24Ahead's Closing Argument: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
If even a fair part of #MAGA & his proxies abandons him even just on amnesty, Trump will wake up. He can't do much without their help.
Those Trump proxies can keep supporting him on other things, just not on amnesty. If they do that, help destroy their careers. #MAGA
If a Trump proxy won't *completely & forcefully* break from Trump on amnesty, then help me destroy their careers. #MAGA
I could go on. What's needed now is to separate Trump from his top proxies by discrediting them to #MAGA as what they are: pro-amnesty.
Over 2 years ago I accurately described how #MAGA was a mixed blessing for Trump: They've helped & *hurt* him.
Over 2 years ago I accurately described how Trump's (& @AnnCoulter 's) grand plans would fail miserably: #MAGA
Trump couldn't even use Liz Warren's weakest issue against her: He's no use to USA. #MAGA
I've been right about Trump for 2+ years: Few others saw this amnesty betrayal coming. #MAGA #immigration
.@kmaxgreenwood: Trump wants Congress to give him an amnesty bill that funds Wall etc., or he'll push DACA himself. Be honest about that.
.@kmaxgreenwood: you mention Trump's tweet in last paragraph as afterthought, yet it shows everything that went before wrong. #resist #MAGA
.@kmaxgreenwood blogs that WH talking points say DREAMers should prepare to leave USA. That contradicts what Trump himself says. #MAGA
Never fear, Melania's cavalry is here to save Trump from himself: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
.@BeliefBeat: 195 #TheResistance leaders refused to help. Now comes @goldengateblond with yet more kid's stuff that won't make Trump better.
.@BeliefBeat: 1.5 years ago I started site to ask Trump *tough* *policy* questions that'd reveal how his plans won't work. @goldengateblond
Ironic and sad. MT @BeliefBeat RT @goldengateblond: I'll donate $100 [if someone] asks Trump what the letters in DACA stand for.
.@KathleenAFranck: it's been obvious for 1+ year (to me) that Trump wants to legalize DREAMers. He's verified that. @paulwaldman1 is dim.
DERPMT @KathleenAFranck RT @paulwaldman1: Remember all those times Trump said he'd treat DACA recipients "with heart"? It was a lie
Fairport Convention 1970: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
.@PreetBharara: less than 6k in MX excel at math. Even a few coming here screws MX. You're a colonialist, and I'm sure you know about that.
.@PreetBharara: if you were a patriotic American instead, you'd support repatriating DREAMers. That will help USA students and workers.
MT @PreetBharara I'm immigrant and I'm with the Dreamers. But if I were descended from the Mayflower I'd also be with the Dreamers. Proudly.
Multiple levels of stupidity on display here -> MT @KenCox [to @PreetBharara] Call for a general strike til Trump backs down on #DACA
.@DeanLand: @StephenKing started an anti-Trump group that just helped Trump. Why take the advice of a proven failure? #TheResistance
"Catch flies with honey"? No, because this isn't optional. It's not like there's an abundance of smart advice out there. Take mine or else.
.@Green_Footballs: if you were smart you'd separate Trump from #MAGA & his top proxies by calling them amnesty fans if they don't oppose it.
.@Green_Footballs: Trump has perfected GWB's just folks scam, albeit with a different shtick. Some might think he can sell amnesty. #MAGA
.@Green_Footballs: because most of us are smarter than you & realize supporting amnesty is the default stance for pols/media/etc. #MAGA
Yes w/ Trump Train Trooper: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist
.@RealJimPeterson @nobigotry: Trump wants Congress to give DREAMers amnesty or he'll do it. Are you going to support amnesty or not? #MAGA
Trump wants amnesty. MT @RealJimPeterson RT @nobigotry: America has become the Dumping Ground for all the world's Problems! Trump was right!
.@robertbirsinger: Trump's latest tweet makes clear he wants to sign an amnesty bill. That makes @JaySekulow an amnesty supporter too. #MAGA
Of course not. It means amnesty. MT @robertbirsinger RT @JaySekulow: understand that ending #DACA does NOT mean mass deportations
I almost got hit by a golf ball today, outside the fence of a golf course. Fucking worthless POS sport played by worthless POSes. #MAGA!
Mountain - Nantucket Sleighride: #NowPlaying #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #whaling
.@ConnieFoggles: from here, it looks like @Cernovich is very weak on an anti-American amnesty. Get him to clarify; it he won't, alert #MAGA.
