"'Mr. President. SHUT UP': Florida Republicans pan Trump's Puerto Rico conspiracy". Just ignore those RINO traitors! #MAGA
.@PoliticalBee: @BillWeirCNN thinks water comes in plastic bottles from Trader Joe's, but most people get water from rain via cisterns. There are also industrial reverse osmosis systems. Those are more sustainable, plastic bottles aren't. He's part of the problem.
.@CIS_org: your problem is cons. Cons just grift off Twitter censorship, helping TWTR do whatever they want (show hearings don't count). Your ads only appeal to those who already agree with you. They won't do what's necessary: turn enough of the Dem base against their leaders.
.@CIS_org: I know, I wrote a very-hard-to-refute post about it. Yet, you refuse to use/adapt it (with attribution, because we all know you have integrity) even though it'd greatly help what you claim to care about.
"U.S. Plans to Pay Mexico to Deport Unauthorized Immigrants There". IOW, it's like my repatriations plan except past & thus future illegal aliens will be as desperate & the MX elites will be getting richer. Just an absolutely brilliant Trump plan. #MAGA #resist
#WaPo editorial board kinda sorta edges up to blaming Trump for #Florence. Needless to say, that plays right into r/w grifters' hands. #resist
Somewhere along the line, @thelastrefuge2 blocked me. MAGA snowflakes have as little ability to handle dissent as far-left snowflakes.
.@AndrewRestuccia & @ccadelago co-blog "Trump tries to rewrite history on Maria as Hurricane Florence approaches", quoting a "stinging rejoinder" from Carmen Yulín Cruz. Cruz might as well be working for Trump. She's never turned anyone against him, she just solidifies his base.
#Breitbart has a vid of #Google execs supposedly whining about Trump's win. Breitbart shills for a pathological liar, often hypes things that just aren't there, & they lie about who's shadowbanned. How can anyone trust them? #MAGA #resist
Of the #ThinkProgress vs #WeeklyStandard dustup, @saletan helpfully blogs "Whether Facebook should issue such labels and demotions at all is worth debating". Thank you for allowing that rather than, eg, letting #Snopes decide what people can see.
Hannity etc do hypocrisy, I don't. #Ocasio2018 has the same basic #immigration stance as the #Koch bros; she'd help lower wages. Is that worse, yes or no? MT @salpablo Who's worse: A capitalist who underpays his employee? Or an anti-capitalist who doesn't pay his contractor?
DM @RealDonaldTrump: Don, you know I'd do anything for you. But, my golf log shows we golfed March 3, 2017 at 4pm. Mueller knows about my golf log, I can't tell him it was 11am.
Fans & foes alike ask, "how will 24Ahead close broadcast day?" With a wolf howl daring the #Twitter language police to put him in non-English searches, we defiantly respond: Аркона - Стрела: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@stormestone: @joelpollak has been bleeding advertisers for years. All of that was preventable if he'd opposed far-left censorship in big tent ways. He turned an 80/20 issue into a 30/70 issue, harming himself & others. He just isn't smart enough to oppose the far-left.
Meanwhile, we are stintaing the pukis: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@thedailybanter: want to undercut @joelpollak for real? - point out to his fans he supports amnesty. Breitbart readers really hate amnesty. - point out to his pals he isn't smart enough to stop censorship of BB. They've bled advertisers for years because he's incredibly dim.
In all the data at my top tweet, there are about (IIRC) 161 tweets from verified accounts. Only one - from @YossiGestetner - was put into #Twitter jail aka #QFDShadowBan. He also blocked me. Those two are related.
Speaking about having an orchestra, Arkona w/ Pechal Toska: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TomlinsonCJ: hey Chris, as I've pointed out to you & dozens of others, @MrNashington is lying about #Twitter censorship & *helping* Twitter by shrinking the opposition to their censorship. Eventually most will realize you two *help* Twitter. How will you protect your jobs?
.@dyer_sampson: FYI, @LibertarianBlue has constantly lied about #Twitter censorship. He's falsely claimed only cons are impacted when they censor all kinds of users. He's helped reduce the opposition to their censorship from ~80% to under 6%. He's *helped* Twitter.
