.@DaveSchreiber3 has also blocked me despite never tweeting it. @mhoward48 RTs it so I assume the things are related or at least use the same Twitter-assisting blocklist.
Actually, #Twitter shadowbans replies to NASA, Mike Trout, etc. etc. By just making it a con thing you help them by dividing the opposition. We need a big tent opposition to censorship. #MAGA #resist MT @lobitomiura MT @BonnieGranny: BLATANT shadowbanning...of conservatives
Meanwhile back in Trump's homeland, a song to celebrate the sorrow and anguish of his reign: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
#Twitter isn't just deceiving small numbers of their users, or just conservatives. Twitter is deceiving *many* of their users by ghosting their replies. Once those millions or 10s of millions realize what @Jack is doing, he'll have to go back to Odeo. #MAGA #resist
Blocking *helps* #Twitter: they probably use that to decide who to shadowban. Instead of blocking, show someone wrong. Also, use the app in my top tweet to publicize how Twitter ghosts people. MT @katalin_pota RT @WakeUpB42L8: Another Big Brother ban by Twitter: Ian56789 is gone
Meanwhile from the grounds of the new Trump Casino in rural Turkey, it's Light in Babylon with this song you might remember from the first 1000 times I played it: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Meanwhile, as it's morning in Istanbul, it's time for the daily pilgrimage to Michael Cohen's door to see if he's turned yet: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@Arthur59611540: the @haasinstitute idea of "inclusion" is lying-against-interest. They should be pointing out how pro-amnesty Trump is & how his Wall is vaporware that the next admin would tear down. They're playing a role Trump wrote for them & just helping Trump. #Berkeley
Which non-personal issues is Trump good at? The only 3 things I've seen are a) fleecing people and/or making money one way or another, b) getting his name in the news, and c) playing to #MAGA. He objectively sucks at everything else. He's no good against SJWs/pro-amnesty side.
.@MarisaKendall: you falsely say Trump supports mass deportations, when he's repeatedly promoted mass legalization. If you were smart you'd point out how pro-amnesty he is. If you were smart you'd point out how his bans have made the USA *less* safe. #Berkeley #resist
.@mhoward48 - a @TEN_GOP fan - has blocked me: It complains about censorship, yet it's encouraging #Twitter censorship. Twitter no doubt uses blocks to decide who to shadowban, and we know who wins out there.
"Harper’s Editor Insists He Was Fired Over Katie Roiphe Essay". What's sad is there's no real intellectual challenge to all the dimwits listed. As a result, they keep on doing what they want & having undue influence. M#AGA #resist
.@perezed: within hours after Maria, govt could have teams in each #PuertoRico settlement to handle comms, triage, water, etc. Not doing that makes us look extremely weak to RU/CN/IR/etc. That simple thing was beyond both @ricardorossello & Trump; you should hold both accountable
.@perezed: someone visited highest points in each New England county (incl Katahdin & Mt Washington!) in < 24 hours. OTOH, #PuertoRico is smaller than Connecticut & lower than highest point in L.A. *City* (over 2x lower than highest in L.A. County). My point is...
.@kurkjian_espn: why wasn't #ESPN showing #PuertoRico baseball months ago? That would've been cheaper than MLB; a more timely feel-good story; worse for Trump. My explanations involve Jimmy Wichard-ism or some form of OCD that says baseball is only a summer thing.
.@tubooks: see my JessMendoza tweet just now. "original: #39, ranking: #2, date: #4" at that link means yours was the 4th reply by date to her, my formula ranked your reply 2nd, but #Twitter showed it as the 39th tweet in the list of replies. Help oppose Twitter censorship.
.@JessMendoza: FYI, #Twitter is censoring replies to you. I don't endorse these replies, but if you didn't see them that means Twitter is letting people talk behind your back:
.@BJack50: maybe you can ask #ESPN execs etc why they didn't show #PuertoRico baseball itself occasionally rather than endless ball in hoop during the winter.
.@ac13alex: why couldn't #ESPN show #PuertoRico games during the winter? Many don't care about basketball; it would be a feel good story ESPN could hype to the skies; it'd make Trump look bad. How incredibly dumb does someone have to be to be an ESPN exec?
