Howard Dean supports failed Senate bill, blames Bush

Trotting out his stock lines, Howard Dean says:
"Today's immigration vote is a reminder of why the American people voted Republicans out in 2006 and why they'll vote against them in 2008. After using the immigration issue to inflame people with divisive rhetoric, the Republican Party, led by President Bush, had neither the capital nor the political will to work with Democrats on a reasonable compromise that would have delivered on the promise of immigration reform. The Republican election year strategy to scapegoat immigrants to win elections not only backfired in 2006 but today reveals a fractured party in disarray.

"Senator Reid and the Democratic leadership in Congress deserve a lot of credit for listening to the American people, for listening to the experts, and after participating in countless hearings, fighting to work in a bipartisan manner to deliver a comprehensive immigration reform package that would be tough and restore order to the border, but would also be smart and practical. Today's vote doesn’t end the immigration debate. It’s an issue that won’t go away. It was, however, a failure to address what’s needed at our borders, and it fails to address 12 million immigrants, most of whom are hard working and law abiding, and who will not go away by virtue of Republican obstructionism. Democrats will continue to look for ways to address the issue. The American people deserve better, and America is capable of better."
He is, in essence, blaming Bush and the corrupt GOP Senators who supported the bill of the same things they blamed the GOP base for. And, he's supporting a bill that less than a quarter of Americans supported.

Obviously, the only way to face up to people like Dean is to take them head on and point out their lies and misleading statements. Bush and the GOP leadership tried to make nice, and we see where that got them.


"Bush and the GOP leadership tried to make nice, and we see where that got them." They fought the Iraq war like sociology professors instead of soldiers to make nice, and look where it got them. They instituted a jillion-dollar boondoggle of prescription medicine for seniors to make nice, and look where it got them. At this point it's Rove who's in the dustbin of history, not radical Islam, reconquista, or welfare.

NumbersUSA has several action items directed specifically at the DNC for those members who register as Democrats, Liberal, Progressives and even Socialist. Surely Howard Dean needs to start taking those absolutely delusional rigged polls that Ruy Teixeira cranks out for the Clintonista Center for American Progress with a grain of salt. Every potential Latino vote that Amnesty might bring would cost the party a vote from whites, blacks, legal immigrants and even Latinos. The mythical Latino vote juggernaut is just that. Another huge problem with the Democratic party continuing to support de facto Open Borders is that Immigration has the potential to completely neutralizes the one issue that would have been a huge winner for the Democrats in 2008, Health Care Reform. Democrats need to ask themselves whether or not it is just a coincidence that every country that offers all of its citizens some sort of socialized health care guarantee does not tolerate Open Borders The way things are headed I imagine an absolute fiasco at the 2008 Democratic convention in Denver. The last thing Democrats needs is a Luis Gutierrez or Tony Villariagosa inflaming gangs of Latino radicals and MEChA boys outside on the streets of Denver. Those Mexican, American Colonial, F*ck Lou Dobbs, ANSWER and Free Mumia flags are just what the party needs to appeal to middle America. If that happens the only kind thing would be for Howard Dean himself to put a bullet through the back of the head of who ever gets the nomination. Last, right now it looks like a done deal that Hillary will trounce Obama and certainly Edwards in the heavily front loaded primaries in states with large Hispanic voting blocks. Watch Hilliary go out and pander like mad for the Hispanic and the left-wing multi-culturalist vote. Maybe, just maybe Edwards will see what is going on and give traditional hard pressed working and middle class Democrats a clear choice. I think a huge segment of the African-American vote which is in favor on restrictions on immigration is now in play.

_"Senator Reid and the Democratic leadership in Congress..._ Anyone who watched what went on yesterdays knows one thing above all else: as a majority leader of the US Senate, Reid is a total embarrassment. Absolutely pathetic. _After using the immigration issue to inflame people with divisive rhetoric,..._ How has the idea that 'divisiveness' is a bad thing taken hold? At least with it there is a clear choice, which is exactly what is too often lacking in politics today. Dean is such a jerk.

This Fight is not over the force's of evil pigs are still at work, this bill can become law over-night without you knowing about it or congress voting for it. watch what happen's soon with Bush Rat and his Business friends, its all about the dismantling of this Nation. AND THE END GAME IS EVIL.