A confused Trump claims "l'harpist, c'est moi!" in response to this song by Cecile Corbel: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
Another #Breitbart headline: "The Day Russia Conspiracy Theory 'Unraveled'" under a pic of Kayleigh McEnany. Unlike #TheResistance I'm not expecting perp walks but they'll be so, so very sweet. #MAGA
.@sarahchad_: your #Parkland tweet apparently went viral. #GunControl is just a bandaid (& perhaps from those with a hidden agenda). The real problem is mostly cultural: yahooism, lack of real debate, corrupt elites, movies/video games, libertarianism, lack of cohesion, etc.
Speaking about old internet things, remember "go - t - [the letter c as pronounced"? That's what Trump is doing to #MAGA. #resist
#Breitbart top headline right now is about model/reporter @dorothyofisrael - an absolute nonentity - suggesting aborting over adoption. @jeromeehudson couldn't be patriotic enough to write against amnesty instead. #immigration #MAGA
.@markondefense: #Twitter quashes dissent & lies to users w/ ghosting, etc. They can't even figure out the language a tweet is in. They double-encoded output on the live site! They showed me info for logged-in-only when I was logged out! You'd put them in charge of the debate.
After Trump clears the way, GOP states move to charge poor for health care [NB: it won't affect #MAGA, just other moochers] #resist
To repeat, the idea that the #FBI couldn't easily determine the ID of the #Florida shooter based on his #Youtube comment is absurd. #Google has his IP, which in almost all cases means his ISP & thence his ID. Google probably wouldn't let him register/login using Tor. #Parkland
Many years ago I wrote a #Java library to provide platform-specific features in a cross-platform way. That ran against the "Pure Java" myth #Sun was selling. They've since added most of the features in my library to their previously-pure system. #MAGA #resist
ICYMI, #Sun (since bought out by #Oracle) used similar propaganda to push #Java when #Microsoft competed with them, that Putin used to elect Trump. Eg, inflated tales of opposition to MS's version, lies about MS's version corrupting laptops, etc. #MAGA #resist
"netbeans --jdkhome /usr/bin/java" results in "Cannot find java. Please use the --jdkhome switch." /usr/bin/java exists and works. It earlier opened a warning dialog *behind* the splashscreen. #Java is still not ready for primetime, 20+ years later.
Inside a 3-Year Russian Campaign to Influence U.S. Voters [NB: at the least enabled by Trump and his supporters] #MAGA? #resist
.@SunnyJL52: mschlapp & @RepMarkMeadows are big amnesty fans. Is wanting to give the Dems 1-2 million new voters "conservative"? (Note: after the first amnesty, Trump says he wants "comprehensive" amnesty. That'd mean 8+ million new Dem voters). #CPAC #MAGA
#Olympics sports are very tough, but they're also just novelty exhibitions. I'd like to see them off the groomed trails, trying for a summit. Maybe all day. They'd have to deal with weather, different terrain, route finding, etc. That could be ~standardized for each Olympics.
That's a bandaid on the major underlying issue. We have a diseased culture: yahooism, movies/video games, corrupt elites, etc. etc. #ParklandStrong MT @joeygilbertinc we MUST make it IMPOSSIBLE for certain individuals to purchase or have access to firearms
.@Harrietcreigh: you just vent at mschlapp. If you really want to undercut him, point out to #MAGA how pro-amnesty he is. You have to undercut people to their audiences. #TheResistance
Re #Parkland shooter's #Youtube comment, only dolts think that couldn't be easily traced back to who left it. #Google probably tapped into his webcam as he posted it & had samples of his DNA & and iris scan. #MAGA #resist
.@KensingtonRoyal: I fucking told you not to fucking interrupt me while watching #DocMartin. It's a fucking heartwarming show, and if you don't like it then fuck off.
