.@eternity59slg @Millerstrator @MickTy96: CNN's dr story is the #ImmigrantDocs propaganda effort. Please help undercut them to their base.
.@bonnerjeanne: @bonnerjeanne hyped #ImmigrantDocs w/o revealing they'd take direly-needed doctors from Yemen, Somalia, etc. Journalism?
.@Michael2014abc: see my endless stream of ImmigrantDocs tweets for how to undercut ItsAJWillingham & CNN where it hurts: to their base.
After all that medvedian embracing, bring me a beer: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #TheResistance
.@ItsAJWillingham: a #CNN, you blog "Here's how the travel ban could affect your health" about #ImmigrantDocs w/o revealing downsides.
.@VisitUtah: I drove from L.A. to #Utah, took hikes in Zion, Bryce, & Grand Canyon, & drove back thru Vegas in < 48 hours. Send me a medal.
.@fuller_brandon: you hype #ImmigrantDocs, which would braindrain developing countries. Is it that you can't figure that out or don't care?
.@Claudia_Sahm: you hype #ImmigrantDocs despite how their agenda would deprive Yemen, Somalia, etc. of direly-needed doctors. Sleep well?
.@HBoushey: #ImmigrantDocs wants to take direly-needed doctors from developing countries. Do your friends know you're helping them?
.@HBoushey: imagine how your friends would react if they found out you're a neocolonialist who further harm the Third World to enrich USA.
.@4chaninfo @yogashar99 @ReallyReene: to *destroy* CNN over the travel ban doctors story, share widely.
.@emartinc: only effective method is Socratic questioning as you should know: Get him to do that.
.@emartinc: no matter how many times Jeff Jeans gets emotional at townhalls & appears on CNN, politicians are going to do what they intended
.@emartinc: I told Jeff Jeans how to solve the problem & never heard back. He's not helping his cause or others like him using bad methods.
.@dinapomeranz: is it that you can't figure out how #ImmigrantDocs would harm struggling countries like Yemen & Somalia, or you don't care?
Faux liberals & libertarians, helping screw the Third World. #immigration #MAGA MT @immigrantdocs @ATabarrok [cheers #ImmigrantDocs]
.@spetulla: when will you try real journalism & call #ImmigrantDocs on the huge negative side-effects of their agenda? #NBCNews
.@spetulla: when a doctor moves from Yemen to USA, Yemen loses a doctor (just ~7500 for 24.4 million people). You're helping reduce that #.
.@spetulla: at #NBCNews, you uncritically hype #ImmigrantDocs w/o revealing they want to take doctors from struggling countries like Yemen.
Braindrain examples: when Bieber, Celine Dion, and Alanis come here, that harms #Canada. #immigration #MAGA
.@davechokshi: you & #ImmigrantDocs ignore screwing developing countries. Do you avoid telling your patients vital facts too?
.@davechokshi (Sr Asst VP @ NYC Health): you hype #ImmigrantDocs. Surely you realize how braindrain harms developing countries.
.@nnunn99: are there any downsides to #ImmigrantDocs you can think of? If you can't think of them, do your students know (yet)?
.@nnunn99 (prof of Economics @ Harvard): you tweet "What do immigrant doctors bring to America?" & link to #ImmigrantDocs. Any downsides?
.@ljmullinsworld: either you support harming developing countries or not. If the latter, when will you ask #ImmigrantDocs about morality?
.@ljmullinsworld: #ImmigrantDocs would take direly-needed doctors from developing countries. There's just 3 doctors per 100,000 in Somalia.
.@ljmullinsworld: imagine how popular you'd be at #WBUR & #NPR if you said you wanted to harm people in developing countries. Think about it
.@Anna_Snackz: when a dr comes here from Yemen, Yemen loses a doctor. When will you do real journalism & ask #ImmigrantDocs about that? @Mic
.@Anna_Snackz: #ImmigrantDocs wants to take doctors away from developing countries, like Yemen (24.4 million ppl, just ~7500 doctors). @Mic
.@Anna_Snackz: @Mic, you blog the ironic "Trump's travel ban would take doctors away from the people who voted for him" about #ImmigrantDocs
MT @Araksya [a moi] i didn't do the [Roger Stone] interview [on Good Day LA]
.@DeanBaker13: thank you for pointing out it's OK for Dems to reach out to working class because not all are the wrong race. #HuffPost #MAGA
At #HuffPost @DeanBaker13 blogs 'Reaching Out To The Working Class/Note that I said "working class," not "white working class."'. So noted.
