MT @JxhnBinder Notice the pols slamming brilliant RAISE Act keep invoking "immigrant workforce," but fail to mention American workforce
.@cyrusmehta: if you *really* care about stopping #RAISEAct, call out @AnnCoulter & @KausMickey using points on my pinned tweet.
.@adamcbest @ByronYork @aparnapkin: did Miller/Acosta WWE smackdown change *anyone's* mind? Certainly not yours, yes? #MAGA #TheResistance
Top Thinker Triumviragoate @adamcbest @ByronYork & @aparnapkin disagree on Miller/Acosta WWE smackdown:
.@AdamParkhomenko @PoliticalShort: as top thinkers, wasn't Acosta/Miller WWE smackdown a draw, with no minds changed? #MAGA #TheResistance
Top thinkers @AdamParkhomenko & @PoliticalShort disagree on who won the Stephen Miller/Jim Acosta WWE smackdown:
Trump admin could flame out like 1000 Hindenburgs & #MAGA would dodge/weave/deflect/smear/etc. They repeat mistakes because they won't learn
No matter how hard Trump admin crashes & burns, #MAGA *is incapable of learning*. They'll just move on to next grifter. #immigration #resist
Re Lazarus' poem on Statue of Liberty, Stephen Miller is like a bad cover band: #immigration #MAGA
.@jfreewright: challenge Coulter, Dilbert, etc. w/ tough Q's about #RAISEAct. Not smears, policy Q's. Ask @FrankSharry for help. Who'll win?
.@jfreewright: some think Miller won, others Acosta. That means neither actually did anything but put on a show. Help change that.
OK. MT @jfreewright Stephen Miller argued so forcefully today that his ancestors should've been kept out of the country
Emotionally unstable snowflake @eye_picard blocked me even tho I didn't address it directly.
Speaking about the weather! My gosh, why it's almost like #Florida here! Can you believe #ClimateChange is or isn't happening? #LosAngeles
.@ScottPresler: if Miller had a clear win, @MikeLevinCA would want to talk about weather & vice versa w/ you. #resist #ThePersistence #MAGA
.@ScottPresler @MikeLevinCA: you can't both be right. It wasn't a clear win, since it depends on who saw it. #resist #ThePersistence #MAGA
.@ScottPresler & @MikeLevinCA disagree on the Steve Miller vs Jim Acosta WWE match on #CNN: #ThePersistence #MAGA
.@CleverTitleTK: I'm sure your fans agree. What does, eg, @MarkSKrikorian say? He knows a little about #immigration. Can you show him wrong?
OK. MT @CleverTitleTK Stephen Miller favors immigrants who speak English. But the 1910 census shows his own great-grandmother couldn't.
.@RealJeffreyLord 's role on #CNN is the same as that guy in Steven Seagall movies who just stands there. #MAGA #immigration #resist
Finally, I agree with #CNN Bridge Troll @AnaNavarro about something: #RAISEAct is "going nowhere". It's just for show. #MAGA #immigration
Eg, @DougWead is just a scammer trying to rip people off. If he disagrees, sue me. #immigration #MAGA
The goal of low-level con leaders is to grift their fans into buying gold, etc. Koch etc want lower taxes. Conservatism is mostly a scam.
If you were going to try to (actually) reduce illegal #immigration, would you hire conservatives? They're incredibly stupid/nuts or corrupt.
.@Cernovich: what's your smart/sane/pro-USA/big tent response to @BeauWillimon ?
OK. MT @BeauWillimon Stephen Miller - Lazarus' poem was added 1903: same yr your ancestors came thru Ellis Island. Bet it mattered to them
~BREAKING~ President Trump has just signed an order to begin bombing Portugal in 15 minutes. #ASG #MLS #soccer #MAGA #AnnCoulter #resist
As long as Bale doesn't do a Cristiano & hit the cross bar, he'll win. #MAGA
USA USA USA! #MLS All Stars get goal against America's greatest enemy next to North Korea, Real Madrid. #MAGA #USA #TrumpPlayedSoccer
#MLS "All Stars" keeps failing at defence (as they say in #Soccer Land). Bale couldn't cash in. #MAGA #resist
No! Mi burro no es amarillo, mi burro is rojo. El perro, el perro, no es bueno. Mes pantalones son en fuego. GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL! El perro, el
.@GaryAndShannon: to lose weight, cut back on bad foods, do more aerobic exercise (hiking, jogging, etc) *and* lift some weights.