.@passantino: you zing Rick Scott over #Parkland. How many lives are saved each year because a potential victim had a gun? How many of those wouldn't have been saved if you'd had your way on guns? #BuzzFeedNews
.@davidjollyfl @ShuttleCDRKelly: re #Parkland, would you admit that a major contributing factor is the culture? In addition to mental health, gun control, please list all the things you're doing to positively affect the culture:
More Rebekah Mercer: "I reject as venomous and ignorant any discrimination based on race, gender, creed, ethnicity or sexual orientation". Note the lack of religion or region, i.e., she's leaving open Trump's lunkhead travel ban. #MAGA #immigration
In the #WSJ OpEd her publicists wrote for her, Rebekah Mercer says "I support [welcoming] immigrants & refugees to apply for entry & ultimately citizenship". That's as meaningless as "I like ice cream." How many? From where? What checks would there be? etc. #MAGA #immigration
.@JaneLytv: at #BuzzFeed, you huffily blog "Twitter Says Impersonating A Journalist During A Mass Shooting Doesn't Violate Its Rules". Why should it? What are they, America's parents now? Grow up. Real life isn't a safe space. #MAGA #Twitter #resist
.@JamesJFromLINY: you (just a lunkhead yahoo because no Russian would spend so much time on a cover) seem to have deleted your tweet featured below. Meanwhile, @JeffResta (possibly a crypto in reserve) hasn't.
.@profcarroll: re #Twitter deleting Russian bot tweets you say their "knee jerk reaction is to purge..What it does is erase history in an almost Orwellian way". Look how they deceive people on replies. I'm working on an app to show the games they play.
.@profcarroll: the @RespectableLaw tweets against @KitDaniels1776 would be stronger if he didn't rely so much on playing to the crowd, calling him names, etc. Doubtful many Infowars fans are going to be convinced.
Here's an example of the shocking, forbidden thoughts of one of those Russian bot tweets that #Twitter deleted: [WARNING: be prepared to be shocked!] Here it is: "That's how emotionally abused the Mechwarrior fanbase is." #horrors #MAGA #resist
Read the 200k Russian bot tweets that #Twitter doesn't want you to see. Scan the shocking, forbidden thoughts you must be protected from! #MAGA #resist
24Ahead's Closing Argument is what you need to deal with Trump, his cult, *and* his incredibly incompetent loudest opponents who lost to things like Spirit Cooking: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicThursday
.@MikeTirico: #USAvsCAN would be more "fun" if #NBC put it on regular TV rather than marginalizing it on NBCSN. Maybe cut back on the ice dancing 5% to show a real sport. Or I can watch it on CBC like I had to watch world's most popular sport on BBC last time NBC f'ed things up.
I don't think I've mentioned before that Coulter smeared the whites-friendly #soccer, a nationalistic (in a mostly good way) sport that - unlike NFL & NBA - whites can & do excel at in every position. I'll have to check my archives to be sure. #MAGA #resist
.@Apathyoverdose1: this will come as news to my follower, but @AnnCoulter prefers #kneeball & hates the whites-friendly #soccer. She refuses to use smart plans that'd stop amnesty. She gave Trump failed plans & weak arguments that he's rejected in favor of amnesty. #MAGA?
Her "persecution" is self-caused & mostly by design: to play the victim & sell more books. She can't engage opponents and show them wrong. MT @Apathyoverdose1 Feminists should celebrate @AnnCoulter for standing up for what she believes in the face of all the persecution
The snowboard cross is a little bit better than some of these sports, definitely better than half pipe since it's a race, jockeying for position, going over "obstacles" (even if not natural), etc. #Olympics
Lithuania folk rock group sings about what you need lots and lots of to deal with the Trump admin: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@darksecretplace: Gavin Newsom is most vulnerable to his base over #immigration: smart arguments tailored to his base would be a CLM for him. Not dumb Breitbart arguments. Newsom & Villar succeed because their loudest opponents aren't really opponents at all.
The much bigger factor is cultural: yahooism (pushed by cons but also libs), movies/video games, corrupt scummy leaders (GOP & Dem), celeb culture, etc. #MAGA #resist MT @Ranger_Up ...the sensational methods of MSM as large contributing factor to repeated mass shootings...
Speaking about #Olympics downhill skiing, based on what I've heard it seems fairly clear that Sonny Bono was assassinated. #MAGA #resist
What downhill skiing needs - and all these other groomed courses need - is natural variation. This is too much like a ski course & too little like if they skied down a real mountain. That could be standardized between #Olympics.
