I've diagnosed your problem... bad base running decisions! #Dodgers #Nats #MAGA #resist
As shown by my #Twitter censorship checker (topmost tweet), 0 tweets to @speakerryan or @kellyannepolls are censored. A very small % to @presssec are. A greater % to @gopleader, & a large % to @sentomcotton. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead close broadcast day with glorious, heartwarming video of Trump Kids celebrating Our Leader! #MAGA #resist
Please follow the money. Her "fair" laws mean crooked growers would get cheap foreign serf labor. Cesar Chavez opposed illegal immigration, she in effect supports it. MT @mersmom8 #SC District 85 folks! Check out @VoteSamEdwards! She is for... fair #Immigration laws
.@StephenMcDonell: run some Chinese govt Twitter accounts, Chinese dissidents, etc. through the censorship checker app in my pinned tweet to see if/how Twitter helps China quash dissent.
.@dagurug: congrats on winning the John Bates Clark medal! Say, have you ever been to a small town miles from other towns? For instance, Fort Stockton TX. If 5% there are illegal aliens & get legalized, what would happen to wages in that town? #MIT
Mitt Romney - an intellectually & emotionally weak stooge who put the "empty" in "empty suit" - couldn't even win in #Utah but will have to go to a primary. #MAGA #resist
#Dodgers are on the verge of a 5 out of last 6 games winning streak. One for the record books.
.@SandraTXAS: you complain about a service saying you're a bot. They wouldn't do that if there was a *big tent* opposition to #Twitter censorship. Those who falsely pretend it's just about conservatives shrink the tent. Twitter's probably censoring millions. Use that to stop it.
Majority of CA doesn't want to side w/ Trump/cons/etc. Ergo Brown etc win out. If cons opposed illegal immigration in better ways, they could really undercut Brown. MT @poconomtn RT @SandraTXAS: Jerry Brown spent 25 billion on illegal immigration instead of fixing a dam...
.@_RainFreeman: you complain about private #immigration detention centers. Who would profit from there being as little immigration enforcement as you want?
Cody Bellinger hits homer on Cody Bellinger Bobblehead Night.
I left a comment on "Poll finds half of Californians OK with travel ban", pointing out how @TatianaYSanchez was deceiving. @woodlandnews didn't approve the comment & closed the thread. Because dissent is scary to those intent on deceiving. #Woodland #journalism
Caller: "Help! There's a fire!" Schweinsteiger: "Hi, you call #ChicagoFire answer line. I have good Tag!" Caller: "Is this the Chicago Fire Department?!?!?! THERE'S A FIRE!!!!" Schweinsteiger: "What are you wearing?"
.@jamesshadle1: FYI, your recent tweet to @jilliancyork was censored by #Twitter. @mike___weaver fared even worse: his tweet was put in their doubleplus bad "AbusiveQuality" section. So far, she & #EFF refuse to help challenge Twitter censorship. Work to change their minds.
Everything we do, #Canada tries to do too and fails miserably: football, baseball, now even hockey! #Boston
.@alisonrose711: you hype @heenan4montana buying anti-Sinclair ads on Sinclair; he complains that their reporters read a cookie-cutter anti-MSM statement. Speaking of which, are the dozens of cookie-cutter, bogus "crops rotting in the fields" stories in the MSM good journalism?
Koch bros are pro-loose borders/pro-free trade/pro-globalism & that's toxic to most #MAGA. Will you use that against GG, or do you agree with the Koch bros? MT @Heenan4Montana New FEC report from @GregForMontana shows... Koch Industries among dozens of PACs pulling his strings
.@MrNashington: of #Twitter #censorship you say those censored are "usually a conservative". That's false: Twitter is probably censoring millions of their users no matter ideology. That's also not how to oppose it: you'd shrink the tent rather than turning millions against them.
Univision has #ChicagoFire vs New York #RedBulls in #soccer. It's at the half, but after that you can stream English radio here:
24Ahead close argument not with glorious Trump National Anthem com dab i tude, but w/ glorious song about Trump continuing glorious GWB agenda! Da: 10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant w/ Grey Victory: #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicFriday
.@NameRedacted7: #Twitter censorship continues because cons divide the opposition, contrafactually make it all about them. As shown by the app in my top tweet, all types of users get shadowbanned. Do you oppose censorship, or just of those in your circle?
