Los Angeles Times opposes immigration enforcement, deportations; wants illegal aliens to remain in U.S.

The dozens of immigration-related articles from the Los Angeles Times covered here over the years have made that clear, but the editorial "Too tough on illegal immigration" makes it explicit (link). After various wrong-headed statements - including comparing an illegal aliens suing over the constitutionality of a state law to Dred Scott - they end with this:

That illegal immigrants living in the United States place an economic burden on schools, hospitals, prisons and other public services is undeniable, but it's also true that they contribute to our economy and our society in myriad ways. Bullying them into leaving is counterproductive and downright mean. It's also shortsighted. Many immigrant families are blended, made up of legal immigrants, illegal ones and U.S.-born citizens. Harsh laws and deportations may satisfy the popular hunger for instantaneous immigration reform, but the result will be a legacy of anguish and resentment among millions of people who aren't going anywhere.

Now, let's imagine that the "reform" they support passes. One of that "reform"'s selling points is that it would include beefed-up enforcement. In fact, it wouldn't be hard to find several LAT articles and editorials mentioning that. And, it should be clear that illegal immigration isn't going to stop after "reform". In fact, that amnesty would send a loud message to millions of prospective illegal aliens, and they'd respond by trying to come here.

Does anyone think the LAT is going to suddenly do a complete 180 and support deportations of new illegal aliens? Aren't they simply going to copy-and-paste a new editorial opposing deportations of new illegal aliens.

Thus, there's a conflict between what they say in this editorial and the "reform" they support. The Los Angeles Times is clearly trying to sell a bill of goods, and has no intention of supporting the enforcement that they "reform" they support mandates.


When CIR passes, there will be no one left in Los Angeles who will be able to read english or the LA Times. Currently, half the population in LA is functionally illiterate already, and this is the future they advocate. They are advocates for their own destruction, as evidenced by their decreasing circulation numbers. Their position should be considered "extremist," as it does not comport with the opinion of the overwhelming majority of the citizenry of this once great country.

I wasn't aware anybody other than fired former LA TIMES writers read the LA Times.

California, the next Kosovo? The LAT is championing a vision they don't fully understand. Very soon, non-citizens and their anchor offspring will be the majority. Sooner than ever now that American citizens are packing up and moving out ahead of the gathering storm. And the exodus is accelerating. The American population is on the run, taking their lives, their money and their businesses with them, being replaced by an undocumented mass of poverty and crime unwanted by any government. There are repercussions to tolerating sanctuary policies and abandoning the rule of law. Secession and the calls for independence won't be far behind. The U.S. can send in the troops now, or sit on our hands and watch another Hugo Chavez take over the 'new' west coast, with the U.N.'s blessings. The land, the ports, the refineries...all of it. Whats it going to be, GWB? Going to make any effort to keep the Union intact? And all this time I thought Lincoln was your hero.

Lets see how the LA Times feels after the great riots of 2009.

The state of KALIFORNIA is drowning in a sea pf red ink. That is not going to change as thousands of hard working Americans flee a state that believes hand-outs and endless population growth of impoverished illegals is a "good" thing. One would think there demise is intentional.....and perhaps it is in an efort to cause a need for The North American Union. Instead I think they will see a rational rest of the country split off and the latino Mexican southern part of the country become a new countey. Any way you look at the present situation with 3 leading candidates for President willing to blow the borders open ...we are SCREWED!!

Imagine an argument that murderers or tax evaders can't be punished, because they have families. If they're latino that's just what we'll be seeing soon enough. What about our families? What justifies stealing my children's country to give it to aliens?

Tanstaaf| that has been done we live inside a system of total BS For the ideals of the third world/one world rulers. The system will do nothing in the end game but put people in camps, I mean whites and some others who see the light. But that light will be gun fire against some wall or in a home or in the woods and in many camps that have been built for you all.

Plese don't kill the families because of deprtations u ruined so many families. God bless America.