Here's an example of another Mike Bloomberg front deceiving to push their agenda: #immigration #EveryTown #Parkland #MarchForOurLives
.@dyoukilis: I'm sorry for your loss, but, to be frank, you're a dupe. Everytown is from Bloomberg & his efforts deceive to push his agenda. Even if guns were banned, mass killers could find another method. The deeper problem is cultural & Bloomberg's part of the problem.
#Finland is about to lose to #USA in Women's Hockey, but they can take comfort in the fact that this is a great song & video. So, maybe concentrate on things like this. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday #Olympics
.@supertracpak: tearing down Mt Rushmore isn't an issue because almost none would support it. DACA is an issue because many support it, even though they shouldn't. Name specific groups that shouldn't support it & list the campaigns to get them to change their minds:
.@kausmickey enabled Trump 100%, he never demanded Trump keep his promises or gave Trump smart arguments that'd undercut Dems. Kaus (to extent he has any influence) is part of the reason why Trump pushes amnesty. MT @SandraKayWard3 RT @ArianeDolgah: [Trump, keep your promises!]
Not to be outdone, the Dems have issued the Democratic Response to Trump's Bombard & Organ Song Of The Day: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSunday
In both women's #soccer & #hockey, it's considered bad form to throw boxes of jello onto the pitch/ice and chant "scissors". HTH. #Olympics
Also, America is up 2-0 against the Finnish Entity and Olympics Athletes from Finland near the start of the 2nd quarter. #Olympics #MAGA #resist #USA #USA #USA
.@MikeTirico: because #NBC doesn't support American sports, I have to use a UK IP so I can watch @TeamUSA on the BBC. That's also where I had to watch #soccer from Brazil the last time NBC f'ed up the #Olympics.
#NBC is showing an interview with Tara Lipinsky & Johnny Weir - dressed in his usual #Teaparty garb - rather than showing ACTUAL FUCKING AMERICAN SPORTS such as a #hockey game. #Olympics #MAGA #resist
.@cryborg: imagine someone wants to commit a school shooting, but they can't find an AR15. Which is more likely: a) they'll just give up and take up philately instead, or b) they'll find a different kind of weapon? MarchForOurLives #MAGA #resist
.@CarlosSimancas: if Trump & his fans were smart & patriotic, they could make the Dems support more border security, all without amnesty. Instead, Trump & some of his fans want to trade amnesty for "tough" concessions that - just as with the 1986 amnesty - won't appear. #MAGA
Most Americans don't care & #NBC isn't doing your sport any favors by hiding it away on a channel millions don't get (so they can show more ice dancing). MT @SamiJoSmall Women's ice hockey fans: this is going to be a long night! #Olympics #icehockey
Nice posturing, but you're both whores who'd sell out the USA in seconds if you got a better offer. Both of you support an anti-American amnesty. #MAGA #resist MT @RepCohen Watched USA-Russia #Olympics hockey game this morning. I cheered for USA. Wonder who Trump cheered for?
.@chrishofley: your primary concern should be that #NBC is marginalizing #Olympics #hockey on a channel millions of Americans don't get. But, they've got plenty of time for ice dancing.
If they were doing actual backwoods stuff, they'd have to deal with possible animal attacks, uneven terrain, weather, not getting heatstroke/hypothermia, point of no return, route finding, taking the wrong route, and a whole host of other things. #Olympics #MAGA #resist
"Snowboarder breaks his neck in terrifying crash at Olympics". We don't want that, but (I belieb) an Austrian got a bad time because someone left something on the course. That's what bugs me about these groomed courses: they have no connection to reality. #Olympics #MAGA #resist
.@yaredchristine: #NYT is, to be frank, just using you to push their agenda. Mass killers who couldn't get guns wouldn't give up, they'd just use something else. The deeper issue NYT doesn't want to discuss is cultural: corrupt elites, yahooism, violent entertainment, etc.
Nice, and no ring.
.@feldmaniac: good to see a "senior editor" for #Mediaite - a lil' fascist site that banned me - only has 2708 followers. You blog "Jill Stein Downplays Russian Meddling". She's always been extremely vulnerable to her base on another issue, but you lack smarts to highlight that.