I flipped on the TV ~5pm expecting Univision to have (IIRC) America vs Toronto. I didn't see that, nor did I see some sort of fabled #baseball game from #PuertoRico. Apparently I'm on a different timezone or a different alternative universe or something. #ESPN
At least @Botometer thinks you're less of a bot than @JakeTapper, check it out. P.S. #PewResearch based one of their studies on the #Botometer data, so you know it must be accurate. MT @BobbieDooley How come I ain’t verified?
.@activistmode: @bellvisuals & @illuminator99 projected yet another Trump smear. Compare their reprehensible smears to the anti-Trump site in my bio (the stump site). Which would show Trump wrong? Which is smarter? Which is more patriotic?
.@FMBuster: if you want to undercut @ToddRokita for real, you have to understand his audience & then show them how fake he is. For instance, point out *to his audience* how easy it will be to tear down Trump Wall. Point out to his base the Wall won't reduce illegal #immigration.
.@RepLukeMesser: Trump Wall is the ultimate Boob Bait For Bubba. If you're sincere, you can reduce illegal #immigration simply by making smart arguments that undercut Pelosi, etc. to their base. Make it a CLM & they'll back off. When can we expect you to do that?
.@RepLukeMesser: I've written 1000s of posts against illegal #immigration @ my site, @ Malkin's old blog, etc. Supporting the Wall tells me you're either fake or you need help figuring things out. Eg, when Trump's out of office, Wall opponents would just tear it down.
.@minakimes: it looks like Ohtani did something. I don't know what it was because #ESPN is talk shows & an old NCAA football game. Talk shows have their place, but wouldn't actual live sports - of which there's many at any time of the day - be a good thing to provide?
.@PT_Foundation: @Care2Team is smearing Trump with reprehensible libel (read your Magna Carta about trials). Stand up for 1000s of years of the western tradition, stand against lil' fascists like @Paynter. Not only that, they're too dumb to show Trump's *ideas* wrong to his base.
.@janrodrigueztv: The Wall is Trump's top issue, yet it's 100% fake. The same people who block funding now would neglect it, undercut it, or just tear it down after he's out of office. His "Wall" wouldn't last months. Can we count on you really pressing admin officials on that?
.@JamesFallows: #TheAtlantic is too cowardly to allow comments & you're an urcoward. That aside, how are you & yours different from Hannity? Hannity deceives for Trump. The Atlantic - incl you - have constantly deceived to help the rich lower wages by lying about #immigration.
#CNN says "Ryan Zinke refers to himself as a geologist. That's a job he's never held." He has a geology degree. What qualifies one as a geologist? Why don't we debate that rather than **what Zinke is doing**, since that's easier and less controversial. #MAGA #resist
The source to the latest version of my #Twitter #censorship checker is in Github (see my top tweet). It includes checking your replies, and also the replies others get. I haven't built releases yet, you'll need to use maven to make it or wait. Want to help out? See my bio link.
Guess what I discovered today? #Twitter has an "AbusiveQuality" designation for some tweets. They're hidden past the "LowQuality" tweet section, behind a 2nd link. The HTML calls it the "tombstone" section. I found them on tweets to NASA; some are spam, others aren't.
24Ahead's Closing Argument is to close the broadcast day with yet another stirring version of the most stirring national anthem ever, the Trump National Anthem! #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
Nothing will change until people engage those like Trudeau in Socratic debate. *Show* them wrong as peers, don't whine like subjects. MT @Miles_Schofield RT @SpencerFernando: Trudeau told a CDN Vet who lost a leg... that disabled Veterans were asking for “more than we’re…"
OTOH, Trump enjoyed Lila by Fapardokly on his 2nd 'Nam tour. He appreciated their sound like a somewhat more psychedelic Mamas & Papas. Then he fractured his bone spurs & everything changed. #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicMonday
If you *really* want to undercut her, point out she gave Trump plans that have obviously failed. I.e., she's worthless. MT @beahere7 RT @krassenstein: UNBELIEVABLE!! @AnnCoulter: "If You Shoot One Immigrant At The Border Maybe They’ll Learn." No, this is America
After he fractured his bone spurs on his 3rd 'Nam tour, Trump saw this & said, "this is what I'm fighting Charlie for?" He wanted to take a flamethrower to Hippie Village. #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TeamTrumpRussia: put a little bit of effort into your name. There are online dictionaries.