Remember #IAmThe53? It was yet another anti-American #Teaparty effort. Started by @keder (who's back tweeting), @EWErickson, & Josh Trevino (caught grifting). Their anti-American effort helped Romney lose. #MAGA #resist
Trump really needs to come out strong against those 47 million moochers! #MAGA MT @support4trump12: Idk .Maybe they will be trading food packs for drugs & MT @@PresWallace Being on Food Stamps is temporary, the recipient is not supposed to like being on them
.@LaCina52: I realize trying to wise up #TheResistance is a lost cause, but when you smear Trump/Coulter over the *basic* outlines of their ideas (assuming they're sincere), you smear 10s of millions concerned about their jobs at the factory (a place where people work), etc.
Like I said, I'll have to check my archives but I don't think I've mentioned that before. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
4. What's the most powerful single group that wants to take a cut of the $ immigrants/illegal aliens send home? 5. What's the related group of entities that also want to take a cut? #immigration #MAGA #resist
Think you've been told the vitally important aspects of mass/illegal #immigration? Take a quick quiz: 1. What's the term for the $ immigrants/illegal aliens send home? 2. Approx how much is it per year to MX? 3. Are there any downsides you've heard of regarding it? #MAGA #resist
Trump, Mike Pence visit the 17th annual Festival of Accordions: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@kurtbardella: maybe you could start a grown-up conversation. Don't Dem leaders enable massive illegal activity (ie, illegal #immigration) every chance they get in order to personally profit (ie, votes & in some cases donations)? What's the grown-up term for what they do?
The one issue MSM & pols lie about the most is #immigration. Bogus polls, bogus stats, bogus talking points... And no one w/ a megaphone ever calls them on it. Given that, how can the average person make an educated decision on the matter? They can't. #MAGA #resist
The PyeongChang exit gates are like the traditional little Korean hats. I assume that's some sort of Buddhist/satanic symbolism or something. #Olympics #MAGA #resist
.@dufourdufour: how many American murders have been prevented this year because potential victims had guns? How many have been killed in mass shootings? You'd probably *increase* deaths by putting a lunkhead bandaid on a cultural problem. #Parkland #MAGA #resist
.@RyanAFournier: hey Ryan, how is Trump colluding with Pelosi, Schumer, Flake, Luis Gutierrez, Lindsey Graham, etc. to push the amnesty Soros really wants #MAGA? If you were patriotic, wouldn't you oppose Trump on amnesty at least?
NB: highest point in #LosAngeles *City* is Mt Lukens (about 5k'). If you haven't been there, you aren't in for much of a treat: it's chock full of antennas, etc. Like Mount Wilson w/o the charm. #hiking
#PuertoRico is ~35 miles by ~100 miles. It's highest point is lower than highest point in Los Angeles *City*. It only has ~300 settlements. We won WWII, sent men to the moon, etc. Our latest leader is so incredibly incompetent he can't secure a tiny island. #MAGA #resist
Trump couldn't even secure a tiny island like #PuertoRico. His incompetence made Florida even more purple. #MAGA? MT @bfraser747: If anyone can rebuild America’s infrastructure & likely on time & buget its Trump
Mikaela Shiffrin might have been the blonde I saw at the #Olympics opening in the pigtails.
Re #Parkland: the main Dem response to mass shootings is just gun control. Those incidents are due to cultural problems, but all the Dems want to do is put a mostly useless bandaid on them. That bandaid would probably *increase* deaths overall. #MAGA #resist
.@glenweyl of #Microsoft & Eric Posner blog in Politico the idea of letting out-of-work Americans import their own serf laborers via an H1B-style program. No, really! @Steve_Sailer asks if he's just trolling or autistic. He certainly can't be in his right mind & patriotic.
