ironically, highlighting that mistake is something dimmies on Team Trump would do. If you're going to pretend to not be a fanboy, act like it. #MAGA #resist
.@BecketAdams says "welp" to Avenatti getting 2 payments totaling $5240 wrong. If he were smart he'd ignore that since he's bringing attention to the *other* payments which he's implicitly admitting are correct. Trump needs to attract better stooges. #WashEx #resist
.@BrianKarem: why you're on #CNN is beyond me, but the same applies to the others. You're having a high ol' time about SHS bluffing a weak question on if Trump did anything for Cohen's funders. An actual question would include researching it & then asking a Socratic question.
.@jamesadamore: my open source WebDriver app (pinned tweet) shows #Twitter might be shadowbanning millions of their users. Ie, lying to millions of users. Many are liberals: it's not just cons. It's also sports fans, music fans, etc. Will the #IDW help bust Twitter's scam?
.@perezed: anyone who cares about basketball is probably watching it. Those who are watching baseball don't care about basketball and don't want to hear about it.
The guy who just threw the bird on national TV? Like looking in a mirror. #ESPN #WNB #MAGA #resist #Yankees #RedSox
#cuevo. #WNB #EDPN
#WellsFargo TV ad says they got off track but they're committed to earning back your trust. What you won't hear from libs or cons is how strongly WF supports illegal #immigration. That could be used to help undercut Pelosi etc to her base but #MAGA can't even conceive of it.
Rudy Giuliani is at the #Yankees game. If he watches sports like he defends Trump, expect him to get mustard all over himself. [Feel free to make this funny.] #MAGA #resist
I've beenjoking about how incompetent #TheResistance is since 2016. They have same problem as cons: they act as a fanbase for do-nothing grifters. MT @ResistanceHole We Got Him: President Dump Is Going To LOSE IT When He Sees This Photo Of A Super-Creepy Abandoned Hospital
2 payments totaling $5240 in the Avenatti report on payments made to Michael Cohen were actually to unaffiliated people with the same name. That's sloppy. If #MAGA highlights that mistake to tarnish the report they'll bring more attention to the report. So have at it. #resist
.@TessBorden: FYI, #Twitter is heavily censoring replies to @ACLU & also to govt officials like Scott Pruitt, Ajit Pai, Marsha Blackburn, Mnuchin, & many more. About as many libs as cons are censored. See the examples at my top tweet. Will the ACLU oppose this censorship?
.@texasps @Maggieb1B: cons have complained about #twitter censorship for years & it continues. That should tell you how they oppose it isn't working. The fact is (see my top tweet), $TWTR censors all types of users, not just cons. Those who make it all about cons shrink the tent
The top Intellectual Dark Web intellectual gives his world-acclaimed, award-winning TEDx lecture. Enjoy this video of intellectual greatness: #MAGA #resist #IDW
Those helped by that "reform" are foreign citizens, crooked Dems, & the wealthy who want to lower wages (USChamber, Koch bros, Tyson Foods..) Are the #Koch bros "the people" to you? MT @MrDane1982 Hillary Clinton never forgot about the people.. [she supports] immigration reform
It's all about the freedom! 24Ahead's Closing Argument is inspirational archival footage of Trump greeting the Intellectual Dark Web to the rousing strains of the Trump National Anthem! #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday #IDW