Chivas just scored winning goal on stealing ball from goalkeeper being sloppy. #AnnCoulter #FrozenFour #MAGA #communism #MoralDecay
.@olson_micki: I wrote Your idol Trump has repeatedly hinted he'll legalize DREAMers. #MAGA?
Your insanity isn't entertaining. MT @olson_micki Obama was pathetic President,you libruls proved you's sore losers.We no forget any of it!
.@RealDonaldTrump: did you watch the #FrozenFour? I know it's Canadian, but #hockey is universal, right?
.@mhbergen: @Snopes is a questionable group that lied & tried to cover it up. #Politifact just ignored how they'd lied. #Google
.@mhbergen: you blog about #Google including "fact checkers" in search results, specifically Snopes & Politifact. Both have lied.
.@A_M_Perez: #Twitter & SJWs get away with censorship precisely *because* those impacted make it an insular, conservatives-only thing.
#BigBen2020 #MAGA MT @_BigBen7 Informed the team I am looking forward to my 14th season. Steeler Nation will get my absolute best! — Ben
Plonk -> @monkeybearcop
Not going to bother with her other tweets. MT @olson_micki [a moi] After Obama there will NEVER be another Democratic POTUS,
.@Michael_CAFC: what @samfbiddle isn't telling you about ALT_USCIS is that they posted info on upcoming raids. Biddle isn't a journalist.
.@DarleneCypser: did you see the @fordm story about ALT_USCIS? He knows they posted confidential info, but didn't reveal it to his readers.
For the record, @seanmdav has blocked me: As always, that means I hit the mark and he admits I'm right.
Dumb things rarely do. #MAGA MT @Cernovich Pro-Trump, anti-war activists shut down White House Comment line 202-456-1111 doesn't work
Apparently the #AltRight, InfoWars, etc. are edging off the #TrumpTrain over #Syria. #MAGA!
.@ChelseyWrites: it's good ppl turned out. It's bad there was no marketing & #USAvRUS was hidden away on channel millions don't get. #USWNT
Partly. MT @ChelseyWrites Dallas filled the stadium on a weeknight against Russia with zero marketing in the area, so that's good. #USAvRUS
.@believethatwe @kevinmccauley: name another country where the "national" team is hidden away like that. #USAvRUS #USWNT#USMNT @USSoccer
.@believethatwe @kevinmccauley: #USAvRUS was hidden away on a channel 10s of millions don't get. Bad for #USWNT & #USMNT. @USSoccer
Yes! Obama is almost at at 97% in his #FrozenFour brackets; Trump & Coulter hadn't even heard of it. #MAGA #hockey #soccer #AltRight
.@fordm: ALT_USCIS wasn't just criticizing Trump, they released confidential info (see my recent tweets). When will you post an update?
I even wrote a satire (or something) about #Netscape lock files, featuring Larry Ellison: #Firefox #Oracle #Linux
#Firefox - aka #Netscape - keeps fucking with extension authors -> why bother? -> I can't screenshot a tweet+replies. #Linux #MAGA #resist
Now, well over 52 major versions later, #Firefox - aka #Netscape - still can't get things right. After millions! #Linux #MAGA #resist
Remember when #Netscape would lock up & you'd need to kill it and then clean up its lock files? Ah, memories. #Linux #MAGA #resist
.@mjsoctober @Resa_Two @Major_Bones: ALT_USCIS wasn't just criticizing Trump, they leaked confidential info. Biddle deceived. #TheIntercept
Isn't Writer's Guild fiction? LOL. #AltRight MT @hamiltonnolan Congratulations to THE INTERCEPT on unionizing [with Writer's Guild East]
.@AlleenBrown: your colleague Biddle didn't reveal ALT_USCIS leaked confidential info. How will #TheIntercept deceiving impact credibility?
.@ObscureBug @rd_synecdoche @quartknee103: Biddle didn't tell you that ALT_USCIS was leaking confidential info:
For the record, @ALT_uscis has blocked me. IOW, I really struck a nerve & they admit they're wrong. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@Zathras3: smart people with megaphones could have easily stopped Trump. @jonathanchait has a megaphone but he's not smart enough. #resist
Counting down the seconds until Trump appears before a "Mission Accomplished" banner (on a mockup of a carrier). #MAGA #resist
.@chrisgeidner: hopefully, will leave a mark on @samfbiddle. When will you update your ALT_USCIS story? @ggreenwald
.@chrisgeidner: like you, @samfbiddle chose not to reveal the whole story about ALT_USCIS to his readers. Google his name tomorrow.
