Historic Nationwide Campaign Launched for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Press release from [[March 13, 2007]] at lulac.org/advocacy/press/2007/ccir.html

$4 million effort targets 30 states to pass workable comprehensive immigration reform in 2007

A coalition of local immigrant advocates, national policy groups, labor unions, faith-based groups, and ethnic organizations have come together under the umbrella of the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR) to mount an unprecedented nationwide campaign to support passage of workable comprehensive immigration reform legislation in Congress this year.

...The campaign already has approximately $4 million on hand, and is expanding its war chest for what many believe will be a defining legislative debate in Congress this year. The campaign is anchored in the work of leading local and national groups committed to comprehensive immigration reform that will work and that will pass. It will feature a strong central staff headquartered in Washington, DC supported by a bi-partisan team of lobbyists, communications specialists and a field operation in 30 key states.

Field Operation: A national staff of state coordinators will work in 30 states and with hundreds of organizations, to run a top down and bottom up campaign to generate state and local support and pressure for members of Congress to support comprehensive immigration reform. The list of participating organizations gearing up to date is attached.

Lobbying and communications team: A bi-partisan group of seasoned lobbyists, communications specialists, and veteran field operatives are being hired to supplement the existing resources of members groups.

The campaign's website is www.cirnow.org.