.@ALT_USCIS: obviously, you aren't capable of figuring out smart plans. That's OK! What's not OK is not helping with smart plans. That's bad
Because #FakeNews wouldn't make you look bad. MT @ALT_USCIS We should create a [fake beitbart site w/ fake stories] ...Trump may fall for it
All these posts & tweets cost me mucho money. If you support the truth, please hit the tip jar:
.@Vets_Vs_Trump: in his #MuslimBan tweets, Trump admitted his actions made USA less safe. Why does #TheResistance harp on trivia instead?
.@LouDobbs: in his #MuslimBan tweets, Trump admitted his actions have made USA less safe. You're enabling him. #FoxNews
Give it up, Lou. Obviously Trump doesn't have a job. MT @LouDobbs: New exec immigration order signed – Left outraged as POTUS makes USA safe
Suit is from when Obama was president. MT @StockScout1 RT @GOP_MEGA_CORP: @speechboy71 ...Immigration will be the new slavery
Trump, Melania, Ivanka, & Donald Jr. issue daily yodeling mandate: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #TheResistance #MAGA
What was goal of 1965 law? MT @MareeWriter: @GeorgeTakei [#MuslimBan isn't] about [keeping USA safe]. They're meant to reshape demographics
.@RMConservative: more stringent screening would let in Nancy Ajram/keep out jihadis from France, those w/o docs. Why won't you call for it?
.@RMConservative: going back to Dec 2015, all Trump had to do was call for more stringent screening w/o mentioning religion/region/country.
.@RMConservative of @CR blogs #MuslimBan 2.0 is "still robust, but Congress must help". And when they don't, we'll be even worse off.
To further keep USA safe, Trump plans a Bagpipe Army: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #TheResistance #MAGA
.@ProfEmilyOster: @p_ganong can't figure out or doesn't care #ImmigrantDocs would harm Yemen etc.Which is it for you? Do your students know?
MT @ProfEmilyOster RT @p_ganong: [#ImmigrantDocs site] showing how the executive order hurts patients, esp in rust belt
.@Cutler_econ @slbergquist: just 3 docs per 100,000 Somalians. #immigrantdocs wants 1 or 2 to come here. How many do you want us to take?
I take it you support braindraining developing countries? MT @Cutler_econ RT @slbergquist: Nice interactive map by #immigrantdocs
.@Beyerstein: just 3 docs for every 100,000 Somalians, & #ImmigrantDocs wants 1 or 2 to come here. Do you support braindraining Third World?
.@anya1anya: do you have the journalism to ask #ImmigrantDocs why they'd deprive struggling countries like Yemen of direly-needed doctors?
.@anya1anya: do you have the journalism to follow the money (if any!) on #ImmigrantDocs or shouldn't we care about such details?
.@KentBottles: FYI, @atul_gawande hyped #ImmigrantDocs, which would take docs from countries that direly need them like Somalia & Yemen.
.@anya1anya: you say #ImmigrantDocs is a "Citizen journalism project" & support their inhumane efforts. If they got grants is it "Cit J"?
.@Noahpinion: just 3 docs per 100,000 Somalians. You & #ImmigrantDocs want 1 or 2 to come here. Can't you figure that out or don't you care?
Tragic irony -> MT @Noahpinion A new site shows which areas could lose their doctors because of Trump's anti-immigrant actions. Check it out
.@davidmwessel: #ImmigrantDocs wants direly needed docs to come here from struggling countries like Somalia & Yemen. You're helping them.
.@davidmwessel: as "Dir Hutchins Center on Fiscal & Monetary Policy, Brookings" one might expect you to realize huge #ImmigrantDocs downside
MT @davidmwessel What do immigrants doctors bring to the U.S.? A band of economists offers an answer.
.@BOSBIZJess: 3 docs serve every 100,000 Somalians; #ImmigrantDocs wants them to come here. Why would you help them braindrain Third World?
.@JamesTMulder: I'll give you a chance: will you ask #ImmigrantDocs to discuss morality of their desire to braindrain developing countries?
.@JamesTMulder: @ @Syracuse you blog about #ImmigrantDocs w/o revealing huge downsides. I've called out a few like you; see my homepage.
.@felicejfreyer: 3 docs serve every 100,000 Somalians. Will you get a statement from #ImmigrantDocs on why they'd reduce that to 2 or 1?
.@felicejfreyer: if you look on my site, you'll see me calling out 3 others who didn't reveal that huge downside. I'll give you a chance.