Trump & Ted Nugents are best friends now, but during Trump's four 'Nam tours he had no time to "Journey To The Center Of Your Mind". He was too busy fighting Charlie. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
.@ylelkes @AsmusOlsen: FYI, SolomonMg based his #PewResearch study on the beyond-flawed botometer. Try it out for yourself to see how flawed his data was. Try it with JakeTapper, actual bots, etc. etc. He put the GI in GIGO.
After his 4th 'Nam tour, Trump would listen to Like a Hurricane by Neil Young and say "that's me, I am like a hurricane. I will be that hurricane that will take U.S. politics by storm". And, he did. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
Aren't you - pardon my cheek - working well above your smarts? Don't you suffer from extreme Dunning-Kruger? What have you ever done that would show that wrong? MT @PeggyRuppe we voted to Leave the EU [100%]... On the 29 March 2019, we will finally do so bar a Transition!
After his 4th 'Nam tour, Trump spent 5 long years in Lodi nursing his bone spurs and working a dead-end job at the Circle K. He finally broke free when he realized he could scam suckers into becoming President. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
Even easier, just make smart arguments I'll give you that undercut Dem leaders to their base. That's easy & you can do it right now. See my Topics page. MT @EdElam5 RT @maga_fedup: @JoyWebDeveloper Stop all that and alot will self deport. We need to prosecute Dems...
.@daves_hart: per @probabot_ & @botometer (enabled by @collinskeith), you're a bot. If you aren't, let's all work together to sue them in a class action. #IU & #Quartz have deep pockets. #MAGA
After his 4th 'Nam tour, Trump came back brokenx, broken in spirit, with fractured bone spurs & a "habit" he picked up in the paddies. He barricaded himself in his Lodi apartment for 40 days & kicked the habit. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicMonday
.@hillharper - a working actor - will have a #HLN show about #Waco. Question for the audience: which will be less credible, his version or that Alex Jones would make? #InfoWars #MAGA #resist #CNN
.@julianharty @jimevansmusic: FYI, see vs in the project in my top tweet: first is ~5x quicker. Any suggestions to make it even quicker? Also, is there a "projects built with" & not just a list of testing tools @ SeleniumHQ?
Next version of my #Twitter #censorship checker lets you rank tweets based on a formula you define. The app is #Java, but you can define the formula in #Javascript & quickly test if your formula elevates quality tweets & suppresses the junk that Twitter normally elevates.
Next version of my #Twitter #censorship checker re-ranks tweets by a formula to determine unjustly elevated or suppressed tweets to a specific person (eg JackKingston). Turns out Twitter elevates a lot of sheer crap & hides higher quality tweets. But, wait, there's more...
.@Sassafras_Knob: @hwillracke could get these arguments to Trump or at least his proxies, and they'd destroy the arguments of Pelosi, Brown, Schumer, etc & undercut them to their base. A huge win for Trump! WIll you help urge Racke to do that?
Saying that makes you feel better, but it's of course not going to happen. There are smart ways to undercut Brown. Ask @hwillracke why he won't help. MT @GAAnnieLonden Strip Moonbeam of his security guards, etc. He needs to live like the majority of Californians.Brown is CRAZY!
Next version of my #Twitter #censorship checker (perhaps tomorrow): - checks if your replies are hidden *and* checks how many replies to another (eg JackKingston) are hidden... - fixes the issue involving replies to replies... - and (see next)
Make no mistake: #Koch, #Adelson, #Soros, etc. etc. & those you've never heard of like it where the "left" is obsessed with and alienates over race & the "right" is obsessed with and alienates over spending. It's easy to pick pockets when the mark is distracted. #MAGA #resist
Lil' Miss 15 Minutes, @MissyDepino falsely claims things like the #Starbucks incident (which I have not researched at all) "doesn't happen to white people". Lil' Missy needs to get out more; it's happened to me (albeit short of arrest) & no doubt many whites have been arrested.