Do those who give ice dancing good ratings know they're ruining the #Olympics for everyone else? In the interests of the common good, please - for the love of all that's holy - stop watching ice dancing. Demand curling or anything besides ice dancing. #MAGA #resist
On #60Minutes, Oprah claims liberals & libertarians couldn't be further apart. That's despite how Dem/"liberal" leaders & libertarians agree on NeoLiberal economic policies. They agree on #immigration. Libertarians would let the far-left a**-r*** the culture. #MAGA #resist
#MarchForOurLives = a hysterical reaction that (perhaps intentionally) ignores the real issue. U.S. culture is sick: movies/video games, crooked globalist elites that have little or no patriotism, consumerism, lack of real debate about key issues, etc. etc. #MAGA #resist
NB: I'm not a gun nut. I have a CCIA permit that lets me carry an ice axe for protection. Yes, that and my Lederhosen results in some strange looks but I explain I'm training for the #Olympics Ice Ramp Survival event.
So, you'd prefer to disarm law-abiding, responsible citizens who'd be defenseless against armed criminals? MT @yogaskidogs Dude on CNN dragged out the "criminals will get guns anyway" argument... So no speed limits, cuz people speed anyway? #MarchForOurLives
I forgot about the penalty loop. #Olympics
The "mass start" (or whatever) #biathlon is a step up from ice dancing. For instance, I see trees. It'd be even better if they had to go cross-country & make their own trail to a point 5 miles away. Instead of passing by the ditch on a groomed trail, go into it. #Olympics
Thanks to Trump, Americans now have compulsory schooling at Trump Brand L'Academy McMahon WWE Liesee: #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicSaturday
.@therockangel1 @dawg_lb: @RepHagan is trying to scam you. The price she'd pay for those "tough" features (that'd never happen) is amnesty. She's trying to get you to support amnesty. Disagree? Ask her! Make her admit she'd legalize millions of illegal aliens. #MAGA #immigration
After just one tweet, #MAGA snowflake & in effect amnesty supporter @janiek13 has blocked me:
Not mentioned: she wants amnesty as part of the deal. MT @RepHagan Americans are sick of DC kicking the can down the road on illegal immigration. We must: 1) Secure borders/build Wall 2) Implement mandatory E-Verify 3) End Diversity Visa Lottery 4) End Chain Migration
.@AgendaOfEvil: you hype @ezralevant saying Trump's "ideas" about Muslim #immigration aren't crazy. What's crazy is the idea that Trump has ideas. His #MuslimBan was just a kneejerk, WWE demagogic scam. His travel ban made USA less safe & *helped* ISIS. #MAGA #resist #Canada
Speaking about Canada, while Trump was on his second 'Nam tour, France Gall was safe at home singing Baby Pop on a "scopitone" (a predecessor of our modern music videos): #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSaturday
.@GartrellLinda: don't get me wrong: you should hilite costs, if the stats are valid. Just don't expect it to stop amnesty. Disagree? Present evidence that Trump, Pelosi, & most Americans are swayed. There are smart arguments that'd *stop* amnesty. Want to help me make them?
.@GartrellLinda: on Dec 1 you asked "Exactly How Much is Illegal Immigration Costing Your State?" That might make you feel better, but it's counterproductive. Pols will "solve" it by making illegal legal (amnesty, guest workers, etc.) It's also worthless as an argument.
Fresh back from his four 'Nam tours, Trump was cheered by the Stones singing Sympathy for Trump in a tribute to him, Trump: #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicSaturday #CadetBoneSpurs
& ushered in the era of knife, ricin, & ice axe violence. #Parkland #MAGA #resist MT @MonetMonetmc Marjory Stoneman Douglas WILL NOT be remembered for a school shooting. You will however remember it as the school with the students who brought an end to gun violence
Ironic, considering that violent Hollywood movies are part of the deeper issues that lead to mass shootings. #Parkland #MAGA #resist MT @ambertamblyn We aren’t asking for sensible gun control anymore. We are demanding it.