Meanwhile back in Trump Towers, the projects Trump has built to house those in Wilbur Ross's salt factories and where it's always winter: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@bashpr0mpt: as a lawyer, review how @PrisonPlanet, Breitbart, etc have opposed #Twitter censorship. They've whined about it for years yet it continues. Doesn't that indicate they'e doing it wrong? They reduce the opposition to censorship by falsely making it all about cons.
Meanwhile back in Denmark in 2006, it's Procol Harum with Conquistador: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@NoHoKev: there are devastating arguments that'd undercut pro-sanctuary leaders to their base, has @FaithGoldy made them? She RTs Pegida Canada (!!) In DE they're very unpopular & just COINTELPRO mass #immigration. Unless she uses smarter arguments she just helps the bad guys.
Meanwhile back in the 60s, it's a Scopitone (an early video jukebox a la MTV) of Procol Harum with A Whiter Shade Of Pale: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@PegidaCanada: congrats on the @FaithGoldy RT. In Germany, has Pegida had any sort of positive impact against mass #immigration? Show us a chart of rally attendance. Hasn't Pegida just COINTELPRO'ed the issue, helping the mass immigration side? #Toronto
Sanctuary cities are pushed by Has Faith made liberal-focused arguments to turn them against it? MT @ItsMyIsland01 @FaithGoldy is the only one that has the understanding and the will to stop [#Toronto from being more of a sanctuary city]
A "Scopitone" was an early video jukebox, well before MTV. Here's a France Gall Baby Pop Scopitone. RIP. #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@J_H_5: in July I pointed out #Twitter censors all kinds of users. @prisonplanet & Alex Jones *helped* Twitter & made it easier for Twitter to censor them by falsely pretending only cons are impacted. On censorship, they aren't friends. They hurt themselves & everyone else.
France Gall - Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@willspeakout: both @PrisonPlanet & @LauraLoomer *help* #Twitter censor. *All* non-verified users - over 80% of all Twitter users - need to be worried about being censored. They reduce it to under 6% (only 20% of users are USA * under 30% of them are #MAGA). Do the math.
.@nsarwark: compared to summiting Everest or even Mt Washington, #PuertoRico is a nothingburger. Low altitude, no ice/snow, etc. etc. It's extraordinarily incompetent of Trump to not get teams to each PR settlement within hours. Has @govgaryjohnson pointed that out, yes/no?
.@nsarwark: @govgaryjohnson is an Everest summiter & endurance athlete. He knows PR is smaller than CT & getting teams to all settlements should have been done in hours (helos+hiking, mostly downhill). Eastcoasters / city fellers present PR as forbidding when it isn't...
Hot libertarian stooge on libertarian stooge action. Kennedy is to libertarianism as Milano is to liberalism. Johnson supports mass #immigration & child labor because he had a janitorial business. MT @EricSturrock Come on @KennedyNation how can you do @GovGaryJohnson like that
Rick Santorum asked me, "what would a traipse through Londontown look and sound like?" And, I responded thusly. #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@noprezzie2012: you say Trump "delivered the help" to #PuertoRico. PR is just 35 miles high. Eg, teams would have to hike at most 17 miles to reach any settlement in PR (easy for those with experience). It took week+ to reach all PR settlements. Explain. #MAGA
Trump can't even figure out how to play checkers. He only looks like he's playing 12-d chess because his loudest opponents are incredibly stupid people. #MAGA #TheResistance #PuertoRico
.@MamaTree79 @ChocoHarveyMilk: Trump has skated on #PuertoRico precisely because his loudest opponents are doing it wrong. San Juan mayor etc *help* Trump. Scroll back to my Cuomo questions to see how to undercut Trump. That's the only way to do things. #TheResistance
France Gall w/ Stay Away From Mueller: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Thus, 24Ahead finishes replying. Since 24 hasn't tweeted this vid for 4 days 24 assumes it's safe to tweet again. 24 doesn't like synths but is OK in this case + likes studio-y bits etc: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@FederalistTwo: you replied to and, despite having turned off all filters & clicking "Show more replies", I had to load the page unlogged-in to see it. Your ideas aren't dangerous to me. Your leaders aren't helping U
MT @ben_stacer Miazga making fun of that guy for being short is truly iconic #USAvMEX I refer you to: It's highly counter-productive to make #soccer a height-friendly sport. #USMNT #USAvMEX
In the latest news from DC, Trump has a plan to make his space elevator to Mars rain gold coins down upon #MAGA: #MusicTuesday #resist #NowPlaying
.@tonesofhome26: please work to extract my point from Alex Jones & PJW have consistently *helped* Big Tech by falsely pretending only cons are impacted. 80% of #Twitter users need to be worried about being censored. They reduce it to under 6%.
