Obama gives interview to Access Hollywood; MSM pretends they do real reporting

Barack Obama gave an interview to Access Hollywood over the weekend, which was shown on their show as well as the Today Show. He and his family were apparently asked a series of puffball questions (by certified babe Maria Menounos), and they presumably answered with puffball answers.

And, needless to say, this has given the MSM yet another self-inflating, myth-building chance to pretend that they do real reporting and ask real questions.

From the Los Angeles Times' Leslie Hoffecker (link):

Every day, the presidential candidates face probing questions about their plans and policies from the reporters who travel almost everywhere with them. On the weekends, they're grilled by the moderators of the Sunday talk shows. So it must have been a real change of pace for Barack Obama when he sat down in Butte, Mont., over the Fourth of July weekend with "Access Hollywood."

From the Chicago Tribune's/Baltimore Sun's Mark Silva (link):

Considering the range of questions from traveling reporters that the presidential candidates face, and the grilling of moderators on the Sunday morning talk shows, Access Hollywood arrives as a real media vacation.

From ABC News' Jennifer Parker (link):

A hard-hitting interview on Obama's plans for Iraq or the economy, it's not.

The jokers above and all their friends in the MSM wouldn't know a tough question if it fell on their heads, and have no interest in asking anything even remotely difficult.

It would be incredibly easy for regular citizens to make the MSM look incredibly bad by simply going to campaign events and asking the questions "reporters" are too corrupt to ask. Unfortunately, few are willing to do that, but hopefully that will change.


What exactly are they supposed to ask him, when he's sitting there with his family? Obviously it was a family profile. Are you just mad that Obama was portrayed as a real person, with kids and family, and not some "exotic", "out of touch" "radical"?

I love it when the supporters of the messiah come here. He is an exotic out of touch radical: a preppy from Hawaii whose bigamous father left him behind. Not exactly the kind of family values this country needs in its leadership. We can forego discussion of his communist buddies for now, but you won't be able to deny his past and his "family." Not to mention he's a freakin' race-hustling, racist screaming plaintiffs' discrimination lawyer whose wife has played the whole "diversity" racket for decades. These people are grifters, and they want to hold power and control over the American people. Tyranny has a name: Barack Hussein Obama (and his disgusting America-hating wife).

Patty bourgeois is right and isn't it sad to see a great nation become a little pig in the woods of evil doers like this muslim Barack Hussein bin laden Obama. It is really time to fight for our country or become a prison state like most of the world.