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Michael Chertoff apologizes for latest Rex-related deaths - 02/03/06

Speaking in Chicago earlier today, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff profusely apologized for the latest round of maulings and deaths caused by 'Ready Kids' mascot and mountain lion 'Rex'. "When we originally invisioned the latest mascot 'Rex' we were going to create him as just a cartoon character. However, we had the brilliant idea of using a real mountain lion in order to increase our penetration of the market.

Mexico withdraws illegal alien maps; AP calls them on lies? - 01/26/06

Mexico has apparently decided not to give maps to their citizens showing them the best routes to cross illegally into the U.S., the AP reports.

Ending "catch and release" proving elusive - 01/22/06

Remember back in October when DHS head Michael Chertoff promised to end the "catch and release" of OTM ("other-than-Mexican") illegal aliens? C'n'R is the process whereby aliens from Brazil and other countries are given a notice to appear and then never show up. See Chertoff promotes "Temporary Worker Program" at Senate meeting for the details.

Mexican military incursions: Chertoff downplays, excuses - 01/19/06

On Saturday, the Daily Bulletin offered "Mexican soldiers defy border", which reported that: The Mexican military has crossed into the United States 216 times in the past nine years, according to a Department of Homeland Security document and a map of incursions obtained by the Daily Bulletin. U.S. officials claim the incursions are made to help foreign drug and human smugglers cross safely into the United States.

Julie Myers now head of Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement - 01/05/06

Bush has made several recess appointments, including Julie Myers to head the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE or BICE). Almost everyone agrees that she has no real qualifications for the job. However, she is eminently qualified in Bush administration terms: * she's the niece of Air Force Gen.

Tamar Jacoby and Grover Norquist don't speak for 75% of Americans - 12/22/05

Tamar Jacoby and Grover Norquist offer "Hard-liners don't speak for GOP". As anyone who's familiar with them might be able to predict, it's like entering bizarro world, in which those who want to reduce illegal immigration are "hard-liners".

Is DHS head Michael Chertoff refusing to do his job? - 12/03/05

We already knew that, but just in case you needed more proof, consider this: "If we don't have a temporary worker program, I think it's going to be extraordinarily difficult to ask our Border Patrol agents and our ICE agents to stem the tide that is driven by a huge economic engine of employers looking for people who can work [in jobs that] won't be done by Americans," Chertoff told reporters during a briefing on the administration's Border Security Initiative. Obviously, anot

Gullible US News reports on illegal immigration - 11/22/05

US News has a four-screener called "Border Wars". Despite all the words, they don't delve too deep into the issue, such as the seamy corruption underlying the efforts to keep the cheap labor flowing. And, they take Tamar Jacoby, the AILA, and DHS head Michael Chertoff seriously.

Will Julie Myers get a recess appointment? - 11/21/05

The cronyism of the Bush administration would be comic if it weren't so bad for the country. As previously discussed, Bush nominated Julie Myers to head the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau. She's the niece of Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, she worked for Michael Chertoff when he was at the Justice Department, and she's now married to his current chief of staff.

Sean Hannity doesn't read this site - 11/16/05

Sean Hannity interviewed DHS head Michael Chertoff and (perhaps he was being disingenuous) got a little confused: HANNITY: Because you had made a controversial statement, and you seem to be backing off of it now, and it was that people that are here illegally, that they all ought to be sent back... And it seems like now you've sort of backed off that position a little bit, because there are million that we estimate that are in this country illegally... CHERTOFF: Well, what I said, Sean, was this.

Collins, Lieberman to Chertoff: improve or we'll take action - 11/15/05

From this: Concerned that the nation's borders are not properly protected against terrorists, illegal aliens and drug smugglers, a Senate committee warned Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff that if he fails to correct the situation promptly, they will. Sen. Susan Collins, Maine Republican and chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, the panel's ranking Democrat, want to know whether U.S.

Internal DHS memo on the "Secure Border Initiative" - 11/09/05

There's a copy of an internal Michael Chertoff memo on their latest scheme here. There's nothing really of note in the memo; in fact, their fact sheet contains more details. But, the link has a couple comments from those on the front lines. They, like almost everyone else, can see right through this.

Mexico approves of Bush Temporary Worker Scheme - 10/20/05

Our friends to the south, specifically the Foreign Relations Secretariat, have issued the following statement on the scheme laid out yesterday by DHS head Chertoff: "The Mexican government considers it significant that the Bush administration has a solid and unified position on immigration reform that allows safe, legal and orderly migration, and takes into account those migrants who are already residing in the United States...