...and in other news, we're now basically at war with Russia. #MAGA! #resist
.@chrisgeidner: @ALT_USCIS didn't just criticize Trump, they revealed locations of upcoming USCIS raids. When will you update your blog?
DHS Secy admits Trump Wall - as conceived by Trump fans - is bogus: #MAGA #resist #immigration
.@samfbiddle: @alt_uscis revealed raid locations in Feb, see my tweet: When will you post an update?
.@samfbiddle: you say Trump admin wants ID behind @alt_uscis "simply because they are criticizing the president". That's not all they did.
.@samfbiddle of #TheIntercept blogs the deceptive "The U.S. Government Is Trying to Unmask an Anonymous Anti-Trump Twitter Account".
#DailyBeast: "Steve Bannon Calls Jared Kushner a 'Cuck' and 'Globalist' Behind His Back". At least Trump admin is hilarious. #MAGA #resist
Trump won because #TheResistance leaders are incompetent. Help change that! Go to & give generously.
.@MilkenInstitute: impotent @rgreene2 tantrum just helps Trump: Trump's *smarter* than them. #LATimes
Trump knows @GlennThrush @maggieNYT aren't a threat. #MAGA #NYT MT @Gwen4791 you're failing NYT 1 minute & having exclusive interviews next
MT @GetSmart2020: those are important topics. News for Parrots is important to parrots too. However, none will undercut Trump to his fans.
MT @GetSmart2020 And no [NYT] questions [in Trump interview] on: 1) Russia 2) Conflicts 3) Voter suppression 4) Hate crimes 5) Flynn
.@jeneps: Trump is most vulnerable to his base on immigration. Is it journalism that Haberman & Thrush didn't ask him about that? #NYTimes
.@Stranahan now works for Sputnik. He's open about being in Putin's pay. Thankfully, he'll do him no good:
.@AdamBlickstein: @maggieNYT @GlennThrush Trump chat is >4600 words, none about where Trump is most vulnerable to his base: #immigration.
MT @AdamBlickstein [about Trump interview] if your VP/CoS/NEA & Press Secy all babysit a simple NYT interview, maybe your WH is poorly run
#NYT: "Who Is Mike Cernovich? A Guide". Up next: "What is gov no? A Guide". I hate #NYTimes more than #AltRight but don't give him space.
.@AnupamBJena: @HMSHCP hyped the inhumane @immigrantdocs group: Are they dumb or just sociopaths too? #Harvard
MT @HMSHCP Harvard & MIT students made an interactive map of immigrant impact. Check out @immigrantdocs ... for more details
Free Farmer John's for life if you bean a Portuguese Water Dog. #MAGA!
I don't think #baseball needs excitement, but if it does: *make* players juice. Let's see some 150MPH fastballs & 1/2 mile homers. #MAGA!
Mark McGwire is a juicing success story. Let all players juice & let's break some records! #Dodgers #Padres #MAGA! #MMLBGA!
.@freedom4all117 @inittowinit007: @JustinRaimondo might have slightly disagreed, but no Trump fan ever demanded Trump do a better job.
You gave Trump a blank check. #MAGA? MT @freedom4all117 Many of us voted for you Trump because you promised to end wars not escalate them.
.@nnnanceee: did you see @JustinRaimondo 's obsequious LATimes OpEd in support of Trump? He enabled Trump rather than demanding better.
If only Paultards weren't deranged anti-Americans, we might listen. #MAGA MT @DanielLMcAdams UN not even sure there was a chemical attack!!!
To answer my question, #Flagstaff does need a safe space: from the incessant sound of trains. Other than that I'm stumped. #SJW #MAGA #NAU
.@JonathanTurley: why there so many "safe spaces" when @AnnCoulter etc oppose them so much? Could it be they're just incompetent grifters?
N. AZ doesn't need safe spaces. From what? MT @JonathanTurley Northern Arizona President Under Fire For Refusing To Commit To “Safe Spaces”
.@Barnes_Law: when Trump helped Obama endanger USA ( & his bans) was that secret genius too? @ScottAdamsSays
.@Barnes_Law, trial lawyer, tweets "Very sage insight by @ScottAdamsSays". He's just scamming: "Trump is secret genius" can't be disproven.