How Trump's RAISE Act will fail (point-based #immigration): #MAGA #resist #RAISEAct
#Twitter thinks "whoa" is Vietnamese: Their engineers have to be dumbest in the world. #MAGA #resist #SilconValley
Kak dela? #whataboutism = admitting Trump's same as Obama/HRC. MT @JeffDube7 [a @eye_picard @votevets] How long did Obama our Hillary serve?
.@MomsDemand: yahoo culture is one of causes of gun violence. What are you doing to oppose that? #NationalNightOut2017 #MAGA #resist
.@MomsDemand: e.g., I've spent days in #Nevada but spent ~ $2 gambling. 1000s of machines, keine Lust. #NationalNightOut2017 #MAGA #resist
.@MomsDemand: gun locks are great. Isn't gun violence the result of just Kultur & nothing else? #NationalNightOut2017 #MAGA #resist
.@MomsDemand stresses "commonsense", making me think they're an #NRA or gun mfr front. #NationalNightOut2017 #MAGA #resist
Plus, QE 2 (the Queen, not the ship) was pretty hot back in the 50s or whenever it was. #England #MAGA #phwoar #cor #blimey #MAGA
QE 2 (the Queen, not the ship) spent more time in armed services than all Trumps:
.@KBMcLeodFLA: @keybiscayne & @algore just preach to choir&ignore their BIG issues: lack of credibility/failure to dissuade. #AlGoreTownHall
.@KBMcLeodFLA: @keybiscayne mayor could spend year asking @algore Q's at #AlGoreTownHall. # of beliebers & non-beliebers wouldn't change.
To zero impact. MT @KBMcLeodFLA Mayor of @keybiscayne FL asks @algore about SLR & uncertain future of her vulnerable city. #AlGoreTownHall
S/W is hot w/ thunderstorms this time of year. MT @pyl4ever It just rained in Los angeles in July Isn't it climate change ? Of course it is
MILF -> #MAGA #NationalNightOut #MMGA #MAGAILF
~BREAKING~ remaining sane WH staff trashes GWB's Time-Life "How Saddam Operated" tapes lest Trump find, emulate. #MAGA #TheResistance
.@ScottJenningsKY: if Trump's anti-Constitution comments laughing on roughing up suspects are OK, why don't we just go right to show trials?
GWB hack now Trump hack @ScottJenningsKY thinks Trump's completely anti-Constitution comments laughing about roughing up suspects are OK.
.@gabrielsherman: since #TheResistance has only *helped* Trump grow #MAGA, maybe you should try to figure out a way to do the reverse.
.@gabrielsherman: since #MAGA are the remaining Trump supporters, undercutting Trump to them is what matters. I'm sure you understand.
Have you polled MAGA about him? MT @gabrielsherman Ed Butowsky tells me federal lawsuit is "bullshit" and denies sharing Fox article with WH
Based on #CNN / Cuomo interview, @EdButowsky is one the least credible people I've ever seen, on TV or IRL. #MAGA #AltRight #TheResistance
I'd imagine some #MAGA would watch Cuomo's interview with #EdButowsky and think the latter is telling the truth. #CNN #idiocracy #resist
.@garyandshannon: U visas were pushed by Why didn't @JohnAndKenShow help me oppose him, those visas, etc.?
.@garyandshannon: fast food workers etc are natural allies against illegal #immigration; "normal" ppl (@JohnAndKenShow phrase) aren't enough
.@garyandshannon: @JohnAndKenShow always oppose illegal #immigration in the Breitbart way, & that doesn't work. Plus they alienate allies.
.@EdButowsky - the #FoxNews / Seth Rich defendant - has deleted his Twitter. On Jul 21 he praised Mooch as "great guy". #TheResistance #MAGA
r/The_Donald: "Something tells me Rod Wheeler (PI on Seth Rich murder) is doing this under duress." #idiocracy #MAGA #TheResistance
Behind Fox News' Baseless Seth Rich Story: The Untold Tale [approach with caution: it's a lawsuit & not yet proven]
Acting DEA chief: Trump "condoned police misconduct": #MAGA #TheResistance
#TheResistance: if you want to finally show Trump wrong *to his base* - the source of his power - donate now & I'll help make it happen.
#TheResistance: review how loudest voices against Trump just helped him. I tried to get them to do smart things instead. He's one of theirs.
Gentle as a summer breeze, a gentle reminder that your donations translate into me having more time to do more & better. #TheResistance
Trump's "If ObamaCare is hurting people" tweet combines him buying Koch/FoxNews propaganda w/ a populist message they hate. #MAGA #resist
MT @realDonaldTrump If ObamaCare is hurting people, & it is, why shouldn't it hurt ins co.'s & why should Congress not pay what public pays?
