DERPMT @carolinagirl63 RT @brunelldonald: When I see Trump I don't see GOP! I see a man who stood up to Est. elites & media goliaths
.@lbasscook: what's sad is @robreiner can't even conceive of undercutting Trump to people like you, even tho it'd be very easy & effective.
MT @lbasscook @robreiner Rob, u are referencing the prior president Obuuma. [Trump's] actually helping us poor oh hicks in the middle of USA
.@VennMultiverse: what's the smartest plan you've heard of to stop/contain Trump that everyone can help with? Protests? Petitions? Or what?
Trump was legally elected. Reality is best. MT @VennMultiverse From most of rest of the world: We know it was a coup & we won't abandon you
.@espnstevelevy: how about "Girl Meets World Meets Football" or "Liv And Maddie Play Bridge"? Anything but #soccer. #ESPN #Disney #derp
.@espnstevelevy: #ESPN is showing poker & #XGames. Not just #XGames, but a boy band at XGames. How about "Lawn Darts With Honey Boo Boo"?
.@LisaMarieBoothe: Liz Warren's immigration stance is very pro-corporate; making smart arguments would undercut her. Has Trump ever done it?
.@LisaMarieBoothe: which is smarter/saner/more patriotic: calling Liz Warren Pocahontas, or using #immigration to undercut her to her base?
.@LisaMarieBoothe: thanks for admitting that Trump is as sleazy as Hillary and Obama ( ). However, a question...
How to undercut @Cernovich & other #AltRight leaders to their base (and send a message to Trump): #TheResistance
.@kelliwardaz: if you repped my interests, you'd point out Flake's #immigration stance *isn't* "liberal". @JenLawrence21 #Arizona
.@kelliwardaz: #Koch-funded #libertarian rag @Reason has a love affair w/ Flake. Eg: @JenLawrence21 #Arizona
.@kelliwardaz: if you repped my interests, you'd point out Jeff Flake is libertarian-leaning, not liberal-leaning. @JenLawrence21 #Arizona
.@kelliwardaz: in addition to the full-on Breitbart, will you have anything for those who aren't slack-jawed? @JenLawrence21 #Arizona
.@kelliwardaz: congrats on the full-on Breitbart No surprise with @JenLawrence21 at your side. #Arizona
.@jongaunt: why don't you do something, not just talk? Develop Socratic Q's for @AmberRuddHR & urge people to ask her them on video.
I don't know. I don't know who she is. MT @jongaunt Why isn't @AmberRuddHR telling us the whole truth about Saudi funding of UK terror?
.@DuncanTucker: @StefanMolyneux misled about Trump's kickoff statement. Direct me to anyone showing him wrong. #MAGA #resist
.@DuncanTucker: direct me to anyone going into details on Trump's kickoff stmt, showing #MAGA how he was lying. #resist
.@DuncanTucker: both your & Trump's generalizations are wrong. How come no one brought that out to Trump fans? #MAGA #resist
Thomas Blank - ex-lobbyist, now Chief of Staff in USCIS lobbied for Gephardt, a registered foreign agent. #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA #resist
MT @DuncanTucker "They're sending criminals & rapists..." Mexican immigration ofcs/US marshals arrest US citizen accused of rape in Jalisco
.@MeghanMcCain: about how many times has Trump hinted that he'd mass legalize DREAMers or even illegal aliens in general? #MAGA
Per @MeghanMcCain: "Trump is keeping his campaign promises, he is the most hard-line immigration candidate in modern times". Funny & sad.
.@PoliticalShort: Obama ("The Puppetmaster") *made* Trump hire Manafort & earlier made Manafort work on Putin's behalf. #MAGA!
.@PoliticalShort: exactly what I said. Obama ("The Ringmaster") *made* Trump Jr. eager to collude with a hostile foreign power. #MAGA!
MT @PoliticalShort: "Moscow lawyer was granted special immigration parole by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch". Sounds like a set up.
.@MrDane1982: Bernie realizes "Immigration reform" is very pro-corporate. No surprise Hillary supports it. #MAGA #resist
DERPMT @MrDane1982 Bernie Sanders attacked Hillary Clinton over Immigration reform, when he voted agin The Progressive Lion immigration bill
.@RealRedElephant: eg, Liz Warren is extremely vulnerable to her base on immigration. Why aren't they demanding leaders (eg Trump) use it?
