Actors, writers and musicians want you to pay all the costs for their cheap labor

"Actors, writers and musicians push for immigrant drivers licenses" (link):

LOS ANGELES - Hollywood stars are joining the fight to get driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants in California with a new ad featuring a mock award for "Best Nanny."

More than 30 actors, musicians and writers, including Diane Keaton, Carlos Santana and "Million Dollar Baby" writer and producer Paul Haggis, took out the ad Monday in the entertainment industry trade paper Variety.

The group urges Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to approve a new bill that would allow illegal immigrants to get a license as long as background checks found they had no criminal violations.

In a nod to the Academy Award nominations, which will be announced Tuesday, the ad features a picture of a Hispanic woman and two young children with the caption, "Nominated: Best Nanny in a Supporting Role Rosanna Perez..."

...The ad was orchestrated in part by Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, who has led the effort in favor of the licenses...

OK, first let's deal with the media bias. This is an AP report and the headline is a lie: these aren't "immigrants", they're illegal aliens. Likewise with the phrase "undocumented immigrants": they're illegal aliens.

Since these Hollywood stars have so much money, why are they unable to hire legal workers? Why do they want the rest of us to foot the economic and social costs of illegal immigration?

Do they support Gil Cedillo's real goals? Remember, Gil is a former member of the racial separatist organization MEChA, and he said we should give driver's licenses to Mexican citizens because "they were here first." Do these actors, writers and musicians support Aztlan and irredentism? Do they even know what those words mean?

Please contact the newspapers that published this AP report and suggest they review AP reports for accuracy.

Here's a list of papers that printed this report. The report's URL is first, followed by the email or contact form:

S.J. Merc



Monterey Herald

Contra Costa Times

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SLO Tribune
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UPDATE: I posted a scan of the ad here (126k JPG).

UPDATE 2: KRON from Frisco titles their version of the same AP report "Stars Pushing Licenses for Illegals". That's the good news. The bad news is their accompaning graphic of a California driver's license with Arnold's picture on it. Cute.


Mary, before you waste the time of our overburdened courts, I suggest you read what just happened to the Federal case against Saudi Arabia for aiding the 9/11 terrorists. That case was dismissed last week, and the case you are proposing would be too -- especially since you think it's a violation of RICO for the Mexican government to encourage its citizens to "maintain an unhealthy loyalty"(Charge 3!) and refuse to assimilate.

But, please, you have my blessing to waste the money of the crypto-racist restrictionist organizations you are CCing.

No U.S. Court is going to go around the executive branch when it impacts diplomatic relations with another country, the Act of State doctrine, and arguably, sovereign immunity apply and preclude such suit. Should Mexico also be able to sue America for the incarceration of US Citizens who commit crimes there? I very much doubt you lived in Mexico for 2.5 years without breaking ANY law. Or sue us for the oil revenue we have earned from stolen lands?

For a soloution, write your elected officials, or better yet, stop sitting around fuming and whining about how brown people are the source of all this country's ills.

Great post Lonewacko. I linked to it over here:

Will Schwarzenegger resist Hollywood's illegal alien drivers license campaign?

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Ladies & Gentlemen:
As a U.S. citizen concerned with the ongoing problem of illegal immigration, or

To me this ad is saying only Hispanic illegal aliens make good nannies.

Apparently Hollywood feels un/underemployed Americans and legal residents, over half who are minorities, don't make good nannies.

Poor Asians and Africans living on $2 a day, but who cannot easily "migrate" to the US because there is an ocean in the way, also don't make good nannies.

To me this is a very racist ad.