Sad to see Abigail go; cute nerd; not sharing her NYC obsession. Nora is also cute, but reminds me of #Jeopardy
.@cwarzel: undercutting Cernovich & Trump is incredibly easy: Why do you refuse to do things the smart way?
.@RachelStoltz: in the extremely unlikely event Trump Wall (aka Trump Fence) is built, won't next Dem pres weaken/destroy it? #DailyCaller
.@RachelStoltz: at #DailyCaller you blog "Former Border Chief: Arizona Wall Put A Dramatic Stop To Illegal Crossings". Is that permanent?
.@anna_giaritelli: did you point out a) that # will change, & b) even if Trump is the cause, he won't be Pres forever? Am I right?
.@anna_giaritelli: at #WashEx, you blog "Border apprehensions hit 17-year low in March". W/o looking, I'll guess you didn't point out...
NB: mouthbreather plans aren't viable. Wishes - "they should jus bild the Wall!!!" - aren't action plans. It pains me I have to say that.
.@ZigTj @FightonUSA: @JudgeJeanine is just cynically using a horrible crime for ratings. She has no *viable* *action* plan: ask her.
.@olson_micki: you support Trump Wall. In the extremely unlikely event it's built, what will happen to it when next Dem pres takes office?
Profit before all. #FoxNews MT @JudgeJeanine ICYMI, watch this touching interview with the parents of young girl who was killed by illegals
.@BillSchulz: Trump would legalize millions of illegal aliens. All bad for USA. Will you demand better from Coulter or aren't you patriotic?
.@BillSchulz: Trump had chance to undercut BLM, f-ed it up. He & his kids just call Liz Warren names as she's very vulnerable on immigration
.@BillSchulz: which are you more loyal to, your buddy Coulter or the USA? Trump admitted his #MuslimBan actions have made USA less safe.
.@JasonBretWells: happy DWW day. I'm doing a bit of a poll asking people which language they think Mateen pere broadcast in. What say you?
.@Lawrence: you'd reflexively believe anything anti-O’Reilly, without even bothering to consider the facts. You aren't credible. #MSNBC
DERPMT @Lawrence O’Reilly threatens to sue Wendy Walsh for "defamation of Mr O'Reilly's character." Sue me too because I believe her.
.@soccerwoborders: do you allow white people at your meetings, unlike the other group mPinoe supports, BLM?
.@soccerwoborders: does "w/o borders" mean "soccer open to all", or "countries have no right to enforce border restrictions"?
.@DarfurUnited: do you allow white people at your meetings, unlike the other group mPinoe supports, BLM?
In this case, the "unusual activity" was clicking a mpinoe individual tweet (while being logged in). She's obviously on @Jack fave list.
I rarely tweet through #Twitter GUI, because that way my oh so importantly opines aren't saved to my db. I wasn't doing that in this case.
I tweet by sending from this form to my site, which saves my ponderous thoughts to my db then uses #Twitter API to tweet. #Drupal
Right after I started tweeting about #BLM - a group @Jack loves as much as a honky can - #Twitter locked by account, required password chnge
.@kylemartino: have you seen ? When will you ask @mpinoe about her allies?
.@BLMPhilly in all it's one-race-only glory:
MT @BLMPhilly If you identify as of African Diaspora You can attend our meetings & become a member. If not you can support us in other ways
OK. MT @BLMPhilly BLM to white allies until you say instead of organizing in our spaces​, spend that time and energy organizing white ppl
NB: Hate Books aren't real books, so burning them is OK. Hate Books incl Mein Kampf and The Art Of The Deal. #MAGA #SJW #TheResistance
.@JesskaNightmare: I saw you tweet about Ignorance Fighter II. Have you unlocked the second level with the hate book burning?
.@aronbender: Kobylt of @JohnAndKenShow isn't just a sociopath: he's close to being full-on, anti- and un-American libertarian scum. #KFI
.@aronbender: unlike Kobylt, I stand with my fellow Americans. He'd trade 1 million Guatemalans for 1 million American cubicle workers. #KFI
After his vacation there, Kobylt of @JohnAndKenShow said he'd trade 1 million Guatemalans for 1 million American cubicle workers. #KFI
2 Thessalonians 3:15: "And yet do not esteem him as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother". Never seen a fiscal con do that. #MAGA #resist
.@DonLemon: if @DrWendyWalsh could get something so (seemingly) simple wrong, I have difficulty trusting whatever her current claims are.
.@DonLemon: @DrWendyWalsh sought an Arabic translator to understand what Mateen pere was saying: #CNN