In the middle of my replies backlog, I am often asked, "will you play that feel-good arcadian bucolic video you have often played?" And, of course, I will comply: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@darksecretplace: "yoga pants" = idiocracy. You have sway with r/w "thinkers". Will you urge them to point out to Ocasio base - in a helpful, non-snarky way - that she's aligned w/ Koch bros on immigration? Or will you help with this?
If you're interested in being bored, sit through "Русский и сербка поют гимн Сербии". All others are invited to Let It Loose: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@SuperK4super: how about asking Bokhari, Nash, & other Breitbart reporters why they keep on *helping* Twitter by falsely pretending only cons are impacted. Breitbart & Alex Jones have a huge financial incentive to oppose censorship in ways that work. Help undumbify them.
I'm replying to a few more replies, then it's all Turkish alt rock and Arkona the rest of the evening.
.@Raiklin: I'll give you some ideas that, if you use them, will *really* help you. See the extensive #immigration coverage on my Topics menu, esp the talking points page. Really using those arguments will destroy your opponent & the MSM. Will you do that?
.@Raiklin: you didn't answer my question so I'll do it. Trump "wall" is completely bogus: after Trump's out of office, Congress - which has always and will always oppose strict immigration enforcement - will neglect whatever of it that's built or just tear it down.
You're Paul Manafort. Trump, through proxies, has secretly communicated that he'll pardon you if you're Johnnie Tight Lips & don't squeal on Capo Trump. Has Trump ever said or done anything that'd make you think he'd deliver? #MAGA #resist
You know who really looked sharp? Spain as they beat Croatia 6-0. Only part of that was Croatia self-destruction. Neither #USMNT nor Mexico were in that league. We won, and that's all that matters. #MAGA #resist #USAvMEX #USA #USA #USA
.@charlesmurray: hey Charles, Jason Richwine freerides a corporate-friendly global warming stance on... an issue with SJWs quashing dissent. That's like cola + chicken fingers. Is Jason doing things right?
.@RachaelBL replies "I’m about 70 percent libertarian but whatever." in re @imillhiser. I'm No Labels + When will you write posts against Millhiser showing him wrong rather than using force to silence him (and vice versa)?
In response to my tweet about giving Trump a sinecure as #USMNT coach, @LivingWater003 replies "they would probably start winning". Your tweet was censored by Twitter. How has anything cons have ever done helped you with that?
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #USMNT goes up 1-0!!!!!
Mexico is now down to 10 players on a red card. Ciao. #USAvMEX #MAGA #resist #USA #USA #USA
Mexico is at a disadvantage because most of their star players can't travel to the U.S. due to links to international criminal organizations. Bummer. #USAvMEX #MAGA #resist #USA #USA #USA
.@IanDarke: Trump played soccer. For the good of the country if not for the #USMNT, let's make him the coach. USMNT will just have to take the hit. #USAvMEX #MAGA #resist
.@mbretosESPN: NFL first made kneeball popular, then they sold pay channels. ESPN thinks they can skip the "make popular" part. To extent possible, please urge ESPN suits to first put big games on TV *and hype/explain* them, then only sell the fan-only games.
.@sevachina: if you want to undercut @RepMarkMeadows for real: 1. Point out to his fans that he strongly supports amnesty (see my Meadows posts & I'll help). 2. Call him out on Trump's Maria response (see my Cuomo questions). Help me do things that work, please.
.@realTylerZed: cons have whined about #Twitter censorship for years, yet it continues. Does that indicate that how cons oppose censorship works? Of course not. Cons only do shtick with censorship, they don't really oppose it. If they did they would in a big tent way.
.@ScottRickhoff: the patriotic way to look at things isn't D vs R, it's what's best for the USA. Are #TheResistance stunts good for the USA? Was Trump's gross incompetence good for the USA? Is Trump colluding with Pelosi on amnesty good for the USA? Put USA first, not Leader.
.@jhawk1986: hi Lisa. When the U.S. national #soccer team was in the World Cup, @AnnCoulter called soccer "moral decay". Now, the U.S. team is on ESPN playing against Mexico. Has she called cheering for the USA "moral decay" yet?
"Is it a catch or not?" has come to #soccer. #USMNT
USA has a free kick aka an NFL-style set piece coming up. Will we score?
.@penelope7usa: the smart & patriotic way to oppose amnesty & mass/illegal #immigration is to make arguments against it that appeal to liberals. There are such arguments, they work, & they're desperately needed. Breitbart-style arguments obviously don't work. Which will you do?
Hi Penelope, I've written 1000s of anti-mass/illegal #immigration posts since 2002 at my site, at Malkin's old immigration blog, & elsewhere. All you're doing it putting on a show. You aren't helping. MT @penelope7usa [Cornwall has Nigerian Monkeypox virus due to immigrants]
USA! USA! USA! The U.S. national #soccer team is facing off against Mexico on #ESPN. #MAGA #resist #USA
.@BradMossEsq: hey Brad, @ChrisCuomo could do a great public service (& keep Florence's impact from being even worse) if he really presses Trump officials on their response to Maria. How about coming up with some tough questions he can pin them down on?
Spain is now up 5-0 against Croatia. [commentary] [hashtags]
#USMNT coach took the team to the #September11th Memorial. Expect some Mexican fans - MX citizens or US citizens - to chant "Osama! Osama!" like this from 2013: #soccer #MAGA #resist
Heaven save us from a clip of Trump asking hurricane questions of someone from FEMA. He's a reality TV show star putting on a show. One might as well talk nuclear physics with Cher. #MAGA #resist #Florence
.@rooshv: Amazon can remove your books because you're a conservative, thus you & your pals do things in ways that obviously don't work. Eg, Alex Jones opposed censorship in con ways (dim, small tent) and it bit him. Breitbart loses advertisers because they too shrink the tent.
Spain goes up 3-0 against Croatia on two Asensio goals (last an own goal off the keeper). This Spanish team would have beaten Russia in regular time. #football #resist #MAGA
.@RachaelBL & #WeeklyStandard are locked in a censorship battle with @imillhiser & #ThinkProgress. Who'll get to censor whom? All are strict authoritarians who seek to stifle dissent. Opposing censorship is beyond all of them.
In this tense replay of the Spanish Civil War, Spain goes up 1-0 against Croatia. #football #resist #MAGA
Far-left, pro-censorship, low-watt ThinkProgress blogs "Facebook’s idea of ‘fact-checking’: Censoring ThinkProgress because conservative site told them to / A perfect example of how Facebook is catering to conservatives." See #MAGA #resist
ESPN 2 has Spain vs #WorldCup runners-up Croatia. #soccer #football #MAGA #resist
.@AhsanAbbasShah @fispahani: FYI, Twitter heavily censors replies to Trump officials. See my top tweet for the details. Twitter is probably also heavily censoring replies to Pakistan officials. How about using my app to help bust Twitter if they're doing that?
