Is DHS head Michael Chertoff refusing to do his job?

We already knew that, but just in case you needed more proof, consider this:

"If we don't have a temporary worker program, I think it's going to be extraordinarily difficult to ask our Border Patrol agents and our ICE agents to stem the tide that is driven by a huge economic engine of employers looking for people who can work [in jobs that] won't be done by Americans," Chertoff told reporters during a briefing on the administration's Border Security Initiative.

Obviously, another way to stem that tide would be for the DHS to do their job: enforce the laws against hiring illegal aliens.

Why won't they do that now?

Why do we have to wait for their dream legislation until they'll start doing their job? Isn't that more or less blackmail?

Should we trust the DHS and the Bush administration to do their job later if they refuse to do it now? Obviously, the answer to that question is no.

My jaw is literally dragging on the floor as I ponder just how many votes the Democratic Party could pick up if they decided to be on the opposite side of this issue from the Bush administration. It's too bad that that party has been taken over by far-leftie idiots, otherwise they could use this issue to coast to easy victories.

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Last night some people jumped my back fence, entered my house, crapped on the carpet, called me a racist gringo, and left with my VCR. I called the PD and they refused to come. The dispatcher advised me..."Unfortunately enforcing laws against illegal home invasion robberies is not the PD's only job."

Unfortunately enforcing laws against illegal aliens is not DHS's only job.