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100+ Hispanic groups send letter supporting illegal immigration, opposing raids - 05/08/07

... letter to president Bush (cc'ed to Michael Chertoff and Julie Myers) complaining about the recent workplace raids [1]. The list of "grassroots" organizations involved is in the extended entry, and some are "interesting": CASA of Maryland, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (one of whose founders marched alongside a former Mexican consul general...

"Liberals" project, racialize, trivialize Chertoff comment - 04/05/07

... interview with The Daily Telegraph, Michael Chertoff, who arrives in Britain tomorrow for talks with John Reid, the Home Secretary, said the US was determined to build extra defences against so-called "clean skin" terrorists from Europe...

STRIVE Act: MALDEF, Juan Hernandez, ANLA support; Chertoff kinda - 03/24/07

... Flake-Gutierrez specifically, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff reiterated his support for "guest" worker scheme: "[The new laws should] bring them out, register them ... and make sure as a condition that they pay their debt to society for having broken the law... What I'm talking about is a common sense policy... We have to be tough. We have to be humane.

Humane Borders *did* distribute border maps in Mexico - 03/21/07

Last year, Humane Borders - a group of collaborateurs, far-lefties, and useful idiots - wanted to distribute maps in Mexico which supposedly warned "migrants" of the dangers of crossing the border.

GOP Senators plotting immigration "reform" in private meetings - 03/14/07

... Others in the meetings include Michael Chertoff of the DHS and Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez.

Why the Bush administration's immigration plans are nuts, Part #439592 - 03/01/07

... and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff stopped short, however, of endorsing a plan to give illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship. "I believe what people want first and foremost is to have legal status," Gutierrez said. "I don't think everyone wants to be a citizen." Well, it's good that he doesn't "think" that. Of course, we can look back at the Bush administration's handling of...

Sen. Patrick Leahy begins comprehensive immigration "reform" hearings - 02/28/07

... of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. At the hearing, Leahy pressed the Bush Administration officials for firm and clear commitments from them to work with Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year. Trust me: they're on board, not doing their stated jobs just as hard as they can. "Finding help on the farm is becoming increasingly difficult for hundreds of Vermont...

Prosperity promoted in closed-door Canada SPP event - 02/25/07

The AP, always willing to act as a transcription service and not ask tough questions, offers: Promoting prosperity topped the agenda at a gathering of U.S., Canadian and Mexican Cabinet leaders Friday, but immigration and the threat of terrorism also were key topics at the gathering. Nine foreign and security ministers from the North American nations met in Ottawa, including Secretary of...

Michael Chertoff promotes illegal immigration in Mexico - 02/16/07

... Chamber of Commerce, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff promoted illegal immigration: Comprehensive immigration reform, he said, would allow U.S. law enforcement to "focus more on the people that we don't want in the country under any circumstances, namely the criminals and the dangerous folks." "Every time a Border Patrol officer is transporting a load of future housekeepers and landscapers to...

Wells Fargo knows many of its customers are illegal aliens - 02/14/07

... of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff asking them to look into the program. "I hope the administration will shut down this reckless and illegal program before Bank of America extends a line of credit to a potential terrorist," said Tancredo, a hard-line foe of illegal immigration... Then, almost at the bottom of the article, we're treated to the news that another bank knows exactly...

February 23 Ottawa meeting: Rice & Chertoff + Mexican, Canadian counterparts - 02/13/07

... U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff will be joined in Ottawa on Feb.

Ramos/Compean: evidence in van; injuries worse than reported; other agents fired; Feinstein - 02/10/07

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton - who prosecuted the Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean - said that there was no evidence that could be used to identify the drug smuggler the agents supposedly shot as the driver of the van involved. However, it appears that he left his cell phone behind in the van, and Sutton apparently didn't try to use that against him.

Bush State of the Union Address 2007 live-blogging! - 01/23/07

The Skull, aka Michael Chertoff is here...

