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When will the MSM pull the ball away from Mike Huckabee?

The mainstream media has been working feverishly to promote Mike Huckabee, as have various low-level Democrats. Are those completely unrelated, or is the MSM taking their marching orders from the Democratic Party? And, is The Huckster being promoted because:

1. They're simply reporting on what's happening...
2. They just need something to write about...
3. They're trying to give "them" an acceptable candidate...
4. They support him due to, for instance, his support for illegal immigration...
5. They're trying to hype him now and make him the nominee (or VP candidate), only to pull the ball away at the last moment and dash the GOP's hopes...

I'm sure there are other options as well. As for how Huck's downfall would come about, they could cover:

1. Huckabee is extremely weak on immigration matters. Oddly enough, while the MSM might mention this in passing, they haven't looked into it. Whether that's due to their support for illegal immigration or because they're holding this for later isn't known.
2. His support for nanny-state measures, due to his weight loss.
3. His strong religious conservatism. That might attract support from millions of people, but most Americans probably aren't quite that conservative.
4. His various scandals. While he has glib answers when they're brought up, I can practically see the last-minute headlines from sources like the Los Angeles Times digging up dirt.

Let me suggest getting the truth about Huck out there by, for instance, going to his campaign appearances, asking him this question, and then uploading his response.

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Fri, 11/23/2007 - 14:03
Fred Dawes

Edward is right and the only way we can stop this mass population attack is to vote for and stand up for Ron Paul, and if the pigs of the third world/one world attack him we must stand up under arms to back him and if we can get him into the white house and he attack us and helps our real enemies of freedom we must attack under arms the system who hates us and the ideals of freedom and justice for all who live in this once great nation of ideals and laws that our now under attack by the one world pigs. think 9 mm thing 7 mm think freedom under the laws of a great nation think freedom for gangs think freedom from mass third world evils, think like real Americans and deal out the justice so many have coming if you know what I mean? oh yes if One Million really stood up and said no with a real yell and under arms you would see who really owns this Nation, and the blood would be like a river.

Thu, 11/22/2007 - 23:13

Weak? Mighty generous of you, Lonewacko. Few have done more in their careers to ENCOURAGE illegal entry than Huckabee. Not even among the democratic candidates. Besides, how can we elect a President, if we can't even say his name without laughing? C'mon, just try it. See? Can't do it, can you? :)