Chertoff promotes "Temporary Worker Program" at Senate meeting - 10/18/05

Don't believe everything you read about DHS head Michael Chertoff's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. First, from Drudge, come these headlines in red: HOMELAND SECURITY CHIEF: EXPEL ALL ILLEGALS... 'Our goal is to return every single illegal entrant, no exceptions'... Those headlines and the first two paragraphs of the AFP article Drudge references are wrong.

Has the Bush immigration "reform" scheme been scrapped? - 10/16/05

MySA says that Bush's Guest worker plan being shelved. I'm a bit skeptical.

Bush immigration "reform" to be unveiled Tuesday October 18, 2005? - 10/10/05

According to this, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff will appear on that date at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration, and they might unveil president Bush's plan to drive his popularity under 30%, otherwise known as his immigration "reform" plan.

Julie Myers clears Senate committee - 10/07/05

From GovExec: The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee today approved, on a 7-2 vote, President Bush's nomination of Julie Myers to lead the U.S.

OTMs dropped off in San Angelo; Kay Bailey Hutchison responds - 10/03/05

"Dumping Ground" is a long article on "Other Than Mexicans", aka OTMs. Since there are no detention spaces to hold them, they're given a notice to appear and dropped off at the bus station. And, needless to say, they're never heard from again. It contains this: Such a situation has caused grumbling in Washington, particularly among Texas' delegation to the House of Representatives, where 24 of the 32 members - including Rep.

Katrina: was Chertoff misled by an inaccurate weather forecast? - 09/23/05

The unsourced and unconfirmed report here (or here) says that the DHS was using the private company AccuWeather to obtain their forecasts of Katrina. A report was compiled using their data and presented to DHS head Michael Chertoff. Meanwhile, NWS meteorologists working at the "NOAA Desk" in the "DHS Ops Center" prepared another report based on the reports from the National Hurricane Center.

More on Bush's pick to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement - 09/20/05

As previously discussed, Bush has selected someone with little or no immigration experience to head the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Her name is Julie Myers, and she's never managed a large bureacracy. On the other hand, Myers is not, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the former head of a horse show association.

Is Bush's pick to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement qualified? - 09/17/05

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) wants to know. And, I'm sure that both he and I mean "qualified" in the normal sense, not in the Bush administration sense. Julie Myers was nominated by President Bush to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency that is charged with hunting down money launderers, sanctions busters and human traffickers and that is the sole enforcer of U.S.

Bush to wall off 3.5 miles of border near San Diego - 09/14/05

From this: The Bush administration said Wednesday it will fortify the westernmost stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border over the objections of environmentalists and California regulators, who feared the project would harm a refuge for endangered birds.

Does Catholic Charities respect our laws? - 09/02/05

Unfortunately, it appears that the Catholic Charities USA has no respect for our laws, prefering instead a world where anyone who's having troubles in their own country can come here. Once here, they should be allowed to obtain all the rights of citizens. In other words, a continual amnesty for illegal aliens. On Saturday, September 17 in Phoenix, they'll be holding their annual meeting to set their social policies. This year's topic: "Justice for Newcomers: A Call for Solidarity and Reform".

Bush pledges border enforcement in El Mirage - 08/29/05

I'm sure there are plenty of retirement communities in Arizona, yet, for some reason, Bush chose the one in "El Mirage" to talk about Medicare, gas prices, and Katrina among other matters. Speaking of mirages, he also mentioned immigration matters in his remarks: I also want to talk about immigration here in this state. I understand the issue well. I was the governor of a border state; I was the governor of the state of Texas. I know what it means to have a long border with Mexico.

DHS' Chertoff opposes Minuteman Project - 07/29/05

From an appearance in Silicon Valley: Following his speech, Chertoff responded to a number of written questions from the audience. One asked him about his position on the Minutemen Project, the civilian effort to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border on a voluntary basis. He is not in favor of civilians patrolling the border. "The border is a very dangerous place," Chertoff said.

Why is the DHS ignoring illegal alien hiring halls? - 07/21/05

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) wants to know, and he sent a strongly-worded letter to DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff. Details here, a copy of the letter here, including this question: ...Second, I would like you to reassure me that no federal funds from the Department of Homeland Security are being used to establish any day labor center or "hiring hall," not just in Herndon [VA] but throughout the United States.

Homeland Security, Bush administration style - 07/14/05

"Immigration Overhaul Seen as Key to Domestic Security": Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, portraying immigration policy as a vital weapon against terrorism, pledged Wednesday to tighten border security but also called on Congress to approve a guest worker program that would make it easier for foreign workers to enter the country legally. "We must gain full control of our borders to prevent illegal immigra