Mexican military incursions: Chertoff downplays, excuses

On Saturday, the Daily Bulletin offered "Mexican soldiers defy border", which reported that:
The Mexican military has crossed into the United States 216 times in the past nine years, according to a Department of Homeland Security document and a map of incursions obtained by the Daily Bulletin.

U.S. officials claim the incursions are made to help foreign drug and human smugglers cross safely into the United States. The 2001 map, which shows 34 of the incursions, bears the seal of the president's Office of National Drug Control Policy...

Kristi Clemens, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, would not confirm the number of incursions, but said Saturday the department is in ongoing discussions with the Mexican government about them.

"We -- the Department of Homeland Security and the CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) -- are determined to gain control of the border and will continue to collaborate with our partners on the border," Clemens said...
Of course, for the past five years they've been "determined to gain control of the border".

This isn't a new story. On May 13, 2002, WND offered "Mexican official confirms border crossings". In December, "Border Patrol fears conflict with Mexican military".

On Tuesday, the WashTimes offered "Mexican military incursions reported":
The U.S. Border Patrol has warned agents in Arizona of incursions into the United States by Mexican soldiers "trained to escape, evade and counterambush" if detected -- a scenario Mexico denied yesterday.

The warning to Border Patrol agents in Tucson, Ariz., comes after increased sightings of what authorities described as heavily armed Mexican military units on the U.S. side of the border. The warning asks the agents to report the size, activity, location, time and equipment of any units observed.

It also cautions agents to keep "a low profile," to use "cover and concealment" in approaching the Mexican units, to employ "shadows and camouflage" to conceal themselves and to "stay as quiet as possible."

Border Patrol spokesman Salvador Zamora confirmed that a "military incursion" warning was given to Tucson agents, but said it was designed to inform them how to react to any sightings of military and foreign police in this country and how to properly document any incursion...
Note also: "[Rep. Rick] Renzi [R-AZ] wants state border patrols, border incursions investigation".

Now comes Michael Chertoff who, according to information and belief, works for the United States as the head of the Department of Homeland Security, being quoted in "Chertoff calls reports of Mexican military incursions overblown":
"I think to create the image that somehow there is a deliberate effort by the Mexican military to cross the border would be to traffic in scare tactics... We have a good relationship with the Mexicans and I think treating this as an alarmist issue that suggests we're in danger of some significant overreaching is not accurate and not helpful."
Or, in English: President Bush's handlers are worried that these true reports will lead to restricting the cheap labor pipeline.

According to Chertoff:
"I think we average about 20 a year, and a significant number of those are innocent things where ... police or military from Mexico may step across the border because they're not aware of exactly where the line is."
The head of a labor union that represents about 10,500 U.S. Border Patrol agents dismissed Chertoff's remarks as "diplomatic response" to a long-running problem on U.S.-Mexico border.

"It really doesn't surprise me that he's playing the diplomat," said T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council. "This is a guy whose time on the border can be measured in hours, not years."
In the WashTimes report, Bonner also points out that Mexico's military, just as ours, has GPS units. No doubt those GPSes are a bit more advanced than the civilian one like the one I have. And, they're probably integrated into a mapping system. And, there are no large trees on the border, and unless you're in a deep ravine, there are no obstructions to block your GPS from receiving a signal.

All of this would be less significant if we could trust that Chertoff and the Bush administration were publicly diplomatic but privately vowing to take decisive action. Based on their past actions, it's obvious that they could care less just as long as the cheap labor keeps flowing.


Chertoff states that we have "good relations with the Mexicans". What does it mean to have good relations with a country that is traditionally a kleptocracy and has been over the last decade or so been morphing into a narco-state? I think the "good relations" thing is about the sending of millions of Mexicans north to lower wages and therefore benefit Chertoff's cronies(or is it paymasters?).

Hostile foreign forces are crossing the border into the US, in armed formation: this is war. How traitorous then, for the administration to say that they have good diplomatic relations with Mexico. Good for what, the facilitation of invasion? Do we have a military and do they have relatives? Why aren't millions upon millions of these demanding a proper military response? There must be troops on the border in large numbers, and punitive raids into the bribocracy itself. The pipsqueak puppet of druggocracy must be made to squeal for a letup.

Yes, it's a pipeline for cheap labor, but it only provides more profits to companies, not cheaper prices to the consumer. Why should they passon the savings to us? Unchecked population growth is also a very effective way to keep housing prices up, which provides tax property revenues, and other taxes to the State and IRS. It all keeps the immigration/welfare lobby happy and the right wing bosses happy. I think most people though would be happy to reduce their home's net worth a bit if it meant they weren't supporting half the world that's coming to America.

Hey, I just got this ingenious idea that will solve our shortage of cheap labor, so that we can go back to defending our borders like any other sovereign country. All we have to do is stop paying people to not work.

Of course the Mexican Army is crossing into the United States. I believe there has been confirmation of that by both civilian and law enforcement personnel here in America. If it wasn't true, then why would American government officials and Mexican government officials be having a big "pow-wow" about it? If any police officer or border patrol officer sees such an incursion into U.S. territory, then the violators should be arrested. If the U.S. Border Patrol is telling their officers to hide and refrain from arresting the violators, then they are doing a disservice to the country they are sworn to protect. I realize that two Border Patrol officers would be foolish to tell a heavily armed company of Mexican soldiers---"Freeze! You're under arrest!" But, that's why the American taxpayers build attack helicopters and airplanes. When you find a foreign army invading your country, you call in a fucking air strike! Goddamn it, why do I pay taxes. There, now you have the solution to the problem. I would appreciate it if our government would get on the stick and start protecting our country TODAY!

Of course, no one is asking what the Mexican military is doing so close to our border to start with. We are not a hostile power and we have no designs on Mexican territory, so it's not as if they are in fear of an imminent invasion. The only possible explanation for the Mexican army's presence is to facilitate illegal immigration and drug smuggling.