.@ConnieFoggles: the @Cernovich tweet seems to be chiding O for not pushing an anti-American amnesty that'd harm USA *and* Mexico. #MAGA
So, O was wrong not to pass amnesty? MT @Cernovich [to Obama] You had 8 years to enact the DREAM Act. What did you do in that time? [Iran $]
.@CelesteHerget @ThomasWictor: unless Adams completely, forcefully, & wholeheartedly opposes amnesty, he's helping amnesty happen. #MAGA
.@CelesteHerget @ThomasWictor: Scott Adams is part of the problem: he no doubt thinks Trump demanding amnesty is a genius move. #MAGA
One of the cretin cons who *helped* amnesty fans re Murrieta is @ampowerblog: (I'm blocked, of course).
.@drawandstrike: if cons were smart/sane/patriotic, we could permanently reduce illegal #immigration & permanently stop amnesty. #MAGA
.@drawandstrike: cons banged on bus windows in Murrietta, giving a huge propaganda victory to amnesty fans. Cons are main reason for amnesty
& cons *helped*. MT @drawandstrike Murrietta CA. was just ONE of the towns that suddenly had 100's of illegals dumped in their laps
Trump & his fans only understand doing things the Breitbart way, the dumbest, least effective way around to oppose amnesty. #MAGA
This is incredibly simple. You just make #immigration arguments that undercut Dem leaders **to their base**. Ciao, #DACA. #MAGA
.@rodsandguitars: @JessicaV_CIS 's group supports legalizing DREAMers. They support amnesty just like Trump does. #immigration #MAGA
.@HMAesq: @JessicaV_CIS & @wwwCISorg are on your side: they want to legalize DREAMers like Trump does. You should welcome their help. #MAGA
.@noprezzie2012: @Ryanexpress77 & @JessicaV_CIS lack the smarts & patriotism to just oppose amnesty in smart ways. Don't be a traitor too.
.@noprezzie2012: there's no need for an amnesty bill; @Ryanexpress77 & @JessicaV_CIS are negotiating surrender in an easily-won war. #MAGA
DERPT @noprezzie2012 RT @Ryanexpress77: @JessicaV_CIS Pres needs to say out front, if no Raise act/ E-Verify, the amnesty bill is vetoed
.@rickhasen: @JonathanChait didn't even realize Trump is pushing amnesty. He isn't smart enough to realize how toxic that is & use it.
.@FieldRoamer: Trump has always been very weak on #immigration. People like you just got fooled. You're in effect an amnesty supporter.
.@FieldRoamer: the problem is with people like you thinking you know best when you obviously don't:
DERPMT @FieldRoamer [a joelpollak] Something is wrong at the White House. Trump totally backed off his morning position on DACA.
You'd have to be *intensely* stupid to think we need Trump to show us Lindsey Graham is an amnesty fan. #MAGA #immigration
.@MyManJimmyJack: accept that your idol supports amnesty. Then, have some patriotism for once & truly oppose it. Same goes for @joelpollak.
.@MyManJimmyJack: most of Congress is already known to support amnesty. Getting them on the record again serves no purpose. @joelpollak
.@MyManJimmyJack: Lindsey (a fan of Trump's #DACA move) is already known as big amnesty fan. What'd one more amnesty push do? @joelpollak
Trump is an idiot. MT @MyManJimmyJack @joelpollak 6 months out is primary season - he's setting them up to be Cantored out of the swamp
.@RepDaveBrat: unless you completely & wholeheartedly oppose any form of amnesty under any name, you're an amnesty supporter. Are you? #MAGA
.@RepDaveBrat: I don't hear you completely & wholeheartedly opposing amnesty: Would you care to try that now?
If you don't completely & wholeheartedly oppose amnesty using smart arguments, you support amnesty. That's the reality. #MAGA
I can't understand living in littoral plain/swamp/delta. I want to be physically looking down on people just like I do figuratively. #MAGA!
.@JackPosobiec: IOW, by solely opposing DACA/amnesty in your current fashion, you're *in effect* an amnesty supporter. Change that.
.@JackPosobiec: if there's little you can point to that would undercut DACA *to liberals/inds", then you've got a pointless echo chamber
.@JackPosobiec: the audience for pro-DREAMer propaganda is liberals & independents (w/ a little thought to silencing #MAGA & cons).