"Duke History Professor Nancy MacLean Says Influential Libertarians Were ‘on the Autism Spectrum’". That's not exactly what she said, but close enough. I'll go even further: libertarians are unpatriotic sociopaths. #libertarian #MAGA #resist
"Adam Schiff said the panel had seen evidence of collusion with Russia and obstruction by Donald Trump's campaign and administration that is not yet public". Great! Just make sure to perp walk the dotard *before* he signs amnesty. #MAGA
.@HenryGrabar: @ed_kilgore hypes you snarking about Scott Pruitt's travel. You two are so smart, it's completely surprising how you lost to Trump & his lies, Alex Jones' "Spirit Cooking", Russian bots, etc. It's almost like you're incompetent or something. #TheResistance
WaPo: "The head of the [#EPA Scott Pruitt] has broken months of silence about his frequent premium-class flights at taxpayer expense, saying he needs to fly first class because of unpleasant interactions with other travelers." #MAGA! #resist
Veterans Affairs chief Shulkin, staff misled ethics officials about European trip, report finds #MAGA? #resist
LOL: #MAGA #resist #Olympics
Picture a famous pathological liar (fictional or real). When you hear the grand promises in an amnesty bill, picture them making those promises. "Will there be a Wall?" "Oh, yes! We promise!" "Will it end chain migration?" "Oh, yes! We promise!" etc. etc. #immigration #MAGA
.@SeanMoran3: you listed the fantasy parts of Goodlatte-Labrador, those the Dems & GOP would weaken (just like with the 1986 amnesty). But, you didn't reveal to your readers that the bill includes amnesty: Why are you deceiving #Breitbart readers?
24Ahead's Closing Argument is this: The Uninitiated will often ask me, Is Trump Anunnaki or Nephilim? And I will say: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
.@FelineAdvoCat: @JessicaV_CIS supports amnesty for DREAMers, even tho that'd harm U.S. students/workers *and* foreign countries. She worked for Trump & didn't give him the smart arguments that'd undercut Dem leaders to their base. She & CIS are pro-amnesty. #immigration #MAGA
If you were patriotic, you'd support repatriations, not legalizing DREAMers & thus increasing competition for jobs and college slots/discounts. #immigration #MAGA MT @JessicaV_CIS Democrats lack plan to protect Dreamers as immigration debate begins
.@donnacarolvoss: FYI, @DAKDIS is just another grifter. I've repeatedly asked for his help with smart plans that'd reduce illegal #immigration and he's refused. He's only in it for what little money he makes by doing whatever it is he does. More details on request.
So far, Cernovich isn't exactly standing strong against the Trump/Pelosi/Schumer/Flake/Luis Gutierrez/Soros amnesty. Is opposing Soros what Trump basically ran on? MT @TrueCOT Ask Mike Cernovich why he Hangs Out with Right Wing Watch Jared Holt @Cernovich
Kelly's pro-amnesty. Posobiec had to conduct polls (Twitter polls!) to find out if he would oppose amnesty. MT @TheGoodGuy2017b @JackPosobiec If Trump fires Kelly and hires that waste of oxygen Globalist Gary Cohn [vsya vlast' Muelleram!]
This classic, pre-Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac song explains how both Trump & UFOs have been able to bend all of the world to their will: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
1. The '93 Feinstein would've opposed the pro-amnesty '18 Trump. 2. Why isn't Trump working to undercut Dem leaders to their base? MT @GatesRobin RT @fleccas: [THROWBACK]: Senator Dianne Feinstein calls for stricter border security and reduced illegal immigration in 1993
Speak of the devil: "RT @sahilkapur: NEW: @USChamber breaks with Trump and McConnell, pushing Congress to protect Dreamers with “no reduction in legal immigration". Pelosi might as well be working for US Chamber. #TheResistance
.@jpavlovic801: Sen Durbin etc use Chloe Kim to support mass #immigration that reduces U.S. wages (ask yourself why U.S. Chamber wants it even more than he does) & that harms foreign countries. She'd have won gold for Korea if her parents hadn't emigrated. #Olympics #resist
.@dropoutnation: I remember you from blogging circa 2002. IAC, please review & think through #immigration stance of @guycecil. He'd increase competition for college slots & discounts, harming American students & all so crooked Dem leaders can profit from illegal activity.
Wiley painted [X] woman holding severed head of a [Y] woman. Replace "X" & "Y" until you have some morality. MT @RavMABAY RT guycecil: The official portraits of President Obama (by Kehinde Wiley) and Michelle Obama (by Amy Sherald) are both stunning
Speaking about the #Olympics, here's Led Zeppelin with Achilles Last Stand: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
Inspired by Roy Moore, Trump makes Sick Again by Led Zeppelin his new theme song at rallies in Alabama and other southern states: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
It's easy for parasitic grifters to use the non-existent spectre of commienism to sell books, con suckers out of money, etc. Does the USA have a mixed economy, yes or no? MT @jmethe It’s easy to love communism when all you’ve ever known is living free in a republic.
