Immigration "reform" will be perceived as amnesty

One of the standard games that president Bush, members of his administration, the presidential candidates, and other politicians play is to claim that "comprehensive immigration reform" is not amnesty. They then go on to define amnesty as immediate citizenship or similar and say that because their scheme involves fines and the like it isn't amnesty.

Of course, what they consistently fail to note is that millions and millions around the world would perceive any form of legalization, "regularization", "adjustment of status", or whatever other term you want to use as amnesty.

In this post I'll try to collect data points helping illustrate that point.

* "2 Va. counties OK immigration crackdown"/Sarah Karush/Associated Press/August 25, 2007/link

For Martinez - who has lived in Manassas, in Prince William County, for two years - the resentment against illegal immigrants came as a surprise. "It broke my heart," the 41-year-old Mexico City native said of the [Prop 200/Prop 187-style] measure. "We were all thinking there would be an amnesty" declared by the federal government.

(Note of course the AP claim that the measure was enacted because of "resentment").


They crave legalization, not citizenship. That's crystal clear from their waving of foreign flags. They also know they'd be much better off as Z-visa carrying zitizens [1] - entitled to all the rights and priviledges of citizenship without all the responsibilities. Note that even long term legal residents prefer to identify themselves as Ladeeenyo rather than American or even Latino-American.


Amnesty is only away of control for mexico and the third world rulers who want you dead,dead,dead, think about this with drugs that have killed millions of your friend and your kids and billions of billions into a drug war that was a joke who do you think will rule this nation if you do not stand up and say no to evil with a gun in your hands and the will to fight for freedom against the real terrorits of this nation who are using population as a weapon of mass murder. its better to fight against evil doers who use you system to murder you. Note a cop who sides with drug dealers is a drug dealer and any political pig who sides with drug dealers is a drug dealer, do I need to go no?