.@IrateBrit: you replied to @Kia_Mak hyping #ImmigrantDocs. Point out to his fans he'd take desperately needed doctors from Somalia & Yemen.
.@aaronecarroll: I'll work to inform others that you can't figure out how you'd harm developing countries, or just don't care. #IU #Indiana
.@aaronecarroll: when a doc moves from 3rd World to USA, 3rd World loses a direly needed doctor. Why didn't you mention that side of things?
.@aaronecarroll: in JAMA, you blog "JAMA Forum: Immigration Reform’s Potential Effects on US Health Care". Are you a sociopath or just dim?
.@ddiamond: #ImmigrantDocs wants you to write about them. For the sake of your career, see first.
.@darkhwy1: @ACLU_NorCal wants to help #ImmigrantDocs braindrain the 3rd World, taking doctors from where they're most needed: Somalia etc.
.@CraigCheslog: just ~7500 docs for 24.4 million in Yemen. Imagine how losing some of them would harm Yemen. @ACLU_NorCal supports that.
.@CraigCheslog: what do you think about @ACLU_NorCal hyping #ImmigrantDocs, an inhumane effort to deprive Somalia etc of direly needed docs?
.@Eapes1Eapes: I thought you called out Boca for posting a fake Jake Tapper tweet. Do you understand the tweet he posted is fake?
Huh? MT @Eapes1Eapes [a moi] I'm sorry u feel the way u do. Let's pray for USA & our POTUS. May God give us wisdom to live together in peace
Everyone needs a hobby, and getting more #soccer on #ESPN is mine. #MAGA! #TrumpPlayedSoccer #AnnCoulter
.@ac13alex: #ESPN could get foreign baseball & offbrand soccer cheap, give their viewers a break from 24/7 hoops. What am I missing?
.@ac13alex: is there some 12 dimension chess reason why #ESPN just shows basketball 24/7? They could pay less, maybe get more for others.
.@Eapes1Eapes: thanks for calling out @bocavista2016:
Tee hotchess gave or reet Pa Russ Key? MT @BreitbartRussia we fire [Edina Hughey] last week.
I've made 2 videos about Katy Perry: One involves animals doing it in one of her vids. #MAGA! #TheResistance
.@KatyPerry: thank you for trying to take that convent away from those Papists! I hope @ChickPub does a comic on your crusade! #LosFeliz
The bookend gals on #Jeopardy need better bras/blouses combos. #InternationalWomansDay #Patriarchy #MAGA
.@Schwarzenegger - corrupted ex #California gov - is floating a Senate run. See for what you haven't heard. #MAGA
Malik Obama has released Barack Obama's *real* birth certificate, proving beyond a doubt he was born in Kenya! #PizzaGate #AltRight #MAGA!
Trump fans reject smart/sane #immigration solutions in favor of dumb/crazy non-solutions, in effect *helping* pro-amnesty side. #MAGA?
It'd be incredibly easy for Trump to solve #immigration problems if he were smart & sane enough to make smart, sane arguments. #MAGA?
When - not if - #MuslimBan2 is blocked, Trump will have in effect helped continue Obama's #immigration agenda as I've predicted for >1 year.
WA, MA, NY, OR, MN join together to block #MuslimBan2, saying the original restraining order should apply to it too. #immigration #MAGA?
.@NeilMunroDC: plz explain how #Breitbart & commenters can be pro-worker on your thread, anti-worker on @lucasnolan_ 's. Mental illness?
.@NeilMunroDC: at #Breitbart, you blog "31 Senators Call for More Foreign Workers to Replace Blue-Collar Americans". Commenters are outraged
.@lucasnolan_: at #Breitbart, you blog "Burger Flipping Robot Replaces Workers At Fast Food Restaurant" & anti-Americans cheer in comments.
Jay Cutler cut.
.@Eapes1Eapes: @bocavista2016 bore false witness about Jake Tapper (the photoshopped tweet you replied to.Is that the Christian thing to do?
.@BreitbartRussia: does Edina Hughey work in your Moscow Bureau?
.@FiveRights: you still haven't deleted your fake news smear of Jake Tapper:
This is fake -> MT @FiveRights Demonstrating what today's media is really about, Tapper calls for assassination of the 1 source of true news
A group of #AltRight geniouses RTed a fake pic of a fake @JakeTapper tweet in which he supporting Assange's assassination. #FakeNews #irony
Authorities looked into Manafort protégé: Trump knows nothing, nothing!
