If potential Islamic terrorists knew they'd go to Hell, there would be almost none of them. Much work/thinking could get that. #MAGA #resist
.@LaraLandyLover: Trump, Reince, & Tillerson sword danced with those who could control those funders. That also wouldn't solve base problem.
MT @LaraLandyLover [a CarlaChamorros] Maybe more effective suggestion: seek out funders of these terrorists & eliminate them for once & all
.@Catsuberalles: Trump's failed bans have meant *more* immigration that if he'd just ramped up screening. Hold pro-Trump leaders accountable
Trump is continuing catch and release. MT @Catsuberalles [a CarlaChamorros] Let's just try immigration controls for a start
Don't be better. MT @fubaglady [a CarlaChamorros] Do what Muslim warlords do...find the enemies' families & kill them all.Make it policy
.@jfedg: how about discrediting wannabe Coulters like CarlaChamorros & demanding a smart approach to terrorism consistent w/ American values
Killing millions of innocent is just "heavy handed"? MT @jfedg [a CarlaChamorros] Maybe a little heavy handed, how about deport their family
And you wonder how Hitler/Stalin/Pol Pot did it: #resist #LondonBridgeAttack
.@AnnCoulter RTs suggestion Trump kills millions of innocent people: #resist
"Fox Foreign Contributor" Carla Chamorro‏ @CarlaChamorros says: "Nuke the Terrorist's home Country, a small first step". #resist
.@realmandan: @colinflaherty is just another r/w grifter. Help undercut him by making these points to his fans:
In #WCWS news, #TexasAM got knocked out, #LadyHuskies knocked out #UCLA, and Jessica Mendoza is wearing a sleeveless outfit by Lady Ed Hardy
.@RealDonaldTrump: if you think court decisions are unlawful (which is what you just said), when will you move to impeach those judges?
MT @realDonaldTrump We need 2b smart/vigilant/tough.We need courts to give us back our rights.We need Travel Ban as extra level of safety!
.@jules_su helps Trump escape responsibility for not doing smart things against terrorism: #MAGA #resist #AltRight
.@bakedalaska: we need stringent screening: Trump & thus you lack smarts & patriotism to *just* demand that.
.@bakedalaska: "extreme vetting" is like something Lakoff would come up with to nix the idea. Of course, Trump's imm policies just help Dems
We have loose borders, not open borders. If you can't get that right... RT @bakedalaska It's time for extreme vetting- no more open borders
We need your help to hold Trump accountable in smart, effective ways. Please donate today: #MarchForTruth #resist
.@MarchForTruth17: a smart tactic you can use to achieve your goals: Will you use it? #MarchForTruth
IOW, privatizing air traffic control will probably be yet another Trump failure. #InfrastructureWeek #MAGA #resist
Trump wants to transfer air traffic control to a private non-profit corp. A bill to do that stalled w/o much support. #InfrastructureWeek
.@SecretService: threat on
#MarchForTruth spells out "Investigate Trump" on National Mall. Such stupid stunts helped Trump win: #resist
~BREAKING~ President Trump has just declared war on #RealMadrid over @Cristiano having more followers than him. #MAGA #resist #UCLFinal
On advice of an unnamed "friend", Trump has made this our new national anthem: #MAGA #resist
.@TeresaKopec @bluely02: please also make these points to undercut @ChrisRBarron to his fans: #TheResistance
Trump says Morris Dancing doesn't have enough prancing, so made this our new national dance: #MAGA #resist
People ask me: is Trump Anunnaki? I have to say, no: #MusicFriday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
.@mikd33: has a Trump fan ever said to you, "you know, you're right and Trump was wrong"? Haven't ppl like you just helped Trump? #resist
YAVNE, @mikd33, is a Ben Garrison-wannabe for the other set of idiots: #MAGA #resist
Vegas odds put #UCLA faves ahead of #TexasAM. I have to agree, I'm calling for a big win! #NCAASB #WCWS #PeFrio #MAGA #resist
.@KlayVolk: Trump implied most/almost all MX illegal aliens are violent criminals. Was that "truth only"?
.@KlayVolk: your bio says "truth only!" MIT scientists say Trump deceived about their studies. Was that "truth only"?
