Los Angeles Times: McCain camp accuses us of suppressing Obama/Khalidi tape

An unnamed Los Angeles Times staff reporter offers "McCain campaign accuses L.A. Times of 'suppressing' Obama video" (link):
John McCain's presidential campaign Tuesday accused the Los Angeles Times of "intentionally suppressing" a videotape it obtained of a 2003 banquet where then-state Sen. Barack Obama spoke of his friendship with Rashid Khalidi, a leading Palestinian scholar and activist...

"The Los Angeles Times did not publish the videotape because it was provided to us by a confidential source who did so on the condition that we not release it," said the newspaper's editor, Russ Stanton. "The Times keeps its promises to sources."

Jamie Gold, the newspaper's readers' representative, said in a statement: "More than six months ago the Los Angeles Times published a detailed account of the events shown on the videotape. The Times is not suppressing anything. Just the opposite -- the L.A. Times brought the matter to light."
Right is wrong, up is down, suppressing things is bring them to light, etc.

One of the ways to get the video is to offer money for "gray" copies; this offer of $25,000 (or perhaps more) may or may not be valid, but if it's a really good tape I'm sure even more than that could be scraped together.


well yes! the LA Times is part of mexico city and look who is running this pig shit place. our enemies are inside the home of freedom by the millions and have the weapons that will end our nation, and if you as free Americans do not act like free Americans you have a third world murder hold coming. See the world for what it is not what you want it to be! hope all you guys will be at the coffee shop today!

Why? So few people know who the guy is that it makes no difference either way.