Senators on Swift raid; "designed to fail"; Chertoff "not in the business of doing amnesty" - 01/23/07

[See the first update] Reading about yesterday's Senate meeting where they discussed the recent immigration raids at Swift and Company locations in various states left me feeling like I was having an intense spell of vertigo inside a House of Mirrors.

Swift hearing: Chertoff, Allard, Hatch, Klobuchar, Coleman, Harkin, Grassley - 01/19/07

A bipartisan group of Senators will be holding a hearing on Monday to discuss the Swift & Company immigration raids. Wayne Allard leads the confab, with help from: Orrin Hatch, Norm Coleman, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Harkin, Charles Grassley, and

Bush renominated Julie Myers to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement - 01/15/07

Last week the Bush administration renominated Julie Myers, the current head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement who had been made a recess appointment after her initial nomination met resistance.

Tom Vilsack misled about Swift raid, DHS cooperation? - 01/03/07

... strongly-worded letter to DHS head Michael Chertoff complaining about a "media blackout" and that they hadn't been informed of the "size and scope" of the raids.

Terrorism, drugs, illegal immigration links; Middle Easterners masquerading as Mexicans; Reyes - 12/29/06

In September, one Miguel Alfonso Salinas and three other illegal aliens were arrested by the Border Patrol in New Mexico. After investigation, they discovered that wasn't his real name and he was actually a Muslim from Egypt [see also 2004's "Congressman: Terrorists are infiltrating the U.S. via Mexico"]. They haven't determined whether he has any links to terrorists.

Illegal aliens, supporters call for moratorium on deportations (LULAC) - 12/22/06

From our "pickpockets call for moratorium on laws against pickpocketing" file comes a trio of - possibly loosely coordinated - stories about illegal aliens or supporters of illegal immigration calling for a moratorium on raids and deportations until such time as "comprehensive immigration reform" is passed. First up is the noxious League of United Latin American Citizens and their national...

Breaking: President George H. W. Bush! - 11/21/06

Our sources deep inside the White House have revealed to this blogger a shocking scheme: President George W. Bush will step down... only to be replaced with his father, the former president whose only distinction is being slightly less horrific and having an additional middle initial. Under this scheme, Dick Cheney will step down in order to pursue his lifelong dream of being the CEO of a major...

Michael Chertoff admits he isn't doing his job (guest worker program) - 11/13/06

DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff spoke to the editorial board of the Dallas Morning News, and admitted that he isn't doing his job: "We are going to go after systematic, willful violators with heavy criminal cases, where people face real jail time, losing businesses, paying millions and millions of dollars in fines. Because that is the only way you will start to change the behavior that has driven...

Amnesty proponents can't be trusted (Democrats waver on border fence) - 11/11/06

... and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff have voiced similar concerns about building the fence... Thompson's immigration-related votes get an F-, and some of his votes are listed here. However, from a May 4 article: "Most blacks don't think migrant workers hurt their chances to get work, with the exception of a few industries -- most notably construction -- and they want to show...

Bush reluctantly promotes immigration "reform" at Rumsfeld press conference - 11/08/06

Perhaps the overnights from Tony Snow's statement that the Democrats' win would enable "comprehensive immigration reform" came in and weren't favorable. Announcing Donald Rumsfeld's resignation/"resignation" earlier today, this is what our lame duck president had to say (whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/11/20061108-2.html): Q Thank you, Mr. President. On immigration, many Democrats had more...

Fence bill has huge, Bush- and Mexico-friendly holes - 10/06/06

The recently-passed fence bill has loopholes that give the Bush administration discretion over how to spend the money and whether to spend it constructing a real fence, a "virtual" fence, or on something else entirely: ...shortly before recessing late last Friday, the House and Senate gave the Bush administration leeway to distribute the money to a combination of projects, not just the physical...

North American Union scheme proceeding on schedule - 09/08/06

... White House, via Condi Rice, Michael Chertoff, and Carlos Gutierrez (Commerce) has received notice of the progress being made: whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/09/20060907-9.html

Tom Ridge hired by Albania - 09/04/06

... section begins === In other news, Michael Chertoff has agreed to advise Somalia on its return to the world stage.

Send an email about Ramos/Compean Border Patrol case - 08/29/06

... Alberto Gonzales, and DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff here. Other actions discussed at the previous link.

Mike Pence "compromise" amnesty pimped by Chertoff, White House - 08/24/06

... predicted, earlier today DHS chief Michael Chertoff joined with Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) to pimp the latter's massive illegal alien amnesty and "guest" worker scheme. You know, the scheme that would allow unlimited immigrants and the one that's supported by the WaPo.

AP ignores Peter Schey Mexican government links (Border Human Rights Working Group) - 08/24/06

... asked Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and the heads of Customs and Border Protection and the Border Patrol to update Border Patrol hot-pursuit policies. The letter was sent on behalf of the Border Human Rights Working Group, a coalition of organizations involved in human-rights advocacy in the four states bordering Mexico. It also sought through a Freedom of Information...

Catch-and-release "stopped"; White House to pimp Pence massive illegal alien amnesty - 08/24/06

Yesterday DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff claimed that nearly all non-Mexican illegal aliens were being returned to their home countries and that "catch-and-release" had been stopped. Under C&R non-Mexicans who were caught were given notices to appear and released into the U.S.

Napolitano, Arpaio complain about ICE official not doing job - 08/16/06

... U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff strongly complaining about a top federal immigration official in Phoenix. Napolitano and Arpaio do not directly name the special agent at the Immigration...

Chertoff promotes "Guest" Worker Program at House meeting - 07/28/06

... completeness' sake, DHS head Michael Chertoff testified before a House committee yesterday: ...Chertoff noted that other alternatives [to the Senate amnesty scheme] - such as jailing 10 percent of illegal immigrants already in the country - could cost up to $10 billion a year. "The round 'em up and detain 'em method is astronomically expensive," Chertoff said.

"Bush Administration Fast-Tracks Formation of North American Union" - 07/11/06

Continuing Jerome Corsi's series: With virtually no mention in the mainstream media, Commerce Secretary Carlos M.

Bush favors a massive illegal alien amnesty. Should he switch parties? - 04/26/06

Bush recently held a meeting of pro-illegal immigration Senators ("Bush, senators agree on alien citizenship, shut out critics"). According to Mel Martinez (R-FL): "There was a pretty good consensus that what we have put into the Hagel-Martinez proposal here is the right way to go...

AFP is misleading you, Bush hasn't "ruled out amnesty for undocumented workers" - 03/22/06

Drudge is linking to the Agence-France Press article "Bush rules out amnesty for undocumented workers": President George W.

Michael Chertoff the new sacrificial lamb, despite pimping "guest" worker scheme? - 03/04/06

Will Michael Chertoff soon be "spending more time with his family"? That's what Human Events says.

Dubai: Donald Rumsfeld not consulted despite being on CFIUS board - 02/22/06

I think this tells you all you need to know (nofollowpolicy): Donald Rumsfeld, as Secretary of Defense, is a member of Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States.

Bush gets new orders from Vicente Fox; Chertoff named to help - 02/20/06

... named Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff as the U.S.

Chertoff assures: massively unsafe, dangerous Dubai ports deal is safe - 02/20/06

Yes, I know it's Reuters, but broken clocks and all they seem to have gotten this right: The Bush administration has failed to put adequate security conditions on a deal for a state-owned Dubai company to manage major U.S. ports, and it should not go forward pending a full investigation, a key Republican congressman said yesterday. Lawmakers from both parties joined in criticizing the deal,...

"United States to deploy high-tech security gadgets on Canada's border" - 02/10/06

... said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who suggested a security wall would only make sense if a lot of people were sneaking into the country from a big city. Chertoff said he has no knowledge of any problem like that.