Non-biased groups propose California redistricting reform

A coalition of groups - all of which are completely non-biased and are not left-wing groups by any stretch of the imagination - have proposed a "model bill" to serve as a replacement for the redistricting plan proposed by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. AP report in "Groups propose model for redrawing legislative boundaries".

Under Arnold's plan a panel of three retired judges would redistrict in time for the 2006 elections, and their plan would be put to a vote.

In contrast, the proposal from the groups would have a nine member panel of retired judges, they would only redraw the lines after the 2010 census, and their efforts wouldn't be voted on.

According to Arnold's spokeswoman, "It's great that they are throwing out ideas." It certainly is, isn't it? I too thank them for their input.

As for who's pushing this plan, bear in mind they are completely non-partisan, non-biased groups without even a hint of a left-wing bias.

Groups include:

* The Center for Governmental Studies, "a nonpartisan research group in Los Angeles" per the AP. If that's not true, please leave a comment.

* Common Cause, which:

declares itself to be a non-partisan organization, but has been ardently outspoken against the Bush Administration on everything from the War in Iraq to the President's environmental policies. Recently, Common Cause joined forces with to "institute a complaint against Fox News . . . for deceptive practices in the advertising and marketing of the programming of Fox News Channel..."

* Asian Pacific American Legal Center (mentioned here as a left-wing group)

* League of Women Voters ("A leftwing organization that masks its support for radical agendas behind a veneer of non-partisanship...")

Bear in the front of your mind that the census includes illegal aliens. See "Under bill, illegals wouldn't count toward political clout" for a clue as to why these absolutely unbiased groups would support waiting for the next census.