"United States to deploy high-tech security gadgets on Canada's border"

WASHINGTON (CP) - The United States will deploy high-tech safety measures at the Canadian border, said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who suggested a security wall would only make sense if a lot of people were sneaking into the country from a big city.

Chertoff said he has no knowledge of any problem like that. But he didn't entirely discount the notion Thursday of a northern security fence, an idea condemned as ridiculous by business groups and dismissed as impractical by the previous Canadian government.

Some U.S. legislators are intent on studying the issue and slipped the plan into a border security bill that would expand a barrier along the Mexican border, which is plagued by increasing violence, drug-runners and the arrival of more than one million illegal immigrants a year...
It's a bit unclear exactly what he's proposing and what he supports. As if it mattered.


Didn't they pay for all kinds of high-tech cameras and machinery on the Mexican border and then we later found out it either wasn't turned on, connected and/or not working? We need a wall and troops on the border and I'm not talking about the northern border. This guy Chertoff is really useless.

High tech gadgets......what a good idea. How many millions of dollars worth of high tech gadgetry do you suppose the tax payers have paid for over the years? PLENTY would be the answer to that question. And how effective has it been? ZERO, ZILCH, NADA would be the answer to that question.

Take boofugg's word for it....the best high tech gadgets that can be deployed on the border are land mines and fifty caliber machineguns.

Sec. Chertoff's continued references to the northern border are a distraction. He does not want to face the illegal aliens, crime, drugs, Mexican Army invasions, and murder of Americans occurring along the southern border.

An honest man who cared about the security of America and its citizens, would resign rather than go along with the irresponsible open borders/mass amnesty policies of President Bush.
This shows us that not all of President Bush's appointments are competent, honest, and patriotic. Oh well, Roberts and Alito may someday deal with the border issue and I hope they keep their integrity so evident in their hearings.