Think of censorship like a radioactive rock. Conservatives are those who just pick up the radioactive rock & do shtick with it. (The reader is welcome to come up with one of the millions of better examples of the same problem). #Twitter #censorship #MAGA #resist
Imagine a lib who was completely hostile to you & who didn't care if you got censored. Would you care about them being censored? Now, apply that to this case & all the test. MT @showlady102 MT @RealMattCouch: Twitter suspends Educating 4 Libs for 7 days
.@RealDonaldTrump: I can't believe the Deep State & the Fake News Media are trying to make it easier for potential terrorists from North Korea, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Urethra, Libya, and Iran to come here. I'm so grateful to you for trying to stop them!
.@justcrackanegg: I generally prefer eggs in the morning but crack in the evening. But, after trying Just Crack 'n' Egg, I have to admit it's a great product. Thank you!
.@charlesmurray: at NRO, Jason Richwine - in 2013 impacted by PC - blogs about a math prof (!) being impacted by PC. Can you figure out how Jason is worthless against PC? If you can't, I'll tell you in 24.
#NFL trivia: the #Raiders have the highest % of players and spectators on work release programs of any other team at 84.4%. The other teams are mostly tied around 79%. #MNF #MAGA #resist #Rams #BoycottNFL
Speaking about real football, Turkey came back to beat Sweden in a shocking comeback: #MNF #BoycottNFL
Want clear proof of how fake #AlexJones is? OK, no one really needs that. But: compare his obsessions before & after Trump. Has he called on Trump to expose FEMA Coffins & all his other pre-Trump obsessions & claims? Of course not. #Infowars #MAGA #resist
#AlexJones is a witless buffoon that I could show wrong with 99% of my brain tied behind my back. The elites needed to silence him partly as a power play but mostly because they're too dumb to show him wrong. #MAGA #resist
Meanwhile in real football, here are highlights of Portugal vs Italy earlier today: #MNF #Raiders #Rams #BoycottNFL
.@KravchenkoMd @ICXCNIKA3: @prisonplanet & Jones greatly harmed themselves: see Niemoeller. PJW knows the data at my top tweet shows Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users. PJW/Jones just made it about them, shrinking the tent & minimizing the opposition to their censorship.
#Breitbart & #Tucker have a "big" "scoop" claiming #Google tried to influence the election by helping GOTV Hispanics. The BB author is Matt Boyle, an extreme Trump sycophant. I tuned out when he didn't present any actual evidence. It'll have zero impact outside #MAGA. #resist
The 24Ahead Couch Team will be present tomorrow, Sep 11 for Spain vs Croatia after about 11:30am Pacific time (I think 11:45am Pacific). Then, we'll be back for #USMNT vs Mexico after about 5:30pm Pacific (I think 6:10 Pacific). Tune in early just in case. #MNF #BoycottNFL
.@Raiklin: you "ran 1776 through all counties in VA". Someone else (see COHP) did all the NE county highpoints in 24 hours (which includes Mt Washington & Katahdin). Also, mboyle1 hasn't tweeted for a while, maybe I can help. Is Trump Wall a viable, realistic plan?
Real patriotism isn't mindless jingoism or thuggery (the implication those who disagree w/ Trump is traitors). Kap & BLM are *wrong*. Has Trump shown that, yes/no? MT @PatriotJohnT1 MT @Jamierodr10: Georgia HS team running [out with] American flags... is what I call Patriotic!
Beth Mowins - who's calling the #Detroit #Lions / #NY #Jets game - also calls girls softball. Girls softball - unlike kneeball - is a clean, healthy, all-American sport. It also doesn't involve slipping your hands between the thighs of a bent-over player. #MNF #BoycottNFL
I would've thought it'd be "Estrell*o* de la Noche", and that would have caused my domestic servants to laugh about me behind my back. So I'm glad I know the correct phrase. #MNF #MAGA #resist #BoycottNFL
Monday Night Kneeball kicks off with a junky game in which #Detroit #Lions have apparently self-destructed. That'll be great for ratings! The game on ESPN is being called by Beth Mowins, and on ESPN 2 they just gave out the Estrella de la Noche award complete with a tiara. #MNF
24Ahead closes the broadcast day confused. If the instrument in the Melanie M vid is an accordion, how are there two different accordions in this video? Are they all playing accordions?? #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying