AVWatch: Villaraigosa's under-reported associations

The last post ("The Trojan Horses of Sacramento") mentioned one Juan Jose Guiterrez ("JJG"), who has some association with America's favorite new mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. A closer look at JJG might prove fruitful for those who think that AV's apologists and supporters have any credibility left.

From this:
Villaraigosa was the only California politician who dared to join in the 1996 March on Washington that demanded amnesty for illegal aliens... The March was organized by Juan Jose Guiterrez of One Stop Immigration (now with SEIU) and led by a band from the Mexican Army...
What's a self-described patriot doing at a march featuring the Mexican Army band? There's a few pictures of AV from the march here. One picture includes AV and JJG together with someone who said on another occasion, "You old white people, it is your duty to die."

Just yesterday JJG held a press conference in L.A. where he called California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a Nazi. Parts of this press conference were broadcast on KFI, so there's quite a bit more to this. JJG seemed to be mispronouncing Arnold's last name, so it rhymed with a rather infamous and scurillous word for black people.

No, really. He said Arnold's last name several times, but, instead of pronouncing it like "Schwartz-uh-NAY-gur", he pronounced it a bit more like "Schwartz-uh-NI-gur". Now, JJG has an accent. But, think of the second syllable in the word "ole", which has the same sound as the penultimate syllable in Arnold's last name. Perhaps it's just some strange inability to pronounce phonemes which are nearly the same in anglicized German and in Spanish, or perhaps he was being tripped up by the double-g's, or perhaps he was doing this intentionally.

In addition, he brought up that Arnold's father was supposedly a Nazi, and detailed how said father had allegedly killed many different people of many different backgrounds. Therefore, since Arnold was trying to secure the borders, JJG compared what Arnold is trying to do to what the Nazis did. Eric Leonard of KFI called JJG on this, but JJG offered a evasive reply then moved on. And, JJG reportedly did this press conference standing in front of a Swastika banner outside Arnold's L.A. office.

But, wait, there's much more. JJG then introduced someone who I believe was named Camacho. That person then went off on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, claiming that because of that treaty we (you know, the Americans) had no right to prevent Mexicans from coming across the border at will.

Here's another slight connection, relating to the supposed immigration raids that supposedly took place in Southern California last year:
But the leader of Coalition Latino Movement USA, Juan Jose Gutierrez, claimed Border Patrol agents have also arrested people in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties.

He charged that Latino communities are being "terrorized" by the raids.

On Monday, Los Angeles City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa and religious leaders called for an end to the alleged raids.

"Border Patrol officials say they're only enforcing the law, but it's clear they're only selectively enforcing the law," Villaraigosa said.
Those raids never took place.

There's more on JJG's SEIU connection here. And, here's Antonio Villaraigosa, marching in an SEIU parade.

There's more here and here.

And, here's the announcement for a May 21 ANSWER protest:
Join individuals and organizations as they converge on Downtown LA for a day of political and cultural resistance to the anti-people policies of the White House, Wall Street & the Pentagon... Speakers and Performers Include: Mark Klein, Political Director SEIU 660, Angelina Corona, Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, James Lafferty, National Lawyers Guild... Initiated by ANSWER-LA: Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee-LA/OC, Free Palestine Alliance, Gabriela Network, MINDULLAE, National Lawyers Guild, Palestinian-American Womenโ€™s Association, Latino Movement USA, Party for Socialism and Liberation...
There's more on AV's associations here. "Tell me with whom you hang out, and I will tell you who you really are" indeed.

UPDATE: The only news report I can find on this is here, in Spanish. They have a twelve-point plan, including:
* voter registration drives...
* declaring a day during which they're going to trash all Schwarzenegger products...
* trying to get our friends in countries to the south to declare Arnold persona non grata...
* a big march (will the Mexican Army band be invited?) on October 12...

And, they also want to work with nurses, teachers, firefighters, and all other anti-Arnold groups. Gosh, wouldn't that be sweet? Maybe even AV will end up supporting their efforts. Hopefully there will be a lot of discrediting going on in the near future.


exhibit a http://www.californiakids.org/

"CaliforniaKids Healthcare Foundation helps to keep our children healthy by providing affordable, preventive and primary health care benefits to children of families who do not qualify for any State health care program.

CaliforniaKids is a non-profit organization that is supported by contributions from businesses, foundations, and individuals. Through these partnerships, the cost of the program is subsidized."

Here's more dirt, he's connected to a cornucopia of non-profits, charities, & foundations dedicated to Mexican invasion.

The California Healthcare Foundation even employed him for over 100K per year while unemployed & being groomed* for office (* vetted, tatoos removed etc.)

The California Healthcare Foundation is an intersting entity.

The CHF was created from the liquidation of CA's non-profit healthcare providers, when a "non-profit" healthcare provider decides to turn "for-profit" status they have to pay "vig" to the mob who runs this state(liberals)-not the folks who built up the assets with their medical insurance premiums.

The non-profit executives & politicians cut a deal to create the CHF, allow themselves license spend hundreds of millions of skimmed non-profit money totally unregulated by the legislature and let the executives make off with a discounted purchase price "for-profit" HMO, the liberals made out with unregulated control of billions in assets which they signed up new illegals with the proceeds and drove medical insurance prices even higher.

The "for-profit" medical company made out with a discounted purchase price and huge new charity funded market, in essence our state allowed a cabal to liquidate a non-profit medical provider & divert the members assets & proceeds to illegal immigrants & leftist politicans.

The CHF only supports a targeted audience-illegal aliens & lefitst politicans.

The CHF & it's beneficiaries & employees funded most of CA socialist propositions which coincedently only support a targeted audience (illegal aleins).

But of course no lawyer cares to investigate or chase that GIANT POT OF GOLD.

AV seems to be one of Dostoevsky's 'Devils', but a retarded one.