.@adamcbest: I know exactly how Trump would respond to your question. Since you don't, it'd be patriotic of you to just stand down. #resist
"YAVNE" = "Yet Another Verified Non-Entity". #MAGA #resist
YAVNE, @adamcbest says to Trump: More like Make America Late Again. Like on healthcare, why should we be behind other countries on climate?
.@travisjnichols: if ppl like you weren't idiots, you'd realize Trump's appeal & then show his fans he won't deliver or will harm them.
.@travisjnichols: didn't the loudest opposition to Trump basically consist of one childish graphic after another, & didn't that help him?
Yet another #verified non-entity, @travisjnichols (Greenpeace USA Media Director) responds to Trump with yet another childish graphic.
.@MrFrankBaraan: why's Trump hiring foreigners an approved talking point, but "Trump Wall would be blocked by Congress/courts" isn't?
Approved TP -> MT @MrFrankBaraan [Trump] chose to hire about 50 foreigners to work in Mar-A-Lago the day after he said "America First."
NB: I use "U" in the Dutch sense, not in the "I'm some texter ahole who can't be bothered to spell out words" sense. #HTH #MAGA #resist
.@SarahEMyhre @PeterWSinclair @AndrewDessler: did even 1 person say U changed their mind about Dilbert? Even just 1? #scicomm #MAGA #resist
.@SarahEMyhre @PeterWSinclair @AndrewDessler: feedback is important in science & other fields. How's yours looking? #scicomm #MAGA #resist
I have a much easier way than hair bows to find out who's who. Hold my beer for a minute. #WCWS #LadySooners #LadyHuskies #MAGA #resist
.@amollenbeckKFI: so, why'd @johnandkenshow *today* hype Trump's comments on MIT studies, when MIT scientists said yesterday Trump deceived?
.@amollenbeckKFI: as a news guy, I'm sure you saw the news reports about MIT scientists saying Trump deceived about their studies. Right?
.@AnaKasparian: #immigration stance of @elizabethforma puts her on same side as #Koch bros, USChamber, WalMart, etc. Please explain.
She's fiercely corrupt. MT @AnaKasparian A great honor to meet the fierce Senator @elizabethforma, a women who continues to inspire me
In #NCAASB news, #Oklahoma gal practically ran to 1st to escape from a tag at home. #LadyHuskies #Sooners #communism #soccer #MAGA #resist
Pujols hitting 600th home run = Trump releasing his taxes. Just do it already. #Angels #AnnCoulter #communism #soccer #MAGA #resist
Trump Quietly Continues Obama's 'Catch and Release' at Border. From #Breitbart! #immigration #MAGA #resist
Victims of illegal aliens' crime say they were taken advantage of by Trump: #immigration #MAGA #resist
#Politico: "Trump claims tax bill that doesn't yet exist is 'moving along' in Congress". #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
"If we don't do anything, we might shoot over 5 degrees or more" - MIT #GlobalWarming program co-director. Any comment, @JohnAndKenShow?
"Fausse nouvelle : Trump fait dire à une recherche ce qu'elle n'a pas dit". But of course. #MAGA #resist #FakeNews
.@JohnAndKenShow hypes Trump's deceptive reading of an older #MIT #GlobalWarming study. MIT scientists say Trump got it wrong. #LosAngeles
Trump Misused MIT Research in Reasons for Ditching Climate Deal: #PittsburghNotParis #MAGA #resist
.@AndrewDessler @PeterWSinclair @sarahemyhre: if you can't figure out how to undercut Dilbert, how can you design experiments etc. etc.?
.@AndrewDessler @PeterWSinclair @sarahemyhre: Dilbert is incredibly, maddingly easy to undercut to his base. His shtick is 100% pure crazy.
In #idiocracy news, @AndrewDessler @PeterWSinclair @sarahemyhre etc made a vid "debunking" an anti-AGW comic strip by Dilbert. So, so sad.
"White House grants ethics waivers to 17 appointees, including four former lobbyists". #MAGA! #resist
In replies news, #NPR's Scott Simon took issue w/ my tweets, as did a wind power opponent. All replies will be answered, one day.
MT @Benbouras #Covfefe is "couvre tes fesses", its been used in late 18th century by revolutionarys to tell the king "cover ur ass bitch"
MT @edinvil Wonder if COVFEFE stands 4 Couvre feu, which means curfew or "fire cover" = declare curfew over that Russian nonsense narrative
.@bretweinstein: I can figure out how to solve problems you & @charlesmurray have. I can't do your job. Be sane enough to admit your role
.@bretweinstein: did anything @charlesmurray or fans did after his attack have any impact on SJWs trying to stifle you? Admit incompetence!