.@DannyZuker: you'd keep us from deporting anyone who brought or had a kid here. Is that a viable policy that smart grown-ups would develop?
For the record, the supposedly anti-Trump @KevinDarryl blocked me after 1 anti-Trump tweet:
Are you qualified to set #immigration policy for USA? MT @DannyZuker: Breaking up immigrant families is a terrible - and un-American - idea
Trump had a private meeting about #immigration w/ the very pro-amnesty widow of Steve Jobs: #MAGA my apple.
.@ItsAmandaWan: eg, make a video making the points @ to Trump fans. Then you'd be doing something.
Aside from therapy, that does no one any good. How about doing something? MT @ItsAmandaWan hey Trump, just wanted to kindly say, you suck :)
The Trump Singers - #MAGA From The Beginning: #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #TheResistance #MAGA
.@KimDotcom: just stringent screening - no credible paper trail etc, no admittance - is the smart, grown-up alternative to lunkhead bans.
Nothing can make that case. MT @KimDotcom: Iranian official boasts of 'guerilla movement' within US. Making the case for Trump's travel ban
The Trump Singers #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #TheResistance #MAGA
.@TweetBrettMac: remember what I told you in April? Trump & you in effect helped continue Obama's agenda.
I don't trust liars. MT @lovingmykids65 RT @renomarky: Please RT if you trust Trump more than anyone else involved in this unthinkable mess
.@PAFPandF: just 3 docs per 100,000 Somalis. You want some to come here. Either you're dumb or socio. I'll ask some of your members which.
.@PAFPandF: you hype the deceptive, inhumane @annabarryjester tale: Do your members know?
.@Billybeeswife @keithfhamilton @theonly1Avenger: CNN pushes things like that because some buy it. If you want to help fight it, let me know
.@Billybeeswife @keithfhamilton @theonly1Avenger: you replied to CNN's travel ban doctors tweet. There's a way to discredit them over it.
.@PNHP: DPS makes you think grandstanding at townhall will change things. Did it? Is the pol changing his vote, yes or no? #SinglePayer
Groups like you get nowhere because you suffer from Dumb Punk Syndrome (DPS). MT @PNHP Last week, Jessi Bohon made headlines at TN townhall.
.@Zahrahmusa: @dinapomeranz hyped #ImmigrantDocs, who'd braindrain struggling countries out of direly needed doctors. Do you support that?
.@JbirchWNCT: #ImmigrantDocs is inhumane. Don't you have any qualms about hyping them?
.@JbirchWNCT: just 3 docs for each 100,000 Somalis. #ImmigrantDocs wants some to come here. That increases misery/terror/piracy... #WNCT9
.@JbirchWNCT: you hyped #ImmigrantDocs w/o realizing or revealing they'd take direly-needed doctors from developing countries. #WNCT9
.@johnjhorton: either you can't figure that out or you don't care. I'll ask your students at NYU Stern which they think it is.
.@johnjhorton: does Syria have a surplus of "brilliant MD/PhD oncologist/scientists"? You can't figure out you'd screw developing countries.
MT @johnjhorton My bro-in-law is brilliant MD/PhD oncologist/scientist originally from Syria.We're so fortunate to have people like him here
.@prabhjotsinghNY: do @mountsinainyc @petersonchealth know you'd either harm 3rd World or can't figure out huge downside of #ImmigrantDocs?
.@readwriteblue: every 100,000 Somalis have just 3 doctors. #ImmigrantDocs wants some of the docs to come here. @SueNBCBoston ignored that.
.@readwriteblue: did you see the @SueNBCBoston segment on #ImmigrantDocs where she ignored how they'd greatly harm developing countries?
.@prabhjotsinghNY: #ImmigrantDocs would screw developing countries out of direly needed doctors.
.@rtorbay @tomkenyonmd: what's the Project Hope stance on developing countries having a hard time getting doctors to not go to USA/CN/etc.?
.@greatamericapac ad wants people to "tell the liberals not to fight the Trump agenda". They won't, but the grifting is good. #MAGA #resist
.@BrownMedicine: instead of encouraging doctors to stay in Somalia, Yemen, etc. you want them to come here, thereby harming those countries.