.@felicejfreyer: in #BostonGlobe, you write about #ImmigrantDocs w/o revealing the huge downsides: they'd braindrain developing countries.
.@MayThewords: there's just 3 docs for every 100,000 Somalians. @tomperriello wants them to come here, not stay there. Point out to his fans
.@MayThewords: you reply to @tomperriello supporting #ImmigrantDocs. If you want to undercut him, point out he'd braindrain developing world
.@vstuh: just 3 doctors for every 100,000 Somalians. #ImmigrantDocs wants them to come here, harming Somalia even more. You support that?
#ImmigrantDocs RTs @vstuh 's 14 million drs' appt are provided each year by physicians from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen
.@DrChristianPean: Yemen (pop 24.4 million) has just ~7500 docs. #ImmigrantDocs wants some to come here, screwing Yemen. You support that?
.@DrChristianPean (Orthopaedic Surgery @NYULMC): #ImmigrantDocs RTed your support. They want docs to move from struggling countries to USA.
.@SejalHathi: only ~7500 docs in Yemen treat 24.4 million. @vbolotnyy & team want some to come here, further harming developing countries.
Tragic irony -> MT @SejalHathi From @vbolotnyy & team: #ImmigrationBan keeps 1000s of docs from treating millions in most vulnerable regions
He'd braindrain the Third World. #ImmigrantDocs MT @jondr44 @SenWarren check out research by our team showing how trump EO hurts patients
.@m_sendhil: you "study intelligence" and say #ImmigrantDocs is "inspiring". They want to braindrain developing countries. "Inspiring"?
.@Ishan_Nath: smarts test time. As an econ student at #UIC, can you figure out the huge downside #ImmigrantDocs didn't mention? #Chicago
.@EvelynFigs: #ImmigrantDocs wants to braindrain developing countries. Either you couldn't figure that out or you don't care. Which is it?
.@mobute: is it good public policy to support policies that cause misery for millions of citizens (& thus oxy, foodstamps, etc.)?
.@mobute: if you were smart, you'd realize my uses of #Pizzagate were sarcastic.Unlike you I disbelieve things over facts, not authority.
.@mobute: in response to last tweet ( ) you idiotically replied w link to Twitter search of my name + #Pizzagate
.@DrDavidDuke: here are smart, sane, big tent ways to stop #Twitter censorship: When will you do them?
.@DrDavidDuke was apparently suspended by #Twitter for a while. Let's see if he's really superior & wants to help others like him...
.@jpkurkjian: #ESPN would pay much less, get ~ same audience w/ foreign, offbrand, local feed, tape-delayed soccer occasionally. + Cactus...
.@jpkurkjian: maybe #ESPN showing basketball 24/7 on all channels in all universes might have something to do with their supposed problems.
#ESPN - which will fire unspecified onair talent - is showing a #Siena vs #Iona basketball game when they could show USWNT/USMNT/MLS/Euro...
.@chrisruddynmx: which would last longer: Trump Wall, or completely discrediting pro-amnesty arguments to their target audiences?
.@chrisruddynmx: assuming the near-impossible & Trump builds his Wall, won't the next D Pres tear it down or at least widen its doors?
.@ShenYun: is your show "Chinese" in the same way @CelticThunder is "Irish"? #folk #purity
.@alv9n: why didn't you reveal #ImmigrantDocs downsides? And when will you?
.@annaalmendrala: why didn't you reveal #ImmigrantDocs downsides? And when will you?
.@annabarryjester: why didn't you reveal #ImmigrantDocs downsides? And when will you?
.@Atul_Gawande: here's what @immigrantdocs didn't reveal: Shouldn't they have mentioned that aspect?
And not Somalia or Yemen. MT @Atul_Gawande New data re #ImmigrationBan: >7000 doctors from the 7 banned countries, serving esp OH, MI
.@SenatorCardin: are you out there demanding that Trump just does stricter screening of everyone regardless of religion/region/country?
.@SenatorCardin: all we need is stricter screening (no credible paper trail=no entry). That'd cover everything: Somalis, jihadis from FR...
MT @SenatorCardin Trump's revised #ImmigrationBan still targets Muslims. It still does nothing to make us safer. It still insults our values
.@mattlockeshow: this is all Trump needed to demand since 2015: Don't enable him harming USA.
.@mattlockeshow: since #MuslimBan 1 made USA less safe & when Part 2 is blocked that'll make USA less safe, you're on the wrong track.
MT @mattlockeshow Travel ban 2.0 is out from Trump Any bets on how long it takes Dems to get it in front of liberal judges to throw it out?