Bush State of the Union Address 2007 live-blogging!

The Skull, aka Michael Chertoff is here... Alberto Gonzales is not there, in case he has to become president...

Together, we can restrain the spending appetite of the federal government

Why's he trying to blame it on the faceless bureaucrats in the "federal government" when that's mostly his and his party's problem?

[We need "guest" workers...] As a result, they won't have to try to sneak in — and that will leave border agents free to chase down drug smugglers, and criminals, and terrorists.

This is the standard BS line offered by John Fund, Tamar Jacoby and others. The idea that we should let those who want to come here dictate our immigration policies is insane. And, even with a "guest" worker scheme, people who weren't terrorists or criminals would keep trying to sneak in, such as those who didn't get into the "guest" worker scheme, former "guests", or spongers.

We will enforce our immigration laws at the worksite, and give employers the tools to verify the legal status of their workers — so there is no excuse left for violating the law.

It's quite difficult to take the word of someone who has done everything they could to only enforce our immigration laws when absolutely politically necessary. Even Bill Clinton's level of immigration enforcement was higher than Bush's.

And we need to resolve the status of the illegal immigrants who are already in our country - without animosity and without amnesty.

The first is a smear and the second is a lie. Bush is trying to make it appear that those who want to enforce our immigration laws are exhibiting animosity. And, any form of legalization will be seen as an amnesty by millions of prospective illegal aliens around the world, no matter how Bush wants to lie and redefine the word.

UPDATE: Did any TV pundit call Bush on any part of his immigration-related BS? I didn't see any.

On a humorous note, the Hannity-Colmes text-message poll is currently running 84% rating the speech "excellent".

UPDATE 2: In keeping with the latter reminder that there are still people holed up somewhere who still unbelievably support Bush, for entertainment purposes only let's take a little trip to Koolaidiandia, aka Blogs For Bush. First up is Matt Margolis to let us know that "aside from running or contributing to something like seven blogs, having a full time job, and writing a book, I also am a graduate student". But, wait, that's not all. He also informs us that "I expect to get a copy of the speech in advance of the delivery" and "I'll be missing a blogger conference call with White House Press Secretary Tony Snow". Don't you wish you were as connected as Matt? But, as I could have predicted, the award for Most Besotten Comment goes to his fellow contributor Mark Noonan:

It was a great speech, by a great man we are very lucky to have as President of the United States.

If anyone spots anything worse - or his opposite number at DU or cpusa.org or something - please leave a comment.