S.F. Chronicle endorses Arnold, Minutemen?

I have trouble believing it, but I believe the S.F. Chronicle has tacitly endorsed both Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Minuteman Project.

On Sunday they published "Gov. Vigilante: Just another white guy in a pickup truck" from Marxist UC Irvine professor and "intellectual" Mike Davis. This is apparently a guest editorial, but even so my jaw literally dropped several feet and landed with a thud on the floor.

The editorial is so far gone, so full of lies, so full of false analogies, and just so lunatic that I think something else has to be going on here.

In brief, I think the S.F. Chronicle is running a COINTELPRO-style program.

You might be shocked, but I think it's true. What better way to show that Arnold is right than to print an editorial that sounds even crazier than, say, a drugged and drunken street person in a Hollywood donut shop at 3am?

The columns from, say, Mark Morford are occasionally entertaining, even rarely intentionally so. And, Morford can manage to string a few coherent sentences or even paragraphs together. However, Davis' column is what I would refer to as "literally insane." I believe this to be a tacit admission from the S.F. Chronicle that Arnold is right and all his critics are nuts.

For more on Davis, see "Is Mike Davis' Los Angeles all in his head?" from Salon, or see Brady Westwater's blog.


The Chron has been an anti-American Marxist paper since I first started reading it in 1954. They actually believe (as do many NoCal folk) that Davis is making sense and telling the truth. My liberal President seems to have bought into the Marxist argument as well.

Thank God for the Minutemen and thank God for Arnold! There are still some conservatives in the GOP.
Little did I know when I voted for Bush in 04 that he was a closet liberal? I thought he wanted to win the War on Terror. Not join up with the ACLU (vigilantes indeed) and surrender to Al Queda.
Arnold is trying to make California safe for working people.