Fresh back from his four 'Nam tours, Trump rocked out to #FreedomRock like Creedence Clearwater Revival with Fortunate Son: #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicSaturday #CadetBoneSpurs
Guns = a hysterical fixation on a largely immaterial issue. Even mental health isn't the real issue. The real issue is a sick culture. Banning guns wouldn't fix that. #Parkland #MAGA #resist MT @zooweamama [I'll be able to vote next year & I'll vote out Rubio over guns]
Rolling Stones w/ Happy To Collude With You: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSaturday
.@DesignerDeb3: ironically, @ananavarro & Trump are basically on the same side of #immigration. She's just even more extreme & anti-American than he is. Trump could greatly undercut those like her w/ smart arguments, but he refuses to make them. #CNN #MAGA
Da! MT @realDonaldTrump Very sad that FBI missed all of many signals sent out by Florida school shooter. This not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with Trump campaign - there is no collusion. Get back to basics and make us all proud!
The Who w/ My Wife Melania: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicSaturday
I'd imagine Putin bots went all in over Alex Jones' #SpiritCooking. That would've been neutered with *Socratic debate* of Trump proxies. @DonLemon etc. emoting & smearing over it just *furthered* it. #TheResistance in effect *helped* Putin, Jones, & Trump. #MAGA
Want to neuter Russian propaganda? Make it like the ads in this #Simpsons ep? Encourage *real* debate (the Socratic kind). That destroys #FakeNews, propaganda, etc. Putin'd be like the mini Itchy Homer plucked from the TV. #MAGA #resist #Facebook
.@ChuckRabin: you just had a highly-charged emotional moment & your nerves are wrecked. You aren't thinking straight. I'm sure that's happened to you a lot. Is that the best time to make policy? #Florida #Parkland
.@MaryEllenKlas: you blog "Lawmakers agree to destroy site of school carnage: 'This building has to come down'". Because when has hyper-emotionalistic hysteria not led directly to brilliant policy and genius decisions? #Florida #Parkland
"Below them, a 100', 45 degree ice ramp that leads to a cliff with a 1000' drop. We'll push them down the ramp to start them out. Their only hope? This ice axe. Welcome to the #Olympics Survival event, where anyone who survives gets gold!" #MAGA #resist
Know what a "booth bimbo" is? #SiliconValley execs are great at making $ but they're dumber than booth bimbos at everything else. Hysteria about Russia, terrorism, hurt feelings, etc. activates their brainless kneejerk responses that limit what you can see. #MAGA #resist
TSA checking shoes gives AQ what they want; #Facebook changes give Putin what he wants. You aren't smart enough to realize that. MT @robjective We are also taking aggressive steps to prevent this sort of meddling in the future by requiring verification of political advertisers
"Donald Trump Decides Not to Golf in Respect of Shooting Victims". His greatest sacrifice since his four 'Nam tours. #CadetBoneSpurs #Parkland #MAGA #resist
For those who were wondering, the president of South Korea is Moon Jae-In. He's not as interesting as the crazy, Trump-like president of *North* Korea. Also, skater Kim A-Lang (sp?) is easy on the eyes, as is Petra Jaszpati (sp?). Also, I'm going to train for the #Olympics.
24Ahead's Closing Argument is Masha, Arkona, Vedan Kolod, Trump, and Putin all singing this tribute to Zima, the cool refreshing drink now only available in Trump's homeland of Moldova: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
.@Thad8920: FYI, @Drewbueno is just a scammer. I called NUSA 2x trying to give them a smart, easy, free plan that'd stop amnesty for good. They refused both times. Constantly fighting amnesty is how they keep from getting real jobs. #immigration #MAGA
.@jwnobles1: @NumbersUSA calling Congress is brainless. I called them 2x & went around & around trying to convince them to use this plan. They refused. Constantly "fighting" - but never vanquishing - amnesty is how they make their money. #MAGA
.@turdface68: FYI, @MarkSKrikorian is just a grifter. I'm sure you have them in AU: they refuse to ever *do* anything, they just talk a good game. He refuses to do smart, easy, free things that'd reduce #immigration: *not* reducing it his how he makes his money.