.@jazzmankyle: if you *really* want to undercut @AnnCoulter, point out *to her base* she helped inflict President Grahamnesty on USA. #MAGA
.@MissMayim: what think you of #BigBang Exec Prod Bill Prady not being sure if honor killings are OK or not, wanting more "education" on it?
You either support amnesty or you don't. If you "oppose" it using weak arguments or want a deal under some conditions, you support it. #MAGA
~BREAKING~ Trump admin announces Sanjay Desai as new Chief Advisor on #Immigration. #MAGA #TheStrain
.@jakepalmieri: smart arguments would destroy pro-amnesty hosts on #CNN. @jfradioshow won't make them, making him in effect pro-amnesty.
.@jakepalmieri: if a team sends out their worst players, they don't want to win (& might be on the take). @jfradioshow is like that. #CNN
Better tweet than before -> MT @MattWalshBlog Trump fans celebrate Trump ending DACA while Trump tweets that he wants it codified into law
Trump promises to "revisit this issue" if Congress doesn't legalize DREAMers. Even the dumbest #MAGA might catch on Trump supports amnesty.
RT @24AheadDotCom: .@ScottAdamsSays: do you support amnesty? Answer here: So far you do. Really think through your…
Lindsey Graham & Dick Durbin have already started on a #DREAMAct amnesty bill. That's what Trump means by "Congress do your job". #MAGA?
.@MattWalshBlog: tie your issue to something else. By trying to tie it to #immigration you're in effect helping amnesty.
At #TheBlaze, @MattWalshBlog blogs "Please don't complain about deporting children if you support murdering them". In effect pro-amnesty.
.@joelpollak: Lindsey Graham cheers Trump's amnesty push. How many readers will you have when you help Trump push Grahamnesty? #MAGA
All the #MAGA leaders who don't fiercely oppose Trump's amnesty are no better than Lindsey Graham. I'll be working to discredit them.
Lindsey Graham supports Trump giving Congress 6 months to come up with amnesty. It gets the Grahamnesty Seal of Approval. #MAGA #resist
Trump ends #DACA, but calls on Congress to push amnesty: #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@Scott_SmithAZ: if you were a patriotic American, you wouldn't bet on how badly Trump & Dems will screw USA. #Mesa #MAGA #resist
Did you bet on #Harvey impact too? MT @Scott_SmithAZ what's over/under on a deal that codifies DACA and also cuts a big check on The Wall?
Trump's pres now & he's pushing amnesty. #MAGA? MT @1776Solution Obama put the dreamers in this situation, but he gets none of the blame
Pushing amnesty should destroy him to #MAGA MT @redler Well now we’ll see DACA used to allow Trump to save face & say he’s building his wall
.@jonathanjewel: see You either got fooled by fake polls or are trying to fool #TheResistance. Which?
Only if you lie to people. You can't tell when polls lie. MT @jonathanjewel #DACA is more popular than the House and Senate GOP combined
.@MichaelGarofola: illegal #immigration is a mind war, enabled by those who use horrible arguments that are never challenged. #MAGA
.@MichaelGarofola: what kind of lawyer are you if you can't figure out how to reduce illegal #immigration w/o an idiotic wall? #MAGA
IOW, he supports amnesty. #MAGA MT @Kevinbsnyder If there is a Deal, then the wall must be fully funded this year then DACA could compromise
.@DJ_PsychGuy: I didn't know ITT Tech has a Psychology Dept, because you clearly aren't smart enough to work anywhere else. #MAGA
"Psychology professor" -> MT @DJ_PsychGuy Why would Dems have interest in this?R's are committing political suicide if Trump kills DACA
.@mlong42947 @StefanMolyneux: if Pres Hillary had pushed amnesty like Trump's doing, you two & #MAGA would fiercely oppose it.
.@mlong42947: anyone who pushed Trump - like @StefanMolyneux - is responsible for foisting amnesty on the USA. #MAGA #immigration
.@LewisCountyCruz: IOW, @benshapiro doesn't oppose amnesty, he just doesn't think Dems would go for it. #MAGA?
MT @LewisCountyCruz RT @benshapiro: Dems will never make a deal for a wall in exchange for DACA. They get to virtue signal for votes in 2018
.@mpg25mary @MatobaKimisu @steph93065: if Trump were smart/sane/patriotic he could easily sell repatriation *and* undercut Dems/MSM. #MAGA
.@mpg25mary @MatobaKimisu: there's a smart alternative to the amnesty @steph93065 supports: repatriation. It'll help USA & Mexico. #MAGA