California Democrat's Magical World

It's a magical world:

Adding to the immigration debate, state Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero has scheduled a hearing Thursday in Los Angeles on the cost of holding illegal-immigrant convicts in state prisons and why the federal government isn't paying more.

Romero, D-Los Angeles, estimated the state pays as much as $868 million a year to incarcerate up to 28,000 felons who are immigrants, including many who entered the country illegally...

... Schwarzenegger's chief budget spokesman H.D. Palmer said the governor is working as hard as any governor has to get more federal money.

"This governor has worked with both Republican and Democratic governors in other states to get Washington to recognize that states bear a disproportionate cost for the federal government's inability to control the border."

In the California Democrat's Magical World, they can reduce the money spent on jailing illegal aliens at the same time as their driver's licenses for illegal aliens laws roll out the welcome mat. To a certain extent a few of them must realize they're partially to blame for the problem and this is just another attempt to bother Arnold. However, for the most part most of them are living away off in Magical World where Everything's Going To Be OK.

("The Costs of Illegal Immigration to Californians" says Romero's figure is off by a few hundred million.)