.@LadyCitizenUSA: @ALIPAC wanted to send used underwear to Congress to stop amnesty (???). I want to engage Congress in debate & show them wrong, and Gheen refuses to help. Which of those plans is for grown-ups? #MAGA #immigration
.@PlaetoRuth: @kausmickey & other Trump fans are part of the problem. They just enabled Trump & refused to give him smart arguments against amnesty. He's rejected their lunkhead arguments. Eg, has Kaus ever urged Trump proxies to point out #immigration = braindrain? #MAGA
People will often stop me on the street asking, "can we see Masha from Arkona & Vedan Kolod together?" And I will respond thusly: #MusicFriday #resist #MAGA #NowPlaying
.@ouchinagirl: it's great @AnnCoulter is a Trump fan who opposes his amnesty. However, she gave him unimplementable plans and lunkhead arguments that he's rejected. She refused to give him smart plans & arguments that would stop amnesty. Demand she finally does that. #MAGA
"But", they ask, "do you have something that pre-dates Trump being a quisling?" Yes! Hymn of the Cherubim - Russian Orthodox Cathedral Choir, Paris, 1954 #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
.@MarieHyde: these questions will *really* make @SenatorIsakson look bad, sending a message to all in Congress & stopping amnesty in its tracks. Will you urge everyone to go ask him them on video at his events?
.@MarieHyde: you oppose @SenatorIsakson over amnesty & want people to call him. Another way to undercut him - one that'll *really* get his attention - is to go to his events and ask him tough questions I'll provide on video. Those questions will really put him on the spot.
The first part of that new Arkona song is like this Vedan Kolod song (once again: these are friendly bands, like Trump & Putin): #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
That Arkona song is (pardon my Russian) damn epic. The flute part is also in this Vedan Kolod song (note: Arkona & VK are friends like Trump & Putin): #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
Also, speaking about Trump, here's another track from the new Arkona album: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
.@EricLevitz: math quiz: there are ~9000 doctors in all of Yemen for 28 million people. If 1000 of them move to the USA as you, Trump, #Koch, USChamber, etc. want, how many doctors are left in Yemen for their 28 million people? Do you know you'd greatly harm Yemen & don't care?
.@BobWeiss91362: @EricLevitz says Trump's DACA stance is "indefensible" & indeed it is. EL isn't smart enough to figure out Trump is very, very pro-amnesty, & that that amnesty would harm U.S. workers/students *and* developing countries. #NYMag #resist
Also, Trump will now be holding a contest - provisionally named "Miss USA" - to see who he'll use his droit de seigneur on. #MAGA #resist
One upside to Trump is that he & his cultists are open about "l'etat c'est Trump". Obama/GWB & their cultists aren't as open about it. So, there's that. #MAGA #resist
.@RobGeorge: @JonathanChait could do simple things that'd really undercut Trump in ways that'd hurt him. Like urging #CNN to ask Trump proxies Socratic questions on how Trump's policies would fail. Chait can't figure that out & refuses to do it when asked. He's a paper tiger.
.@RaySuarezNews: how'd things work out for you? You supported NeoLiberal policies like loose #immigration & globalism on #PBS, then you worked for al-Jazeera & now you're looking for a job. Maybe you'd have had better luck pushing pro-American (NB: albeit not yahoo) policies.
.@miketirico: nothing against you or Grandpa Don, but I lunged for the remote. #Olympics should be sports, not you or Trautwig narrating Hallmark segments or ice dancing.
A confused Trump claims "l'harpist, c'est moi!" in response to this song by Cecile Corbel: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
Another #Breitbart headline: "The Day Russia Conspiracy Theory 'Unraveled'" under a pic of Kayleigh McEnany. Unlike #TheResistance I'm not expecting perp walks but they'll be so, so very sweet. #MAGA
.@sarahchad_: your #Parkland tweet apparently went viral. #GunControl is just a bandaid (& perhaps from those with a hidden agenda). The real problem is mostly cultural: yahooism, lack of real debate, corrupt elites, movies/video games, libertarianism, lack of cohesion, etc.
Speaking about old internet things, remember "go - t - [the letter c as pronounced"? That's what Trump is doing to #MAGA. #resist
#Breitbart top headline right now is about model/reporter @dorothyofisrael - an absolute nonentity - suggesting aborting over adoption. @jeromeehudson couldn't be patriotic enough to write against amnesty instead. #immigration #MAGA
.@markondefense: #Twitter quashes dissent & lies to users w/ ghosting, etc. They can't even figure out the language a tweet is in. They double-encoded output on the live site! They showed me info for logged-in-only when I was logged out! You'd put them in charge of the debate.