Inna Bondari also won the 1998 #Olympics gold medal for this cover of Crazy Man Trump: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
Well before Trump, Inna Bondari won the 2000 medieval #Olympics gold medal for Trump's home country of Moldova with Tourdion: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicTuesday
$10 says Stephen Miller had to do a search and replace through all of those many policy documents @SebGorka wrote, replacing "Gypsy" with "Mexican". #MAGA
.@ericbolling: many causes of #opioidcrisis, but one major contributing factor is NeoLiberal policies (loose borders, free trade, globalism). Unfortunately, all of Trump's WH picks support those &, due to GIGO, so too does he. Try to make him more Red Tory (if he can spell it).
Cranking on the downhill is how I beat those f-in' punks on hikes. You think you're so smart passing me? Wait until I blow past your ass on the downhill, using my bulk and gravity to my advantage! Sorry, I got a little heated there. #Olympics
See? If Diggins had taken my advice she might have won. #Olympics
Why don't competitive skiers crank on the downhill too? Maybe if they cut back a bit on the uphill & really cranked on the downhill they'd do better. At least, that's what me & Donald Trump are thinking. #Olympics
.@ESPNMichele: right now, #ESPN has talk shows & #NBC has ice dancing. There's a huge market opp for real sports that aren't basketball. Specifically, foreign offbrand #soccer & winter baseball. Why isn't ESPN showing either when they'd make lots of money for little cost?
.@CBSmichelegile: John & Ken talk about the homeless like they were Hutus and this was 1994. Can you find out if @SupvToddSpitzer shares their hatred for his fellow Americans? By that I mean, get him saying more than is wise for his future career.
He's probably wrong, but you're definitely wrong. You'd give illegal aliens access to scarce tuition grants & college slots, harming your fellow Americans. #WAMU #WAMU885 #NPR MT @maustermuhle Trump proposed cutting the D.C. Tuition Assistance Grant program
Per #NYMag, Morning Consult polls (Jan 2017 vs 2018) show Trump plummeting in various states: "Arizona (plus 20 to minus 3), Illinois (plus 9 to minus 21), Montana (plus 24 to even), New York (plus 8 to minus 18), and Ohio (plus 14 to minus 4)." #MAGA #resist
Enabled (to the extent anyone who gets a few dozen views a day can enable) by @daynaevans_, @nightpulsemusic seeks her 15 minutes by smearing an #Olympics star who had a dude band & who treated her like one of the boys. #NYMag
Speaking about figure skating, Nicole Della Monica's face is OK but more importantly she has a primo ass. #Olympics
#WaPo hires @asymmetricinfo; per OpEd ed Hiatt, she "offers 1 of liveliest, smartest, least predictable takes on policy, politics & everything else..." She's a stock #Koch libertarian who failed to show wrong & pushed Coates.
Trump would *increase* #immigration if he could; he's very pro-amnesty. He supports braindraining 3rd world like you. MT @NaamaYehuda Indeed #USA can't take credit for those #Olympics medals & achievements w/o also giving credit to the #immigration some seem hellbent on stopping
Actually, if you look at everything Trump has ever said (his WWE posturing aside), he's very pro-amnesty. You're unwittingly on the same side as him. #immigration #resist MT @webber_casey And, trump will try to deport them all next week..
Actually, Pence had his own amnesty plan. He's a big amnesty fan. You might want to think through why he & michikokakutani are actually on the same side (posturing aside). #TheResistance MT @PomerantzAnn Bet [Chloe Kim being child of immigrants] freaked out Pence!
.@WorkTheCloudOz: some #immigration is a "plus for a modern nation". However, it's a huge minus for not-so-modern nations. They need all the smart, talented people they can keep. Those like michikokakutani would braindrain the developing world. #TheResistance #immigration
.@SkermanuntJohn: the way to undercut @michikokakutani is to point out he'd braindrain S. Korea, Ghana, etc. If Chloe Kim's parents were patriotic they'd have stayed there & she'd bring home the gold to Korea. Koreans should consider them turncoats. #immigration #MAGA #resist