.@DartLucy - who now complains about Twitter censorship - blocked me over 2 completely factual, smart, patriotic tweets:
I translate, yes? Canadian women say USA is homeland & Trump is Great Lider. Womenfolk of Canada sing song for USA & for Trump! #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicFriday
Start by stopping #Twitter censorship. They're *extremely* vulnerable as they censor millions of their users. See the app in my top tweet & promote the reports. MT @Crimson_Films RT @Saucy_Sarcasm: wtf @youtube terminated @Crimson_Films for making a video on YouTube censorship.
10000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - Just As The Tide Was A Flowing live 1990: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
They were like Trump if he were smart & patriotic. If he were patriotic now, he'd call them out in ways that'd hurt them. He isn't. MT @jsipe2005 MT @davis1988will: This is @DianneFeinstein from 90s who, just like most of Dems back then, sounded more like Trump on immigration
Pink Floyd - The Division Bell - Poles Apart #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
If you're gullible enough to have fallen 100% for Trump - as virtually all #MAGA did - without realizing he's pro-amnesty & his grand plans are bogus vaporware - are you smart enough to try to impact U.S. policy? I say no.
Actually it won't. Whatever Trump spends on it will be wasted when a future admin tears it down. You'd spend billions, all to continue illegal #immigration. MT @ac697f3740bd4d9 RT @wdchongjr: @Cyndi52155 @LatinaJuanita @Lwbayfront @GrimKarl The wall will save you money
Leke leke sakalelis has been named the Official Trump Leke Leke Sakalelis Song Of The Day: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
OK, so the first clue something was amiss was wearing camo to a baby shower: #BreakingAmish #AmishMafia #ReturnToAmish #KentuckyAmish
.@kate__stoltz: it's good to hear you're doing OK there in NYC. Sabrina hasn't tweeted for almost 4 years, is she doing OK too?
sabrina_lelia hasn't tweeted for almost 4 years. Megan Lee Heart got suspended. Olya, you know about. I require some degree of cooperation from my stalkees.
.@olgashishkina - who hasn't tweeted or posted a video for years - with Sibelius Impromptu 6: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday #Finland
I covered that years & years ago. In all that time, have GOP/MAGA/Trump leaders called out Dem leaders on their seachange w/ the goal of showing their current stance wrong? MT @CrystalMack78 MT @Tell_Michelle_ [Dem leaders used to be OK on #immigration]
Fondly remembering the Brazil Olympics, President Donald Trump has declared the Brazilian Harpist Song Of The Day. Today features Angelica Vianna: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday
Trump's bans would block peace activists from Yemen while letting in ISIS embeds from BE/FR/DE. Smart alternative was just ramping up screening: he didn't do that. MT @MissyJo79 MT @Surfingranny4DT: More than 90 Muslims, nearly all Dem's, running for public office across USA
After fighting for whatever it is they're fighting for, these hot Kurd babes need a "good time" if you know what I mean. That's where I come in: #NowPlaying #MAGA #MusicFriday #resist
.@darksecretplace: there are smart arguments against Parkland kids' arguments. Eg, Columbine was planned as a bombing & fewer guns don't stop bombings. Did cons engage Hogg etc over that, or did cons - greenlighted by GOP/Trump - help Dems/Soros by smearing kids?
.@annafifield: #Buzzfeed has a politics section, surrounded by cat pics, celeb quizzes, etc. #WaPo has people like you, surrounded by deceptive propaganda about domestic issues like #immigration. There isn't *that" big a contrast between Buzzfeed's sides. Is there in your case?
Large corporations have given #Mozilla lots of money, as have small donors. Spyware like #Pocket is not a bizness model they should follow. Instead they should spend that on helping update vital extensions rather than tossing extension developers aside. #Firefox
Each version of #Firefox seems to get slower than the last. They add spyware (#Pocket) but can't fix the f-ing browser so it actually works. Plus, they've f-ed up extensions I **need** like DownThemAll. W/o that I can't d/l "Wendy Wasserman Schultz" aka A-s-h l-e-y pics.
.@NWOinPanicMode: as far as being competent goes, how do @JonahNRO & other r/w leaders stack up against Valenti/Marcotte/etc? USA needs a smart, sane, patriotic, big tent group to keep SJWs in check. Do Jonah, NRO, #MAGA, Trump, or other r/w entertainers fit that bill in any way?