Bad if true. Why aren't they doing smarter things? MT @RealRedElephant Laguna Beach Anti-illegal Immigration Event Threatened By Far Left
Trump hires Thomas Blank, lobbyist for Taser & Turkey, as Chief of Staff in USCIS: #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA #resist
On #immigration, all Trump does is hustle idiots by pandering to the witless you see in Breitbart comments. #MAGA #resist
There are incredibly powerful arguments that'd blow Dem leaders out of the water on #immigration. Trump can't/won't make them. #MAGA
Q: "How can you oppose Trump *and* mass/illegal #immigration??" A: it's easy because Trump is fake & hurts the cause. #MAGA #resist
.@SuperDriver318: Trump "Wall" is now 700-900 miles, see-thru, and includes bollards & levees. You got tricked by your idol. #MAGA
U.S. judge narrows travel ban in defeat for Trump: #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@Dave_DeRose: Trump has reduced Trump Wall to see-thru, 700-900 mile barrier including bollards (!) & levees. #MAGA got tricked. #resist
Hamyka hangs on to tie Mexico 0-0. It's not communism, it's a win. OK, OK, everyone gets a trophy. #MAGA #AnnCoulter #MEXJAM
And what's that concerning? MT @mikejcorey (If @CustomsBorder would actually respond to our pending FOIA requests we would know more.)
.@mikejcorey: my 1000s of anti-mass/illegal #immigration posts since 2002 say: everything Trump's said/done is what a Colbert would say/do.
Because he's fake. MT @mikejcorey Trump's #borderwall stmt isn't dramatically different from things he's said before but he isn't consistent
Gone With The Khamsin. #MakeABookWarm
Trump whittles Trump Wall down to see-through barrier covering "700 to 900 miles": #immigration #MAGA #resist
Peter W. Smith - who was trying to get hacked emails from Russia - suicide note references insurance payout. It's possible. #MAGA #resist
Peter W. Smith - who was trying to get hacked emails from Russia - suicide note begins: "NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER". No, really. #MAGA #resist
#GOP oppo op Peter W. Smith was trying to get hacked emails from Russia. He committed suicide shortly after speaking to WSJ reporter. #MAGA
.@Krowe210: @USSoccer lets #Fox hide #USMNT away on a channel millions don't get. That harms #soccer in the USA.
.@JoinTravisAllen: is there an #immigration issue you've opposed per se w/o pivoting into your real job: saving the wealthy money? #CAGOP
.@JoinTravisAllen: you echo @FrankSharry & say we're a "nation of immigrants". How would you show that deceptive if you were sincere?
.@CristianRoldan: @USSoccer lets #Fox hide #USMNT on a channel millions don't get. That harms #soccer in the USA, USMNT, you, them, fans...
.@JoinTravisAllen appears to be a sleazy meld of & . #California #CAGOP
Hearing @JoinTravisAllen on (of course) @JohnAndKenShow my BS detector was in red. Looking into him in more detail, the dial broke. #CAGOP
.@JmoSmooth13: @ussoccer puts #USMNT on #Fox, knowing they'll hide it from millions who don't get FS1. That only helps Ann Coulter.
.@mbretosESPN: excellent choice by #ESPN to show dirt bike racing rather than the world's most popular sport. Disney's as smart as Trump.
I can't see #USMNT because @USSoccer hides it away from millions, but at least there's Mexico v. Hamyka. #MEXJAM #MAGA
Plus, even Trump admits the full House & Senate needs to approve his $1.6 billion for "the wall" (plus bollards & levees). #MAGA
$1.6 bil Trump got for the "wall" incl "bollards and levee improvements". These are bollards: #MAGA = #idiocracy
.@USRepRodney: Trump promised a *physical wall*, not bollards and levees. How much is for a *wall*? @RealAlexJones #BuildTheWall #maga
.@USRepRodney: how much of the $1.6 billion is for "bollards and levee improvements"? How much is for the *physical wall* Trump promised?
.@USRepRodney: I don't see the "$1.6 billion for physical barrier construction along the Southern border" in the PDF. Not "$1,6" or "$13,8".
.@USRepRodney: this is confusing: Is the PDF right?