.@bretweinstein: eg, did @AnnCoulter 's & Milo's Berkeley spectacles make SJWs less likely to try to stifle dissent? Did Trump's UCB threat?
In #WSJ, @bretweinstein blogs "The Campus Mob Came for Me - and You, Professor, Could Be Next". What would a competent opposition look like?
Don't let LeBron James incident make you forget that THE NBA FINALS ARE ON ABC. WATCH THEM TO STOP RACISM. #Disney #ESPN #MAGA #resist
Spraypainting LeBron James Brentwood manse couldn't have come at a worse time, what with NBA FINALS COMING UP. #Disney #ESPN #MAGA #resist
.@FareedZakaria: I predicted Trump being same as Obama on #immigration (all things considered) way back in Aug 2015. Where were you & #CNN?
.@FareedZakaria says Trump is basically just pursuing Obama's policies on various issues, all things considered. Incl on #immigration. #MAGA
Sean Spicer on #covfefe: "I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant". #MAGA #resist
Trump meant to type "couvre feu", a Norman phrase that's now... the word "curfew". #MAGA #resist #covfefe #Trump1066 #etymology
You asked me to alert you if something important happened, & #covfefe is that. Trump meant to type "couvre feu". #MAGA #resist
.@mcuban: you or someone else needs to debate Dilbert & show him wrong using Socratic questioning. I'll craft questions for a modest fee.
.@mcuban: how to undercut Dilbert to his fans: Someone who could force him to answer questions could destroy him.
I've repeatedly tried to debate Adams on policy but he runs away. MT @uliw315 RT MustangGirl3: mcuban would never debate ScottAdamsSays
Trump is Wally George, without the self-awareness it's all just an act: #MAGA #resist #Angels #OrangeCounty
.@txtechlaw98: I hadn't heard that. Which leaders say Trump is "inquisitive" & "asks in depth questions"?
MT @txtechlaw98 the leaders that talk to Trump have good things to say, that he is inquisitive, asks in depth questions and is responsive
Dilbert has never been able to answer any of my policy Q's. MT @BeingSentinel RT @MustangGirl3: @mcuban would never debate @ScottAdamsSays
.@ScottAdamsSays has fairly recently blocked me: Dilbert's scared out of his little mind. #MAGA #resist
.@sakotheAmerican: Trump keeps speaking out for anti-American #DREAMAct: Demand Coulter/Dilbert answer for it.
Good question, keep asking & ask others to ask. MT @sakotheAmerican @AnnCoulter What is Trump doing about DACA? He promised to end it.
Explicit #MAGA: #resist #TheResistance #GOP
#MAGA -> @Frostviper Don't forget,ban liberalism,by far biggest threat to USA.Our forefathers would have used firing squad to eliminate them
#MAGA -> RT @Frostviper The US and Russia should join forces to eradicate Islam terrorists and ban Islam from both countries
.@JARosenberg12 @KT_So_It_Goes: 90% of Coulter fans probably oppose antiAmerican DREAM Act (Trump supports it).When'll you use against them?
So, what's your smart plan to undercut her to her fans? MT @JARosenberg12 RT @KT_So_It_Goes: Cinemax Pitch [some childish BS about Coulter]
.@valfarly: @kathygriffin is just PR ho. @AnnCoulter is *extremely* vulnerable on ideas but loudest opponents lack smarts to use against her
Difference is Coulter has huge paper trail. MT @valfarly @AnnCoulter & @kathygriffin [are both] skeletal, publicity-hungry, soulless, ghouls
.@RAMRANTS: both & blocked me. Being a lil' fascist is non-partisan.
MT @RAMRANTS [ironically,] @BessBell serial tormenter of Trump (who is proud to be blocked by him because of it) - just blocked me.Hypocrite
Waist size 38 and up is "DXL"? #MAGA #resist #Giants #Nationals
.@janismcdonald_: #MAGA wants to silence dissent, generally speaking. I want to make it better: Which is better?
MT @janismcdonald_ Disagreeing no problem. Screeching nonsense is. Verified shrills like annoying brat non-stop kicking back of your seat