.@msurman: in 1999, I wrote a satire (more or less) featuring the gross incompetence of #Netscape (at making a browser, not money). #Firefox continues on their tradition of gross incompetence. Plus now with an SJW flavor.
.@firefoxdevtools: many years ago #Netscape would lock up. I'd have to force-quit & clean up its lock files. I was using Linux then. Just now I needed to force quit #Firefox when it locked up on Linux. All those years, & Firefox' gross incompetence has stayed the same.
Trump referred to "Wendy Wasserman Schultz" in a tweet. If he weren't America's fave dotard, he would have gotten her name right: A-s-h l-e-y L-i-t-e followed by s-p-e-e-e-e-d. Convert that into a two word name and then do a search. Striking resemblance. #MAGA #resist
.@PhillyD: check out how #Twitter is censoring replies to you (the tweets in red are hidden, those in purple are doubleplus hidden):
"Big banks saved $3.6B in taxes last quarter under new law". Don't worry, #MAGA, that'll trickle down to you. Perhaps in the form of Freedom Checks. #resist
At the #WSJ Kevin D. Williamson blogs "When the Twitter Mob Came for Me". He's unwittingly admitting that he and his fellow travelers are too incompetent to undercut SJWs. If cons can't even help one of their fave entertainers keep his job, what use are they? #MAGA #resist
Cons have a long tradition of unwittingly admitting their own gross incompetence. Eg, Hannity screaming about the media not covering something when a) he's media, and b) he has the means to get the rest of the media to cover something. Another example next. #MAGA #resist
.@katiekilkenny7: you blog "Alyssa Milano/Alec Baldwin/Amy Schumer Help Launch Anti-NRA Campaign". What % of USA would change their minds due to them? Isn't virtually everyone who can stand them against NRA & vice versa? Smart arguments would work but they can't even spell that.
Thanks to Pres Trump's TV habit, the White House now has a whole room full of Clappers, Salad Shooters, and Hurrycanes. #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
~BREAKING~ Moments after seeing an ad on Fox and Friends, Pres Trump has fired all his economic advisors & hired a new team to move the USA to a "Freedom Checks"-based economy. Developing... #MAGA #resist
24Ahead close arguments (what arguments? No arguments here!) with glorious Trump National Anthem c montage m of Trump accomplishments! #MAGA #NowPlaying #resist #MusicThursday
Because of cons, there's a label. I had to point out at the start of the README for my app that #Twitter censorship isn't just a con issue, because cons have tarnished the opposition to Twitter censorship just as they've tarnished other issues. #MAGA #resist
.@FriedrichHayek @RogerPielkeJr: just tonight I called out Judd Legum for lying about Diamond & Silk even though I can't stand them, Trump, or #MAGA. I didn't see you helping with exposing his blatant lie. Your problems go much, much deeper than CAP.
I've written 83 anti-CAP posts since 2005, never gotten any help from cons. I've diagnosed your problem: you're cons. MT @FriedrichHayek MT @RogerPielkeJr Beginning in 2007, CAP wrote more than 161 articles critical of me
They censor all types of users, incl libs. Making it just a con think marginalizes the opposition. To stop it, use the checker in my pinned tweet. Post the reports, shame MSM into covering them. MT @ChelRBR MT @joyreaper: PITIFUL DISPLAY OF LEFTIST CENSORSHIP BY #Twitter
Trump could do even more. Enabling illegal #immigration is unnatural for Dem base; Trump could turn many against Pelosi etc. Has he even tried that? #MAGA? MT @formulalol MT @bud_cann: Trump’s tight labor market, a growing economy and stricter immigration [have helped workers]
Trump sent National Guard to stop 50 potential crossers?? Trump could greatly reduce illegal #immigration just by making smart arguments that undercut Dem leaders. Why won't he do that? #MAGA? MT @USRealityCheck Some 50 members of migrant caravan reach Mexico, U.S. border
The number of things cons are useless at is infinite: imagine a grid of #ThinkProgress hacks. What's between each Think Progress hack? More hacks. What's between each of them? More Think Progress hacks. #QED #MAGA #resist
One of the 15,490,491,939,202.4923 things that are maddening about cons is they can't show extreme featherweights like Judd Legum wrong. They can't conceive of the value of that, refuse to help, undercut attempts to get help... They're their own worse enemies & f everything up.
