AVWatch: Mexico to play important role in Villaraigosa's policies

Los Angeles mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa was interviewed by Mexico City's El Universal a few days ago, and:
[he said] that Mexico will play an important role in shaping his policies...
...Villaraigosa stressed that as mayor he would look to improve relations with Mexico.

"We are starting a new era. Instead of closing the borders, as stated by (California Governor Arnold) Schwarzenegger, we should look at our border as an opportunity," said Villaraigosa. "This is a time of great importance, not just for us to rediscover our roots, but looking to create a mutually beneficial relationship."

...He said he would not support policies that persecute the city's large migrant population...

"I support Special Order 40 (prohibiting police from making migration-related arrests)," he said. "We need our police officers to fight gangs and organized crime. That will keep them more than busy."

He lamented the Real ID act, recently passed by the U.S. Congress, that if signed by President George W. Bush would prevent undocumented migrants from getting driver's licenses.

"Politicians in the United States need to understand that immigrants come here for the same reason that immigrants have always come: To work," he said. "Instead of punishing and demonizing them, we should try to integrate them."

He added that while his position does not allow him to make policies on immigration, he will speak out in favor of "humane, realistic and effective" migration reform...
Not being able to make policy hasn't stopped him from doing things like congratulating former MX president Zedillo on helping to block Prop. 187. And, while he might not have federal legislative powers, he can set immigration policies for Los Angeles by doing things like exactly what he says above: opposing Special Order 40.

Note also that AV misquotes Arnold Schwarzenegger above. Since Arnold made clear he was only referring to securing the borders, and AV undoubtedly knows that, wouldn't you consider that AV is intentionally trying to mislead the readers of this article?

Regarding Special Order 40, see also "Immigration Laws Might Have Stopped Sept. 11 Plot" and a similar policy discussed in "'Sanctuary' practice in Houston draws fire". The fire came from 9/11 Commission member John Lehman, who might be better able to speak to this issue than the mayor "for all of Los Angeles."

Note to all of AV's apologists, defenders, and supporters: expect this only to get worse as our Open Borders mayor drives Los Angeles even further down the road to ruin. Get out now while you still have some slight credibility left.

Note to the NYT: I see that you published "In New York, Fringe Politics in Mainstream" in your NY Regional section. Could you please come out to Los Angeles and do a special on our politics here? Sure there will be some bias, but I have no doubt you'll do a much better job than the L.A. Times. (Readers are urged to contact public *at* nytimes.com and ask them to do this.)