Humane Borders *did* distribute border maps in Mexico

Last year, Humane Borders - a group of collaborateurs, far-lefties, and useful idiots - wanted to distribute maps in Mexico which supposedly warned "migrants" of the dangers of crossing the border. Of course, they also showed the best places to cross and how many days it took between stops and were thus about as effective in their supposed purpose as a two-foot high fence around a swimming pool.

The last I heard, the plan had been canceled, but apparently that's not entirely accurate (
Here is the latest from the UC Davis law student delegation visting the U.S./Mexico border region in southern Arizona:

After our meeting with Border Patrol we met with Paul Fuschini of Humane Borders. With over 8,000 volunteers, Humane Borders offers humanitarian assistance to migrants by maintaining over 80 water stations throughout the Arizona/Mexico border region [funded by Tucson's Pima County]...

...In our meeting with Border Patrol, Officer King described the efforts of organizations such as Humane Borders as encouraging migrants to cross the desert and increasing "illegal immigration."

...The organization wanted to distribute these maps in southern Mexico, where, in recent years, a large number of migrants come from... Last year, the organization spoke with the Mexican Human Rights commission, a government agency, which agreed to distribute the posters. However, the following week, secretary of DHS, Michael Chertoff stated that the maps would encourage illegal immigration because they would show migrants how to cross into the US illegally. The Mexican human rights commission subsequently decided not to distribute the maps. Undaunted, Humane Borders itself sent a brigade of volunteers to distribute the maps in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.


Yes all of the far Left are Idiots and are doing the job of evil doers inside this so called government and outside it, most have no real idea of what will happen soon. Population is a weapon and will be used for evil reasons by the enemies of freedom.