Here's praying I never need a primary care doc in #Boston because if you doctor like you politic your patients are in trouble. Facebook has *admitted* calling D/S "unsafe". It's not a hoax. Look it up MT @Peter_Grinspoon RT @JuddLegum: [Diamond & Silk] claims are a complete hoax
.@jeremyherb: @donie makes it sound like Diamond & Silk is just a made-up story, yet Facebook has *admitted* calling them "unsafe". Now FB is doing damage control. Is kneejerk scoffing to appeal to an echo chamber what you'd call journalism? #CNN
.@AndreaWNYC: on domestic front, Trump scamming 10s of millions with his bogus Wall (which'd be easily torn down), his bans (that've made USA less safe), etc. are what's really important. I'm sure you're patriotic enough to concentrate on those rather than Trump-enabling sideshow
Let's rank those like non-corrupt patriotic Americans. Obsessing over prozzies & p tape is only for corrupt, unpatriotic sources. Putin is actually important. MT @AndreaWNYC ["gonna find time to talk Michael Cohen" instead of] Comey memo news, prostitutes, Putin, and the p tape
Hey Matt, if labor supply in an isolated town goes up, what happens to wages? If it goes down, what happens to wages? MT @matt_cam [USCIS removing "thank you" from rejections has] no other apparent purpose than making our nation less welcoming
Flashback to Jan 2017: real journalist @joanwalsh hyped as real a bogus tweet that @costlylovewins created. Remember: always get your news from approved sources. #MAGA #resist
Look at your ratings: that's who cares. It'd be patriotic of you to really press a Trump proxy on how The Wall is vaporware that would be easily torn down, but you don't do patriotism. MT @juliettekayyem [on #CNN c] @joelockhart @TheRickWilson. I think it will be lively
.@ezralevant: check out how #Twitter censors replies to @cathmckenna: (Note: they censor plenty of libs too). Please help with a big tent movement against censorship.
Trump spends 6 hours a day watching TV. What does he do during commercials (multiple choice)? 1. Order a Hurrycane. 2. Review orders from Putin. 3. Plot, scheme. 4. Review orders from Fox and Friends. 5. Check out those "Freedom Checks" he's heard so much about. #MAGA #resist
24Ahead's Closing Argument is the news that Istanbul police are preparing for riots if Trump fires Mueller. Why they'd do that isn't clear. #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
What's ironic is #Twitter shadowbans all types of users, including #resist. Run some accounts through the censorship checker in my top tweet (like JackKingston & HouseGOP). MT @shadowcat_mdk MT @shadowcat_mst: [let's not risk labeling things "hate speech"]
.@GayRepublicSwag: as shown by the shadowban checker in my top tweet, #Twitter ghosts all types of users: Ds, Rs, #MAGA, #resist, NASA fans, baseball fans, etc etc. Just making it a con thing *helps* Twitter by dividing the opposition. Will you oppose censorship across the board?
Why do all these people do such intensely stupid & deranged things, seemingly expecting a positive outcome? One major reason is because they're stupid & deranged, thus their leaders can take advantage of them. Those leaders grift off them & certainly won't wise them up.
Your 984 RTs don't faze Twitter. They stay in your echo chamber & Twitter can safely ignore them if they ever even learn about them. MT @GayRepublicSwag I'm pretty certain Twitter is shadow banning me. [RT this...] Let's show them their censorship will not work!
.@DaveSchreiber3 has also blocked me despite never tweeting it. @mhoward48 RTs it so I assume the things are related or at least use the same Twitter-assisting blocklist.