.@BrownMedicine: Somalia has just 3 doctors for every 100,000 people. That's the very definition of a "vulnerable community". #Brown
MT @BrownMedicine Many doctors from countries subject to revised travel ban play a vital role in vulnerable communities
.@DaylightAtheism: strike 1 is failing to recognize that @FiveThirtyEight would deprive Yemen, Somalia, etc. of desperately needed doctors.
.@DaylightAtheism: of @FiveThirtyEight 's deceptive #ImmigrantDocs propaganda, you say "You get what you vote for". That's strike 2.
.@ColinKahl: help yourself out. Call out CNN on their deceptive tale & point out how braindrain increase misery, increases terrorism, etc.
.@ColinKahl (Georgetown prof, ex Obama/Biden asst): you hype CNN's #ImmigrantDocs story, which doesn't reveal a huge downside: braindrain.
.@rufette: when Breizh doctors go to Paris, doesn't that harm Bretagne? CNN supports taking doctors from Yemen, Somalia, etc. Do you?
Bulgarian roma pizza Trump: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #TheResistance
.@vivekrajindia: I'm sure you understand the impacts of braindrain on developing countries. Do you support depriving Yemen etc of doctors?
.@meganranney: CNN wants to braindrain developing countries, taking doctors they desperately need. Is that something you support?
.@hartsigns: CNN didn't reveal how doctors moving here greatly hurts Yemen, Somali, etc that need all the docs they can keep. #TheResistance
These posts & tweets cost me lots of money. Please use the form to give generously: #MAGA #TheResistance
.@catawu: eg, just ~7500 docs for 24.4 million in Yemen. @kylegriffin1 wants some to come here, further harming Yemen, etc. You support?
.@catawu: @kylegriffin1 hypes #ImmigrantDocs w/o revealing how they'd greatly harm developing countries that need as many drs as possible.
.@NicoleCarrWSB: CNN doesn't reveal how #ImmigrantDocs would harm Somalia etc by taking their direly-needed doctors. You should cover that.
.@cnnkyra: just 3 docs per 100,000 Somalis. #ImmigrantDocs wants some to move here, greatly harming Somalia & other countries. You support?
.@cnnkyra: #ImmigrantDocs (hyped by #CNN) has a huge downside: taking direly-needed doctors from developing countries like Yemen.
.@iamthemacman @Geek_Nurse: re CNN's doctors tale, when a doc moves here from Yemen, that's one less direly-needed doc for Yemen. That good?
.@jhwygirl: how @alv9n tried to deceive you: Unless you support taking doctors from developing countries.
Oddly, #MAGA & #TheResistance theme songs are the same: #MusicTuesday #NowPlaying
.@RBReich: you have access to Steve Moore, Jeff Lord, etc. but can't show them wrong. What use are you? #CNN #TheResistance
List all the GOP leaners who believe you. MT @RBReich Health ins cos would get $1 billion+ windfall under GOP Obamacare replacement plan
.@jefiorentino @dontboogovote: re CNN's doctors story, you have to undercut them *to their base*. See my endless #ImmigrantDocs tweets.
.@RBReich - Berkeley professor - still hasn't learned Socratic questioning. He & Steve Moore are just ranting for different echo chambers.
.@RWStavros: surely, not all in #TheResistance are dupes for neocolonialist effort to deprive struggling countries of direly-needed doctors.
MT @RWStavros #CNN #TheResistance says if you need a doctor, be thankful for #Immigrants, especially from "banned countries" .
.@BollyGrooves: any concern for ppl in countries docs are from? Like Somalia, w/ just 3 docs for every 100,000 people? #CNN's #ImmigrantDocs
.@BollyGrooves: of CNN's #ImmigrantDocs disinfo you say "pls tag trump voter so they understand their health care accessibility is at risk"
ELUVEITIE - A Rose For Roger Stone: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #TheResistance
.@eternity59slg @Millerstrator @MickTy96: how to destroy CNN & #ImmigrantDocs to their base: Please share widely.
.@annaversage: #ImmigrantDocs would also take drs from countries where they're in extremely short supply. Point that out to those taken in.
.@annaversage: of #CNN's #ImmigrantDocs you say "We need to focus on training more young docs in the US...[affordable tuition and raise pay]
.@eternity59slg @Millerstrator @MickTy96: CNN's dr story is the #ImmigrantDocs propaganda effort. Please help undercut them to their base.
.@bonnerjeanne: @bonnerjeanne hyped #ImmigrantDocs w/o revealing they'd take direly-needed doctors from Yemen, Somalia, etc. Journalism?