Lou Dobbs not running for governor of New Jersey "right now"; Frank Sharry starts fake site; Nicole Gaoutte/LAT promotes

Lou Dobbs is rumored to be considering running for governor of New Jersey, but in a voice mail message to an NJ newspaper he denied it (link). Note, however, that he said he wasn't "considering anything right now", so that might change. Needless to say, such a rumor is like waving a red flag to corrupt bulls who support illegal activity.

In response, Frank Sharry of America's Voice has started a take-off site: dobbsforgovernor.com

Nicole Gaouette of the Los Angeles Times promotes that site here, under the inflammatory title "America's Voice to Lou Dobbs: You're a loser!":

Some sample campaign positions: 1. Build a Fence Around New Jersey; 2. Build like the biggest fence ever built around New Jersey; 5. Deport the Statue of Liberty back to France. Visitors to the site can submit their ideas -- in English only -- for a Dobbs campaign slogan contest. The winner will be printed on T-shirts that activists around the country will be able to buy online. The point, says America's Voice in this press release, is to shed light on "Dobbs and pundits like him, who think they can stir-up waves of anti-immigrant hysteria and ride them all the way to the statehouse, the White House or the Governor's mansion."

The site is also noted/promoted depending on your perspective here:

Before the Sharry site was announced, Think Progress offered a muted notice; their commenters supply the bile:

Note that at the first link, a comment from "louie08" says "Hey I found this site" and provides a link to the Sharry site; at the ThinkProgress link "jlocke" says the same thing. A search of their site shows no previous comments from that user, although that doesn't mean that "jlocke" signed up just to post that comment. Or anthing like that!


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