Actually, #Twitter shadowbans replies to NASA, Mike Trout, etc. etc. By just making it a con thing you help them by dividing the opposition. We need a big tent opposition to censorship. #MAGA #resist MT @lobitomiura MT @BonnieGranny: BLATANT shadowbanning...of conservatives
Meanwhile back in Trump's homeland, a song to celebrate the sorrow and anguish of his reign: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
#Twitter isn't just deceiving small numbers of their users, or just conservatives. Twitter is deceiving *many* of their users by ghosting their replies. Once those millions or 10s of millions realize what @Jack is doing, he'll have to go back to Odeo. #MAGA #resist
Blocking *helps* #Twitter: they probably use that to decide who to shadowban. Instead of blocking, show someone wrong. Also, use the app in my top tweet to publicize how Twitter ghosts people. MT @katalin_pota RT @WakeUpB42L8: Another Big Brother ban by Twitter: Ian56789 is gone
Meanwhile from the grounds of the new Trump Casino in rural Turkey, it's Light in Babylon with this song you might remember from the first 1000 times I played it: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Meanwhile, as it's morning in Istanbul, it's time for the daily pilgrimage to Michael Cohen's door to see if he's turned yet: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
.@Arthur59611540: the @haasinstitute idea of "inclusion" is lying-against-interest. They should be pointing out how pro-amnesty Trump is & how his Wall is vaporware that the next admin would tear down. They're playing a role Trump wrote for them & just helping Trump. #Berkeley
Which non-personal issues is Trump good at? The only 3 things I've seen are a) fleecing people and/or making money one way or another, b) getting his name in the news, and c) playing to #MAGA. He objectively sucks at everything else. He's no good against SJWs/pro-amnesty side.
.@MarisaKendall: you falsely say Trump supports mass deportations, when he's repeatedly promoted mass legalization. If you were smart you'd point out how pro-amnesty he is. If you were smart you'd point out how his bans have made the USA *less* safe. #Berkeley #resist
.@mhoward48 - a @TEN_GOP fan - has blocked me: It complains about censorship, yet it's encouraging #Twitter censorship. Twitter no doubt uses blocks to decide who to shadowban, and we know who wins out there.
"Harper’s Editor Insists He Was Fired Over Katie Roiphe Essay". What's sad is there's no real intellectual challenge to all the dimwits listed. As a result, they keep on doing what they want & having undue influence. M#AGA #resist
.@perezed: within hours after Maria, govt could have teams in each #PuertoRico settlement to handle comms, triage, water, etc. Not doing that makes us look extremely weak to RU/CN/IR/etc. That simple thing was beyond both @ricardorossello & Trump; you should hold both accountable
.@perezed: someone visited highest points in each New England county (incl Katahdin & Mt Washington!) in < 24 hours. OTOH, #PuertoRico is smaller than Connecticut & lower than highest point in L.A. *City* (over 2x lower than highest in L.A. County). My point is...
.@kurkjian_espn: why wasn't #ESPN showing #PuertoRico baseball months ago? That would've been cheaper than MLB; a more timely feel-good story; worse for Trump. My explanations involve Jimmy Wichard-ism or some form of OCD that says baseball is only a summer thing.
.@tubooks: see my JessMendoza tweet just now. "original: #39, ranking: #2, date: #4" at that link means yours was the 4th reply by date to her, my formula ranked your reply 2nd, but #Twitter showed it as the 39th tweet in the list of replies. Help oppose Twitter censorship.
.@JessMendoza: FYI, #Twitter is censoring replies to you. I don't endorse these replies, but if you didn't see them that means Twitter is letting people talk behind your back:
.@BJack50: maybe you can ask #ESPN execs etc why they didn't show #PuertoRico baseball itself occasionally rather than endless ball in hoop during the winter.
.@ac13alex: why couldn't #ESPN show #PuertoRico games during the winter? Many don't care about basketball; it would be a feel good story ESPN could hype to the skies; it'd make Trump look bad. How incredibly dumb does someone have to be to be an ESPN exec?
I flipped on the TV ~5pm expecting Univision to have (IIRC) America vs Toronto. I didn't see that, nor did I see some sort of fabled #baseball game from #PuertoRico. Apparently I'm on a different timezone or a different alternative universe or something. #ESPN
At least @Botometer thinks you're less of a bot than @JakeTapper, check it out. P.S. #PewResearch based one of their studies on the #Botometer data, so you know it must be accurate. MT @BobbieDooley How come I ain’t verified?
.@activistmode: @bellvisuals & @illuminator99 projected yet another Trump smear. Compare their reprehensible smears to the anti-Trump site in my bio (the stump site). Which would show Trump wrong? Which is smarter? Which is more patriotic?
.@FMBuster: if you want to undercut @ToddRokita for real, you have to understand his audience & then show them how fake he is. For instance, point out *to his audience* how easy it will be to tear down Trump Wall. Point out to his base the Wall won't reduce illegal #immigration.