DERPMT @RealAlexJones Trump admin scored another victory! [House Appropriations Committee votes to fund Wall] #BuildTheWall #border #maga
Obama - KGB codename "The Ringmaster" - made Trump Jr. eager to collude with a foreign power. It's all Obama's fault! #MAGA #resist
It's all a setup! Obama let Russki lawyer into USA to entrap poor innocent Trump Jr., who's a mere lamb among sheep. #MAGA #resist
Serving in a normal admin - even/esp w/ psycho scum like GWB - is Road to Riches as lobbyist. Trouble seeing that for @Reince. #resist
.@cyote6: among many other things that hurt USA, @AnnCoulter gave Trump incredibly bad advice: #MAGA #AltRight
MT @cyote6 @AnnCoulter Wow! just read your new column/ I think DT should appoint you special adviser to Congress You are nearly always right
.@Rstreet212: some/many in #GOP would oppose due to payoffs. Trump, you, @StefanMolyneux don't have intellectual ability to undercut them.
.@Rstreet212: Trump & his fans like @StefanMolyneux aren't smart enough to reduce legal #immigration. Almost all Dems would oppose.
.@derekcnel: since you think you're smart enough to come up with #immigration policy, what are some downsides of Obama's policies?
.@derekcnel: Trump's legal #immigration plan is as lunkhead as #MuslimBan & will fail miserably. We'll keep harming USA & the world.
Cheer up. MT @derekcnel Like any good business, our country is building a big wall around it to deter applicants, consumers, and ideas
.@RealDonaldTrump: hi, big fan here. #MAGA since Day 1! Can you help me ID the Otezla actress?
Trump crafting plan to slash legal #immigration [how it would fail in the comments]: #MAGA #resist
"Trump intervenes to grant rejected Afghan girls entry to U.S. for robot contest". #GoodCop #BadCop #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@JackHenryFaust: engaging Trump or proxies in Socratic debate on real issues would undercut them to their base. Why won't @RobReiner help?
.@JackHenryFaust: it's always been incredibly easy for those with a megaphone to stop Trump by promoting smart plans. @RobReiner
Is @RobReiner or is he just pointlessly posturing? MT @JackHenryFaust [about Reiner's latest impeachment tweet] I'm not holding my breath.
MT @robreiner pora Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan to stand up & protect our great 241 yr. experiment. We are nation of laws. Love your country
.@ErnestMoniz: if @TomSteyer leads his fans on & impeachment never happens, how's he going to look to his fans? He'll have neutered himself.
.@ErnestMoniz: if Pence's pres, he'd push full-on #Koch policies. Unlike Trump he couldn't be bargained with. He'd nuke the Paris Accords.
.@ErnestMoniz: impeachment would muzzle 10s of millions of voters. How would they respond? They surely wouldn't vote for @TomSteyer 's picks
.@ErnestMoniz: has @TomSteyer listed all the ways impeachment (or the quest for it) could fail or have huge negative side-effects?
@joeleastlick: #ESPN could outbid #FS1 (which millions don't get) for #soccer if they wanted. They prefer dreck like @ESPYS. #USMNT
Wrong MT @joeleastlick: The @ESPYS are on TV same night the #USMNT plays an international competition. American soccer culture in a nutshell
.@Buccigross: #Espys dreck doesn't make up for #ESPN never showing #hockey & barely showing #soccer, the world's most popular game.
.@antnydibernardo: #ESPN let #NBCSN get #hockey & #FS1 get #soccer, but at least they have drone racing & the #Espys. #idiocracy
.@sonal_dutt: #ESPN would get more viewers if they got #soccer & #hockey, rather than dreck like drone racing & #Espys. #MAGA #resist
Based on the top #Espys tweets, Disney seems to be going for the #BET market. #NTTAWWT but kinda leaves me out. #MAGA #resist
#CNN "Exclusive: Video shows Trump with associates tied to email controversy": #MAGA #TheResistance
US intel reportedly overheard Russian officials talk about Trump associates in [Spring] 2015: #MAGA #resist
WSJ: "U.S. intelligence starting in spring 2015 detected conversations in which Russian govt offcls discussed meetings w Trump associates"
.@maxpagelildarth: see my pinned tweet for a plan that will help you be as effective as possible. Ask experts for the questions & ask them.
.@maxpagelildarth: good to hear you're doing OK. You're in DC to push your healthcare agenda. I'll help you be as effective as possible...
You're funded by the airlines, why don't you pay for it? MT @OnTimeFlights USA must maintain leadership in aviation by passing #ATCreform
Who'll be the next meal ticket for the hacks who've latched onto Trump (Huckabees, Conway, Tammy Bruce, Coulter, D'Souza, etc.)? #resist
Like #MAGA, Teaparty & OWS tried to stifle dissent & smeared critics. That never works out because most get sick of it.
MT @HeyTammyBruce at this point it's appropriate to view as untrue *everything* Dems & lapdog media say about any member of Trump family.