#Jeopardy asked what HTTP code 101 means. Now browser user would ever see that, and most programmers have probably never seen it either since that's lower-level than most care about. #nerdery
ARCATA, CALIFORNIA - In a shock move, 24Ahead has designated the 24Ahead Closing Argument as Everyone A Puzzle Lover by 10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant. More on this story as it develops... #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Given Puzder, Ross, Cohn, Tillerson, Marc Short........ you think Trump's going to arrest Big Big execs? Trump won't even make arguments that would undercut his pal Pelosi to her base. MT @LibCatNip RT @KeithJaker: Faster! More raids! Arrest the business owners!
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant live 1989 w/ My Sister Rose (opening for Grateful Dead in Buffalo): #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@PatrickCaseyIE: hey Pat, has @IdentityEvropa ever had a win? I'm talking about things you've done in the past, not promises. Have you ever shown anyone wrong to their base, forced anyone to backtrack, etc. etc.? If the answer is "no", aren't you just a worthless grifter?
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant with Death Of Manolete: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@hotfunkytown @LoriinUtah: In Aug 2015, I accurately described how the plans & arguments @AnnCoulter gave Trump wouldn't work. Want to help Trump & USA? Shame her into giving him my highly effective plans (like repatriation) & arguments (like my arguments against DREAM Act).
.@KStateHE: FYI, @p_ganong wanted to deprive the developing world of the doctors they desperately need to stave off famine, disease, Ebola, etc. What about you? Do you support harming developing countries too?
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant with Grey Victory: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant with Everyday Is Like Sunday: #MAGA #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #resist
.@pseudosudio @IresistTrumps: @renato_mariotti wants "fair immigration policies". Think that through. That means low-wage labor for USChamber, WalMart, Koch bros, McDonald's, Western Growers, sweatshops, etc. etc. Renato knows where the money is & it's not labor. #TheResistance
Meanwhile back in 1989, @alyankovic intros 10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant with Headstrong: #MAGA #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #resist
.@MMoorberg: MSM would reply to @DalinRP replying "ICEICEBaby" to an ICE raid by pulling heartstrings, and they'd win because they have a much bigger megaphone. What's your plan to show them wrong to their audience?
Hi! I'm trying to figure out where Trump stands on this. Is he as bad as I've heard? Is he against all immigration or is he for mass immigration? MT @jaxkkkie RT @YASitsAaron: I think that’s one of the things that people who are against immigration will never understand
.@darksecretplace: hey Bryan with a y, Garcetti is extremely vulnerable to his base over #immigration. It's hard to overstate how vulnerable he is: smart arguments could *destroy* his career (& Newsom's, Harris', etc.) Can you direct me to conservatives making those arguments?
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant w/ Tension Makes A Tangle: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Sulliview blogs "Trump might survive firing Rosenstein or even Mueller. The reason: Fox News", calling out Hannity by name. If we're going to have two groups of unpatriotic idiot scum, let them cancel each other out. #WaPo #FoxNews
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant w/ Cotton Alley: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Merely by seeing this tweet, you have already agreed that the Natalie Merchant intro to Maddox Table by 10,000 Maniacs is Trump-if-he-were-real-without-all-the-BS-and-fakery. No, really, read your TOS. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
.@msevereddin: if you want to undercut @JasonMillerinDC where it really hurts, you have to do it with an eye to what his audience wants. That's Marketing 101. #MAGA hates amnesty. Miller supports it. Use that to help destroy his career. #TheResistance
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant with Noah's Dove: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
If you assume every human is a worthless four legger, you'll never go wrong.
.@jilliancyork: check out how #Twitter censors dissent to @JackKingston. This is from my anti-censorship open source tool I already contacted #EFF about, but your intake person doesn't understand what open source, etc. are. I'm sending another email.
It'd serve #Rangers right to lose it for taking out that nice senior citizen & AARP member, Bartolo Colon. #Astros #MAGA #resist
.@DodgUSA24: can you direct me to those like @ShadilayForever, @PKsbpdl, etc. ever having a win? Marc Short/Trump pushing the Pelosi/Schumer amnesty isn't a win. Even minor l/w NGOs get win after win. When have those like Kersey, @Steve_Sailer, @vDare, etc. had even one?
"Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Used the Same Delaware Company for Payment Deals to Two Women". Every mob lawyer knows never to reuse the same Cayman Islands holding company. Sheesh. #MAGA #resist
90% chance Colon gets that last out. #MAGA #resist
.@RealDonaldTrump: the jacarandas are in bloom in the spring. (P.S. Please don't RT this, we don't want any tourists to find out. That paper I gave you has a picture of a jacaranda in bloom. Please look at it immediately and then burn this tweet. This is very important.)
#ESPN is showing #MLB from #PuertoRico on Weds. That follows them not showing PR baseball all winter, even though it would've been better than endless ball-in-hoop & it would've been a good feel-good story (and anti-Trump). #doh
.@JessMendoza: please think through the corollaries of #MLB affirmative action. They want more of some races means they want fewer of other races. They aren't basing it on talent, but on race. They'd help rich kids of the "right" races but not poor kids of the "wrong" races.
In case Trump hasn't tweeted about it yet, the 96-or-so-year-old Bartolo Colon has a no-hitter through 7 innings. #Astros #Rangers #MAGA #resist
24Ahead close argument (what argument? no argument here!) and close broadcast day with glorious version of Trump National Anthem written for glorious president Trump with a montage of our leader! #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSaturday
Eg, @suitablegirl, Kathy Griffin, #CNN, etc. wouldn't have their 15 minutes without Trump. Trump created an "ecosystem" for their "apps". He's been very good for them, even if none of that has been good for the USA. #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
Trump has created his own ecosystem, just like Apple & Facebook did for apps. "App makers" - in Trump's case one worthless cretin after another - use him to get their 15 minutes. Unlike AAPL/FB apps, those "app makers" are a completely worthless drain. #MAGA #resist
For 2.5 years I've been trying to get people to engage Trump/his proxies in Socratic debate designed to show his policies wrong to his base. Which is smarter: that or your vulgar sign? MT @suitablegirl [her holding a vulgar sign in Malayalam (?) has "gone viral" in Kerala (?)]
OTOH, he's created a Posturing Ecosystem you both can use. Him to posture to #MAGA, you to #resist. What are you rules for refugees? MT @KumarRaoNYC Trump’s feigned concern for innocent Syrian people is the height of evil hypocrisy given his disdain for and banning of refugees
.@jerome_corsi: here's a simple, easy, patriotic thing you can do that will help both USA & your idol Trump: urge him to use my anti-DREAMAct arguments. They're smart, not lunkhead. DA supporters can't come back from them: they destroy their arguments. When will you do that?
All caps doesn't make it so. Conspiracy theories sell papers. Now we need you to do the patriotic thing. MT @jerome_corsi conspiracy to bring down Trump runs so deep Obama/HRC will both face justice… even if it takes military tribunals to charge Obama & Hillary with TREASON
Our dulligentsia no doubt has lots of experience with assholes, but they've insulated themselves from chav assholes like Trump. They've also worked to quash dissent in their circles so can't grasp how to show those like Trump wrong. #MAGA #resist
Our dulligentsia not only failed to stop Trump, they didn't realize they weren't stopping Trump & they didn't even have stopping Trump as a metric. One reason: they're physically- & mentally-cosseted fragile snowflakes, completely unfit to deal with Trump types. #MAGA #resist
One of the Trump-style assholes I've known was, ironically, also named Don. #MAGA #resist
.@maryGrove: @RonaldKlain (who failed to stop Trump) now blogs "The anti-anti-Trump cohort has a fatal flaw in its thinking", enabling #TheResistance like he enabled HRC. See this. Note the intended audience & intended goal. Has Ron done similar?
.@mmdesoer: @Brasilmagic pining for cheap labor could have been written by a plantation enabler 150 years ago or a child labor enabler 100 years ago. She wants to give exploitative businesses all the cheap labor they crave. She's a stooge for crooked growers, USChamber, Koch...
Wow. MT @Brasilmagic friend from California said businessmen in his industry were gloating when Trump won. Now, due to Trump's immigration policies, many have lost some of their best employees. Stuck in Mexico...Nearly everyone who works in these businesses is of Mexican descent
Let me help. Adapt these arguments to your situation: Liberals/libs can't come back from those arguments. MT @MichelleRempel Now you all know what I’m up against trying to get the Liberals to talk about immigration in Parliament