Corrupt crypto-Dem Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger endorses "comprehensive immigration reform"

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has sent a letter to Sens. Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell urging them to pass "comprehensive immigration reform":,0517-schwarzenegger.pdf

It's the usual swill: the system is broken, we need a "guest" worker program, we need border security, we need to deal "realistically" with current illegal aliens, etc. The swill is of the southwest-governor-variant, demanding that the Feds pay for the costs associated with massive immigration, including the SCAAP program (refunds states for incarcerating illegal aliens). There's also a tiny shout out to assimilation.

It also contains the seeds of its own evisceration:

However, it is also important that any new program for immigrant workers not become an endorsement of illegal immigration. While we are a country of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws.

Any form of "comprehensive immigration reform" will reward massive law-breaking by both illegal aliens and employers, and will not only strongly endorse illegal immigration, it will lead to even more of it.


Hey didn't i say that would happen 3 years ago? if you want to know more about Schwarzenegger go to Alex Jones and read about his evil plans for YOU!