After Trump clears the way, GOP states move to charge poor for health care [NB: it won't affect #MAGA, just other moochers] #resist
To repeat, the idea that the #FBI couldn't easily determine the ID of the #Florida shooter based on his #Youtube comment is absurd. #Google has his IP, which in almost all cases means his ISP & thence his ID. Google probably wouldn't let him register/login using Tor. #Parkland
Many years ago I wrote a #Java library to provide platform-specific features in a cross-platform way. That ran against the "Pure Java" myth #Sun was selling. They've since added most of the features in my library to their previously-pure system. #MAGA #resist
ICYMI, #Sun (since bought out by #Oracle) used similar propaganda to push #Java when #Microsoft competed with them, that Putin used to elect Trump. Eg, inflated tales of opposition to MS's version, lies about MS's version corrupting laptops, etc. #MAGA #resist
"netbeans --jdkhome /usr/bin/java" results in "Cannot find java. Please use the --jdkhome switch." /usr/bin/java exists and works. It earlier opened a warning dialog *behind* the splashscreen. #Java is still not ready for primetime, 20+ years later.
Inside a 3-Year Russian Campaign to Influence U.S. Voters [NB: at the least enabled by Trump and his supporters] #MAGA? #resist
.@SunnyJL52: mschlapp & @RepMarkMeadows are big amnesty fans. Is wanting to give the Dems 1-2 million new voters "conservative"? (Note: after the first amnesty, Trump says he wants "comprehensive" amnesty. That'd mean 8+ million new Dem voters). #CPAC #MAGA
#Olympics sports are very tough, but they're also just novelty exhibitions. I'd like to see them off the groomed trails, trying for a summit. Maybe all day. They'd have to deal with weather, different terrain, route finding, etc. That could be ~standardized for each Olympics.
That's a bandaid on the major underlying issue. We have a diseased culture: yahooism, movies/video games, corrupt elites, etc. etc. #ParklandStrong MT @joeygilbertinc we MUST make it IMPOSSIBLE for certain individuals to purchase or have access to firearms
.@Harrietcreigh: you just vent at mschlapp. If you really want to undercut him, point out to #MAGA how pro-amnesty he is. You have to undercut people to their audiences. #TheResistance
Re #Parkland shooter's #Youtube comment, only dolts think that couldn't be easily traced back to who left it. #Google probably tapped into his webcam as he posted it & had samples of his DNA & and iris scan. #MAGA #resist
.@KensingtonRoyal: I fucking told you not to fucking interrupt me while watching #DocMartin. It's a fucking heartwarming show, and if you don't like it then fuck off.
.@passantino: you zing Rick Scott over #Parkland. How many lives are saved each year because a potential victim had a gun? How many of those wouldn't have been saved if you'd had your way on guns? #BuzzFeedNews
.@davidjollyfl @ShuttleCDRKelly: re #Parkland, would you admit that a major contributing factor is the culture? In addition to mental health, gun control, please list all the things you're doing to positively affect the culture:
More Rebekah Mercer: "I reject as venomous and ignorant any discrimination based on race, gender, creed, ethnicity or sexual orientation". Note the lack of religion or region, i.e., she's leaving open Trump's lunkhead travel ban. #MAGA #immigration
In the #WSJ OpEd her publicists wrote for her, Rebekah Mercer says "I support [welcoming] immigrants & refugees to apply for entry & ultimately citizenship". That's as meaningless as "I like ice cream." How many? From where? What checks would there be? etc. #MAGA #immigration
.@JaneLytv: at #BuzzFeed, you huffily blog "Twitter Says Impersonating A Journalist During A Mass Shooting Doesn't Violate Its Rules". Why should it? What are they, America's parents now? Grow up. Real life isn't a safe space. #MAGA #Twitter #resist
.@JamesJFromLINY: you (just a lunkhead yahoo because no Russian would spend so much time on a cover) seem to have deleted your tweet featured below. Meanwhile, @JeffResta (possibly a crypto in reserve) hasn't.
.@profcarroll: re #Twitter deleting Russian bot tweets you say their "knee jerk reaction is to purge..What it does is erase history in an almost Orwellian way". Look how they deceive people on replies. I'm working on an app to show the games they play.
.@profcarroll: the @RespectableLaw tweets against @KitDaniels1776 would be stronger if he didn't rely so much on playing to the crowd, calling him names, etc. Doubtful many Infowars fans are going to be convinced.