Has the Bush immigration "reform" scheme been scrapped?

MySA says that Bush's Guest worker plan being shelved. I'm a bit skeptical. First, DHS head Michael Chertoff and Labor's Elaine Chao will be testifying about something as described in "Bush immigration "reform" to be unveiled Tuesday October 18, 2005?"

And, we can see Bush's defacto plan currently underway in New Orleans, as illegal aliens take jobs that should go to Americans.

And, in their article, MySA only provides one statement from those on the other side:
...Conservative Republicans have vowed to block any initiative that would give work visas to immigrants in the country illegally — even if the permits are good only temporarily.

In any case, lawmakers say they are just too busy to pay any attention to the Bush proposal.

"I think Katrina and Rita knocked it off the fall Senate calendar," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who is sponsoring a bill modeled after Bush's guest worker initiative. "Given the crunch caused by two Supreme Court nominations, and Katrina and Rita, it's looking like January" will be the earliest the Senate will consider comprehensive immigration bills, Cornyn said.

But in 2006 — an election year — many Republicans won't be eager to wade into a contentious fight over immigration while also confronting rising gas prices and growing concerns over the war in Iraq.

The administration's guest worker proposal is the latest item on Bush's second-term agenda to go on life-support, joining now-stalled plans to overhaul the tax code and the Social Security system...
I fully expect the Bush administration to push ahead with some form of "reform", whether via legislation or via just opening the borders even more than they already have.