Trump wants to pay Manhattan elite back. That should be channeled into smart, pro-USA action on #immigration, etc. #MAGA #resist
One of Trump's main drivers is feeling inferior to Manhattan elite. They're *still* laughing at him, even as President of USA. #MAGA #resist
There are (probably) ways to appeal to Trump's drivers - mostly ego - in healthy ways, not the pathological ways #MAGA does. #resist
Sent ~6:30pm Eastern 7/31/17. #MAGA! #resist MT @realDonaldTrump A great day at the White House!
.@WaGGuM: Trump continues Obama's DACA & supports anti-American DREAMAct just like Obama. What dimension is the chess Trump's playing?
.@WaGGuM: you say "I'm a huge Scott [Adams] fan". What kind of chess is Trump playing as he's continued Obama's refugees agenda?
DERPMT @ScottAdamsSays if USA declared individual Chinese companies trading w/ North Korea our enemies, what would that do to their profits?
Trump's infallibility wore off on him! -> MT @ScottAdamsSays Kelly just executed a perfect "New CEO Move" by (reportedly) ousting Scaramucci
.@DrJillStein: isn't it a tad different since Iraq & Libya weren't threatening to nuke Seattle, Frisco, & other #GreenParty hotspots?
OK. But... MT @DrJillStein [D & R both scream] supporting diplomacy is treason. It was the same during the run-up to attacking Iraq & Libya.
.@gmattera: hi. Could you explain why @DrJillStein has the same basic immigration stance as USChamber? Doesn't she know that, or what??
"Trump dictated son's misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer": #MAGA #resist
.@blueboxdave posted Mooch was "Man Trump & USA Needs" just before he got fired: #MAGA #resist #TheFederalist #OBE
Also: "John Kelly, Asserting Authority, Fires Anthony Scaramucci": #MAGA = Too Much Stupid, Too Little Time. #resist
.@MKHammer: your co-panelist might think DREAM Act is minor, but I'll work hard to destroy career of any Trumpkin who pushes it. @JakeTapper
.@MKHammer: on #CNN, someone can mention a huge amnesty that'd harm large numbers of Americans like it was nothingburger. @JakeTapper
.@MKHammer: your co-panelist on @JakeTapper horserace/entertainment show said DREAM Act - a huge amnesty - is part of Trump's agenda.
24Ahead's Closing Argument: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
What's the point of Trump's plans if they can't be implemented? Many of his fans would've ditched him if they'd know that. #TheResistance
No one else - in a country of > 300 million - pointed out how Trump's plans were unimplementable. That could have sunk him. #TheResistance
Unlike many other tweeterers, my orientation isn't entertainment. My goal is to try to solve problems. If you appreciate that, donate now.
How do you know? MT @funder #TheResistance: Please call RepGoodlatte/demand he stop investigating Obama & Clinton for absolutely nothing
.@The_Borg_Queen_: Trump tweet admits @RepGoodlatte 's Kates Law is just a pointless scam doomed to fail. Point that out to their fans.
You sound partisan. MT @The_Borg_Queen_ @RepGoodlatte Why are you investigating Obama? ...why don't you ask Trump to release HIS taxes
.@repimpeach45: greater chance anyone believes you're #GOP than @RepAlGreen & @BradSherman succeeding with impeachment. #idiocracy #MAGA
DERPMT @repimpeach45 The first Articles of Impeachment have already been submitted to HouseJudiciary RepGoodlatte by RepAlGreen/BradSherman
.@CornWhisky @uptheante99 @Rbrown1234567: did you see recent Trump tweet where he admitted Kate's Law was just a doomed-to-fail scam? #MAGA
.@navyChiefalways @CaptainDW11 @WildBillJax: if Trump were genuine, wouldn't he do things that'd work, not just put on a show? #immigration
.@navyChiefalways @CaptainDW11 @WildBillJax: Trump admitted in a recent tweet that Kate's Law was just for show. Do you still support him?
.@_wintergirl93: I wrote the book on him: How come #MAGA etc have never given me any help with that?
MT @_wintergirl93 [a Luis Gutierrez] Kate Steinle gave up her life because of your sanctuary city bullshit. GFY.
.@realDonaldTrump admits, yet again, something that should be used to destroy him: Kate's Law was just an unimplementable sham. #MAGA
MT @realDonaldTrump 8 Dems totally control the U.S. Senate. Many great GOP bills will never pass, like Kate's Law and complete Healthcare.