Should Bryan Barton sue San Francisco?

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is voting on a resolution that would condemn Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his support of the Minuteman Project.

The resolution is in this PDF file. As you might expect, it's full of innuendo and misleading statements.

However, it also contains at least one thing that I consider to be an outright lie:

WHEREAS, The federal border patrol had to call in the County Sheriff's Office when Minuteman vigilantes held a 26 year old Mexican man against his will, physically restrained him and forced him to hold a t-shirt with a mocking slogan while his picture was taken and he was videotaped...

That refers to Bryan Barton. I realize that in the alternate reality of Frisco the above statement might be true, but it's false in our reality. Even the Mexican consul agrees no crime was committed.

We can laugh about those wacky S.F. Supes all day long, but when the state lies about you and falsely accuses you of having committed a crime, that affects all of us irrespective of ideology. If I were Barton I know what I'd do, and I'm sure I'd win and collect a large judgment as well.


I told you this would happen. Traitor Mexicans with American citizenship attack a Minuteman support rally. Read this and just wait another 5 decades when the western USA is Mexican run. Can you say the end of a 50 state union? It will happen if the US Government does not wake up. When will people listen?? YOU CANNOT CREATE A NATION WIITHIN A NATION AND HAVE EVERYTHING WORK OUT JUST FINE!!!!!

May 26, 2005 : California
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Look, facts are facts. If you do not think that La Raza holds summer camps where it teaches Mexican/American kids that one day the western part of the United States of America will revert back to Mexican control, then you are simply blinded by truth. Go to the University of Texas. Call on the La Raza chapter there and simply see for yourself what is going on. Go to San Diego State University. Go to that La Raza chapter and see for yourself what is going on. It is not scary, it is TREASON. Even Bill Clinton had the sense to suggest that illegal immigration has the potential to unwind our 50 state union. If you neglect to see a major problem with illegal immigration from Mexico, then you are neglecting the USA. Make no mistake about it. A civil confrontation of sorts a few decades from now is not out of the realm of possibilities. I simply do not see how you can let a people of a different race, culture, and language enter your country and create a country within a country and have eveything work out just fine. The Mexicans want so much more than this. They want the the western part of the USA, plus Texas, back in Mexican control. Keep in mind, to understand the deep seeded hatred of the USA by Mexico you need only read the papers in Mexico City. Their cocktail of hatred against the USA is just as toxic as the hatred from Islam.

I hereby proclaim on this date May 25th,2005 that the SanFrancisco Board of Supervisors is a group of lying,perverted,anti-american,self-serving,perverted,lowlife,pro-illegal everything,(did I mention perverted),losers!
This is done with the consensus of a majority of the Sane American Public.
Also,we proclaim that "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder".